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Levi Johnston, Lori Tipton And Their “Business” at Mat-Su Hospital – And What Rex Butler Doesn’t Want To Go On the Record With… UPDATED

Guestpost by Patrick
Anybody interested in Sarah Palin’s faked pregnancy with Trig has to deal with surprises from time to time. One of those surprises was the Vanity Fair article “”Me and Mrs. Palin” which appeared in the October issue of Vanity Fair and was “written by Levi Johnston” (it was based on an 16-hour-interview marathon that Levi Johnston had with Vanity Fair in preparation for the article).

The article in Vanity Fair left many observers from all sides of the political spectrum unhappy. For example, the Sarah-cultists at C4P released an angry “Levi the Liar” post the day the first facts became known over the internet, and in the New York Times, Gail Collins wrote about “The Revenge of Levi” and couldn’t hide her disappointment when she remarked: “For the first time in my life, I feel sympathy for Sarah Palin.”

Even our “brother in arms” Gryphen from “Immoral Minority was stunned and declared: “Essentially much of what Levi says in the article is in direct opposition to things I have learned over the last five months”, and his confusion was noticeable when he added: “I don't know what that means yet.”

Well, I also don’t know what this means yet, but what I do know is that a systematically executed analysis of the situation based on the facts is the only way forward.

There is one part in Levi’s article on which I would like to focus in this blogpost: Levi’s remarks about what happened on April 18, 2008, Trig Palin’s “official birth”.

According to Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin told her family that she was pregnant only “one or two days” before she revealed her well concealed secret to a stunned media on March 5, 2008. Then, on April 18, 2008, the following happened, according to Levi Johnston: “I was at the hospital when Sarah had the baby a little after six A.M. on April 18, 2008, two weeks before we told her we were pregnant.”

This sentence left some readers perplexed. Most people I know understood it in the way that Levi Johnston himself was physically present at the hospital at a little after six a.m. in the morning.

But can this really be true?

On the blogs, some commenters doubted that Levi had a good reason to be there at all that morning, given the fact that he was merely the boyfriend of the daughter of the baby’s mother.

As promised, I will try to look into the facts which are available to us. We actually have one person who went on the record regarding what happened on the morning of April 18, 2008 at Mat-Su hospital in Palmer, AK.

This person is Lori Tipton. She is a journalist with the Alaska TV-channel KTUU, and cannot be suspected of left-wing sympathies. On her facebook page, she openly declared that she is “a fan of Sarah Palin”, and she is the partner of Bob Lester, who is the co-host of the ultra right-wing Alaska radio program “The Bob and Mark Show” - which used to be one of Sarah Palin’s favourite radio programs. This radio show brought us an unforgettable insight into the type of humor that Sarah Palin enjoys, when Bob Lester described Sarah Palin’s then internal Republican rival, former Alaska Senator Lyda Green, as “nothing but a very jealous woman” and a “cancer” and a “bitch”. Sarah Palin herself couldn’t suppress a few girlie giggles – knowing very well that Lyda Green herself is a cancer-survivor.

Lori Tipton had been assigned to report for KTUU from Mat-Su hospital on the morning of 18th April, 2008.

She gave not only one, but two reports about what happened there that morning, and those reports are complimentary to each other.

Further to the above accounts, a while ago, I received an e-mail from a reader of PD which was written to her by Lori Tipton on September 22, 2008. The email had been written in response to a question that this reader had asked to Lori Tipton about Sarah’s pregnancy with Trig. There, Lori Tipton explained, after first mentioning how tight the HIPPA rules are: “Mat-Su hospital, where Gov Palin delivered, wouldn’t even confirm that she was a patient at the time of her delivery. We had to camp outside the entrance and wait for her family to walk by.”

Obviously, Lori Tipton was not at the Mat-Su hospital at six a.m. that morning. In the email she clearly says that they were waiting outside the hospital and that the family walked in at a later point. In her KTUU report she mentions that Sally and Chuck Heath “visited with their new grandson Friday afternoon”.

Interestingly, Lori Tipton was later interviewed by the “Daily Dish” in December of 2008 about what happened on the 18th April 2008.

Andrew Sullivan’s colleague Patrick Appel, who identified himself in this article as a “non-believer” in babygate (stating “I don't believe Sarah Palin is capable of pulling off such a cover-up”), quoted Lori Tipton as follows:

“Sarah [Palin] was in another room, and they said that she was sleeping when we arrived. And so, we got a little bit of footage of Sally [Heath] holding Trig, and Chuck [Heath] standing next to her. And Bristol [Palin] was in there, and I said to Bristol, "We should get some footage of you and your brother and your grandparents." And she’s like, "No I really don’t like to be photographed." And I said, "Are you sure?" And she’s like, "Yeah, yeah, no." And she didn’t have any make-up on or anything, but she was dressed in typical teenage attire, a tight shirt, low-cut jeans, you know, and we had heard the rumors before the delivery of this baby also, that Bristol was pregnant, and so, when my photographer and I got to the hospital and we saw her, I thought, well, clearly there’s no way that that girl just delivered a baby seven hours ago.”

Therefore, from this account we learn that Sarah’s parents Sally and Chuck Heath were present that afternoon (also documented through the pictures and the footage which was shown on KTUU) and according to Lori Tipton, Bristol Palin was also there.

So are we to believe that Levi was there at Mat-Su hospital before the rest of Sarah’s family?

Well – at the time of the interview with the Daily Dish in December 2008, Levi Johnston had already been a “national celebrity” for several months. Would Lori Tipton really have left him out from her description about who was there on that day?

I personally do not believe so because a common appearance of Bristol and Levi together in April 2008 at such an event would have been too spectacular for Lori Tipton not to mention when she was interviewed by the Daily Dish.

I therefore have to conclude that Levi Johnston was in fact not there in the afternoon together with the Palin family, but at six a.m. in the morning – unless we want to call Levi a liar. And I refuse to believe that Levi is a liar. What I do believe is that we have a cleverly written Vanity Fair article which allows us to read between the lines.

So, if Levi was present at the hospital at six a.m. that morning, despite the fact that the family only arrived later that day – what was he doing there so early? What was his function? I don’t have an answer to that – but it is a question that Levi or his handlers could and should answer.

However, one possible answer could be that he was “handing over the baby”. And that the Palin family had a vital interest that he would be “invisible” for the rest of the day, and therefore it’s very likely that he was sent home before the media arrived.

This leads me to the second part of the title of this blogpost.

This is a little bombshell. From a reliable source in Alaska who has first-hand knowledge, I know for a fact that Rex Butler, Levi Johnston’s attorney DOES NOT want to go on the record regarding the question of who Trig’s biological mother is, and in addition he said "he doesn't know for a fact" that Sarah Palin has given birth to Trig.

Especially for the readers of Palingates, I have obtained another snippet of information, which is properly sourced and documented, and which has never been reported anywhere so far to my knowledge. Many of you will probably remember that our friend Gryphen from Immoral Minority wrote in his famous “Splitsville” blogpost:

“I also learned that there was an incident back in the summer of 2008, before the McCain campaign officially tapped Sarah, where Todd Palin pulled a gun on Levi in a heated exchange concerning his relationship with Bristol. This news will be hitting the local papers here in town next week.”

Well – the reason why this “gun incident” didn’t hit “the local papers here in town” was that it was not confirmed by Levi, when he was confronted with it shortly after Gryphen’s blogpost had been published. In addition, with regard to the “gun incident”, Levi made a memorable comment which so far has also never been reported – he said exactly these words:

“If someone pulls a gun on me, they better use it.”

Have we seen the “real, honest, straightforward Levi” in this sentence?

Hopefully we'll never find out...


CC, Livvy, Naked Truth and others

Thank you very much for your input. The 18th April 2008 raises a lot of questions. Who alerted the journalists, and when? At which time in the morning did the journalists arrive at the hospital? Etc.

Even more questions raises Sarah Palin's official schedule from the 18th April, 2008, and this is one piece of evidence which I didn't mention in the blogpost. The schedule was obtained through a FOIA request, and this page can be viewed here:

On the top of the schedule for the 18th April 2008 it says:

“Bristol: Interview Assistance Set Up w/KTUU (Wasilla)
GOV: Interview w/KTVA and ADN (ANC)
Todd: Interview w/KBYR (Wasilla)
Trig's Birth

What does "Interview Assistance" with Bristol and KTUU mean? And I have never ever seen interviews by Sarah Palin or Todd Palin which were conducted on that day!

When were these appointments which are mentioned in the schedule set up? How did people know that the premature DS-baby would have been "fit" to be presented to the public at the day of his birth?

Sarah and Todd gave a press conference about the birth only three days later - the link for the audio to download is in Regina's special babygate resources on the right-hand side of Palingates. The statements in the press conference ("I didn't look so far along", said Sarah - despite of the famous Gusty-picture with her massive belly) also raised a lot of additional questions.

We are not conspiracy theorists. I am personally not even interested in conspiracy theories. All I am dealing with since November 2008 are facts - and the facts DO NOT ADD UP.

Nobody should be in doubt here that this investigation will continue until the truth has finally been revealed.


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Anonymous said...

Nice work Patrick!

If Levi was at Mat-Su at 6am that morning I think he must have been there to give emotional support to Bristol.

Anonymous said...

Now if I recall correctly didn't Chuck Heath try to dispell these rumors by saying that he was there when Trig was born??

I know I remember reading that, simply because I thought it strange that he would be physically present at the birth when he has always made such a point of telling people just how private Sarah & Todd are (their are evidently very adept at keeping secrets from anyone and everyone if we are to believe Mr. Heath).

I wish I could remember where I had read it, but that would put his story about that in doubt considering we have a reporter stating that Sally & Chuck didn't arrive until later.


Anonymous said...

(Should read : They're evidently very adept at keeping secrets...I need to have another cup o' joe)

I'll look and see if I can find the article I read that in.


Anonymous said...

HA! I knew it!

In response to the rumor that Trig was actually Bristol's baby, Sarah's father, Chuck Heath, says, "How can you prove that? Goddammit! I was there when he popped out!

Read more:


ProChoiceGrandma said...

Chuck Heath angrily remarked that he was there when Trig "popped out", I believe this was shortly after he had called Levi a deadbeat dad, then he backpeddled.

Great post again, Patrick! That is very interesting to learn that Lori Tipton's partner is that uber right-wing radio host Bob Lester. IMO, that sure wiped out any credibility for her reporting.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Thanks Anon @13:17, I was just going to look for that article!

regina said...


You could use the name/URL thingie for your comments, so you don't have to be anon...

Your comments are very good, get some credit for them.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to be the devil's advocate, but isn't it possible that the Heath's were there at 6 am before the media arrived, left to get some rest, and then came back in the afternoon to visit?

EyeOnYou said...

Thanks Regina,

I just don't think about it when I go to post. I guess i am just so used to other places that you need a url, I didn't realize it was optional here. I'll try and remember from now on. :)

Anonymous said...

anon at 13.54

Regardless of when the Heaths were there the fact is, as Patrick astutely points out, Lori Tipton did not mention Levi's presence when she made her reports and when she was interviewed by The Daily Dish.

That fact is remarkable because it would have been BIG NEWS. That leaves us with two possibilities:

1. Levi was there at 6am and left before the media arrived or

2. Levi was not there and for some unexplained reason he is lying to the Vanity Fair readers.

Anonymous said...

This is anon @ 14.05


3 Lori Tipton does not recognise a big story when it is standing in front of her!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Gryphen is a reliable source.

Patrick said...

Anon 14:25

Regardless whether Gryphen is reliable or not, I have to tell you that the "realiable source" I am talking about in the blogpost is NOT Gryphen.

Anonymous said...

Like Rex Butler, I don't know for a fact that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig.

That does not mean that she did not give birth to Trig!

Patrick said...

Anon 14:42

You would think that Rex Butler, being Levi Johnston's attorney, should know for a fact whether Sarah Palin is the mother of Trig or not.

The fact that Rex Butler stated a few weeks ago that he doesn't know this for the fact is a clear indication that there is something seriously wrong.

Truthseeker2 said...

I agree with Patrick that the Rex Butler statement is one of the strongest indications yet that Sarah's claim of being Trig's birth mother is a fraud. Would love to know the source! I'm confused about what the gun incident and Levi's response mean...?

Regarding who was at the hospital when, wasn't there a different report that said all the daughters were roaming the halls that night (which I thought was strange at the time -- can't see why they all would have been there, esp. Piper)? There was no mention of Levi. Certainly nothing I have seen (prior to VF) suggested that Levi was at Mat-Su that night. I can't believe that he would be approved to be there if he were just the bf of the patient's daughter. They don't let non-family into hospitals when someone (esp the governor) is giving birth. So the implication is that if he was there, it was either because he was family (married to Bristol) or because he had a role to play -- like handing the baby over to Sarah. Or both.

Certainly a lot of this comes down to Levi's credibility. I had been in his camp (trusting his veracity) prior to VF; now I'm not so sure.

Lori T's report on how slender Bristol was on 4/18 makes more sense in light of the idea that Bristol had given birth much earlier, and it also makes sense that she would be in the room with the Heath's, watching over Trig.

NakedTruth said...

It appears we have a 'troll anonymous' poster. I love it when these trolls appear because this tells me we are getting closer to the truth.

Great post, Patrick. I have always found Levi's comment about being at the hospital when Sarah 'had the baby' to be rather strange.

O/T but have anyone started to notice how much additional info is coming out about John Edwards, his mistress and love child? Years later we are finally getting people to go on record about the affair. Makes you wonder what took so long.

Secrets can't be kept forever. The naked truth is always chasing a well-dressed lie. Sarah's lies will be revealed soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but chuck strikes me as an idiot of the limbaugh order!

