Thursday, 3 September 2009

Open Thread. The crying glacier

This image of a crying face looming from an icy cliff wall was taken at the Svalbard archipelago in Norway.


Anonymous said...

so that's where Sarah Palin has been hiding?

Anonymous said...

That image melts the mind.....

Anonymous said...

The bomb could be this: Sarah was pregnant with Trig. Levi is Trig's father. Me and Mrs. Palin ... .

CC from far away said...

What a message from the Universe ... amazing.


I think I've read thoughts along those lines, lo these many months. And it if is true ... how creepy that scenario would be.

The strange thing is when this whole hoax is finally exposed (as I believe it will be) the truth may actually be more sordid than we ever suspected. *shudder*

CC from far away said...

oops ... should read *if it is true ...

Anonymous said...

Will Levi ever get an invite to Sunday dinner at the Palins?

Does Levi need a police escort to go visit his boys? (I would hope it is trooper Wooten that goes with him)

Are Levi and Sarah still friends on Facebook?

Would Sarah blink and say no if she knew where this was headed?

Sarah is the money you will make worth the destruction of your family?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

CC, the truth will come out at some point that Sarah faked her pregnancy, but the sordid part will never be proved, because Sarah will never allow Trig's DNA to be tested.

OH! I have to add this! My WV is:
I've never had one that spot on!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's quite a scenario. Maybe worth asking gryphen on immoral minority. He said that Kalo was on the right track on the updated Vanity Fair thread.

My wv was retty as in ready.

Anonymous said...

If Levi and Sarah are the parents of Trig.... then Bristol deserves an Oscar for her acting performance at the GOP convention when she was holding hands and all lovey dovey with Levi.

Anonymous said...

There was a parody blog of PD a while back, and all of a sudden the person running it claimed that they had discovered the "truth" about Trig's birth, and that it was (basically) so messed up, "out there," whatever, that they shut the site down, saying they couldn't continue talking about it in good conscience. There were some very "Jerry Springer" ideas being discussed in comments on the site- parent/child or sibling incest, Bristol/Keith, etc. Right now, I don't think I would put a Sarah/Levi parentage as shocking, but maybe that is the case and someone was just pressuring the site's administrator to take it down. It will be interesting to see what finally gets spilled.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 13:51--

I thought of that too, but still think Bristol as mom of "T1" is more likely.

But the whole theme of "The Graduate" and the jealousy of the older mother of her younger daughter Elaine does resonate. Especially given Sarah's alleged narcissism.

"Mrs. Palin, are you trying to seduce me?"

Legal note: this is TOTAL speculation. I actually think better of Levi than that.

NakedTruth said...

The only thing with the Sarah/Levi scenario is that I truly don't believe that Sarah was actually pregnant. We've all seen the pictures. Even after she announced her pregnancy to still try and hide it was the telling part IMO. She was covering up to hide a non-pregnant belly. Sarah is not the birth mother of Trig.

Anonymous said...

I don't vote for Sarah/Levi. But, if Levi's story is true about the Palins sleeping in separate bedrooms, always talking about divorce, having a rocky relationship, here is a different scenario: Todd Palin + Sherri Johnston.

That would explain why Mercede called Triggy Bear her little brother. That might account for Mercede referring to Sarah as Mommy-in-law (married to the father of her brother-- gad, that's complicated). Might also show why Levi is so attached to Trig, and why he might be present at Trig's so-called birth, if Trig is really his half-brother.

Does not explain Sarah faking the pregnancy unless Todd & Sherri wanted to have the baby adopted, and when DS was discovered had to go to plan B. You'd think Levi would be mad at the guy who slept with his mother. Then, the Johnston marriage wasn't very stable, either. Or did Todd break it up???

Even though it makes for a good story on a TV soap opera, I think that the best explanation is Levi + Bristol = Trig. They could not care for a DS child, and Sarah's adopting him was a political plus. Everyone is bound by some kind of legal confidentiality agreement. Levi is close to spilling his guts, but he's only dropping hints-- he's not there yet.

