Friday, 25 September 2009

China and Sarah Palin

This is too funny. EyeOnYou sent me this as an e-mail and I asked if I could turn it into a guestpost. Having just received the go ahead, over to EOY:

Guestpost by EyeOnYou

China Reacts to Palin

Sarah Palin’s first brush with China has not made her many friends. “Palin Gives Speech in Hong Kong, Called Boring, Members of the Audience Left Early” was how Ming Pao, a popular Hong Kong newspaper, put it in a headline today. A commenter in a Chinese Web forum wrote of Palin’s speech: “This is such a joke. Since when does China need the U.S. to point the way to the future?”

Now the two links included in the paragraph that I quoted go to a newspaper and a blog, both in chinese, and if you use google translation, it definitely loses something in the translation, but quite honestly, the feelings that are expressed come shining through and I don't think that I have ever laughed quite like this before.

A few of examples (from the blog):

**Brought in a big liar liar in the Huyou, animatedly Huyou, there are always idiots fooled the.

**Claimed that the U.S. should help China to find the next - the United States is really willing to help others, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

**China should look grave for the United States! Menopause neurotic woman

**Inability to increase the brain remnants, Wang reproduction.

**This person good shameless! Careful jaw smashed his own foot.

**The Sao woman has loosened her tongue everywhere, polluting the air.

**Please carefully read the lady in China five thousand years of history. Otherwise, please shut up. Arrogance + ignorance = terminally ill.

I am guessing that they were not too thrilled with her speech!!!!

Another opinion on Sarah Palin's speech:


ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck said...

my favorite:

Careful jaw smashed his own foot

poetic AND uncannily accurate.

peninparadise said...

Just browsing some images:

...and this video/homage to quittypants, is why the truth must be revealed:
The women adore her "mothering skills," and the men "stand at attention," when they see her naughty monkeys!

my wv is plize, as in pulleese!

Patrick said...

Hahaha, that's too funny!!

"The Sao woman has loosened her tongue everywhere, polluting the air"

The pig with lipstick! ;-)

Bree Palin said...

Well somebody owes me a new monitor - that is hilarious! I can't decide which one is my favorite - what a riot!

Patrick said...

Interestingly, many commenters took offence with Sarah's remark that the "U.S. Will Help China Find the Future".

Link again:

They are basically saying that it should be more the other way round...

Here is one longer example:

"Perhaps was not really must do well the relations with China, still the human in spoke by an extreme hegemony American posture to China, such viewpoint already should eliminate, but was not still mentions.So-called “will help China to seek the future”, that will be simply is talking in a dream, tells the lie, China's development and the date strength, will be completely 1,300,000,000 Chinese relies on one's own effort to revive, the difficult imbark, will do not hesitate the inevitable result which will struggle diligently, not only now “helps China to seek the future” this simply is does smiles + the retarded excuse, US's this viewpoint weak moreover has the rumor extremely, from establishes from new China until now, US will all be the consistent sanction, surrounding, will hit the pressure, where will have a friendly help?
Now China has been formidable, honorable prosperous and powerful prosperity time “helps China to seek the future”, such excuse will be able to obtain how many in China the support and the favorable impression, will only be able to let the human feel disgusting.
Finally said one, no matter which country is, China all is consistent in a friendly way is together, peace diplomacy, is sincere, hoped US really puts out the harmonious peace diplomacy the sincerity.If, US does not give up its hegemonism thought, constantly to other country the posture which keeps aloof by one kind, perhaps two final friends also must lose, let alone established the deep level mutual confidence diplomacy."

Patrick said...

Haha, this one is GREAT, too:

"Asks this woman to read off the Chinese five millennium histories earnestly. Otherwise please shut up.
Extremely arrogant + ignorant = is terminally ill"

Anonymous said...

Definitely loses something in the translation. Wait a minute; it sounds exactly like Sarah.

wayofpeace said...

methinks SP took MARK TWAIN's sarcasm as serious advise:

"All you need is
ignorance and confidence
and the success is sure."

Patrick said...

More Chinese comments from this website - I find it actually really interesting. It cannot do any harm to look at the Chinese perspective a bit closer:

"She only is the one's own wishful thinking station in hers political field of vision speech, she did not understand the Eastern culture, did not understand our state, she should lay down her values as West's political person, how the achievement China leader who the body same feeling receives should grasp this complex country"

"The swindler please come a big swindler to flicker, vigorously flickering, always has the idiot to be swindled."