He expects us to believe that his daughter $Pee did not even TELL HIM she was pregnant until the seventh month, so 'private' is she...yet he 'saw' Trig 'pop out'? Methinks the only folks allowed near Sarah's, erm, "valley trash"...are licensed medical personnel. I think Chuck saw Sarah in a hospital bed, sure. I could climb atop a hospital bed and proclaim that I just had open heart surgery. My hospital gown would loudly proclaim Look At Me, I just had something Medical done! Just like $Pee believed HER sitting in a hospital bed and wearing a gown would cry out Look At Me! Just sprang forth a human from my loins!

The problem is...we'd both just be liars sitting on a hospital bed.

Bottom line is this...Sarah Palin LOVES to be vindicated- probably because it so rarely happens. What convinced me that babygate was real is the lack of a birth certificate. If she birthed Trig or even if he was born that day to someone else and then adopted him, she could and would produce that birth certificate. Period. She would wave that paper around like a treasure map. The silence, in this case, simply screams.

Livvy said...

Thank you Patrick. From what you posted I think the real answer is that April 18th was "hand-Off" day for Trig. Levi was there to support Bristol. It all happened early in the morning. The baby was born much earlier and had completed the in hospital treatment appropriate for a DS infant. Why was a reporter camped outside a hospital early in the morning? How did they know that the baby was being "had" that day? Who alerted them?

Bristol didn't look like she had just given birth that morning. Remember too that Sarah returned to work within three days and she didn't look like she'd just given birth either. That's because Trig was born a month or two earlier. Remember the family Christmas picture taken on the staircase? It was taken in mid September. Which Palin female actually "looks" pregnant in that picture?

Read the last chapter of "republican Gomorrah" to see exactly how tight the hospital and Sarah's church are. Blumenthal tells a very chilling story.
Lastly, what was the resolution of the two mysterious fires? Sarah's church burned in December and Dar Miller burned to death in her home along with two dogs in January. Dar was a nurse with the Mat-Su hospital. I think evidence was being destroyed. Until I learn otherwise I think Dar Miller was murdered.

Anonymous said...

I'm anon. 15.44 and wanted to add one more thing..
The Lori T account of Bristol at the hosp is to me very much like the gusty pix...released at much too coincidental a time. Lori's story did not even surface until babygate had been full steam for months. She is an avowed fan of the gov, I mean the private citizen blabbermouth, says she loves her. Yet she keeps this bit of info quiet for months and months, choosing to share it at a point where BristolX2 rumours were at a fever pitch, coincidentally enough?

She was asked, ordered, or threatened to say these comments IMTHO.

CC from far away said...

How could Lori Tipton and the KTUU crew have been camped outside the hospital be true when "the wild ride" had just taken place and $arah was taken in the dead of night to said hospital? They alerted them AND papa Heath to meet them there so papa could be present when "he popped out?" And by the way, how creepy is it for your father to be allowed to watch you "pop out" your kid??

Everything about this charade reeks.

Thank you, Patrick, for being ever vigilant.

Anonymous said...

Dar Miller's dogs dead beside her: v unusual unless they were first drugged. A fire that melted things and charred timbers but was smoldering snd smokey when the firefghters entered -- AND Dar was breathing and had a heartbeat. No investgaton. Pieces don't fit, once again.

Dar being a former NICU nurse = she knew everything IMO, as collegial professionals in a small world do.

Dar's death explains a LOT of 'Sllla silence.

KaJo said...

Anon @ 14:05 and 14:07, add

#4 Levi Johnston could have entered the hospital at any time without being observed by Tipton's news crew -- by going through the Emergency Room entrance (usually some distance away from the main entrance in most hospitals) or through any one of several employee entrances -- especially if there were an "insider" there to open the door for him, one of the Palin Mafia or a compromised hospital employee.

regina said...

Dear Anons,

You can remain anonymous by clicking on name/URL then entering any name of your choice. That would differentiate the various anons and avoid confusion.

Go on, be creative, choose good names and make the discussion easier to follow, yes?



Patrick said...

CC, Livvy, Naked Truth and others

Thank you very much for your input. The 18th April 2008 raises a lot of questions. Who alerted the journalists, and when? At which time in the morning did the journalists arrive at the hospital? Etc.

Even more questions raises Sarah Palin's official schedule from the 18th April, 2008, and this is one piece of evidence which I didn't mention in the blogpost. The schedule was obtained through a FOIA request, and this page can be viewed here:

On the top of the schedule for the 18th April 2008 it says:

“Bristol: Interview Assistance Set Up w/KTUU (Wasilla)
GOV: Interview w/KTVA and ADN (ANC)
Todd: Interview w/KBYR (Wasilla)
Trig's Birth

What does "Interview Assistance" with Bristol and KTUU mean? And I have never ever seen interviews by Sarah Palin or Todd Palin which were conducted on that day!

When were these appointments which are mentioned in the schedule set up? How did people know that the premature DS-baby would have been "fit" to be presented to the public at the day of his birth?

Sarah and Todd gave a press conference about the birth only three days later - the link for the audio to download is in Regina's special babygate resources on the right-hand side of Palingates. The statements in the press conference ("I didn't look so far along", said Sarah - despite of the famous Gusty-picture with her massive belly) also raised a lot of additional questions.

We are not conspiracy theorists. I am personally not even interested in conspiracy theories. All I am dealing with since November 2008 are facts - and the facts DO NOT ADD UP.

Nobody should be in doubt here that this investigation will continue until the truth has finally been revealed.

Anonymous said...

Just a little info I want to add regarding Bristol's appearance the day Trig was "born". Lori Tipton stated she was wearing typical teen clothes of jeans and tight shirt.
Well, when I had my first baby at age 20. I was back in my pre-pregancy jeans and tops in less than 2 weeks. However,when I had my last baby at age 30. I recall it took almost 6 months with diet and exercise to loose the baby weight. So Bristol could have had Trig prior to April 18,2008. The younger the mom, the quicker the rebound. Sarah never even looked post-partum after April 18.

Janet in Texas said...

Since first reading about "baby-gate" a year ago, I have really taken notice of pregnant women's abdomens and how far along they are. I am positive Palin did NOT give birth to Trig. No way. I can't wait till the day the truth is finally revealed. I can't stand that woman.

Anonymous said...

Me, too Janet .. all you said :D

A girl from work gave birth last year
Very petite (so petite she had to have a C section)
She couldn't of been more than 100lbs
She was 27? Was an avid bicycler .. rode in marathons and trained every weekend
Tight little thing she was

Never a big eater.. she drank these Ensure type drinks as she told me the doc said it was a way to get calories since she had trouble getting food down
She would pick on raw fruits and veggies and had maybe 1/2 a sandwich for lunch

Sooo.. compare all that with Palin

Yet, this girls belly was round and full and sat under her boobs by 5 months..

by her 7th month she was waddling

Molly said...

I don't believe her whole family was there for the delivery. Think about it; she and Todd supposedly arrive at the hospital, what, at 11 at night or so? And she claims the Dr. says that she may have the baby that night or the next day, but then they end up inducing her (when?) and the baby is out by 6am? Wild wild stuff. I could argue that an induction would have taken a lot longer than that, but I can't because I was induced for baby #2 at about 11 at night and the baby was born at 705AM. No pitocin was needed, just the prostaglandin tablet thing was enough to kick things into gear--and how! SO, let's say Sarah gets there at 11ish at night and the Dr. says it looks like the baby may come soon--THEN WHY THE INDUCTION? This makes no sense. How would they have detemined that she was not progressing enough such that they needed to have started an induction and then the baby was born already by 6AM? Either she was already in active labor and had the baby naturally, or, the induction would not have been started that soon without waiting on real labor to do the job. (Or course this is assuming Trig is Sarah's, which assumes a lot).

So, then, we have Chuck's statement "You can't prove that!" which at the time I thought was indicative of deception on it's face. If someone were to, say, accuse me of not being the mother of one of my children, and rumor had it that my teenage daughter was actually the mother, and my husband, who was there at the birth, was asked to comment on the rumour, would the first thing out of his mouth be "How could you prove THAT?!" ? No, the first thing out of his mouth would be "That's ridiculous, of course the baby is ours, and it's very simple to prove it because I was THERE and we have photos of my wife and the baby right after the delivery, plus hospital bills for my wife and child, plus, gee, co-workers who saw my wife waddling around up until a few days before the birth", etc, etc, but definitely, he would not respond by saying "How could you prove that my teenage daughter gave birth" unless you knew that in fact your teenage daughter HAD given birth and you all thought you had covered it up so well that you were surprised that anybody suspected and you were taken aback and wondered how the secret got out and which part of the story had proved to be the weak link.

It reminds me of suspects who are, in fact, guilty, who, instead of saying to the police "I didn't do it!" say "You can't prove that I did it!" Innocent until proven guilty, sure, but, reactions to allegations can surely be taken into account.

I don't believe Chuck and Sally were kept in the dark. And his "I was there when he popped out" could refer to his being there when Bristol had the baby (as gross as that seems to me for him to have been there). "I was there when he popped out" could also mean he was there at the hospital in the waiting room when Trig allegedly was born (whichever person is the mother, and whatever day it really was).

I agree Levi's statement about how Sarah HAD the baby shortly after 6AM on April 18th is equivocal. And, yep, if Levi really was there and really knew that Sarah gave birth, I think he would have mentioned that to Rex Butler such that Mr. Butler would not have to say that he does not know for a fact that Sarah gave birth to Trig.

"And the walls, come tumbling down, and the walls, come tumbling, tumbling...."

Anonymous said...

oh and this was her 1st child (the petite girl)

Anonymous said...

Daddy Palin and his "I was there when he popped out" .. another creepy comment

just like the "kids are always losing their underwear"

Anonymous said...

Molly, excellent synopsis!

Yes, everything about Palin is just so dang weird
even down to the Rex Butler not being able to say for a fact Sarah gave birth to Trig
All Levi would have to do is say I was there when she gave birth.. that story about Trig is silly
Would take a whole 3 seconds to say

Ive always thought Palin, again.. was just so dang weird
Everything she touches makes you go hrmm?

Now I see my gut was right.. she is "weird" because you become an Odd ball when you are covering up lie after lie after lie

Real life is actually quite simple
A fabricated one is just bizarre

Anonymous said...

While I do believe Levi is tweaking the truth, I don't see what he describes as impossible or even implausible.

According to the official version, Sarah and Todd arrive from Texas and go straight to the hospital on the night of the 17th. Sarah is checked out, and the doctor decides to induce labor. The drugs take time to kick in and do their work. They call the kids at home and tell them she'll probably deliver in the morning. Bristol, WIllow, and Piper are home alone; Levi has snagged the opportunity to spend the night with Bristol. Todd calls again early the next morning to say Sarah's close, so Levi drives the girls to the hospital and is "there" when Trig is born. Everyone, tired from being up so early, goes home and rests, eats, etc, then comes back later in the afternoon, when the press is there.

It really does make TOTAL sense. I just don't believe it's true.

Lilyf said...

I just can't believe it's still a secret. Lies are very hard to keep track of, especially as time goes on. People need money, and sooner or later someone will talk about it. It is amazing they have been able to keep it hidden this long. I really cannot stand SP and her whole bible banging freak show. Now that she is a millionaire, I guess she figures she can pay everyone to stay quiet.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Levi, here's why:
Some time ago I was involved in an auto accident. It was the other driver's fault. She were in the left hand lane and suddenly made a sharp right turn in front of us. The only injury was my broken arm; thank goodness for seat belts and air bags.

Because I was injured, we had to sue the other driver to claim the full extent of her insurance. (Side note, insurers are glad to take your money. They are very reluctant to give you any money, auto accident or health care. You have to fight them for it). It meant that we had to hire a lawyer who specialized in this kind of thing just to claim what she owed us. The guy was a slick big city lawyer who was very smart.

We had been going just under the speed limit. My husband noted the radar warnings and knew that stretch of highway was infamous for speed traps. She was speeding as she passed us and turned. When it came time to give our depositions my lawyer was very clear about one thing.

He told me not to say exactly how fast my husband was going, and especially not to mention that we were checking the speedometer because of the radar signs. His idea was that people know approximately how fast, but it sounds coached, funny, not normal to know your exact speed. He warned against recounting exact details; it would be easy to get tripped up. His observation was that people, in general, do not make note of precise numbers in that kind of situation.

Sorry to go on so long, but this is my way of telling you that as charming and naive Levi may be, following that lawyer's line of reasoning, I just do not believe that a teen aged boy remembers the exact moment his girl friend's mother gave birth-- let alone that he was there. In fact, what really makes it unbelievable to me is that he remembered that precisely two weeks later they announced that they were pregnant. I think that his knowledge comes after the fact.

I decided to ask my husband if he remembered when our daughters were born (and he was there). He guessed afternoon when it was evening. The only way that Levi knew the time of birth (and my husband for that matter) is when they see it later, recorded on the birth certificate.

And now that he told us that was exactly two weeks before they told Sarah that they were pregnant; we'll have to check the details of that episode. Remember all of the versions: It was harder that labor to tell her; my girl friend had to blurt it out. Levi closed the gap between the April 18 "birth date" and Tripp's "delivery date." There is hardly any overlap at all. In fact, that might have been a good time for Todd to be so mad at Levi that he could have shot him.

I do not believe that Sarah gave birth to Trig, but I think that Levi's story is just a little too precise to be true.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Patrick, can you simply add an UPDATE to your blogpost with the information you provided @ 16:33 above? That would make it easier for everyone to see when they come to the site, in case they miss it in the comments. I think that is very important information.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Regina's logo, "When pigs fly" doesn't mean: You'll find the truth about Sarah Palin when pigs fly. Well they do:

Now that you can see pigs fly, maybe it is time for Patrick to think about putting together his vast storehouse of information and looking for a place to publish "The Real True Story of Sarah Palin."

Anonymous said...

I think the information about Bristol's appearance from the Tipton article is another plant. Just like the when several articles mentioned Bristol's belly hanging out under a T-shirt during the campaign and when John Zeigler said she opened the door and was taking care of Tripp in another room, but he never saw the baby. Also similar to the recent Sarah sighting saying she was with Todd and Trig's big sister at the pool.

