Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Sarah Palin's Babygate for beginners

A few "Trig Truther" blogs had an increase in traffic in the past couple of days thanks to Andrew Sullivan linking to Bree Palin's post. Bree uncovered some Fox News footage showing a very "tight abs" Sarah Palin five days before she posed for a photo sporting a very nice pregnant belly.

The following comparison is even more striking:

As many of the newcomers are not familiar with the details of Sarah Palin's short and flat pregnancy, I'm going to do a quick recap of how this "conspiracy" evolved.

What made people suspicious, apart from the rumours that emerged in the early days of the vice presidential campaign? By announcing that Bristol was 5 months pregnant, the RNC hoped to put an end to those rumours: Sarah Palin faked the pregnancy to cover for her teenaged daughter, Desperate Housewives style. Based on the April 18 birthdate, Bristol couldn't possibly be the mother of both babies. Case closed, story dead.

But the story wouldn't go away. A bit of googling here and there led people to Sarah Palin's own account of her labour and delivery of Trig. That's what we have called the "wild ride" ever since. It was wild alright: after delivering her all important speech, leaking amniotic fluid and without being checked by a doctor, Sarah embarked on a series of long flights from Dallas to Seattle to Anchorage, including a 2 hour stopover, followed by another 50 minute car ride from Anchorage to a small, not adequately equipped hospital in Palmer.

Of course this startling account of events set many alarm bells ringing. Women with some experience of childbirth, others who had experienced leakages, parents who had premature babies with or without Down Syndrome, healthcare professionals, curious people, they all scratched their heads and said to themselves: "There's something fishy here."

Another thing that googling revealed was a very well scrubbed governor's website. Loads of photos had disappeared, all from the time of the pregnancy. The alarm bells rang louder. Sarah Palin couldn't scrub the whole internet and some interesting photos started to emerge.

As the popularity of Palin's Deceptions grew, so did the curiosity of the dedicated researchers, who were determined not to leave any stones unturned. Lots of documents were unearthed, some through the Freedom of Information Act, and a good collection of travel schedules, travel authorizations, court papers and other bits and pieces started to grow and make sense (or not) in the context of the famous "pregnancy".

After Tripp was born, allegedly on December 27 (or was it 28?), 2008, and was presented to the world via Fox News in mid-February 2009, people started to doubt the official date of Trig's birth. The Trig we saw as a premature newborn on April 18 simply didn't look like a premature baby. Sarah Palin took this "premature", jaundiced, special needs baby to work with her 3 days after his "birth" and presented him to the press. The wild ride and Trig's debut defied all known medical advice in cases such as the one Sarah presented as fitting her own particular circumstances.

There's a lot more. There are countless theories regarding Trig's parentage, but I'm going to stick with the simplest of scenarios. Although Bristol is the hottest candidate for Trig's mom, regardless of who the real mother is, one thing seems to be quite clear: Sarah Palin didn't give birth to Trig. Not on April 18, 2008 or any other date. She was never pregnant in 2007/2008.

All of Sarah Palin's daughters are more nurturing to Trig than Sarah ever was. She puts on a show when the cameras are rolling. A fly-on-the-wall camera would never catch Sarah Palin showing any spontaneous affection for this innocent child.

To Sarah Palin, Trig is nothing more than a prop to enhance her pro-life credentials, he's just a means to an end, the scoring of political points by appealing to the emotions and the good nature of the people she has duped. She also made a fair bit of money in donations to her SarahPac and "legal" fund from these misguided followers.

This is the sad story behind Babygate.

There was some high drama in the past few months, bloggers were outed, threatened, silenced.

But just as Sarah Palin couldn't hide all traces of her fake pregnancy from the search engines, she won't be able to stop all bloggers.

Research teams regroup, undeterred. We will continue to put this puzzle together, piece by piece. The truth will come out, sooner or later.

You betcha!



Basheert said...

Good recap Reg. Thanks..it really is a ton of info to digest.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with some who say the screen shots from the April 8th look stretched. I know it doesn't look like that when I see the video, and in any event it is apparent to me that IF there were a bump of some kind under that jacket and scarf, it must be the 3 to 6 month size yet, and she didn't plan on putting the full term one on until April 13th, for the last day of the legislature, when the chances of lots of people seeing her, including Ms. Gusty, were too great for her NOT to go with the next size baby bump.

IF there is a bump there on April 8th, it certainly isn't anywhere near her rib cage, where it ought to be by 8 months. So, even with the stretching of the screen shot, you can still see something ain't right.

Reesie said...

Regina, I'd like to see a side by side of the baby Mercede and Levi are holding at the Palin's home with the one you have posted here.

gracie said...

Thanks Regina for the recap. Most of us here have been living with this info for so long now that we can forget how shocking it really is to everybody else and how it is important to digest it bit by bit, as we have all done of necessity. In order to prevent mental and emotional indigestion . . .

Anon at 19:45 -- If you actually watch the video you can see that there is no 'stretching' and no baby. The placement of the hands says it all, in both the screen shot and in the Gusty picture. (Perhaps an unconscious gesture on Sarah's part in the stairwell video, to try to cover her lie ?) The worst part of the video imho is at 4:21, when Miss Sarah describes herself as 'an old pregnant woman'
(who just went and 'sweated it out' at the gym the day before, which would have been @ April 7th).

I think it's important to see Miss Sarah as a participant in a larger scenario here rather than as an independent agent. Think of this whole situation unfolding in Shakespearean terms, with everyone
playing out their role. Bree, Regina, Audrey, Andrew et al are scriptwriters. We must be getting very close to the final curtain ! This melodrama is one for the ages and will someday be an opera . . .

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

This summary will be most helpful to forward to people I know who haven't shared my obsession.

I especially liked your description of $P as "shapeshifting." Harry Potter readers know that author J.K. Rowling has magicked up a menacing creature called a boggart, also known as a shape-shifter. Boggarts scare people by assuming the form of whatever one fears most, which is why, according to Professor Lupin, "It's always a good idea to have company when dealing with a boggart... The thing that really finishes a boggart is laughter."

When confronted with a shape-shifter, one imagines how it could be made to look ridiculous, holds that thought in the mind's eye, raises one's wand, and shouts, "Riddikulus!" Thus transformed, the boggart will turn its attention to another person, who must do the same.

Seems to me that we Muggles need no wand: $P has done a good enough job of making herself seem ridiculous. However, we mustn't underestimate her: We need to make her go away. Back into private life. Forever.

Anonymous said...

Really nice recap. Will be helpful when people come to this site.