"About the Chinese has five millennium development history, has own broad ideal, will need to help US to seek the future"

"Chaotic, has not listened to the debtor to help the creditor to look for the future.。If some, that definitely is the debtor tells the creditor, please do not ask me to want the debt.。"

"Mouth boastful talk! The American said will pursue the future is: Seizes China"

"Matches the forest is any thing! China future the Chinese will decide! Also serves a need the American to gesticulate"

"Declared US will have to help China to look for the future - - US really is glad helps the human, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"

Karen said...

What a riot! Inability to increase brain remnants, there are always idiots fooled (by her), & the one about polluting the air - those were my favorites. Thanks Regina!

And thanks Patrick for finding more humor, we should do this more often, laugh at her.

Teutonic13 said...

Here are some Quotes & Smotes regarding the question of Palin compared to WW II’ Germany’s infamous propagandist- Joseph Goebbels. It’s from a Kos Poll I submitted earlier…
She was no accident.
Too cunning and conniving to be a twist of fate.
She has used her looks and folksiness to get her through most of her life- and knows how to use that key.

Accidents are when the condom has a hole in it-
An opportunist always knows when to let the skirt rise a little higher.

Regarding how to figure out which side of the shirt goes to the front:
The “teat” imprints goes in the front- at least as far as she reckons…

A lot of Brow Shirts were just mindless minions anyway. Egged on by fear, false ideology, and promises. She has Facebook for that.

White Shirt- that’s the shirt they’d wear in the US.

More like a Dominatrix the way she dressed Todd up in a skirt for the Chinese audience to look up at.

…just had to see what caliber of bullet the world dodged when Obama & Biden won. It was a beeeeeeeeeeg one!

Nah- had the makings of a 22 or old birdshot- never a serious threat.

My Grandpa saw them hang Mussolini. But they didn’t write “fed” on his chest…

She is a coward… simply stated a quitter. She is THE “Divider”….

EyeOnYou said...

I have to admit when I first saw this I almost spit my coffee onto my keyboard, and the more I read the more I laughed.

It is very interesting to see how other people react to her, and as I said, I am going to guess by these remarks that they were not too thrilled with her or her remarks! ;)

honestyinGov said...

Light bulb coming on....

I wonder what some of these Chinese quotes would sound like if William Shatner were reading them...? It would have to be hysterical. She won't Tweet anymore... William is looking for work...

Teutonic13 said...

Really good article!

The translations were priceless- and I hope she reads them.

If she continues on this path she will anger a ton of Americans- and eventually she might be on the receiving end of the hate she so loves to stir up.

Todd must think she is a Moron- but I think he is a real Dad- and pretty forthright. Has some principals obviously- or else he would have bailed a long time ago.

Teutonic13 said...

Is she still of twitter? Is Kirk the reason you think?

Thank God she wasn't around for the Captain of the Enterprise back in the day- that would have put the Green Alien Lady to shame :)

Teutonic13 said...

My bad... ^^^

"is she still of twitter" = Is she still OFF Twitter

SoCalWolfGal said...

Well I hope Murdoch is satisfied. Thanks to him we now look like total idiots to the entire world. Can't he at least get decent speech writers? Extremely arrogant and ignorant - boy they saw right through her didn't they. I think whoever is responsible for bringing her to China owes the entire country an apology.

lisabeth said...

I love the idea of Shatner repeating his performance with these-Haiku set to Chinese music in the background. How can we get your great idea to him?

I just heard she wrote something on the middle east now in honor of the Jewish holidays. I find that offensive, being Jewish-please witch do not hijack the most religious holidays to the Jewish people for your own selfish political agenda!!!! Please STFU Sarah!!!!!!!! Like she knows anything about the middle east! This whole thing is a charade and everyone knows it but her and her wacko fans!!! Blchhhh. I can't stand her!

Anonymous said...

SoCalWolfGal, maybe Murdoch planned it that way-maybe he hates the US and is taking quiet revenge?!

C'mon Levi said...

You are unlikely to ever get an apology from Murdoch I would think. My thoughts would be that he enjoys the right wing divisiveness that she brings. He is, I am certain, a divide and conquer man. And he has found just the little lady/puppet to do his business for him.

Anonymous said...


I think whoever was responsible for involving SP in the Mccain campaign should be shot and owes the whole world an apology... not to mention this latest gaffe/snafu in Hong Kong...