All of the statements are extraneous to the original article and seem to mention things that would dispel the latest rumor that's out there.

The Tipton article - to prove that Bristol wasn't pregnant/mother of Trig

The Bristol belly sightings and the size of said belly - to prove she was farther along in her pregnancy which meant she couldn't be Trig's Mom

The Zeigler interview - to prove Bristol was at home, no longer pregnant and taking care of her new born which would dispel the rumor that she hadn't had the baby yet.

The latest Sarah sighting article- Dispels the divorce rumor and try's to portrait the happy family. Reaffirms that Trig is Piper's brother, because she said so.

You cannot tell me that these statements aren't crafted by Sarah or her people. They really think they are being clever adding these comments, but I'm not buying it.

Amy1 said...

Patrick: is this phrase from one of your confidential sources or did it appear somewhere?

"If someone pulls a gun on me, they better use it."

The timing of the gun-pulling incident would be interesting, along with the time of the "I'll give you a convertible if you dump Levi." Those would be the turning points for Levi, or some of them, for realizing SP/Todd as his foe re access to his children. I've assumed these quotes happened way before his mother's arrest, but not sure now.

Since we KNOW (from photos) that SP was not pregnant, the April 18 hospital event was the hand-off, the acquisition by SP of T1, who was Bristol's previously born baby that was "given up for adoption" (church adoption, records burnt up in fire; ohhhhh, too bad!) by Bristol on the understanding that SP would adopt T1, use the DS-Mom-card as a campaign asset, and then give T1 to Bristol to raise (with legal insurance coverage as SP's adopted child), as indeed she seems to be doing.

P.S.: GO PATRICK! And Regina! I'm sure Audrey is reading and applauding, as are a ton of the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Molly: I think the induction had to happen IF her water did break at 4am the morning before. Infections can happen if you don't have the baby within 24 hours.

So IF her water broke at 4am, she HAD to have the baby by 6am the net morning for safety.

Of course, for safety, she should have stayed home or gone to a hospital in Texas.

Amy1 said...

Anon 17:58: You are absolutely right about remembering dates -- or not remembering them.

But you left out one thing: Levi is not speaking off the cuff, like he might normally do to a friend. His story has been exhaustively reviewed (by Levi, by Rex's team) and his quotes to the press have been doled out as carefully as possible, incl those in the last VF piece.

Sure, there have been some mistakes (too much precision, some things don't fit well).

If Morgan and Gryphen are right, and there IS more to this than we outsiders have suspected, then it is probably an even more complicated script for Levi than we mere bystanders can imagine.

So I'm still rooting for the kid -- the one who is rattling his saber because he wants a certain outcome ($ and safety for his family) and has a few more cards to play. But not quite yet.

lisabeth said...

Patrick thank you. Do you think people who are researching Sarah for their books like Joe McGinnis or Geoffrey Dunn read her? I just hope you are sending this information to them as well as to other authors/media people that might have the nerve to seriously investigate.

And why does Huffungton Post not allow babygate comments. That is bullshit. Have you tried writing the editors.

Writing here is hood for us but is it going to finally break the story open?

And one more thing, sorry if I missed this but what was the context of REx Butlers comment? I mean who was asking him about this.

Thanks again

Patrick said...


The context of Rex Butler's comment was that a question was asked about who the mother of Trig is and Rex Butler answered that he doesn't want to go on the record with this and doesn't know for a fact that Sarah is the mother of Trig.

Patrick said...


The phrase

"If someone pulls a gun on me, they better use it."

was a response by Levi Johnston to the question whether the gun story was true. He denied that it was true and then added this phrase.

Anonymous said...

lisabeth: MANY places do not allow babygate comments. Mudflats is one. Cindy Adams had a short piece on SP a couple of days ago, and the filter there for comments kept kickng my message back to me saying "inappropriate language" until I deleted all words re babygate. My comment eventually appeared -- see 2nd comment here.

Anonymous said...

Amy1, There is no question that everything that Levi said in an interview was worked on thoroughly beforehand. He is under so much pressure, having to protect his mother, keep access to his kid(s). For all we know, other members of his family could have been threatened in terms of their jobs or safety. Remember how vindictive Sarah and Todd were regarding the former brother-in-law, Wooten. Levi has to be so careful. He is a likeable kid, but if he was going to risk all and tell the truth, we would have heard about that book by now.

Amy1 said...

Patrick: Thx. I meant did you hear this in private conversation with Levi or did a confidential source quote Levi, or was Levi's response published somewhere?

Amy1 said...

Patrick: ditto re Lisabeth's question re Rex's quote: was it in private conversation with a confidential source, or can Rex's quote be attributed, documented? Yet.

Patrick said...


It was a a very reliable confidential source quoting Levi, who has given me permission reveal this.

The quote was not published anywhere so far.

Patrick said...


Same with Rex Butler's quote.

Amy1 said...

Thx Patrick. Good to know.

Random Lawyer said...

I don't know for a fact that Sarah Palin is a woman.

Anonymous said...

Someone made reference to a story in Sept.18 New York Daily News, announcing a book about Sarah, written by Matthew Continetti.

I just saw him last Friday night on Bill Maher's Real Time show. He is very young and very Republican. He writes for the Daily Standard, a hard right publication. I think you can figure out that his book about Sarah is an homage, and his thesis is that the press constantly misquoted her and made her look back.

IWorshipCats said...

One thing I have always wondered and the "popped out" statement reminded me. SP was 43, supposedly pregnant with a DS baby which upped the odds for him to be born with serious health problems. Why did she have induced labor? Why didn't she have a C-section? Wouldn't that have been a lot safer for the baby?

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Thanks Patrick, and Thanks Reg for letting Patrick post on your blog.
Patrick you could write a book, you know?
I think this is a smoking gun:
On the top of the schedule for the 18th April 2008 it says:

“Bristol: Interview Assistance Set Up w/KTUU (Wasilla)
GOV: Interview w/KTVA and ADN (ANC)
Todd: Interview w/KBYR (Wasilla)
Trig's Birth

That was the rush to get back to wasilla, "the wild ride"
I'm of the persusian T1 was born at least 6 wks prior and maybe in ICU @ anchorage then moved to Mat-Su where WBC controls the board. I used to think that T1 was going home early hence "the wild ride" but it WAS PLANNED!
So yes Levi was there when Grifter HAD/Got T1! Bristol b/c she had the baby at least 6 wks prior had lost baby weight. And she wouldn't of been breast feeding b/c he was in the ICU, so her figure would be normal.
Wow, just wow! Bring it on Patrick!
And Thanks!
The World needs to Know the FRAUD that is SARAH!

CC from far away said...


Because there was no pregnancy ... there was no need for labor to be induced. This together with the wild ride, obvious plants (as referenced above), and Papa Heath's creepy "I was there when it popped out" statement is so over the top it is a wonder this complete hoax has not been blown wide open. Which leads me to firmly believe there is a cadre of rich/powerful folks behind her. And that is why she is dangerous.

People need to speak up, on record, and NOW...

Anonymous said...

The word 'had' (which Levi used, in context with Sarah 'having' the baby at 6 am) has two separate and distinct meanings: 1.) it can mean, give birth to; 2.) it can also mean TO TAKE POSSESSION OF. I think Levi, perhaps being paid to keep silent about Trig's parentage, could then have used it knowing most would think the meaning was 1.), when in fact he knew it was 2.) – after he signed the papers giving up his parental rights, Sarah 'had' (possession of) the baby, free and clear. And if the adoption papers were finalized and kosher, Sarah MAY be free of some insurance fraud for his upbringing, DEPENDING ON WHAT HER POLICY PROVIDED. Most ironic is the possibility that Sarah, who could perhaps guilty of huge insurance fraud if Trig were not her child, is now the poster child for INSURANCE COMPANIES.

conscious at last said...

Thank you Patrick,Regina and others for your continued work on this important issue-

... and speaking of "Lori" I noted a comment by a "Lori"(9/15 @20:36) on an earlier post by Patrick (SP and Babagate). It was strange, confusing and she wanted to lead us to much more personal, sexual aspects of this question-- I am glad that no one took the bait there. BUT my point is that there are folks commenting here who are not overt trolls, but who are here to undermine the effort to reveal the truth about SP and Trig. We should be mindful of this.

I, personally, believe that another such plant may be "Dangerous" who spent a lot of effort suggesting at PD that Willow was the mom-- despite clear indications that this was silly.
Then he would say all kinds of other contradictory things and take up a lot of time and energy. I believe that he was trying to make us think he was "with us," and then he'd use this trust to confuse and mislead-- a common tactic.
I think he was trying to get large numbers of us to agree with the Willow theory so that SP's folks could call us "creepy." You all remember how SP jumped on Letterman re:Willow at the baseball game-- when we all know that Dave's silly joke was about Bristol. SP was manipulating the issue so she could appear to be the victim.-- Well I believe that in addition to outright bullying tactics like those used against Audrey and Morgan, there are more subtle attempts at derailing our efforts and trying to make us look foolish- I hope we can keep our eyes open for this as well as the search for truth !

IWorshipCats said...

CC, I *realize* there was no pregnancy. That's why I used the word "supposedly." But the wild ride story and SP's hospital stay were concocted to make it appear that SP did give birth to Trig. I'm just curious as to what the normal delivery process of a DS baby to an older mother is, and if SP's "induced labor" story is something that would happen in reality. If it is, then never mind. If it's not, then it just makes the coverup even more obvious.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Had to add this...Why did she put this:
Trig's Birth

We all KNOW TRIG was born there, right? Can't have a fish picker in Texas...?
So Maybe he wasn't born in Wasilla?
I heard Mat-Su doesn't have a ICU.
Maybe he was Born in a anchorage hosp then TRANSFERED to WASILLA!
Maybe we need to start looking at birth announcements in Anchorage?
Just sayin'....!

lizbeth said...

after glancing over the date book page, I have some questions... was it a computer generated "date-book"? Who did you get it from? I know it was requested through the FOIA act, but who had possession of the info to produce??? was it a physical book? With the shading behind the typewritten text it is hard to know what it's original form was, the shading suggests paper to me, but it is TYPE written... so something seems a bit wonky with the date book page...

I can wrap my head around pre-arranged interviews for the different Palin family members being "scheduled", but the 2 things that bother me are:

That they are ALL on the TOP of the page BEFORE 7 am, and if this page was written in advance as MOST schedules ARE, why aren' Todd and all in time slots and why is Triggs birth even ON THERE and BEFORE 7 am???? She wasn't even DUE until May 18th (gotta love all those 18's)

They are ALL on the schedule before 7 am...

just wonderin, cuz I have never kept my date book like that...

Shayfray said...

Thanks for the great guest post, Patrick!

I believe anonymous EOY hit the issue on the head with the reference to Chuck Heath's quote,

"How can you prove that? Goddammit! I was there when he popped out!"

Who responds with "how can you prove that?" to a wild accusation? Only the guilty. If it was so outrageous your expected response should be flat out denial, not asking about how one would go about proving it.

It's a bizarre response to something that you know to be an outright lie. But it also implies that he's not denying the rumors, merely stating that the rumor can't be proven. His disbelief is not that someone is saying something that is wildly outrageous, but that someone is saying something he knows to be difficult to prove.

You want my advice, keep grilling Chuck Heath. He's a loose cannon and eventually is going to let something incriminating slip.

Patrick, any news on what Gryphen heard when he checked with his sources about the VF interview? I trust him and his decisions but I was hoping to get some sort of explanation from him about the VF article. Not sure if I missed that update.

Anonymous said...

This is anon 19:08, I meant to write that the press made her look bad. (not back).

If you want to have a good laugh, BlowPop Palin has some quotes from the dinner-with-Sarah winning bidder. She and Sarah are on about the same level as far as word skills.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Quick check Providence Children's Hospital in Anchorage:
The types of medical challenges treated in the unit include: pre-term birth, babies born at 22 weeks gestation and weighing as little as 1 pound, 1 ounce; Babies born with an infection; Babies who are stressed during birth and need more attention than in the newborn nursery; Babies born with a congenital anomaly such as spina bifida, bowel conditions and heart defects.

T1 was supposedly born with a heart defect, preemie and DS...?
He could of stayed here and been transferred to Mat-su !

Grifters method, keep saying it and it will be true!

Anonymous said...

There was one episode immediately following the election which made me feel that Chuck Heath was creepy.

It took place in the lobby of the Arizona Biltmore, right after McCain gave his concession speech (and Sarah was not allowed to give hers). She had been crying, and Chuck Heath was trying to comfort his daughter. He kept rubbing her in a manner that I found so weird-- constantly rubbing her arm and her back, there there, baby.

This wasn't a matter of being stood up for the high school prom or losing out in the election for most popular cheerleader. This was someone who could have been the Vice President of the United Sates.

I am not a big political fan who follows every election and notes every concession speech. I just know that there is no crying in politics. Long ago when a woman candidate lost and wiped away a tear, she was finished. During his 1972 presidential campaign, Edmund Muskie gave an emotional speech defending his wife against nasty charges. His voice cracked, and people thought that he cried. It sealed his doom; his campaign never recovered.

Even George W. Bush pointed out that the Palin Family was not ready for the naitonal stage. We knew that Sarah wasn't. Neither was Chuck Heath, with his strange comforting behavior and his strange outbursts.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

I saw that too! At the time I didn't know who that was, couldn't believe its her father!
Yes something about Chuckie Heath!

CC from far away said...


I know that's what you meant, I was agreeing with you and pointing out all the other ridiculous parts to the story. And yes, I also agree it cannot be the right protocol for an older mother with a DS baby, leaking and not getting a C-section instead of being induced. Everything about this bizarre hoax is suspect.

And to all others above mentioning Papa Heath being creepy ... YES! He is absolutely creepy every time he and his mouth make an appearance.

Anonymous said...

Patrick wrote: "Nobody should be in doubt here that this investigation will continue until the truth has finally been revealed."

