Saturday, 12 September 2009

Open thread - Patrick and Kathleen

We had very special visitors this week. Patrick and his partner Kathleen stayed with us and left a gaping hole in our household when they left this morning. They're probably flying right now, remembering the bottle of champagne Kathleen won in a supermarket fruit machine promotion and how well it went with the oysters we had bought that day.

It was a great pleasure to have such intelligent, curious and generous people around us.

Kathleen is a very knowledgeable woman, for whom the English language holds no secrets and reveals many treasures. She's a thoughtful person, always ready to share her experiences and lend a sympathetic ear on any subject. Kathleen nurtures. Thoughts and ideas grow and make sense with her gentle input. She finds beauty in unusual places and can interpret the symbolism locked in all kinds of art from centuries past. She's also a wonderful cook and affectionate companion.

Patrick is very intense and his insights into history are very enriching. The man has so much enthusiasm for a vast range of interests! Photography - the real thing - old fashioned reflex cameras, black & white film, his own darkroom, imparting his expertise with ease and generosity. Astronomy, good quality telescope, the draw of the stars and the Universe - a real passion! Politics... that goes without saying. But Patrick provides a context for his opinions, they are not borne out of petty prejudices or blind allegiance to any school of thought. His opinions rest on very solid ground, after a lot of consideration and after connecting many dots.

Our lives are richer after spending time with this remarkable couple. That's my husband, my eldest son, the kitten and myself. We all have a special compartment in our hearts where Patrick and Kathleen took residence.

Patrick decided the kitten is a bit of a terrorist. Our Pirate is teething and hasn't mastered the art of retracting his claws yet... Our ankles bear the scars of his impulsive behaviour.

For this very lovely, special week, we have to thank Sarah Palin. She brought us together. The woman has the power to divide but (unwittingly) she also (too) has the power to unite.

Having said all that, enjoy yourselves discussing the many topics that cropped up in the last few threads. And raise a glass to Patrick and Kathleen.


(UPDATE - Yes, Patrick and Kathleen are the couple who used to do research for Palin's Deceptions. I didn't make it clear in the post and shouldn't have assumed that evebody would know they were the same people!)


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story! I am so glad!

Irishgirl said...

I am so glad to hear this. I have a big smile on my face as I am typing. :)

Anonymous said...

Returning to the last thread, I finally read what drove Audrey away. One blogger hinted, "Just google Audrey and Palin's Deceptions" to find the douchbag. His scare tactic was to research Audrey and "out" her the way he proudly "outed" Gryphen at IM. I don't care who writes that stuff. It could be the famous monkey who finally hit the right keys on the typewriter. The author could hate kittens or live on another planet. It wouldn't matter.

What matters are the scare tactics that Robert Stacy McCain uses to scare people into silence. His Wikipedia entry states that he lives in Maryland with his wife and six children. I imagine that he is the last person who would appreciate threats against them, yet the information (reliable as Wikipedia may be) is out there for anyone and everyone to see.

Many of the people who read and post here may enjoy doing a bit of internet research on him and see if the Kettle wants to be called out by the Pot, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to hear about the time spent with Patrick and Kathleen. Good people unite!


nswfm CA said...

Oh, that kitten has the cutest markings!

Leadfoot said...

I am really disappointed that Audrey would cave to threats. What ever happened to "we don't negotiate with terrorists?"

We have the truth on our side, and we know it. Sarah DID NOT give birth to Trig Palin. So let her kick and scream and threaten all she wants to. If she is making threats to Audrey's physical well-being -- REPORT HER. If she is threatening her legally -- Let SP sue. We know from her threats against Gryphen that she will NEVER actually sue.

I'm disgusted right now.

Anonymous said...

This is the best news I heard all day. How did this wonderful event come about?

I have hope sanity and wisdom will prevail.

I love the kitten and the spunk.

midnightcajun said...

Aw, cute kittie. And here's to stimulating companionship.

That said, I must admit to being annoyed that those of us who faithfully followed PD are not even being told if the threats were threats of physical violence or of legal action. Why not say? I can understand Audrey backing off in either case: easy for us to say she should stand up against violence or risk her financial security in a lawsuit. Not so fun to live through it. Been there, done that.

A long time ago i posited a theory that Sarah had indeed given birth to Trig, but much earlier--say in January, when Trig was only at around 25 weeks gestation. In my theory, Sarah became pregnant when Todd was on the North Slope, hence the need to fudge the dates--and not tell him or anyone else! At first, Trig was not expected to live, so she went on as before. But he survived, and so she went into her fake pregnancy routine, planning to introduce him to the world as "born" when he was released from the hospital at the end of the legislative session and her important trip to Texas. The Wild Ride could be either total fabrication to explain the "early" birth, or necessitated by the hospital's sudden decision to release the now thriving Trig.

Two things didn't sit right with this scenario at the time I proposed it: the fact that Bristol looked and was reported to be pregnant in 07-08, and Levi kissing Trig at the Convention. Well, ever since the VP article came out, I've had that song, "Me and Mrs. Jones" running through my head. Is THAT what Levi was hinting at? Is that why he was at the hospital? Is that why he kissed his son--and Sarah's? It's more than possible that Sarah forced Bristol to abort her first pregnancy (remember her angry "It was MY decision to have him!" statement about Trip), and that Sarah herself was pregnant but being at "that age" was used to skipping a few periods and so didn't realize it until it was "too late"?

Crazy, I know. But whatever the truth is, it's crazy.

Anonymous said...

Peering into the maelstrom-I found the wikipedia! Wonderful invention for stroking your own fires, eh? This wonderful moment enabled by people who can...Robert Stacy McCain check out the part labeled early history, and then the controversy one...Wow. I agree-"Unbelievable".

Anonymous said...

That RS McCain guy is so vicious. It's easy to find his address and that his house seems to have more than the usual number of adults of the same age. He's a Seventh Day Adventist. He's been some kind of lesser editor of the Washington Times. He's busy today with the exciting Sept 12 thingie. I do not advocate using his tactics. Clearly, he doesn't feel his arguments are enough--he has to go for the personal threat and intimidation. What's funny is that he quotes from Audrey's website and any sane person would see how reasonable and analytical her site is. The offense is saying anything negative about Blessed Mother Sarah. It's that old sexist meme of a woman being either a saint up on a pedestal or a person you can attack and vilify and use and disrespect. A Manichaean world view.

Anonymous said...

Audrey's decision is understandable. Even a cursory visit to the Sarah Palin support sites illustrates her followers' quick eagerness to express violence towards anyone they believe threatens their precious Sarah in any way.

Threats of exposure of anonymous bloggers are not effective because of potential embarrassment or legal action but rather because of the implied intimidation of unleashing the focused fury of these unhinged fanatics.

That is what is so insidious about this type of threat. And even if one could potentially retaliate against such a cretin in any way, once the horse has left the barn the damage is done. And that is the whole point.

It is a sad example of the current state of political discourse in the US that these bullies can't compete in the arena of ideas but rather resort to intimidation. We all need to understand what is going on here with this faction of unhinged loons that has taken control of the GOP.

CNN reported that threats against President Obama are up 400% over what they were against President Bush.

Also note that this particular cretin has a rather strong link to Palin herself.

On a more pleasant note, thank you Regina for sharing news of this visit with us - how delightful!

Anonymous said...

This makes me sick as well, Leadfoot. I hope we will have more answers soon. Eventually, her loyal readers deserve to know what the threats are and is there anything we can do.

The people who are attacking are idiots.
It makes no sense to cave to them even with all the other idiots they have in their corner.

Morgan did say: suspend posting for the time being.
I hope that is not a tease.
Morgan said: As I stated, Audrey has retained excellent counsel and is following her attorney's advice as she considers her options and next steps.

I don't know how Morgan knows the counsel is excellent, I wish she is right.

I don't understand how you would stand up for free speech by backing down. I want that to make sense.

The work stands on it's own and deserves respect and to be distributed. Can it be sold? The person known as Audrey could continue in another way or disappear if they wish. Some artists are too wrapped up with their work to let it go. I'm just asking. Can it be sold along with the story of why it had to change hands?

Anonymous said...

I don't follow the scumbag but is he equally fanatical about other GOP people or is it just Sarah? From what I've been reading, he hates all democrats, Barack Obama and anyone who speaks ill of Sarah Palin. He has a full plate; life is too short for all that hatred.

Anonymous said...

Remember Dangerous, a regular at the PD site. He wrote a book of fiction with a plot that resembles, well, I don't want to say who it resembles but you all can make a guess. Was he ever threatened? How come Levi isn't threatened?

CC from far away said...

Regina, thank you for writing of your lovely time spent with P & K. I'm glad you and your family had a wonderful time.

It would be so cool to have a sort of Palingates reunion since there are so many interesting/intelligent/funny posters on here.

Have a wonderful weekend..:)

Anonymous said...

I think that the threats were along the order of knowing things in Audrey's background or something about her husband that they would not want revealed. It could affect his medical practice. They did, in a way, cause Gryphen to lose his job.

It isn't only the guy who writes the blog. He agitates his followers, and they are the ones issuing anonymous threats that scare people. No one would want to see shadows in the front yard, worry about the funny rustling sound outside the window or have to look over their shoulder on the way to work.

There people are really scary, and they act like domestic terrorists, scaring people into fear and submission. They appear to have a political agenda, and they look as if they will do anything to promote their cause. How frightening to think that they are the ones who rally behind Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Regina, for sharing that information. Such a cute kitten! High spirited.

Marcy said...

Audrey has something in common with Morgan Kaiser, who closed her blog down. Each of them were threatened right after they posted entries that showed actual 'fake pregnancy' bellies. I'm going to guess that Sarah Palin, like other tricksters and performers, really HATES having her magic tricks exposed.

