Thursday, 10 September 2009

"Sarah Palin" talks about real healthcare reform

Sarah Palin included her ghostwritten WSJ op-ed in her Facebook page, now owned by (or leased to) the big health insurers. These are the main points in their own proposals for healthcare reform:

...let's talk about real health-care reform: market-oriented, patient-centered, and result-driven.

President Obama did address some of their concerns in his speech about the government's proposals for (unreal?) healthcare reform. He called a spade a spade, which irritated her camp:

In his speech the President directly responded to concerns I’ve raised about unelected bureaucrats being given power to make decisions affecting life or death health care matters. He called these concerns “bogus,” “irresponsible,” and “a lie” -- so much for civility.

...after promising to “make sure that no government bureaucrat .... gets between you and the health care you need,” the President repeated his call for an Independent Medicare Advisory Council -- an unelected, largely unaccountable group of bureaucrats charged with containing Medicare costs.

In the op-ed, the idea of death panels was reinforced:

... is it any wonder that many of the sick and elderly are concerned that the Democrats' proposals will ultimately lead to rationing of their health care by—dare I say it—death panels?

The people paying Sarah Palin to be their mouthpiece want us to believe that they act with the best interests of the patients at heart. They're advocating the extinction of Medicare in favour of vouchers so people can purchase policies from their (benevolent, charitable) corporations (that pay each claim without question, that have no interest in making a profit or containing costs). They want to take ALL the money. On top of all the pile of money they already take at the moment, they are salivating over Medicare as well. Next they will target Medicaid.

Yes, give everything to them and they will dispense care to all, no questions asked, not caveats, no small print to invalidate claims. No problem changing plans, no pre-existing conditions will ever be mentioned. If you lose your job, they will treat you free of charge, they will treat your whole family, no problem! Is that what they mean by market driven, patient centered and result driven healthcare?

What are they going to tell their shareholders? "We're not making much profit, because if we contain costs, somebody may get the idea we're running death panels. That would make us look really bad. We're in the healthcare insurance business to serve the people of this country, not to make a profit out of people's healthcare needs."

"the President repeated his call for an Independent Medicare Advisory Council -- an unelected, largely unaccountable group of bureaucrats charged with containing Medicare costs."

Hey, the people who make decisions about costs in the big health insurance companies are all elected and accountable!

My little pigs are still flying...


Teutonic13 said...

Is the Palin Murdoch Relationship Symbiosis- or Host Parasite ?

Symbiosis- both feed off of each other's greed and avarice.

Host-Parasite- By the time He's done with her- shel'll be sucked dry like a fly...

Teutonic13 said...

Anyone reading The Trilogy by JRR Tolkien will remember Shelob's Lair.

Basically- a large spider, lying in wait, and bending victims to her will.

From Wikepideia...

"Shelob's lair was along the path that Sam Gamgee and Frodo Baggins took while travelling to Mount Doom. Her spider-silk, which was spun in both rope and cobweb form, was strong and cleverly made, trapping those who walked into it. Shelob had encountered Gollum during his previous trip to Mordor, and he apparently worshipped her after his fashion. The Orcs of the Tower of Cirith Ungol called her "Shelob the Great" and "Her Ladyship," and knew of Gollum's relationship with her (they referred to him as "Her Sneak"). Sauron himself was aware of her existence, but left her alone, as she was a useful guard on the pass. He occasionally sent her prisoners for which he had no further use."

Now that sounds like a Murdoch-Palin symbiosis... or is it host-parasite?

And yet another response from SP to last nights Obama speech...

"Finally, President Obama delivered an offhand applause line tonight about the cost of the War on Terror. As we approach the anniversary of the September 11th attacks and honor those who died that day and those who have died since in the War on Terror, in order to secure our freedoms, we need to remember their sacrifices and not demonize them as having had too high a price tag."

I just want to say- WTF???

How does he "demonize" our troops? She is a POS and I look forward to when the worm turns for her- and she is finally confronted by someone- face to face.

historiesmysteries said...