My sensibilities are on INSULT overload with this loose gun in the media... wish someone would MUZZLE that dog... (pitbull wearing lipstick)

sheesh... youd think that monetary funders wouldn't put up with that kind of elementary crap... especially for the rumored cash they paid for it. They ARE afterall supposed to be the higher echelons of monetary funding????

Anonymous said...

ok this is not funny any more. She is messing with our country's reputation and standing in the world. Teeing off China is one thing, what happens when she aims her mouth at Iran? or Libya?

Amy1 said...

THANK YOU, EyeOnYou and Regina for posting this.

I too loved reading the Google-translated Chinese version. The commenters there totally get it. I have great respect for them. Wish I could add to their comments that we don't like her, either, most of us. Only Rupert and his pals do.

Please pardon us, China -- for sending you such a travesty. Embarrassing. Good NYer article too.

Thx again.

mommom said...

People ask why we are still against her.This entire thread shows why.Here she is,a quitter,a loser,no longer relevant,and Murdoch has sent her overseas where people don't know that she does not speak for us .Now they know the true definition of an "ugly American",a loud,braying,narcisistic,self rightous fool ,and they will judge us y her.

Imagine Quittypants and foreign diplomacy.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Thanks Eye & Reg!
I loved the chinese word salad and I just couldn't resist...I posted these word salad Chinese comments at the creepers!
Shut their faces right up!
They didn't know how to react to what the Chinese were saying about the queen!
Shut them right up!

lisabeth said...

Crystalwolf, let us know if they erased them

and she already is opening her big Botox frozen mouth about the middle east!!! This idiot honestly thinks she is Margaret Thatcher or Ronald Reagan! How funny is that? She apparently has the worst advisors! It's good she continues to make a fool of herself. And her confidence is not very good-that is obvious or she wouldn't be shunning the media. She is such an embarrassment! Ahhhhh!!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't believe she has any advisors. Let's think about her HK performance:
1) Hairstyle same (no stylist, Bumpit, wig?)
2) Clothes (no stylist)
3) Face ( cosmetic procedure?)
1) Vocal intonations worse (less enthusiasm)
2) Delivery style same (poor, robotic)
1) Same old worn out neocon stuff as during the '08 campaign
2) Speechwriters identified; Randy S. lead writer on the speech from McCain days
3) Ad lib at airport showed she has not polished her "candids."
1) Still polarizing; no "win." Reactions ranged from walkouts to praise.
2) Chinese Reaction - poor.
CONCLUSION: If she is advised by anyone, what are they doing? Writing one speech and a Facebook page? That's not "advising." That's like renting a billboard. They have not helped Palin. She is somewhat worse than before.
Could an advisor have a negative effect? Or is it more likely there are no advisors anymore, just a book deal?


jo said...

In the new National Examiner headline, "Sarah Palin declares war! I won't let that liar destroy my family. She's vowed to bury Levi and the one thing her rivals learned is -- don't cross Sarah".

"I'll destroy him before he destroys me!" Adds a source in Wasilla, AK
"Levi has asked for big trouble by dishing dirt about Sarah and her daughter. He's way out of his league messing with her. He forgot Wasilla's golden rule - don't mess with Sarah or her family."

They repeat some of the VF quotes including adopting their baby. We all need to write these tabloid magazines and ask them to find out the truth about the Trig cover-up. We could direct them to Palin's Deceptions and palingates for tons of great information. It's the perfect trash news they like. That's all she good for the tabloids.

LisanTX said...

jo--do you have a link to the article? or is it in a print magazine?


Helen said...

bravo, just Bravo!

jo said...

It is in print, I can't find anything on-line for them, they also own National Enquirer, but there is nothing there about this story.

Anonymous said...

The few leaks from the McCain campaign hinted that Sarah couldn't or wouldn't take preparation. They dressed her beautifully, did her hair and make up, but they couldn't change what was inside.

If she has had any new handlers, we can conclude that she is simply unteachable. She is more stubborn than George W. Bush, who was famous for "my way of the highway." She learned nothing from the clothes, make up and hair professionals. It is a good thing that Murdoch has a beautiful wife and billions. He can easily cut his losses.

Conclusion, you can take the gal out of Wasilla, but you can't take Wasilla outa the gal.

Karen said...

I agree, Sarah has no right to represent our country in China! This sort of behavior could really cause global problems, even though she's not an elected official. People are simple in other countries, & some will take her words as representative of the USA in general.

She did not do this as a learning experience, staying only long enough to give the speech & recover from jet lag. She did this to line her pocketbook, & benefit herself. It almost seems rude, the way she jetted right out of there.

Karen said...

