Friday, 4 September 2009

Sarah Palin's ambitions: who pays in the end?

A hospital in Wisconsin has pioneered advanced-care directives for patients on Medicare and, with the backing of other hospitals, sought to change federal rules in order to include reimbursement for consultations. The legislation was submitted last spring, with several Republican sponsors.

When language similar to the proposed legislation was included in the healthcare reform bill, unscrupulous health insurance corporations seized upon it, starting the talk of "death panels" through their favourite celebrity mouthpiece: Sarah Palin, via Facebook.

We know that Sarah Palin supported advanced-care directives when she was governor of Alaska. We also know how Medicare was mismanaged during her short term in office, precipitating the undignified death of 254 elderly people.

The ludicrous claims about "death panels" were made in the name of a very ignorant, incompetent quitter governor, tabloid queen and twitterer extraordinaire.

On August 7, Sarah Palin sold her Facebook page to special interest groups. It's obvious that notes after that date were not written by her.

That's the case if we believe Sarah Palin has any control over anything since she disappeared a few weeks ago.

The other scenario is that she's being manipulated and groomed by some very resourceful people who are going to pour money into the "Sarah Palin makeover fund" in order to disrupt and undermine any initiatives proposed by the Obama administration.

I prefer the first option: a greedy Sarah Palin grabbing the dollars at every possible opportunity, unable to control tabloid revelations, the slowmotion trainwreck we can't help but watch, in a mixture of horror and fascination.

But the absence of twits, the lack of response to Levi Johnston's Vanity Fair article, the silence from her attorney in the face of revelations far more serious and widespread than those by an Alaskan blogger (our Gryphen), who was threatened with a lawsuit for suggesting far less, all seem to point to the second option. That's scary.

There is a third option: Rupert Murdoch invested heavily in her, with the book deal, and he's protecting his investment. Perhaps when that pays off, we may see a return of the the real Sarah Palin.

A mixture of options one and three are preferable, with money being the sole motivation. Option two involves money and power and it's the really frightening one, with far reaching consequences.

Regardless of what's going on behind the scenes, the reasons for her disappearance and change of tactics, one thing is quite clear and very sad: the first victims of Sarah Palin's new direction are her children. When she sold out, for money or for power, it was at their expense.

So the idea of "death panels" she allowed to be launched on her Facebook page is simply a reflection of a deeply flawed personality.

If she doesn't care what happens to her own children, why should she care what happens to the elderly and the millions of uninsured people in the rest of the country?


Anonymous said...

In the end we ALL pay. The longer this is allowed to go on, the more it will cost. I really do feel for her family -- I am guessing they didn't bargain for this nightmare.

nswfm CA said...

I suspect she's on Valium. I worked with a guy who saw something he created being shut down by the co where he worked and for the last 6 months while he waited to turn 65, he was on Valium so he wouldn't blow up and lose his substantial benefits.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sarah's been detained by her death panel.

Anonymous said...

Regina, you really have the best pictures of $arah. I have been thinking of collecting them for a palinography site.

NakedTruth said...

You remember how Megamouth and Scarah kept saying that Bristol was concentrating on college and promoting abstinence. I wonder how that's working out? According to IM, people are saying Bristol is taking care of both Trig and Tripp while Scarah is on her adventure. I wonder if Bristol still has the nanny helping out. Scarah cares about nobody but herself. She needs help.

Anonymous said...

Sarah and her lemmings are busy commissioning a death panel for Levi.

Death panels cold be a good thing... as long as John McCain has one of the first appointments.

Anonymous said...

Please people don't make death wishes towards Palin, McCain or others in their group. It makes you/ us sound as evil as Palin does. I don't want to stoop to the level of the c 4 pee or health reform bashers. They are now the angry right wing irrational and stupid. Don't sink to their level.

I want Palin gone but I don't wish a death panel on anyone.

I feel really badly for those Palin kids.

Anonymous said...

Regina, I think Murhawk is prepping his gal for the potus. Yep, he has taken over the republican party, next the WH.

Palin has contracted a speaking engagement in China, a country that has forced abortions and female infanticide. Very odd considering Palin had a problem with two pro-choice guys during the campaign; so much that she would not go on stage with them during one rally. The next stop she was made to go on stage by the McCain camp, but she did not acknowledge them at all.

So, if she wouldn't acknowledge fellow republicans who were pro-choice, why would she step foot in China?


Anonymous said...

Possible $carah speech here:

Anonymous said...

Considering that Levi's previous interviews and articles brought stinging rebukes from Meg, Sarah's father and lawyer the silence on Levli'sn bombshell VF article is stunning! They must have her bound and gagged somewhere, and they have cut off her blackberries as well.

Anonymous said...

Several comments have mentioned IM as a source of information on Palin. What is IM? How does one connect with it?

Truth said...

IM=Immoral Minority

Website Link:

Or you can simply click the link -->
Under My Blog List that appears on the right hand side of the page->

regina said...