Thank you to everyone who continues to investigate this matter! I'm so sorry to see that Audrey has not been posting on PD, but glad to hear from the research team here at Palingates!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Lisabeth @ 19:31 asked about Sarah’s official schedule and whether it is a computer generated date-book. As with all of Sarah’s official calendars which were provided under FOIA, if you look at the bottom right corner of each page, it shows:
9/18/2008 1:48 PM
To me, that indicates that it is a computer generated calendar and that all scrubbing, re-arranging, etc. was accomplished and saved on 9/18/2008 at 1:48 PM.

Just because the entries appear at the top before 7:00 a.m. does not mean Sarah entered those during the wee hours while she was busy being “induced”, but more likely she was sending info to her office staff via those mysterious Blackberry emails while she was getting ready to stage Trig’s “newborn presentation” for 4-18-08, OR these were entered on or before 9/18/08 before the final save at 1:48 PM.

Does anyone recognize this calendar system?

By the way, does anyone know what is the status of Sarah having to provide those emails, either in the Alaska case or the Tennessee case?

Just wondering aloud said...

Is there footage of the concession speech crying with creepy daddy comforting?

Something about their relationship is strange. I think Scarah was very influenced by her father. I think many of her problems developed out of whatever type relationship they had.

I also think the 'we stick together' mentality applies to the Trig story.

Just wondering aloud. said...

I kind of agree with what someone posted a few days ago. That outing Scarah with proof of the deception 'after' her book comes out would be a great strategy. It would confirm what a liar she is. It would take away her credibility about anything she has said or will say. That would be ideal.

ArmchairJane said...

Regarding the supposed "induction":
I believe the reason for that particular embellishment of the story is that it would have been reckless of Sarah to fly home while in active labor, as well as being obvious to the flight attendants and other passengers.

So in order to counteract the recklessness charge, Sarah says that she wasn't really in ACTIVE labor, and that the Doc said it was okay to travel for that reason.

However, if she wasn't in active labor, and note how nobody has ever said they saw SP getting off the plane in Anchorage and clearly in some distress, etc, then why would she already have the baby within 7 hours or so of landing in Anchorage?

I think that is the reason for the "induction" story: it makes it possible for her to claim she wasn't in "active" labor and so the flight was safe to take, and yet it allows her to manage to "have" the baby at the early morning hours when the fewest people would be around to see the hand-off, or otherwise see anything to make them suspicious of the story.

I think the "induction" is another one of those embellishments that pathological liars add to the story, those extra little details that they think make the account sound more realistic, but that may come back to bite them in the end.

The other thing about the induction is that most people who have had an induction versus a non-induced birth don't say "it was the easiest birth I had".

Anonymous said...

I was induced and had my son 12 hours later.. They broke my water (is that induction?)
It was extremely painful and I had 2 epiderals .. yes I'm a wimp

so for her to say it was the easiest.. good lawd

Patrick said...

I have noticed that not very many people click on the "hyperlinks" which are contained in the blogpost.

However, I would recommend to everyone who is interested in the subject to read the full text of Lori Tipton's email, which can be found here:

In addition, the clip in which Lori Tipton's partner Rob Lester talks with Sarah Palin on the air and insults Lyda Green can be viewed here:

yes2truth said...

If Bristol is Trig's birth mother,
where do most people think she gave
birth? Is it thought that she just went to a hospital somewhere and gave birth?

Is it thought that S&TPalin weren't there whenever Bristol gave birth to
Trig? If they WERE there, has anyone
found a gap in SP's official schedule
for the approximate date of said birth? Where was Levi during the time period whenever Trig might have been born to Bristol?

Were Bristol's grandparents in attendance? Don't they live in Idaho? Is there any indication that they traveled to AK?

Is it reasonable that NO ONE has
publicly stated that they know or
strongly believe that Bristol was pregnant in early '08?

Anonymous said...

i just noticed the photo of levi and palin (with her pointy fingers on his chin like saying "i warned you keep up appearance and you will be spared")

that he isnt even giving her eye contact unless her eyeballs are on the top of her head

Even back then he couldnt look her in the eye knowing the silly facade she was trying to portray herself as

Patrick said...

yes2truth 21:37

Yes, there is a very suspicious gap in Sarah Palin's schedule - from the 16th January to the 19th January 2008 (the schedule is BLANK and simply says "do not schedule"). This will certainly be examined in more detail in a future blogpost.

On the 19th January 2008 there was also the hearing of Bristol Palin's uncontested speeding ticket - which is a SATURDAY. According to our research which is not finally confirmed so far, only custody cases are usually heard on Saturdays in Alaska.

Here is the link to Bristol's court record:

LIZBETH said...


i would LIZBETH,not lisabeth, confusing maybe, but certainly distinctly different, we are 2 entities w similar names...

I was aware of the time stamp at the bottom of the date book page, which led me to WONDER about how the page had been manipulated... as I WONDERED earlier, WHY IS THERE GREY SHADING behind the typed in text? The page has OBVIOUSLY been manipulated,

my other question was WHY aren't the "pre-planned" time slots IN THEIR TIME SLOTS??? I NEVER implied that SP put the page changes up right before 'birthing"
whoever copied and d the date book page for FOIA should have left the appointments on their original lines dontchya think???? THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT ALL LOOK SO SUSPICIOUS... but I am interested in Patricks reply...

NakedTruth said...

When I look at the calendar entries for Sarah for April 18, 2008, it makes me think that these entries were added after the fact to cover for something. I just went back to look at my calendar posts after my son was born in 2001. On the date of his birth I wrote "Yea!" my baby's name his birth weight and the time he was born and something like "Big sister loves her baby brother!". Typical excitement on my part. Just think it's odd that Sarah or whoever only wrote "Trig's birth, Wasilla". That doesn't sound too exciting to me. Almost make me think that Sarah did not write these entries but someone else did. Who, I wonder and why whould Bristol be assisting with an interview setup in Wasilla with KTUU? Didn't Bill McAllister work for KTUU during this time? Why would Sarah mention Bristol and not Willow or Piper? It appears that she wanted everyone to know that Bristol had other plans on this date and not at the hospital giving birth or handing off a baby. To me this is just another example of Sarah just trying to cover her ass but failing miserably by giving too much information. Reminds me on the water-breakage statement.

Odd that Bristol was doing setup with KTUU on April 18th and that Lori Tipton was with KTUU staking out the hospital as Patrick stated after the supposedly birth of Trig. But Lori did state that she saw a very slim Bristol walking the halls dressed like a teen who did not look to have had a baby. Makes me wonder what does KTUU have to do with this deception or at least some of their employees?

Daisydem said...

I saw a couple of things right off when I read this post this morning: first, regarding the picture you used here Patrick, "a picture is worth a thousand words," really could be the caption for this pic. I just don't know what the words would be, but there are some that they could be: I saw it differently - I thought they are making eye contact. Levi's eyes and his smile are amused? But I wonder what Sarah's eyes are saying? I don't know that I have ever brushed the cheek of one of my daughter's boyfriends while making eye contact with them, or trying to. This is an intimate gesture. Secondly, as one Anonymous pointed out, the reporting of the interviews by Lori Tipton have to be contrived, as so many of the interviews, comments, etc. have been. To report that Bristol was dressed in a "TIGHT" t-shirt and "LOW-CUT" jeans instead of just saying Bristol was in a t-shirt and jeans, and to reflect on the fact that she could not possibly have delivered a baby 7 hours earlier, is their way of covering for the birth of the baby. The descriptors are to emphasize she was dressed in clothes that would not fit a post-partum mother the day she gave birth. But probably not Sarah Palin nor Bristol had a baby on 4/18/08 but rather months or weeks before that day.

Then there is the issue with KTUU's Tipton saying the hospital could not even confirm SP as a patient. However, interviews are "supposedly" scheduled on the appointment book (which was probably doctored in September 08)-then there would have been provision by the hospital and probably a place set up for a statement to be made, pics taken, etc. Plus, if I have a friend in the hospital but I don't know the room number, I can go to the information desk and they look up the number of the room for me - so HIPAA does not prohibit that kind of information being disseminated. Now in the case of a "celebrity" (i.e., the governor of the state) they might be reluctant, but if the press has been summoned, interviews scheduled?

Patrick said...

In addition to my previous comment:

On the 19th January 2008 it is mentioned in the schedule that Sarah and Toff flew home from Seattle to Juneau.

Daisydem said...

Let me add something, or change something about my earlier post. I know I have NEVER brushed the cheek of one of my daughter's boyfriends and looked into their eyes. Secondly, I said this is an intimate gesture and it is; but it could also be intimate and threatening.

Patrick said...

Toff?? I must be drunk ;-)

I meant Todd, of course...

My WV is "mixer" !!

LIZBETH said...

I will also add that in looking back over the early VP campaign days... that baby, the DS baby is WAY too big for a 4 month old... premie DS 4 month old...

trev said...

This is making more sense to me now. Levi is constrained by whatever document he had to sign to give up the baby and make a deal. I feel that this is somehow connected to his mother's sentencing. Levi can say whatever he wants about most things, but the birth of Trig is off limits and he just repeats the same phrase over and over.

What is strange is the wild ride and how Sarah had to rush back to appear as if she had given birth. Why was this part no set up better? Why the rush? It makes sense that Trig had to stay in ICU or whatever for a number of weeks by why the sudden deal on 4/18? Is this connected to McCain winning the nomination some how?

Patrick said...


I cannot give much more information regarding the schedule than ProChoiceGrandma has already done. By the way, PCG is an expert when it comes to Sarah's schedule!

Just like PCG said, the schedule was printed out on the 18th September, 2008 - as a reaction to the FOIA request. It is almost impossible for us to know whether something has been "rearranged" there in order to "fit" to a certain story.

However, what I can say is that so far I was under the impression that this schedule is very accurate, and that the events which are mentioned there DID happen.

But regarding the 18th April 2008, I am not sure, as there is no record whatsoever of some of the interviews which are mentioned there, and "interview assistance Bristol" for example is nothing but mysterious.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to put a damper on this, but, I had a slight water leak with my second pregnancy but I did not go into labor, I did everything I could to get it going walked, tweaked the nipples, nothing started it. They had to induce me because of the infection worry, basically they let me try for 24hrs then induced.

And being induced is way more painful then regular labor, it just hits ya, bam that baby wants out. I was also 3 cc dialated before the leak.

I don't think she'd be saying it was easy unless she thinks hard and fast is easier than slow and build up.

I think she's using either a previous pregnancy story or one from someone she knows.

Regardless, it would have been irresponsible to get on a plane because she 'could' have gone into labor at any time. So it's a stupid story of hers, I don't even understand why she created it like that. Why the drama? She could have snuck off to the hospital any night of the week, why build a long story and draw attention like that. I must be missing something.

Sorry, I don't mean to be a distraction.

But, we know she never was preggers anyway, lol.

Anonymous said...

This is the closest that I could come to finding a picture of Sarah following McCain's concession speech:

Reporters for the LA Times, Seema Mehta and Maeve Reston wrote several articles about the rift between McCain and Palin during the campaign. (It's really good reading). In one of their articles, they were the only ones who noted that Sarah and her large extended family all trooped back into the Arizona Biltmore following the outdoor concession speech by McCain. They stood in front of a big flag taking pictures and chanting 2012. I have tried looking for that picture under almost any title or heading but still no luck.

If you google Sara Palin in tears after loss, a number of articles show up, but many have taken down their pictures or video by now.

The memory remains of good old Charlie Heath rubbing his daughter with all the charm of a cheap massage parlor- creepy!

NakedTruth said...


I remember once we talked about the possibility of Bristol giving birth to Trig in another state possibly Washington. With Sarah and Todd returning from a trip on Jan. 19th from Seattle and the fact that they have relatives that live in Washington state (Remember the aunt who told People about the birth of Tripp. She was told in an e-mail from the Heaths.) this is an angle that might need to be investigated.

Where could we start? Is it possible to search for births of babies born in the Seattle area with names of Trip, Tripp and Trig? Remember not long along some thought that Trig's (T1) could have been named Trip by Bristol and Levi but named changed to Trig when the Palins took him. (Remember Gryphen's comments) Just thinking out of the box but what if T1 was named Trip with one 'p' so Bristol and Levi added another 'p' to the end of T2's name in remembrance of the first Trip. It is strange that they spelled his name with two 'p's.

Perhaps said...

perhaps interview assistance Bristol means

Bristol would have an interview and she would need assistance to pull it off correctly and believability.

I think these were initial plans of Sarah's to pull off her scheme but she chickened out on doing it and changed her mind how to handle it by doing it 3 days later, just she and Todd.

I don't know why they didn't delete them from the schedule, an oversight?

Just wondering out loud. said...

Also, I don't know if this has been discussed, probably it has, but does one have to put a name on a birth certificate at the hospital? what about people who are undecided on names. couldn't it be baby boy Palin, or baby boy Easton or for that matter they could claim any name as the father? or unknown?

It's been so long since my kids were born I can't remember how it is done.

Sorry if this has been gone over.

tm68 said...

Truthseeker2@ 15:15

IF Bristol had given birth earlier (and Trig has always seemed MUCH larger than the age they said he was, especially being a preemie) why would they have been in the hospital that day? Why would sarah leave the conference early to fly home? If Bristol is the mom- then Sarah did not need to do this. If there is an adoptive mom- I can see why Sarah would fly home for that birth. This part of timeline confuses me.

yes2truth said...

Does anyone here know if Levi or

Bristol or both of them have ever

made a direct statement to the effect

that Levi is not Trig's father and

Bristol is not Trig's mother?

In public, on Facebook etc. or to


Patrick said...

Naked Truth,

these are good points which you bring up.

My personal working theory so far is that Trig was in fact born at Mat-Su hospital in Palmer (there are some other indications for it which will be discussed in a future post), but that he was then transferred to Seattle - which is standard practice for premature babies from Alaska who need NICU treatment.

As you mentioned correctly, Sarah also has family close to Seattle (in Tri-Cities/WA).

I personally have no idea whether the theory is true that Tripp was renamed Trig. I don't want to rule it out, but I haven't seen any evidence for it so far.

To be honest, I don't know at this point which could be a way to investigate this angle with Seattle (since HIPAA is always in our way...). But whenever somebody mentions Seattle in connection with Trig, we should listen very carefully.

There is one piece of information which I have never thoroughly investigated. I remember to have read somewhere that when Sarah came from her long trip in New York and then Texas several weeks ago, that she met Trig and Piper in Seattle on the way back. If anybody would be able to find more information about it, that would be great!

Patrick said...


There is no indication that Sarah left the conference early on the 17th April 2008.

I will add more later to that.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Lizbeth, my apologies, at quick glance I thought you were "Lisabeth" who had posted before you. I mainly looked at the time of the post. Will be more watchful, and thanks for the correction.

MadCityKaren said...

In looking at things from a different angle ... I've always been curious as to where Todd was when conception occurred. Given the "facts" that we have been fed, Trig was born "5 weeks early", making his EDD (estimated due date) May 23, 2008. Using a fertility calculator to estimate conception date from the estimated due date, I get a result of August 31, 2007.

Granted, that is still an 'estimate', but given that Todd would be gone for long stretches at a time (North Slope or fishing), $P going on her various trips, and recent information that they don't sleep in the same bedroom anyway, this may be another angle to discredit the Trig/Wild Ride birth story.

I don't believe that $P gave birth to Trig either, but just trying to find another way to smash the birth story we've been fed. And Todd & $P not being in the same proximity to each other around projected conception time may be another way to attack this.

Just wondering out loud. said...

So KTUU did 'try' to do an interview with Bristol but she wasn't willing to play mommies game?

And I wonder how on board Todd was with Sarah's hair brained idea. It could be a big point of contention between the two. She wanted to do it to save her political career and he probably didn't think it was a good idea, but it's Sarah's way or no way.

After the big happy family campaign bruhaha in front of the world it's kind of tough to undo one's involvement, eh? And that goes for everyone involved who knows the truth.

Anonymous said...

Shayfray @19:33
I agree with you on keeping the heat on Chuck. He does get fired up easily- I've worked with him several times when he was subbing. He's very self-righteous, opinionated, yet honorable and loves kids- he'd protect this story fiercely, but he plainly loses his cool when pressed and feeling guilty. I guarantee you the guilt is eating him alive. He has completely stopped subbing.

yes2truth said...

I'd bet real good money that the

Mitt Romney people know all about

SP. If they don't, their

opposition research team should be


It's possible they are leaking

information via third parties.

I'm sure they know the truth.

But, because of political realities

they may be holding back in hopes

they won't "need" to use it.

Someone up in the Boston area

should consider becoming a Romney

campaign volunteer!

Anonymous said...

yes2truth @21:37

Bristol went to live with auntie in ANC- which would make sense because someone in another post pointed out that there is no NICU at Mat-Su. She had to be close by a NICU and out of sight from locals here in Wasilla.

Bristol's grandparents live in Wasilla, not Idaho.

Just wondering out loud. said...

assistance Bristol interview

the KTUU gal gave assistance to Scarah's story by pointing out there was no way Bristol could have given birth.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, re your comment 22:42, when Sarah left the conference. Did she stay for lunch and leave afterwords? Have you tried to match this up against airline schedules, allowing some time for the connecting flight in Seattle? There is also a time change in there. I think that I worked it out that- and this is a big if- if everything is on time, she could leave as late as 1 or 2 PM and just make it for 11 PM arrival in Wasilla. But, it really has to be worked up like a timeline against all of the other information that you have.

As to the question asked above, why the rush home if it was a handover? I've always assumed that for some reason, Trig was to be discharged and needed to be signed out by his lawful parents, Sarah and Todd by then. Oooops, no one saw that one coming, hence the rush.

Why would a hospital discharge a kid so suddenly? Well, we are in the middle of our big Health Care debate- my answer is insurance. No matter whose coverage (probably Sarah's as legal adoptive parent), when you have stayed your alloted time, are holding down solid food, showing the proper markers in weight gain, you're outa there. They need the bed for the next one. It wasn't a problem until someone arrived to pick up Trig and was surprised, hence the frantic phone calls. Just a guess.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Patrick, I am blushing! Thanks for the overly generous compliment! A lot of good comments today, I keep reviewing them.

One thing that troubles me is when people still assume that Sarah and Todd “rushed” back from Texas. IMO, Trig’s presentation on 4-18-08 was a pre-planned event. The flight back from Texas and the staged “birth” of Trig would have gone oh so smoothly, EXCEPT that Grandpa Heath told a reporter about the water breaking in Texas! THAT was the only thing that turned it into the infamous “wild ride” and consequently caught the attention of Audrey as either an impossibility or recklessness. I can never say it enough – Thanks Grandpa Heath! Go listen to the audio again, listed on the side under Extra Babygate Resources. Sarah first tried to avoid answering the question, but the reporter persisted, then she stammered terribly until Todd came to the rescue with his snide remark.
The moral of the story is: Never lie to your parents!

Just wondering out loud. said...

Friends and supporters can be 'tricked' into backing up lies. Look what her cult does out of love for her.

Friends can be manipulated and used to back a lie without even knowing. The radio guy was trying to give her an edge and credibility.

Those who adore Scarah are probably blind to how she can manipulate and take advantage of them. They are like the Evangelical right wing nutters, willing to do whatever they're led to do, no independent thinkers in the group.

Scarah's like a con preacher who takes advantage of people. And I'm afraid even when she is shown to be a liar, her groupies will still adore and forgive her sorry arse.

Sarah could have joked with the KTUU about the ridiculousness of the Bristol pregnancy 'rumor' and the gal was helping back up Scarah who she likes, by making a point of talking about it.

All accomplished by planting little seeds with the right people.

North Poler said...

Could be that Sarah was trained to be exagerative by Daddy Heath. So, in order to imress him, she told the story about her water breaking even though it hadn't.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I just realized while reading the tears in Scarah's eyes article that she got to give her concession speech after all. Just not to the nation, see how she managed to get her 15 minutes of fame and press anyway. She's quite the piece of work.

And oh, the lies. She's such a BS Quitter!

"There are just no words for my appreciation for all the hard work you did," Palin said. "Obviously it was not our time, it was not our moment."

"We're going to be just fine," she went on. "It is a shining moment tonight in history. We do congratulate Barack Obama. It's a great night in history. But I'll tell ya, Wasilla - and everybody there in Alaska - I am just proud to be able to represent Wasilla.

"I am neither bitter nor vanquished, but very confident in the knowledge that there will be another day," she continued. "We can do that even from the homefront up in Alaska. I can't wait to join you there in Alaska. God bless you, thank you very much, and I love you more than you'll ever know, Mat-Su Valley."

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

sarah palin, "YOU LIE".

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Patrick, you have referred to Sarah’s schedules for January 16-20 2008. Are those posted somewhere for the rest of us to see? If so, I must have missed it, although I have been anxiously waiting to see any further calendars. The only ones listed on the side under Extra Babygate Resources is the Feb-Mar-Apr one that I had already inspected. Or is that for a future post?

Not going to happen said...

SP was crying post-election not because of the loss but because she wasn't allowed to give her speech and have her attention-grabbing swan song.

People who think Levi and the Palins have no relationship at all are wrong. There is an agreement regarding what can and cannot be said and specifically facts surrounding the birth of Trig. That is why he was so specific about the time and vouching for Sarah. He was fulfilling his part of the bargain and she fulfilled hers by paying him and not trashing him after the article. He has Tank but his real protection is that he could spill the whole truth, or his family would if anything happened to him. His mom's legal trouble was leverage Sarah used as well. I have no confidence that anything will come out until Bristol is much older and outs her mom herself. Levi and his family are well-paid by this point and as Sarah makes money, so will they. The only other people besides close Palin insiders who know are medical personnel who are constrained by medical confidentially laws. I will be surprised if there's any clear cut evidence regarding this for a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

and we had heard the rumors before the delivery of this baby also, that Bristol was pregnant, and so, when my photographer and I got to the hospital and we saw her, I thought, well, clearly there’s no way that that girl just delivered a baby seven hours ago.”

This doesn't make alotta sense

The "rumors" were :
that Bristol was pregnant

Ok.. so there were rumors Bristol was pregnant..
So the jeans and Tshirt would show that she wasn't pregnant

Then why does she say this:
clearly there’s no way that that girl just delivered a baby seven hours ago.”

So the rumors weren't just that she was pregnant but that she was pregnant and Sarah Palin wasn't and Bristol would give birth and Sarah would pretend it is hers?

Why did she bring up .. clearly she didn't deliver this baby
Why even bring this up ?

So the rumors were there was a secret cover up with Trig..not just that Bristol was pregnant?

Anonymous said...

why the sept 8 date? So that indicates the last date this page was "updated"?

The gray background could actually be a "color" but is shown in black and white which would make it Gray (think of some of the office online calendars)

Ok back to Sept.
Only a few things took place that day.. what would need to be changed months later?

Can someone see if other pages of her calendar have different dates at the bottom? Does she/whoever routinely change things?

And whats with Gov signed Bill (eyeglasses) way at the bottom
Is that her signing a bill that came in for eye glasses?
Her expensive specks? Did she use Gov funds to pay for her glasses?

Anonymous said...

I too believe that Levi was and is being payed off by SP. So, does he declare this income on his tax return? Under what? If not, wouldn't that be tax evasion? I hate for anyone to go after Levi, but I hate even more for the truth not to come out.

pantsonfire said...


Have you ever heard of anybody declaring bribes on their tax return?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anons @ 00:23 and 00:28, makes you wonder about that big red truck, eh?

Anonymous said...

I am anon 00:23 pantsonfire - that is my point ha ha! Doesn't he need to explain where his new truck, money to finance Rex & Tank, travel, etc come from??!!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Conscious at last at 19:22, I meant to reply to your comment earlier. I also became suspicious of “Dangerous” and it seemed to me that he was trying very hard to add to the confusion with his hypothesis and formulas and beyond a reasonable doubt legal mumble jumble and his looooonnnng comments! Especially after the 1-15-08 State of the State video in which Willow was there in a sleeveless dress, but Dangerous continued with his nonsense theory that Willow was Trig’s mother. I was going to buy his book, but fortunately I learned he was the author so I would only be wasting my time. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but once certain areas have been ascertained as irrelevant, you move on. His persistence and bloviating is what finally convinced me he was either a troll or just a spoiler. Maybe he was neither, just delaying any progress until he could cash in with his own book.

Anonymous said...

"Obviously it was not our time, it was not our moment."

These words from Sarah's concession speech come directly from Brack Obama who often said, "This is our time; this is our moment." Given all of the nasty things she said about Obama, and how she called him "He who must be obeyed," it's rather insulting to use his words.

I liked the part in her speech where she was proud to represent Wasilla and Alaska. Just like a beauty queen.

Note to Patrick: You're focusing on a period of time in January as a likely date for a premature baby. That's a long time for a baby to be hidden. I thought that there also was a time, last week or so in March, where her calendar went blank and she had no appointments. I think that there might have been a TV interview then where they kept asking if anyone had heard from Bristol?? Or, is that just too close to the announced birth date a few weeks later? Maybe that's all the time that they needed?

Patrick said...


sorry, I wanted to tell you about the new scans, but somehow forgot.

Just several days ago we scanned the rest of the documents we had obtained via the FOIA request, and everyone can download the new individual documents which are now in this folder:

However, while scanning some pages of the schedule for January 2008, some important pages were not scanned properly, so we will have to repeat that.

Anyway, that's what we have so far, with the link above.

Regarding the other documents we had obtained earlier (other schedules, travel authorizations etc.), if anybody is interested, please click here on my username and you will see the download links in my blogger profile.

Patrick said...

Anon 01:34

You are right, we also have to take a close look on March. There are no final conclusions yet. Still, January is pretty suspicious.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Oh thank you Patrick! I shall be busy for awhile, I see!

MadCityKaren said...

Patrick ... did you notice much in the way of 'redacted' appointments in the schedules received through the FOIA?

Because I was kind of interested in my theory behind the August 31st conception date, I downloaded the 08/03/07 to 08/30/07 .pdf and found that an "appointment" on 08/30/07 @ 3PM has been blacked out/redacted. I'm finding that rather curious.

(Despite that, I still don't believe that $P gave birth to Trig ... but find it bizarre that information was blacked out on at least one occasion.)

Rationalist said...

This is a great discussion.

Here's my theory about trig's birth. Cathy Baldwin Johnson founded A Children's Place in Anchorage, a center for abused children and teens. I suspect teenagers come in there all the time needing to give up babies for adoption. I think Bristol came in and gave birth at an anchorage nicu anonymously under cbj's care. The Palins planned to give the baby up for adoption, but he had Downs. That's when Sarah began to see political benefit in a downs baby.

Re: April 18th. Mid-April was the earliest Sarah could ostensibly have a healthy baby, and the latest trig could pass as a newborn. As has been wisely pointed out, the only thing that made the ride home wild was chuck Heath (whom I believe to have been in the dark) telling the press what Sarah had told him about water breaking.

nancydrew said...

The photograph of Levi cradling this tiny baby are convincing to me that the tale Sarah weaves is total fiction. That is the photograph of a young father bonding with a child--I have a very sensitive 22 yr.old son, biography Levi Johnston's opposite, who would never hold a child like this unless there was a deep, deep tie. I have always wondered whether the wild ride was concocted of necessity because of a 4AM call received by the Palins that Bristol and Levi were intending to check Trig out of the hospital themselves--which would be their right as the biological parents. You know, the "we're going to run away, get married, take care of ourselves" young person plan. Also, many insurance plans cover dependent students IF they are not married. So any Levi-Bristol marriage plans would have given Sarah threat leverage.

