Wednesday, 23 September 2009

We have long memories, Sarah Palin (UPDATED)

The Associated Press reported on Sarah Palin's Hong Kong speech:

Palin started off her speech — which was closed to reporters — with a light talk about the links between her state and the southern Chinese territory, then touched later on economic issues.

One attendee said she criticized the U.S. Federal Reserve's massive intervention in the economy over the last year, arguing its actions only exacerbated the crisis. She also praised the conservative economic policies of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Earlier, she talked of Alaska's salmon exports and complimented Hong Kong as a "beautiful city," according to a second attendee. Both people spoke on condition of anonymity.

I found this passage a bit puzzling:

CLSA requested Palin's speech be closed to reporters so she could make an "unfettered" presentation to investors, according to spokeswoman Wheeler. And Palin, whose supporters have long accused the media of bias and harsh treatment, agreed. Since resigning, Palin has ducked mainstream news outlets and communicated with supporters largely via her popular Facebook page.

Fred Malek (the dog killer) also chipped in about Sarah Palin's trip:

While she's thought to be considering a bid for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, her Hong Kong trip bore no political overtones, said Fred Malek, a friend and Palin adviser.

"You can read a lot of things into it, 'Is she trying to burnish her foreign policy credentials?' and the like. But really, it's a trip that will be beneficial to her knowledge base and will defray some legal and other bills that she has," Malek said.

Bloomberg also reported on the speech:

Former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin spoke to fund managers in Hong Kong today about issues ranging from Alaska’s fishing industry to U.S.-Sino ties, according to people who attended the closed session.

Palin, 45, spoke about 80 minutes to a full house in the main ballroom of Hong Kong’s Grand Hyatt hotel shortly after 12:30 p.m. local time. Reporters were kept out by tight security at the investor forum organized by CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets.

People who attended Palin’s speech said she took only pre- approved questions. She also discussed the U.S. health care reform debate, the U.S. deficit and energy conservation, they said.

Ben Smith of Politico named the speech ghoswriters:

John McCain's campaign foreign policy advisor, Randy Scheunemann, has emerged as an advisor to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as she attempts to build a serious public profile and begins to build a network of aides and advisors typical of a national politician.

Scheunemann confirmed this evening that he's with Palin in Hong Kong, where she is delivering a paid speech at a conference hosted by the brokerage house CLSA,

Scheunemann, an early supporter of the Iraq war, is prominent in the hawkish, internationalist, neo-conservative wing of the party's foreign policy thought, and his place beside Palin also offers a bit of a clue as to the direction in which her vaguely-defined foreign policy views are likely to develop. Two other Republican policy hands worked on the speech as well, I'm told: AEI China expert Dan Blumenthal and D.C. lawyer Kim Daniels.

Bree Palin has more information on the speechwriters.

There aren't any surprises regarding the speech or the identity of her advisors. It was the usual anti-Obama stuff, written by neo-cons...

The puppetmasters are attempting to create an aura of secrecy around the pitbull. They are trying to boost her credentials as an expert on many things, with prepared Facebook notes, op-eds and a carefully crafted speech delivered behind closed doors. She's not seen in public and doesn't speak to the press. The first and last time Sarah Palin gave a national press conference was on November 13, 2008 and that didn't last very long:

In Miami at the Republican Governor's Association, Sarah Palin held her first national press conference. About 100 reporters gathered. The bank of TV camera were two-deep on the risers. And -- drumroll please -- it lasted three questions and about seven and a half minutes.

Will Sarah Palin ever be able to speak to the press? Or do they plan to keep her under wraps forever? Are they waiting for people to forget her word salad, her idiotic answers to Charlie Gibson and Kate Couric, her inappropriate dress sense on many occasions?

Good luck, puppetmasters. We remember all that and more: the giggles on the Bob and Mark show, her talk to Sarkozy, her pearls of wisdom on Twitter, the ridiculous collection of photos on Runners World, all her tabloid rants. We remember a lot of stuff... from Wasilla mayor to unemployed quitter governor, we remember it all.


A first hand account of her speech by Cameron Sinclair
Bree Palin has more nuggets from the speech
(H/T to EyeOnYou for Hong Kong photos and link to HuffPo)


wayofpeace said...

definitely BUMPED UP! and what about that jacket? is that the feminine version of the MAO JACKET?

wv is interesting: toroSPe (toro=BULL in spanish) as in SP's brand of BULLSHIT!

Anonymous said...