MaineMom said...

Thanks, Regina. Great summary for those out there who haven't been following this for the past 13 months. Surely the end must be near for this ridiculous charade known as Sarah Palin. Keep up the good work, all!

colidii said...

Great summary.
I think the opinions of medical professionals about the wild ride are telling. Do we know whether $P followed her doctor's advice or whether we were only told that she called the Dr. once or twice. It could be that the Dr. (assuming $P told the Dr. what she told the press about the wild ride) told her to get to a hospital right away and that $P ignored the advice but put the story out there that she had consulted with her Dr. assuming that people would assume that she is rational and followed her Dr's advice; therefore, her Dr. must have advised her to fly.

It is my opinion that an office holder that would use his/her office to pursue personal vendettas (family feuds, really) is capable of doing anything. That, by the way, is why I think that she is unqualified for any office.

Imagine if she were President and felt that she had been crossed by someone. She might not hesitate to use the FBI or IRS to make that person's life miserable in order to further her own personal agenda.

Reepicheep said...

Can someone please tell me why the Palins Deception blog is no longer being updated?
I loved that blog and the writer obviously worked hard on getting real facts but now they have disappeared.
I lost touch for awhile, but after seeing the Bree pics I thought I would go to the best source.
Boy am I disappointed.

Patrick said...

Nice summary, Regina!

To the commenters who pointed out that the screenshots from 8th April 2008 look stretched:

The reason for the "stretched look" is that these screenshots originally were taken from a video of the Fox program "An American Woman" which had a distorted ratio.

Yesterday I uploaded the undistorted videos on youtube which I had downloaded long ago when they were available on the Fox News youtube channel (they were later scrubbed from there).

The fourth part with the most relevant footage can be watched in the undistorted version here:


Here is the overview about all the videos I have in this youtube account - including the other 4 parts of this Fox series:


I suggest that the picture in the graphic should be replaced with the undistorted screenshot from the new version.

Even in the undistorted version, Sarah Palin clearly has NOT a large belly.

A collection of screenshots form the 8th April 2008 (undistorted) can be viewed here:


Here is how Sarah Palin looked just 5 days later, proudly presenting an enormous belly which appeared out of nowhere (on the 13th April, 2008 - the famous "Gusty" picture):


The Gusty-picture is not photoshopped. As a direct result of the speculation about this photo in the blogsphere, KTVA-reporter Andrea Gusty herself confirmed in a special TV-report in April 2008 that the photo is real and not photoshopped - this TV-program can be watched here:


The "long version" (KTVA posted two versions on their website back in April 2008):


Daisydem said...

Thank you Regina. I have been with/in this story for over a year now. A longtime reader/poster at PD. I think I was the first or one of the first to find the pic of SP at the Governor's Conference in DC in February 2008. I have from time to time gone a little while without reading all the details of the "tight abs", the "wild ride" etc. And when I do again - it is like wow, there is no way this pregnancy, delivery happened! You simpled it up nicely. There just is no way she gave birth to Trig.

ArmchairJane said...


Thank you, excellent summary! With the most recent footage found and linked to by Andrew Sullivan's blog, now people are coming by to check out the story, with no knowledge of the background.

A lot of the "new" readers seem to want to be able to make up their minds without clicking a bunch of links to see the various parts of the hoax exposed. So I think this is quite helpful to explain the core of the story.

I appreciate that you have emphasized the timeline. For Palin's dates to add up, and for the phony pregnancy to be able to be disguised by Bristol's newly announced pregnancy, two things needed to be true:

1) Trig's birth date as announced by Palin HAD to be believed to be accurate.


2) Bristol HAD to be precisely around 5 months pregnant.

If Bristol was any less far along, then it WOULD easily be possible for Bristol to have two children in the time period at issue. Any more far along and she would have been showing more. 5 months was "JUST RIGHT" for the purpose of the deception.

Even Tripp's birthdate is not very well documented, since he supposedly was born Dec 27 or 28, 2009, and yet he was not seen by the cameras until weeks later.

Also I would like to emphasize to new readers that reliable sources have stated on the record that the rumor that Bristol was pregnant was already around in 2007, not just early in the VP campaign. (Video interview at RNC where reporter discusses hearing from a reliable source just that fact.)

ArmchairJane said...

Right now on MSNBC they are talking about the book: "Will it be a memoir or a manifesto" and "will it help or hurt her".

ManxMamma said...

Somewhat O/T - but I just looked at the children's travel documents for the first time. Has Piper ever spent any time in school at all? Or the other girls? What a disgrace.

midnightcajun said...

A good idea to run this summary, Regina. Those of us who have been slogging through the trenches on this for yonkers forget that there are millions out there who are clueless about so much of this farce.

Your point about the many who donated to SarahPac based on Sarah's Trig-certified pro-life credentials makes me wonder if someone couldn't make a case for fraud.

One little quibble: We know Sarah did not birth Trig on 18 April. We do not know that she didn't give birth to a very premature (say, 24 month) Trig in January, with someone other than Todd as the father. Ironically, if that is the scandal she is covering up, it will hurt her far more than if she is indeed covering up her teenaged daughter's slip. I still think Bristol is the most likely mother, but I'm just saying that we can't rule out this alternative.

Janet in Texas said...

As pathetic as Palin's lying about giving birth to Trigg is, the most disgusting and horrifying thing she did was to trot out Bristol on the national stage to tell the world that she was pregnant -- only to reinforce the cover up of her own deception. NO decent and loving mother would ever do such a thing. Palin is the poorest excuse for a mother I have ever seen. She makes me sick.

Daisydem said...

Regina, it might be important for newcomers to your site and to the whole story of Palin and the little baby Trig to know that the bloggers who are researching and exposing this story started their work when trying to learn something about this person who McCain had selected for his running mate, BUT the story did not begin there. On researching Palin in late summer 2008, what came to the surface from Wasilla and Alaska were the rumors that Bristol Palin was or had been pregnant and that Trig might not be Sarah's baby. One blogger, Audrey, a nurse and midwife, on reading the story about how Trig was born, decided it sounded too far-fetched and she took it from there on investigating. Then many of the rest of us stumbled upon her blog and then the other blogs as we were doing the same thing of trying to get a picture of this fierce, independent, most popular Governor of all time, Alaskan woman and mother of 5! We were not out to get Sarah Palin so much as we were out to find out who she was. Then the other aspects of her character, her willingness to incite hate at the rallies, the inability to coherently answer questions and all the other "gates." And to ManxMamma who I see just asked a question about the children (especially little Piper) and school. We have all been down that road - do these children ever go to school? Bristol's long absence due to mono (5 months); Willow and Piper on the campaign trail endlessly, Levi and Bristol possibly co-habitating and taking care of the baby(ies) .. and on it goes.

