Friday, 25 September 2009

Desperate Housewife Sarah Palin

A post written in partnership ProChoiceGrandma

People who have been following Babygate couldn't fail to notice the many similarities between Sarah Palin's and Bree Van de Kamp's storylines. One happened in real life, the other in episodes of Desperate Housewives. Here are a few relevant excerpts from the fictional fake pregnancy.

A few questions:

1. Did Bree act like she was in a delicate condition; OR did she thrash her guts hiking through town in high heel FM boots while “six” months pregnant?

2. Did Bree announce her fake pregnancy early; OR did she wait to see who would win the Republican nomination before announcing the very next day that she was 7 months into her fake gestation?

2. Did Bree purchase an empathy belly to actually look pregnant, OR did she fake it using a multitude of long scarves, beginning 2-19-08?

3. Did Bree wear several fashionable maternity outfits for the duration of her fake pregnancy, OR did she consistently wear the same black jacket with those long scarves?

4. Did Bree adjust her empathy belly accordingly over several months of fake gestation, OR did she accidently overinflate it on one single day, while on all other days “the stage of her pregnancy was not apparent”, in other words, FLAT or SQUARE.

5. Did Bree have an 8 or 9 month fake pregnancy, OR did she have a 6-week “easiest of all of them” pregnancy?

Honestly, Sarah Palin could have done better. After all, Desperate Housewives aired BEFORE (between April and November 2007) she started her own pregnancy deception in March 2008. Either she didn't pay attention or thought people would believe her because she said so, as usual...


Amy1 said...

Not only hilarious but right on the button,* as usual, PCG.

*I mean the "eject" button on SP.

get real said...

Sarah Palin is pathetic, delusional and a complete fraud.

But then again you already knew that. ;-)

Anonymous said...

What would make a woman crazy enough to fake pregnanacy? Suppose word was getting out that her husband had stopped sleeping with her?

Anonymous said...

When Sarah thought up this crazy idea, her popularity in Alaska was 80%. No one ever questioned her. Her fan magazine, the Anchorage Daily News, had a daily column devoted to pictures and worship of "Our Governor." (Something that they have not continued for the current governor, as reported from Alaska posters).

If you need an example of Sarah always getting her way, think of her and Todd applying muscle to get a former brother-in-law fired. Until she was nominated and the story went national, no one raised an eyebrow. She could probably get away with murder. So, no one would dare question such a personal announcement.

CC said...

This is too funny. Way to go, PCG ... you are a gem!

Speak up Wasilla, time to end this charade.

Anonymous said...

The rational part of me knows that SP is not going to get anywhere near the presidency. She wouldn't be able to hack the primaries (would make the heat she couldn't handle in AK look like a cake walk). She'd never be able to get away with not doing interviews, Meet the Press, etc. as a candidate for POTUS, and we all know that interviews are her kryptonite. BUT, if she ever did get close, I would hope that those who know the truth of her truly bizarre deception would reveal it. in the nation interest. She's a sociopath. I will never forgive McCain for inflicting her on this country.

hello from afar said...

I agree CC...time for everyone to spill it!

Anonymous said...

Aw I'm disappointed you didn't have the clip of Bree where her belly gets stuck with a fork!

hello from afar said...

I think that SP is dangerous whether she ever runs for an office again or not. There are LOTS of people in my neighborhood that just worship her. She is dangerous because of the hate she spreads to all of her minions.

CC said...

Anon @ 18:44

Absolutely. I hope McCain's career ends in disgrace. It is nothing short of treason for unleashing this monster on us.

Hello from afar ... ditto! She spreads hate and venom to loud, brain-cell-challenged Palinbots.

Wasilla, put your country first and speak up!

WV--capoist. Capo as in a mafia sgt. How fitting.

Anonymous said...

Anon. @ 18:18 - Wouldn't that just fuel more gossip, such as is the baby she is carrying really her husbands?

bootywater said...

Crap! It said the video of her hiking was unavailable. (I'm not suprised either). After being a huge fan of this website, I'm gonna start commenting. I hate Sarah Palin and LLLOOOOVVVEEEEEE this website!

regina said...


I searched and searched for that bit, no luck. If anybody has footage or a photo of the "fork in belly" incident, please send it in!


Thanks! The video is available, I'm watching it as I type... Try again, you'd enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe this!

Episode 71 : 14.25

It's the naughty monkey red F++k me shoes!

Teutonic13 said...

Sarah Palin’s venom reminds me of the hate mongering the Nazis exercised in the 1930’s. The mass slaughter of so many innocents began as a slither of thought and poison to the soul similar to the disassembled garbage she spews to anyone that will throw her a shekel...