The mindless fans who try to defend this woman truly are dangerous. I'm grateful that you, Regina, are in another country. Thank you for this post: it's good to know that delightful times can still happen. grammy

Anonymous said...

Everyone's getting in on the act (or joke) - from E! Online

If that's what Idol wanted, then Idol didn't do fine. It failed. It failed to see that there is but one woman who represents the voice of the people. And her name isn't Ellen DeGeneres.

It's Sarah Palin.

We've thought long and hard about this for a couple of minutes now, and we keep coming to the same conclusion: Palin would've been the most authentic presence on American Idol since William Hung's audition.


1. Palin competed in beauty pageants. Unlike DeGeneres, but like most of Idol's contestant pool, if not its audience, she knows what it's like to sell yourself when you have little to no discernible talent.

2. Palin can't sing. And while DeGeneres can't either, she can move, which Palin, judging by her Tin Man-esque turn on the flute, can't do, either.

3. Palin watches a lot of TV. And while we believe DeGeneres when she says she watches TV, too, and Idol, specifically, we don't believe DeGeneres watches TV like this: According to ex-future-son-in-law Levi Johnston in Vanity Fair, Palin "sat on the living-room couch in her two-piece pajama set from Wal-Mart...watching house shows and wedding shows on TV." Norman Rockwell couldn't paint a better picture of America.

4. Palin calls 'em like she sees 'em. Unlike DeGeneres, who's gone out of her way to be considerate of Abdul, Palin's not afraid to call a health-care proposal a death panel.

5. Palin is the embodiment of an American Idol finalist, Roger Ebert wrote last year of the then-vice presidential candidate: "There's a reason American Idol gets such high ratings. People identify with the candidates. They think, 'Hey, that could be me up there on the show!'" In other words, Palin's one of us. She doesn't make you feel bad, because you know there's no way you could ever host a live show like the Oscars without coming off really bad.

And so we lament a missed golden opportunity. And we miss all the Tina Fey sketches we're not going to see. And we deny that our desire to see Palin empaneled on Idol has anything to do with our desire to keep her too busy to pursue the White House in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Best Tina Fey Sketch for the coming season of Saturday Night LIve:
Dinner with Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin speaks in Hong Kong
Sarah Palin resigns again as governor
Sarah Palin promotes book with a sensational new gimmick: she appears pregnant, complete with black suit and attractive scarves, talks proudly about the new baby that she is expecting, then - surprise! - she pulls out her new book from beneath her jacket. (What were you expecting, another baby??)

Helen said...

Everybody that passes through this page PLEASE read this new post by F. Schaeffer if you have not already:

Glenn Beck and The 9/12 Marchers: Subversives From Within

I am finally beginning to understand the scope of this movement.

Duncan said...

Thanks Regina,

I'm glad to hear that Patrick and Kathleen are OK, and that you had a wonderful time together.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 23:20

That's too funny -- we should have a contest and submit the winners to SNL.

$P and some of the VF details: eating a Taco Bell crunch wrap, in her Walmart pj's, watching Bridezilla on TV, etc.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? In both cases it was the 'fake pregnancy' bellies? Hmmmm... what would happen if someone started a
Sarah Palin blog featuring 'fake pregnancy' bellies?

I'd like to see more television about women like Bree Van de Kamp-Hodge. The medical programs need to do more about educating the public. Variations on this have gone on for centuries.

Vaughn said...

Anon @22:48
Levi is not threatened because everyone knows him,which is not the case with Audrey.Dangerous will not be threatened because all he did was write a book of fiction.
Levi will never be threatened with a lawsuit because Sarah would have to prove that he lied and I don't think she can do that.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Do you mean Patrick of palin's deceptions? That Patrick?
Great fun.
Cute kitty....
I am very distressed to her what's happened to Audrey.
I wish Levi would hold a Pressor in NYC or LA and spill the beans about her!

debinOH said...

How could anyone be mad at Audrey for laying low right now? She has children and a family to worry about too. How do you not know the wingnutty SP lovers haven't threatened to harm her & her children. She is also the one left holding the bag if she had to go to court.

For crying out loud, this woman did everyone a favor and I am so surprised and ticked to hear people judging her decision it is shameful.

Anonymous said...

PD only presented the facts as Audrey could verify them. She was very careful and always told the truth about doubts in any piece of evidence.

So, there is no case for libel or slander or whatever it would be. Must be a personal threat.

Does Miss Wasilla really want THIS to become NEWS?

Anonymous said...

It was a Robert Stacy McCain that appears to have threatened Audrey with embarrrassing revelations. Please do not go to his blog as he is only interested in getting a large number of hits.

I don't blame Audrey in the slightest for backing off from this. Don't worry, other bloggers will not let this stop them!

Anonymous said...

Please, everyone, read the article that Helen recommended (above). We have just finished honoring the dead from the tragic events of 9/11-- caused by religious fanatics. To us in the United States, those religious fanatics were "other people" because they were came from chiefly Moslem countries and backgrounds.

The people in in Frank Schaeffer's article are also religious fanatics, driven by the same kind of madness. We just didn't recognize them because they gave themselves religious names that were acceptable in our communities.

Threatening a couple of bloggers is child's play to these guys; they play hard ball. Please read the article that Helen recommended, along with the books mentioned in Frank Schaeffer's article. We must stay informed.

Anonymous said...

WHo says Levi wasn't threatened? He did get a bodyguard right away to protect himself from the Wasilla Hillbilly Mafia.

Report cyber stalker to the FBI/SS. He is clearly a violent force and needs to be on their radar.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent article and it's just as relevant now as when it was written last Fall.

Quote: What I do care about are all the other things Palin is guaranteed not to know—or will be glossing only under the frenzied tutelage of John McCain's advisers. What doesn't she know about financial markets, Islam, the history of the Middle East, the cold war, modern weapons systems, medical research, environmental science or emerging technology? Her relative ignorance is guaranteed on these fronts and most others, not because she was put on the spot, or got nervous, or just happened to miss the newspaper on any given morning. Sarah Palin's ignorance is guaranteed because of how she has spent the past 44 years on earth.

Helen said...

I also went ahead and did a post about it, so if you want to see the article illustrated with creepy pics, check it out here

peninparadise said...

So nice to hear you guys are doing well. Reading your article was like catching up with old friends...thank you. It has not been the same, not hearing from K and P. I respect Audrey's decision. No one can, or should, judge her. For all she and her team has given to all of us, we should be nothing but grateful.


Vaughn said...

Well dimwitted me,I should have said Levi is not threatened with exposure in the same way as Audrey is because everyone already knows who he is.

I'm going to miss PD but I don't blame Audrey one bit for doing what she has to for herself and her family.

Anonymous said...

Robert Stacey McCain better watch who the hell he is treatening. Threats go two ways don't they. Six kids, huh? I wonder how they would feel about what daddy does - threatening people who simply want the truth about a politician and have every right to believe and write what they want. What a scum bag. Imagine the lessons of hatred he teaches his kids. I am sure they have learned how to respect others, don't you think?

Why would he give a damn what others say about Sarah Palin to the point that he would threaten another human being. What a piece of garbage trash. Bullies are the lowest type of cowards. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. You never know what might happen when you try to interfere with the truth about people being exposed.
Yep....Robert Stacey McCain should watch his back.

Anonymous said...

McCain lives outside of Hagerstown MD on the 7day adventist compound for one of their academies. I found this with a hint from someone, searching the MD court database. He has a couple of tickets against him and the address, when googled is on the compound. Search the MD tax records for the address on his license and the property is owned by the academy. Apparently, his wife runs a day care center at that location - this comes out when you google her name and he church bulletins discuss her. The major 7day ad printing house is just of Hagerstown also. So it appears that Mr. McCain is one of those religious wingnuts. He also coauthored a book with the lady, Lynn Vincent, who is Palin's ghost writer.

So if he can shut PD up or down it will benefit him and his associates financially. He is a freelancer, but since he lives where he does rent free, he is probably paying only for his kids education, minimally. He has a car that is probably registered to 7DA, so that is taken care.

While you and I and the rest of the world work, pay mortgages, and car payments, Mr. McCain gets a free ride from religion.

The other wingnut that he relies on was listed somewhere as a market director for a fortune 500 company, so all the other stuff, is his spare time. He may be employed for a Murdoch company.

Am I hollering conspiracy? The close connections, "you pat my , I'll pat yours." are very obvious.

The wiki posts on McCain may be generated by himself, his wife, or others to pat himself on the back.

If he were that good of a writer, and journalist, he would not be bothering with this Sarah Palin B**sh**. Because he is freelance, he is probably being paid something for this, no matter what he says.

So sorry to hear about Audrey, I think this is all a prelude to SP's work of journalistic art - her book.

I had a close family who was totally involved with an evangelist church in SS, MD. She became so religous, no one could talk to her. You had to be 100% on her side. If you suggested anything else, she automatically stated and clearly felt that Satan was talking through. It is hard to understand the religious fanaticism, unless you have witnessed it personally.

How does McCain justify what he does and how does he support his wife and six children? Food, clothing, etc are expensive no matter where you live today. If he is down on Capitol Hill as he claims, he must dress nicely. Maybe he spends more on his own clothes than he does on his family.

I think Audrey needs to rely on her lawyer and not worry. But Murdoch and others who are footing SPs bill want to keep her looking squeaky clean. What a trip? Is she really Mrs. Robinson? Was she jealous of any of Bristol's boyfriends? Especially when she has such a rotten marriage. Unhappy people do not like to see others around them happier than they are.

People could write to the head of the 7da church and academy where RSM lives and express their disgust with him.

Cute kitten. Mine are all grown, but still love to play.

Anonymous said...

