Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Why Are People In Alaska Afraid To Talk About "Babygate“? – See What Verne Rupright, The Mayor of Wasilla, Has To Say…

Guestpost by Patrick

In the comments to my previous blogposts here on “palingates”, many commenters wondered why the people in Alaska are so afraid to talk about “babygate” and to “spill the beans”. After all, what do they have to lose, now that Palin has gone?

It is not easy to find the right answer to this question. But it is clear to us that a number of people in Alaska know at least parts of Sarah Palin’s “secret”, including leading politicians of the Republican party in Alaska and other people in higher political circles, as I explained in my first guestpost.

In addition, several people especially in Wasilla most likely know the truth or parts of it, too. From all we have heard, there is a close-knit society there in that little town. Everybody seems to know everybody. And there is certainly no shortage of rumors in Alaska concerning Trig’s parentage. For example, a reporter of the “New Yorker”, who visited Alaska in September 2008 to investigate Sarah Palin’s home state, remarked about the faked-pregnancy rumors:

"This Faulknerian story had been making the rounds in Alaska for months—I heard versions of it in Anchorage and Juneau within twenty-four hours of arriving in each city—and it derived from the peculiar circumstances surrounding Trig’s birth."

So, are people beginning to talk now?

Well, they might…but then we have people like Verne Rupright. He has been the mayor of Wasilla since November 3, 2008, having been voted into office with the impressive amount of 466 votes.

Verne Rupright seems to be very concerned about Sarah Palin and her family. How concerned, we learn through an article by the London Times Online which was published in August 2009. This article shines more light on the question as to why people in Alaska and Wasilla might be afraid to talk. The Times writes:

A friend of Bristol recalls dodging press photographers on high school graduation day. “I love Sarah and the people who know her understand why she resigned. It’s hard putting your family through that much.”

But the local people have also learnt to be wary, and the list of those who won’t talk to journalists is long. Verne Rupright, the mayor, understands this protective spirit. “This is a hard place and that makes people a bit more bound together. People like Sarah came up that way,” he says.

As he points out where Mrs Palin shot her first rabbit, he notes that those who threaten her family should remember the local tendency to carry guns.

So there you have it. Her family is apparently “threatened”. By whom, with what? We don’t know. Threatened by the truth? Could be!

Oh well, and her defenders might be “carrying guns”. Enough said, right?

In many other places in the USA, such a comment by a mayor would probably cause an outrage. But in Wasilla? Very unlikely, in my opinion.

I can understand why “ordinary citizens” in Alaska are afraid to go on the record about babygate. But there are not just ordinary citizens in Alaska, but also for example people in the “upper echelons” of society who know the truth about babygate. It is understandable to a certain extent that the people in Alaska have lost interest in Sarah Palin – they are just glad that they got rid of that crazy woman.

One of my contacts in Alaska recently told me that it’s unlikely that the Alaska media would be interested in babygate at this point, and added: “Honestly, since Palin's resignation, she doesn't make the news much locally anymore.”

However, in my opinion, Alaskans have a certain responsibility, if they like it or not. Sarah Palin is “their” product – and every person in Alaska who is in a position to do so should not hesitate to tell the public the truth about babygate, in order to prevent this unfit person causing further damage to the rest of the USA and possibly the world. Sarah Palin is a fraud, and she needs to be exposed as such – so that the ordinary American voter can be in no doubt that Sarah Palin is not a serious option and has no business to be in politics.


Anonymous said...

I think of cry-baby Sarah as the Waaah-silly Hillbilly

Bell said...

Some people are still putting Palin's name out there as a candidate for the 2012 presidential election, (Values Voters Straw Poll, Pat Buchanan on Morning Joe just yesterday). If her fraud only affected Wasilla then, maybe, we should not care about her but, since she appears to still have plans to run for national office, investigation of her suspicious antics is more than warranted.
And, even if she didn't aspire for the presidency, I think Palin and her physician should be investigated by the insurance company in regards to Babygate.

How revealing. said...

Well, I don't like pointing out the obvious, but a mayor reminding, or threatening anyone for speaking whatever they want shows volumes.

Don't talk because people have guns?


And speaking the truth becomes a threat to a family? What is wrong with this picture?!

Does everyone in Alaska have something to hide? Or do they just not care. What happened to the bravado it takes to survive the harsh Alaskan environment? It only applies to the exterior? I think people must like Alaska because they can hide amidst it, proud because they can survive the elements, proud because they can shoot whatever poses a threat, be it animal or a person. Strange.

This just shows me how fortunate we really are that Sarah Palin is not in our countries White House. It also says volumes about Alaskans. Pathetic, primitive and internal cowards willing to put up with crazies and bullies. Brave on the outside, scared on the inside. I wouldn't want to live there.

historiesmysteries said...