Read the rest if you want on the Daily Kos...

Frank :)

Lilybart said...

If she really were a follower of Christ, otherwise known as a CHRISTian, she would be very upset at the hate and ugliness she creates. If she really were a Christian, she would be horrified and would stop it in the name of Jesus and god's LOVE.


Lilybart said...

I was in a Christian "end times" church in my early teens. I remember we always said, if you were accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

Well, Miss Wasilla? Being against abortion is all, and you know, Jesus never said word one about that. So, I see NO EVIDENCE to convict you of being a Christian.

Would you speak those same stump speeches if Jesus were in the audience? If you believe, he is.

Anonymous said...

The "christian" comments are what makes me wanna barf regarding Palin

She would just be an odd ball weirdo if she left religion out of it. Now she is creepy..

Why I don't want to see her near the white house.. is the same reason I crossed all my fingers and toes during the election .. for Obama..
I didn't like the people she was stirring out of the woodwork.

It was like she was raising the dead .. raising the zombies out of their grave with her hateful snarkiness... they were always around us but they had learned (at least in my area of the world) to keep it behind closed doors, murmur amongst yourselves fine.. but they knew it was wrong so would be too embarrassed to go public ..
She provided the forum for them to go public..

Her in any sort of power.. means these wing nuts have a voice.
I just want them to die out..
not literally, of course, but eventually when you are stuck in your own crazy bubble.. if you want to have any sort of meaningful life.. you learn to adapt and be open to ALL people.. and views..

She creates the forum.. she gives them the microphone.. and says it is ok .. all in the name of GOD

all my christian friends and conservative family members... embrace her with a passion... i'm talking women, too.. not just heel fetish men..

They hear Jesus and automatically the lord has blessed her to speak for them..

Although, honestly.. I think the hate towards Obama has nothing to do with Palin and her Jesus lovin' ways.. gag... but they don't like having a minority in the White House.. he's a Black Man..
that grinds their insides like glass

Anonymous said...

I think what scares me about all these fundamentalist/dominionist/allegedly Christian whatevers is that their blind belief in looking at Biblical matters in a certain way means that they exhibit psychopathic self-confidence when it is totally off kilter with their real abilities, intelligence, experience, etc. George Bush says he went into Iraq because "God told him to do it." Sarah in the same situation would also blindly accept whatever "God" told her to do. This isn't good policy. It made the US of A a laughingstock for eight years and these same elements of the political system are continuing to set us back over and over again - being anti-evolution, anti-choice, etc ad nauseum. That's why we need to flush out Sarah's idiocies and gates with vehemence - to bring the poison to light.

Unfortunately I think a lot of mainstream Christians who don't hold those extremist views still think Palin is a nice gal who got treated poorly in the election. And THOSE are the folks we need to light a fire under or stick a fork in or whatever! Because they don't understand how much the crazy extremists have overtaken our government and are bringing everything into a state of collapse. Last I checked, there's supposed to be a separation of church and state within our government. Why wasn't baby Bush tried for treason when he admitted that he went into Iraq because God told him to? Seriously? When did this stuff creep into the highest offices of the land? We have to stop this process for once and for all and return some level of intelligence and reason to government.

I'm Christian myself and am appalled at what these ignorant types with undeserved levels of confidence are doing to my country.

Marcy said...

"God said unto me"? oh this is funny!

There's an incident recorded in Isaiah, chapters 36 & 37, where the king of Assyria sent his lieutenant Rabshakeh to besiege Jerusalem, and he used that phrase. King Hezekiah, unlike 'queen' quitter, actually prayed for guidance. And the real God sent one of His angels, who slaughtered 185,000 of the Assyrian army in one night. In the King James, check out especially Isaiah 36:10 and 37:36. Maybe the people who think they're entitled to violently overthrow the US government should think before they claim they're on an errand for the Lord God?

Let's see, "Sarah's Army" probably doesn't number 185,000 yet, so one of the Lord's angels could make them all corpses in an afternoon; wouldn't take all night. laughing, grammy

sandra said...

Because this is a little off thread anyway, I'd like to make a comment on the Facebook SP comments yesterday regarding the High Holy Days. On one of the conservative sites, one poster praised SP for being a good "Christian Zionist." I asked what that was, twice, and never got an answer. I suspect someone slipped the cat out of the bag.

Patrick said...

Spot on, ProChoiceGrandma and Regina!!

We are now watching all these episodes online, and there are indeed many weird similarities, including the "naughty monkey red F++k me shoes"...