Rather than rely on RSM's wiki-entry, I decided to google southern poverty law center and see what they had to write our boy. Here is one of their articles:

Robert Stacy McCain Yesterday, longtime assistant national editor Robert Stacy McCain resigned from The Washington Times. McCain was particularly close to managing editor Fran Coombs, who had assigned him to write the paper’s “Culture, Et Cetera” section.

McCain, who was once a member of the neo-Confederate hate group League of the South, often filled these briefs with items from hate sites. A foe of interracial marriage, McCain regularly quoted neo-Confederate activists favorably in his stories. In 2005, stories freelanced by McCain to the website of the conservative newspaper Human Events were scrubbed after that publication’s editor, Thomas Winter, was given information by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report about McCain’s racism.

This Tuesday, Hatewatch contacted McCain for comment about the managerial changes at the Times. McCain, who then seemed upbeat, told Hatewatch that he felt that newly named executive editor John Solomon was a “stand-up guy.” McCain added, “Of course, the newsroom was shocked by the back-to-back announcements that both Wes Pruden and Fran Coombs were leaving,” and called both men “excellent newspapermen.” He especially praised Coombs — who has his own history of ties to white supremacy — for being “the cog that turned the wheel, the straw that stirred the drink” at the Times.

But, apparently, the changes proved to be too much. In his Wednesday resignation letter, which was posted to his personal blog, McCain writes that with the exit of Pruden and Coombs, “I suppose now is as good a time as any for me to go.”
The Washington Times Cleans House
Posted in Media Extremism, White Supremacist by Heidi Beirich on January 15, 2008

Hatewatch is a department of Southern Poverty Law Center, who have a history going back to the Civil Rights movements in the U.S. At least they are keeping an eye on the Radical Right, as they call them. We should too.

LisanTX said...

anon at 2:36 asked "how does he support his wife and six children?"

If his wife runs a day care, then she's getting a paycheck; she probably supports the family. It would be funny if that was the case.

Since he is buddies with Lynn Vincent, it looks like he is being the attack dog---clearing the way for palin's "biography."

Thanks to all who shared info. on rs mccain. SPLC is a GREAT organization. If they keep tabs on mccain, that says something about him. SPLC researches hate groups and represents victims of hate crimes against the hate group. They do really good work.

Anonymous said...

So he is a white supremicist? That explains all. These are what my family calls white trash. They just Sony know ot . And Sarah the hillbilly fits right in.
I am sure all of you know about the Homeland Security report warning that right wing extremism is on the rise. These are the people they are talking about. Enciting violence in rallies or on a blog makes him and others responsible for any real violence that occurs. If I was the target of these cretans, I would report them to the FBI and homeland security. Any of of us can report him for hate speech and I plan on doing that. What is the name of the other Cretan?

These people are doing so much damage to our country. They are certainly allowed to have different political opinions but this has gone way beyond that. I have no problem reporting him/them, do any of you?
I am tired of their hatred and screaming, rage and racism.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying he is living on the 7day adventist compound on their dime?

His wife has the steady paycheck.

He's a tool.

Dr Who said...

I was wondering where Patrick was! I hadn't seen him post for a long time. It's great that you all got to meet!!! How fun! It's interesting what brings like minded people together sometimes. I hope Patrick is not going to give up posting about babygate. He approaches it with common evidence. People are spending all this time theorizing when he says all the factual evidence and based on things peoplevin Wasilla told them, Trig is Bristols baby. I will bet that is the truth and it will come out regardless of the people trying to stop it.

I wish I could understand why these people like Palin and her creep supporters are filled with such hatred. It really scares me. It's depressing what is happening in our country. They are sick.

Amy1 said...

In view of the posts above about THAT McCain, today's NYT Dowd column on racism seems right on the mark.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Is threatening people of different beliefs one of their values? Yes according to Schaeffers article we ate "satenic" to these people. There is no reasoning with them.

So all we can do is expose them for what they are. I mean they aren't very American if they don't believe in free speech. They preach all these phony values and then protect Sarah simply because they think she is like them?
Wait until they really see the truth about Sarah.

I wonder if his wife know what he does? What a low life hypcrite.

Anonymous said...

RSM is very proud to write about his family. I found an article in American Spectator May 24, 2009 titled Home Schooling Works (Just Ask A Proud Dad). He'll be glad to name all his kids and brag about them.

Oh, and a report by NNDB lists Robert Stacy McCain risk factor: marijuana

Anonymous said...

You're right, Amy1, and our good friend Robert S.McCain was born in Atlanta, Georgia, grew up in Lithia Springs 20 miles west of Atlanta. He graduated from Jacksonville Ala.State University, worked for 10 yers on Georgia newspapers. Good old Southern Boy.

Anonymous said...

PS And, one of his kids is named Jefferson Davis McCain. The South will rise again!

Amy1 said...

Hi Regina -- what a pleasure to hear about the visit. P and K seem like old friends to me from PD.

Just wanted to say re Levi being threatened: could there be much worse in the realm of threats than having your mother in jail until November (and perhaps longer)?

I have my own pet theory about SP not being pregnant (bedrock fact!) AND Levi telling the almost-truth in VF re "SP had the baby at 6 AM at the hospital." What is the usual thing when a teen gets pregnant? Adopt it out! So you can deny the teen was ever pregnant, if you can keep her out of sight during the pregnancy. So I'm thinking that was the plan for T1, who was born Jan/Feb, adopted out, and adopted back into the family as SP's newborn on April 18. No insurance fraud! So Levi is at the hospital on that day as support for his dear Bristol, who is going to have to go through the agony of the baby she gave up being "born" to her mother. But Levi was officially supposed to believe the hoax, too, irrespective of what he privately knew. Here's the long-winded version of that idea. I call it "Levi playing the disingenuous card." Being deliberately un-clever until that one more piece of evidence that I guess we are all waiting for appears.

And THEN he can do the tell-all.

Anonymous said...

Fey an Emmy winner for Palin mimicry? You betcha

By SANDY COHEN (AP) – 1 hour ago

LOS ANGELES — Is Tina Fey an Emmy winner? You betcha. Fey received an Emmy Award on Saturday for her impersonation of Republican vice presidential contender Sarah Palin on "Saturday Night Live."

Accepting her trophy for best guest actress in a comedy, Fey thanked "SNL" producer Lorne Michaels and her parents, "who are lifelong Republicans, for their patience."

She was honored at the Creative Arts Primetime Emmys, which recognize technical and other achievements for the 2008-09 season and preceded next weekend's main ceremony. Fey has the chance for more awards: She could repeat last year's win as best actress in a comedy series for "30 Rock," and the show also could again claim top comedy honors.

Skit for new season of SNL:
starring TP in the garage sneaking a cold one, $P at LA Ink getting her eyebrows/lips retouched and Megaphone Stapletongue gazing at the latest Playgirl magazine mumbling something about Levi's "iconic image".

Anonymous said...

Well, our Robert Stacy McCain is a real piece of work. Using the internet archive, just to see if there was any other info from the past that might have been scrubbed, I found the family page mentioned above, which personally I am inclined to ignore, except that there's a lot of unseemly bragging about his kids that seems less about love for the children and more about how they reflect his glory...

Anyhoo, his "hot links" list is here:

It reveals some of his interests, and sure they include women having LOTS of babies aka Quiver Full, as well as Free Republic, Drudge, and Front Page Magazine, which R.S. McCain describes as "The most-in-your-face place on the web. Radical Son author David Horowitz doesn't pull punches, whether the subject is dishonest Democratic demagogues or race hustlers who proclaim the "Hate Whitey" gospel. Check it out!"
That was HIS description I quoted. Sounds like he does have race "issues".

He's also got quite the collection of essays he's written.
Lots of stuff about "Commies". And, there's a special set of Southern essays here, including one that is an address given to the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization that was mentioned in a post above.

Check out "Good-Bye, Dixie", written in December 1998. McCain is pissed that the GOP's Southern Strategy even that time, was being said to have reached a tipping point where it was alienating voters from other regions. He calls this "bunk". TEN years later, I would say looks like the GOP DIDN'T abandon the Southern Strategy, and the writer who said it was alienating other voters IS CORRECT and R.S. McCain is the one who is full of BUNK!

This guy is a real piece of work. I respect Audrey's decision.

But for a guy like this to make threats because someone expresses their opinion: he is a BULLY and a COWARD. He sits home making threats from behind his keyboard, while his wife apparently does the real work around that place.

SP again aligns herself with shady characters.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
regina said...

(This comment was posted above and deleted by me. I edited it because the telephone number and address of a third party were given. Please explain how the information can be found, how to use Google, etc. But don't post telephone numbers, ok? I have been left alone so far and would like to continue to blog in peace. Regina)

For those wonder about more information on Mr McCain. Simple solution.

Once you google his wife's name, at the bottom of the first page it shows a link to some pdf file, but right there it shows her phone number.

If you type or c&p that phone number into google it brings up as the first hit:
Phonebook results for (XXX)XXX-XXXX
Robert Mccain (XXX) XXX-XXXX.- Address, etc

Google is your friend but it isn't your only friend. Many counties within this country have their public records online and available if you know where to look. Always start with the county and state and do a google search on those two items with "public records" after them and more often than not the records are available online for your viewing pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Tom Brady Confirms Gisele Bundchen Is Pregnant, Due in December

Kendra is reportedly due on Christmas Day.

These pics remind me so much of our favorite pregnant grandma and her very tight abs.

Anonymous said...

for starters, his wiki page is mis-leading. they even state that it was edited by him.

i would think it needs to reflect the truth or be rated down. for example, he states that his blog is becoming more popular. where are the numbers to back that up? what about the negative stuff? it should be edited to read that he "outs" liberal bloggers or anti-palin bloggers and instigates threats against them.

just sayin'. anyone can add info there, so long as it's true and accurate, it should be there.