Wow. What an incredible quote. Keep your mouth shut or we'll shoot you.

Still, I have to say I never realized what a bunch of sniveling bullying cowards so many Alaskans are. Those tactics wouldn't work down here.

anniebgood said...

The shocking thing here is that 466 is a high voter turnout in electing the mayor of Wasilla. Likewise, the turnout for the governor's race in 2006 was "high" but still very piddly compared to races in the "lower 48". Still, John McCain saw fit to put Sarah Palin on his ticket. He is a disgrace. Regarding that straw poll, Mike Huckabee won it, I believe, and we all know he's going nowhere near the oval office, so nuff said.

Anonymous said...

In a sense she isn't gone, yet. She made many appointments and got many old friends and cronies hired, so she still indirectly influences what goes on in Alaska. Federal troops may have to go in to straighten out the state and eliminate the corruption.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a proud redneck uneducated mayor. What sort of good things is this guy doing for Wasilla? If this is what Alaska is all about, I'd like to keep my hard earned tax dollars in the lower 48. Get your own, you have no income tax and your proud of it. Don't lobby for mine.

Anonymous said...

If you love Sarah so much and are so proud of her, keep her in Alaska, where she's sheltered by cowards and protected by guns.

Then we'll be satisfied. Until then, we're not going to quit. She's a fraud, she should not be doing what she's doing and everyone in Alaska knows it, so stop this stupid crazy ridiculous game. There is nothing about Sarah Palin to be proud about.

Anonymous said...

Kinda neat way to keep people from going to Alaska to ask questions about "BabyGate".

Wasillians must be pretty fed-up with it all by now.

Lilybart said...

If Wasillans are tired of it, all they have to do is talk and its over!

word verification is "fated"

enough said

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about a comment that other posters have made regarding publishing damning material about the birth of Trig.

My first reaction is to say: If you've got the goods on Sarah, get it out there.

My next reaction is- like many of you have said- then she (the ghostwriter) will fix up that chapter and paint her as the noble woman who was willing to risk all to protect her daughter and insure that a Down Syndrome child got the best care possible.

This is a good time to collect information and get it in compact, easy to follow story. It might not be a bad idea to let Sarah publish her book and check that story against all of the others that she has told.

For example, in that last long thread, one quote had Bristol's Face Book page stating that Sarah suspected that she (Bristol) was pregnant as early as March 2007. Someone else did the math, figuring a different date for Bristol's possible pregnancy with Trig. As Levi leaks information, we get other conflicting information.

Bottom line: I don't think that we need to be in a hurry. They are quietly grooming Sarah to launch that book next year. There is no press in Hong Kong because this is like the Broadway show doing a tryout out of town. There is still much rewriting and polishing ahead. And, who knows, someone in Alaska might talk yet.

Anonymous said...

Wasilla seems stuck back in the 1950s. It's amazing what they tolerate. It's obvious that if they go on the record about babygate they will be shot? Do they even know how insane that sounds. And those in government there know this? They are making the secret look much worse than it is!. It must be something really crazy and yes possibly involving incest. Otherwise what's the big deal.

Remember there was another blog writing about this and the guy shut it down. He said he had found the real truth to be so convoluted and evil that he couldn't work on it anymore. I hope others remember more.

The politicians and people who know should tell the truth. Sorry to be harsh, but come on already.

Anonymous said...

Someone in AK WILL talk yet. (I have no insider info, but I do know how "small towns" work. )

However, when I was in Wasilla, I could tell it was a de facto northern suburb of Anchorage, not some little town on its own with white picket fences--the way Palin described it in the 2008 campaign.

Here's what I never understood: why would the Palins want to live on a dead lake? Does it remind them of the Rapture?

Anonymous said...


Sorry to disagree with you.

The guy who wrote the PD2 blog that you refer to also commented at Palin Deception as BlueTx who wrote pro Palin comments.

I believe that he was a troll

gracie said...

Please don't judge all alaskans by the Wasilla vibe.
We do get a lot of 'end of the roaders' but we are a very diverse state and lots of good folks live here.

I am very proud of my adopted city (in most states, it would be a small town) of Fairbanks, we have a world class symphony, an amazing Ice Festival (google Ice Alaska), the farthest north farmers market on the continent (and a very successful one at that, which only allows the sale of alaskan made, grown or produced items), an incredible Summer Arts Festival (google Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival), an international Geophysical Institute, etc. etc. And ten minutes out of town in any direction you will find yourself in beautiful undeveloped country. Fairbanks has a reputation for being a friendly, eclectic and tolerant place, come visit some time !