I think somebody in the Palin household got some major inspirations here.

Patrick said...

For anybody who is interested in babygate, I have now put almost all available files, including the scans of Sarah's official schedule, in this folder on

(the folder has two pages!)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post Regina & PCG! When you look at the dates of the storyline and episodes you can just see Sarah watching in her Walmart jammies going BINGO!

I also want to add that I am so happy that so many people have found their way here to continue the investigation into babygate. And it is wonderful that Patrick is making his very valuable contributions here and now PCG who I know was a very avid follower and contributor to the discussion at PD. Thank you Regina!

Darklady said...

Your comment about Sarah's black jacket seems only the tip of the iceberg in this baffling matter.

I'm still not sure what I think about this whole Trig pregnancy thing, but I have been struck by Sarah's absolute lack of a maternity garment at any stage of her pregnancy. She not only didn't seem to need anything new, but she could zip all of her coats up all the way through. Dig that long cranberry colored woolen coat. Zipped to her chin without a bulge.

It's weird... especially when coupled by her suggested admission to having considered an abortion due to Trig's condition and Levi's quoting her as referring to Trig as "the retarded one" at one point. She sounds like she's struggled to become comfortable with her choice, whatever it was and however it happened.

And whatever it was and however it happened, I feel a lot of empathy for Trig.

Bootywater said...

I will try the video again - at home. (Maybe it won't play 'cuz I'm at work, also too)! I am still laughing at the pigs flying on your website, also. I might just have to rent Housewives this weekend and get caught up there, too, also. I would, also too, like to see the fork in the belly! LOL

regina said...

Kathleen@20:10 posted a link to the full "fork in the belly" episode.

Here it is again, as tinyURL:


Amy1 said...

Re faking a pregnancy: when I was 2 mo pregnant with twins and (unlike SP) shopping for maternity clothes, the nice store gave me a fake belly to put on, so I could get an idea of how the clothes would fit.

At that point, it all seemed like a breeze. I looked great with that fake belly, everything seemed like it would be so easy.

Later, when I was REALLY pregnant -- way before 7 mo! -- it wasn't such a breeze and I didn't look that great. Plus I'm sure everyone could tell I was exhausted, puffy, sway-backed, uncomfortable.

That's what's missing from the SP/T1 pregnancy, and we all know it. That's the circumstantial evidence that brought us all here, way before the photos proved it.

SP thought she could get away with a fake pregnancy -- and by God, so far, she has! Grrrrrr.

gracie said...

If someone does a youtube video it would be great to show the 'fork in the belly' scene, followed immediately by miss sarah 'poking her jelly belly' in the Elan video . . .

Amy1 said...

I just saw the fork-in-the-belly Housewives episode -- she says she's faking it because she wants a second chance, because the real Mom of the new baby won't be good enough. Oh, boo hoo. Sympathy for SP.

So good of the Chinese to have it up on the web. I wonder if Rupert will get them to take it down?

Old Greasy Gopher Guts said...

Since I don't watch DH, I only knew the bare bones of the story, so the clips were very helpful! :)

Here' s a link to a PDF that explains Christian Zionism.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Oh my goodness, got home late and saw this post! Thank you so very much, Regina, for helping to organize my thoughts and turning it into a blog post on Palingates! And with videos to boot! Whoopee!

In all seriousness, I hope everyone saw the last video especially. I could envision Danielle as a very sad Bristol. And I do feel sad for Bristol that she was coerced into playing the part of "big sister" to her first baby. Bristol was only 16 when she got pregnant, and she was obviously be led by her mother’s “advice” to act her part in this hoax accordingly. But was it to protect Bristol? Hell no! It was to selfishly protect Sarah’s image and turn an unfortunate situation into a glorified political prop. It was a totally stupid idea for Sarah Palin to fake a pregnancy to hide Bristol’s pregnancy, and she plagiarized it from Desperate Housewives! Does that woman ever have an idea of her own? Has she ever been truthful about anything? Not anything that I have seen thus far

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I also wanted to give a big shout out to BreePalin at

BreePalin has three great videos on her Video Bar, plus great comparison pictures of real vs. fake pregnancies.

Anonymous said...

This was originally written about John Edwards but certainly could be applied to you know who... I look forward to the day that MSM picks up this sordid tale.

"Once the favorite daughter of much of Alaska with many supporters beyond, Sarah Palin is now largely disdained. To many, it was not only her liaison with Bristol and Levi, but also what seemed her elaborate effort to cover up her behavior to preserve her political ambitions."