Anonymous said...

i suggest googling him with the word racist, and linking those articles to his wiki page.

there is an abundance from good sources.

Anonymous said...

Zeigler and mcCain are locked in some kind of death battle for who can worship Sarah from afar the best. How sad. They're both such losers, I'm hard pressed to pick who will win. Both been fired or "resigned" for being sexist, racist haters of humanity.
Good company, Scarah. But what can you expect from a "person" in red heels selling her soul for attention?

peninparadise said...

Just watched an episode of 30 Rock, where the "airhead" co-star is preparing for a role as Janis Joplin, so her co-workers add bogus info to Janis Joplin's Wikipedia page. She believes the info, because after all, it's on an encyclopedia site, so she Makes an idiot out of herself, believing she was a disabled speed walker and ate cats.

Funny stuff.

wayofpeace said...

thanks REGINA for bringing us news of PATRICK and KATHLEEN.

since TEAM TRUTHER was shut down, i've been wondering what had happened to them. i was wondering if they've been threatened in any way.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Regina, how exciting to hear that Patrick and Kathleen were your visitors! I am sure you all had a grand time. We always look forward to your next posts, but with even more excitement knowing there was a meeting of great minds.

Adorable kitten! IMO, there is nothing sweeter than the purring of a kitten and the pitter-patter of scampering little paws.

Anonymous said...

I've read all the posts and offer congratulations for excellent research. Has anyone posted on McCain's site that they might just drive to his home today for a visit? Wonder if that would shoot him down?

On the other hand, with enormous respect for Audrey, I think this threat is a blessing in disguise. I always wondered how it would end and on reflection, I believe her blog ended exactly where it should - with proof positive. The last picture says all that needs to be said and should stand for all time.

If there are threats telling her to take it down, then I think we should go into full attack mode on McCain. BIG THANKS AUDREY YOU ARE AN AMERICAN HERO. TAKE A REST - mission accomplished. We will miss you.

Anonymous said...

The best proof that Audrey was right is that some one tried to shut her up. If all of her research, pictures, writing, and comments were pure fiction, that bully would not have bothered.

Gryphen really struck a nerve when he reported an Alaska rumor that the Todd & Sarah were "splitsville." Zingo, there came the bully to shut him down. Levi more or less substantiated the story, describing their fights, separate bedrooms,other details. No one has come out to contradict Levi, to say that the kid is making it up, trying to cash in on his fifteen minutes, nothing, just silence.

As we watch the health care debates, we are all struck by the fact the the Republicans have nothing, so they try to shout down the speaker, to shut him up. That same rude behavior was on display when President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress. When they have nothing, they bluster and shout.

We have never been show any real proof that Trig was born to Sarah. So, when a nasty guy tries to shut down a website dedicated to find the truth of the matter-- I call it validation of the work that Audrey has done. It is too bad that it comes at such a personal cost, threats to her privacy.

There is one bright spot in all of this that should make us laugh. To disprove the rumors of "splitsville" Todd & Sarah are stuck with each other for a while.

Anonymous said...

I think Levi's comment on S.P. willing to go through with a sneaky pregnancy.. "Know one will have to know"

She wasnt trying to say let me raise your child .. but was telling her let's HIDE the fact that you gave birth and let me raise him
How would she explain raising the baby if her daughters pregnancy was "hid" ..hence the
"know one will even know"


She was willing to deceive with Tripp (if that is who is referred to)

With that
Trig coming outta no where
(literally, not a Prego stomach, not a birth announcement, not a hospital pic, not a..on and on)

Even if Bristol is "not da Mama"
Trig could be anyone's

Sarah admittedly is willing to deceive in these regards

keep on with the prodding! somethin's gotta blow! and I hope it's the ole gal and her many, many lies

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

What a lovely get-together. I'm not the only one who wishes she'd been there, I'm sure!

Certainly this has happened, but I hope that everyone tech-savvy has cached ALL of Audrey's PD files in multiple hidey-holes. I'd hate to see any of that hard work disappear.

And I hate to see her threatened by a total clot like RSM. But this I understand: in my own family, my sons are convinced that someone is monitoring my Internet use and is going to carry me away to some gulag someday. My husband is politer than my sons, but not any more interested in what we discuss here. And how he'd hate to have to hire an attorney to defend his wife, who doesn't even have a blog!

OTOH, if I DID need a lawyer, my husband's the world's best person to find one. Word, you guys!

wayofpeace said...

anonymous, 16:56:

BRAVO! well-said.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen McCain's picture on facebook. Google his wife. Scary looking creature.

mocha said...

I am wondering if you're sure the guy's a 7th day adventist. Sun Mung Moon owns the Wash Times and the big Moonie compound is outside of Tarrytown, Md. I hope Audrey can come back strong sometime down the road. It is fascinating that both Morgan and Audrey drew threats after their fake belly posts. Morgan's was the nail in the coffin for me and Audrey's just enforced it. I am sad the mainstream media didn't catch on before she was driven underground. Take care Regina. Love your little kitty!

Anonymous said...

the mccains have (had) a family page where they happily described their religious life, gave glowing descriptions of their family, and proudly announced their religion as seventh day adventist. it is hard to look at this guy's actions as the actions of a devout religious person, even if he uses the excuse that he hates in the name of a loving god. his wife may write the lovey-dovey religious stuff, but his actions are those of pure hatred. it may have been his ugly racist comments which got him fired from washington times. i don't know if you have to be a moonie to work there. bottom line- this guy does not act like a good religious person. but, neither do some of the other gop hypocrites, such as the c-street christians who have such a good record of family values (that's sarcasm, they have no family values).

KaJo said...

I've given some thought to the dynamics of the confrontation of Audrey at PD by the white supremicist/dominionist/Palin supporter R.S. McCain, or, as he calls himself, the OTHER McCain.

McCain made a really big, really stupid mistake in threatening Audrey right after she uploaded her "Who's Not Your Mama?" entry August 19, 2009.

That blatantly revealing blog post that so aroused McCain's ire IS STILL THE FIRST THING anyone sees when they happen to find Palin's Deceptions throu Google or links on other blogs.

His threats had the exact opposite effect to what he desired -- freezing Palin's Deceptions at its best and most crucial point.

She should keep the blogsite on the 'Net, not remove it as Morgan Kaiser did in what surely was equal fear of reprisal. Both of them did work that was and still is a powerful message for truth.

Anonymous said...

KaJo, as always you are right on. (god works in mysterious ways.)

Just for kicks I googled 7th Day Adventist. They too are "end timers"

I wonder if the Church campus where McCain apparently lives knows about his vitriol? Maybe I sould write them a note. BTW he has pictures of all his kids on the web. Oh stop - i won't act like him. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

McCain..don't mess with the old gals, we can take you down sonny.

Anonymous said...

More on McCain and Moon.

mocha said...

Thanks for clarifying. I thought the adventists were peaceful. Bizarre. Glad to see Audrey has not taken her blog down. And it doesn't look like McCain has written of it since late August. If he threatened to expose something damaging about her if she didn't stop, isn't that blackmail? I hope she has gone after him.

Anonymous said...

At what point does Freedom of Speech leave off and Hate Crimes begin? Does somebody actually have to die to accuse them of inciting to violence? This appears to be much larger than Sarah Palin. She was a handy mouthpiece. They can post whatever they want on her face book page. And, if something happens (happened) to Sarah, she's easily replaced with Michele Bachmann or some other pretty loon. But their agenda is very frightening, and I do not think that it is limited to the U.S. Perhaps Regina will do a future column on racism and skinheads in Europe. They are also a very ugly bunch.

France has a serious problem with Muslim immigration and anti-semitism. Germany has seen the rise of neo-nazis. There is enough collective world wide hatred to scare all of us. Be brave, Regina, and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Just posted this crazy theory over at IM and Mudflats, will also share my speculation here:

Is it possible that a really crazy scenario occurred: SP and BP were pregnant at the same time. BP went into seclusion with that bad case of mono, dropped out of school and continued to see Levi, delivered her baby and allowed (under protest) her baby to to be adopted by another family. BP is depressed and finds her only comfort in Levi. Out of concern for her maintaining her silence about the adoption and to force her to comply with the legal sign off, Levi is allowed to move into the house with Bristol, to keep her content.

SP, who has been hiding her pregnancy due to NPD and pregorexia, delivers her baby quite prematurely, very small and with typical DS medical complications. She essentially abandons him to an NICU for several months. Few people know about this, her children do not, her parents and sister do not know, perhaps Todd does not even know.

Now speculating that an adoption can not be arranged for T*1 due to his condition or he was not expected to survive but he does, now SP struggles with what to do? So, she announces her pregnancy, but has already delivered, so she has to fake the pregnancy. The wild ride coincides with T*1’s discharge from the hospital.

Bristol is angry, depressed as she was forced to give her 1st baby up, so she and Levi create a replacement baby. Thus, there are 2 T*2s — the adopted baby that in their hearts was named T*2 and the second baby that they will raise. It is the second baby that SP tries to adopt for political expediency.

Because BP and Levi are close, capable of genuine emotion and still mourning the loss of the adopted baby, they naturally bond with T*1, love him and nurture the infant. This is seen in the photos in the kitchen, and the tenderness on the campaign trail. Who can or needs to make sense of what a teenager (Mercedes) posted as photo tags on a Facebook site.