Amy1 said...

Reesie@20:12 -- at the bottom of this page is a comparison of headshots of T1:

Left and middle: with Levi and Mercede, on an unknown date, when T1 looks smaller, with the blotchy skin of a newborn. I flopped these two photos and enlarged them so they would be easier to compare with the photo at right.
Right: "presentation" photo of T1 on Apr 18.

Anonymous said...

Great job Regina! I've read a few comments here and there that indicate that some may not understand why Palin would go to such lengths to cover up a Bristol pregnancy. Those of us who've been following this and chewing on different theories seem to mostly agree that her motivation would be to secure her chances at being the VP selection. Personally, I believe that if Bristol is the mother, it explains perfectly why Sarah began using camo (scarves) in January and hid her "supposed" pregnancy from literally everyone, including her own family. Then, once McCain secured the nomination, it explains her announcement the following day of her own pregnancy. In this scenario, I imagine that she did this without Bristol's consent and Sarah essentially trumped her and Levi. That also explains why Bristol would have gotten pregnant again so soon.

If the child is not Bristol's, one wonders why Sarah would have faked a pregnancy at all. Here is where a quote that Gryphen had up from James Dobson and another religious leader that made that decision make sense for me. It's clear that they wanted McCain to make a choice to appeal to the base. Those powers that be also have a very vested interest (almost rabid) attachment to a rigid pro-life stance. What better way to give their choice "can't say no" credentials than to have her "walk the talk" by having made the choice *knowingly* (here is where saying you had an amnio makes sense)to have a DS child. Where did the child come from? Who knows. Adopting would not be difficult, especially with her church assisting. I do not believe this scenario is far-fetched at all when you consider the tactics used by politicians and religious groups in furthering their agenda. This would be a scandal of proportion, such that Morgan talked about, that would rock that party to the core. Not to mention finish Palin off quite handily.

I just thought I'd put that out there for those readers who do not understand why Palin would do something like this if the child did not belong to one of her own children. It also supports her faking the pregnancy versus just adopting because it bolsters her pro-life creds. Think about it. How many have wondered at why she chose to get an amnio?

You guys are all doing a great job sticking with this.

Susan in MD

Basheert said...

To the "newbies" - just a couple of answers to questions that are always the same:

1) Sarah's Doctor = she is not an OB, and is not a high risk OB either. There is a HUGE question as to why she would "deliver" a DS baby with cardiac issues and jaundice at a Community Hospital that lacks a NICU. However under HIPAA, she cannot and will not speak so that is a dead end even if she wanted to. It's been brought up again and again, but HIPAA absolutely ties her hands unless SP gives written permission to discuss.

2) T1's Birth certificate: Birth certificates are alterable. In an adoption, the new father/mother/parents names are put on the new birth certificate and you can change the child's name as well. Birth certificates are dead ends. The ONLY documentation of Live Birth a state will possess is the one that is legal. I know this because my husband adopted my daughter. Her natural father went "poof" - her name was changed and as far as my ex, he appeared NOWHERE.

It really isn't worth the effort to go after these two issues. Sometimes it is worthwhile to turn the focus elsewhere to information that can be obtained.

Basheert said...


Trig is obviously a Down's baby. The other child is normal. Look at the eyelid fold to start with.

The physical characteristics of Down's are very obvious.

Patrick said...

I have created two new photo-montages which compare Sarah Palin's appearance on April 8 and April 13, 2008.

It's very clear that the big belly on April 13 came out of nowhere.

See here:



Hank said...

Face it guys, there is no physical proof that Palin is not Trigs mother. No one can prove it and no one believes the pictures or the videos. Levi is never going to come forward, he would look awful to the public if he did and no one has the balls to out her, even Gryphen will not divulge all that he knows. So unless Palin admits it herself this is going nowhere and Palin knows it.

Patrick said...


Very sorry, I have to disagree regarding the birth certificate:

On a birth certificate, the date of birth cannot be changed, as far as we know.

This was once the subject of a blogpost on PD:


Therefore it's most likely not a dead end to ask for Trig's birth certificate.

As Trig Palin without any doubt was not born on April 18, 2008, this would be the main reason why Sarah refuses to show Trig's birth certificate.


Sunshine1970 said...

I'm wondering..since the Gusty photos had the date of the camera all screwed up on it, and there's no way to seriously date them, maybe these photos were recreations of the April 13th interview...? They did magically appear during the election season and no one had seen them before. They seem too convenient to have appeared right around the time that people were talking about the Bristol pregnancy rumor, and it's the only set of photos that show her looking pregnant.

Amy1 said...

Just to confirm many of the posts above re how we tinfoil-hat-people got into this.

Although I was sold on Obama when the RNC happened, I was still thinking I had some respect for McCain then. I was thrilled to see a plain-speaking Mom of 5 burst out of nowhere as the VP pick. I wanted to respect SP.

But right away I was bothered by false notes. I had heard no rumors, but I was bothered by the way she held T1 (esp so in contrast to Bristol's nurturing style with him). Then I was bothered by a lot of other non-babygate-related things. Then I was bothered that anyone could think that Hillary-supporters would flock to SP's side.

After the election, I started to do more reading, hit upon Audrey's PD blog, and was riveted by the fakeness of the SP medical letter, supplied to the public by the RNC at 10 PM before election day, guaranteeing that it would affect no votes. After I thought about that letter some more, I realized (even before the killer photos that prove beyond a shadow that SP WAS NOT PREGNANT WITH T1) our dear SP is a menace to society and was being supported, groomed, and protected (mediawise) by some very dangerous people.

Parallels to Hitler's rise seemed inescapable, and even now scare me a LOT.

Hank: is this not physical proof?

Patrick said...


Earlier this year, the PD team examined basically for months the Gusty picture, including professional photo analysis, but in the end, after a long public and internal discussion, the consensus was that the Gusty pic is real, and this was also proven through the broadcast which KTVA then published - including the full version of the live broadcast from April 13, 2008. Therefore we concluded in the end that the Gusty picture had NOT been altered.

Here are the links for the broadcast again:


The "long version" (KTVA posted two versions on their website back in April 2008):


Irishgirl said...

I just came across this.

