Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sarah Palin, pitbull no more...

Pitbull, Barracuda, Sarah Palin, all make for a good show but have no bite.

Why is the pitbull being wrapped in cotton wool? Sarah Palin can't have dinner with anybody unless it's someone friendly. She can't make a speech unless it's behind closed doors. She doesn't give interviews unless it's to one of those reporters who worship the ground she walks on.

Before she resigned we were treated to nice tweety rants and irrational press releases. We had a diet of word salad with ingredients like the constitution and our brave men and women blah blah. Unfortunately, nothing written in her name since August 7 has flown from her own fingertips.

I'm not holding my breath about the Hong Kong speech. It will be carefully crafted by somebody else and expertly delivered by a puppet who had weeks to get it word perfect.

So... while the puppetmasters retouch the pitbull's lipstick for future appearances, we'll continue to discuss Babygate to our heart's content. Patrick has sent in another good post, coming next...


historiesmysteries said...

Why is everything about Sarah weird? Her resignation was weird. Now we have this weird long silence. And her first appearance is in a Communist country speaking behind closed doors? Weird, weird, weird.

The scary part is, I've just finished reading The Family, and I've realized her followers will love her no matter what she does (unless she gets caught in bed with a black man, maybe). That's part of the religious rights' belief system--that the anointed ones are held to different standards.

And lastly...those are really ugly earrings! Go great with the tattooed lipliner. Meow.

Anonymous said...

It is odd isn't it, that she brings on her own self fulfilling prophecy. Poor, poor picked on Sarah, she loves being picked on, she thrives on being the underdog, she thrives on attention. All this is fine, just keep the crazy lady in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

So that is the tatooed lip liner. My god.

Anonymous said...

I, too, think Sarah Palin is just so dang WEIRD
That is the only word that is truly fitting

I think now it is because she is living a "fabricated" life

When you try to portray an "image" it will only crumble around you

She tried to be the perfect mayor with transparency, blah blah
Instead you got "weird" things like HouseGate, using monies to refurbish her office.. yadda yadda

The perfect family
Track and why he is in the military and the odd "no comment" from her regarding it
.. when she is so dang Troop friendly
Bristol and Levi
Strange Todd.. and creepy Chuck Heath (and silent mom)

Politics also for her is so weird
She acts like she knows everything and wants it perfect
Instead the media saw through her, bloggers saw through her.. she is stuck "hiding out", banning media, putting up walls...

otherwise her "facade" won't stay

If she would just be semi honest and "normal" .. "real"
She wouldn't have to try so hard

It is like she is just an actress in some play..
That is not real life so it will crumble and appear very WEIRD

Anonymous said...

If Palin had any real acting ability or artistic talent, she would have tried to be an actress. For a politician, she is a drama queen.

But she is a poor actress. I am still baffled how she ever got elected in AK to anything. I have read how it happened, but it is still shocking. And then for McCain to be so reckless in a fit of pique because he was denied Lieberman....It's scary how far our little Facebook poseur has come in the "Christian" GOP. But she's a has been now. Romney and Huckabee will make sure of it.

gracie said...

The tattoed lipliner reminds me of a scene in The Magician's Nephew by CS Lewis (the prequel to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and imho the best book in the whole series). Queen Jadis of the dead world Charn, who has landed in the new world of Narnia, climbs the wall into the forbidden garden and eats an apple from the Tree of Immortality. The "juice of the apple is quite dark, and leaves a deep and permanent stain around her mouth."

Queen Jadis reappears in the next book as the White Witch . . . as the apple does impart immortality but perhaps not how one wishes it to.

Anonymous said...

She must have been the only contestant in that Miss Wasilla pageant.

KaJo said...

One other nitpick about Palin's appearance in that photograph:

I think it's the best evidence yet that Palin frequently wore/wears a wig, a la Dolly Parton...

Speaking of fake hair and Palin's liking for other forms of hair volumizers, I finally looked up what Bumpits looked like. Maybe that's how Palin began losing hair -- she got her hair tangled in the teeth of that little torture device, and had to have it cut out.

How could that happen? I imagine Palin left the Bumpit in for several days at a time, sleeping on a satin pillow to preserve her hairdo -- particularly in the days after she lost the services of the RNC-hired hair stylist -- and she didn't realize she was creating a rat's-nest of tangled hair.

I knew a gal who had her hair styled once a week and preserved the hairdo in the same way -- by the time she was due for her next appointment her hairdo was squashed, and her hair was pretty gross with a week's worth of hairspray on it.

Anonymous said...

ha! love the bump it story!
Those things are deadly!

and the Wasilla pageant .. aye
Sarah certainly was "pretty" but pageant pretty.. oh my
And her butt was tightly clenched like a fist back then .. when she walked you could see it.. sorry but I stared at her flat hiney

Even back then she was wound up with a bizarre anxiety
and remember the flute playing?
with her wild eyes zipping this way and that.. who's watching me? See I can toot this horn!!
She couldn't even enjoy the lovely tune of her flute.

Quite pathetic her followers are in love with the fake role she played and still plays
They fell in love with her hockey mom, runner, changing diapers and nursing with blackberries.. just a big hearted gal that has the energy of the energizer bunny

thank god I am not the only one that sees below the surface she is one strange cookie

and a wig yes!! Her head always looks like the hair is sittting on top of it..
In her old Wasilla photos she had scragely hair.. or like the infamous "pool side" photos.. she has the skinniest pony tail ever..

Drew said...

Anon @ 22 September 2009 18:19

No Sarah was'nt the only contestant in that Miss Wasilla pageant because she came in 2nd place with 1st place being won by a beautiful, smart black lady!!

You Betcha!!

Anonymous said...

I have run in Hong Kong. I soooo look forward to the reports of serious runner Sarah doing the same.

gracie said...

Drew : a beautiful, smart black lady and a successful one also too !

regina said...

Sarah was second runner-up, so she came third, really...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she will run in Hong Kong wearing a Bumpit.

Anonymous said...

I thought she won miss Wasilla but lost miss Alaska ???

regina said...


Yes she won Miss Wasilla and came third in the Miss Alaska pageant.

Anonymous said...

OK. So she must have been the only contestant at the Wasilla pageant.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

That is bad...TATTOOED lip-liner! Ewww!
Reg...you always have the ugliest most psycho pic of the Grifter...TeeHee, I love it!!!!!!
Thanks Reg :)

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Kajo! Yes! that is a wig!!!!
Everytime I see a "bumpit" in walgreens I think of her... :(
Do ya think they made her blond for Hong Kong??

Anonymous said...

That lip liner is some fugly tattoo, LOL!


susan banks said...

I totally agree with the true fact that these bailouts did nothing good for anyone. They just helped the rich get their “Bonuses” and in stack of million dollars at a time. That’s where the money went. It didn’t help the “little people” the citizens of the US keep afloat.

Chris Brown said...

She should shut her mouth already and just get on In life...

Anonymous said...

Hey "Susan Banks," do you work for C4P? Or is it Glenn Beck? Paid troll much?