Thursday, 24 September 2009

So sorry, Sarah Palin...

The Fairbanks Daily Newsminer apologized to Sarah Palin because they referred to her as a "broad" in a front page article about her Hong Kong gig.

Fair enough.

They also published this cartoon:

Are they calling her "white trash" and will have to apologize again, or are they bashing the rest of the media?

(click on cartoon to enlarge)



Dianne said...

Way to go, Newsminer!!! Love that cartoon! I'm hoping they AREN'T bashing the media and are putting those questions out there for investigative journalistic reasons and the truth finally emerges. Go after that Pulitzer and don't apologize.

gracie said...

Hmmm . . . that cartoon must be in the online version only as it is not in today's print copy, i just double checked and the cartoon is about tourists on their 'second tour of alaska' meeting a stryker brigade family on its' second tour.

That was a nice apology by Boyce and he managed to use the phrase 'A broad in Asia" a few more times in his apology.

Wonder if it was all preplanned ? He did not excuse it as a typesetting or proofreading error, which he could have, leading me to think the apology was probably written at the same time as the caption.

He also referenced the July editorial which took Miss Sarah to task for being unwilling to meet with the FDNM editors, that is a good editorial, it ran in the middle of July on a Friday I think, it is worth reading.

Anonymous said...

It's an editorial cartoon and the "media" is discussing Palin and her family's WHITE TRASH scandals. So it certainly is calling her WHITE TRASH! It's hard to read but covers a lot of her 'gates', ethic charges, etc.

Anonymous said...

Here's a YouTube video posted by a True Believer, of $P and Dud after his 1995 Iron Dog win. Note how $P doesn't stop chomping her wad of gum throughout the interview:

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Anonymous said...

What is the second to the last word in the picture?
"She wants to _?_ Alaska"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Funny -- in the 1995 video (14.5 years ago) $P is still wearing the same hairstyle -- that says a lot about her!!

oldster said...

Palin's should have covered their trash, no? Might have even bagged it.

Helen said...

This is funny, but when I first glanced at it, I didn't see the caption, and didn't think it was a trash bin.

I thought the crows were perching on a coffin. In terms of being politically dead, that metaphor would have been quite appropriate.

honestyinGov said...

I hope you might be able to find a clip or video footage of a new show that debuted on ABC last night. It is called ' Modern Family '. At least ONE of the writers on that show may be following your blog, Bree's or Gryphens. Someone on Mudflats posted this last night and so I made sure I watched.

"OMG watching a new show called Modern Family. Younger sister just asked Mom “if my sister gets pregnant would you pretend that she had mono for five months and then tell everyone the baby was yours??
MSM making a move?"
Whoops ! As you can see...the Writers STORY has a familiar plot line. Sometimes the Truth is funnier than Fiction. The old expression.." You can't make this stuff up ".Was this a one shot little plot line or will they be ' expanding ' on the story with details down the road. The Mods at Huffpo last night deleted me after I posted. Today my post stayed but couldn't mention names and such. Had to be vague.
This little ' STORY ' line happened at about the 16 minute mark of the Show.
I hope you can find the clip and follow up with a Story post as well. Heck... send the ABC writers some MORE info for the coming shows.

This info from a website I Googled.
"3. The Kids: Sitcom kids are often a motley crew of muggers and mannequins. Not so the four children among Modern Family's ensemble. "These are not kids that we feel like we have to write away from or use as props," says executive producer Steven Levitan (Just Shoot Me). "They're the antagonists of our stories." Alex Dunphy (Ariel Winter) is a brainy, snarky middle child who thinks it would be "cool" if her older sister got pregnant and her mom pretended it was hers. Gloria's son, Manny (Rico Rodriguez), is a sensitive romantic whose inherent bravery bristles against his new stepfather's more coarse nature."

snowbilly said...

Bree Palin has a post:

Sarah's TV Shows

wes_ben said...

Reg, check this out. Great article on why $P quit and a bonus just for you...a REALLY great picture :D

jo said...

In our small neighborhood paper there is a picture of McCain's town hall with this caption: VB addressed several concerns and questions to Sen. McCain. But he concluded his opportunity to speak by asking the senator why he had not better supported $arah Palin, the senator's vice presidential running mate, after the unsuccessful run for the country's two positions McCain had a strong response. "I would be glad to provide you with a long record," including comments from Palin herself, he said.