This is so bizarre. Knowing Sarah as we do, I have to believe that someone is indeed paying her to use her name to release all these anti-Obama screeds. Is this why she quit? Because she was offered a vast sum of money by the Family or the Council (they sound like something out of a thriller, but they really exist) to become their mouthpiece? If so, all the little Palinbots thinking she's going to run for president some day are in for a rude disappointment. Perhaps she realized that she had no political future because of Levi's potential to spill the beans about Trig, and so she decided to make as much money as posible while she could.

Anonymous said...

"market-oriented, patient-centered, and result-driven."

These are brain-numbers. Let's numb-up your brain. Take one, two, or all three, then call me in the morning if you disagree. Nothing like a few slogans to focus our thoughts! -- Dr. $carah $arah

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Be sure to read the Sanity Rant article - very good information!

Anonymous said...

Palin is a corporate shill, bought and paid for. This is why she quit being the governor--to write a Facebook page on the dime of the Health Insurers.

Daisydem said...

Can't we do something soon about SP? Please. I really appreciate all the work and time you have put in.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how she will account for all her paid stipends to the IRS... I bet she keeps her FB ghosts under wrap, so she can pocket the money tax-free...

Anonymous said...

Teutonic posed an interesting question: symbiosis (mutual benefit) or parasite/host (where one sucks the life out of the other) regarding Sarah & Rupert.

At first glance, Sarah & Rupert appear to have mutual interests. She probably excites him the same way to she appealed to Kristol or McCain. If he can use her to advance his cause (whatever his world wide agenda is), he will use her.

Sarah thinks that she is using Murdock, but out of $4 Billion, he can afford to lose a couple of million on her if she doesn't work out. Sarah is going to wear thin in a little while.

As more and more people question whether or not she writes those face book posts, the only way that she can prove that she is the author (hah!) is to appear in person, to discuss and debate issues. We know she can't do that. (And, if the only place that she appears is Fox, it is still laughable).

So, last night, when Congressman Wilson thought he was putting down Obama, his rude behavior diminished his entire crowd. It showed that they have nothing to offer except to shout out insults. Sarah is going to wear pretty thin, too. I sincerely hope that she ends up diminishing the Murdoch agenda. The first time that she makes a gaff, it will be excused. The second time, it won't be so funny.

Sarah may think that this is a relationship with mutual benefit. I think that Rupert can shrug her off, as a horse whisks away a bothersome fly, if she gets a little out of hand. We can only hope. I don't think that Sarah is known for her staying power. Rupert, on the other hand, is Big Time. His rise in the media world is frightening, and he is the one we should be afraid of. Rupert will use Sarah as long as it is working (as long as he thinks that it is working). Sarah thinks that she is using Rupert, but we will have to see how long she lasts. Probably until the first time she opens her mouth.

Anonymous said...

The Sarah Palin who wrote those ridiculous twitters a month ago cannot be the same person creating multiple paragraphed opinions about health care. They could have tried an IV drip full of every book at Amazon for Sarah, and it wouldn't help. To be believable, she will have to appear in person and discuss her new brilliance.

On the other hand, we have all been wondering about the missing Sarah- rehab or plastic surgery. We have neglected a third option. Somewhere, a very smart, talented woman has a new Sarah Palin face and is being coached on how to talk like Sarah, but not as dumb. When they roll out the new-and-improved Sarah, we will hardly recognize her.

Anonymous said...

Sarah and those who hold her up, and some Republicans are all for smaller government. Well, they were in charge for 8 years, and Sarah and ilk didn't seem too bothered by the layoffs, the lack of good health care, sudden injuries, sudden terminal illness and bankruptcy of many hard working americans who lost financially most everything. It was fine as long as it didn't affect them. They certainly don't set a fine example of how to behave, and present the true values and christian principles to voters? Lately, conservatives, repubs, have very troubled personal lives, divorce, mistresses, scandals, lying, distorting truth, abusing state monies, and last evening, yelling at a US President, and saying, "You lie". Wow, what family values and great example to your kids.

Like many christians know, fear and fear-mongering is of the devil, faith is from God. Delivering a message through fear-mongering would not be found anywhere in the Book of Acts.

No empathy towards others.
No love for restrained dialogue, no respect for our leaders that have the charge over us.