Vincent’s politics also seem to align pretty well with Palin’s. In 2006, Vincent helped write a book called “Donkey Cons: Sex, Crime, and Corruption in the Democratic Party.” (”Donkey Cons” was co-written with Robert Stacy McCain.) The book’s tagline advertised a chronicle of “shameless bribery, illicit sex, [and] sweeping corruption.” Meanwhile, promotional copy posted to World Magazine’s Amazon page promised to reveal the following:

Robert Stacy McCain was the blogger that went after Audrey at PD’s. Sarah is keeping lovely company! I think he was fired from some Washington paper because of his racial views.


Sunshine1970 said...


I have watched the video on more than one occasion, and although it's a long shot, I always felt there was just something weird about those photos. Why were they taken right then and there, why did they 'magically' appear during the campaign, why was the date on the camera never corrected? Or was it intentionally obscured.

I always felt the photos were real. Never photoshopped--well maybe enhanced with light and dark, etc.

But then, this is Sarah Palin we're talking about. There are no sane thoughts in that woman's head, I'm afraid.

Reesie said...

Thanks Amy1.

At the bottom of this page is a comparison of headshots of T1:

Left and middle: with Levi and Mercede, on an unknown date, when T1 looks smaller, with the blotchy skin of a newborn. I flopped these two photos and enlarged them so they would be easier to compare with the photo at right.
Right: "presentation" photo of T1 on Apr 18.
Can someone verify that these two babies are Trig.

Hank said...


No the photos are not physical proof that anyone believes to be credible evidence. Pictures do lie sometimes. I'm not saying they are lying in this case but with the photos alone a case can not be proven, and has never been proven enough for this to affect Palin.

I dont believe there is proof out there, that is why Palin feels so confident in purpetuating this lie.

Unless she admits it herself this is not going to gain any steam. I am just resigned to the fact that she has gotten away with it. There is nothing anyone can do to get her to admit it. No one is coming forward and no one has any undeniable evidence that she did lie. She will continue the lie in her book and she will continue to get away with it.

Cassandra said...

@Hank, it is my opinion that she is not getting away with it. If she were "getting away with it," she would still be in office. She would still be a viable GOP candidate. Instead, she is a trainwreck, quitting her job, rushing through her bio because her brand is so tarnished.

Additionally, the whisper campaign on the Internet has really stepped up. It's only a matter of time. Human nature shows us that. Even if they buy Bristol a mansion, something else will give.

Anonymous said...


the media didn't SEE John Edwards have sex with his mistress, either, but they did she him in the same hotel as her and it ruined his entire career.

Or are you suggesting that only Democrats have to live up to family values and integrity, even though they don't run on culture war issues like "family values", so it should matter LESS if a Democrat has a sex scandal?

Because we could talk more about Palin's affair/s if you wish. NE has signed affidavits re her affair.

Anonymous said...

@Hank, here's an example of how tarnished Palin's brand is: "GOING ROGUE."

Okay, why would a good Christian woman deliberately use that term (which means having a certain kind of sex with a transsexual, according to Urban Dictionary.com)? Why would Rupert Murdoch encourage that? That's pretty darn tarnished!

Anonymous said...

Hank, you're going to all the Babygate blogs and leaving the same negative paragraph. Paid blogger?

Patrick said...


I fully agree of course that the "Gusty-pictures" are "weird", and that they very conveniently were posted anonymously on flickr on August 31, 2008 - just when Sarah was nominated to be the vice-presidential candidate. Today we know that the pictures were most likely uploaded to flickr by KTVA cameraman Dan Carpenter.

By the way, for the record:

Here is the Gusty-picture in the highest resolution available - it was posted in this high resolution on the KTVA website after the special Gusty-program - it was posted originally with a lower resolution on flickr on August 31, 2008:


That's how it was originally posted on flickr, using the "infamous erik99559 account" (it was then deleted on this account already many months ago, but I have preserved a screenshot):


Here is the complete set with the Gusty pictures:


Patrick said...


No, she is not getting away with it ;-)

Basheert said...

oh Patrick:

Hank is a troll - I know ... he's not very good at it, but we have to give him 3 points for trying.

Basheert said...

Patrick, you're right about the date. I was referring to the other information.

Patrick said...

Hi Basheert!

Why do they always try, these trollies....?

Anybody should know by now that she won't get away with it.


Yes, I just wanted to point this out regarding the date, so that nobody gets confused. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hank you are wrong. More people are coming forward and talking about this then you realize. Palin can choose to not fess up but then her book will be full of lies. She is a fool to let this charade continue. Again, you do not know who is talking do you? Wait and see.
With or without Palin, people are talking. If she prefers to release lies, good for her. The rest of us care about the truth and the people she is stealing fron under false pretenses.

Hank, do you live in Alaska or know Sarah? If your answer is no, then I don't know how you would know what she is worried about or not. And poor Bristol, how long will money and a house and new car make her happy. Few people can live a lie for long and the rumour is that she has talked to a few about this.

Dr Who said...

Does going Rogue really mean having sex with transsexual?

It's a ridiculous name for a book. I liked Sarah Vain and Simple better, the name nominated by Mudflats.

regina said...

Dr Who,

Going rogue has a very rude definition in the Urban Dictionary.


honestyinGov said...

**** NEWS ****
**Shannyn Moore will be on Countdown tonight.

** AKMuckraker will be on TV with Rachel Maddow ( as posted on Mudflats )

We don't know if the subject of these new videos will come up tonight but I am sure the topic of her Book will be a topic and maybe the idea about why Sarah NOW has to RUSH this book out.Watch the Shows or get the video of the shows afterward. Could be interesting.A little ' hint ' here or there to point MSM toward what is going on..?

Patrick said...

Hank, do you know that in all these months of research, we have NEVER EVER found any additional piece of evidence that would prove that Sarah Palin WAS in fact pregnant, apart from the Gusty pictures...?

Funny, huh?

Patrick said...

Hank, on Bree's blog you just made it clear that you are not a troll, you just believe that Sarah will get away with it - so I am sorry for calling you a troll, but you should have made it clear where you are coming from. ;-)

So let's all be friends now again.

Amy1 said...

Long ago, when I was new to this subject, I came across the Gusty photo in passing. It served to convince me for a while that SP had indeed been pregnant. Because I was not really paying attention. I saw the photo and moved on. It served its purpose -- making me think it was probably one of many pg photos of her sprinkled about the web, just as one would expect for a pg governor. I thought she looked pretty as a PG woman -- prettier than I did when I was that big and uncomfortable.

I wonder how many other casual insomnia-motivated amateur researchers idly saw this photo and convinced themselves that there could be no train wreck here, the whole concept of a hoax was preposterous, and moved on. As I did.