Paling around with Communists. She wants tires from China? She should talk to all the folks in Ohio and elsewhere in the US where our factories have been shut down. A REAL American, supporting Americans. What a phoney and fake!

She'll cut you throat literally and let you bleed while she runs off with your money.

Come on Levi or anyone else, spill the beans on this witch.

SKH said...

Adam B counter-intuitively prophesied a couple of days after McCain-Plain lost the election:

"There are many in our party, and in the DailyKos community, who believe that Gov. Sarah Palin is finished in public life, that she has been humiliated, disgraced and permanently retired to an ice floe off the Pribilof Islands for a long, quiet life of snowmobile races and muktuk dinners. I am not among them."


"Palin will be the most in-demand GOP fundraiser in the country, and will begin to build her own network of contacts and supporters in all the key states."


"And she will gain over time the one thing she was missing this cycle, and it isn't "experience" but what experience is often a proxy for -- 'mastery'. What Gov. Palin needs to do if she is to return to national politics is to find ways to convince people that she knows what she's talking about, and this can be done. She can develop her own views on the role of government and America's role in the world. "


"Yes, my friends, we will have Sarah Palin to kick around once more, and she will be formidable. Mark my words."

We can't wait.

SKH said...

@SKH 14:01


"The Wilderness Years" by Adam B

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Most reports I've read are sarcastic. This one's not. This writer just got terrifically bored.

Imagine giving her tired old Alaska salmon "pure, clean protein" bullsh*t speech again .... except now Dud is Asian too also.

Regina, I read that CLSA is ultimately owned by ordinary French country people? What do they think about $100,000 of their hard-earned profits being wasted on an ignorant phony?

wv: wingi :)

wayofpeace said...

NO DOUBT, SKH. she is being tailored into a better sock-puppet. her masters have learned from mistakes made during her debut. what she won't do EVER AGAIN are press conferences nor interviews with real journalists.

the one thing we have--as REGINA says--is a long memory: lets keep hammering this FAUX PERSONA with all the PALIN-GATES!

we cannot afford to underestimate the powers-that-be's dubious drive to turn her into a political prop...

Eileen said...

Keep associating her lack of in depth interviews, ghost written Facebook essays, with the flaky and frivilous pageant style photo poses. Her true self. Should never have gotten a free pass beyond being a hockey mom who brings cookies to school events and Piper's mom. Over-achiever, Under performer, over-paid, self-dealing Twittering Quitter.

Anonymous said...

Three questions is NOT a press conference....

Sarah will never do a press conference... she is too dumb to survive one.

I was hoping she would say that Todd built Hong Kong.

Did Fred Malek tell Sarah to try eating some dog while she was there?

Anonymous said...

"What they got was 90 minutes of boredom which had half the audience fiddling endlessly with their Blackberries. Ninety percent of her speech could have been – and probably was – written for a domestic US audience receptive to her "mom and pop" populism. Indeed the only newsworthy aspect of the speech was why her remarks had to be kept private despite their predictability."

And what we're they expecting from someone clearly out of her league?

Lilybart said...

"defray legal costs and other bills....didn't the 2 million for the book help with that?

utter BS all around

S. Alinsky said...

Her remarks had to be kept private because if they were public her next victims -- whoops! audience -- would realize that it had paid money for a warmed-over speech, just like CLSA got a warmed-over Alaska chamber of commerce rah-rah speech.

Couldn't anyone tell the princess that her jacket was wrinkled?

Just Sayin said...

Someone's had some surgery done.

Nice and tight neck and eyes.

Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

I think you are all underestimating Sarah. She did well by many accounts that are being widely publicized. The predictions of her political demise were a little premature, I'm afraid. I would truly love to see someone deliver a knockout punch to her before she rebuilds her image and becomes a political force again.

Anonymous said...

here's a little video, mostly audio. I don't think she sounds too good. I wonder if she's on meds.

Anonymous said...

For a six-figure speaking fee, that was one cheap jacket. At the risk of making a bad joke, the Chinese do laundry wonderfully. She should have had that jacket pressed at the hotel first.

On the other hand, it is humid in Hong Kong; maybe it was pressed and she took a nap in it. At first I thought it was white (some one wrote that it was light pink silk). To wear white would speak to her total ignorance of the Chinese culture. White is the color of mourning. While Mainland China lost many traditions thanks to Mao, Hong Kong has always been very traditional. A drug company had to repackage their products. Putting the medicine in a clean, white (sterile) package made people think of death, not a good image for medicine.