PO mentioned about character. He wants good character to come back, and I would wish that the Sarah teams remember the fruit of the Spirit, some of which are, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, meekness. This past year since the election, I haven't seen any display of these - seems conservative christians are not reading the Word, and obstructing any good that could come to 30 million needy people who have no health insurance.

Auto insurance, or home insurance, is mandatory in most places. So why shouldn't health insurance be mandatory for each and everyone - that protects every individual who should be entitled to health care without going bankrupt. Now, that is a christian principle.

Where have all the conservative christians gone?

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I am counting on $arah Palin to bring Rupert Murdoch down a peg or two. Look at her track record. That's how she rolls.

Anonymous said...

The Facebook Sarah Palin notes are the same notes used by Meghan Stapleton and others.

They once did better signing off with the writers name:
Sarah Palin: Statement from SarahPAC on Governor Palin's se
The writer is a member of the Alaska Bar Association and an attorney in Anchorage.
Statement from Meghan Stapleton, Palin Family Spokesperson
Statements from Sarah and Todd Palin

They link to Website:

I always thought this was the SarahPAC Facebook.

It is questionable how they use this. Is the FEC looking into all the industry connections and ghost writers Sarah pretends to be? She is functioning as an Insurance lobbyist while pretending to be a citizen on a Political Action Committee social network?

Can someone explain what is going on?

The WV gods speak: doggess

Anonymous said...

Great photo, Regina! She looks more like Mrs. Doubtfire than the "hawt Guv" - LOL!

Seriously, the media needs to be calling her out on these FB posts SO obviously not written by her. It would be one thing if she even understood this stuff and just had a proofreader clean up her posts. But we know darn well she can NOT speak on this in a way that makes any sense.

Also, too, she is rapidly aging. I seriously doubt she can give up her short skirts, naughty monkeys, and big hair look. It's going to look more and more ridiculous as time goes on, plastic surgery or not. Her neck already looks like it belongs to a ninety year old - maybe all that tanning wasn't such a good idea after all.

She's in a bind: too vain to admit to any kind of surgery or enhancements. She won't even admit to the hair extensions -remember how her hairdresser was attacked for mentioning the "hair emergency"?

If she reappears looking like she had work done, people will comment and she'll go ballistic. But if she doesn't get work done, that old looking neck and start of the wattle will just get worse and worse. Poor poor Sarah...

Sarah needs to reappear and start making her policy points for herself, or the media needs to take note that these Facebook posts are a total charade.

Rupert maybe bit off a bit more than he can chew if he seriously thinks he can turn her into a coherent speaker. There's not enough money in the world, unless he's got a secret brain transplant lab we don't know about...

Anonymous said...

What's that saying about making a silk purse out of a sow's ear?

Keep it up, Murdock. You morons are just digging yourselves in deeper and deeper each day. And some of us will delight in seeing you fall along with 'precious Sarah.'

Teutonic13 said...


Is the Palin Murdoch Relationship Symbiosis- or Host Parasite ?

Symbiosis- both feed off of each other's greed and avarice.
33% 19 votes

Host-Parasite- By the time He's done with her- shel'll be sucked dry like a fly...
66% 37 votes

| 56 votes

Anonymous said...

From Daily Kos:
"Finally got through to that asshole Congressman's Wilson's office, and whoever answered the phone claims the Congressman's calls are running 3-1 in favor of his outburst. Which I don't believe for a second. But just for him saying that, I think the man needs more calls. Please help by dialing 803 939-0041.

I know this isn't much of a diary, but I'm too mad to write more at the moment.

I did note that I'd given money to Rob Miller, the Democrat who will defeat him in 2010 and that at the moment, we've raised $290,000 for Miller, since last night."

jo said...

I called Wilson, I also said him going on WND radio and thanking them for keeping America informed just shows he is part of the fringe. All of the republicans are acting like AH, I hope they lose even more seats next year.

$P must be planning to run for the Senate. She said four times if she were VP she would be in charge of the senate and make good policy changes. Thank God she could never be elected for that job either, the people of AK can't be stupid enough to fall for her again.