Anonymous said...

gracie, you're still not getting one thin dime of my considerable disposable income until those chicken shit wolf hunts are shut down for good, forever.

Pat said...

I appreciate Patrick carrying the banner (along with REgina) for Audrey. I doubt "they" can get there long hands on Regina given that she is across the pond. I say, regardless of Morgan's message to Levi, people have to speak up. While it might be uncomfortable for some of the kids involved in the big scandal, just think of the damage staying quiet will do. It will allow "it" (whatever "it" is) to continue with dark secrets following those children the rest of their lives. Healing begins with TRUTH. PLEASE THOSE OF YOU WITH REAL INFORMATION, get together and put it out there and stop this woman.

Anonymous said...

gracie, thanks for the invite! I love Alaska. I hate the wolf hunts. Is there a state in the union that doesn't have something that needs fixing? Nope. We all need to help each other make each state better. And maybe stop blaming an entire state for the few bad apples that reside there. Back to business now.

Just hoping. said...

Perhaps Max will do some sleuthing while in town. We can hope. After all Sarah's church and wacked out radical connections are what his book is all about, he wants these type people called out by Republican party. I just hope no one trys to hurt him!

This is what he said during the campaign.....

October 18th, 2008 @8:23 pm

While in Alaska, I heard lots of wild stories about Bristol and Levi Johnston. Most of them came from credible sources: former classmates of theirs. But I have decided (at least for now) to leave these rumors alone. Going after Palin’s kids is kind of gratuitous at this point.

Anonymous said...

Asking Levi Johnston to spill the beans on Palin is kind of like hoping Liz Cheney will spill the secrets of the Bush Administration in her books, or that Jenna Bush will do a documentary on Cheney and Scooter Libby: not going to happen. Also, too: Levi has a child (or two) to think about.

But there are others on the scene who could talk.

Patrick said...

Just hoping 18:58

That's interesting, thank you!!

I don't think that Max Blumenthal would regard writing about this topic "gratuitous" anymore - as Bristol has now made a sh**load of money with their media appearances.

Patrick said...

Anon 19:06

If you have suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me, please.

Very hopeful. said...

Here's more info from Max about Sarah's little world of Wasilla. She should not be protected. It's like letting the bullies rule the roost.

I'm quite sure he's got a lot of unanswered questions. Help him out Alaskan's this is your chance to move forward. Help him blow the corruption wide open.


"Though McCain-Palin campaign condemned the report on her links to the AIP piece as a “smear,” the facts went unchallenged.

The campaign would not, and could not, discredit the revelation that Palin worked hand-in-glove with former AIP chairman Mark Chryson to undermine the character of her opponent in Wasilla’s 1996 mayoral election and sought to advance Chryson’s agenda once she was elected. As Chryson told us, Palin supported his lobbying to loosen local gun control laws, an effort he initiated to facilitate the formation of anti-government “Patriot” militias. Palin also invited him before Wasilla’s city council to denounce a local ordinance to ban guns from schools and bars.

The McCain-Palin campaign also offered no explanation for why Palin attempted to appoint Steve Stoll, a John Birch Society activist, to the city council seat she had vacated, overlooking Stoll’s reputation in Wasilla as “Black Helicopter Steve,” a conspiratorial figure rumored to have buried high-powered automatic weapons in his front yard in case the New World Order arrived. When a council member who considered him a “violent influence” blocked Stoll’s nomination, Palin considered consulting attorneys about a backdoor means of appointing him.

The strange saga that began during Palin’s early political career, when she cultivated close political ties with an anti-government extremist organization that helped her advance her ambitions, now has turned increasingly strange as the McCain handlers seek to suppress factual reporting of her past. These tactics, especially equating Palin’s politics with Obama’s religion, only underline the questions about Palin’s background, as well as about the McCain campaign’s ability to control its message in the critical three weeks before Election Day."

regina said...

More on Sarah Palin and the AIP:


LIZBETH said...

look at this photo:


and tell me this is just a doting sister and her BOYFRIEND...

looks more like NEW PARENTS to me....

I have NEVER seen a photo of Sarah or Todd looking so in love with THAT child....

Just asking said...

Where is Ennealogic anyway? We haven't seen a post from her in more than a month. Is she OK?

Anonymous said...

I think one of the quickest ways to get information from the locals is to offer a "reward" for information. Just like the FBI does for their informants. The FBI knows in order for an informant to take a risk, they need to be compensated.

How about setting up an account where people who want the truth revealed can pledge xxxx amount of money. That way we can know exactly how much we can collect and pay an informant. It could be $50,000 or more. Might be enough money to encourage them to come forward.

Once we know what we can put together as "reward for information money" we can post what we can offer.