Later, when I tried to find that photo again, I could not. I thought that was due to my poor search skills. And then way later the whole kerfuffle and discussion about it on PD happened.

By that time, I (like many others here) was saving photos, dating them, comparing them side by side. The conclusions are beyond obvious.

So that Gusty photo served its purpose in its time. Unfortunately for SP, Audrey had started her search, and a lot of us joined in. This could not have happened before internet blogs. SP would have easily gotten away with it. I daresay she HAS -- so far -- gotten away with it.

But I do have hope for a different eventual outcome. Soon. Can I hope for it VERY SOON???

(P.S.: for newbies: the Gusty photo is real; it's the belly on SP that is fake.

colidii said...

"Going rogue" has powerful connotations in Alaska, too. Meg Stapleton and $P referred to Walt Moneghan and Trooper Wooten as "rogues." To call law enforcement officers "rogues" is very low, because, among police officers, a "rogue" is one that would plant evidence, coerce a confession, etc. I think both of them were outstanding officers and, just like the vast majority of officers, would never do anything "roguish." Celtic Diva has more info about this, including a video of Meg Stapleton.

I think that McCain's people used the term in the sense of a rogue elephant (republican mascot) or someone that isn't a team player. But, yes, she obviously didn't focus-group that title, otherwise, she would have chosen a different one. Some have speculated that she thought it was "rouge."

"Rouge cou cou," the name she gave a business, is also interesting. Rouge koo-koo? Koo-koo rogue?

ArmchairJane said...


Polls showed most of Palin's support came from men. I will let you in on a secret. Despite what her crowd says, it is really NOT because women, including many Republican women, are "jealous".

I would say it is in part because women know that her superwoman act is baloney, and the also realize that even as a 40-something governor she was still acting like she was in high school.

And women who have had children seem to catch on to the pregnancy hoax much more quickly than men to, probably because they know advanced pregnancy is far more than just a "bump" that can be hidden for months with tight abs.

Women also understand that lying about a pregnancy and doing it for political gain IS a big deal. If over half the electorate has soured on Palin, I just don't see that she has the skills to rehabilitate herself politically. But I think she could have a big future in TV ministry.

midnightcajun said...

Hank, bless your little heart, running around to all the Babygate blogs trying to save us from beatin' our poor heads against the truth. What a trooper.

Me, I think it's all worth it for no other reason but to keep the pressure on Sarah and her Company of Liars. And yeah, the truth will out when and if she tries to run in 2012. Those Republicans are mean sons of bitches; they play dirty even when there's no dirt. Anyone running against her will dig this ugly story up and throw it at her in a heartbeat. Then it'll be bye-bye Sarah.

I just want it to come out NOW, before this vicious, sick woman can stir up more hatred and cause more deaths in this country.

Anonymous said...

I disagree that we can'tget baldwinjohnsonto talk. File a complaint with the medical licensing board for giving (alledgedly) ridiculous medical advice. Hippa can't protect her. It's her freKin medical license in question .... Her livelihood. Will Sarah bye her a house, a car and a nanny , too?? Right letters to the american academy of famiily physicians . Let them know thAt this family physician of the year 2002 puts pregnant women in jeopardy if/ when they emulate sarah's actions while she was 'pregnant '.

Anonymous said...

interesting blog on the Trig birth story

it goes into each of these with detail

here are ten more clues in the "Who-is-Trig's-Mother" Mystery:

11. No Maternity Leave

12. Pictures of a Not-so Pregnant Sarah, Two Weeks Before the Birth

13. Mercedes Johnson’s Strange Pictures

14. Chances Are

15. Andrew Sullivan's Request for Sarah Palin’s Medical Records Denied

16. At least four independent sources of Rumors Before the Birth.

17. National Enquiry Digs Up Something. Was Bristol Thrown Out of Her house?

18. Bristol Disappears, Appears, Then Disappears Again.

19. Sarah’s Confession:“I told Trig’s Mom and Dad…”?

20. The Travels of Sarah and Trig.

Anonymous said...

Regina, I love the Urban Dictionary description for " going rouge," a great title for Sarah's book.

It reminds me that when the so called Tea-baggers chose that name for their protest, they neither grasped the real meaning behind the Boston Tea Party, nor did they bother to look up Tea bagging in the same Urban Dictionary.

(That website is not for the faint of heart; it is definitely for adults only).

Anonymous said...

anon 00:45 has provide points 11-20, details on Trig. In case you haven't read items 1-10, the can be found:

Please take a look. There are sources and information that I hadn't seen before. Note to Patrick: if you don't have this report cached, add it to your collection.

colidii said...

The Columbia Journalism Review (cjr.org) does stories about journalism. Could this story be presented there as a journalism story. I think the thing that might get them interested is the wild ride story. They could do the story not as the definitive yes/no-she-faked story but as a journalism story and the role of journalism in a matter like this.

Anonymous said...

On my way to work this morning something came to mind. Sarah will use religion as an excuse when this all comes out. Palin will state that Trig was Bristol's child, but because of her age and Trig's disability, she and Dud adopted Trig to protect Bristol. The religious spect... God told her to do it, and therefor Americans should respect her decision.

Leadfoot said...

Write in to Jack Cafferty and tell him what you really want to see in SP's memoir:


Patrick said...

Anon 01:36

I agree, that will be Sarah's likely excuse, but do the Americans really want a president who lies whenever God tolds her to do so...?

Hopefully not.

Patrick said...


I like that!!! Thanks!

Everybody should write!! You know what...!!! ;-)

sandra said...

One important thing about the Gusty picture is that it was taken after the legislators had all gone home. There was some video of SP earlier in the day, but it was a head shot. If she had suddenly appeared that big (April 13) in person, everyone in the Capitol would have noticed it.

lisabeth said...

Patrick, I was just watching hardball and Chris Matthews was going on and on about what a star Sarah is and how rich she will be! No mention of her negatives by him/strange!!

Does she have tons of speeches booked at 10000 each, Matthews is an example of how clueless the MSM is !!! And he is a liberal!

I did twitter yesterday and I did write Rick Sanchez focusing on Fox covering this up. I hate to agree with Hank but I also worry she is going to get away with this and she shouldn't! The woman is a greedy psycho liar!!!!!!! We can't give up! She must be exposed. What about writing op-Ed pieces and submitting them to various newspapers with the video. The whole story included without any added snark or emotion, just the facts!! Just another idea.