IM refers to The Immoral Minority, which cen be found on the sidebar, under My Blog Roll.

Enjoy. We do!

regina said...

Typo: I meant to write can, not cen!

Anonymous said...

Sarah's new direction to feed the hungry and give life to those sentenced by DEATH PANELS "don't you know'. That's why her and rupert are going to hong kong to pick up some fortune cookies. Then I'm sure she'll be off to wisconsin to pass out word salad and stop those pesky death panel folks...

regina said...

I'm terribly distracted today... called my blog list blog roll... typos... oh dear!

Anonymous said...

Murdoch is not preparing her for potus. That is silly.
Lately I read some of the comments and they sound as kooky as the C for Pees. Can't some of you try to base you comments on facts and history! Do you think Murdoch helped prepare George W for office.
Follow the $$$ and there will be your answer.

Virginia Voter said...

I am going to go out on a limb here, and a little OT. That picture of Sarah on the cover of People Mag you posted shows her at perhaps the heaviest I've seen her look in a year...not sayin' she was actually preggers, but her face and chest look huge compared to what they are now.

Anonymous said...

I agree, VA Voter, Sarah's face is quite full. Regina will have to do one of her famous photo montage lineups for us to compare when Sarah's jawline and neck were "trimmed" a little.

Someone remarked that when Sarah was first nominated, there was a two week absence when they were trying to stuff her head full of facts and talking points. People guessed at a little botox getting in there, too.

So, we need to get the date the People photo (Trig looks less than 5 months old, so photo taken before her nomination), a photo of her speaking at the convention, and what she looked like after that two week absence, say, some of those infamous interviews such as "In what respect, Charlie?" and "I read any and all of them, any thing that I come across."

Maybe why that's why we haven't seen Sarah lately- could be that we won't recognize her any more.

get real said...

You have to remember that Palin is now officially a certifiable and bona fide QUITTER. Quitting as Governor is a huge deal. It has essentially never been done before in US history for reasons other than scandal and health. Apparently, Palin's real reason for quitting is just for money. Pathetic.

Fortunately, she has to wear that huge albatross around her neck forever. She now has even less credibility than she had before.

basheert said...


NO I know it's wacky and weird - but if she wanted Tripp as Levi stated (or implied because she may have been referring to Trig) - why couldn't she just pop out another one?

OK it's crazy - and weird.

Wasn't Tripp born January/Feb this year? And isn't SP a personal baby factory (she pops out her own supporters?)?????

OMG.....what if?????

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that one of her last tweets was a command to watch GBeck. Murdoch's orders? She is out prepping (taking longer than expected), meanwhile, not to lose momentum, watch Beck. Interesting..

KaJo said...

To VA Voter and Anon@ 18:28: That PEOPLE magazine cover is from the Sept. 5, 2008 issue (it has a message "DISPLAY UNTIL SEPTEMBER 22, 2008").

The baby appears to be more-or-less 3 months old (considering he was probably premature in Feb) which would date the photo at about June 1st at most. There's always a lag time between an article being written and pictures taken -- and when the magazine article was published.

My feeling is that Sarah Palin ate a lot more frequently down at the Wendy's fast food place in Wasilla between early February (when I think Trig's true birth date occurred) and May-June 2008, in order to appear pregnancy-bloated.

I think she didn't start dieting until after this photo op, which was soon after she found out she was McCain's choice -- There were reports that her RNC clothes had to be altered, which often happens when people are measured before shopping is done, and their diet changes things when time comes to actually WEARING those clothes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the response re my IM query (@17:26). Out here in Ohio, I'm now thoroughly hooked on Alaska blogs.

We live about ten miles away (in a tiny leftist oasis in a wingnut world) from the site where Sarah Palin made her 2008 campaign debut. We were appalled by this woman then, and we've become increasingly alarmed at the damage she's been able to inflict on our country since that day. She must be stopped, so please continue to do what you're doing up there in Alaska.

Virginia Voter said...

Kajo, no, I knew this was an old picture and appeared on People cover last year, but it does show a dramatic difference in weight from shortly after Trig's birth, to when she appeared on the national stage, which was really just a few months. Her post partem slimdown was one of the fastest history, huh?

KaJo said...

VVoter...a lot of celebrities diet that fast, or binge & purge (I know you're saying that kiddingly).

About Palin specifically, she probably did both. Remember the reports about her always having a can of Diet Dr. Pepper around?

It seems to me that it was also reported back last fall that she was not actually EATING very much, and that she said outright that she was trying to fit into the clothing bought for her a little better (evidently they could alter the clothes just so much).

FEDUP!!! said...

Where is $carah? She has not been seen, and even her ghost on FB is MIA!

Archivist said...

Sarah's FB site has degenerated into nothing more than a meeting place for conspiracy fear mongering ... it's her official site though, so we can only assume it's a reflection of her beliefs.

Today .. I saw a link to a site that referred to the Obama girls as 'hoes' ... etc ...

See my blog for more info on Palin's site.. I am paying close attention to what is being said on there.