No one would have to put the funds in, until we have the information. I would put in at least $1000 for concrete information.

After all this is my country and my freedom and my children's safety that is at risk with Sarah intendng to run for President in 2012.

We can make an agreement that we will never reveal who they are and protect their identity. All we need is for them to offer proof that can be confirmed.

We might be able to collect enough money, that they might want to leave Alaska and the join a state that isn't so afraid of Scarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

Max Blumenthal interviews Mark Chryson.


Patrick said...

Everyyone should watch this excellent documentary by Max Blumenthal about Sarah Palin's religious followers in Alaska - and how they took over key positions in the "Valley", including the board of Mat-Su hospital.


Anonymous said...

My question is, why does no one in Wasilla come forward to support SP's pregnancy claim? They have nothing to be afraid of in doing that...they could even lie about it just like her, but they don't. Puzzling.

Patrick said...

Anon 21:05

Excellent observation! Yes, there is obviously not much to "support".

But ADN-editor Pat Dougherty claims that we are a bunch of "conspiracy nuts"! Is this not good enough for you? ;-)


BTW: This clip by Max Blumenthal about the 9.12 protests is pure gold, too!


LIZBETH said...


this one just gives me the willies...

we have "sister" holding the baby... and brother behind her passing a bottle to the other sisters boyfriend... brother Track can't look Levi in the eye BUT is handing him a BOTTLE to ostensibly feed HIS little brother...

sorry... looks like B.I.L. Track is handing DADDY Levi a bottle to feed his(Levi's) SON...

WHY would Levi be handed a bottle to feed his girlfriends baby brother on a political rally stage??????????????? Wouldn't it make more sense for the blood BROTHER of Trigg or his blood sister to feed him onstage????

This is nutty....

Thomas said...

Wow! What a bunch of obsessed basement dwellers! Get a life folk. It's not too late.

Anonymous said...


Bugger off if you don't like it, dear...

Anonymous said...

Here's a crazy thought.. why not
If Trig is Levi's and Bristol's

Perhaps when S.P. got wind she was being looked at for V.P. (and got a hustling to get her "pretend act" together)

She moved in harder and fiercer with Bristol/Levi to allow her to have their child

Knowing it had D.S. .. with amnio (yes i grew up in the church and this was a NO NO to pro lifers - having amnio done as it has its risks)
she wanted that baby badly

To hid her "fornicating daughter" and really nail the "base" as a mother of a large broad, and a new baby with D.S.
She was shrieking with glee

But made a deal with them
Nothing legal (hence no birth record has come forth)
They can "raise" him.. in her house blah blah..

She just wants to hold him when the cameras around...
They will all be moving into the White House, Fame galore.. life will be grand
can be their little secret

Why you see, during the campaign, prego Bristol (when it should of been Willow who had nothing to do and is old enough) being the sole caretaker of Trig and the strange tenderness Levi showed towards that baby.

Maybe Levi "just loves kids" but Ive never seen him in one photo with Piper (the little one who deserves just as much doting) with any sort of tenderness. She never sits on her lap, rides on his back.. he is never touching her shoulders.. nothing.
Someone that just loves kids.. interacts with them.

But little Trig now.. his eye was on that baby..

sandra said...

thomas: I have to laugh at your characterization of us as "basement dwellers." Yesterday I had a tech come out to dispose of a virus in my computer. When I answered the door, I said "it's in the basement," and pointed the way. I refrained from asking him how many computers he finds in basements.

Anonymous said...

Even though $arah left Wasilla nearly bankrupt and embroiled in a lot of controversy. The liars for jesus there (and there are a LOT of them) still believe she is the chosen one. The Messiah. They believe God impregnated Mary so it's not much of stretch to believe that $arah also had some kind of divine intervention with or without Todd involved. They aren't scared, they're simply stupid and brainwashed.

NONE of them ever saw her pregnant, that's why NONE of them have ever gone on the record to say so. They do however believe they saw a star appear in the east that goes right along with the sparkle they get in their eyes whenever they think of Saint $arah

Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen this of Palin in Tx, the day she went into labor. She sure looks like she's trying to be taken seriously. Was she ever asked by she thought it was so dang important to make the Republican Governors Association conference?


Angel said...

Wow, like a terrorist in lipstick, with wolves.

It is the deception, not whether or not she covered for a daughter. It is the lie which caused other folks to cover up the lie. And that lie prompted more lies, and other lies. She is not the only woman who has walked in those shoes. She should not be praised because she used deception to fake a pregnancy while lying to the American public. She doesn't get a pass because she was running for office!

Why should folks continue to enable her to go about making money for her own gain? Hoping for cookies?

4Truth said...