Anonymous said...

larger size photos of nail in coffin and pillow belly


Anonymous said...

maybe motherjones is a good place to send this story...

they tapped on the subject once

Anonymous said...

I have to give a tip of the cap to Jay and thanks for the link to his opednews.com pieces. These are incredibly detailed and insightful pieces, and remarkably were put together in Sept-Oct 2008. I salute him belatedly for this tremendous effort, which IMHO has not gotten as much attention nor credit as it deserves. If you haven't read it yet, please do. Obviously much more has been learned and many new photos emerged after he wrote it. I encourage him to do an update, with an additional 10 or more items synthesizing what we now know.

Anonymous said...

Today Bree Palin has a photo posted of Heidi Klum, very pregnant with her latest baby. I think that if you splice that photo in between the photos of Sarah to show how a REAL woman who ALSO has tight abs, an even greater figure than Sarah's, etc., looks when she's far along in a pregnancy it just might convince the "little folks" that the size of her "belly" SO doesn't match one of a pregnant woman in any known universe.

Sunshine1970 said...


I saw that. Matthews, for whatever reason gushes over SP whenever she is on. He's smitten with his looks.

They used footage which Keith Olbermann has used in the past of her looking all governor-y wearing her black with the scarf on sometime during the 'pregnancy.' I don't know if anyone was ever able to get a date on that footage, but it sure would be interesting to find out when that footage was taken.

Anonymous said...

Interesting blurb on Bristol her MONO illness

1. If Bristol was sick with mono how could she get in 1 traffic accident and get 3 traffic violations.. if she was too "sick" to go to school.. she was "ok" to drive?

2. If Bristol was sick with mono how could she of gotten pregnant with Trip?

goes on to say things like this
"We’ve all seen the pictures of Bristol with young Trig in the hospital after he was born. This was a baby born prematurely. I wouldn’t let a sick person around any baby let alone one with special needs and possible complications from being born nearly a month prematurely.."


Anonymous said...

not sure if the date is accurate or if this photo has been posted..but i can only get to the thumbnail
Came up with February and shows the belly .. looks flat but the photo is so small
And being now the full size is "forbidden" makes it suspicous


Anonymous said...

Responding to Basheert at 22:36, while I agree that HIPAA would prevent divulging patient information, such is not necessary to dispel the hoax. HIPAA is not a shield against participating in a fraud. Obviously it would not prevent CBJ from correcting false information, such as revealing that she had not written a very important letter which bore her signature. Failing to do so is really passive participation in the fraud. And while no one has actually asked her about this on the record, I for one certainly hope that when this story is fully revealed, she will be subject to penalties for her role as enabler of the fraud.

Based on what has been reported, CBJ provided information to the press after Trig's birth indicating that Trig was born on 4/18 (which we now know is false), that labor was induced, and confirming that she did not think it was a problem for SP to fly (but conveniently failing to mention that that was because Sarah was not pregnant). Beyond that, we know that a letter was released on November 3 purporting to be written by her but never authenticated.

We also know that, when interviewed by ADN reporter Lisa Demer, CBJ had her lawyer present and would not verify that she had been present at the birth; then the lawyer refused to let her answer any more questions. I am sure the lawyer has advised her to say nothing to anyone about this case, and conveniently almost no one has asked her about it -- which is another indictment against the MSM.

While I respect the important services that CBJ provides, I do not respect that she has abetted a fraud against the people of Alaska and America. I sincerely hope that someone with standing will file a formal complaint against her to precipitate an investigation of her unethical conduct in this case.

Anonymous said...

is this photo at the hospital? that looks like a typical hospital baby blanket

someone had mentioned when they gave birth she and her husband had wrist bands that they couldn't remove until right before leaving the hospital

regina said...


That photo was taken on her first day back at work, on April 21.

Old Greasy Gopher Guts said...

I wonder if Sarah remembers this old song?

Anonymous said...

weird post from a lady who says she saw palin while boarding a plane.. that Sarah Palin was

"...Of course I had to check out the “Hottest Governor in the US” and quickly turned to see her pregnant (she has since had her baby) with bags and daughter in tote"

odd as this is dated April 29, 2008
ok? and Piper is with her
Did "prego" Palin fly from this airport with Piper ? I know you guys have flight schedules for 2008

Also if this was BEFORE April 18th.. and she immediately noticed she was pregnant.. (she would of been much smaller than the wild ride) .. how come the flight people on the day of her birth didnt notice she was pregnant..

she also posted a foto
of course she is in a huge jacket and Piper is smashed into her


Anonymous said...

ooops Im ANON who posted that blog person that saw her at the airport
It is dated April 29th but she mentions the flight was in March

Anonymous said...

ADN Photo at 7 months pregnant

Anonymous said...

Suzie Q's Blog

4Truth said...

Anon @ 2:58,

Which woman did you say was 7 months pregnant in the ADN Photo? I can't tell by looking! They both look about the same size!

Anonymous said...


Yeah! I found that pic via Suzie Q's blog, where I think it was stated that it was a picture of Sarah at 7 months.

Amy1 said...

Anon@00:45 and anon@2:12

Thx for this link. It is spectacular. PCG, you might want to compare his list of flights for SP and Trig near the end of his article with your list. The discrepancies always seem to be so interesting.

I see he has documented every important point with a source and/or a link. This is very well done. Be sure to look. His detailed, careful discussion answers many of the frequent questions that keep coming up, like why no comments from Dr. CBJ, among others. If anyone is registered on his blog, I'd love to see him join our discussion here and let us know when he posts anything new.

A second tip of the hat to you, Philosopher Jay.

colidii said...

The ADN picture mentioned at 02:58 would be great with a caption, "Guess who's 7 months pregnant." Maybe it could be done as a poll: the one on the left, the one on the right, both of them, neither of them.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone watch Shannyn Moore or Mudflats on Countdown and Rachel Maddow tonight? Anything interesting?

Anonymous said...

The mono and Bristol commment..
If Bristol did have Mono why was she out driving enough to get 3 violations and in an accident

Also if Tripp was born in December ..conception would of take place in April

What 5 months was Bristol living at her aunt's with this illness?

They got frisky at her aunt's house while she was deathly ill? A 5 month mono illness sounds deadly.. I thought a month max was a typical time frame

Amy1 said...

Shannyn said she thinks the plan for SP's book might be to just add it right to the New Testament.

Anonymous said...

Patrick and Regina...thank you for providing the re-cap for htose new to the blog. For those of us who have followed this story for over a year I guess it is easy to forget all of the things and photos that have come forward. For us in the background we need to like this site along with Bree Palin's to get more and mroe people reading about what a fraud this has been.