In the same paper where readers write in, someone wrote about McCain's town hall: "The speaker also got on McCain for the way he perceives the senator left $arah Palin hanging after the presidential campaign. McCain had a vigorous response to the latter.

That's all they wrote, I wish one of them would have elaborated more, but it sounds like he finally let lose with his displeasure of her.

I would like to hear about the long record, and her comments.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. TBB,
Thanks for the video tip! I swear if she lives to be 90 she will STILL be wearing that same hair style. Except back then it looked like it was her own real hair...

Found another good video after that one: two young Alaskan women interviewed last October answer questions about Palin being "the most popular governor". I think either of these women could have bested Sarah's time in the Governor's office:

Lisabeth said...

I thought at first the cartoon implied the media was "picking all the meat off Palin's bones." or picking her apart. Cindy McCain used that expression about the View gals after her and John were on that show. Cindy was furious over the questions they were asked and said they picked the meat off her bones.
The white trash heading though?? Hmmm-how else can it really be interpreted.

Sarah is simply too polarizing to ever make it in national politics. And clearly she is NOT trying to expand her base. If she was serious about running in 2012, wouldn't she do that ahead of time? Pawlenty is already pandering to the conservatives which makes me dislike him. Sarah is sticking to her very very narrow base of supporters.

Karen said...

Anon 23:26: Think the last sentence in the cartoon is "she wants to secede Alaska?"

Everyone, interesting to enlarge the cartoon & read all the lines.

Eileen said...

'Secede Alaska' would be a reference to her association and Todd's former membership in the Alaska Independence Party (google Joe Vogler) which stated goal was to be a seperate country from Lower 48.
With all the ugly Town Halls this summer and Gov. of Texas comment about seceding from USA (those rad Republicans of 2009 are just so darn red blood American patriots) it is reference to that too.
Kudos to kitchen sink political/personal observations- who is cartoonist? Familiar style and I can't name him.
Trailor trash, Wasilla Trash tee she wears, pick-up truck bed to self-serving Wasillabillies trash-ya can take the trash outta the trailor but it is still trash.
Too bad Babygate wasn't snuck in there, but those pesky bloggers, media types on coast and Joe the Voters are sniffin' around and askin' questions.
Babygates' water will break sooner or later. Just bubbling for the right time to burst. Comedians and humble commentators can nurse this story for the last morsel of shock and awe. She created this 'baby' (well, in reality, no) and I don't mean the baby Trig- wv:the baby scandal.Even Newsminer is growin' a set finally.
She campaigned as a mouthy broad in red pumps and so shall she be treated. I once said to the former Lt. Gov. wife Sandy Parnell after the Nat. Election-too bad you didn't become First Lady of Alaska (except ugh if McCain-Palin had won)...but it is better to be a lady First.

Anonymous said...

From AK Sandhills:

It's nice to see the Newsminer getting back at Palin for her ignoring the editorial board when she was GINO. She deserves it. I look forward to the day the Frontiersman does the same although I won't hold my breath. In my unofficial sampling of several Palinbots I am acquainted with in Wasilla/Palmer, they now think that voting for her for Governor was a mistake. It's interesting that as the AK Palinbots are moving away from her, Palin's fanatical supporters outside AK seem to grow more enthralled with her all the time.
I wonder what the reaction would be if babygate was exposed? Would the true believers abandon her as a whacko or would they place her on an even higher pedestal for this great sacrifice she made for her daughter. These people are that twisted, but of course since it would kill her politically that's all that really matters.

Celia Harrison said...

My interpretation of the cartoon is the artist/author is saying the reporting on Palin is of a gossipy nature which means the MSM is acting like gossipy white trash. The media is portrayed negatively; first of all they are scavinger type birds, second the flies are only around them(not the garbage), third two of the birds have crazy eyes.

Anonymous said...

From AK Sandhills:

The media is depicted as gossipy(because let's face it - they are)but the cartoon also shows that what they have to pick through are subjects related to Palin's white trash persona. in other words, she offers the media no real topics for discussion, just tabloid gossip.

wes_ben said...

any one catch Colbert's blackwashing segment last night? We need someone who is good with photo shop to blackwash $P