My husband was in a business deal with the Palin’s couple of years ago. The transaction went well, as my husband almost exclusively dealt with Todd. About a year later, my husband ran into Sarah at a business function. She was evil, vindictive, and spiteful in her interaction with him. He was shocked! I think he used the “B” word describe her after that interaction.

Last fall after Sarah was tapped for the VP nomination, my husband received a call from a reporter from the LA Times. He was investigating the Palin’s prior business transactions and wanted us to comment. My husband wanted so badly to tell this reporter how mean Sarah had been to him, but he didn’t, because he knew there could repercussions. We knew that the majority of Alaskan’s were “in love” with Sarah at that time & we didn’t want to take any chances in crossing her. We thought, “She could be Vice President of the United States! Let’s keep our mouths shut!

LIZBETH said...


what exactly did you think she would do to you for telling the truth???

this is JUST the kind of thing that needs to be dug out of the Palin campaign graves...

stand up and tell the truth, the WHOLE truth and NOTHING but the TRUTH


Anonymous said...

He needs to call that reporter back and tell his story. It's as simple as that. He can explain why he didn't want to tell it before, which I'm sure they would find interesting as well

4Truth said...


My husband and I own two different businesses in Alaska. The State of Alaska is one of our clients. We have business dealing with some of the largest corporations and businesses in Alaska. We did not want to jeopardize or livelihood by ticking Sarah off.

But, today is a new day. Sarah is no longer our Governor. In fact, I just emailed a lead to Patrick. My lead may not be able to help him with “babygate”, but I'm hoping that someone she knows might.

Karen said...

My word verification is PAINESS, like pain is the ass, like Sarah Palin. FOR WIERD, doesn't anyone ever move in or out of Wasilla. Doesn't anyone have aspirations to "get out" of there, or are they so stuck with the safety of the community? One would think someone would have less strong ties & talk.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, 4 Truth.

Anonymous said...

read the account that started it all and remember 'back at work on Monday'



LIZBETH said...


you never answered my direct questions...

AND now I am puzzled... you deal with the state of AK but you are AFRAID because of Palin????

Call me crazy.... but I would have been the first in line to SCREAM if she was threatening my business over politics...

WTF is going on upi there??? You and ALL of your friends and neighbors need to tell the truth the WHOLE truth and NOTHING but the truth,,, JEEZUS... you hurt more people than you help by keeping your lips zipped....

YELL the TRUTH!!!!!

4Truth said...

ADN 4/22/08 article: Baldwin-Johnson said she had to induce labor, and the baby didn't come until 6:30 a.m. Friday.

Lori Tipton's 4/18/08 coverage: "Gov. Sarah Palin gave birth to her fifth child at about 6:30 a.m. Friday morning."

Levi's statement in VF: “I was at the hospital when Sarah had the baby a little after six A.M. on April 18, 2008..."

So did Sarah give birth to Trigg just after 6:00 am, at 6:30 am, or just after 6:30 am?

Most mothers are very specific when they give details about their children's births. Example, "I gave birth to my daughter at 12:37 pm on March 17, 1992.

lisabeth said...

Wow Lizbeth, give the woman a break!! You aren't in her shoes. She is protecting her family and business first and I do not blame her. It sounds like she is giving information to Patrick now. But if you yell at people in all caps, you will scare people away!
Living in a small town is tough and hard to understand.

Thanks 4truth for doing what you can. Maybe you can talk to other like/minded people and encourage them.

I like the anon's suggestion about a fund to give people for information. The only question I have though is how can they provide proof of anything without being willing to come forward and on the record?

FEDUP!!! said...

I watched that cnn clip provided above, an $P looks like she is wearing her empathy belly. (No sway-back, like in a real pregnancy, though...)
Does NOT jive with the Alaska Air attendants who said the 'stage of her pregnancy was not apparent'...

4Truth said...


I will try to answer your direct questions.

Q: What did you think she would do to you for telling the truth???

A: Sarah had a lot of power when she was the Governor of Alaska. Her approval rating was over 80%. She is very vindictive and hired her friends and church buddies to State of Alaska positions, even though they were not qualified. She did this because she could control them. During her VP run, if Sarah knew that we had made a negative comment about her to the LA Times, I have not doubt that she would have found away to publicly denounce us personally and leak the name of our businesses. You see Lizbeth, when you have an 80% approval rating, you have POWER. She knew it and used it to control people out of FEAR! Just look at our own State Legislature. They funded an investigation of Sarah for wrong doing. Before the election last fall, an independent investigator found her guilty of abusing her power. Do you know what the Legislature did when they received the investigators findings that she was guilty? Nothing! Why? Because of her popularity, they chose to do nothing. They did not want to be the ones to “punish” her. If they did, it might not bide well for them when it came time for reelection. Remember, Sarah had an 80% approval rating; the people of Alaska loved her!

Q: You deal with the state of AK but you are AFRAID because of Palin????

A: When you hire your buddies, they have the power to not include you in State bids if those bids are less than $10,000.00. If they are over $10,000.00, there are ways to direct the bids to “favored” vendors. Sure, you can file a complaint against a State agency. But the State has its own attorney’s on staff and they twist everything in favor of the State. That’s just the way it has always been here Lisbeth.

FEDUP!!! said...

4Truth: I agree with you, and I feel for you... Unfortunately, all those people $P put in power, seem to STILL be in power... :/

Anonymous said...


4 Truth has been in touch with Patrick and the information that she has given us is very useful. I think that she is doing the absolute best she can.

4 Truth:

Thanks for the information. Patrick is putting it to use as I type!

Anonymous said...

Excellent explanation 4truth, succinct and to the point. Hollis French is on record as stating they (the legislature) should have begun impeachment proceedings but were in fear of losing votes from her supporters. So they all chickened out. It's absolutely pathetic and they should probably ALL be replaced.

There are some people I know very well that are going to be running for Alaska Senate and one for Governor (who hasn't announced yet but intends to soon) that are on to Palin's BS. I believe that both will win and the political atmosphere here will begin to change dramatically

Anonymous said...

4Truth -- thank you for whatever information you are able to give. Maybe once others see that you have told the truth and are safe, they may be more likely to come forward. You can then work together against the powers that be, as there is safety in numbers.

4Truth said...

Anon 01:06

When the time is right, please let us know who these people are that will not lick Sarah Palin's shoes & I'll be the first to vote for them!

Patrick said...


Thanks a lot for you email and for your very interesting comments here!!

I just emailed you back, but I think your mailbox might be full, the email came back with a similar message.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I fully intend to inform people as soon as I can as to who will be running for Governor. I have a lot of information to post about him. I made a mistake in my previous post, it isn't a Senate seat it's a House seat the other one is running for. His name is Bert Cottle and he's running for John Harris's vacant seat. Harris has NO shot at becoming Governor nor does Parnell now IMHO. Parnell won't even know what hit him

Helen said...

Here's a thought: In small towns, the peace is kept when people don't get "too nosy" about others business. Of course small towns are also notorious for gossip. But if someone goes to a lot of trouble to hide something and puts forward a good story about it (such as a pregnant teenager leaving town for a bit...) then many will abide by the old saying "let sleeping dogs lie" unless they really want some trouble. Most don't.

So these people just aren't used to publicly talking and stirring the pot. It just makes it difficult for everyone to get along, and life is difficult enough.

And I imagine there is a stubborn element there. If you push them to talk, or try to guilt them into it, they dig in their heels. I have a feeling no one who actually knows anything will ever talk unless they have a really clear, sharp and focused reason to do so - such as a substantial payment for their information and a ticket out of town, with a new life waiting. That means leaving behind the life they know and not necessarily on good terms with those they left behind.

It is going to be a hard combination to put together.

Anonymous said...

Really interesting stuff bout Alaska(ns). I know there have to be good honest people up there somewhere.Does everyone in Wasilla have things to hide that they are that afraid to talk? And Palin sounds like the biggest bully - how can someone so dang DUMB be such a bully to people? Can she blackmail the entire town? I sure hope that the whole town is not filled with meth addicts or oxy addicts that are afraid of being blackmailed, but it sure does seem like it to me. I was in Alaska twice and i remember a saying people said to me about Alaska: the odds are good but the goods are odd...it was a saying about finding dates in Alaska...I'm starting to think the the whole place is is some od twilight zone, really. sorry to any normal Alaskans who see Palin for the freak she is and who would speak out if they knew anything. Readers:Remember also to go to the Alaska state licensing website and file a complaint against Cathy Baldwin johnsons medical license!! the

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Please! Look at the recent treatment of Andree McLeod with the "personnel" board! Look how nothing's being done about the ATM "Slush" fund? Its obvious all of Palins flunkies are still there. I can't blame 4truth at all, she is doing what she can by communicating with Patrick, privately. And I thank her...!
Heck, I'm going to be visiting the wasilla area soon and I'm scared to say anything against queen quitter!!!
Yes it is THAT bad there!
So when have to be patient that Truth will be told....there have been pictures scrubbed, I remember someone talking about quitter in a playboy bunny outfit with her butt hangin' out. I mean she had the power of mccain before now she has murdoch? for how long, well until she goes rogue on him, lol! Quitter knows how to pageant walk for the old rich farts in her naughty red monkey's, she's their viagra, gross but true!!
Truth will come out, it always does!!!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

To add to my above post...my Son jokingly says...Mom I guess I have to start your defense fund?...?lol!
That's how bad it is up there!

lisabeth said...