The Bristol interview assistance may have been as damage control had Sarah not gotten there in time to intervene. Also, no one noticed Sarah's advanced state of pregnancy because she didn't dare wear her pregnancy costume through security. Even Gov. Sarah could not have predicted the TSA. When my son had had major reconstructive wrist surgery, wearing a genourmous post-surgical clamshell cast, the TSA at the Seattle airport had him remove the entire apparatus.

Rationalist said...

Oh yeah, also: Sarah had to wait until after the energy conference because it was good for her career.

gracie said...

anon at 1:04, i am in your camp,
the last week of March or so sounds about right to me.

If Trig was hurried to an NICU in Seattle, how to explain the myspace photos of the very small baby in what i think has been verified as Sarah's kitchen ?

I do think those photos predate the 'official presentation photos' but it doesn't really make sense to 'hide' a preemie baby, fresh from the NICU, in Sarah's own house. I am very confused by all this.

And to all those who think that Trig appeared very large for a 4 month premie at the RNC, he did indeed. Yet only a month earlier at the Fairbanks governor's picnic, 'Trig' was being carried in a football hold by Todd (I watched them carefully up close for about 15 minutes). His head fit in the crook of Todd's elbow and his feet ended at Todd's fingertips. He looked quite tiny. I could not believe (still don't) that was the same baby I saw at the RNC. A few weeks later, Dateline aired a show about a woman who makes VERY lifelike doll babies which can easily fool the passerby, even on close inspection. It occurred to me how convenient it would be to have such a baby to travel with (Three three hour long governor's picnics in three widely separated cities in three days would do in most babies!) while leaving the real, crying, hungry, leaking baby home with his real mom. . . ('Trig' was, naturally, fast asleep at the picnic in spite of all the noise and hoopla.)

The Fairbanks Daily News Miner published a very small photo of Sarah and Todd carrying Trig at that picnic, I went looking for it and guess what ? It's gone. Will have to find an actual archived copy of the paper (would have been Monday July 28). Whoever scrubbed photos did a VERY thorough job!

MoneyTalks said...

"Bristol: Interview Assistance Set Up w/KTUU (Wasilla)"

I read it exactly as stated. It was a 'set up' and Bristol was required to be there in her low cut jeans and tight t-shirt to quiet any rumors that she's been pregnant, thus assisting in the big lie. I don't believe Sarah ever gave birth on that date. Levi may remember the 6:00 am date as that's the time he was required to be there to pass the baby over to Sarah or to see Sarah claim the baby as her own. Sarah could have picked up the baby somewhere along the way before reaching Wasilla and then 'delivered' him there to the hospital.

Sarah maybe had it planned to leave the conference early because of the set up for the 18th. Also, evening wear was required and the scarf may not have worked so well and it may have been a big worry if another woman 'touched her belly' and felt a pillow.

Patrick said...

Sarah Palin's official schedule from most of Februray, March and April 2008 can be downloaded here:

Patrick said...

Other important download:

Travel authorizations Bristol, Willow, Piper for 2007/2008:

Anonymous said...

While she's in the company of people who have enabled her all her life, it will be difficult to get the story out of her. But if she is pursued for a legal/ethical problem (housegate or alaska fund) and imprisoned, so that she becomes separated from her enablers, then she might let something slip to curry the favor of a cellmate or prison guard.

Anonymous said...

There is the matter of the environment, also. Lake Lucille is polluted to the point that it is nearly dead. Fish & Game puts fish in the lake and they have to be caught soon, before they die.

Sarah's reverend, the witch hunting one, was concerned -- actually prayed -- that she would get funding for her statewide office ambitions.

What about Sarah's drive to develop Wasilla? Big box stores? Chain stores? Highway? Pollution running off into the lake?

Were there kickbacks? Remember, Spiro Agnew resigned and went to jail for such things in Maryland.

oops I did it again said...

I know that I will be considered a troll (or getting "off" track) because I don't believe in the Bx2 theory but I'll try to post a comment anyway. I find the Vanity Fair article interesting because Levi meantions Track Palin in it. That is why I've liked the National Enquirer articles because they also meantion Track Palin. Also, Levi could have been at the hospital on April 18, 2008 not as Bristol's boyfriend but for other reasons that he is under agreement not to disclose. Of course, just my opinions on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Say it aint so, Sarah. Say it aint so.

Anonymous said...

Poor Sarah! All she was trying to do was present a pristine family so she could run for V.P.!

Her thinking is far more sophisticated now than it was in April, 2008. I'll bet even she realizes how ridiculous the "wild ride" story is now.

The RNC just complicated matters by announcing Bristol was five months P.G. At the time, a few of us thought she would have a miscarriage. Well, that didn't happen and along came...Tripp!

Regardless of which theory you believe, we all know what a hoax this is. Levi's interview with V.F. was a joke. He's the Achilles' heel in all this. So, he's the one to watch.

BTW, how much longer can they keep this up?


Vaughn said...

Hey Ginger.....They can keep this up from now until forever.

That is unless someone in the know Tripps up.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick, thank you for sharing all the FOIA's and other things for download! OMG! Its like Christmas! :)
I'm still wondering, Bristol was with the Aunt in ANC so that is where the PICU is at Providence. Why would she go to Seattle instead of there? Just curious.
I still think where ever T1 was born, he was transferred to Mat-Su and released on the 18th. Obviously Grifter knew b/c she put it in her datebook... Trig birth Wasilla!

oops I did it again said...

See I did do it again: I meant mention not meantion!

Anonymous said...

I have 2 possible scenerios. Perhaps SP and Todd didn't know Bristol was pregnant with Trigg until March. Teens have been known to hide a pregnancy from parents, and Bristol was at an Aunts, or in Seattle. Bristol could have lied about how far along she was. SP and Todd go to Tx for the energy meeting, and while they are there, Bristol goes into labor. They have to concoct the Wild Ride story to cover for an early baby.
OR.... SP wants another baby to save a failing marriage because she and Todd are having problems. She lies about being pregnant...Todd may not even have known if he's gone to the slope or fishing. Men have been known to be duped. Sarah needs a baby...her friend, Dr. CBJ, finds a baby, but he has Downs Syndrome. No problem for SP - he'd be a great political prop. The baby is born while SP and Todd are in TX, hence the Wild Ride.
Or none of the above. It makes aa great mystery.

MaryG. said...

Wow, great post! great comments!! Thanks to all!

Fear and Loathing said...

That is a lot of food for thought - thanks Patrick! I have found it is VERY interesting to search online discussions going on early in Sarah's VP run - The following comment on this blog
caught my eye.


Alaskette (0)
posted 1 year, 13 days, 6 hours, 51 minutes ago
PM me | Add as Friend

I'm interested in Palin's doctor, Kathy Johnson from Mat-Su. In 2006, our office worked with a woman of mixed descent who had a child taken from her at birth although there were no proof of abuse or harm to the child. Kathy Johnson was working with a Christian Organization who handled adoptions and there was a huge demand for babies. This "Christian" group was organized to give women an option to help keep their babies rather than terminate pregnancies. This group is part of far right, pro-life church in the Valley. Instead of helping the mother, they took the child at the hospital, never allowing the mother to hold the baby until she went to court. The judge ruled the group had acted prematurely and ordered the child returned to the mother but did not close the case. This church group whose members were associated with social service agencies, practically stalked Alice Brown, popping at all hours to check on her and the baby. Alice's child was lactose intolerant, which the doctor did not diagnose properly. Since it was Alice's first child, she could not figure out why her baby always seemed sick. This group took the child based on a report from a doctor at Mat-Su Regional whom I believe was Dr. Johnson, as Alice being unfit, shipped the child to the distant island of Kodiak and Alice fought for 4 years to have her daughter returned. The group was tenacious in their assault on this white/black woman’s reproductive rights that when she had her second child in Montana, they tracked her and took her son at birth. Alice won the case in Montana, ran to California with her son to protect her family. Alice's first child was seriously abused in her first placements and she tried to sue the state but was blocked by the courts. Alice was admant that the doctor at Mat-Su Regional was in on the plan to take this child. Despite her evidence of being a fit mother, she could not win against this group in a Palmer court.


And then when I searched Alice Brown - I came up with this:


C'mon Levi said...

Amen to that and couldn't agree more Ginger.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Fear & loathing:
Palin was associated with such a Christian Planned parenthood, aka adoption center through Mat-su, I think I read about it at the wasilla project, I think.
Anyway I think that was what was going to be for T1 except it was discovered he is DS, and would be hard to adopt to "good christian family" I haven't read your link yet, but I wouldn't put anything across them up there. Has anyone check out the Mat-su nursery, the names on the babies???
There not your Brittany or sue names...!

Anonymous said...

A picture of a very pregnant Heidi Klum is posted at the Huffington Post. She isn't due till October. THAT'S what a pg woman looks like...not like SP appeared.
I was also at a hot spring this past week. There was a very fit young woman there, in a bikini, who was about 7 months pg. If you compare the photos of a "pregnant" SP to a REAL pregnant woman, it's so bleepin' obvious SP wasn't preggers!

Rationalist said...

Holy mackerel. This story gets more Twin Peaks every day.

Anonymous said...

Shoutout of Thanks to Regina, Patrick, and everyone who contributes, sees something from a different point of view, asks good questions and keeps the conversation going.

C'mon Levi said...

No wonder they needed a fire.

CC from far away said...

I agree, Anon@ 04:02, Regina and Patrick are so wonderful.

Since everyone here has asked good questions and tested theories I think I'll throw in a couple of theories/questions, too.

I remember a while back on PD a commenter named "fly on the wall." That poster kept mentioning the Palins and the Johnstons and the connection between them. And I still think Track may be involved somehow as a possible bio-dad to T1.

Any thoughts on this from our intelligent group here?

Congrats, Regina and Patrick said...

Best thread ev-ah!

Anonymous said...

I have ALWAYS thought Track is the father.

CC from far away said...

I'm glad I'm not alone. :-)

It is just so convenient for him to be sent to Michigan and then the Army.

We've also been told the real story is quite shocking.

Rationalist said...

Ewww! That's all there is to say about this whole line of reasoning. Jeez, I hope not.

Anonymous said...

I thought that the Track story was about him being involved an episode of vandalism to school buses, which included cutting brake lines and other damage. Other kids were involved, too. They faced some harsh punishment. Track was sent out of state, to "play hockey in Michigan." something didn't go right, and the next thing you know, he was in Iraq.

If you google Track Palin and Vandalism, many stories come up. I posted one link (above). Since three of the boys were 16, their names were not printed in the paper. But, this is the episode that people think was responsible for shipping Track out of state.

Anonymous said...

Another thing to check many women if any with her religious background would have even considered much less said yes to the amniocentesis test?

They don't do it, at least not in my in time with the evangelical groups. For what cause would a believer take such a test, unless, she had been swayed by a Doctor or her own mind to consider all other avenues.

If they don't believe in abortion and if the believe all is controlled by God. Why would she even say yes to a test like this?

Hey, let's see the test Scarah. And yeah, if you actually had it ordered on yourself or your daughter, explain WHY THE TEST IN THE FIRST PLACE? Why do you have to know, a baby, any baby is a gift from God, so why do the test.

Why, are not more religious groups asking about this?

LisanTX said...

Patrick, thanks so much for your posts and your commitment to finding the truth. We appreciate your work. Thanks to Kathleen and Regina, also, too!

I also want to thank the commenters for their ideas and contributions. A special thank you to commenters from AK, for their insight.

I think that somehow more than two babies/pregancies are involved.

ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck said...

i remember the election night video where some man and woman were sitting on the couch with palin in the hotel lobby and he was patting her and rubbing her back. the woman was very nicely dressed and had blond hair.

i do not think that man was her father. i got the impression they were donors.

i just spent 20 minutes googling and couldn't find that particular video.

if you guys think that was her mother and father --- then double yuck.

hahaha my wv = clectiv

ArmchairJane said...

To anon at 04:44,
Just guessing, but it seems like IF the pregnancy were to be followed by an adoption, an amnio might be done so that the prospective adoptive parents could be assured that no major, easily detectable abnormalities were present in the fetus.

It might be something some prospective parents would ask for, making the adoption plans contingent on that, and so the test might be done even of the birth mother was not willing to consider abortion.

Not all adoptive parents would be willing to adopt a baby with serious genetic problems, and so might want to rule that out early on.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

CC, Track was sent away to Michigan in the 2006/2007 school year, (probably because of the school bus vandalism/drug habit) but Track returned to Wasilla in March 2007 because of his "career ending" shoulder injury and graduated with his class. Parties, drinking, drugs, all the kids seem to go "camping" a lot; Bristol's MySpace entry about she did a tree and everyone had to help her; then later she is mad at Track supposedly for telling their parents she was a stoner, (unless she was mad at him for another reason); then the 5/14/07 MySpace when Bristol says her mom thinks she's pregnant because she heard a conversation the night before. I believe that Levi was duped into believing he was Trig’s father, but I believe the hoax was concocted because of something really terrible, i.e. consanguinity. Sarah was so angry that she could not even make a press release about Track joining the Army using the usual “we are proud of his decision, etc”. Instead, it was the following statement from an official State of Alaska press release by Sharon Leighow regarding Track’s enlistment in the U.S. Army on 9-11-07:
“Gov. Palin has declined to comment. The Palin family wants to keep private some aspects of his decision, spokeswoman Sharon Leighow said.”

That is just bone chilling cold!

There was a great deal of discussion about all of this under Regina’s earlier post “Oh, Bristol…” from August 28, 2009. Just easier to go back and read all the comments there.

Vaughn said...

There were 6 babies listed in the Wasilla paper as being born on April 18 2008.There may have been more than that and they
just weren't listed.
2 of these babies were listed, along with their pictures, on the Mat-Su Regional Medical Center Nursery. Isaiah Travis and Kayden Lexus. Neither one of these babies was Trig. Here's part of the article.

Spring is the season for babies

Published on Monday, May 5, 2008 10:37 PM AKDT
Mat-Su Regional Medical Center welcomed ...

JOSEPHINE ROSE SHUBERT, born to Morgan Patricia Mason of Wasilla on April 21. She weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces.

HANNAH GRACE ROGGIE, born to Heidi Jo and Christopher Bruce Roggie of Big Lake on April 20. She weighed 10 pounds, 2 ounces.

ISAIAH TRAVIS HOELDT, born to Erin Chantal McNiel and Justin Travis Hoeldt of Wasilla on April 18. He weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces.

TALON JACOB WOOD, born to Grace Nicole Wood of Palmer on April 21. He weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces.

KASSANDRA MARIE HALL, born to Jessica Lee and Ryan Alan Hall of Wasilla on April 21. She weighed 7 pounds.

KAYDEN LEXUS BUTTENOB, born to Amanda Frances Buttonob of Wasilla on April 18. She weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces.

HAYLEE MAY DAVISON, born to Jennifer Lynn Krueger and Daylen Dean Davison of Wasilla on April 18. She weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces.

MAKAYLA ARI LEONARD, born to Christi Rose and Randall Leonard of Palmer on April 16. She weighed 10 pounds, 2 ounces.

TRIG PAXSON VAN PALIN, born to Sarah Louise and Todd Mitchell Palin of Wasilla on April 18. He weighed 6 pounds, 2 ounces.

DANIEL PAVLOVICH TERESHCHENKO, born to Lyubov Oleksandrivna and Pavlo M. Tereshchenko of Wasilla on April 18. He weighed 9 pounds, 2 ounces.

HAZEL MAY ROSE BANNON, born to Michelle Janeen and Samuel Lee Bannon of Wasilla on April 18. She weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces.

CHRISTIAN ALEXANDER BROWN, born to Leslie Ann and Adam Wade Brown of Wasilla on April 15. He weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces.

JAYDEN GEORGE MONROE, born to Jessica Winona Miller and Brandon Lee Monroe of Houston on April 13. He weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces.

Karen said...

Great discussion! I think April 18 was simply the "hand-over" date, a random time when convenient for Sarah. The baby could have been born in Jan & already been home for a couple weeks. The hospital simply played along, because of the church association.

Agree with someone who said Lori the reporter, was also playing along. No reason to mention Bristol's tight t-shirt & low-cut jeans, when that was not even the story. That would be crude & inappropriate, at a time when her mother was "giving birth".

Levi has Tank the bodyguard, guess that means he knows something. It has been said that there is a huge scandal related to all of this, perhaps more than just the fake pregnancy.

Also agree with someone who said Chuck Heath was defensive, when responding to a comment about Bristol as the possible mother. No need to get angry & say silly things about proof.

THANK YOU Patrick & Regina!

Karen said...

Agree with PCG about the possibility of consanguinity for the baby, & this being a major reason for the hoax. ALSO believe Levi was led to think he was the father, in this situation, as a good cover-up.

ALSO believe this is why prenatal testing, of whatever nature, was done. The sole purpose was to ascertain the father, under questionable circumstances. A mind could really come up with quite a few possible scenerios, that would be scandalous.

DNC said...

I do not mean this in a disrespectful way but what is the point of these posts and resulting discussion? Palins deceptions did this for months and nothing came of it.

I thought in another post people gave all kinds of ideas for getting this out there. But here we are doing the same thing and I am afraid it's going to go nowhere. People had lots of suggestions. Do any of you intend on doing any of these things?

The bloggers do good things but I am tired of some of them. Gryphen gave lots of teases and now doesn't have as much credibility. AKM acts a bit above all of this and either doesn't believe it or cares too much about what the Alaska community thinks of her. Same with Shannyn-she is in the position more than anyone to get MSNBC to investigate but she doesn't. Why is that? Not politically correct.

Sorry yell at me if you want but I don't think this discussion will help bring out the the truth. And the other bloggers could take some risks but they play it safe. They just want to blog blog blog and not DO anything. Like taking real action and risks. I see a lot of ego out of control.
This last statement does not apply to you Partrick or Regina but to the others. They could do a lot more to pass this on to their media connections but don't. What are you going to do with all this information Patrick and fellow readers. What's are plan besides analyzing and rehashing everyone. Because it isn't going to do anything. Aren't you all sick and tired of Sarah getting away with her lies, especially this one.

Rationalist said...

I've said this elsewhere too, but I think it's important to be careful in assuming very many people actually know the truth. The more people who know about a coverup, the less likely the coverup would work. But it makes sense that a reporter who is a Palin supporter would say these things after the fact to dispel the rumors.

CC from far away said...

Thanks for the clarification on that, PCG :-)

I agree with you and Karen on that particular scenario.

What needs to be done cannot be done by any bloggers, I don't think, because ultimately, the people in on this hoax are the ones that need to come forward. Without them, nothing anyone says will be believed and the MSM most certainly will not touch this subject ... especially with some of the awful aspects of this unseemly scenario.

Just my opinion, of course.

onejrkitty said...

Dar Miller was not a NICU nurse. She was a hospice nurse for the last 8 years. Her dogs died, like she did, because of the carbon monoxide and cyanide in smoke which renders you unconscious before you become aware of these two gases. They are colorless and odorless.

Dar Miller is in NO way connected to Palin. Just because she worked at the same hospital that supposedly Trig was born at means absolutely nothing.

ANYONE who has read my postes knows I am 100% anti palina and would love to blame all the worlds ills on this Narcissistic psychopath but unfortunately PEOPLE WHO POST THIS CRAP SOUND LIKE C4P POSTERS.

God knows there is enough to hand on Palin without making stuff up !

I have done my research on Dar Miller and couple of weeks ago on another site, or hell, maybe this one too, I posted all that stuff including links to the newspaper articles.


Anonymous said...

ProChoiceGrandma said: then the 5/14/07 MySpace when Bristol says her mom thinks she's pregnant because she heard a conversation the night before.

If her mom thinks that she's pregnant as of 5/14/07, and I count 9 months starting with May 1, that would produce a baby born at the end of January 2008. It would mean that when Bristol and the family posed for the Christmas card in September, she would have been 5 months pregnant. She was supposed to be 5 months pregnant at the convention, too. We have to line up the Christmas card Bristol and Convention Bristol to make a comparison.

I guess the real question is: Was Bristol really pregnant 5/18/07, or did Sarah just think she might be because of rumors? Sarah didn't rush into her announcement of her "pregnancy" until the beginning of March, 2008. A baby would have been born by then (let's say Jan.or Feb.),time for an adoption to fall through, the baby's health may have been problematic. By the beginning of March, when they saw that the baby was starting to put on a little weight she went into action? Six weeks to pretend to be pregnant and hide a baby???

As for the reporter, Lori, I don't think she is in on any coverup. The less said to the fewest people the better. I think this is the same kind of muscle that Sarah used with Anchorage Daily News (we remember the post that showed how she got preferential treatment from them 99% of the time).

I think that she just let reporters know that Bristol was getting a raw deal, what with all of those rumors. "If there's anything that you could do or say, I would appreciate it so much...."
It is strange for a reporter to comment on Bristol's wardrobe and lack of pregnancy. Imagine her fine reporting some other time, "I was walking down the street and I didn't see a crime committed on that block. Well, that's news."

Aussie Blue Sky said...

About the Outlook calendar, which I have used for years:

1. The space at the top of the page is simply for notes or reminders for the day and has no bearing on any particular time.

2. Appointments (and notes) are color-shaded according to their subject or importance; when printed copies are faxed you get the horrible blackening.

3. The date and time at the bottom is the date and time the page is printed.

Hope this helps.

jo said...

A good question is why was CB acting as her obgyn? With her advanced age and the baby with known health problems, anyone would have been seen on a very regular basis by a high risk specialist. Every thing about this pregnancy and birth story is just to wild to be believed. Nothing adds up to her being the birth mother, but it really does point to B as the most likely birth mom.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Aussie Blue Sky, can you tell us for certain that it is the Outlook calendar? Does it look exactly like your Outlook calendar, and if so, what version are you using? I had thought it could be Outlook, but could not duplicate the same appearance. It could be my version is older. I would really like to hear more from you about that. Thanks so much for your input!

Rationalist said...

DNC - I understand your frustration. Yes, believe me, I'm sick of watching Sarah get away with this. But I live in California - what can I do?

At a certain point (probably like some other people who have been following this), I did try to take matters into my own hands and contacted anyone I thought of who might be able to move this story down the field. I emailed back and forth with members of the staff of the ADN, members of the national media, and with reputable journalists I know. The ADN stands by its (lazy) reporting, and no other media source will run with this story, even if they have suspicions it might be true. I think it's because it's too similar to the Birthers. Palin has gotten really lucky because of that.

I think we just keep trying to get some reporter to care. The journalist who actually successfully investigates this will write a groundbreaking article about the failure of the MSM.

I'm trying to be kind of zen about this. It really bothers me, but either something will break, or it won't, and there's not a whole lot I can do about it.

Anonymous said...


The only time travel was documented for Bristol between 11/2007 & 6/2008, was the mid Feb. 2008 Heart Association event in Fairbanks. I tried to compare Sarah's calendar & the Travel Authorization forms for that time period. The Feb. 14, 2008 travel for Piper & Willow from Juneau & Fairbanks are listed as different flights on the Travel Authorization forms, but on Sarah's calendar it shows Sarah, Willow, & Piper all flying together from Juneau to Fairbanks.

I also shows all flights for Piper were purchased on 2/8/08 but on 2/13/08 the flight from Anchorage to Juneau was refunded. Then on 3/12/08 it shows that the flight from Fairbanks to Anchorage was refunded. Strange!

Wasn't this right around the time that Sarah told her spokesman that Bristol was not PG?

Anonymous said...

Dar Miller was a former NICU nurse, and yes I still will bet she knew from old pals what went on in the NICU. I saw the same newspaper reports you refer to. Why would dogs be dead of CO and not Dar? Are you suggesting a convenient case of CO poisoning? Layering of air and CO? No one else mentioned that. Why so angry, onejrktty?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

DNC, do not get discouraged. I personally feel a great deal of headway has been made in the last month alone. And now that Patrick has released the other official calendars of Sarah Palin, there will be much to comb through, and I hope all of us here will go through them meticulously to spot anything out of the ordinary. Look at what the 10-8-07 calendar revealed – Bristol appearing in the audience of the MTV show in NYC! That was a fabulous find! Additionally, there is still the matter of the subpoenaed emails that were to be produced in the Tennessee case, although I have not heard of the status lately.

As to AKM, Shannyn and Celtic Diva, perhaps they stuck their noses up in the air a little too early regarding the babygate issue. However, they each have done a magnificent job in exposing Sarah Palin for the liar and devious manipulator that she is. Their dedicated work to attend hearings and report on events is beyond any reproach. I can only hope that Shannyn has discussed babygate with Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, and when the time is ripe, they will be the ones to finally discuss the topic on their shows. I also have hope that Geoffrey Dunn’s book will bring babygate to light. But most of all, I hope Regina, Patrick and Kathleen will write THE book! Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Gryphen has also put a lot of heart and soul into babygate, so I am far from discouraged.

Karen said...

To DNC: You made some good points, & Rationalist as well, it is most definately frustrating. At one point, I decided to give up & forget about it. But I think the injustice of how SP lied to America & insulted the intelligence of mothers everywhere, sparks us to continue discussion.

At the very least, we are not giving her what she wants, cessation of all investigation & talk. I feel the frustration of the issue, is made more tolerable, by discussion with those whom share our interest. So thanks to everyone for keeping the brainstorming & comments alive.

On some moral level, it behooves us to do what we can, keeping the issue on the front burner. There is merit in spending our time on this issue, considering how close SP got to the White House. This would be one of the most powerful positions in the world, how can we justify giving up discussion & work, under these circumstances.

The career of politics, opens personal life to scrutinization. It would have been wise for SP to turn down the VP slot, if she cared about babygate & the personal welfare of her family.

DNC said...

I am not criticizing the others, well maybe I am.but they do act above babygate. Perhaps out of fear, but if they believe it, then that is just weak. Gryphen has tried but there have been so many inconsistencies even in what he says. I don't have faith. There have been promises that have not come through like even telling us what he knows.

As far as what we can do, we can still write and inform people who might be interested. We can plant the seed on other forums. I have had posts about this issue approved on politico, New York Times and CNN forums. Whenever an article comes out about Palin, I write about this in the comment section of every publication I can. Even if it's one sentence.

A big thank you to Regina and Patrick who are brave and determined to expose this issue. Even though the others are good about exposing other things about Palin, ignoring this very important issue speaks volumes. Are they afraid of looking like conspiracy nuts? If not, what's the problem?
At least Phil Munger has the courage to say he doesn't believe it. I think he is dead wrong but at least he takes a stand.

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Pro-Choice Grandma, yes this is exactly how my Outlook at work and at home looks. I recognised it right away. I have Office 2003 on both computers and I especially loaded the one on my home computer to verify that (I don't use Outlook at home).

That's a lot of dang interviews lined up, when decorum would suggest that only the proud father would appear briefly to say, "Mother and baby are doing fine". The rest of it is just publicity-seeking.

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Pro-Choice Grandma, I rarely print from my calendar so it didn't occur to me until just now - the header and footer is added in the printing. Go into Print Preview in your calendar and you'll find what you're looking for. ;)

Ivyfree said...

Some responses to people's comments:

"I thought that there also was a time, last week or so in March, where her calendar went blank and she had no appointments."

I've always thought that there didn't need to be a huge amount of variation between claimed delivery dates and actual ones. A couple of weeks each way, that's all, and it's doable.

"No reason to mention Bristol's tight t-shirt & low-cut jeans, when that was not even the story."

That could have been as simple as "you know there have been rumors about Bristol... we'd appreciate it if anything you could say would highlight that she's not pregnant and this isn't her baby." Otherwise, there truly was no reason to comment on her tight jeans and shirt.