Crazy, but there are many crazy theories out there. Such a scenario would lead to “sources” swearing SP was never pregnant — or that she was, because really, only a very few know the crazy truth that she “was” and she “wasn’t”. In this crazy scenario, there are 3 babies – 2 mothers, God only knows how many fathers (and does it really matter). Would explain a lot, including Todd’s relationship with Sarah — after all, how much can one man tolerate. This would also explain why SP never bonded with T*1. I do concur with another commenter along the way that Piper and T*1 have a striking resemblence.


additional thoughts

A three baby scenario answers many of the questions that Levi’s comments in VF have raised, the photos, the attempts at defining timelines for pregnancies, infant birthdates, etc. If there were 3 babies, the pieces come together well. Without hesitation I can say this is a tremendously dysfunctional family, lies abound, trusts broken – so many victims. Very, very sad regardless of what the truth really is, and we may never know.

Anonymous said...

The above link is to the 7day adventist newsletter that discusses their politics and religion link. Very disheartening.

JFK's biggest problem getting elected was his Catholicism. Now religion is all over the place. I firmly believe in separation of church and state as a must.

Anonymous said...

IMHO the most simple explanation is usually the right one. This is just too complicated for me.

Pictures of Sarah showed her looking slim and trim weeks before Trig was born. The only pictures that showed a pregnant Sarah were questionable because of the wrong time stamp on the camera. And, the person proving that the photos were photoshopped was bullied off of the internet.

It is very easy to understand Sarah wanting to cover up Bristol's pregnancy, considering that she has her eye on a national political office. Covering up her own pregnancy doesn't make sense.

Bristol has several options: abortions. No, she said on the Greta interview that it was a big deal that she chose to keep the baby. Adoption? Maybe. Adoptive parents required a prenatal screening to rule out any defects, and, surprise, they didn't want the challenge of a DS child.

I think that Sarah concocted her plan quickly, without much forethought, because Sarah is reactive, not given to long range planning. Adoptive parents backed out and the doctor said that the baby might have a 50/50 chance when he is born prematurely. I can hear Sarah putting it in God's hands. I think those are the early pictures of everybody holding the skinny newborn baby. It could have been a home birth with her trusted friend, the doctor attending. The first pictures of tiny Trig (with Mercede, Levi, Sarah) were taken at the Palin House. Then, Trig had problems and returned to the hospital.

And, when the baby pulled through, Sarah had to go into a hastily thrown together act. What she had on her side was the fact that 80%+ people in Alaska adored her and would not question her story. She figured out that a special needs child could be a political plus. Something happened to force Sarah and Todd to hurry back early for the discharge of the now-healthy child. It could have been anything. The doctor had an appointment, and could only be at the hospital at a certain time. Someone is asking too many questions. It's time to go home.

I agree that Bristol was affected by raging hormones, the emotions of seeing her mother raising her child, (and taking much too much credit for him). Levi was close by (what's that all about) and whether it was an accident or a subconscious desire, Bristol became pregnant again. Sarah was furious, because she had just covered up for Bristol. This time, she threw her under the bus, and continues to trash her own daughter. What a gal.

Patrick said...

Hi Regina,

we had a great, great time together in France with you! Thanks a lot again for your hospitality, and we enjoyed our holiday in your beautiful medieval village immensely. We already miss you and your husband and your appropriately named sweet kitten "Pirate" (and the wounds are starting to heal nicely, thank you very much).

We are very touched by your blogpost. We came home very late yesterday after a long day, and today we switched on the computer only in the evening, hence the late response.

If we should describe Regina, we would say that she is "someone who applies and acquires knowledge in a very organized fashion, and who passionately stands up for her opinions and beliefs without fear whilst at the same time eager to discuss other people's ideas. She is determined to fight against what she regards as unjust."

Let's just say we fell in love with her :-)

I will leave comments on babygate later. There is certainly a lot to say, and it's good to see that the interest in babygate is still strong.

Patrick said...

And we also want to thank Sarah Palin that she has brought us together. It's amazing what the internet can do. And yes, we loved the Champagne we won together with the oysters - Kathleen could eat oysters every day. It was a nice surprise to discover that they cost next to nothing in France... ;-)

I loved playing with your kitten, and we are great cat lovers, although we currently cannot have one. I hope that your son will succeed in his new venture, and of course we hope that we can see each other again soon!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I believe the “wild ride” was a PRE-PLANNED event, not due to any unexpected discharge. The only thing that made it “wild” was Grandpa Heath telling reporters about the water breaking. Otherwise, it was clear sailing. Sarah had to have a “birth” arranged soon, because preemie Trig was finally growing and she could not wait too much longer, otherwise he would not look like a newborn. My opinion is that Trig looked more like 7-8 lbs upon his release from Mat-Su on 4-18-08, the size of most newborns. I still believe Sarah used one actual fact from Trig’s real birth – that he was premature at 35 weeks, but born to Bristol in mid January when he was actually due in mid-late February 2008.

The speech in Texas was sort of a last minute deal because another speaker canceled. She arranged to have the “birth” after that speech. She might have planned the “birth” earlier, but she really wanted to make that speech so she may have had to rearrange those “birth” plans to accompany the speech.

I also do not believe Todd rearranged any flights to fly home earlier on 4-17-08. I believe they had already made those reservations and they never intended to go to the formal dinner event that evening, because Sarah would not be able to wear a winter coat to the ball! On Sarah’s 4-15-08 calendar, it shows the flight from ANC/SEA Seat 3D/16A. (Either this represents a late reservation for them to have seats that far apart, or their marriage was in trouble back then!) For the 4-17-08 calendar, it does not show any flight schedule, just 11:00pm – GOV Todd: Arrived back in AK. Her calendars around that date do not show any flight reservations for the return flights from TX. All her other calendars do show flight reservations and seats, or at least the ones that she didn’t think she had to hide.

Anonymous said...

3D and 16A? So one gets to fly first class and the other is in coach?

peninparadise said...

Exactamundo! Quittypants in first class, and the nanny in the rear!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 1:07, yes, that is what is on the calendar, seats 3D/16A, Flt #154 boarding 1:30 a.m. That's why I said, either they made flight reservations rather last minute, or they hated each other back then.

Anonymous said...

Was she just planning to go alone, and then Todd said that he'd like to come too? I haven't kept score, but what percentage of the time was the faithful Todd smiling adoringly by her side, and how often did Sarah go to these speech things alone?

Another thought: Somebody paid for Sarah (the Texas people?) but they wouldn't pay for 2 first class tickets?

Did the state pay for this ticket? Was this ticket in the bunch that Sarah had to reimburse the state for?? If she had to pay, Todd's sitting back there.

Amy1 said...

Yes Todd went along to Texas. In the audio 3 days after T1's "birth," SP says "Todd checked on flights."(I see the link to the audio on ADN has been deleted.)

Regarding the importance of being at the conference, speech aside, SP was right that it would be important. It was at this conference that attendees were asked to raise their hands if they would accept the VP nomination, if asked, and a number of people raised their hands, among them SP. This fact was reported in the big-time newspapers at the time. It was considered an important nugget of news at the time when no one knew who McCain would pick.

Anonymous said...

We can look at the Texas conference as something very important. Sarah had to be there. She had to be visible, give a speech and raise her hand.

Back home, let's assume there is a DS baby improving in the hospital. If Sarah goes to Texas "after the baby is born" she would look heartless. People would really raise an eyebrow. "She just had a baby and look at her getting on the airplane, going off to make a speech."

It could also have been that no one knew for sure when Trig would pass certain "milestones" or markers, show enough improvement to be released from the hospital. Sarah might have thought that she had a few extra days. I think that Todd was good insurance. It looked like he was accompanying his "pregnant" wife. Loving image, even if they were in separate seats.

He was also handy in case they had to drop every thing and rush back. Maybe it is as some of you have suggested. They planned to "rush back" all along, and head right to the hospital. Looked better the two of them going together then coming separately and meeting up there. They may or may not have known ahead of time exactly when Trig would be released. We have no way of knowing if there really was a 4 AM phone call from the doctor.

There were few people in on the plan, hence a wild story to her father. He couldn't help but inflate it a little to make his daughter even more heroic. I think that the baby photographed with Sarah's parents looks much fatter than the baby photographed with Mercede.

Amy1 said...

Wait, how can this be true:

ProChoiceGrandma said: "yes, that is what is on the calendar, seats 3D/16A, Flt #154 boarding 1:30 a.m." Is this on Th 4/17?

and it says in SP's transcript that they arrived home thus: "Landed in, uh, in Anchorage at about 10:30. Got out to the valley at 11:30 and she met us at the hospital, checked me out and said, ‘Um, Yea you look, you may have it um tonight or in the morning.’" [I am assuming 10:30 and 11:30 are Fri AM, right? if they boarded he plane at 1:30 AM]

But then PCG you say above "For the 4-17-08 calendar, it does not show any flight schedule, just 11:00pm – GOV Todd: Arrived back in AK."

And somehow I was always thinking she arrived at Mat-Su hospital at night -- but if that were true her md would not say "you might have it tonight" -- i.e., in 30 minutes.

So what am I getting wrong? or are some of the AMs and PMs off?

I thought it went like this:
--Thurs 4/17 afternoon, board flight
--Thurs 4/17 11:30 PM arrive at Mat-Su
--Fri 4/18 6:30 AM official birth of T1.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Amy1, see my comment above at 00:28:

On Sarah’s 4-15-08 calendar, it shows the flight from ANC/SEA Seat 3D/16A.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Did anyone ever wonder about the odd use of the word “logistics” in Sarah’s first interview after Trig’s “birth”? Yep, those logistics were working just fine until the reporter asked about the water breakin’ in Texas!

“And it was smooth, it was relatively easy, in fact it was very easy, the easiest of all of them because he was so tiny. And, um, it’s just been absolutely wonderful. It was all, it just all seemed meant to be… the logistics and everything else just worked out so perfectly and to us he’s absolutely perfect, too.”