We might also shed a tear for poor Sarah, whose life looks alot more disfunctional than we thought. I don't think that she cares about her kids, her marriage, and obviously not her job as governor. She dreams of being a *Star* celebrity, with her only input being TV reality shows (and memories of a beauty pageant). Look at her; even with a face lift, she's not young anymore. Now we also know that she must be lonely, starved for attention, and may need some outside form of stimulation to supply what her nervous system is lacking (I'm trying hard not to say drugs). She may get a short run at celebrity with a book, tour, TV, Fox, Murdoch, and then it's all going to flame out quickly, crash & burn. Oooops, Crash & Burn don't exactly go with that Ice Princess image, sorry, Regina.

Anonymous said...

Also, I think Levi was in love with Bristol, so I don't think he would do that with $P while in love with her daughter.

basheert said...

anon@17:20 - I agree. I've thought long and hard about this. I'm wondering if SP was jealous of Bristol and Levi.

First of all, she uses Bristol as a surrogate mother to raise the rest of the kids. So she can't really have Bristol developing a life of her own.

Bristol and Levi were together for a long time so their closeness may not have been forced. Also, Levi doesn't give the outward impression that he's outgoing - in fact he appears kind of soft spoken and shy.

Levi is a relatively charming good looking guy. He is also young. Sarah is aging and although she is attractive, the ugly inside is seeping into every pore. Her anger and negativity is sapping her looks.

So Bristol has this "guy" and maybe isn't paying mom enough attention, or around as much as she needed her.

SP is bat faced jealous of her daughter.

I'm not mixing in babies, or sex or anything else. Just flat out, mother/daughter jealousy which could set fire to the world. If you are a guy, you do not get the whole mother/daughter dynamic. It is THE closest and THE most outrageous relationship in the world. It is filled with competition, jealousy, hatred, violent love, tears, emotions, passions and possessiveness.

My comments have nothing to do with the story, simply what is going on between Bristol and her "mother". I'm just speculating on a possible motive for Sarah in her treatment of Bristol.

Willow will be next.

Anonymous said...

What is the connection of the death of Darlene Miller, the neo-natal nurse from Wasilla, who died in a fire in Wasilla on January 5? People are mentioning it on several blogs. Someone seems to know something but is afraid to come forward.

And then we have the Wasilla Bible Church fire around the same time. Mentions of adoption records being burned?

Anonymous said...

@Basheert 17:41, I agree completely and you said it so well. The mother/daughter relationship can be that of best friends or bitter enemies, it is a very emotional dynamic.

That being said, poor Bristol was probably put in the position of family caretaker when Sarah had early political ambitions. And, I am sure that Bristol resented it and her mother for it.

I went to high school with a girl whose parents both needed to work just to get by. Her job, as a teen, was to pick up the groceries and get dinner started every day. She was not free for any social acitivies after school

At the time, I wondered how she knew how to cook everything. Her mother taught her. (This was before the time of takeout food. And, they did not like any of the frozen foods available at the time). I can tell you that throughout her adult life, my high school friend was not a happy person.

So, you can imagine Sarah's outrage at Bristol fouling Sarah's carefully crafted plans for a national political future, especially with an unplanned pregnancy that would discredit Sarah with the family values people.

The one thing that might give us a little hope is that Bristol seems to really love the two little boys. Although she is burdened with a big responsibility, hopefully her loving care of the kids will benefit both her and them. It will take her a long time to get over what her mother did to her.

Anonymous said...

Darlene Miller stopped being a neo-natal nurse in 2001 and became a hospice nurse. Google it.

Anonymous said...

But why are people saying the FBI should be investigating Darlene Miller's death in relation to this Palin/Levi story?

CC from far away said...

PCG ... I think you may be right regarding the sordid truth not coming out.