Some of the pictures show a flawless wrinkle-free face. She must have had a little work + a makeup artist. Sarah is not going to come cheap.

kassie said...

A little OT but that outfit was not flattering and from far away she almost looks ( dare I say it ) Pregnant! okay okay more pregnant than she didn't with Tr*g.

Too Funny said...

I think she was supposed to look 'mainstreet' lol......but really she knows all about this stuff, LOL, what a load of BS!

“Maybe you’re hoping to hear me discuss the derivations of the formula for effective rate of protection, followed by a brief discussion of the monetary approach to the balance of payments,” she said. “If time allows, a quick summary of factor price equalization. Maybe some thoughts on quantitative easing, but that’s for next time. Because I have spent my life closer to Main Street. That’s what I want to talk about is that view from Main Street,” she said"

KaJo said...

Just a slightly off-topic comment about that Photoshopped Palin/Bush picture: THIS is the picture I was thinking about when I first saw a video still picture of Palin's new best friend Cathy Maples!

In the Faux "News" video Maples is shown in a Palin-look-alike red jacket, but her face was so masculine I joked that Maples looked like a guy in drag.

Now I know who Maples reminded me of -- Palin/Bush.

Anonymous said...

No one over 'there' is saying anything about the 'surgury' you think they'll have to scrub pictures? what to do, what to do.

Anonymous said...

Reading some of the direct quotes that have been published I noticed that even with three (that we know of) people crafting her speech they couldn't get her to stick to reading grammatically proper sentences without throwing in an errant "too" here and there and breaking up sentences into fragments.
Thanks, Regina!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does her nose looked streamlined? Like somebody gave her the going on TV/Hollywood nose that every cardboard cutout in TV land has to have (if you're a woman?)

Anonymous said...

Her nose does look different.

Her jowls are definitely tighter.

her smile looks different.

she's been redone.

If only they coudl fix her brain.

gracie said...

Front page of the Fairbanks Daily News Miner today Sept 23rd : mostly nice color photos of the first snowflakes of fall, headline about UAF tuition hike and layoffs at Alaska Railroad (there's some local economic info for Miss Sarah). And then, at the bottom of the page a small (2" X 1&1/2") photo of Miss Sarah with the headline :

"A broad in Asia" (I am NOT making this up !)

And just below that the front page cartoon character Sourdough Jack says, "Looks like someone's tryin' to boost her foreign policy know-how. Wonder if she can see North Korea from her
hotel ?"

Patrick, you might find the Fairbanks Daily News Miner to be more receptive than the ADN . ..

wv : disre (disrespectful but apt photo byline)

Anonymous said...

I think they already tried to fix her brain. Unfortunately, when they sent Igor to pick up a replacement brain, he picked up the jar marked "Abby Normal."

(Young Frankenstein reference in case you're wondering. :))

Gunner Sykes said...

So, the new meme from on high is that she is now a puppet.

Gee, how imaginative.

I much preferred the wonderfully ridiculous speculation about Ms. Palin's youngest son, and her divorce from her husband.

You guys really need to hire some new creative people.

It seems to be working out well for Palin.

Anonymous said...

Best chuckle of the day Anony at 18:50
Thank you!!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

The "meme" has always been Grifter's will do the highest bidder's dance.
Gee, look at her recent EBay, FAKE auction.
It was rigged, for the Alabama woman, who was going to be the highest bidder.
None of us believe her maverick BS you bots do! Go back to c4p and worship your grifter.

not that sarah said...

Conservatives have always been so foaming at the mouth proud of their puppets. Look how they love W. It would be cute if it weren't so sad.

Palin is the Poujadist Puppet of our generation. No doubt.

Anonymous said...

Sarah. Just a Face in the Crowd.

Anonymous said...

I have finally figured this thing out. Sarah says closed to the press to insure maximum coverage. It was a tease. Her pretty pink shiny lips are a tease. So was the rumpled jacket; I just got out of bed, wink wink.

Now that we know who is managing her (Randy S. from the McCain campaign, don't make me try to spell his name) we know that he was quite taken with her and is trying out the stuff that the McCain people would not let him do. He was the speech writer.

Why blow off the Republican Women and the GOP? It's the money, it's always the money (and influence). Not the six figure speaking fee; that's just icing on the cake. Randy is positioning her to appeal to the money bags guys. Think back to GWBush. You knew he was going to be the candidate when his father's rich friends financed him, backed him and supported him. McCain didn't attract that crowd. Randy is courting them for Sarah. She is the bait, the eye candy, the magnet and this time he hopes to do a better job of running things. Remember, he is a bit of an international player, having worked for the government of Georgia, the former Russian territory, not the home of the Atlanta Braves.

gracie said...

3000 plus comments and counting on the huffpost article about Hong Kong Quitter. And more than one comment there says she looks more pg in her mao - y jacket than she did with her 'last pregnancy'.

FEDUP!!! said...

Well, they are taking their cues from gw (sic): ONLY PRE-APPROVED QUESTIONS ALLOWED. Worked for gw for eight long years, so it will work for this Grifter, also, too... :(

$300,000 for between 75 and 90 mins screech..., plus free airfare for her and hubby (who is no housewife [WTF was that snipe all about?!?]), and one or more screechwriters, and free 5* hotel. (Shaking head, and wishing someone would pay *me* that kind of $$$ - if only ONCE!)

Frank said...

Jeez, Gunner, dream on! Your gal is a loser through and through. The intelligent folk in this country and here in Alaska know that. Ms Quitter left a big mess and accomplished NADA besides putting her fellow high school buds & religious fanatics waiting for the rapture into jobs they aren't even qualified for.

I know you are obsessed Gunner and she is your madonna but you might want to find another gal to bow down to. This one is out only for herself. The quitter is doin what she can for the oney and that is her biggest motive. Can't blame her-if a bunch of obsessed Jesus freaks wanted to kiss my feet, never question me, idolize me and send me money, hey, I'd go for it too.

And by the way Gunner, her and Todd are separated. How would you know anything. Where do you live by the way? Do you know the Palins? I didn't think so....

PS My word verification word is : SLIMY. Now that is something else-Real fitting for this discussion.

Anonymous said...

What a traitor! Bashing our President and our country in front of a communist group! How low is that? Caning sounds like a good punishment. She can have all the surgeries in the world, nothing short of a brain transplant will help. What a despicable clown.
Kallie in Texas

Anonymous said...

Sarah said that Hong Kong was a beautiful city? Did she look out of the window during that long ride from the airport to Hong Kong?

So, let's do the geography lesson. The mainland portion of that teeming metropolitan area is Kowloon. The island in the bay is Hong Kong. They ran out of land years ago, and the only way to build is straight up. The place is wall-to-wall people, skyscrapers, some interesting architecture, and a thriving, colorful, exotic culture.

Much of the culture on Mainland China was wiped away under Mao. But, in Hong Kong/Kowloon, there are richly ornamented Buddhist temples, Chinese medicine, exotic and delicious food, non-stop vertical neon signs (both in English and Chinese characters), and most important of all shopping shopping shopping 'til you drop.

If you have a little contest to pick a beautiful city, Paris comes to mind because of the baroque buildings, open spaces, river and artistic grace in the heart of the city. New York is exciting, but it isn't what we would call beautiful.
If you would like to see a truly beautiful Chinese city go to Google Images and type in the word Guilin. The city itself has become congested with tourist enterprises, but one look at the river-and-mountain scenery will fit the definition of beauty.

Now, do Google images for Hong Kong. It is a sea of skyscrapers, throbbing, exciting, a beehive of commercial activity, and I've love to go if they are still handing out free plane tickets, but beautiful?

Maybe Regina's readers have suggestons of other cities that are Beautiful-- could be because of architecture, scenery, exotic culture or just the rare momement that you are there.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record everyone, she was NOT speaking to a "communist" group. She was speaking to a group of international investors! Also China is not a communist country anymore. But yes she bashed Obama and she is stupid and a traitor to our country. I hate her.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, Regina! Great post!

I agree with Anonymous @20:29. She is being re-branded and they have a year or so to clean her up. She is not smart; but she has really good social skills, something Bush didn't have. But she is a sore loser; she went rogue when God said no.

Anonymous said...

re: A Face in the Crowd

yeah, I was astounded when I saw this movie on TCM last week for the first time since SP hit the national scene.

It was a scary movie before but wow, I couldn't believe the parallels to the current Lonesome Rhodes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @21:11

The Communist Party of China is one of the three interlocking branches of power in China. The Party and state are fused.

When did that change?

Anonymous said...

Frank said, "I know you are obsessed Gunner and she is your madonna but you might want to find another gal to bow down to ..."

Gunner, take a look at Carrie Prejean. She got farther along the pageant circuit than Sarah did, so it's likely Carrie would make a better candidate than Sarah. Plus, Carrie says that she's got a big crown in heaven while Sarah has been silent on that score.

EyeOnYou said...

GretaWire has this posted:
Gov Palin speech:

The below was just forwarded to me. I am told this is Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's speech she just gave in Asia. I was told it is an excerpt but have no further information. I read it and it seems like a complete speech except that the first line suggests that something came before what I am posting here. I will continue to try and get more information for you:

susan banks said...

I totally agree with the true fact that these bailouts did nothing good for anyone. They just helped the rich get their “Bonuses” and in stack of million dollars at a time. That’s where the money went. It didn’t help the “little people” the citizens of the US keep afloat.

jo said...

Just what America needs this witch going around the world to lie and talk badly about our President. Here is another report of her rant against every move the President makes:

She makes America look bad, how is that good for us? What good is she doing, this is her higher calling? It sounds like her god is Rupert Murdock.

Funny she spoke about the land bridge between Asia and AK, she said Todd's ancestors crossed it. It has been about 12,000 years since it ended up under water. Like fossil fuel it contradicts her religion.

Just when will we wake up to the news that she is under indictment? It feels like she is going to get away with all her crimes, lies, cover ups, and abuse of power.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Thanks Eye ;-)

EuroMom said...

Given that The Times is a pretty conservative newspaper, their report on the dim-and-then-sum excursion is hardly enthusiastic:

Leadfoot said...

To me, this looks like an upper eye lift (see her saggy eye lids in the photo under the post "Sarah Palin, Pit Bull no More"). Her lids are more taught and she is wearing darker than usual eye shadow to hide the scars in the creases.

I also see an improvement in the lines from the corners of her nose to the corners of her mouth -- indicating Juvederm or Restalyne injections to fill out the lines.

The nose and lips look untouched.

Once we can see the face in motion, I predict there was some botox as well. Her forehead looks particularly smooth.

EuroMom said...

My favourite quote about the press ban:

"Are there other countries that she can see from her window that she doesn't want us to know about?"

chris brown said...

She should shut her mouth already and just get on In life...

Anonymous said...

The photo of that jacket cries out for a little psychology. The way that it flares out and opens draws attention to her crotch, yeah I said it, that is an unconscious invitation.

Why oh why didn't she wear a tailored smart business suit? Any of her campaign outfits would have wowed them. They would have gone crazy for the tight little red jacket.

Next, that jacket is all wrinkled. That can't possibily be "the look." Hong Kong has the most beautiful stuff for sale; even the hotel gift shop would have had something more suitable. The rumpled look says "too cheap to have the hotel press the jacket" or else it says "I just woke up and didn't realize that I slept in my clothes."

Anonymous said...

posted @ IM

"In this bizarre game--and yes, a hoax that will be foisted upon the ignorance of some and the smugness of others--it matters not one whit whether this speech or any others "sound like Palin" or not. Palin is bought and paid for. Whomever are the puppet masters, they have a dummy that will be groomed like any other animal--dog, horse,--that competes in any show circuit for the prize. Make no mistake, this dummy is headed for the White House. Do not dismiss this as ludicrous and think that could never happen. It is already in the works.

If there is any damaging evidence that is verifiable that compromises this dullard Palin, it needs to come to the surface as soon as possible. The window of opportunity will not remain open very long and when it closes, Palin wins and will never need to look back. Her "sponsors" and puppet masters will win what they want. Power. Obama will be a single term president and the dreams will die as the new president of the United/Divided States is sworn in and takes the oath of office in 2012.

President Sarah Louise Palin.

Laugh all you want to now, but do not do nothing to stop this from becoming a reality. The reality will be a shared nightmare--and it could very well have been prevented."



Ivyfree said...

I keep hearing this music in my head.."If I only had a brain..."

Seriously, I can't imagine why anyone would invest money with a group that's stupid enough to invite Sarah Palin to speak. She can read a speech somebody else has written, but she's incapable of writing a speech herself, and she's too ignorant and too gutless to try to speak off the cuff to the press.

And yes, she's had work done. Not that I'm critical of that in itself, it's just typical of her to try to pretend it didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

i bet the jacket was given to her to wear .. and she just spewed to "her help" just put it over there.. they were probably like
but it has to be hung up

But sarah pants was too busy rehearsing in front of the mirror and trying on the 50 shades of lip color to find just the right one

wv: fiess :D (rhymes with lies)
it was posted that hong kong is impeccable for fashion .. they are
and are immaculate (not all people of course)
But look at asian airlines. that airline is the most highly touted because of the cleanliness and those stewardesses have to keep themselves flawless

Eileen said...

Newly rich comrade pallin' around with the Commies for big bucks in a Mao style Manchurian candidate jacket made by non-Union conscripted factory farm workers using rumpled peasant fabric. Please keep her on the farm in the wilderness for the next few decades. Todd, Levi and children will thank you for it. All democracy loving people in the free world will as well.

Eileen said...

Newly rich comrade pallin' around with the Commies for big bucks in a Mao style Manchurian candidate jacket made by non-Union conscripted factory farm workers using rumpled peasant fabric. Please keep her on the farm in the wilderness for the next few decades. Todd, Levi and children will thank you for it. All democracy loving people in the free world will as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey, those who have fears about outing unethical stuff in Alaska may find some help here.

It's an oversight organization that watches all sorts of things.

Anonymous said...

Think the ugly jacket is an attempt to get away from "all beauty & no brains" stigma.

Obvious lack of pictures, seems to signal desire to hide work done, as others have mentioned.

Basheert said...

StupidSarah Palin is a traitor and needs to be arrested and tossed into GITMO.

She had TONS of Plastic Surgery done, and it didn't fix her heart, her soul, her brain, or her personality.

All that money down the drain and she's still the same aging Repuke 'ho she's always been?

So who told her she speaks as a representative of the U.S.Govt?

BTW - no one in China (man on the street) recognized her pic. (hubs in on the mainland).

Anonymous said...

OMG watching a new show called Modern Family. Younger sister just asked Mom "if my sister gets pregnant would you pretend that she had mono for five months and then tell everyone the baby was yours??

MSM making a move?

Anonymous said...

Hi anon at 0324--

I just saw your post at Mudflats and commented there too;

Seriously?? That is soooooo a Palin reference and I hope the Palins see the show!!

I wouldn't call a TV show the MSM though.

Still, pretty darn funny. I betcha most people have no idea it's a Sarah Palin/Bristol Palin reference, since most people just moved on once the second Bristol pregnancy was announced. :)

Anonymous said...

One of the comments circulating on-line in the aftermath of Sarah's speech is that in response to a question, Sarah answered that she had a husband, what she needed was a wife. In fact, people commented, she has made this statement a number of times.

What does that say about Sarah? First of all, as governor, and as someone who wanted to be the Vice President, it says that she cannot even manage her own life. A good leader knows how to delegate duties, inspire people to do their work and keep everything on track.

If she is all about giving her speech for six figures, she can afford to hire people. Sarah could hire someone to look after the kids (a nanny). She could hire a housekeeper, who would do most of the "wife" things such as laundry, shop for food, prepare meals, keep the house clean and in order.She can even hire a driver, a secretary, a personal assistant, a gardener, a personal body guard. She can even hire people to scan the news for relevant stories and expalin them to her.

The sad part of the statement is that Sarah does not like doing these things; she wants someone to do them for her. If we have to think of cherished things and moments in our lives, I think immediately of my husband and children. Doing anything for them is hardly a chore; it is what gives my life a richness and fullness that I would lack without them. (Of course doing the dishes isn't fun, but the dinner and being together was worth it).

I don't want to limit the discussion only to husbands and children. Regina has many readers who may not be married or have children. I still would guess that they can think of things that fulfill their lives- volunteer work, special classes, a beloved pet or project, finishing the NY Times cross word puzzle, having dinner with special friends, reading a book.

So what are the "wife" things that Sarah wants done for her? And what else has she been doing for the last weeks since she left office? She has not been studying, and she didn't have any voice lessons. Even if she had her wrinkles plumped up with a little fix, she could still read a book. Laundry? Send it out. Cooking? Taco Crunch wraps. Take care of your family? Well, they were useful as props, but be involved in their day to day lives, let some one else do it.

What are all the multitudes of things keeping Sarah so busy that she needs some one to be "the wife." (I hope she didn't mean that she needed a woman for Todd).

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Oh good, I just looked up "Modern Family" and it will be on again on Friday 9/25 at 9:00 on ABC! Will have to watch that show just for that one line!
Thanks anons at 3:34 and 3:51!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

"Sarah answered that she had a husband, what she needed was a wife."

Ha, so is Sarah saying she would rather be a gay lesbian?? That would go over really well with the anti-gay thugs in her church and Republican social gatherings.