Her FB writer is trying to sound more like her vindictiveness against the President. Who does she think she is, the President is to answer her questions? She thinks she was/is running for President. This just shows her becoming more and more deluisional. She throws around the word evil for everyone, but I have always seen her with horns on her head. She trully is an evil acting person, who could care less about anyone but herself. What a witch.

By the way tort reform would be made if people did not have medical expenses to pay for, that's the biggest part, paying for care.

basheert said...

Joe wilson is continuing his lies - after has backassward "semi" "I regret" non-apology.

Please contribute to:

or go to Act Blue
Or go to Daily Kos and contribute via Kos to Act Blue

Let's show this guy that some of us still value manners and civility.

basheert said...

anon@20:00 -
the $200K is just from and via Daily Kos. Act Blue has a total raised for Joe Wilson of over $412K.

Give until it HURTS.

BTW just a tidbit. It has been reported by the agency that watches Congressional donations, that Joe Wilson is the HEAD HOG. He has taken the highest amount of dollars from the Health Care Industry IN CONGRESS!!!!

MadCity Chick said...

Everyone needs to go hit Politico right now and take quiz on homepage regarding success of speech to congress. Palin crazies and the rest of the crazies have negative opinion up to 57% right now.

Poll at the bottom right of the homepage.

basheert said...

Rob Miller now up to $4567K on Act Blue!
A million-dollar day for the DNC

More evidence of a campaign-style reaction to Joe Wilson’s outburst: The DNC’s Brad Woodhouse emails that “in the 18 hours since the President, spoke 381,000 people have signed this letter in support of reform to members of Congress and we have raised – online alone – $1,087,000 – without a fund raising ask in the email.”

Link to this letter

basheert said...

Rob Miller = Over $520K

Keep it coming ... THIS is grass roots!

Anonymous said...

A wee OT but PeePants related

I started reading a blog about Quiverfull's (think Duggars with their 988 kids)

NOT accusing anyone.. but one of the popular teachings is by Bill Gothard

a disturbing teaching is on rearing kids.. crying is considered a rebellious spirt
. “The elder’s wives would tell us to keep spanking the child, even if you left black and blue marks, until you break the spirit,” she said...Crying is called rebellion. The idea is that if the child is crying, you beat him, discipline him until he stops crying,” said former GCI member Keith Cingel"

think Trig and his passiveness?
NOT saying Palin beat that child.. but she is as loose a screw as they come ...

here is another link talking about the Wasilla church and the Gothard teachings..

the quiverfull blog is facinating.. the woman left with all 7 kids .. and struggled to make it on her own.. she is not borderline aethist because of her past but is trying to help others stuck in that lifestyle

some of her rants about Bill Clinton (rants from back in the day when she admists she was "looney" mirror rants against Obama today likening him to the anti christ and all that..)
just good reading if anyone is interested

I just think of the tearless, compliant Trig and how Piper and the rest of the clan are tight lipped and silent.. wonder what kindof rearing they had

Anonymous said...

Anon 18:46?I don't understand your comment at all. Maybe it's me. Can you explain what you are trying to say?thank you! Sorry if this sounds dumb but I don't get it

Floyd M. Orr said...

Have ya'll seen this article and video?

Anonymous said...

OK, who else has a picture of Sarah P sitting across the bear skin strewn sofa from Murdock saying:
'The rrrrain (rolling the r's ) in Spain falls MAINLY on the planes'? Eliza doolittle without the class.

basheert said...

I believe you made a type anon@17:33. It's Eliza DROOL-little.

Incoherent - bone headed stupid. Sarah was always a non-starter. She does fine in a little town where everyone is married to their first cousin so they protect their lies.

Put her out with "real" people who actually READ books and go to REAL School and have REAL degrees and the moron cannot have an intelligent conversation.

Debating an issue on Facebook? Not even with Sarah - with some ghost writer because she is too dumb to debate anything by herself.

She knows nothing and every time she posts on Facebook (well her ghostwriter), she looks even more irrelevant.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Regina! Oh Wow! I just noticed you have put Extra Babygate Resources on the side bar! Did you just put those there or have I just not seen them before now? Thank goodness, because it was always such a pain trying to find some of these pictures and documents. Did anyone ever file a FOIA request for earlier calendars? I have been quite anxious to see Sarah's earlier calendars because there are particular days in January that are of great interest to me.
Thanks for providing a central place to find these. I always start out on Palingates every day!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I meant January 2008 above.