I noticed a few days ago when I was on PalinHoax that ADN had removed the audio of the interview. However, I see that it is saved on Regina’s site on the right hand side under “Extra Babygate Resources” Whew! It is much easier to hear the stumbling lies in Sarah’s voice in the audio of that interview. Todd interjected to cut off that line of questioning by saying “There’s a lot of new doctors out there on the streets in the last couple of days.”

Anonymous said...

If he really were a 35-week premie, Trig could not have been born in mid-January and presented as a newborn in mid-April. That is three months !

I think he was born about the third week of March, when Sarah 'went missing'. Forget the exact dates, but this was discussed extensively on PD. Three to four weeks seems about the right amount of time for him to plump up from the Mercedes pics to his presentation pics, which definitely show a fatter baby.

The 'heart' dinner in Fairbanks in February, where Bristol was allegedly sighted, seems to be why people feel the need to push the delivery date back so far. I am betting that the look-alike cousin (can't remember her name) was actually with Sarah on that trip, she is quite easy to mistake for Bristol and if caught out, Sarah could always just laugh it off as a family joke.

I have NEVER seen teenage girls (especially related ones) voluntarily wear their hair in the exact same style (unless it's for Halloween or they are in ballet class). The cousin has been photographed wearing her hair EXACTLY the same as Bristol. Why ?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 4:34, Bristol was not sighted at the AHA luncheon on 2-15-08.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Also Anon @4:34, please see my comment on 8/7/09 at 9:47am on Hypocrites and Heffalump Traps:

Yes, Trig could have been born in mid-January as a preemie and still look like a newborn in mid-April.

sandra said...

Consider that if there was one first class seat and one in coach, the first class would go to the pregnant person. I traveled in my 7th month and was convinced to get 1st class.

Anonymous said...

Amy1, I think that the 1:30 AM flight was to Seattle from Anchorage. I read another Alaska blog where the writer said that most planes from Alaska tend to be red eye flights.

The other factor that messes things up is the time change between Alaska and Texas, difference I think of 3 hours.

Sarah said that she landed at 10:30, let's say PM. A four hour flight would have left at 6:30,
(I am going to used just Alaska time and then change the numbers at the end. Each flight always shows local time, and won't reflect the 4 hour flight time that way).

Allow an hour connection in Seattle, means they would have to arrive by 5:30. Another 4 hour flight, leaving Texas 1:30 PM.
1:30 PM Alaska time + 3 hours means that the Palins could leave Texas at 4:30, Texas time. Does this match known flight schedules for the airlines and her speech? Do we know what time Sarah gave her speech in Texas? And, how does this match up with flight schedules? (They could have changed in a year, and again, they post according to local time in each city).

Anonymous said...

That kitten has the cutest paws !
He came with his own built in paw prints !

LisanTX said...

Amy1 @4:04--that 1:30 a.m. time was the flight TO Dallas FROM Anchorage in the wee hours of Wed. April 16th.

(not returning; no part of the wild ride)

E. said...

the first class would go to the pregnant person

What pregnant person?

Anonymous said...

A little bit off topic, but is this for real?!

Anonymous said...

I was watching Adoption Stories on TV (yes, I know sappy viewing)
and S.P., when presenting Trig to the world
Looked just like the Adoptive parents on the show

The birth mother looked pale, bloated, extremely tired
The Adoptive parents, of course by not giving birth, were dressed up, rested, excited

Also, when you have a newborn (unless you have issues with depression or something like that)
you cuddle the baby.. are protective of him.. motherly instincts

S.P. reaches out and scratches his belly and pulls his cheek

That is how you react (well I don't do that to babies.. maybe a puppy!) .. to someone else's kid

I am casting judgement but a normal mother would be the one holding the baby, not Todd.. cuddling it close and protective... and look a little worn down (birth mothers just had an experience comparable to surgery!

ha! wv = pulan
(pullin' a palin)

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:35, about Levi, it is amazing that he managed to give interviews on TV without resorting to his *&%$!@ vocabulary. Maybe that is why he appeared a little tongue-tied at times, looking for a PC word.

Anonymous said...

well, the peers were discussing putting your kid to sleep with benedryl. One actually said 'oh hush, you know you all do it too!' The fact that she suggested using the line to the kid 'look it is hard candy' to make it easier to get them to take it disgusts me. Probably what $ did to hers for the interviews, or 'whenever'. It makes me sick.

Daisydem said...

I would really be interested to know if Sarah Palin does indeed have an eating disorder and that it reached a critical point hence the need to be hospitalized or somewhere out of sight right now, but I don't think that affected any pregnancy in 2008 because I really don't think she was pregnant. Bristol was pregnant and is Trig's mother. This is what I believe. The reason for the coverup is because SP knew she might be in the running for a VP slot. As I have posted before, the Vogue article done on her and Kathleen Sibelius closes with the speculative comment that one or both of these women might appear on the national scene. The article was done in December 2007 and came out in the February 2008 issue of Vogue which appears on the newsstands as early as the middle of January. The article caught my attention as soon as I saw it and I knew nothing about either governor, nor did I know to what degree their speculation would prove to be true. Oh woe is me on the one - SP. Knowing she might not even be considered if her unmarried daughter is pregnant she begins the coverup. Then she is picked and whether Bristol is really pregnant a second time or they concoct the story that she is to throw the press off the previous pregnancy, it is too late to not pick her (McCain could not have very easily asked her to leave the ticket without damaging his own campaign seriously plus the initial reaction to her was so overwhelmingly positive with the GOP) and it is revealed that Bristol is pregnant, yes, but she and Levi will be getting married .. we're here to support her, etc. This garnered the support of those who felt like she was one of them, "everybody has problems in their family," believe me, I have actually heard people defending her based on this. But she would have been passed over initially, I think, if the first pregnancy and especially if a coverup were revealed.

Anonymous said...

Daisydem, I like your emotional tracking of SP here.
I am halfway through REPUBLICAN GOMORRAH by Blumenthal, and one thing he highlights is how those in the Rightwing Christian movement LIE LIE LIE to cover up their sins. They only admit their sins "within the Family." Then, sinning is used as a reason or springboard to be "saved" again or socially redeemed within the Family. It is ridiculous.
Lather, Rinse, Repeat. The cycle goes on.

I totally see how SP would rationalize her insane behavior in much the same vein; elected reps esp. got a pass on their "sins."

Anonymous said...

I think you are right, Daisydem. That's what I have thought all along (except in my version I speculated that there was the problem of the unsuitable, scandal-making Dad for T1, which made it even more important to do the hoax).

That's what I thought until now, with Morgan, Gryphen, Tank and a few others saying there is much more to it. What could that "much more" be?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Daisydem, too. The most simple explanation is usually the right one. Learning that Bristol was pregnant while Sarah was hoping for the VP position would be a good motive for her. People in Alaska loved her, so they would believe anything that she said. She also fancied herself a good enough actress to pull it off, seeing as she had bluffed everybody into thinking that she was a good governor or mayor, too.
Maybe we even have the issue that the DS baby didn't have very good chances, so she was willing to take the gamble, putting the matter in God's hands. When Bristol became pregnant a second time, Sarah must have been furious with her, spoiling Sarah's chances after all of that hard work. I can't imagine what mother would publicly humiliate her daughter the way that Sarah did. Bristol could have stayed home, out of sight, and nobody would have thought about it. She embarrassed Levi, too, dragging him away from a hunting trip, dressing him up and making him stand there with Bristol. Mama's revenge! I always remember the Bristol/Greta interview where Sarah popped in, and thrust a baby at Bristol, saying in that mean girl voice, "Here's your little bundle of joy." What a family.

Anonymous said...

@ Daisydem

I also see that Palin looks bulimic or anorexic. Is there any requirement for someone running for office to tell if the have an eating disorder? Both males and females can have the problem.

It would be easy to hide. There are other reasons someone will lose weight.

Photographs give her 10 more lbs and she has make up, she must look scary in person without props.

Is it true that both Audrey and Morgan were shut down after the "fake belly" was mentioned?

That is interesting.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 14 September 2009 12:35
I don't think that twitter is Levi. I read their comments at another twitter. They are older and I doubt they know him.

Anonymous 14 September 2009 17:52
"the peers were discussing putting your kid to sleep with benedryl"
I missed that, what do you mean?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone blackmailed Audrey...

Anonymous said...

The thing is, if I suspected that SP was never pregnant, but I respected her basic values, ethics, etc. (I don't even mean she would be the one I'd vote for), and if she had refrained from abusing her children (taking them out of school, making them front for her bad values) -- then I would not care about the details of her pregnancies or nonpregnancies or family issues.

It's just that this one issue is such a perfect symbol for everything else that is wrong -- all the other palingates that seem now to have faded from everyone's view.

Anonymous said...

Will Sarah Palin Be Indicted For Criminal Embezzlement Involving A Building Company?
Posted by China Sourcing Commentator

Sep 14

There’s possible federal indictments against Palin, concerning an embezzlement scandal related to the building of Palin’s house and the Wasilla Sports Complex built during her tenure as Mayor. Both structures, it is said, feature the “same windows, same wood, same products.” Federal investigators have been looking into this for some time, and indictments could be imminent, according to the Alaska sources.

Amy1 said...

In fairness to SP, the "china sourcing" quote is one I remember from weeks ago, from an anon blogger, on another site, verbatim. I mean: this was presented with no more basis than the words you see here, and it was presented online some time ago.

(Of course, I think it's probably a fair charge against SP, but let's use our tar only where warranted.)

(I'm not into verification words, but this time mine was "retar"!! LOL)

Anonymous said...

Google the words in China sourcing story and they are the same as shown in other blogs, Dailykos, etc going back to June.

Nothing to see here... move along

I wish it were true

Truth said...