Anon at 4:06, you just came up with a new word, but it fits Sarah so well:
"She can even hire people to scan the news for relevant stories and expalin them to her."

Good one!

ella said...

re Sarah "needing a wife" - This would have been a great opportunity for her to give thanks to Bristol, Willow and Todd - but nooooooo - all about HER. Let Meg be her "wife" - Meg follows her around like a puppy dog. I saw a video of SP and Meg at a hotel - and Meg was schlepping ALL the luggage, lest Scarah should strain herself.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I've posted the Modern Family comment around a few places. I almost spit out my drink when I heard it. I figured there were a lot of people who would get as much of a kick out of it as I did. It may not be MSM but it's good that the snide comments are still out there.

Anonymous said...

ProChoiceGrandma: You have better eyes than I do- it wasn't intentional, it is the ultimate Freudian slip. My fingers have become dyslexic, mixing up the order in words. Thanks for your funny observation, I really did mean to write "explain" but what an easy switch. I think that the new word "expalin" is what happens when Sarah reads an ordinary sentence and when she says it, it sounds like word salad.
(My spellcheck didn't catch it; it must really be a word).

Anonymous said...

You're not going to believe this! Sarah and Todd are outa there. Bree Palin has the pictures of Sarah and Todd leaving. Boy, with a couple of free plane tickets, why not stay for an extra day or two and learn something about Hong Kong, China and Asia. At the very least, how about a shopping spree and dinner in a great restaurant? What else does she have to do?

C'mon Levi said...

We all know that the faster we work the higher the hourly rate of pay. Isn't that right?

Anonymous said...

Regina, Patrick, and Kathleen,

Please redouble your efforts to expose the facts about Sarah Palin--babygate, housegate, or wherever else your research takes you (4Truth leads?).

The issue of Palin's lies has become clouded by theories and speculation about her past, her current situation, and her future goals as a political celebrity. But I believe the bottom line is this: Her campaign for vice president unleashed an element in our "national conversation"--amplified and abetted by the MSM, 24-hour cable TV, and the GOP/McCain handlers--which is unhealthy for our country.

I've been around for a while, but I can't recall a time when the venom has been so shrill or so overt. The appeal to family-values, gun-rights, anti-abortion, evangelical-Christian zealots has only escalated since the McCain/Palin defeat. We have Palin to thank, in large part, for revving up the rhetoric.

Palin's CLSA speech today, with its anti-Obama overtones and advocacy of a neocon/Reaganite agenda, increases the urgency to stop her in her tracks. Maybe she's in it for the money, maybe she sees herself as president someday, maybe she'll eventually fizzle out--who knows--but she has attracted, and will continue to attract, enough supporters to keep the conversation and the distractions going at a toxic level for a long time. It's common knowledge that she can't formulate an idea on her own but, as we have seen, handlers and speechwriters can package her for optimum media attention.

So, keep on doing what you've been doing, ideally as a preemptive strike timed for the publication of her book. The John Edwards mess might be an inspiration: Even though Edwards quit the presidential campaign and virtually dropped out of sight, the truth about his affair came to light around election time, and his fathering his mistress's baby is just now coming out. It's startling to think that he could have been elected president; much more unnerving is to realize that Palin could have become vice president...or is prepping as a wannabe future president.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 6:12, that's why we are all here, to expose Palin for the fraud that she is, was, and always will be. And to expose McCain for his reckless choice which, IMO, has caused so much turmoil and he stays silent. In fact all of the Rethugs are guilty by either fanning the flames like Bachmann, or remaining silent.

Anonymous said...

Before this speech, Sarah was entertaining a thousand offers for speeches through an important speakers' bureau. (So they say). Now that there is tape and text of her performance, who wants to guess at how many offers are going to be pouring into that speakers' bureau.

On another site, someone wrote that Sarah appeared to talk from notes, adding her own mavericky style from time to time. I can still hear that shrill nasal voice, her deadly delivery. That wasn't the same person who inspired the Republicans at their convention. Something has happened to her.

The only people who will still be booking Sarah are the ones who populate you-know-what-websites. She will always be attractive to her base, but she does not expand the Republican Party; she contracts it, moving them to the right.