Crystalwolf......are you really going to Wassilla??
Take photos and pretend you are a private eye. Just go to the bar where someone said Sarah was a barfly.Four Corners? And start buying shots for people. We will all contribute!! I think you would get a lit of info :) :)

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

lisabeth, lol :)
Yes I'm going to be "incognito" the problem is the person I'm saying with lives up "there"...! Its actually a business trip...but I'm planning another trip possibly soon?
Who knows what can happen???

Karen said...

This post just discourages me, seems like there's no hope for Wasilla to talk. Or for that matter, all of Alaska. They probably think Sarah might run in 2012, & want to stay on her good side.

I think Gryphen's source fell through, & has been found to be unreliable. He doesn't even say anything anymore about SP, & goes with all the boring subjects. I would like to guess his source, but feel that it's inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

4Truth.....I understand your fear. This state operates like no other. The vindictiveness does strike a chord of fear in you depending what you do for a living here. Her high school cronies are still everywhere in commissioner and director positions so they still defend SP and will retaliate as needed. Sean Parnell should have cleaned house and picked his own commissioners. It is a stinking mess.

On a separate note....what about the two people in high positions who were fired from the health department? Did they know something about her insurance claims for Trig? Insrance records should be easy enough to uncover...??? In all her months of schedules that are public now, there is not one single mention of blocking time out for a pre-natal appointment. Was that because she had none??

Anonymous said...

Is it the Four Corners Lounge where she had a bar stool?

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about Gryphen too. Gryphen, if you're reading this, please don't give up! You have worked so hard and we appreciate it. If Palin gets away with everything, I think my heart will break.

On a lighter note, I think of Palin everytime I see a Bumpit in Walgreens too! Also.

Anonymous said...

Yes.. it was the Four Corners between Wasilla and Palmer where she had her own bar stool.

Anonymous said...

crystalwolf aka caligrl

I often go "incognito" or as a tourist --- even around the town where I live. My friend does it with me. It works for taking photographs and it is fun.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be combative or anything but something doesn't feel right about this latest disclosure here. Where has 4truth been for the past year? and why say so much on the blog now along with emailing Patrick inside info? and then her mailbox is full? After what just happened to Audrey I hope everyone is being careful.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon@4:52.

Anonymous said...

Four Corners bar shut down last summer so you'll not find SP nor anyone else there.

justathought said...

Do you think that insurance companies know that she commited fraud. They could hold that over her and aha! Death panels!!!!

Anonymous said...

I also agree with Anon@4:52. I was called a "wet blanket" a few days ago for warning about planted information.

Verbose said...

Levi's failed to deliver, you seem to say that Gryphen's sources are a dead end. Honestly, even if we could get people on the record, they probably would be blown off. I think the ONLY person who can expose everything and, more importantly, be believed, is Bristol.

We're told she hates her mother...


lisabeth said...

So what are the hot bars now in Wasilla and Palmer-I mean ones where locals go? Crystalwolf, look forward to hearing about your trip and seeing photos.

Re 4Truth maybe we shouldn't be so skeptical of every person. The longer Sarah is out of office, the more people will talk. I thought this would happen.

My own feeling is that Gryphen hasn't given up just yet.

Now I am just waiting to see a photo of Sarah after her surgery. They'll be leaked from China. I think it's a joke that anyone thinks this adds to her foreign policy credentials. That is ridiculous. If she is doing it for the money, you can't blame her. But if she wanted political exposure she shouldn't have bailed on her opportunities here.
It's really been a pleasure to not hear a media Story about the Palins every day! I hope it continues and she sticks to money making venues.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be OT but I found this on Grypen's blog.

Old Greasy Gopher Guts said...

Twitter pic from Palin's pic in HK

Anonymous said...

Article with pics from Palin's Hong Kong speech. Link

Celia Harrison said...

historiesmysteries said...
"Wow. What an incredible quote. Keep your mouth shut or we'll shoot you.
Still, I have to say I never realized what a bunch of sniveling bullying cowards so many Alaskans are. Those tactics wouldn't work down here."