I still keep coming back to Track ... and I am starting to re-visit the 2 Wasilla fires. The hospice nurse AND $arah's church?

Very very fishy...

Anonymous said...

anon @ 16.25

My research proved that the PD2 parody blog was associated with the pro Palin commenter BlueTx who was posting at Palin Deceptions. If you believe anything that was posted there, especially the farewell message,as far as I am concerned you have been well and truly taken in.

Please trust me on this. I have old screenshots etc which can prove the connection between PD2 and BlueTx. Unfortunately they are on my old laptop which I will not have access to for the next ten days as I will be away from home.

I'll download them when I get back and post them here at Palingates for anyone who wants to see them.

BTW BlueTx has recently been commenting on Stinky Other McCain's website regarding Levi.

basheert said...

CC - I believe we must follow the bread crumbs AND ignore the rocks. The story is truth mixed with speculation.

In my opinion only, SP is capable of pretty much anything to get what she wants. The fact that she is a sociopath NPD says it all for me.

Having read many of the Levi comments, and having observed how Levi handles himself, I don't find myself thinking of him as a liar. I don't believe he has an Agenda like SP obviously has. He appears relatively soft spoken and caught up in a situation.

The story is coming out - slowly. Unfortunately it leads to tons of speculation. We don't know all the answers. I think and hope we will. That's why I brought up the dynamics.

You can't have this kind of story without understanding the personalities of the individuals involved, because that's why there IS a story.

Bristol the oldest is oldest/daughter. Relationship will be filled with challenges, emotions, jealousy, anger, screaming fits (can you tell I have a daughter), a daughter who loves her mom but hates her at the same time.

Sarah, a sociopath NPD who uses her children to try and attain goals she isn't capable of. Shallow, stupid, infatuated with herself. Children are props. When they get older and stop being "cute", she has another one. Her children reflect who she is. They are not individuals, they are possessions she uses.

Todd, kind of dumb, doesn't really get it. Probably loved Sarah, doesn't know how to challenge her so makes himself absent a lot of the time. Probably drinks quietly. His defense against his wife is to work out of town. He leaves her alone because he sees she doesn't need him for anything and he doesn't have the energy to challenge her. I believe he's tried to be a decent father but with the tension in his marriage, he isn't with his kids a lot.

Willow - heading down Bristol's path. Already drinking and partying. Angry with her mother (another daughter) for her neglect. Regardless, Bristol is NOT mom and unfortunately is put into that role. Has a ton of responsibility for Piper and resents it and wants to party with her friends. Stuck in a small town, no future, crazy mother, absent father.

Piper - desperate for attention from anyone. Lugs Lil Trigger around because he is who she adores. He's too heavy for her really, she's a little thing. But he's her "love". She is likely to have a child out of wedlock - she is so desperate to be noticed. Being raised by older sibs and an absent father. They try, but she doesn't have her mom and she knows it.

I may very well be 100% wrong on this - but these are the dynamics I see in this family. Track obviously got the hell out of Dodge - I don't know why but it was probably a smart move mental health wise.

That's how I see it.

With all this dysfunction, desperation and craziness, these kids are heading for a relatively rocky future. Again, my opinion only but it's worth reviewing who these people are and what they reflect within their own family dynamics.

CC from far away said...

Basheert, you are spot-on in describing the family dynamics.

To say this is a dysfunctional family may be the biggest understatement of the year.

I still want her in jail for all her ill-gotten wealth and her vindictiveness.

I am sad for her children and wish them well but I think the best thing for them would be for all this farce to be out in the open so they can heal properly with professional help.

basheert said...

CC - agreed.

But if you parse the individuals involved, it gives you a bit of understanding of why all of this is happening. Most families would not be capable of this type of dysfunctional drama.

Anonymous said...

I believe Levi
He seems to not hate Scarah Pants... but rather finds her offensive on so many levels

I remember when S.P. came trotting on the scene all my male friends (over 40, let me add.. the younger ones aren't so swayed by retro memories from the 80's) thought she was the hottest thing on the planet.
So I took a closer look at the ole gal.
Then I thought about Levi.. wow! I thought, poor Bristol.. I wonder if all Levi's pals are always teasing him about being close to the Palin family... in cahoots with Sexy Scary Pants..
but you know..
He never came across like that. Like she didn't do anything for him.
She was just Bristol's mom.
...and he had seen enough of her to blow any attraction out the window.

I agree with Scarah's jealousy of Bristol. This was the first time the family was on the national scene. She had Piper and Willow signing autographs and dressed in cute outfits with cute hair do's.. She was always building up how strong and rugged and adorable Todd was. Trig.. well poor little guy :(
Ignored Track until she wanted to go off on the Troops and then act like she had a clue about Military Life.

But Bristol. Her outing her at the convention.. she said it matter of fact. No tenderness.. no follow through with, this embarrasses her or anything.. just She's 5 months pregnant, but don't worry ! Shes not that icky.. I know, I know.. she is getting married to the father. It's ok! She's not that icky.
And then made this 5 month old girl (well who knows) ... be the caregiver to Trig.
So she fat like a cow had to tote her little infant brother around with bottles and burp blankets. I'm sure she was tired all the time already. She couldn't enjoy the limelight the rest of her family did.
Nope she was always hiding out being a babysitter.
Willow was old enough to care for Trig...and she wasn't pregnant.

Scarey Palin wanted to be the hot woman on stage.. the kids were young enough to not be thought of as hot (how quickly she lashed out at Letterman.. this sounds bad but I think it wasn't in defense of Willow but rather hold on now! She's not old enough to be considered Sexy... only think about ME as being the sexy one having flings with hot baseball stars. She didn't even flinch at the Naughty Stewardess comment)

and Bristol IS beautiful.. and I am guessing doesn't need hair extensions or glasses to hide bags under her eyes or fancy undergarments to give the appearance of a tight figure.

Stick together people.. I want this woman taken down.

Anonymous said...

and last i promise
Didn't Sarah offer to Tina Fey, Bristol to babysit?
OK 6 months pregnant by this time, already tending to Trig ... did she not want her to have any LIFE during this exciting National Scene experience the rest of the family was having?
OH Bristol would love to babysit.. she loves to stay in doors away from people and just hang around little kids

Anonymous said...

Anon @19:38 : Yes - she offered Bristol to babysit for Tina Fey ON BRISTOL'S 18TH BIRTHDAY!

FEDUP!!! said...

To me, it exemplifies Mother Nature crying about the loss of her children - both humans as well as animals.
Wonder how much longer we will be part of her, before she will have to get rid of us in order to save the rest of her children. :(

NakedTruth said...

I am going to throw this out there. If Todd wasn't getting it from Sarah, I wonder if he was getting any at all. Same goes for Sarah. Levi said they hadn't slept together in years. Who's loving who? Still don't believe Sarah was pregnant so these are the options for Trig's parents.

1. Bristol/Levi
2. Bristol/Track
3. Bristol/Todd
4. Todd/Sherry
5. Track/Sherry
6. Bristol/another guy that would do more damage to Sarah's rep than Levi.

Just saying Trig belongs to somebody and it's not Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Holy ****, Anon @ 13:51 wrote: "The bomb could be this: Sarah was pregnant with Trig. Levi is Trig's father. Me and Mrs. Palin ... ."

The moment I read your comment, it hit me. You could be onto something there.


Thank you for your comment.

conscious at last said...

OK folks- Since we are truly having a free for all, trying to work together to unravel this thing - I have something else to add here -- and just to keep your interest, I will comment on the fires at the end--

Remember "Dangerous" who was often on PD ? He would say confusing things- he would act the bully and try to dominate the conversation. At first you'd think he agreed with the fake pregnancy, then he didn't, then he'd posit the idea that Willow was the mom -- on and on. I knew there was something suspicious there long ago- I warned Audrey. Well, as you know, he's written a book about this issue called Two Babies- his pen name is Dan Archangel- I read some blurb that said he grew up outside Binghamton NY-- Well guess which town is not too far from there ?
Seward NY !! ( You know- Seward who was Lincoln's Sec. of State and brokered the purchase of Alaska) and guess who was born in Seward ??? MEG STAPLETON-- remember how she got SP to speak there recently ?? I smell something here that ain't right !!
Could be a co-incidence or not!

As for the fires- I vaguely remember that I read somewhere that SP's church had somehow managed to obtain the legal right to do fast track adoptions. I also remember more clearly that SP's church grabbed control of the Board of Directors at Matsu hospital-- So can anyone here help out with this ? Do you remember this ? Do any folks from AK have first hand knowledge about this ???

One thing I clearly remember is that when the church fire happened, the minister or some leader there was very quick to blame "outsiders." This is a strategy to cast blame away from the obvious. Remember the Reichstag fire !!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that glacier lady looks like Michael Jackson!

Anonymous said...

Sure does look like MJ.. he new Elvis

Pee World has Palin's RNC speech .. I clicked, of course, to see her smug and in her limelight before the world has crumbled around her..and to take a peek at Levi

That boy looks like his tongue is in his cheek the entire time

but there is something wrong with that baby
I know people have talked about this before.. and I know NOTHING about little DS babies :(
But he is truly a floppy ragdoll and the crowd was screaming at top level for like 15 min

When Todd handed the comotose child to Piper.. his head just flopped back.. not even a flinch

and then briefly it shows him in Piper's arm and his arm goes up and then down like he's dead

And she sits up there absorbing all her glory.. spitting lies about being such a good hip warm hearted mother..
While earlier (I speculate) I bet she was barking orders to her family on how to act
and having someone else give Trig his dose of sleep juice
You know she didn't do it.. since she won't hold that boy with out the cameras

Part of me hopes the Levi Tale is not true.. because it is sick

but then.. seeing her gloat on stage... telling tall tales.. and little Trig :( I can't wait for the poo to hit the fan

I wonder who the woman those men in black escorted out

basheert said...

anon @ 22:26.
There is rampant speculation that Trigger was drugged during TV appearances. Depending upon their degree of affect from the Down's syndrome (some DS are very high functioning and some are much less), he appears to be more obvious DS than many that you might have seen.

He has the obvious facial appearance of DS as well.

I feel desperately sorry for him if he is not getting the multiple therapies that he needs to go as far as he is able in his world. I've never seen him with glasses or his hearing aids he supposedly needs. Basically he was a 10 pound sack of flour that was carried around by Piper or Bristol.

Still waiting for the lawsuit threats over the Levi interview....(insert crickets here).

NakedTruth said...

Some crazy anonymous wingnut over at IM is saying that his common sense tells him that Levi will be swiftboated. He says that the GOP pundits are already stating that Levi on LKL said that adoption or abortion was not considered and now he is saying that adoption was considered. What this wingnut fails to understand is that Levi and Bristol didn't consider adoption which would make Levi's statement on LKL true. It was Sarah who brought up adoption and Levi and Bristol refused. It's amazing how these crazy people can twist the truth.

Isn't it amazing how Linda Tripp was so praised by the GOP for revealing that Monica Lewinsky had President Clinton's semen on a dress but these same people want to destroy Levi for giving his account of living with the Palins. Just a bunch of hypocrites in the GOP.

Also, too, where is the outrage from the special needs organizations about Sarah supposedly calling her DS baby 'retarded'? I think that since working for special needs families was part of her platform(remember the RNC speech where she said that Special Needs parents would have an advocate in the White House if they elected her.). I want some outrage. They should at least make her comment on Levi's accusations. She should denounce this statement and pledge her support for children with special needs. I wonder will this happen. I won't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

If we believe the Levi interview (and it sounds pretty believable), then why was Sarah dragging Todd and those kids all over Alaska and elsewhere if they were such mess of a family? Everybody else just leaves the wife/husband & kids at home when they go on a business trip. Was this a shameless act to look like a happy family and appeal to family values people?

And how about Todd? That sappy grin on his face as he stood behind her, looking adoringly while Sarah delivered another hate filled speech. He reminds me of the poor guy in the ladies dress section of the store, propped up against a wall, holding his wife's purse while she looks at dresses and tries some on.

And, another word about Todd, Sarah & divorce (still believing Levi). I guess there were perks in having his wife as governor (even mayor), getting that Arctic Cat stuff and going on trips. He was certainly glad to sit at her desk and threaten people a year ago to get a former brother-in-law fired. Wasn't even his own brother-in-law, but Sarah's. He must have liked the power. He must have also liked "building" the nice house.

But now, there is no incentive for him to agree to a divorce. In fact, if he saw all those checks, deals, offers that Sarah saw (and that Levi wrote about) he would have been out there lining up every speaking appearance he could, happy to hold the purse and count the money.

Now, if Todd has a good lawyer, he may be entitled to half of Sarah's haul, not to mention half of her future earnings. Suddenly a suggested $10 million book advance doesn't look nearly as large if Todd gets a piece of it.
The "ranch" in Idaho or the condo in NY have to cost that much.
I think that we are still in the middle of one good soap opera. Stay tuned, and please add your own speculation as to the next chapter.

Anonymous said...

The first question was: Where is Sarah hiding? Someone writes a few face book pages for her. No tweets or twitters. Her father said that she calls (or emails) but his stories have been less than reliable. If it is recovery from a little nip and tuck, she could still call her favorite Alaska radio program and give them an interview.

So, where do people go when they want/need to be totally out of touch? I'm voting for rehab, because that was one very seriously wired woman, saying and acting in an irrational way.

I had a good time on google looking at rehab programs. Not the quickie 30 day stuff; Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirgage, CA requires a minimum of 90 days. If I am not mistaken, when celebrities (think Elizabeth Taylor) were there, there were no leaks, no communication, no nothing. So that is my vote.

(Anything that is supposed to come from Sarah is coming from Meg, Murdoch or someone else).

CC from far away said...

I'm starting to think this "hiding $arah" has been planned for a while.

The VF article was planned/written in June or July for a September printing. That breathless quitter speech came out of the blue at the end of July. She must have gotten word from her handlers and/or cronies that this was happening and Murdoch/attorneys have been working on how to spin the VF article.

Anyone else thinking this too or am I totally off base?

Anonymous said...

The quitter speech was July 3, not the end of July.

CC from far away said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CC from far away said...

Anon@ 00:56... you're right, sorry, I'm confusing the quitter speech and the Governor's Picnic goodbye speech.

However .. beginning of July fits in the time frame for the VF article. I know articles take a few months between idea/writing and printing.

I still think she got wind of it ... or something worse that hasn't come out yet.


It is not likely Cindy McCain or Sarah Palin would go to a program like The Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs.

Cindy McCain Ain't No Betty

"Nick Juliano at Raw Story has an interview with Tom Gosinski, who was at the heart of the squashed and ignored scandal that surrounded Cindy McCain's "charity" which was being used, along with forged prescriptions and dummy names, to supply Mrs. McCain with a steady flow of prescription painkillers.

John McCain, as a U.S. Senator, used his influence to get Cindy McCain, a prescription drug abuser, a diplomatic passport, thereby avoiding any messy searches of her luggage by Customs. John McCain, as a U.S. Senator, used his influence to hamstring the DEA investigation that, had it followed its normal course could have resulted in mandatory sentences, which Senator McCain supports, of close to seven years in prison.

John McCain as a husband, and loved one of a junkie, enabled, abetted, and covered up his wife's drug habit and behaviors.