Sarah Palin......it's coming......

Anonymous said...

A BaldwinJohnson inquiry is critical to the fraud investigation, she must be looked into. As a person she is a professional and likable.

I have also heard of her part in adoptions and church connections. She has a dark side as well as being liked. A full on inquiry about her would be a good thing for the community even if no one had ever heard of Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

I haven't looked at Mercede's comment about Triggy Bear, her most adorable brother ever- for quite some time.

If we revisit Levi's comment about Sarah approaching him and Bristol about adopting their baby, then Trig would become Bristol's brother, OK, "brother."

(Aside: For Sarah to have asked over and over to adopt the baby before he was born, could there have been an amnio? One possibility suggested was that if the child was to be put up for adoption, the adoptive parents would insist on prenatal testing. When they learned of DS diagnosis and the adoption fell through, then Sarah said that she wanted to adopt him.)

Let's say that Levi and Bristol were really really close. I think he lived with the Palins after Trig was born. He certainly became involved in charitable work involving disabled kids. If he and Bristol were talking about marriage, then Trig would be his brother too, well, brother-in-law.

Mercede and Levi had a close relationship. Levi's brother would be her brother. Everyone agreed to the "adoption" as the best thing for Trig, and for the teen aged parents who hadn't finished high school (and who couldn't provide the same degree of health care for the child).

Just thinking out loud, but this was the same time that Mercede referred to Sarah as Mommy-in-law. Technically, Sarah would be Levi's mother-in-law, but it's a close family. Levi and Bristol may have been seriously thinking of marriage, or at one time it may have been the way to keep Levi (Mercede, Sherry) under control.

With Levi staying at the Palin's after Trig was born- or enjoying a very close relationship with Bristol, it is easy to see how she could conceive again so easily. I have a dear friend whose children are barely 9 months apart; she thought that nursing was nature's contraceptive. Not always. Some people even offer the thought that Bristol, giving up the child yet taking care of him, had to realign her emotions, consciously or unconsciously replaced him with another.

Anonymous said...

Regina, I haven't had a chance to review everything you have provided (great job, by the way), but you know that recent video find? I remember SP answering her husband's question after getting off the phone, saying it's a boy.

Didn't she tell someone she knew in December that the baby had DS? That test would have provided the sex of the child. So, that video was like, a set up. And would explain her husband's lack of emotion. Just thinking out loud.

Vaughn said...

To anon @ 7:05

I think that was Elan Frank that asked Sarah do you know what it is and she answered it's a boy.

Amy1 said...

Anon@6:32 -- You have posted exactly what I, too, have thought all along, and have written up here.

I had a slight "aha!" moment when Levi was quoted in VF as saying "SP had the baby," so I tried to figure out a scenario that would have Levi telling the truth but also remaining consistent with my belief that SP was never pregnant with T1.

The "aha!" part was my suspicion that T1 was destined to be adopted out AND adopted back into the family as SP's child -- all one seamless plan, possible via a private church adoption when one controls the church. Presto: teen pregnancy problem solved; insurance problem solved; campaign prop problem solved. And the private deal within the family would be that Bristol can mother T1, except when in the big-time public view.

The icky little details -- like paternity, the DS diagnosis, Bristol's feelings, Levi's role, Levi's statement about SP "having" T1 on Apr 18 at 6 AM -- all fit into this scenario. IMHO, at least. Anyway, I've written it up here in more detail, if anyone is interested.

The really awful deal about this scenario, if it's even accurate, is how very painful this must have been for Bristol -- and Levi (the one who loved her during all this).

Anonymous said...

To: Anon @ 5:35

Here is some information on Dr. CBJ:



Anonymous said...

Don't know what happened...

the end of the link should be...



Dr Who said...

I am not sure if you can file a complaint against a doctor if you have not been their actual patient. Who would you file with? A state medical board? That is usually doctors evaluating other doctors.

We can all discuss this until we are blue in the face, even at all the blogs. But what is this accomplishing? Do you see the MSM picking this up??

People may need to volunteer to do more. Put ads in newspapers or online showing the videos and links to stories. Why not google ads? They would show up everywhere around the net and are not expensive. Patrick/Regina could start this EASILY with a collection. Letters to newspapers, op/Eds in papers and online.
A big ad in the AK paper with the photos and a big headline DrCBJ are you lying to the people of Alaska and America?

Babygate is FRAUD. She is getting money from pro lifers because she is a modonna who kept her baby.

If we don't do more than research, blog and write about it, then Hank is right!! And have Shannyn and AKM even spoken to NSNBC or not?Why be afraid of this?How is it different than her other lies. Ignoring it makes it look like they don't believe it. They do a fine job but couldn't they at least give the info to MSNBC?

What are people in Alaska willing to do and to Regina/Patrick are you willing to start google ad campaigns? I will donate.

Please let's stop writing all of us and start doing. I've been sending letters this week to various people and places. Others have done this and nothing happens.

Aren't you sick and tired of Sarah getting away with this?She showed her sons photo in China. She uses Trig constantly.

Anonymous said...

not to be offensive here but this idea hit when I read the last comment

"She showed her sons photo in China. She uses Trig constantly."

1. She is trying to say hey look how skinny I am and had a baby last year

2. Trying to gather a base in the East that has special needs kids of their own

3. This sounds so wrong but what the hooey... Didn't Palin make some silly comment linking Todds ancestory to Asians since he is part Eskimo?
(she always has to bring "race" into things.. typical of one with a racist attitude.... like "I have a black friend I am not a racist"

Well to just show a photo of Trig .. not a nice family portrait of all her kids
Just Trig

I thought of the term mongoloid
One that is used to describe of Asian origin

"The use of the term "Mongoloid" for racial purposes has therefore acquired negative connotations because of the connection with Down syndrome"

Think in her screwy little brain she showed a photo of Trig to also say.. See I am like you! I have a baby that looks like you?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I am only halfway through the comments, which are great, especially the link by Anon 9/30/09 @ 00:45 to the OpEdNews which led to the 8-31-08 ADN article “Rumor patrol -- Baby drama” by Kyle Hopkins:


Kyle Hopkins said: “Meantime, this is all a plotline straight out of a recent season of Desperate Housewives.” and linked to the Desperate Housewives description of Bree Van de Kamp Hodge:


I just looked at a 2008 calendar and either I am crazy or April 13, 2008 is a SUNDAY!! That strikes me as very odd, just like Bristol having a court date on 1-19-08 which was a SATURDAY!

Ok, back to reading the rest of the comments.

Anonymous said...

I think that the March 14th photo is the best one for proving there was no baby there.

It clearly shows a flat belly under that scarf and its date is so close to the birth.

Other photos one could explain away (not to me, but to others) but the March 14 photo is the bomb.

Anonymous said...

Dr Who at 10:23: Any person can file a complaint against a healthcar provider who is licensed. You just go the state site - i posted a link before and fill out the form electronically or print it out. If you believe someone has provided unsafe medical car or advice you can fill it out. I'm encouraging midwives I know to complain. I am writing letters to the Amrican Academy of Family physicians complaining that their family physician of the year2002 gave some crazy ass advice that she has never clarifiedas beingbogus. How can ANY respectable MD not be MORTIFIED to have such bad advice associated with her name and not RUN tothe nearest media outlet to clear her good name. I'm beginning to think Alaskans are ReALLY odd.

ArmchairJane said...

Maybe if were to do some ads or banners, how about some copy about how Palin does everything so superhumanly fast (IF she finishes it)

400 page book written in one month


8 month pregnancy finished in 6 weeks ;-

Anonymous said...

STRANGE wording on this press release:

Press Archive
State of Alaska > Governor > News > News Archive

Palin Family Welcomes Fifth Child
Trig Paxson Van Palin

No. 08-060

April 18, 2008, Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd welcomed the arrival of their fifth child this morning. The Palins were thankful that the Governor’s labor began yesterday while she was in Texas at the Governor's Energy Conference where she gave the keynote luncheon address, but let up enough for her to travel on Alaska Airlines back to Alaska in time to deliver her second son.

Anonymous said...

Geez that is so funny (above post). "Labor let up enough" so she could fly for many hours on two flights with a 2 hour layover and then drive another hour.
She's gonna hurt someone.
Some poor 36 weeks pregnant woman is gonna try this ' cause rogue-ass did and get hurt!! The more I dwell on this whole issue the funnier it gets and the stupider we become asa country for not calling her out on this.

Silver said...

Of the governor's website and scrubbed pictures. Archive.org is finally catching up a little bit in its archives.

This isn't 100% accurate as some of the links don't link up like they're supposed to in the archive.org interface, but we're beginning to get an idea of what might have been scrubbed.

If some these actually were on Palin's governor website, please correct me.

Exhibit A:

February 29, 2008 Yukon Territory Premier Dennis Fentie and Governor Sarah Palin renew the Alaska-Yukon Intergovernmental Accord on February 29th, 2008 in Anchorage, Alaska.

Original url: http://gov.state.ak.us/photos/yukonalaskamou02_large.jpg

March 1, 2008 Susan Butcher Day
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, right, signs a Senate bill honoring the late Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race champion Susan Butcher before the ceremonial start of the race in Anchorage, Alaska Saturday, March 1, 2008, as Butcher's daughter,...

No original url as this does not link properly.

January 10, 2008 A Visit to Bethel
Governor Sarah Palin traveled to Bethel on Thursday, January 10, to meet with community leaders and discuss public safety and other issues facing the community. Photo by Bethel Regional High School Yearbook Staff.

Original url:

Corresponding archive.org urls:


and the following are essentially the same thing



As a point of comparison, look at either of these three and then this one:


Notice how all photos display properly.

Dr. Who said...

Anon, thank you for the information about filing complaints. I will do the same that you are doing. I bet if you provide links or addresses, perhaps Regina could put them on the side bar. We need a plan of action! Serious action.

To armchair Jane, EXACTLY, ads that draw attention. Please to Regina and Patrick - consider doing this - it is VERY easy to set up a google ad account and very inexpensive. You can have it link where you want. You can either have it randomly go to websites or you can specify the websites you want the ads on. The important thing is where does the ad link to - a very non emotional essay describing all of this with factual evidence is the best place. NOT too long, not wordy. Just the facts. I was hoping one of you would respond. I will donate as much as I can to start and I know others would.

You all can see, the MSM will not report on this story. But with more and more exposure and showing the facts, we might be surprised. It needs to be professionally presented and not go on and on. Everyone has done a great job - but maybe condensing it to one page and telling people what to do if they agree - telling them who to call, what to do or write.

We cannot let this woman get away with THEFT and FRAUD of the American public. I just imagine these poor grand mums at home sending Sarah 5.00 bills because they think she is pro life like them and poor little Trig. It is obscene.

Anonymous said...


This PDF file from the Gov. State AK Newsletter shows the photo of the Palin Bethal visit on January 10, 2008


Joe Christmas said...

Anon., et.al.
towards the end of Palin Deception I pointed out that exposing fraud actually supercedes HIPAA. I have done it myself in my practice when someone gives false information. So a plea to anyone involved who is afraid of HIPAA -- or the now the ex-gubner of Alaska. You have legal right, and maybe even a duty, to expose this fraud.

And Hank, go away now, we've seen your Quitter paragraph elsewhere and I don't see any quit in those of us who have followed this atrocity.

Finally, just want to state my opinion of the Gusty photo. Has anyone read the book "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell? While others mentioned similar gut feelings about that pic at PD, something is phony about it. The pose, the hair, the sudden appearance, the angle -- something isn't right. I'll bet anyone it's fake.

Amy1 said...

So I'm looking closer at Philosopher Jay, and look at this: he gave up! on 11-4-08. Boooooo.

Geez, he took the Dr CBJ letter as being the final word. I'm surprised he did not puzzle over the gazillion oddities of that letter, as we did on PD over many weeks. Here is my summary of that set of issues.

Philosopher Jay: are you out there? We need you to talk to us.

Amy1 said...

Well! Here is Philosopher Jay telling us about Rupert Murdoch's Dad and Fox news. I don't consider this OT because Rupert and Fox are such primary promoters/funders of SP and her hoax, IMHO.

So I'm posting this in the hope that those of you who are sure about your history could comment on this: is it credible and accurate? Or not?

Anonymous said...

Joe Christmas, I totally agree with you on the Gusty pic and I was just looking at both of them yesterday. The expression on her face, her stance and the fact that she's not looking at the camera when all others are just strikes me as false (or guilty, perhaps?)

But didn't Audrey have those photos analyzed and the results were inconclusive?

Susan in MD

Joe Christmas said...

Yeah I remember the discussion over at PD, but I just wanted to mention that something's funny in that photo. And it reminds me of some the examples in "Blink". I'm not really a photoshop guy, I'm more impressed with the weight of the evidence, and the inanity of the lies.
I can see why people do give up though, but it ain't me babe.... and I doubt it's you either