Yes, they would if the corruption was on the Alaskan level. Palin is not the only one who is dangerous. She just had the charisma to get elected to office. Alaska is full of people like her. A lot of them are fairly recently here too. Palin may be gone, but she has plenty of people she appointed who think like she does. I had people in a small town in Alaska go after me and I will tell you it can be on several levels, work, police, judicial, and legislative. They are vicious, I was even at one time arrested and put in prison and tortured against no evidence to try and shut me up. I also had death threats on my phone. My mail was opened at the post office. There are dominionists everywhere that are not able to think for themselves. One cop told me after I complained of being harassed by the police, "You just don't know how we do things around here", just before he told me he was the nice cop. It was strange hearing that statement without a southern accent. I had also said the place I was in was like a small town in Mississippi in the 1950s. It is pretty creepy. While I was going through all of that stuff I had no clue about the dominionism. I would just tell people it had something to do with their backwards religious beliefs and my not agreeing with them. It was also in part due to me being a factually blunt person, oh they can't take those facts being thrown in their faces. I have PTSD from all of this. Remember people may have children to think of. The problems in Alaska don't all come from Palin either, there is a lot of corruptin here.
I have no information about Wasilla or babygate, but time has gone by and I have started telling my story using my real name, with exposure of negative information they could use against me exposed already by myself. It is my hope that after some time goes by people will come forward. Maybe someone who moves out of Alaska will start telling the story. Believe me their fears are based on reality. It wouldn't stop me from telling the story though. In Alaska you find these corrupt, sick people, but we also have some of the best people you would ever want to meet. Those people helped me survive this ordeal. Like the woman who bailed me out of jail about ten minutes after she heard I was wrongfully arrested because she knew it was based on a lie. There are people here who would do anything to help those in their community and they are the real Alaskans.

Pat said...

Annon. 9:17 The picture is not there any more. Humm

Celia...good for you. Someone has to get some guts. Imagine this woman talking down the President of her Country to the Chinese. For this alone she should be banned from public office FOREVER

Bea said...

It looks like the Wasilla mayor's office hasn't been redecorated since Quittypants spent $50K making it over in her "style" including that fugly wallpaper.

I'm amazed that this guy still likes Sarah considering her has to work in that pink-puke-granny-bedroom office she saddled the town with.

Eileen said...

I am right now listening to MSNBC/Morning Meeting show with Dylan Ratigan as it is playing clips of Palin's 80 minute speech in Hong Kong. Wonder who wrote her speech for her? Where was the answering of audience questions afterwards...Ha, Ha. This site listed "ran a car wash" as one of her top three qualifications to speak on business issues. Speech was nothin' there there.

I agree-start a honest collection fund that folks can contribute to and use it for Whistle Blower proof to out the faker Palin on Babygate. Will contribute. Put up a billboard or ads in the Anchorage-Wasilla area and get results.
Ouch guys! On Alaska comments. Wasilla is an extension of Anchorage and shopping strip authenticity. Not a town with its own history of any substance.

Glad I don't have to live there or raise my kids to deal with the folks with blinders on who think nothing of all the strong arm tactics, trashy behavior from "role models" and pitiful excuse for leadership.

McCain IS TO BLAME Ultimately since no vetting and even Republicans didn't actually choose her-HE did. Viagra Vixen into extreme right pumping of the limited thinking masses. McCain is no Maverick-he catered to the vocal extreme base, not Americans as a whole.

Duncan said...

Maybe Bristol will write a book, the way Mackenzie Phillips did.

gregory said...

Celia - I am wondering if you still talk to the woman in Wasilla who has the log business (sorry, I forgot her name). The woman who implies that her Trust Funds were stolen and who says she is not afraid of the Wasilla Mafia. Any news there? Thanks for speaking out Celia.

Patrick said...

Anon 04:52

Please don't criticise "4Truth" just without any reason, the information she sent was very valuable, and I am incredibly grateful!


If anybody here get's frustrated from time to time, I recommend to watch some great Palin parodies as an effective remedy:





4Truth said...

To all the Skeptics,

I understand that many of you have been actively involved in the “babygate” discussion since the beginning of this blog and are very protective. I think that is great. Without the loyalty of the readers/commenters, this site and the truth about Sarah Palin would cease to exist.

Many of the recent comments have been skeptical of my intentions. I want to set the record straight. I have been reading the articles on this site since last fall, but only began to comment a few days ago. I am not a “troll” or Palinbot”!

The title of Patrick’s most recent article”: “Why Are People in Alaska Afraid To Talk About “Babygate”?” motivated me to share my story with the rest of you. It also led me to contact Patrick with a few possible leads, which may help in his quest for truth.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

4Truth, thanks for any little bit you can provide. If nothing else, perhaps you will inspire others to contact Regina or Patrick. They would not have to post it here on the blog, but contact them by email.

We are all hopeful that someone will come through with that one piece of the puzzle.

San Diego Al said...

All I can say is it really doesn;t matter what anyone thinks about Sarah as the Obama administration is doing enough to make sure there is NO re-election in 2012!

Thank God!