Clarification: I did not mean all people were simple in other countries. I meant people will hear things, & believe what they hear many times. It's simply human nature everywhere.

Eileen said...

Other foot in the mouth situations: How about a Palingates topic for Feargate/Smeargate/RevengeGate with listings of the folks she or her cronies have threatened, fired, lied about.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's obvious she offended the Chinese people and they think she is stupid, lol. I'm sure she's the gossip everywhere.

This needs to get out. The Republican party needs to be embarrassed and they need to put her to bed.

Gryphen has a great post on advice from about the quitter in a dear jane type news column. It's priceless!

Get the Chinese reaction out there! Shut her up.

Postergirl said...

Crystal / Caligirl - on what c4pee thread did you post the chinese comments? Would love to see what they said.

Bree Palin said...

I agree with the commenters who say that she seems to be advisor-free. I have seen nothing in the year since the hit the national stage that indicates that she has learned anything. Neither in content nor image. Clearly, Randy S. and others wrote up that speech, but she Palinized its delivery with chopped up sentences and the same squeaky delivery. Either she refuses to attempt to learn or she is incapable of learning *anything*.

Anonymous said...

Bree, it's obvious she's incapable of learning anything. Her stubborness and ignorance will be her downfall. Hopefully, that will occur very soon.
Kallie in Texas

Karen said...

She doesn't seem to have much help, in presenting a polished & professional image. Agree with someone who said, you can't take the Wasilla out of her. She doesn't come across as having much class.

Think her personality tells her she's great & doesn't need help, so this may be her downfall. We can all hope so anyways.

Anonymous said...

Regina, I wish you or one of your guest writers will do a write-up about this photo.

Reesie in VA

ArmchairJane said...

Anonymous 04:48,
You are thinking just what I am thinking. I think Randy S wrote the speech and has advised her to project herself as "little c Conservative", but that was as far as the advice went.

If Murdoch was behind this gig I think he would have made sure she had professional hair and makeup, and be dressed professionally. What we got instead seemed to be Sarah's own style from pre-campaign days.

I am wondering how much Murdoch's people have discovered about the truth behind babygate. He's in a bind if the book comes out and numerous lies are easily revealed. I don't think it would look good for the publisher if they put out a book that can immediately be shown to be full of lies.

At this point I am wondering if the book may end up being written only for the Zondervan Christian market, and stick to general topics, like how Sarah uses her faith to overcome adversity and of course all the "persecution" she has endured, like those "gotcha" media questions.

Rather than being a detailed autobiography, the book may end up avoiding details and sticking to safer topics. That sort of book would still sell well among Sarah fans but would avoid the embarrassment that could occur if the book goes into details that end up being shown to be lies.

Speaking of lies, it is interesting to read that under Christian Reconstructionism, which is the movement Palin and her church are part of, telling lies is just fine!

"Republican Gomorrah", Max Blumenthal's excellent book, states (p. 42):

"Under Reconstructionist rules of engagement, lying, deception, and stealth are considered legitimate tactics and are even encouraged. There is no requirement for Christians to be truthful "in acts of war," Rushdoony wrote. "Spying is legitimate, as are deceptive tactics."

Think about it. The church that Palin attends, and that many of her cronies and neighbors also attend, is part of a movement that subscribes to these beliefs. In part this may explain why in addition to fear of retaliation, so many in Wasilla are willing to keep quiet about Sarah's secrets.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the mangled translations sound eerily similar in syntax to Sarah's own Palinenglish babble.

Sarah is living proof that more college doesn't necessarily mean more educated! Now we know she's ignorant in more than one language.

Anonymous said...

Armchair Jane-You hit the nail onthe head about why so many Wasillians are afraid to come forward. Sarah's tentacles are everywhere in this state. I am dying to read Max's book.

On a side note, it is said in the Valley the Palin's are building a place for Bristol on the lot next to theirs on the lake. They have a nanny for both babies and they have bought Bristol her own car. Nice work if you can get it. Why do they need a nanny when no one in that house works?

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

Imagine. Just imagine....

A Liberal Democrat goes over to COMMUNIST CHINA, criticizes the policies a sitting president - and gets paid (conservative estimate) a quarter-of-a-million big ones for his or her trouble.

Can you even fathom the stink the right wing crazies would make at such a scenario? It boggles the mind.

I love Sarah Palin. I honestly and truly hope she never, EVER goes away. To a committed Lefty such as yours truly, she's just the gift that keeps giving and giving and giving and giving and giving and giving....

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY