Monday, 14 September 2009

Sarah Palin's Babygate - by Patrick

Sarah Palin on March 26, 2008, barely three weeks before "giving birth" to her fifth child...

Why I know That “Babygate” Is Real –

And Why The Alaskan Media Has Failed

- Guestpost by Patrick -

Up until a year ago, nobody had ever heard about “Babygate”. Then, in September 2008, Audrey started blogging with “Palin’s Deceptions” and single-handedly, as a lone blogger, started the discussion going about an issue which has since then grown and inspired the creation of many other blogs. The “Babygate” discussion is still as relevant today as it was at the very beginning and there are very good reasons for this.

At the beginning of November 2008, my partner Kathleen and I became members of Audrey’s research team. Since then, and on an ongoing basis after we left the research team in June 2009, we have received deep insights into the background of “babygate”, and have been privileged to see information that in parts has never been disclosed to the public so far.

Babygate is real. I have seen enough information to openly say this in public without the fear of “reprisals”. Sarah Palin is not the biological mother of Trig.

Here are three pieces of inside information I would like to share with you.

In April 2009, Palin’s Deceptions received an email from a person containing the following story: In January 2008 in a confidential conversation with a prominent and well known member of the Republican Party it was revealed to her that Bristol Palin was pregnant, and that it was “common knowledge in Juneau” at this time. In a second email this person confirmed that this Republican had no reason to lie.

The person who wrote the email didn’t reveal an identity to us, just gave a first name. As a routine measure, in order to assess the validity of this information, we investigated if we could find out who the sender of the email was. To our surprise, we established through internet forensics with absolute certainty that this person is related to somebody who holds a very “high rank” within Alaskan society, including frequent appearances in the media (for example ADN and local TV).

It is clear that this woman is not willing to go on the record. The last sentences of her second email were: “I would like to say more or reveal who I am but at this point am afraid. The vindictiveness of this Governor is just unbelievable.”

We will of course under no circumstances reveal the identity of this person.

The second piece of information I would like to share with you is the following:

On April 8, 2008, 10 days before the “official birth of trig”, the user “jibegod” posted the following on the website “reddit”:

“On March 5th, 2008 Alaska's Republican Governor, Sarah Palin, announced to the media that she was 7 months pregnant with her 5th child. She is currently 44.

The controversy arises from two sources: First, Sarah Palin does not appear pregnant in any recent photographs. The announcement came as quite a shock to people who had worked closely with her, and have been quoted as saying that she did not appear pregnant whatsoever during the prior 7 months.

Second, Palin's daughter Bristol is 16 and attends an Anchorage high school. Students who have attended class with her report that she has been out of school for months, claiming a prolonged case of mono.

Apparently, this rumor has made the rounds in the upper echelon of the Alaska legislature, and is a closely guarded secret. As far as I know, this rumor has not been discussed by any media outlets, in Alaska or otherwise.

The points here are based mostly upon hearsay, and I'm not trying to destroy an innocent family. However, a Republican politician hiding a pregnant teenage daughter seems rather newsworthy.”

Here is the link:

We were of course very intrigued about the validity of this post, and again we researched the background of the poster “jibegod”. We discovered, again with absolute certainty, that “jibegod” has family connections to a lawyer in Anchorage, and we found evidence that this lawyer indeed has close connections to the “upper echelon of the Alaska legislature”. Therefore we came to the conclusion that the post by jibegod is credible.

Again, we would of course never ever compromise the anonymity of these people.

The third piece of inside information is also highly interesting, especially in the light of the recent “revelations” by Levi Johnston.

A very well known conservative politician in Alaska received the following email several weeks ago from a friend of his who works as an author in New York (telling him details about Sarah Palin’s book deal):

I am told by reliable sources, but don't know for a fact, that the deal is worth an initial $2 million, with various clauses that could take it higher if the book sells.
Customarily, one-quarter to one-third is paid on signing.
(I'm also told, less reliably, that she rushed into the deal in order to get money to pay off Levi and his family in return for a commitment to not talk about anything to do with the Palin family, including the question of Trig's parentage.)"
This speaks for itself.

So, is there enough to “believe” in “babygate”, in conjunction with all the photo evidence and other evidence we have collected over all these months?

In my opinion, the answer is “Yes”.

Admittedly, this is all “circumstancial” evidence. But by now, we have a lot of it. And we have a Sarah Palin who has up until today strictly refused to provide a birth certificate or any substantial medical documentation to the public (that is apart from the medical letter reputed to have been sent from Cathy Baldwin-Johnston and released by the McCain campaign on the eve of the 2008 Presidential election and which is discussed at length here:

– and who has a great interest in the fact that discussion of “Babygate” has been so far suppressed in the mainstream media.

Regarding the fact that Sarah Palin failed to follow requests to provide more documentation, see here:

And that leads us to the ADN and Pat Dougherty.

He is the editor of the only daily newspaper in Alaska with any importance. They pretty much have a monopoly.

And they have failed.

In autumn 2008, the ADN realised that the persistent rumors about Sarah Palin’s fake pregnancy were not going away. They appointed a journalist, Lisa Demer, to the story. She started to investigate, conducting interviews including Sarah Palin’s elusive doctor, Cathy-Baldwin Johnston and other people close to Sarah and her children. Demer even interviewed a blogger.

What was the result?

Pat Dougherty complained publicly in his editors’ blog that this investigation by the ADN, which was apparently designed to “exonerate” Sarah Palin, curiously received no support from Sarah Palin whatsoever.

And as a result, he decided to drop the story and decided not to report ANYTHING.

Pat Dougherty wrote about these issues in his editors’ blog for example here:

Is this what highly paid journalists in such cases are supposed to do? Sit in their offices and wait for the “evidence” to walk through their door?

I think not.

Several days ago I shot off an “angry letter” to Pat Dougherty, complaining about the lack of coverage. I also asked him whether the rumor was true that Sarah Palin apparently threatened to sue the ADN. I also mentioned the MTV video and Michael Carey’s interview from September 2008.

This is the response I received from Pat Dougherty:


What exactly is the evidence? Not what you think you see in a video, but evidence. Not what somebody told somebody who told you, but evidence. If we had the evidence, we'd report the story, but we don't have it. As far as I can tell, neither do you. Just for your information, rumors are often presented as facts; that doesn't actually make them facts. What makes a rumor a fact is verification with evidence.

And no, nobody threatened to sue us to stop a story that never existed. You should know, though, that people regularly threaten to sue us and that doesn't scare us or stop us. It's just another day at the office. Why? Because if they sue us and we can back up what we say with evidence, we win and they lose.


Sarah Palin’s faked pregancy is without any doubt a huge political scandal. Palin could still be a serious contender to become the next Republican presidential candidate. And this is a possible danger for the whole world, because elections are never fully predictable.

I want Sarah Palin exposed. She has no business in politics. And I urge every journalist to move their butts, get out there and finally start to investigate and ask the right questions to the right people.

I am certain that if they do this it won’t be long until they find what they are looking for.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone made a screenshot of RSMcCain's ugly blog post bragging about how he threatened Audrey and essentially blackmailed her into stopping posting? This episode deserves more attention than it is getting. These people are dangerous and lurching into actions that are illegal.

Anonymous said...

Patrick! Hearing your voice is like a refugee catching wind of an expatriate government established offshore after a violent takeover. That's hope. Bless you, Kathleen, and Regina!

Therese said...

Has anyone made a screenshot of RSMcCain's ugly blog post bragging about how he threatened Audrey ... These people are dangerous and lurching into actions that are illegal.

I fully agree. It was alarming stuff to read.

The rancour toward her is unmerited as Audrey is a restrained and factual poster, who never allowed rumours about illegal sexual activities, and speculation of that sort, among the posters on her blog. (In some cases, I think A. should have allowed more - however, it is her blog, and her ethics are obvious.)

Although it is ugly to read those threats against Audrey, it shows the impact she is having. And something is up in the Palin camp. Her sudden resignation has never been explained. And, after furiously threatening to sue Griffin, over divorce rumours, no writ was issued - and Palin then went AWOL. She has not been seen with Todd since those rumours surfaced.

Anonymous said...

I use that ADN story to convince friends that the pg was a hoax. That and the fact that all photos of her from jan - April 08 are GONE during what would have been the leg session, major time for photo-ops.

The pictures...I think I have seen them so many times I forget how shocking they are. Ïrom flat to baby in 3 weeks!

Anonymous said...


I am not sure that the truth will ever unfold in a verifiable way. I found these blogs like most everyone else, out of a deep concern about the competence of SP and I felt compelled to learn more about her. What I have learned is disappointing and concerning. To see that she still has a charismatic power and pull over others is astonishing.

One of the 'gates' must open up to ensure that she is never again in a position to lead any part of our nation. I had great hope in the "iceberg" - which has seemed to melt away.

To contemplate that she is now addressing international audiences is astonishing. Let's hope that those pulling her strings and working her mouth are not successful.

Thanks again for your relentless efforts.

Anon 2021 (of the 3 baby theory)

Floyd M. Orr said...

Regina, you may enjoy my latest rant:

Good job, Patrick! I have been supporting you for a long time. You're the best!

mel said...

Patrick, did you send Dougherty the brief photo essays that Audrey and others have put together? He wants evidence, tell him you have photographic evidence, attached. If he doesn't want an attachment, link him to one of the sites that has the most striking triyptychs of flat bellied SP followed by big-bellied SP. Tell him there is evidence to support the dates of the photos, and report what we know (or don't know, in the case of the Gusty photo)about their source and authenticity. Close with a couple of quotes--from the e-mails you site, from the video of Carey and Ray Suarez, even from the VF article by Levi talking about the adoption ruse.

Dougherty is a lazy, cowed, journalist-in-name-only. I've been disgusted with him since he backed down from SP and her "Say it ain't so" email after the election. He expects to be spoon-fed the evidence; wouldn't dare act like a journalist and find it himself. To be fair, he probably can't afford to. But even so, he's a wimp if I ever saw one. But he responded to you, so please try to keep the exchange going.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for disclosing some of the evidence re babygate to those of us who have been following it from the beginning. I feel that you must understand how frustrating it is to be teased with bits and pieces without anything more forthcoming. On that note, I know that others, including Gryphen at IM, have indicated that the back story is even more twisted and involved than SP merely covering for BP. Can you provide us with anything at all regarding this... does it have to do with Trig's father? Tripp's conception? what????

Anonymous said...

re: "This is the response I receied from Pat Dougherty:"

I think that Palin's story is just that, a story, but I don't think this helps the argument. Consider photographic evidence: even when taken at a known date and time, a photo may not accurately represent the scene if lighting, angle of shot, length of lens, etc. information is lacking.

There is enough doubt about Palin's story without the photographic "evidence."

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

Patrick, Thanks for carrying on. IMHO the Gusty shot next to the "pillow" shot is the money shot. That and the fact she "hid" the pregnancy, the wild ride makes NO sense to any adult, and the rumors of Bristol were persistant in early '08. The MSM is afraid, but NE or some other entity will eventually see the light. Unless she goes to prison for the house first!

One More Thing said...

Thank you, Patrick. Thank you, Kathleen! Your citizen journalism about this topic, along with Regina's, Gryphen's, and Audrey's, is amazing. I guess that the ADN doesn't believe in photography. Weird!

Here is a post I put on the open thread, but I have now added to it:

'Remember the "pro-Life" Indiana event in April of this year, when $P gave her weird speech. Lots of DS moms were there; there was a breakfast where they hoped to get to meet Trig. $P and Todd did not bring Trig; they did not inform the folks there in advance of this. They said at the last minute that he had the sniffles.

Here's another theory: in order for Trig to come, Bristol had to be there, as his mom. The Palins were afraid it would look too suspicious, with Bristol, Trig and Tripp there? Hmmmm. We could guess who the real caretaker is? Or maybe it's part of a new custody arrangement: Trig can't be taken out of state without Bristol?'

Patrick said...

Anon 1:27

I have seen no hard evidence regarding the question who Trig's father is, nor have we hard evidence so far on the question when Trig was born. Of course there are the well-known theories floating around, but there is no hard evidence yet.

But I can assure that we are working on these questions.

I have doubts that the story really is "even more twisted" than SP merely covering for BP. There is no evidence for this so far, and I can assure that I have good insights into the background, although I don't claim to know "everything". I certainly do not. Of course there is always the possibility that there will be a "surprise", but I simply cannot see at this point that the more "exotic theories" are valid.

This is of course only my personal opinion. But I try to give as many detailed information as possible. I am not somebody who is fond of speculations or insinuations which leave the reader wondering what's really going on. Facts will certainly lead to the solution of this puzzle, and that's what I try to deal with.

Patrick said...

I wanted to say:

..."as much detailed information as possible"...

Dr Who said...

You are right, the ADN failed as did the rest of the mainstream media. Only Vanity Fair has hinted that Sarah is Trig's grandmother in a comment where they referred to Trip as her second grandchild. Also why did Dr Cathy Johnson come to the meeting with Lisa Demer with a lawyer? That is significant and the ADN failed to report it. I don't believe Pat Dougherty one bit. I read his kiss ass email conversations with Sarah. Has Lisa Demer interviewed Palin's staff and what about others in the legislature and Bristols friends and teachers.

Many of you out there are angry at us for continuing to try to find the truth. We are not way out crazy nuts. I know you like to think so but it is just not si. I am a retired doctor who read Sarahs "wild ride" story. That story was told in Palins own words and it makes absolutely no sense. In other words, either the story is a LIE or Palin's doctor should me reported to the medical board for malpractice and Oalin has the worst judgement of any mother I have ever met. A competent physician would NEVER tell a woman with leaking amniotic fluid to go make a speech and fly home to Alaska from Texas. That is insane. And with a high risk delivery NO WAY!

You are mad at us because we persist in the real story being revealed. Some of you think this is a private family
member. Usually I would agree but Palin uses her
decision to give birth to Trig as a political tool to gain empathy, loyalty and admiration from her pro-life (anti-choice) fans. Thisvis a HUGE part of her poltitical platform and it is an outright LIE. Therefore the public deserves to know the truth. If Mrs Palin retreated quietly into private life it might be different but she hasn't. She still may ru for office and is set up to make millions off of a story based on lies!

Why haven't you in the mainstram media investigated this more? Why do you write it off as a nutty conspiracy theory before really investigating? Blackmail is a crime. The people threatening Audrey are committing a crime. Thisvis all about money so they can make sure Sarahs book brings in the money.

Investigative journalists, do your job! And those who write this off just read Palins story in her words and show it to any physician. I am sorry but her story is simply not true and the Palins are scamming millions of Americans. This is immoral! Please investigate and those of you in Wasilla who know the truth, and we know for a fact that some of you do, need to stop hiding and come forward. It's the right thing to do.

Dr Who said...

PS Thank you Patrick. And thank you to Regina and Audrey. Did you write Pat Dougherty back?

Anonymous said...

The truth will out eventually.

Audrey & Co. did a wonderful job of presenting the many factors surrounding "Babygate". I felt she and her companions were modern day "Sherlock Holmes" whose astute observations and deductive reasoning brought to light information Palin is now probably paying tens of thousands to actively suppress.

I strongly agree this deceitful woman has no place in the politics of our country, but very much doubt "Babygate" will put her behind bars.

Patrick said...

Dr Who 01:43

No, I haven't written back to Pat Dougherty - NOT YET.

I first wanted to see what people's ideas and responses are.

I strongly feel that there needs to be a resolution for babygate. Either Sarah Palin is exonerated after she has provided solid evidence, or she is "guilty".

But at the moment, officially, she is neither both, because the MSM refuses to make a proper investigation. I am sure that even Pat Dougherty will understand that this is a transitory stage which will need a resolution in the end.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Patrick, you mistakenly called Pat Dougherty a journalist. Dougherty is not a journalist, he is simply another one of Palin’s flunkies. Look at how Dougherty conveniently removed the birth announcements on 1-1-09 so that no one could question whether Tripp (Bristol’s second son) had actually been born on 12-27-08. Birth announcements are a tradition in just about every newspaper. Dougherty claimed a concern for the security of newborns, but in reality Dougherty was simply covering for Sarah Palin, again.

Additionally, Dougherty’s “snewspaper” recently removed the audio of Sarah’s 4-22-08 interview so that people could not hear her stumble and stammer when the reporter asked her about her water breaking in Texas. You could HEAR the deer in the headlights! That’s ok folks, just look here on Palingates on the right side under “EXTRA BABYGATE RESOURCES” and you will see the link to the audio that has been saved. Whew!

Oh and don’t even get me started on how the ADN deletes comments that do not glorify Scarah Palin. Sickening how people are misled and misinformed when someone like Dougherty is in the helm of practically the only major newspaper in Alaska. But that is what you can expect when a state becomes a theocracy under someone anointed by a freaking witch hunter!
Thank you Patrick! Excellent post! And thanks for sharing the information for the rest of us to digest.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

Send ole Pat the Gusty and pillow pics. And a few more. The pics dont lie, they cant be abstracted in any sort of meaningful way other than they are what they are and they show what they show.

Pat can start there!

wayofpeace said...

thanks, PATRICK! good to see you back in the trenches.

i believe a book would be the best venue to get this HOAX into the MSM. have you considered this?

carma said...

Patrick, Thank you so much for being here.

I don't know all the details but could you send Mr. Dougherty to start with the photographs and ask him to please give us his explanation. If he is flippant, ask him how do we get a reasonable person to open up for questions and help us to understand their point of view and listen to ours. If he has medical back up, I'd like to know.

A polite open discussion with questions that weren't side tracked would be so nice. He could help to dispelled the rumors.

Virginia Voter said...

Thanks Patrick....I have said it before...if this wild ride story of Sarah's is true, she should be charged with child endangertment and putting the other passengers of her multiple flights from Dallas to Anchorage at risk. There were comments about Sarah having pregorexia and her attempts at a fundie abortion...and if this is true, she must be exposed.

One commenter over the weekend on IM's Tank Jones thread claimed that she knew Sarah, was from the Valley, and knew Sarah was pregnant with Trig. She explained it as Sarah trying to deny the pregnancy in her own mind until she realized Trig would be a valuable political prop. This commenter also said not even Sarah's parents knew she was going to quit until the announcement at her press conference. Anyway, I have always believed Bristol was Trig's bio mom, because that girl is much more maternal to Trig than Sarah ever was, besides the fact that no mother would risk her infant's like the way Sarah did.

To me the wild ride is much more dark and disturbing than covering up a teem pregnancy, and I have never understood how Sarah has never been called out on it in the main stream media. It really shows how sick, twisted, and selfish Sarah's mind is.

CC from far away said...

Hey Patrick! So nice to have your presence on these boards.

The wild ride is definitely much more disturbing, if true ... though, I don't believe it. The only reason she embellished her "wild ride" was to appear like a "real, tough Frontier woman." She is not intelligent enough to think this story would not be believed by anyone with a modicum of brain cells. "They'll believe every thing I say, you betcha!!" Sadly, this part appears to be true.

Thanks again, Patrick ... I hope this is blown wide open very soon...

Anonymous said...

I think it's clear that Palin is unfit for any sort of public office. When we consider how she used her office for her personal vendettas, we should probably prepare ourselves to learn that she also used her office to improve the lives of her friends and contributors.

ella said...

Patrick - I prefer the picture that accompanies this post to ALL other photos. The empathy belly, while explaining the ONE photo of a pregnant Palin, is too far-fetched for a reader who is new to babygate. The square pillow photo just three weeks before "giving birth," is the ultimate "nail in the coffin" for me.
If Dougherty and/or Demer did an in-depth, journalistic, quality expose' on Palin, they might win a Pulitzer prize.
Presuming you, Kathleen, Audrey and Morgan have no ego in this (i.e., just get the truth out there), let Pat Dougherty and Lisa Demer have all the credit.
The expose' could put ADN on the map as a beacon of integrity and excellence.
The expose' need not be limited to babygate. Regina has all of the "gates" perfectly laid out. All of you have done most of the work for them. Sarah is a liar, a fraud, and a major hoax on the American people. Since she still solicits funds from SaraPac, we can speculate that she has aspirations for political office. She must be exposed. Here is a chance for ADN to contribute to the future welfare of our Nation.

Patrick said...

ella 02:38

Pat Dougherty and Lisa Demer can have all the credit and win the Pulitzer price if they report the story, I would be fine with that, seriously!


Patrick said...

...and we certainly have no intention of writing a hollywood screenplay about it either.


Anonymous said...

"what you think you see in a video, but evidence"

Patrick - Does this mean the video by cbc with the orange scarf was dated?

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

shes been quiet for a few days. hmmmm...Studying up for the speech or lawyering up for the feds? Anyway, its nice NOT to hear her venom for a day or so.

Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick said...

Anon 02:45

Pat Dougherty was apparently referring to the MTV video which I mentioned in my letter to him. I also mentioned the video clip in which his colleague Michael Carey was interviewed in September 2008 - he might also have referred to this one.

michelle said...

I think the most damning evidence that Sarah Palin was not pregnant with Trig consists of the following:
1. The photos of her taken weeks before Trig's "birthdate", showing her to have a relatively flat abdomen

2. The Gusty photo of her with a giant belly

3. Her video on national media, where she is leaning forward in her seat, legs crossed, criticizing Hillary for being too sensitive to criticism

4. The statement of the flight attendants who didn't notice that the governor was pregnant on that "wild ride"

5. Sarah's own words describing that trip, that she was so small, no one really noticed that she was pregnant

If number 5 is indeed true, how does she account for that Gusty photo, where she is as big as most women are in the 8th to 9th month of pregnancy?

Anonymous said...

The rumor in Juneau about Bristol being pregnant was being voiced is true. I had mentioned the rumor in a conversation with Ivy Frye, and next thing I know she's on her cell phone. To who? I don't know...

Anonymous said...

What if we were to bomb ADN and Huffington Post comment sites with the home page for Palin Deception and the fact that no one noticed on the TX trip she was pregnant---and tell some journalists to get on it.

If were to all get together and post a bunch of messages, maybe it would make news---and hence, be worth investigating.

Just say the word Patrick. I'm ready to do it. The people posting on PD would do it too.

lisabeth said...

What about contacting writers who have exposed other things ab out Palin. At Vanity Fair, New York Times, CBS, Keith O, and others. One writer referred to Tripp as Sarahs only "acknowleged"grandson. I think it was Vanity Fair but I'm not sure-I remember posting about it her in the comments. Contact and send photos and other info to that author, Andrew Sullivan, Dunn. In the first sentence ask them to be open and not dismiss it.

Let's NOT give up in exposing it.

Anonymous said...

Not long ago, while campaigning in Idaho, daddy Heath said that you can't believe everything you read in the paper. In the wild ride story, they mention calling the doctor, but does the wild ride story contain what was stated by the doctor or asked of the doctor, and/or what Palin stated or was asked? Or does the story just expect us to assume that the situation was thouroughly discussed ... the dr. approved of the flight, etc., etc.

Assuming that Palin talked to her doctor, was it a conversation about her pregnancy? someone elses? a cold that she may have caught?

Patrick said...

Anon 02:58

Thanks for the comment.

If you feel comfortable, I would be happy if you could contact me by email:

patrick12344 (at)

wayofpeace said...

Poll: News media’s credibility plunges to all-time low

By Agence France-Presse

Published: September 14, 2009 WASHINGTON — Public trust in the US media is eroding and increasing numbers of Americans believe news coverage is inaccurate and biased, according to a study released on Monday.

Just 29 percent of the 1,506 adults surveyed by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press between July 22-26 said news organizations generally get the facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder who Sarah sends Bristol who supposedly has MONO to her sister's house for 5 months? What? So she can infect Palin's sister's children and not her own? Nice sister, eh?

Anonymous said...

Sorry...that should have read..."Ever wonder WHY Sarah sends Bristol ...."

Patrick said...

Anon 03:45


Great comment.

Actually, here is another little tidbit from our investigation:

We learned that Heather Bruce was not too happy that Bristol Palin was staying with her in Anchorage, because Bristol Palin apparently had a "bad influence" on Heather Bruces's daughter. We heard this from a source who is close to Heather Bruce.

Truthseeker2 said...

Hi Patrick -- and Kathleen too. Nice to see you are still working on this, and thanks for the additional information. Having access to the unpublished "deep background" is very helpful in confirming that what we have concluded is in fact correct, so that's good because then we don't go off on so many wild goose chases. Sarah is definitely not Trig's birth mother; Bristol is. The idea that Pat D is claiming that there is no hard evidence is pure BS/covering his a**. He knows about the photos already; he's aware of all the sites, including PD and this one. He just feels he can't stick his neck out more than he already did re the New Yrs emails about CBJ's meeting with Lisa Demer when CBJ's lawyer told her not to answer any more questions. Keep up the good work, and keep in mind how much farther our understanding has come in the past 6 months -- soon enough the whole house of cards will come down.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Frankly, I do not hold out any hope that Pat Dougherty will do anything, he is too much in Sarah's pocket. After all, there's plenty of room in that pocket, since that is where she kept Trig.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that neither Palin nor Stapleton has spoken directly to you to refute this baby story. Think of all the other things she has come out swinging on....including the faux outrage over the Letterman incident? This tells me you guys are right on the money....the truth hurts and Palin knows she CANNOT show a birth certificate or DNA that can support her lie. So she has to remain quiet. Her loyal barbarians may actually be doing her more harm that Robert Stacy McCain. She may want this story squashed, but in doing so it is bringing more and more attention to this blog as well as three others. You have a real following now and these articles circle the world. Patrick, thank you from all of us. This story must come out to show the deceit, the manipulation, and to offer help to the poor victims of this tragic story.

Anonymous said...

Why do John Zeigler and Robert Stacy McCain fight so hard to keep the lie going when all Mrs. Palin would have to do is......SHOW US THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Plain and simple. The fact that she does not end this, tells me you have the truth. Done Deal. This will continue her entire life if she does not come clean. What a huge lie for Bristol to have to live with. It's a crying shame. For this....Sarah must be exposed.

Anonymous said...

So what IS the date of that videotape of a meeting that shows SP wearing a black suit and orange scarf that shows she is clearly not pregnant? Audrey blogged about it after it was shown on KO. Can we date that? Why has that proved so difficult?

Molly said...

People keep saying that nobody on Alaska Airlines noticed that she was pregnant. This is not technically correct; the statement was that "her stage of pregnancy was not apparent", which could, of course, mean that nobody noticied she was pregnant, or, it could mean that nobody noticed that she was so far along such that no staff thought it necessary to ask her about flying while pregnant, or how far along she was.

Also, I recall someone posting that AA does NOT have a policy to ban, or to require a MD's permission, for pregnant women who are close to delivery to fly, but instead leave it up to the individual.

In any event, nobody on AA seems to have been worried that Sarah Palin looked like she was about to deliver (in contrast to the Gusty photo where it looks like she could pop at any moment).

Molly said...

Thx Patrick for the update. :)

Molly said...

OK, so, remember awhile back when some people were saying Ms. Gusty was part of a coverup, and that photo was photoshopped...yadda yadda, and then Gusty comes out and says No It Was Not and No I Am Not part of a coverup, plus then they had video from that same day, but you couldn't really see her belly clearly.

So, then, alternatively, she wore her new baby bump starting right around that time--in public on April 13th, at the Gov's thing in TX on the 16th/17th, and then took it off for the long flight home. Probably just went back to scarves and that black jacket. I wonder if you can really sit normally with a fake bump on? On an airplane?

I think little Piper was kept totally in the dark too. I hope she is not allowed to surf the net yet.

Anonymous said...

Well, I definitely support the cause and I'm as eager for Sarah to get unmasked as anyone, but Dougherty is right -- there isn't any hard evidence. There is quite a bit of compelling suggestive evidence, but that's not the same thing.

It's time to get some people talking. How are they still so afraid of her?

Pat in Texas

Anonymous said...

Pat in Texas,

But surely that is the point that Patrick is making. He wants the MSM, including Mr Dougherty, to get up from their backsides and start to chase up the compelling suggestive evidence that has been gathered together by bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! I know something has to give soon. HA! She'll be running out of money soon trying to pay off the multitudes!

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, AA's pregnant lady flight policy is more flexible than most airlines because many women fly in from villages to Anchorage or Fairbanks to have their babies when they are near term. They are still supposed to advise of their condition tho ! (Which Sarah did not).

Also, the stewardess said that Sarah was 'extremely pleasant' and showed no signs of discomfort or distress. She probably wasn't sitting on a towel, either, as anyone else leaking amniotic fluid definitely would be !

LOL ProChoiceGrandma at 4:03. That is my 86 year old mother's favorite quote about the whole babygate thing, "Where are you keeping that baby, in your pocket ?"

Thanks Patrick for the update and letting us know that 1) We are NOT CRAZY
and 2) This IS IMPORTANT

wv : dinger (multiple interpretations possible)

Anonymous said...

Pats right, there is no hard evidence. But a lot of stories don't have hard evidence and are published. Even by ADN!
What infuriates me is when it is dismissed for no reason. at lMany blogs, Huffington and others don't allow babygate comments but people can comment about Obama being a muslim or from Kenya., It makes no sense.,

LisanTX said...

Patrick, the ADN is NOT going to look into this story. Please don't waste your time; let's try to think of a better way.

Phil Munger has long been critical of the poor job the ADN is doing. Phil is a longtime Wasilla resident, blogger, musician, professor, Renaissance man. Remember when the ADN had a "shrine" to Sarah on its homepage? After Bob Poe declared his candidacy for governor, they left the shrine until Phil asked them to remove it.

Phil recently had other things to say about ADN in a blog.

I honestly think it would be a waste of time and would expose evidence/information to someone who could give it to Sarah. I know that collectively we can come up with a great idea....

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Molly @4:42, remember also, that it was an Alaska Airlines SPOKESPERSON Caroline Boren that said: “Governor Palin was extremely pleasant to flight attendants and her stage of pregnancy was not apparent by observation as she didn’t show any signs of distress.”

I have never seen where the flight attendants were directly interviewed. But we are supposed to just take the word from a spokesperson from a corporation which used to put prayer cards in on-board meals proselytizing their religion upon all their passengers.

Anonymous said...

Phil does NOT believe in babygate.
But he is right about the ADN
it's time to go higher up now

LisanTX said...

Patrick, thanks for your guest post. We appreciate your and Kathleen's work.

As far as who would "break" this story, do you think "established" pros like Andrew Sullivan et. al have more to lose from backlash? Maybe someone less known would be more willing to take a risk with the story. (Of course, we don't think there is a risk, we think there's a Pulitzer.)

Hey, all you readers in the writing/publishing world, any ideas?

LisanTX said...

anon. at 5:50: The only reason I mentioned Phil was to support my statement that the ADN would never run with this story and to show what a crappy paper the ADN is.

No, I'm not suggesting that he believes our version of babygate. He believes the wild ride version.

KaJo said...

I guess I'm echoing Truthseeker2, here, but here goes:

Pat Dougherty said to Patrick: "What exactly is the evidence? Not what you think you see in a video, but evidence. Not what somebody told somebody who told you, but evidence. If we had the evidence, we'd report the story, but we don't have it. As far as I can tell, neither do you. Just for your information, rumors are often presented as facts; that doesn't actually make them facts. What makes a rumor a fact is verification with evidence."

I'm sorry but that is just SO much bu||sh!t. Every newspaper in the USA has gone to press with a lot less than "evidence", using the time-honored (or not) credo of "it's the public's right to know".

People have been lynched, blacklisted, or indicted on far less than Pat Dougherty is asking for.

All any of US are asking for is that Sarah Palin be permanently drummed out of public life and the public eye = blacklisting. We don't want to lynch her, but an indictment would be OK with me, too.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

LisanTX, I agree with you. Dougherty is a loser and has no investigative skills. Why should he bother to do anything, when the bloggers have been doing ALL of the work to collect ALL of the information and put it ALL together. Do not reward a lazy ass by giving him everything on a silver platter. I would much rather see Regina or other bloggers get the credit/write a bestseller. And my personal preference would be for Keith Olbermann to put it on the air, or Rachel Maddow.

Anonymous said...

We need someone with a lot of money and or money and clout to look into this. Here's a movie idea for Michael Moore!! Called Right wing scandals! Bill mahrer believes in babygate. And David Letterman and Keith Olberbann.

Anonymous said...

I once wrote a few New York times writer who were writing a lot about Palin to give them a lead and I was surprised they wrote me back. So a search on google news. Also remember the Guy who was in Alaska for awhile and wrote two scathing articles? I think it was conde nast? Maybe if many of us write or should it be a small group. This MUST come out!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much of that book advance went to Audrey to get her to stop blogging.

Anonymous said...

Patrick and Kathleen, I followed Audrey and PD from the beginning and always thought that she presented facts, photos and other information in a clear, methodical way. I appreciate the hours of research that must have gone into all of your work. Given the behavior of some of those negative bad boy bloggers, please stay safe and consult authorities about cyber-stalking, cyber-bulling and cyber-intimidation. Whatever you and Audrey wrote really struck a nerve with them.

And if you really love danger, then consider publishing "The Case Against Sarah Palin," with photographs. If it stands, then it is true. If Sarah sues, she will have to submit to a DNA test in court to prove that she is the mother, (along with Todd, Britol, Levi and others). By now, we really won't believe the birth certificate; too much time has gone by.

Do you need to have faith? If you ever wondered about Watergate, remember how many year went past before we learned who the secret informantant really was. On the other hand, they still haven't found Jimmy Hoffa. Usually, the truth will come out. Let's hope so.

Anonymous said...

No if that was the blog would be taken down. You should NOT spread a rumor like that unless you know. Are you a Palinrobot? She actually was threatened by a real sick thug.

Leadfoot said...

Hey Patrick - I have two ideas:

1) what is the ADN's biggest competitor? Is there a big Juneau or Fairbanks paper that is kind of competitive with the ADN / close in circulation figures, etc? We could make our case to the editor of that paper and include the part about Dougherty refusing to report the story.

2) why not publish a book called "How American Citizens Brought Down Sarah Palin via the Internet?" We could use one of those self-publishing Web sites like Publish America. All we would have to do is copy every post from PD, then insert the corresponding comments; and every baby-gate related post from Palingates and IM (including comments) -- that certainly would fill a book. The story is how we never gave up, the pressure mounted on Levi to tell the truth, and Sarah was forced to resign to be able to accept a book deal to pay him to shut up. So essentially, we forced a vice presidential candidate to resign her office of governor and leave politics (we hope).

Oh, and let her go ahead and sue us for the book. The publicity would BURY her. And I'd love to see her sit for a deposition.

Teutonic13 said...

Very Very Very good article Regina :)

Anonymous said...

You are right, Palin would never sue over Babygate. She would have to be brought in for depositions along with all her little secret holders. She won't go to jail over this lie but it would put a stop to her continuing on in any form of political position. She must not be allowed power of any form.

On a side note, over at Alaska Report there is a new Rumor Central regarding her plastic surgery.

regina said...

There's an interesting article about the ADN on The Alaska Dispatch:

Celia Harrison said...

Thank you for your post Patrick. I am a fact and information based sort of person. When I first heard the rumours about Palin's baby being her daughter's I thought it was nutty. Then someone over a period of time conviced me to read the blogs. It is clear the photos have been verified by a lot of different people as to date, place, events, people present, etc. The stories offer quite a bit of evidence too, but the photos are the most self-evident. It is clear to me without a doubt that SP did not have Trig and in all probability Bristol did. I had suspected that Levi had been paid off because some of the things he was saying did not ring true.

DEO said...

Ever since I read that Palin wanted to take Levi´s little baby, TRAP, away from him and raise it as her own, I TOTALLY believe she did the same thing with little baby TRUCK, who was PROBABLY the little baby of Palin´s oldest son, TRASH.

BTW, FROM THE BELLY OF THE PLANE is the best screen name EVER!!! We all know that is where stolen Palin wardrobe resides.

Sarah Palin-Tonya Harding 2012!

Anonymous said...

You know, there is something to the ideas above. I recently visited my 80 yr old mother who saw me reading PD. She was intrigued, asked me what it said, and asked me to bookmark the address for her. (This was before the shut-down.) I actually found myself hard-pressed to tell my mother the full story of Palin's babygate deception-- with all its permutations. Even the last photos posted on PD require complex explanation! (How the Gusty photo just miraculously appeared on flickr when it needed to-- is just one important detail in the argument.) Too many things were hard for me to express to my mom, and in some instances were hard for her to understand. Even though she wanted to believe!

This information needs a great writer who can synthesize it all and lay it out for a beginner-- from beginning to end. All rumors, all veiled sources, all photo evidence with explanation and timeline, with the unanswered questions presented cogently as well.

That would require a "book." And a competent storyteller-journalist-features writer who cares to chase the truth.

Audrey was a brilliant blogger. You, Patrick, tell this bit here brilliantly. But it may take someone outlining the whole shebang in one manuscript to get anyone MM out there, interested.

Anonymous said...

Dr.Who: you said it!! She uses that child to get sainthood and so, that child's origin is the public's buisness.

Price of the fame she seeks.

Anonymous said...

I dont mean to be harsh here, but maybe I do, maybe you Patrick and everyone trying to get this story out need a kick in the pants for you to realize you are on a dead end street if you keep this up this way.

Listen to me, your photos and all your blog evidence are not going to convince the MSM or the ADN to listen or report the story. You have tried it already and failed over and over to get them to listen to you. Continuing to try is no smarter than beating your heads against the wall.

You have to make the news yourself! Your blogs and photos will not do it.

You could protest outside of CBJ's office for a few days with signs. That will make the news and maybe she will make a statement. Buy billboards in Alaska in heavily populated areas with your photos and statemnts. That will make the news!

But keep it up the way you have and you will continue on this path to nowhere, and the repubs will be successful in silencing you

Anonymous said...

I agree with you and wish Audrey or Patrick would approach someone like Jack Cashill with their information. He did a real good job at investigating TWA 800 and several other incidents. Plus, he is top notch investigator and loads of contacts.

RonniNY said...

A very interesting piece about Robert Stacey McCain. Please Read!

>>I know Stacy McCain, an ill-tempered racist who sat on the other side of my desk for many years and carried on loud telephone conversations almost every day full of racist and ultra-right comments, and often got into loud verbal fights with both reporters and editors in the newsroom.<<

>>Fran Coombs and Stacy McCain for many years have ridden roughshod over newsroom colleagues of all ethnic and other backgrounds at The Washington Times with their explosive and vitrioloic racist white-supremacist tirades on a frequent basis.

Coombs, the newspaper’s managing editor and presumptive heir-apparent to Wesley Pruden Jr. as editor-in-chief of The Washington Times has always supported McCain –- even when he wrote blog messages on the Internet that were patently racist, anti-black and anti-Jew.<<

Seems to be a bit of a hubub going on about this piece. Has Robert Stacey McCain been palin' around with neo-nazi types? Could be!

RonniNY said...

Sorry! the link at 15:41 got truncated. Here's the tiny url:

Robert Stacey McCain - could he be any worse ??

ProChoiceGrandma said...

RonniNY, have you been to his site and seen his picture? RSMcCain's picture looks like he tries to emulate Hitler, in looks and speech.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Alex @14:55, this is what I have been requesting for a long time. We need a simple numbered timeline to correspond with a numbered set of pictures, videos and articles. I do not have the technical skills to know what kind of layout is possible on the internet, but surely someone must be able to visualize what I am requesting.

To explain to someone unfamiliar with how a sitting Governor had the audacity to fake a pregnancy and use it for her political gain, where do you begin?? And there are plenty of people who still have no clue that she faked her pregnancy, because the MSM has completely failed to report it, or even to let people know about the controversy about Trig’s birth.

Sarah laid out so many smokescreens: Trig's fake "birth" date of 4-18-08 was the biggest hurdle to overcome, all of the pictures that were scrubbed from Sarah’s official Governor’s website between January-April 2008, all the pictures and entries that were scrubbed from the MySpace accounts of Bristol and all her friends, the McCain campaign goons who scrubbed everything from the computer at Levi Johnston’s house, the McCain campaign worker Anna Arodzero answering the door at Levi’s house and posing as “a friend of the family”, the list is overwhelming to someone who has not followed this issue daily for the last several months.

Please, if anyone has an idea of how to make the presentation, give us your ideas!

Anonymous said...

OT: bobblehead anyone? They'll probably sell out!!

Anonymous said...


Its not going to work, its been done. No one is buying it! Stop with all this nonsense. Stop repeating yourselves over and over hoping someone will run with it. They will not and it has been proven to you over and over.

Get off your asses and do something about it yourself. Posting stuff on the internet or creating a photo timeline is NOT I repeat NOT going to do a damn thing.

You want this over? Then you have to do something yourselves, instead of hoping someone will listen.

You have to make Sarah Palin repond by putting it in her face. The internet is easily ignored and dismissed. You have to make the news for this to be on the news. You have to make CBJ respond to your questions by putting in her face so she cannot ignore you. You have to pull a stunt so the MSM will take notice.

But go ahead keep this up, at least you all have something to talk about on the internet. If thats what you want this to be. A simple discussion topic on the internet. That is what it is and that is what it will stay unless you grow some balls and do something.

Sorry but its the damn truth. They are beating you and silencing you. So do you like it, are just going to sit down and take it.

That is up to you, are you just a bunch of internet whiners or will you take some action?

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick, Thanks for being the voice of Truth...the msm has ignored this, part of which, I think b/c in the beginning the mccain machine was threatening to sue everyone who opened their mouths about it.
Now we've got Quitter's mafia after people.
This blog post has validated something I read, in a comment the day after Queen Quitter was announced as VP...a guy made a comment in the SF chron, and he said a lawyer friend in Wasilla (who he visits) said it was "common knowledge" it was Bristol preg not the queen. I have never forgotten that comment during this whole time and I believe it to be true more than ever now!
Also the part about Levi being paid, how could his mother go from having a PD to a lawyer like Rex and Levi a Bodyguard? Also explains why certain facts were twisted to the palin lie in VF.
Thanks Regina for Posting, and thanks Patrick & Audrey, Kathleen for all your research....

Anonymous said...

Patrick, let me begin by saying that I actually do believe Bristol is Trig's mother. However, I don't think we can definitely say Sarah isn't Trig's mother; all we can definitely say is that Sarah did not give birth to Trig at 35 weeks on 18 April.

I know it's a crazy theory, but I still contend that Sarah could have birthed Trig at 25 weeks back in January. In this scenarios, she kept the pregnancy hidden because Todd was not the father. Given what we know about the state of their marriage, it is even possible that Todd did not know his wife was pregnant since they never sleep together. She may have been in denial herself and then, with such a premature delivery, have convinced herself that the baby would die. When it didn't, she had to launch into her fake "I'm pregnant" routine so that she could claim Trig when he came out of the hospital.

In this scenario, Bristol was pregnant, too, in fall 07, but her mother forced her to have an abortion or give the child up. Hence her maternal feelings for the baby brother she is seen holding. Crazy, I know. But this family is crazy.

This scenario actually would finish Sarah in a way the "Trig is really Bristol's" story would not. She can make herself sound altruistic for covering up her daughter's pregnancy. But if she's covering up her own extramarital affaire, especially if it was with her daughter's 17-year-old boyfriend? Wow.

Again, my gut instinct is that Bristol is the mother. But what pictures do we have showing a superslim Sarah in December and January? And if she was in denial and starving herself (as we see she is capable of doing) then she wouldn't have shown so much in her fourth or fifth month.

Leadfoot said...

Anon at 16:25 - I agree with you. It is time to make news. But if we confront Sarah when cameras are around or protest outside CNN or Fox News -- we will just be further labeled as crazy leftist basement bloggers who won't give up. How do we MAKE this news, without looking like wingnut freaks?

Amy1 said...

crystalwolf aka caligrl: here is the video in which Michael Carey, ADN columnst, talks PG Palins.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 16:25 and Leadfoot, I quite agree that somehow this needs to make the news, however I am not in agreement for any of us to act like the batshit crazy wingnut freaks who have appeared at town hall meetings and teabagging parties to get media attention. I will not lower myself to their despicable ilk.

Maybe we need to have a writing campaign to someone like Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow, or if anyone knows of a REAL investigative journalist (I know, the breed is nearly extinct) then work on that angle.

Why can’t we find a journalist like Gina Smith from The State Newspaper in South Carolina to investigate SP? That girl jumped in her car, drove 3 ½ hrs to Atlanta airport, determined which flight Gov. Sanford might arrive from Argentina and interviewed him when he got off the plane that morning. He lied to her that morning, she then informed him about the emails they had, he ended the interview, and by the 2:00 press conference, Sanford fessed up! Now THAT is an investigative journalist! Can we make a collection to hire this reporter to go to Alaska???

kassie said...

Okay ... I think pushing the MSM to research is an exercise in futility. More to the point Sarah's Republican oppposition for 2012 should be inundated with this information. THESE are the people that will put this story out there to discredit her. They don't need the burden of proof only to cast doubt. And that is what they are so good at. Would Romney or Gringrich really sit on that kind of bombshell?

Anonymous said...

@Kassie, no. Palin's GOP opposition would NOT sit on it. And Romney's campaign has (or did have) a direct tie to Campbell Brown at CNN, for one.

But they would not start to actively "use" it until some time in 2010 or 2011, most likely.

Listen, it has been my hope for some time that the GOP will actually police their own--but not until after Palin has made some cash from "the base." It's clear that many in the GOP's high ranks used her on the ticket while holding their collective noses from the stench.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 16:34

I posted a similar theory yesterday under the open thread. Importantly though, I would never suspect that there was any intimate encounter between SP and Levi - no way, no how.

anon 2021

Anonymous said...

If the scenario is that Palin needs the money to pay off the Johnstons (to keep quiet), then why does Levi keep talking? Is it that he drops just enough clues to warrant some more hush money? I find it curious that Sarah's defenders have gone after a couple of anonymous bloggers, yet there is Levi, out there dropping hints, and no one has stepped forward this time to blast him. Sarah's father has never been quiet before. Nor, her spokespeople (Meg). This time the silence is almost as interesting as the "Where is Sarah Palin" guessing.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

anon:16:25 I don't agree with you! First I hate when someone tries to tell people what to talk-about and what not! Censorship!
Second, we don't want to be like the "birthers" orly or the rest of them. Until we can find a msm to publish all we have are blogs. And Audrey was threatened as well as Morgan and Gryphen so how can you say blogs are ineffective? Obviously SOMEONE doesn't want this discussed in a blog!
The AIP story did come out by CNN during the campaign and was immediately threatened by mccain's goons squad. Now we know the Queen quitter has murdoch behind her who controls the media....? Doesn't give much choice does it?
Blog or get a rep. magazine to publish the story.
As Patrick said a top Repub in Ak knows. I'm sure many others including mccain. As long as she donates to them they will STFU...but maybe some high ranking GOP'r who doesn't want the wingnut faction of GOP will speak?
They do know....? Its only a matter of time, before the truth is out there.
Or when she is arrested that the chips will fall....
Oh and follow the money...Gryphen blogs that grifter is getting divorce, RSM gets mad b/c he's been scooped and calls Lynn Vincent, she tells Grifter, grifter tells her lawyer, lawyer threatens Gryphen, RSM & DR start stalking Gryphen and harrassing him. Then Audrey & Patrick. It all leads back to her...and murdoch.

Anonymous said...

"Romney or Gringrich really sit on that kind of bombshell?"

Yes, that happens. Who knows what others may have on them?

Anonymous said...

caligirl: I did wonder who was paying for a full time bodyguard, but I assumed that Butler was paying, in advance of big money deals for Levi.

If Sarah paid him off, he wouldn't need the bodyguard. I am not saying she didn't, but why does he need Tank? to keep him from saying anything he shouldn't?? That seems illogical.

so many lies....

Anonymous said...

Patrick, have you tried contacting the woman Palin forced to resign because she wouldn't back Palin's parental rights bill. I forget her name.

She may have some to say. Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

I think we should ignore Anon, the one pushing people to make fools of themselves by confronting the doctor or Palin.

This poster could be trying to make us do something that will backfire.

I trust no one anymore, I swear!!

There are reporters from Huffpo and Vanity Fair researching books on her. THESE are the people who are, right now, doing the legwork. They need to know the story and I bet they have read the blogs.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Anon@17:56 But Levi IS saying stuff!
About her wanting to adopt Trip...he is dropping hints like crumbs for us to follow. He needs a bodyguard from her wingnut followers and they don't trust that a "accident" won't happen to Levi...he just knows to much...

Teh Dokter said...

Hi Patrick and Regina. I admire you both a great deal for putting this info out there. Like others, I feel the frustration at the "teaser" posts we often see. So I appreciate your willingness to post some of this background info.

Like Anon at 17:44 I also wonder about Levi being paid hush money. He's not saying flattering things about the Palin's in his interviews. Could he be dropping just enough info to extort more money out of them? That scenario is unseemly, regardless of what the "truth" is.

I know that Geoffrey Dunn is writing his book and has posted about Palin on HuffPo. Would he be willing to take on the story? I sort of like the billboard idea. The birthers are doing it. The pics in Audrey's last post would be perfect for a billboard that could also say "where's the birth certificate" or something like that. I don't think billboards are expensive and I think they'd get attention and be picked up by the media. Of course, they'll also generate lots of vitriol from the palinbots. If anyone wanted to raise the money to do that, I'd contribute. I do tend to agree that the internet postings alone are not going to generate attention. They would have by now. I don't think that Sarah or Levi are gonna come forward with the truth. I don't think Gryphen is ever going to reveal the info he has gotten from his sources because, it seems to me, it might preempt Levi getting a book deal (which I also don't think is going to happen).

Just my 2 cents. You guys have my admiration and support.

Susan in MD

Anonymous said...

Anyone see Sarah palin' around with Glenn Beck back in 1990?

Anonymous said...

Here's how others in the GOP felt about Palin in 2008. This is from former President Bush:

"I'm trying to remember if I've met her before. I'm sure I must have." His eyes twinkled, then he asked, "What is she, the governor of Guam?" [...]

"This woman is being put into a position she is not even remotely prepared for," he said. "She hasn't spent one day on the national level. Neither has her family. Let's wait and see how she looks five days out."

Anonymous said...

I think the suggestion to protest outside CBJ's office should be set aside. I would propose that CBJ has likely been victimized in this whole charade.

It seems to me that SP made up the wild ride story for some crazy reason for her father. He then felt the need, as he is prone to do, to repeat it to media. Perhaps he even elaborated to make his beauty queen turned Gov into more of a hero. Then, when questioned by media, SP was stunned, clumsy and did her best but unfortunately she perpetuated the wild ride approved by MD hoax.

I imagine CBJ was stunned, angry, embarassed by her supposed involvement in the hoax. Privacy laws and professional codes of conduct prevent her from speaking up and clearing her name.

To add further insult, SP finds herself in need of a medical record to release during the campaign. Why she didn't let this drop is anybody's guess. I suspect that there was not any cooperation from MDs. SP would not provide her medical record and no MD of any credible stature would produce a clearance letter without it. So, the letter was concocted.

SP could not do this without help as she is just not capable of creating such a polished document. Who helped her is the question, Meg, the campaign????? Others have revealed the results of their study of the letter and its flaws, suggesting its suspicious authenticity.

I can not imagine CBJ, having been humiliated professionally with the wild ride lie, participating in the VP candidate medical clearance letter. I would suspect that she has had nothing to do with SP since the lie surfaced. Why SP chose her? Perhaps at one time there was a relationship of some sort and her name was the first that came to SP.

I say leave CBJ out of this, she may well have been a discarded victim in this whole drama and she still can't legally speak up. There are strict federal laws that prevent her from doing so.

All of this is speculation, but worth considering. It fits a pattern -- use, blame, humiliate, discard. It would be particularly effective with someone who can not defend herself.

Anonymous said...

I think there are those in the MSM working on this. I think they will wait until the next campaign season to run it. Babygate will stop Palin's career. Those who want to stop her will do so definitively when the next cycle gears up.

If you see Palin meeting with Dobson, then THAT will be a sign she is going to run.

Floyd M. Orr said...

David Talbot is the sort of author I wish would investigate and write the story. Geoffrey Dunn would be my second choice, only because I get the feeling that Mr. Dunn will concentrate on the financial and political scandals without investigating and exposing Babygate. David Talbot has an interview online that is one of the best ever concerning SP. I don't have the link handy right now; maybe someone else does.

Someone here mentioned PublishAmerica, but that company is totally off the radar of everything that is happening in publishing right now. CreateSpace is the way to do it now. I am very experienced in this field of research. Check out my PODBRAM blog that I have been running for the past three years.

Believe me, I would have begun writing such a book long ago if I lived closer to the source. We need someone who can afford to travel to Alaska to get the real story. The Palin Mafia has too effectively kept everyone quiet in Alaska. I doubt that anyone will talk and stay in the state. What is needed is an investigative writer who will go in and get the information, and then retreat to a safer state.

Here is David Talbot's Wiki page:

Here is his most famous book:

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 18:13, I also feel CBJ had no idea SP was going to fake a pregnancy. Once I realized that Trig was born in January 2008, not 4-18-08, and Sarah began wearing her scarves on 2-19-08, and announced she was 7 months pregnant on 3-5-08 (the day after McCain won the Republican nomination), it occurred to me that CBJ most likely had no idea Sarah was going to fake a pregnancy to cover Bristol's.

Thank you, you are the first person I have seen that also feels CBJ was thrown under the bus.

Here is another description of CBJ's letter:

Be sure to read the part "Here's what's wrong with it".

michelle said...

What about contacting Larry Flynt of Hustler magazine. He has hired reporters to dig up dirt on politicians having affairs. He certainly is no fan of Ms. Sarah and has the means to expose her lies.

basheert said...

Great Post Patrick!!! So that's what you were doing on Regina's keyboard. So glad you guys had a lot of fun together, wish we could have joined you! I'm dying to see their village in France.

Keep up the good work on all of this. You've done an amazing job pulling all of it together, even though much of it is still in a million pieces.

RE: When to "go for it" ... I would think you just keep on hunting and coordinating. A good time to ramp it up would be in conjunction with her "book release" because the MSM will be focusing on her (why God only knows).

Along with everything else you are doing, choose your time to spring wisely.

Sending you and Kathleen warm hugs.

Anonymous said...

It is easy for the MSM and ADN to ignore "babygate" because they can put the tin foil hat label on anyone that approaches the subject. That has already been orchestrated.

You don't have to believe what they believe to question them.

Why is it no one will investigate what most people agree was negligence, reckless or putting the life of an unborn at risk? Their documented AA flight version could be investigated. It involves the airline industry, the medical profession and a state governor crossing state lines.

Had a woman, mid forties, in a risky pregnancy who had leaked and showed signs of early labor gone into labor what on earth are the possibilities of how it would effect the other passengers? We know the jeopardy the unborn would have been in. A governor, Sarah Palin, in that scenario could have died and left her brain dead infant motherless. Say it was only a Jane Doe that did what was claimed. Later it was learned her doctor gave a go ahead to fly and the airline was never informed about the critical care she needed. No one would do anything?

No one mentions these things. No doctors care?

No one who trusts that story will explain why they don't care to air that matter. How can they say it is tin foil hat to ask them questions about their position? You don't have to believe them, you only need to inquire. MSM and ADN will ignore everyone. There are others.

I once read about a lady, it was way before civil rights. She told how they consistently wrote their own editorials and pieces and kept their stories and plight alive in the small town prejudiced south for decades. Something along those lines could be utilized. If "babygate" is too tin foil, take another way.

Shannyn Moore called a news conference at one point. There are things to do that don't look teabag crazy. The blogs are invaluable but the time is here for an organized effort to kick it up. Try. If you don't succeed at first, keep trying. You have truth on your side.

When there are reputable doctors and lawyers willing to help that will kick it up. Retired professionals would be excellent.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she didn't want the records released because she has a history of STDs?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if CBJ was stunned, angry or embarrassed. It matters if she gives the appearance of a co-conspirator in fraud or if she committed malpractice.

Why protest at her office at this time? File complaints and do pressers.

Make it clear to the public why an investigation is necessary. Resolve the concerns over the letter too, also.

CBJ is not a victim. Making her a victim only protects all the liars.

Her first obligation should have been to protect the unborn or the mother.

No one made her sign off on the letter. Being a part of a cover up is not a victim. No matter how difficult it may have been for her to do what was right, that is what she should have done. If she feels victimized she can explain it all when she tells the truth.

Anonymous said...

I have always felt that Track is Trig's father. My guess is that the unknown mother was paid well for her silence (she may have given up a special needs child for adoption anyhow). I believe that Sarah is devious enough to let people concentrate on Bristol -- no one will be able to prove that she is Trig's mother because she isn't. If people continue to focus on Bristol, there is no reason to look anywhere else.

Track lived out of state for a period of time, now he is in the service. People use the school bus incident as a reason for this, but I believe it is to keep him off the radar.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 19:34, go back to Regina's August 28, 2009 post titled "oh, Bristol" to see the video of Bristol, then be sure to read the comments.

Anonymous said...

An interview with David Talbot about Sarah Palin can be viewed at

Anonymous said...

To anon@19:34

I couldn't believe when I logged on to read the newest comments that someone wrote something that I agree with. I don't think that SP is the birthmom of Trig, no way, but I don't think that Bristol is the birthmom either. But my opinion is that Track Palin is the birthfather of Trig, I think that Trig looks like Track.

Also in the Vanity Fair article by Levi Johnston he states the day and time of Tripp's birth. I don't think he would be that exact unless it were true.

These are just my humble opinions.

Leadfoot said...

Just about the best investigative reporter I can think of.... Matt Taibbi, the political writer for Rolling Stone.

A while back he infiltrated one of those "mega churches" and wrote a story called "Jesus Made Me Puke" that blew my mind - it was so good.

And Rolling Stone is the perfect kind of "alternative" magazine that might be willing to take the risk on something like this.

lori said...

I love the theories about who knocked up who or who gave birth.
I would love for more blogs to be devoted to nothing else but those theories.

To devise a way to concentrate and get out the little circumstansial evidence is futile.
The MSM doesn't care. Where are the good investigative journalists and writers?
It is just not ready to happen.

Levi in his own way and time will keep giving us bread crumbs. Show your gratitude! He is the ultimate Alaskan stud.
His crumbs will make great theory material.
Who cares if an old mother like Sarah flew around the world and parachutes into Alaska during labor?
Who cares if she has doctor death help her?

The best part are the theories around sexual games. I want to hear more about the possible fathers for all the babies.
I hear it is 2 or 3 babis now.

Can someone find out why Levi does not mention DNA tests? Is it his father or a friend he is protecting?

Lilybart said...

Stating the day and time of birth, does not prove it is true. What it says to me is that Levi is supposed to say that when asked. If it were HIS kid he might know the day and time. I bet my husband doesn't know what time our daughter was born. I do though.

No way the boyfriend of the girl whose mother gave birth, knows this unless told to KNOW IT.

Lilybart said...

but why did they go after Palins' Deceptions when others are writing the same things, others can post the same photos.

they only hit a bee's nest

Anonymous said...

Matt Taibbi is a terrific idea.

What is the ultimate goal?

1. Have an investigation with evidence and proof?

2. Have the MSM do more reporting?

If 1. is the goal why can't that start with or without MSM?

I am all for someone like Matt Taibbi investigating.
If this is career suicide for media writers who else can investigate?

Anonymous said...

To ProChoiceGrandma @ 20:04,

You are right on the mark. Go to for more information.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion Track is the father and Bristol the mother. Why else send him to Iraq?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Taibbi.

Anonymous said...

Pro choice Grandma is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Stop beating the same horse over and over and get off your tails and get proactive. FYI, back in January I wrote a real letter and attached 50 pages of pictures and text and sent it to both KO and Rachel in a real envelop. Never her a word from them even thought I gave my REAL name, address and suggested that they google both me and my husband, A rather well-known attorney. Nothing. WRITE THE BOOK AND PUBLISH IT THROUGH I've offered to do this myself and still may.

Anonymous said...

This is such a bungled attempt at faking a pregnancy that I wonder if we can continue to assume that "Sarah" is a woman. It would be just like a man to fake a pregnancy so poorly.

ms opin. said...

IMO a purple alien is the father and there are 13 babies. Charles Heath gave birth to 2 and Todds old man gave birth to another 7. Saint Sarah had to cover this up and forgot to give up sex. When she got pregnant she did the right thing. It only looks like she didn't.

I could go on forever with my vast opinions. Maybe someone could contact Matt Taibbi. Self publishing with is another winner idea.

Pro choice Grandma, 21:15 that is interesting.

Anonymous said...

Rolling Stone does sound like the right venue. They did a huge piece on McCain last fall and altho pretty incriminating they did include info about his father and early life which made him a more sympathetic character in some ways. I am thinking they are the magazine which could present Miss Sarah in the same way. Because there has got to be some very intense imprinting behind her behavior . . .

honestyinGov said...

Since everybody has been following Mccain fairly closely you may already know about the posting or at least the background on McCain and it is old info. Someone else from Mudflats posted the link in the Open Thread today. The story is from Sunday and it is on "Little Green Footballs". More background info on him and some of the people he hung around ,his connections to them and mentions his racist behavior and why he left.. or was Fired from the Newspaper. He has been acting out this way for years. How he got away with it... who knows.Maybe this is old news, but I figured I would post it. Found on Mudflats

LisanTX said...

I wholeheartedly agree with this from Floyd M. Orr at 14:21:

"We need someone who can afford to travel to Alaska to get the real story. The Palin Mafia has too effectively kept everyone quiet in Alaska. I doubt that anyone will talk and stay in the state. What is needed is an investigative writer who will go in and get the information, and then retreat to a safer state."

Someone from the outside will need to handle this; as the woman Patrick quotes said: "[I] am afraid. The vindictiveness of this Governor is just unbelievable."

Anonymous said...

I've always liked these series of pictures from the RNC 2008.

Anonymous said...

When I read Patrick's remarks about people in Alaska who know things but are afraid to talk because of their position, I am reminded of Tony Soprano. And, I am also reminded of one method that the FBI used to infiltrate Tony's inner circle and obtain information.

In case you didn't watch the fictional mob story on HBO, we're talking about a fictional crime family. The nephew had a girl friend, Adriana, who was attractive and sexy but maybe not the sharpest tool in the toolbox. Remember, this is a fictional story. A woman agent befriended Adriana through a casual meeting while shopping. They became "friends" and the agent obtained important inside information.

So, how can we apply the Soprano's lesson to the Palin Family Saga? A good investigative reporter could befriend one of the primary players in our little story. I'd rule out the Johnston Family because they are being paid to keep quiet. Mercede could use a new "boyfriend," but I think that she's too smart. (Mercede could use a fully paid scholarship to college if the right people offered it to her for information, however. She is one smart cookie).

So, I suggest a new best friend for one of the Palin Family. Todd must be lonely right now. A new "playmate" might be just the thing. Or, a really good investigative reporter, a mom with a toddler, would be the perfect person to run into Bristol at the playground or shopping for diapers.

The only other method that brings out a story if the $weet $mell of money. I'm surprised that National Enquirer hasn't been offering big bucks for a blockbuster story. Larry Flynt offered a million dollars for information about a congressman having an affair during the Clinton impeachment trial. Larry could offer enough money, and be the place to print the story. These days, it doesn't matter where the primary article shows up. It just has to show up for people to comment about it and pass it around on the internet.
I like the idea of the Rolling Stone, too.

Now, if someone can figure out how to secretly collect DNA from the babies, Bristol, Sarah...I've been watching too much TV.

Anonymous said...

The problem with this discussion about the MSM, is that the people who comprise the media are, by and large, urban creatures. They think Sarah Palin is irrelevant and simply an amusing, if disturbing sideshow, no longer much on the radar screen except as a footnote. They are not going to "go there" with this story in a direct way. And the downstream media is far less free to spend time and resources, not to mention take the legal risks that this story requires. I'd love to see someone like NYT's Tim Egan, who is based in Seattle with roots in the Northwest take this on--I suspect he would read this entire tale differently. I live in this part of the country and the Palin types are everywhere--although this family has taken the folksy nonsense to a new dimension.

SoCalWolfGal said...

I agree with Leadfoot@20.32 that Rolling Stone would be great if we could get them interested. They love the not-your-mainstream articles. I have to say I have never understood why KO or Rachel never picked up on this.

Thanks Patrick for all you, Kathleen and Regina do to keep this going. I do live in hope that one day the truth will finally out.

ginny said...

Here's why MSM and MS journalists won't touch this: because it involves (what were at the time) underage kids and a DS baby. Any journalist who tries to put out a story on this, without some very good hard evidence, is going to get shredded. Can you blame them? Would you want to lose your career over something that may never be "provable"? I know I wouldn't!
IMO, the only way the truth will come out is if someone "in the know" finally decides to talk for some reason. I can only hope one or more of the "big" sources for Gryphen or one of the other bloggers will finally reveal themselves and what they know.
But I'm not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

michelle suggested contacting larry flint.

leadfoot suggested contacting matt tiabbi.

both of these are EXCELLENT suggestions.

Anonymous said...

If they're eating at Taco Bell, it's easy to get DNA. It is found in the trash. That is how an LAPD detective was busted for a twenty year old murder.

Silver said...

As a current journalism student, the problem is that we don't have any journalists in the group.

Same thing in the book industry. Publishers don't take unsolicited manuscripts. Journalists aren't going to take this story as is because they have to be the ones doing the grunt work.

I don't think that totally rules you out, though.

The biggest media probably get a lot of story suggestions. Your best bet is someone outside of Alaska, but close to the action. Seattle or Tacoma, perhaps. A town in British Columbia might have interest, but there might some differences in rights afforded the Canadian media (I know there is differences in regards to covering trials).

But we're also at the mercy of the economy. I really doubt that very many papers can do what the Washington Post did for Watergate: give reporters months and unlimited resources and then back them completely when the story is reported.

Self-publishing won't get you much. I know your research methods, Patrick and Kathleen, but you two just don't have the automatic credibility as a newspaper or magazine to be taken seriously. YouTube is good when the mainstream media picks up a story about a local Comcast repairman falling asleep on a couch, but they're not going to touch this level of story based on YouTube videos - no matter how convincing and well-cited they are.

The news media still keeps the internet at arm's length. The easiest example I can think of is the correct Associated Press style of putting it in a story. It's not "internet" but "Internet" (and "Web site," for that matter).

Anonymous said...

I am the anon @ 20:22 that talked about Levi giving and exact date and time for Tripp in the Vanity Fair article:

I guess I should have wrote the quote and clarified:

Oct2009 Vanity Fair page 223, "Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston was born a month later, on December 27 at 5:43a.m. ("Michell" is Todd's middle name and "Easton" is for my favorite hockey-equipment company.) Tripp came out and we put him on Bristol's stomach."

My opinion is I don't think that Levi would "lie" about this information about HIS SON TRIPP! There has been much said about Tripp not being born in December, I don't believe that Rex Butler would allow this in the article if that wasn't Tripp's actual birthdate and time. Just my humble opinion.

Aunttomichael said...

Let's put an ad in the NYT, ADN, and Washington Post. Let's publish Patrick's letter, plus the "nail in the coffin picture". Patrick, if you establish a Paypal account, I would contribute; I'm sure many of us would.

Audrey, thanks so much for your courage. You have done all of the heavy lifting. We hope you come back, but if you don't, you have emboldened others to carry the torch. Thank you, Patrick and Regina, for stepping up.

Anonymous said...

All of these disclosures may create more havoc after Palin has written her book. Think about it! Palin writes her book filled with lies, then the disclosures come out and the country sees her as a liar. If the disclosures come first, Palin has time to revise her stories in the book.

There may be some folks working on the story, but are waiting for Sarah to give her version first. Her book is bound to create problems for her in her hometown as the locals may begin to talk to set the record straight.

KW said...


Good point!

Anonymous said...

I think Pat Dougherty has the power to blow this whole story open. Read the verbage in your second ADN link;

To: Pat Dougherty
Subject: New Year's Eve email
(Monday morning, Jan.12)

"...I will no longer continue to try to prove that Trig is my son. . . unless you offer to pay for a DNA test that can finally kill the most asinine story I have ever been asked to comment on. (I'm only half-joking!)"

Sarah Palin

To: Gov. Palin
Subject: New Year's Eve email
(Monday afternoon, Jan.12)

"...We have no further interest (unless you really want us to help out with a DNA test; that would be too sensational to pass up)."

Pat Dougherty

ella said...

anon @ 00:36 - yes! Remember James Frye (I think that is his name)? He has a best selling "autobiography" promoted by Oprah. He was disgraced big time when it was found that he stretched the truth. Then again, SP could just omit anything and everything "Trig" in her book.
That, too, would speak volumes.

Vaughn said...

I bet the National Enquirer could run a story on this without getting sued. They could use the headline....Did Sarah Palin fake a pregnancy? Our story about the Bloggers that think so. Then they could use the pictures and the dates and any of the other information about the pictures.
Just make sure to send the original pictures along with the lighter versions. Like the March 14 one where her stomach is flat as a board,the March 26 one, the Elan Frank belly,and especially the Gusty one that was taken 5 days after the Frank video.
Maybe even send a transcript of the April 22 interview where Palin said : Well, you know I never felt nor do some people say I ever looked like I was that far along, um, so no purposeful way or need to hide that I was pregnant. Um, some, I know that some airlines would have uh, some hesitancy on letting maybe a nine month pregnant person get on board but it wasn’t nine months so, um, it was…

Anonymous said...

imho, the fact that Pat D & Miss Sarah were even emailing about DNA tests, and those emails were released to the public, is pretty incriminating.

Anonymous said...

Anon@00:36, what makes you think the locals may begin to talk to keep a record straight? They are tight lipped. They have more then Sarah's drama to hide. I'd like to see the statistics on drug addiction in the valley. I don't know all the details of the drug business in my town, but there is more to it then some kids are wasted and a few dealers. It is an industry and murders are committed. People don't talk even when the DA has them on the witness stand.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 00:59,
I am Anon 00:44. Sarah consented to a DNA test in her email to Pat Dougherty @ ADN. Pat replies to Sarah with "(unless you really want us to help you out with a DNA test; that would be to sensational to pass up!)."
So my question to Pat Dougherty is; "So why did you pass up the opportunity to collect a DNA sample from Sarah & Trig in order to clear this whole Babygate issue up?"

FEDUP!!! said...

OK, I have read until anon @ 15 September 2009 16:25 and not further yet. So, if someone has had the same ideas as I do - SORRY! (Or :GREAT! ;) )

I believe anon has the right idea. Blogging will NOT get this story out to the MSM.

My idea/suggestion: Have someone write up a short, comprehensive story (about a column's worth)and put it into all major newspapers - either as a commentary, or as a paid ad.
I know it costs $$, but someone - maybe Patrick, or Audrey, or Uncle Gryphen or Celtic Diva (or someone with connections to some of the bigger papers) - could start a collection once the article is ready to be dispersed. We should be able to raise the needed $$$ pretty easily.
I would be willing to seed the account with $50.

FEDUP!!! said...

michelle said...15 September 2009 18:33

" What about contacting Larry Flynt of Hustler magazine. He has hired reporters to dig up dirt on politicians having affairs. He certainly is no fan of Ms. Sarah and has the means to expose her lies."

I had the same idea some time ago and mentioned it several on blogs already. Somehow, no takers... :/
That's why I brought up the idea about buying space in newspapers - or maybe better, in different types of magazines (they get to lay around doctors and dentists offices and in hair salons, etc, and get read by people, who might actually think a bit about it...)

Anonymous said...

what would be funny is if flynt gets the dirt on palin and offers to keep it quiet if she poses for his mag. Bwaaahahaa can you imagine?

Patrick said...

I would like to thank everyone for the excellent suggestions! Your input is incredible valuable, and we will definitely consider the various options very carefully.

We are determined to bring this issue to a resolution, and I know that we will be successful in the end. But a lot of work is still waiting for us.

And it's far too late for Sarah Palin to adjust her lies - she has lied so much about her pregnancy with Trig in the past that her nose should have gigantic proportions by now. There is no chance for her to get out of this one.

And the Palinites know exactly how explosive babygate is. For example, we haven't been called "subhuman scum" by the Peelanders (my special friends) without a reason.

I already told them months ago that they should look out for a new idol, but they didn't believe me. ;-)

KaJo said...

I don't know if any of the rest of you have noticed this or not, but when I was just over at Wonkette, I noticed this ad on the left margin of the blog page:

Fact or Fiction? Both!

Two Babies goes where MSM won’t. The surprise GOP VP nominee is a gorgeous Congresswoman from Alabama, Susan Fox Rutledge. Like the '90s novel and movie Primary Colors, familiar characters inhabit a twisted plot. Except some of these strange events actually occurred! MSM just never reported them... Read more...

For those who've frequented PD, you know this is the novel Dan/Dangerous wrote. Click on the "Read more..." link and it takes you to his synopsis page about the book.

Great timing, getting that ad out in the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Matt Taibbi is our best hope, IMO.

He doesn't care who thinks what about him. At ALL, based on RO articles I've read.

I am going to start working on a letter to him. I will post it here before sending and you all can tell me if anything needs to be added, changed, or taken out.

The purgatory we've been stuck in is just insane...I never believed the truth could stay concealed this long.

Hah!! Wv= farse

jo said...

I think the video of her taking a hike with the reporter two months before she gave "birth" is very telling. She was waking on ice in heels fast and she has a flat stomach.

Silver said...

Advertising: Newspapers still screen advertisements. They're not going to run photos and statements on Palin, even if it's clearly marked as an advertisement.

It's just way too partisan. They hassle over running the ad would cost more to them than the money they received for selling the space.

The mainstream media really has nothing to fear in regards of a lawsuit from the Palin people. They would have to prove that a) the stuff was incorrect and b) the particular outlet not only knew it was false, they published it vindictively. Plus, you have Palin as a public figure. Public figures have a difficult time winning these types of suits.

The media is more worried about the what ifs. You saw what happened to Dan Rather. By doing very little fact checking and showing false military records for Bush, Rather lost his job and reputation. In this day and age, no news outlet wants to be a laughingstock.

Larry Flynt is the type of person who would launch an investigation himself. But remember, he's the same Larry Flynt who wore an American flag as a diaper at court and was shot outside of a courthouse in Lawrenceville, GA. He's a very smart individual and while I generally agree with what he fights for, his methods are questionable.

Unfortunately, your best bet is a major screw up by the Palin camp. There are so many people who stuff that there is a possibility that it could happen.

jo said...

How many people can wear their regular clothes before and right after giving birth. I knew after giving birth the first time to count on wearing my maternity clothes for a month or two after delivery the next two times. It would be telling to show her wearing the same non maternity outfits she wore right before and after "delivery" comparing when she wasn't pregnant.

OT but remember there is a court case still pending (I guess) that was filed accusing her of bribery.

Anonymous said...

An Open Letter to Robert Stacy McCain aka The Other McCain:

So you managed (again) to get someone to stop blogging and asking valid questions that have never been answered about Sarah Palin's improbable pregnancy. And the way you achieved this is nothing to be proud of.

The word BLACKMAIL certainly got a rise out of you. Too harsh, you say? Try on Cyber-Bully. Better yet, how about Cyber-Stalker - "with a pond." ooooo. Either you can use Google Earth or you are one SERIOUSLY F'd-Up creep.

Most accurately, you should be outted as the Cyber-Puppet.

Why do you care so much about a handful of bloggers who won't give up on a subject that most people have moved on from or simply disregard?

The answer to that doesn't take too much digging.

It is no coincidence that you were a co-author of a rather racy, sex book with the same author who is ghostwriting, oops, I meant to say 'collaborating' with Sarah Palin on her memoirs.

So are you the coherent ghostwriter of Sarah's Facebook posts and WSJ opinion pieces? Wow. Did you ever think that when you left the Times that free-lancing could be some much fun?

I think I'll spend a little time looking over some of your 'clippings' in the Times and Spectator to get a handle on your style and tone. It's doubtful I'll be able to digest some of your writings (rantings, I should say) about racism and gay rights.

Maybe if I have a little more time, I'll do a bit of digging RSM style and come up with your address and phone number. And, oh, the things I can do and the places I can go with that information! It will be like a treasure hunt. FEC filings. Court Records. My imagination is just warming up.

Just so you know, while you may have succeeded in scaring a few minor bloggers into hiding, you, and your Palin-puppet master(s) will not succeed in keeping the truth about Sarah Palin from coming out.

She knows what is coming. And it is coming soon. It may even come first from someone she thinks would never talk. But she already is.

All the strong-armed tactics won't stop it. Nor will all the Murdoch money in the world.

Leadfoot said...

Anon at 4:03: Mercede, is that you? ;)

Amy1 said...

Patrick: when you say "it's far too late for Sarah Palin to adjust her lies," it reminds me of something I have not seen mentioned. There was a long time (during the campaign) when SP's comments about T1 were always put so she would say "my son" rather than any variant of "the baby I gave birth to."

At the time (pre photos, when I was less sure she had never been PG with T1), I noticed this because it seemed clearly crafted so in retrospect she would be able to say " I didn't say I gave birth to him, I just said he is my son -- and he is."

But right after the election she started saying she did give birth to him. In the Ziegler movie was my first sighting of it.

Of course, she did have the fake pregnancy, announce that, talk about showing, and the "birth," and the presentation at her office 3 days after the supposed birth, etc. But I did notice the carefulness in how she referred to him until after the election.

Just wanted to mention that.

Amy1 said...

Anon4:03 -- But she already is. ??

Anonymous said...

Amy1 -- I picked up on that too.

Anon4:03, what else can you tell us about "But she already is"?

Even if you can't tell us any more than you have, I hope with all my heart that you know something.

Anonymous said...

About Sarah and DNA- I think that was Sarah calling the reporter's bluff. I remember during the campaign when she dared a crowd to play "Let's stump the candidate." No one offered up a question- oooh, it would have looked rude. She is very good at scaring people and getting them to back off. Take her up on it.'

A note to Anon 04:03- he is listed in the white pages; you'll get address plus wife's name, and map.
If you are somebody who was almost related to the Palin Family (a la Leadfoot), you can do your country a very great service.

You know that this woman cannot be allowed to have a role in national or state politics. Even George W. Bush knew that she was unqualified. Her pages of Face Book are taken as words from her mouth and echoed, even though she doesn't write them, and the material is not factually correct.

You can be Deep Throat II, reference to the secret informant who lead Woodward & Bernstein to unravel the Watergate scandal. Today, no one has to meet in a dark corner of a parking garage. We can meet here. Regina's is a safe blog, out of the United States. She has written many tell-all posts about Sarah, and according to her, she has been left alone (so far, we are all hoping this continues).

So, you can drop your clues here, anonymously, and provide the proof that would stand up in the MSM. For example, was there a real birth certificate that showed the birth parents? Maybe you can tell us the hospital, time, date, names of parents and baby.

Maybe you have some other pictures which can be positively dated. (We loved the ones of you and then Levi holding the baby). If there are more, we'd love to see them.

Maybe you know who cared for a baby born early with special needs, or where the baby was cared for.

Dear Friends of Audrey, Patrick and Regina, if you have any questions that Anon 04:03 could answer, perhaps you would like to offer other suggestions, options?

lisabeth said...

Anon 4:03- I hope you sent that letter directly to that scumbag as well as posting it here. Thanks for writing. It's time finally and once and for all, for the truth. I have lost all respect for ADN and 98% of the MSM. It's ridiculous that they haven't investigated. Posting on the Internet won't help us. Brave people (or a person) is going to do it or someone who goes to Alaska determined to find the answer. It's great if someone is talking but we still should contact the people mentioned.

Rationalist said...

I see that the party has moved from here!

I posted this at Audrey's site, but thought I'd post it here as well, as there's discussion of Levi's interview.

I've been thinking for days about Levi Johnston's interview. Here's what I have concluded. The only topic in the article that contains specific dates and times is Babygate. I think that is a message to Sarah, and the message is "F*ck You, Sarah. I'm sticking to the agreement I signed about Trig - see? 'April 18th, 6:00 am.' So you can't go after me. But I'm going to say anything else I want about you."

Levi is pissed off, but what he cares about are his sons and protecting himself. If he can cash in on the fame he didn't ask for, that's icing on the cake. He couldn't give a sh*t about Trig Truthers. He feels no obligation to "get the story out," and neither do his handlers.

And yet...why bring up "Sarah had this bright idea" about hiding her daughter's pregnancy? That does sound like breadcrumbs to me.

Unfortunately, his quotes in Vanity Fair make this task doubly hard. Now we have to convince the MSM that Levi is lying for a reason.

I share everyone's frustration with the ADN too, having emailed with a couple of the writers in question. When and if this story finally does break, the ADN is going to look BAD. If Babygate comes out like Watergate did, the ADN will be the poster child for everything that's gone wrong with the MSM.

Rationalist said...

Oops - I meant the party has moved here - not "from here."

Truth said...

First, a couple of things I feel must be pointed out.

If there was a legal adoption or even a set up for Sarah to claim Trig as her own when he wasn't, having a birth certificate will not help.

I am adopted and my birth certificate shows my adoptive parents as my parents. There is nothing to suggest that I am adopted on that birth certificate. I do think that Sarah and her supporters are clever enough to think of those kinds of things when planning an adoption, hidden pregnancy, as they really covered their bases quite well (otherwise more information would be much easier to locate).

Second, Editor Pat will never help anyone with anything to do with this story for a couple of reasons. A) He doesn't believe it to be true and B) He is a Sarah cheerleader as was and still is evidenced by his support of her in allowing her fundraising efforts to be posted for several days with links to those efforts, and in the editorials that have been shown to support her, demean and diminish the ethics complaints as well as those filing them.

Also please don't forget that people in the area are very loyal to her or absolutely terrified of her, now more than ever since she has money and the backing of some very high level people. The longer she has these associations and people trying to help her out, the longer it will be before people are willing to talk. It is also a problem not just with her influence, but the fact that she has people in Alaska who truly like her, and don't see her as a problem, who are willing to support her so they have their own influence in pressuring people to keep silent. As much as these are rugged hardy people, they are also dependent upon each other for a lot, look at what Levi has had to deal with and he now has a full time body guard. Doesn't that tell you something? Imagine what your life would be like if you were the one who knew about everything and just came forward to spill the beans. WV: trapp

Anonymous said...

Remember when there was one person just one day who said they knew the first baby was born on February 18, 2008? Any more on that?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 21:15, do you mean this page?

cases of consanguinity (parents are blood relatives) or incest where a pregnancy is involved

Anonymous said...

anon @ 4.03am - we noticed your comment on that site.

Please contact Patrick at his email address


Anonymous said...

RSM lives on Academy Terrace.

Anonymous said...

Here is your man, listed in the Maryland Judiciary Case Search.

GinaM said...

Saw this tweet by Levi today:

Levi_____Johnston anyone ever seen ZEITGeIST the movie ?? man, that is some freaky stuff,,,

So I went to Wikipedia and looked up ZEITGEIST THE MOVIE. This is what I saw:

Zeitgeist, the Movie is a 2007 documentary film by Peter Joseph about historical and modern conspiracies, including the origins of Christianity, the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks, and the banking system.

I kept on reading the page and noticed that the movie is broken down into three parts. Here are the titles:

Part One, entitled "The Greatest Story Ever Told"

Part II, entitled "All the World's a Stage,

Part III, entitled Don't Mind the Men Behind the Curtain Levi trying to tell us something here?

Here is the Wiki link:

GinaM said...

Better yet, go to Levi's Twitter page. It has some interesting Tweets.

Patrick said...

GinaM, sorry to disappoint you, but this is not Levi's twitter account, but a satire account. ;-)

Anonymous said...

To ProChoiceGrandma,

No, copy & paste the web address:

Read the article entitled: "Male Biological Clock May Be Ticking For Down Syndrome In Offspring."

Anon 21:15

Anonymous said...

What other site was the open letter to rsm posted on and what is the pond reference?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 21:15, I read that page, it does not appear to apply since SP was not the bio mother and I do not believe the bio father is of advanced age. The other page is more likely.

Anonymous said...


I do not think that SP was the bio mother either. So if Bristol is the mother, then the bio dad would possibly be a blood relative, of advanced age, or of advanced age & a blood relative. Any of these seem to increase the risk of having a baby with down's syndrome.

Anon @ 21:15

Anonymous said...

I think we should start filing complaints against CBJ license. I'll post the address to do this. If she really gave the advice that it is ok to fly when you are 1) 44 years old and pregnant with a trisomy 21 baby 2) you are not full term in said pregnancy and 3) you are leaking amniotic fluid in your alleged 5th pregnancy....then CBJ is practicing unsafe medicine. cBJ has done nothing nothing nothing to clear her name in this. WHY??? Any doctor who has this advice associated with her good name should RUN to the media to clear her name. Also, HIPPA does not have a a damn thing to do with getting CBJ to talk. When there is a complaint against your license, there is an investigation wherein YOUR LICENSE IS ON THE LINE. You will be confronted with what the best practices and industry standards are and believe me there is not a doctor on earth (other than CBJ) who would advice again, a high risk pregnant women leaking amniotic fluid to get on not one but two freaking airplanes. CBJ will be dancing for her life in front of the licensing board. If the complaint is found to be unwarranted, then there isno record on the doctors name. If it is found to be valid, she could lose her license or she could have just a black mark on her - a closed investigation, that she would have to answer for to future employers. I don't know CBJ but i am really disappointed in her if she doesn't clear her name on this. How can any doctor have this advice associated with her good name?? I truly believe and have been saying for months, this is the route we need to go. Maybe CBJ will come to her senses and say that the wild ride did not happen - Sarah did not birth Trig. Here is the Alaska state licensing board complaint address:

Let's go and I want company!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 23:39,

I agree, a complaint needs to be filed against CBJ.

It has always bothered me that CBJ gave Sarah the green light to give her speech, fly back to Alaska, and then drive to the Valley to give birth. All this while leaking amniotic fluid, 44 years old, 5 weeks before due date, carrying a Down's Syndrome child.

The kicker to all of this: Why did Sarah need to have her labor "induced"? If Sarah was 5 weeks early and the baby was not at risk, per Sarah & CBJ, then why induce labor? Obviously there was RISK or Sarah's labor would never have been induced. They would have tried to stop labor, so Sarah could carry the baby as long a possible!

Anonymous said...


Have you been in touch w "jibegod"?... It's apparent that he is not going to any lengths to keep his identity anonymous... he's all over the internet... was wondering if you had pursued that line in AK and what came of it? nuttin I guess since you haven't mentioned it.

Seems curious though... if I could find him that easily on the net, you obviously did, why nothing more has come out from him. Whats up with that?

Eileen said...

Hello all PD Expatriats,

Halloween idea: Imagine unisex costume all over USA of Palin face mask, ENORMOUS fake pregnant belly, print a single T-shirt via that one political T-shirt site (can't remember name now) where we all have the same 3-photo (Audrey) design.

I vote for one of those three choices on Audrey's last blog showing fake enormous Palin belly and documented real life flat Palin photo from 2 to 4 weeks before her alleged birthing date. Need snazzy slogan and link to succinct new website with nail in coffin summary. Red heels and back jacket are optional as are Blackberries.

Start wearing the get-up at protests, non-related press conferences, MSM offices, college get-togethers, You Tube shorts, sell costume kit essentials (supply your own gigantic pillow) on these blogs. Mock the absurdity of it (her) all.
Remember the Alaskan Women Against Palin protests in Alaska and media they generated? Where is female/maternal outrage now? I envied those rallys during campaign as I was stuck in bush and wanted to add my two cents.

Key is smug Palin face mask and wearing the same (Whose not your mama) T-shirt design -in XXLarge of course and fake Cheshire cat belly. Wear costume on Election days, April Fools Day, at her speech appearances etc.Post on You Tube.
Mock her and get together for group shots-think Michael Jackson prison inmate dancing videos.
MSNBC just mentioned Palin as a No Show re:some Rep. event...turn those words..."Governor No Show" slogan. Slogan on tee with photo of fake Gutsy belly next to the real flat Gov. belly weeks earlier.

The Ed Show just gave a shout down to John Edwards for more affair revelations-Ed said he usually doesn't have the appetite for this kind of unseemly story but the new details warrant comment. Well, let's give Big Ed the facts and he is ballsy enough to take her on if becomes convinced.

Re: Alaska Airlines not noticing her pregnant status or rules:
Yes, women from Alaska village fly into town (Fairbanks, Anchorage) and it usually is two weeks ahead of due date as standard on bush planes. I know of one carrier that let a young mom to be fly from Fairbanks to village and she gave birth on time the next day in village. She looked huge. Money for ticket is the rule.

Flat sarah-just like "Flat Stanley" paper doll/books- need a template with her real face and body photo- flat belly (next to Parnell endorsing him for Congress?)...which we can print from same site and then take photos of all over the world. Especially since she sorta vanished.
Need succinct slogan with website printed on the doll.
Then post travel photos on a special website and sends links to all MSM. Links to the archived deception summaries and photos need to be on this site.

Maybe one side is Flat Sarah and other is Fake Palin with Gutsy staged photo (include dates) and slogan, website. We print at home and add popsicle sticks and give out to the activist kiddies.

Sell a Bobble doll-Palin face/body with slogan and web site printed on base. Maybe a pillow drops out of the black jacket/scarf when it bounces on dashboard or on desk. Dangles by fake umbilical cord. Pillow retracts. Proceeds pay for new action web site. Or legal defense for Babygate Whistle blower.
Ask Sarah for contacts for Made In China factories where they produce low quality and cheapo items like these Bobble dolls and offer no Health Care or Union benefits to their workers.

ADN is the pits. Good only for starting wood stove fire and even then I rather use birch bark any day. Outside author or mag has to be the one.
Know any reporter who follows the Iditarod or Iron Dog in person along trail who would like to be shown the Back Stairs photo in real life and would be familiar with Babygate?

Thanks Patrick, Kathleen, Regina, posters for expanding the investigation. And thats not the rest of the story continued....

Anonymous said...

I find Palin's Babygate fascinating. When Levi just came out on the Early Show saying he 'knows secrets' and 'something huge' it does make one wonder about the deal he has with the Palin's to keep this under wraps.
A simple DNA test would suffice.
Sure it would be a scandal and everyone would know she was an evil liar and she would snake off into oblivian, but what about the LEGAL ramifications. Everything from public trust laws as a state official to insurance fraud (if she had filed the childbirth and medical expensese with her health insurance, etc.). MAYBE this is why she took no time off? MAYBE this is why she did not take her maternity leave from office? Because she knew if it did blow up in her face, then she would face fraud charges?
Do not underestimate this woman. She isn't learned by any stretch of the imagination, but I have known women like this. Who will stomp on anyone who gets in her way and do it all while attending church.