"Dar Miller was not a NICU nurse. She was a hospice nurse for the last 8 years....Dar Miller is in NO way connected to Palin."

You're right in that there is no KNOWN connection to Palin. But I don't think we ever heard the result of the fire investigation. Dar wasn't working NICU at the time of her death, and hadn't for years; that doesn't make her incompetent as a NICU nurse and it's possible that she was somehow involved in assisting the Palins in some way- again, the Palins attend that wacky fringe church, and may know dangerous people. Honestly, I can't put anything past Palin except intelligent judgment.

"And being induced is way more painful then regular labor, it just hits ya, bam that baby wants out...
I don't think she'd be saying it was easy..."

I, too, had an induced labor, and it's horrible. But I think Sarah was making a bit of a joke... it was her easiest pregnancy and birth because she wasn't pregnant and didn't give birth. Kind of a way of telling the truth with her tongue in her cheek and thinking she's smarter than other people.

"Sarah also has family close to Seattle (in Tri-Cities/WA)."

That's over 200 miles away from Seattle. If you're lucky, you can drive it in 3 1/2 hours. Seattle, incidentally, has the third worst traffic in the United States, so drive time can vary. Just because Washington is much smaller than Alaska doesn't mean places can't be hundreds of miles apart. Nobody would stay in the Tri-cities area in order to be close to a baby in a NICU in Seattle.

"Could be that Sarah was trained to be exagerative by Daddy Heath. So, in order to imress him, she told the story about her water breaking even though it hadn't."

I've thought it was a toss-off line she gave him.. why'd you come back without going to that cocktail party, Sarah? Oh, because and because... and my water was leaking so we thought it best to head home..." And Chuck is such a dimwit that he shoots off his mouth and leaves her trying to support her idiotic statement.

I'm a stauch believer in Bristol x 2, Levi definitely x1 and possibly x2. I can account for Levi being at the hospital at 0600- to support Bristol. "Oh, come on in with me.. I'll be stuck there with Piper and it'll just suck." What I can't account for is BRISTOL being there, unless she was handing over the baby. Why disturb Bristol, Willow or Piper to be at the hospital for the birth? They're all old enough to understand the Mommy and Daddy are busy. It was the middle of the night and very early morning. Why call and drag any of them in? Much easier for Todd to come home and say, well, you all have a new baby brother! I suppose in theory they may have wanted the children in at the birth, but again? Why call them in? What is more important than letting kids sleep?

Karen said...

DNC: It was from Gryphen's site last month, that I temporarily lost faith as well. At least he genuinely seems interested in finding the truth, & I admire that. It appears that some of his sources are unreliable, & may never come through.

Why some of the other blogs seem to ignore this issue, is beyond me. They act so brave & fierce in general, but not with this issue. It seems hypocritical to complain about Sarah Palin, & yet ignore issues that could bring her down.

Bell said...

Great post, Patrick. Keep at it, I think a great number of people are following the babygate story because we see that something is off with the stories and the behavior of those Palins.

Also, Prochoice Grandma said:
"By the way, does anyone know what is the status of Sarah having to provide those emails, either in the Alaska case or the Tennessee case?"
I was wondering about those e-mails too. Wasn't Celtic Diva waiting for the rest of the e-mails she requested as well?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Fear&Loathing (03:37) and crystalwolf (03:52):

So does that mean that maybe CBJ really did deliver Sarah’s baby after all?
Only it was a “delivery” more in the sense of FedEx than ObGyn….

Susan in MD said...

Excellent post Patrick, Regina and commenters. With the temp cease in Audrey's blog (I hope only temporary) I went back to read her posts from the beginning (I only came upon all of this after the election). One thing I have noticed so far is that there was an official State of Alaska press release stating that Willow was 13 at the time of Trig's birth. Willows DOB is 1/24/94 - making Trig born before 1/24/08. This post of Audrey's was before people started hypothesizing on the earlier birth date for Trig.

Just thought I'd mention that, especially in light of the Jan 08 calendars now available.

Keep up the great work!

regina said...

Susan in MD,

Willow's d.o.b.:

Willow Bianca Faye Palin was born July 7, 1994 at 7 lbs., 12 oz.
[Anchorage Daily News (AK), 7/25/94]

I don't know where the other d.o.b. came from, but it caused some confusion a while back.

Carrie said...

Just a couple of thoughts: Since we are following the money and looking into insurance, has anyone looked into what happened before T1 was born? Someone had to get pre-natal care. There is no way Sarah paid out of pocket. If she really was pregnant with T1, wouldn't MD appointments be in her schedule? Insurance would cover the cost; paper trail? Is insurance billing covered under HIPPA? Seems to me like the insurance company would love to get back some of that money they paid out for T1. They could easily do that if everything wasn't on the up and up. They would also have easy access to the medical billing. Another random idea: Even if was a private adoption, someone else had to be at the hospital on the official hand off date. An attorney or social worker or something had around helping facilitate this adoption. Was anyone around the hospital that shouldn't have been? I don't normally invite my attorney or a social worker to the birth of my children.

Angel said...

Thanks, Patrick, for a great post. And Regina, for all the good work, too!

Great comments and brainstorming from all! Fear and Loathing @3:37 comment was very interesting concerning the doctor involved.

Regina, thanks for the correct dob. I thought she was born in January, too. I remember I checked two sources for that date, I don't remember where now. But thanks for the correction.

I have a feeling that a lot of folks know about this deception. When they stand before God on judgment day, I wonder what their excuse will be for lying or covering up to deceive.

Anyway, keep up the good work! And thanks to Audrey, too!

Whisper Campaigner said...

For all of us who have felt frustration that this part of the Sarah Palin story has not been properly researched and covered by the MSM, I would like to add my thoughts to the "patience" bandwagon:

Eventually, something related to the truth on this issue will go wide. Its shadow is too large. "Babygate" will follow Sarah Palin now wherever she goes-- even if just as a whisper campaign behind her back. But a whisper campaign becomes loud when enough voices are involved. Even kings have been toppled by a chorus of whispers.

Susan in MD said...

Thanks Regina! I hadn't read through all of the old posts yet, so that speculation must have been corrected at a later date. It's amazing, when you come into this late in the game, how much incredible detail has been amassed. Huge props to all the bloggers who have remained steadfast and continue to follow this story. I totally admire you all for your attention to detail and sheer tenacity.

After I posted that early this morning, I did get to thinking about the impression I got from Morgan's open letter to Levi and his handlers. If the truth behind this story is something that will really shock many people (and shake the GOP to its core) and if it involves children then perhaps it's no wonder that no MSM will touch it. Think about the ethics of such an act(I know, I know, some people actually do adhere to those!). If, and these are all big if's, the truth would really hurt the lives of young people, who in the MSM would want to be responsible for that? Even if it brought out an ugly truth about Palin herself, yet destroyed the lives of young people, I'm thinking they would be crucified. As in a career ender. Done. Does anyone else feel that this may be why no one else will touch this story? AND why those who attack whenever this subject gets "too hot" are absolutely, ruthlessly, protective? Has the Enquirer even, ever run a story about Trig's parentage? Maybe they (MSM)suspect the truth and there's no way anyone's going near it because of that. I could totally understand that.

To take that theory one step further, if that is the case then I agree with quite a few other posters that the story will have to be forced in some way. Those that know tidbits but are holding them close because of alliances or promises or even fear, are going to have to let loose with them (as Patrick is doing here). If they do not, then this story will not generate the traction it needs to be properly addressed by more visible/venerable sources. There is a great deal of circumstantial evidence in photographs and written records. However, it's my gut feeling that this is never gonna happen without concrete proof. No one in the MSM is gonna risk all on circumstantial evidence.

With that said, I don't recall hearing from any of the bloggers "in the know" (those of you with inside information) whether or not you are aware of someone who actually has real "proof." You don't have to say who that is or what proof they have. I guess for my satisfaction, I'd like to know if that threshold's been met. I have a great deal of respect for those of you who are honoring your source's request for anonymity. But does that reality even exist at this point? Thanks so much for bringing to light, all that you already have.

Okay, I've cleaned the soapbox off and it's ready for the next speaker :)

haha - my WV is aunsp, as in it's "on SP"

Just Curious said...

Can someone explain what "doing a tree" means? it was mentioned in a post about the kids go camping a lot in order to party.

Just curious, lol.

voiceofreason said...

Levi might be protecting his son, not Palin. She's offered him the moon, if she can use his son as a prop. but if he squeels and the beans spill out because of Levi, Trig gets cut off and gets squat.

Levi could just be protecting his son,and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

I believe the expression was "shooting a tree".

A "tree" is slang for marijuana - therfore Bristol was referring to her first attempt at taking drugs

Anonymous said...

Please don't malign the other blogers who choose not to run with this story. I've always thought the other bloggers didn't touch this subject because they are a different type of blog. AKM and Shannon are not stuck-up, they just focus on other matters more important to them and their readers. There is room for all types of blogs, so give them a break. Although I find this subject fascinating, there are other stories out there of equal or more importance. Also, AKM does have a section where the Trig mystery is discussed, on the forum. It hasn't been ignored.

midnightcajun said...

Re: the photo of Sarah caressing Levi. Someone (sorry I don't remember who) said,"I don't know that I have ever brushed the cheek of one of my daughter's boyfriends while making eye contact with them, or trying to. This is an intimate gesture."

Yes, yes! That photo always grated on me weird but I could never figure out why. You nailed it. It's an unnatural, sensual, even creepy gesture for her to have made. It reinforces what I'm beginning to suspect: Levi and Mrs. Palin "had a thing going on." It's the reason for the title of the VF article, the reason for story about the gun under the bed she wanted to show him.

Anonymous said...

Re: The nurse who died in the fire.... She certainly could have been hired to work private duty for a HOME birth. Bristol (or whomever) did not have to deliver at a hospital. Home births are fairly common in my area. Also, as I have said before, SP and Todd may not have even known Bristol was pregnant. We have all read stories where teens hid their pregnancies. Bristol could have gone into labor and delivered at home. SP started faking the pregnancy after the surprise birth. Can you imagine if the Governor of a state and future VP didn't even know her teenaged daughter was pregnant? Talk about a family values scandal. A good christian woman who was too caught up in her own life and politics to even notice what was happening under her roof? Also, Correct me if I'm wrong, but what proof is there that an amnio was really done earlier? This may have been a complete surprise to everyone at the birth.

Another thought.... If Levi was at the hospital at 6 a.m. the day of the birth, doesn't that proove he was living under the Palin roof? Why else would a teenaged boy be at his girl friends home that early in the morning?

DNC said...

How do you know what is important ot not to the readers of those blogs? We have a right to our opinion too and my personal opinion is that it is a cop out to talk about every other issue but this one. I don't think they are stuck up, but I think they do care about what others think.
The excuse that others cover this better is nonsense.
If more people were brave and honest about it, the more likely it is to come out. I think it's very cowardly but perhaps they are afraid of her.
Please do not say I don't have the right to this opinion. And I know others share it. Their purposeful hands off approach can only because they don't believe it or don't want to be associated with it.

Anonymous said...

OK - I was working from memory and Pro Choice Grandma's comment.

I now have the comment from myspace.

Bristol said " I went and shoot a tree!! I was so scared of the kick-back and the noise though everyone had to help me and I was embarrassed."

This could just be a fairly innocent attempt at shooting up the environment.

Patrick said...

Here is the download link for Bristol's myspace comments again:

It's necessary to enhance the magnification on Acrobat Reader or a similar program in order to read the comments clearly.

Anonymous said...


Celtic Diva wrote a very convincing argument as to why the Alaskan media had not addressed the Bristol pregnant rumors prior to September of last year. I'm not suggesting that the same arguments exactly apply for the Alaskan bloggers when discussing their lack of involvement in the "babygate" issue but I think some of them apply.

The post is here. Scroll down to see it.

I also think that the reason why AKM wanted to restrict conversation about "babygate" was because she was concerned that the issue involved young children and also that there was a possibility that Palin may try to sue anyone discussing the story.

I think that the Alaskan bloggers did a powerful job of destroying Palin's reputation during the election and personally I applaud them for that. If the "babygate" issue is a little "too hot" for them to handle because they have to face people in their communities on a daily basis I understand that as well. I also acknowledge the fact that other bloggers have their own views on the issue and think that they are entitled to their own beliefs whatsoever they are.I don't want to tell anyone how they should run their own blog and what issues they should discuss. It's up to them.

So please, let's not criticise other bloggers who are highly critical of Palin because they do not discuss the "babygate" issue.

Anonymous said...

Gryphen's source said that there was a story to do with a gun. I think he got the wrong story and that's why Levi denied it.

Pecan Farmer said...

I visit a number of blogs enjoying the uniqueness of each. I also have a blog, but don't feel any obligation to write a post on "BabyGate". I've enjoyed PD, Gryphen, AKM, Diva, etc. No one blog, newspaper, news station or tv show fits all my needs.

gracie said...

I am in the camp which thinks there is a darker secret being protected than just a teen pregnancy. BUT from personal experience I must say that lies, secrets and silence do NOT protect the children. "Protecting the children" is an adult rationalization for hiding ugly and incriminating behaviors.

The idea that the MSM is staying away from this 'to protect the children' doesn't fly, anyway, look at the current story about Edwards promising to marry Reille Hunter on some rooftop or other as soon as Elizabeth passed on . . . wonder how his kids feel ?

We are all (well, most of us) misunderestimating the powers behind Miss Sarah, both political and religious. The MSM is protecting its own rear end, nothing more and nothing less. Wusses.

wv : reektsti as in something reeks

Susan in MD said...

I would also like to add my appreciation to the other Alaskan bloggers who started out being my "go-to" sources for info on Palin, way before I became aware of the babygate issue. AKM and Halcro were the first. I certainly appreciate all that they had to offer on the political credibility of Mrs. Palin. Their work and the information they offered was invaluable to me and, I'm certain, many others prior to the election. They deserve many kudos for that alone.

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