Anonymous@18:51 said:
Anonymous 14 September 2009 17:52
"the peers were discussing putting your kid to sleep with benedryl"
I missed that, what do you mean?

It was a comment made by one of the C4Pers on their site...

Lipstick, September 13, 2009 10:22 PM
One year ago today I was hunkered down in my house.

I had given my son benadryl to help him sleep (Oh, hush we have ALL done that) anyway, Ike was well on his way at this time one year ago.


Anonymous said...

However, to take the other side, the “same windows, same wood, same products” list would not be complete without adding "same contractor (or supplier -- I forget which)," who was also the contractor/supplier on the Stevens house.

And we do have it on record that the usual paperwork (listing contractors) is not on file, AND the quote from Todd that he and his pals built the Palin house on weekends. Sure.

Anonymous said...

Palin's Deception Deceives No More

Too bad these sick people never seemed to care that it was someone else's life with which they were screwing. Pathetic bunch of sub-humans. Buh bye!

The above quote comes from Riehl World. I can read this two ways. Audrey's followers who are trashing Sarah are the pathetic bunch of sub-humans.

But, the knife cuts both ways. Riehl and The Other McCain are the pathetic bunch of sub-humans who have just screwed with some one else's life, namely Audrey's. Isn't this the pot calling the kettle black?

Truth said...

Ahahahahahaha...Sarah supporters complaining about "backlash".

This is just to precious!

Nancy, September 14, 2009 11:25 AM
There was a fantastic caller, Angela, on the Laura Ingraham show just now.

She said she is sick of the "blacklash" that is happening when people criticize President Obama,and being called racist, and called it CWW (Criticizing While White). She wants him to have to answer for his policies.
It was great.

Aren't these the same people who encouraged "backlash" against those who criticized Sarah while she was Governor??

Can you say hypocrite? I know that you can! :wink:wink:


Anonymous said...

I think mcCainery and unReal are grandstanding. I read thru the stuff they hint about and there is nothing there that 's embarassing.

$arah only has a few days to get herself together for the Hong Kong gig. It's a tough thing to do in a straight jacket.

Anonymous said...

Who is Dan Riehl? Besides being a conservative blogger, and a friend of that other McCain, here is what he wants us to know about him:

Dan Riehl began his writing career while studying journalism in college,
and went on to edit his college newspaper prior to graduation. After a
short time as a freelance writer and employee of a mid-sized weekly
newspaper, he went on to apply his writing skills in business through
employment as a marketing and sales manager for a Fortune 100 corporation.

Today he works as the marketing manager for an established technology
company and also maintains a popular Internet blog, (removed)

Along with writing on politics and topical news, he also follows and
reports on significant crime stories with the assistance of a growing
community of readers and posters who read and post regularly on his weblog.

Anonymous said...

I cannot WAIT to see and hear about Mrs. Palin Goes to Hong Kong.

I cannot WAIT to see and hear the secret tapes and videos made of her speech!

I cannot WAIT to see and hear the results of her massive "makeover."

I cannot WAIT to see and hear the huge thud of her impact. Let's see the rollout of Mrs. Palin 2.0.

Only 9 more days, right?

Anonymous said...

QUOTE: Ear's personal favorite, delivered by former Channel 2 reporter Jonathan White, went something like this: "When I left Channel 2, JT (Tracy) sat me down, as he does with everyone, and talked to me about the importance of integrity ... 'It's all you've got' he said. 'And once it's gone, you can't get it back.'"


"So, John, I guess you didn't have that conversation with Meg Stapleton; she must have been out sick that day or something, huh?"

QuittersSuck wrote on 09/13/2009 12:20:03 PM:

"So, John, I guess you didn't have that conversation with Meg Stapleton OR BILL MCALLISTER; they must have been out sick that day or something, huh?"

Amy1 said...

Anon20:03: Help me out here: WHICH conversation(s)? Could you spell this out for those of us who are not tracking so well this AM? Sorry to be so dense.

Anonymous said...

I mulled through and proposed the 3-baby theory in an attempt to fit the latest 'clues' into place. Previously, I believed the mother of both babies was BP; the obvious and simple solution worked for me. Now though, if we take Levi's VF comments into consideration and a few weekend posts over at IM: a mention of pregorexia (with a link showing photos of a woman suffering with it) and a post from someone claiming to know SP and providing some insight into her distress at finding herself pregnant and efforts to maintain a slim appearance -- well, it seems to fit for me.

1) there are 2 baby boys in the Palin household.

2) each baby boy has a claimed different mother.

3) photo evidence has convinced me that BP was pregnant twice.

4) photo evidence has convinced me that SP was not pregnant in March and April of 2008.

5) photo evidence from Nov 2007 - Jan 2008 frequently shows SP in loose fitting sweat suit jackets or with the 7 year old girl standing directly in front of her. This is not the type of clothing she has been photographed in at other times.

6) learing of the eating disorder pregorexia in relation to a possible SP pregnancy was important.

7) the weekend post from an acquaintance of SP describing distress and attempts to conceal the pregnancy. There have been discussions on many blogs about NPD - fits with an attempt to conceal a pregnancy for superficial self-serving reasons.

8) recent comments about hair loss, most recent photos showing a very thin SP also suggest an ongoing eating disorder.

9) earliest photos of T1 do not jive with my personal experience -- I have premies in my family and the photos do not appear to be a 1-4 day old premie infant, suffering with jaundice. They look to me to be a tiny, multi weeks old infant.

10) discharge instructions for premies include strict instructions about immune compromise, temperature control, keeping people away, feeding times and techniques. It is inconceivable that the infant was paraded into public at 3 or 4 days following birth regardless of who his mother was. The risks would diminish with time, and a photo op would be more understandable with a 6-8 week old infant. A tiny premie can still be quite small throughout the first year or so.

11) more recent notes from sources/posters that there is yet more to come - in relation to babygate - seems to suggest that the simple solution that we have come to believe may not be all there is to this drama.

9) so, if BP was pregnant twice and SP was also pregnant, we are short one baby - had to be adopted out, right?

Now, I realize that some of these points fit as well into a simple 2-baby solution, but not all. Being a concerned reader and not a blogger/investigator means that I defer to those who have actively been investigating the many 'gates'. I offer my theory for discussion and consideration.

For the outstanding work that has been done I thank you. SP came too close to the nation's most powerful position to let our guard down.

ginny said...


I totally agree with you about the "simplest explanation" theory. I work in the field of science, and believe me, after troubleshooting many, many, many experiments gone wrong, I have learned this is the rule to live by!
I also agree with your theory. I only want the truth to come out because people (not the palinistas or palinbots, but the average, busy independent voter out there) needs to know the "real" Sarah, and how she works.

Anonymous said...

Amy1 -
The former reporter from Channel 2 was making a joke about Megaphone's lack of integrity.

In the comments someone added McAllister lacking as well.

Anonymous said...

2009 20:03 -----------

All we will see of Palin, if she makes it to Hong Kong, is what her handlers will release. They will not allow anything that is not of the performance and look they are crafting.

Amy1 said...

Hey! TWO 20:03s. To the first 20:03: Meeeee tooooooo! Only 200 in the audience, though -- do you think someone will publish a bootleg video on youtube ASAP? I sure hope so.

Anonymous said...

Re the recent scrubbing of MySpace pics of Palin: Of course, Murdoch owns MySpace, so this should not be a surprise.

Scrubbing sister sarah's pictures to hide something right after she was chosen, and now scrubbing again to hide her plastic surgery.


Murdoch is old school. Can he say "screenshots"?

Anonymous said...

Anon@20:21 and anon@20:22: please read my take on it and comment. Please.

Anonymous said...

For those wondering whether or not any footage of Palin's speech will be leaked: FEAR NOT.

It's Hong Kong and it is to their advantage to leak it!

Her speech will show the world what morons Americans are, especially since she has been previewed as a "joke" or oddity speaker....And so it goes....

Anonymous said...

Please scratch your darling kitty under the chin
(black patch marks the spot) for me ! Thanks !
Wish I could send him some Alaska catnip !

Anonymous said...

regarding mccain and diehl. they are pretty open about having threatened Audrey and her husband with revealing info to harm them if Audrey didn't stop the blog. That is blackmail. Blackmail doesn't have to involve money, that's extortion. They have admitted blackmail on their blogs, I hope Audrey's attorney stomps them with both feet. The thing that tells the story is she has not taken down the blog and the fake pregnant belly is still on the front page. Very smart on her part. Her blog and that picture are getting lots of views from the Palin fans.

regina said...

The kitten thanks you, anon@20:43.

He's been adorable today, a bit calmer after P & K plus my son left on Saturday. He behaves just like a toddler when there are a lot of people around. Now he's stuck with the usual boring old farts...

I think he would love Alaska, he likes the cold, always trying to get inside the fridge, his food has to be really cold and he loves iced water. Go figure...



Anonymous said...

It's funny how the p-bots all claim that Levi is lying, while neglecting the fact that a deep-pockets magazine wouldn't print something that could cost them money in a law suit. I am sure VF has evidence that what Levi has told them is true.

There was a Palin article in the August VF -- on sale about July 1st -- which, by the way, may have provoked madame governor's resignation. We now have a VF for the month of October. If all goes well, we should get another for Christman, the December issue. There is an excellent picture of $arah pouting while standing in the presence of Cindy McCain; it was in the August issue -- I saw it online.

Also, too, during the campaign, McCain threatened a tabloid with legal action over Mrs. Palin's affair with Todd's business partner. The tabloid didn't back down.

Recently, the p-bots were comparing $arah to Geo. Washington. You may remember that Geo. Washington quit, too, after two terms as President. So, $arah's virtue is as great as Washington's because she knows when to leave the scene -- I guess like a point guard running off the court during the game.