When Betty's own behavior grew to be unignorable, Betty went totally public. She told on herself, which, by the way, is the essence of AA. Telling on yourself. Knowing who you are and what you have done, then, resolving to live your life in a better way is the heart of the program. Once she had changed herself and her own life, Betty devoted a considerable amount of time and a not inconsiderable amount of money to helping others with the same problem find their own healing and recovery.

John and Cindy McCain just wanted the shit to go away."

Anonymous said...

Just wonder, Blow Pop, did Cindy kick her drug habit and how? I recall her going to her condo on Coronado Island for 3 or 4 months to recover from some terrible surgery?? Did she go to one of those "we keep celebrities secrets" kind of place???



I think the Mafia Princess is top secret. I have never heard any details of how she kicked. It appears she could be under a doctor's care and has prescriptions now.

She is more like a Rush Limbaugh. His so-called rehabilitation was 18 months with his doctor. Who knows what that means? It was a doctor that gave him his own Viagra prescription to travel to the Dominican Republic, known for male child prostitution.

So Rush Just Wanted A “Rush”

GinaM said...

This was posted on IM about the fire that killed the nurse.

This is cut and pasted from VF. I'm new and don't know how to add to the "waterbreak" blog...

Report abuse
There are all kinds of suspicious facts and photos, but 'true believer' Republemmings will not believe a word of it till Sarah actually confesses on TV. That is why there is an organization with very deep pockets working on this story in Alaska, and will break the real story in mid-October (too late to get another VP). I heard the key was a large payment to a nurse at Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, who was very worried about her safety. They are going to nail Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson for insurance fraud and some other stuff (medical ethics, faking documents... I got this over the phone, I'm not up on medical crimes). Turns out the Down's Syndrome was just a Red Herring, part of the cover-up that makes a 44 year old mother plausible. It's really Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Bristol got wasted a few times in July and August before she knew she was pregnant. That's why they couldn't quietly give the baby up for adoption, and why Sarah got a late start on faking the pregnancy. I heard they are going after the Doctor that gave the fake 'mono' diagnosis as well. So many crimes, so little time. Bristol's current 'about 5 months pregnant' is just afterbirth weight, and she is breastfeeding. Such a sick kid (Trig) really needs his mother's milk, no way would they force her to bottle feed only after all they put her through. Yeah, there is a 'miscarriage' coming. After the Presidential Election. And no, Sarah did not have a 'pillow' under her blouse for those famous TV interview photos. She splurged the $500 :"> If Sarah wins VP, most likely. If not, he keeps the Hummer and goes his redneck way.

Posted 9/9/2008 by JessicaMG

Helen said...

Gotta say folks...reading this thread my mind is blown! I will say that I don't think there's a chance in hell Levi ever touched Bad Sarah no way no how. I believe he loved Bristol and whichever children are theirs.

All I can add to the discussion is when you have a question about what Palin is doing from now on, don't forget to factor Murdoch into the equation in a big way.

Remember that his yacht was parked in Alaska when she resigned as Gov? If she needs rehab now, it's under Murdoch's watch. More likely she is just getting some R&R in one of his exclusive pads. Plastic surgery, or outpatient proceedures? Quite possible and in truth, quite unremarkable for any media personality "of a certain age" as the French say - think of Greta's work (she looks awful in those "Sarah at home" videos BTW - all tight and masked.) BS is also talking out the book while a Murdoch writer takes the tapes and actually writes and edits it. She is sequestered from the news to keep her on task. Staplebreath is muzzled as are any of the rest of her old staff. Scarah is being handled (gingerly no doubt) by media pros now, whose first agenda is money, second agenda is tabloid sensation, and third but long term agenda is to have a degenerate affect on social and political discourse in the US.

It's all still better than her actually being in office. And she will never garner enough votes to hold public office in America unless something goes very very very wrong there.

GinaM said...

Go to IM "Levi Johnston Vanity Fair Article". The commenter with the nurse link is "Shayfray" her comment is @ 8:47am. It is REAL INTERESTING what she says.

Anonymous said...

Darlene Miller worked as a hospice AND home health nurse. She has a background in neonatal nursing.

Here are some questions to ponder..
Why was she afraid for her safety and
Who gave her a large payment and for what?
How is she connected to Dr CBJ???
How are kids with FAS different than Downs?
Was Darlene Miller murdered?? The circumstances of the fire are very strange.
And about this post from a Melissa-when was that posted and where/who is the group with deep pockets?

Another comment. Palin has been apart from Trig for over a month but apparently has piper with her. Can you imagine any mother leaving her baby for so long, one with special needs.

Anonymous said...

Levi knows the Gov. has every color of Walmart's two-piece lady's PJs !!!

Anonymous said...

Remember "Now I'm a slut! Ha!" I figure Todd is the father and did a little remedial "teaching" with his loose daughter to show her. Home schooled indeed. Sarah can't say anything and is jealous to boot! Why else would $arah refer to Trig as "the retard"? Where's the love? Where are Todd and Willow?

Anonymous said...

I saw this comment at another blog:

She would say, “So, are you gonna let me adopt him?” Him? HIM? HIM?

As far as I have read, the only baby whose gender was said to be known before birth was Trig, due to the amnio. IF there was an amnio, as SP said there was.

Anonymous said...

One a mother of any age delivers a DS baby, a subsequent pregnancy would/should be carefully monitored. This may well include amnio or other genetic evaluations to determine the health of the fetus. It is not a surprise that the sex of T2 was known.

basheert said...

anon @ 13:22: It's not a stretch really. She'd had a normal ultrasound and they found out the baby's sex.

You don't need an amnio to determine sex. Any ultrasound tech can determine if it's a boy with the "right angle".

That's NOT to say I don't believe the rest, but that comment was ignored right away when looking at facts. Babies can be "sexed" fairly early....well at least boys can. Especially MOST boys.

conscious at last said...

Re: SP's comment as reported by Levi.. "let me adopt him.."
The "him" could also refer to a BABY THAT WAS ALREADY BORN.

From the beginning of his public debut, Levi's comments have been confusing and contradictory because he has probably sworn to not say certain things, yet he is trying to leak some truth with confusing clues. So, just as we need a special decoder to translate Palin-speak, I think that we must also regard Levi's statements as puzzles that need some "unjumbling!"

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that so-called $arah has not posted anything on 'her' facebook page since the call to watch GB?

Anonymous said...

Does this mean her book won't be appearing on any Oprah Book Club list anytime soon? Oprah doesn't like liars MUCH, also too.

Maybe Todd will scoop Levi and Sarah and do his own book...heh heh heh
As long as he's separates from her before he signs the book deal, the money is all his and the kids...not the princesses.

MadCity Chick said...

I'm for some reason of the theory that Trig is Todd's child with another woman who's spouse not only demanded payment but that they raise the child. He shows the baby affection like a real parent or grandparent, she does not. Now I know she's not normal so we can't expect her to be loving, but he looks at Trig in a different way. Even in the videos we're reviewing from the other post, where she isn't so nice to Todd. Look at how he touches Trig and Trig touches him. Of course I could be way off base, but I just think it's his child but not with anyone else in the house. Maybe even with Sheri. Levi's parents split up around the time of the birth after 21 years of marriage. Maybe Levi's Dad couldn't accept it and had to get away from it all & doesn't think he can do a good job lying about it so he avoids being pulled in.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Mad city chick- I agree Todd shows so much affection towards Trig, as well as Bristol and Levi.
I just don't know here? It is a mystery. It could be like you say?
Or not?
I guess we will never know unless Levi, Bristol, Mercedes,or Todd himself spills the beans.
All we can do is pray Bristol takes care of the little guy b/c sarah is a cold hearted bitch!