And, I agree with anon 6:12, she really does have to be stopped. Many of the investors in Hong Kong seemed to know what she was, but we have alot of very stupid people in the US who adore her, and they are moving in a very scary direction.

wayofpeace said...

after all the talk of her 'new looks' and her ventriloquist-dummy act; i found this statement by CAMERON SINCLAIR very telling.

it acknowledges that the other GOP contenders will be gunning for her in 2012 with all her -GATES, so she is preempting the attack. also, it is clear that she will be returning to her role of the MAVERICK:

"While it was mainly a crafted speech the only real surprise was her open criticism of the GOP. It was almost more pointed than comments to the Democrats (or 'other guys' as she referred to them).

"Beyond standard talking points, the main theme was asking for a grassroots rebirth from 'local GOP politicians' over those in Washington DC. A sort of tough love on those who 'had sold out their conservative principles'."

Anonymous said...

To Anon @6:45:

"That wasn't the same person who inspired the Republicans at their convention. Something has happened to her."

I agree! From all the blogs/posts I read today, I got the same impression. Also, surprised to see Todd accompany her. We know how strained their marriage is.

Could her family support be crumbling? She can still control Piper but Willow and Bristol don't seem to be on board. And, what about her parents and siblings?

I checked Bree Palin's site and it does look like SP has had work done on her face. I'd say she had a brow-lift, work done above her eyes and a face peel. She looks good but her eyebrows seem just a tad bit too high. JMO!

Oh my! It's all about...

"Sarah, Pretty and Short!"


EyeOnYou said...

A great article on the speech:
Robert Fisk:Mangling everything in its path, Typhoon Sarah blows in to Asia

Grotesque, unprecedented, bizarre, unbelievable. Sarah Palin was all of that in Hong Kong yesterday. And more. Dressed in a cutesy virgin-white blouse and black skirt with the infamous bee-hive hairdo, she was a blessing to every predicting spectator.

"There'll be one or two self-deprecating remarks, a reference to healthcare, taxation, out-of-control spending and a poorly told joke," my investor companion muttered when the lady walked on to the stage of the Hyatt conference room. All he forgot was the bit about Islamic terror. Alas, she did not fail us. "No recording, no photography, no video tapes, no mobile phones," they kept shouting over the public address system. And you could see why.

And then you have this:

Sarah Palin's pitch leaves Hong Kong unimpressed
CLSA’s refusal to reveal the fee paid to Ms Palin added to the general mood of secrecy surrounding the event, but it is thought to be in the range of between $170,000 to $220,000.

Also for those talking about the did she or didn't she in relation to the facelift/plastic surgery issue, Bree Palin (link to blog on right hand side bar) has a fantastic close up of Sarah leaving Hong Kong and it clearly shows she has had some work done.
It also can be compared to the shot that is posted her and you can clearly see why she "cakes" on the make up as she looks very different without it.

Old Greasy Gopher Guts said...

That jacket is extremely unflattering and does make her look as if she is pregnant or has gained weight. Does her "Main Street" shtick include channeling the ghost of the late Minnie Pearl?

Lisa said...

Mmmmm, look at this close-up:

Anonymous said...

OMG I just read the grossest thing. Apparently in Canton China there is a new delicacy "fetus soup"??? Suppose to enhance sexual potency?? Women are sleling their aborted fetuses for 4000 (whatever china currency). Most are female fetuses. There are pics all over the net. Wonder if it ir a hoax? Wonder if Scarah knows? Think she would have a thing or two to say about that topic before bashing the US in any way shape or form.

Karen B. said...

Sometimes I think the bumpit makes her look older. I realize it's supposed to do the opposite, but with that frumpy jacket, it just screams "Grandma". And nothing with looking like a grandma.

Karen B. said...

Oops, I meant to say, "nothing wrong with looking like a grandma".

ProChoiceGrandma said...

LOL! Thanks for that clarification, Karen B.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: You cannot look "presidential" in a Bumpit.

Lilybart said...

The person who inspired Republicans is still there. The Hong Kong speech could not be what she likes best, snarky and divisive words with some race baiting thrown in.

When she can be the mean girl again, you will see the teabaggers and racists "inspired."

Anonymous said...

It appears I am in the minority regarding the jacket. I liked it. Really, I did . Still, the jacket wearer is unqualified.

If she's starting to look preggies again, perhaps one of the girls is expecting again? Just in case...

Old Greasy Gopher Guts said...

"Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: You cannot look "presidential" in a Bumpit."

*visualizes the last five US presidents wearing Bumpits while addressing the nation*


Anonymous said...

I think when all is said and done she'll be selling bumpits on those tacky 2:00 AM commercials.

But wait that's not all... the clapper and chia pets also, too. Now how much would you pay?