Anonymous said...


Hong Kong is huge. I am sure someone would leak what they can. May someone get an unscripted money shot.

We will more likely see what Murdoch leaks. He loves to play games. He can make it a sexy leak.
He could also allow the standard photo ops.

Palin may go before the official arrival time when no one is expecting her. If she leaves the protected areas without a disguise there would be opportunity for candid shots with her new style. I can dream.

Anonymous said...

Surely she will get out and about in HK. Isn't this her first trip out of the country that is not to a US military installation?

Don't you think she will indulge in some shopping with her new cash? You can't beat HK for shopping :)

Anonymous said...

I love HK. I was there once, 12 years ago.

I just don't see it as an $P type of place, though. I just don't see her as an appreciative of its charms. Like Oil and Water.

Anonymous said...

To anon 20:35,

Unless we have a verifiable unfolding, none of us will ever know what happened. Your theory is very complicated. Seems too complicated for such simple people to play out. I am sure that Levi was coached prior to and monitored during his VF interview and there could well be some clever word play at work in his published comments.

But, the bottom line is that he appears to be a rather simple kid, does not seem duplicitous to me. In my opinion, there would be a limit to what he can carry off. What you are proposing seems too complex. Just my opinion.

Regardless of whether there are 2 or 3 babies, I think Sarah developed the 'logistics' on the fly, and surprised herself that they worked out so well. She even told us that! I do not believe that she has the mental prowess to be able to think strategically -- she can barely handle tactics and has repeatedly shown herself to be impulsive.

While I believe and hope that young Levi has shown us he is capable of being a loving and nurturing man, he has a long way to go before one could consider him wise, careful, responsible, accountable and possessing the ability to understand actions and consequences. Having an ability to be devious or taunting, not so much.

I hope that he can focus on skills training for a future meaningful job. Kathy Griffin and Playgirl are not the ticket to becoming a capable and responsible adult.

My thoughts - anon 20:21

ella said...

Published: September 14, 2009 "Conservative blogger written off after accusing colleagues of racism"
"I know Stacy McCain, an ill-tempered racist who sat on the other side of my desk for many years and carried on loud telephone conversations almost every day full of racist and ultra-right comments, and often got into loud verbal fights with both reporters and editors in the newsroom." MORE:

Anonymous said...

@20:21, re: Levi's brand. Many people on here seem to want Levi to spill the beans. I do not.

I want an adult to step up and take responsibility. That's the only way the truth will be accepted.

Levi is still a kid. Yes, he is a father, but he's 19. He is trying to establish some sort of brand in entertainment. He would not be the first young father to try to do so, by the way. Entertainment history books are filled with just such stories.

In entertainment and modeling, you go on faux dates with Kathy G., you pose for Playgirl, you talk to Vanity Fair, Larry King and Tyra. Heck, maybe he should become a reality show judge!

That's what you do if you are establishing that sort of entertainment reality brand.

Levi is not getting into the "bring down Sarah Palin" business. An adult needs to step UP and do that.

It's pretty clear that Levi wants into the entertainment biz and that is his goal. I know that disappoints many an IM, Palingate or PD reader.

Anonymous said...

@ 17:52 Truth19:35

I haven't been to C4Pers for a time. I hear it is common practice with some mothers to drug their babies, they don't think a thing of it. That is why they don't think the drugged Palin babies look unusual. It is all good business for the pharmaceutical companies. Of course, they support Palin. Keep them drugged and they will need you for life. They can't raise those babies to be home school without a little help from the drug store.

Lipstick is the dope that dopes. One of her comments was removed.
OldDude is old school and only used Grand Marnier on their gums and asks "does that count?"
Sunday Afternoon/Evening Open Thread 9/13/09

With most of Wasilla on something and kids dying like flies the C4Pers would fit right in.

Anonymous said...

If you look up Robert S. or LouAnn McCain in the Washington County Maryland court records you see he has a speeding ticket and a ticket for driving after revocation. Revocation must have come after he failed to appear or acknowledge first offense.

On both he 'fails to appear'. She just lost a small claims suit valued at less than $500.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you about Levi - I understand the lure of an entertainment career. I am hoping that a true mentor and role model will help steer him in a different direction. Realistically, this does not seem likely. After all, who are his mentors and role models and what are their motivations. Answers are obvious to me.

I haven't given any real thought to how I see the truth being delivered. I have no clue who the sources have been but they seem conflicted or frightened. Further, from comments on IM recently - they may not even know the truth.

anon 2021

Anonymous said...

I don't know what unpredictable Palin will do. She is with the high end bankers for this trip.
The elite do not have to see any of the parts of Hong Kong they don't want to see.
It is ultra exclusive. Murdoch-Deng are royalty. They could treat her like Elvis, and take her entourage to places that are closed. She may want to see more of Asia. She might be ready to mingle with the people? It is the best of the communist world, the capitalist part.
Don't you think the speech will be written by their experts? It's her delivery that would be more interesting.

Assuming they have been feeding her so she is not as gaunt and she is ready to show. It might just be a big roll out event.
No leaks so far?

Anonymous said...

I'm still predicting she will bail.

it's a long long flight. If you are prone to panic attacks, as Palin in, it allows you a lot of time to get all worked up.

But if I'm wrong and she's there, something will leak out. Trust me. It won't all be staged photo ops.

Heck, even I know a guy who lives in HK who is pretty sneaky with a camera. I'm sure people in high place$ (like ROMNEY) have this event covered.

Anonymous said...

I think Levi (with advice from the 'boys') is taunting $p big time. I think they know she is fragile minded and Levi having a stake in that family would prefer a sarah meltdown to a tell all about his kid's family. He just gives out enough info to make her freak. I think the hint about trig being sarah's was for her benefit. Keep her in doubt about what he will tell, if he needs to.

One more thing said...

Here's something I've wanted to throw in the mix re: Babygate:

Remember the "pro-Life" Indiana event in April of this year, when $P gave her weird speech. Lots of DS moms were there; there was a breakfast where they hoped to get to meet Trig. $P and Todd did not bring Trig; they did not inform the folks there in advance of this. They said at the last minute that he had the sniffles.

Here's another theory: in order for Trig to come, Bristol had to be there, as his mom. The Palins were afraid it would look too suspicious, with Bristol, Trig and Tripp there? Hmmmm.

One More Thing said...

@22:50 - Please show me one of Levi's taunts. Do you have an exact quote? I'd love to see what you're talking about. Thanks.

Amy1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thx, anon20:21. I think you are more right than me. --anon20:35

Vaughn said...

Huffington Post:April 14 2009
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's father is taking the 19-year-old father of her grandson to task for not helping to pay for the baby's care.
In the issue of Us Weekly magazine to be released Friday, Chuck Heath says Levi Johnston is capitalizing on national interviews but not spending money on Tripp, the nearly 4-month-old son of Johnston and Bristol Palin, the governor's 18-year-old daughter.
Heath says he wishes Johnston would "take some of this money he's making and buy some diapers with it."

Rex Bulter came out with this interview a day or two later.
Butler told The Associated Press that Johnston was not paid for the interviews and is tired of the Palin family's characterization of his client.
Heath was "trying to make the young man look like a deadbeat father, and, you know, they may have a rude awakening one day if he tries to get custody," Butler said.
"They don't want to share his child with him like they should," he said.

Then Grandpa comes out with this so fast it would make your head spin.
Now Heath says he never made those remarks and even defends the unemployed teenager. “I didn’t say most of that stuff—that’s a bunch of garbage. I don’t know how they came up with that. The only thing I said—and that was said jokingly, that was kind of in jest about the diapers,” Heath explained to RadarOnline. As for his feelings on Johnston hitting the media circuit, Heath cuts the teenager some slack. “It’s up to him. He’s a kid. I have no bone to pick with Levi, he’s a good kid.”
Anyone can tell by these interviews that Levi knows something that could be damaging to the quittertwitter Palin.

Anonymous said...

An Open Letter to Robeort Stacy McCian aka The Other McCain:

So you managed (again) to get someone to stop blogging and asking valid questions that have never been answered about Sarah Palin's improbable pregnancy. And the way you achieved this is nothing to be proud of.

The word BLACKMAIL certainly got a rise out of you. Too harsh, you say? Try on Cyber-Bully. Better yet, how about Cyber-Stalker - "with a pond." ooooo. Either you can use Google Earth or you are one SERIOUSLY F'd-Up creep.

Most accurately, you should be outted as the Cyber-Puppet.

Why do you care so much about a handful of bloggers who won't give up on a subject that most people have moved on from or simply disregard?

The answer to that doesn't take too much digging.

It is no coincidence that you were a co-author of a rather racy, sex book with the same author who is ghostwriting, oops, I meant to say 'collaborating' with Sarah Palin on her memoirs.

So are you the coherent ghostwriter of Sarah's Facebook posts and WSJ opinion pieces? Wow. Did you ever think that when you left the Times that free-lancing could be some much fun?

I think I'll spend a little time looking over some of your 'clippings' in the Times and Spectator to get a handle on your style and tone. It's doubtful I'll be able to digest some of your writings (rantings, I should say) about racism and gay rights.

Maybe if I have a little more time, I'll do a bit of digging RSM style and come up with your address and phone number. And, oh, the things I can do and the places I can go with that information! It will be like a treasure hunt. FEC filings. Court Records. My imagination is just warming up.

Just so you know, while you may have succeeded in scaring a few minor bloggers into hiding, you, and your Palin-puppet master(s) will not succeed in keeping the truth about Sarah Palin from coming out.

She knows what is coming. And it is coming soon. It may even come first from someone she thinks would never talk. But she already is.

All the strong-armed tactics won't stop it. Nor will all the Murdoch money in the world.