Bell said...

Palin is illogical - her opposition to healthcare reform contradicts the National Down Syndrome Congress's position which supports universal healthcare for all Americans:

As a mother/grandmother of a Down syndrome child you would think her focus would be on issues that would help rather than hinder improving the availability and quality of healthcare for all with Down syndrome.
I really hope an intrepid reporter can catch up to Palin and ask some pointed questions about her experience with her healthcare insurer and their coverage of her high-risk pregnancy, her delivery and the baby's after-care.
And, what do the Down syndrome organizations have to say about Palin's reported use of the "R-word" when referring to the baby?

Anonymous said...

Since this seems to be a more well-read blog, I'm posting this here.

I just listened to Dan Fagan talk to Tank Jones about Levi's assertion in VF that Sarah Palin referred in a joking manner to Trig as "the retarded one", and Dan's argument, throughout the "interview" is that a) Sarah would never have said that, b)he KNOWS Sarah would never have said that, c)Sarah would have to be the most evil mother if she had said that, and Sarah is not evil, hence, she did not say that, d) even if two other people would testify that they heard Sarah say that, Dan would still not believe that she said that, and, to top it of, e) if Sarah herself told Dan that she said that, he STILL wouldn't believe she said that. At this point, Tank is besides himself and says "You done looooost your miiiiind!"

The problem, as I see it, is that Dan's own assertion that Sarah would have to be an evil mother to have said such a thing is TRUE, and he could not get himself to admit that Sarah might have some evil tendencies in her, thus the total denial and stubborn and pompous refusal to even cede the point that IF she HAD said it, if Levi is telling the truth, then that would have been an evil thing.

I could sense poor Tank's frustration, because, as we all know, you can't argue with stupid.

Tank also reitterates that "you don't know the whole story yet; you haven't heard all the evidence"

Oh, indeedy!!

Anonymous said...

Morgan, the PD moderator, has just posted a very scary notice there. Yes, Audrey, has been threatened, and under advise of her lawyer is suspending her post.

People on the far right must be cheering. This repeats the same kind of tactics that characterized Sarah Palin's campaign rallies, where the only thing that she inspired were calls of "Kill Him" directed at Barack Obama.

This is the same sort of thing that threatened Alaska blogger Grypen at IM. Another Morgan, a photo expert who enhanced pictures of Sarah Palin taken weeks before she "gave birth" to Trig. The enhanced photos showed Sarah with a trim, flat stomach instead of a swollen pregnant abdomen. Morgan, the photographer, was threatened and shut down.

The rude congressman who shouted out at the President during a formal address to Congress is typical of the total hatred that the conservatives inspire. If anyone had shouted "You Lie" when Collin Powell tried to convinice the United Nations that Iraq had WMD, they would have been arrested as traitors.

People attending Bush town halls, wearing the wrong slogan on a T-shirt or sporting the wrong bumper sticker on their car were arrested. There was no protest allowed in the past eight years. The only way that people could protest was last November, when they chose to turn the White House over to a different political party.

Someone at PD pointed out that in Levi's recent VF article, he made statements regarding Sarah and Todd wanting to adopt the baby that he and Bristol were expecting. (We're not sure which baby). Where are the "Kill Him, Liar!" screaming conservatives now? They have not threatened Levi (as far as we can tell).

This week we are reminded again of the horrors of September 11. And, people have offered their thoughts about the Bush administration using that terrible event to suspend constitutional freedoms and smother opposing points of view. Even though they lost last November, many of their crowd are hard at work, invading people's privacy, shouting them down, trying to shut them up.

I don't know what we can do, but we must do something. We must find these terrible people, expose them, shame them, hold them accountable. They use the tactics and methods of a repressive regime, a cruel dictator, and they have no place in a free, democratic country.

Daisydem said...

Will Gryphen back down too? What will we do? If we depend on Levi to tell all, they may shut him down. We are being told there is more and we know there must be.

Daisydem said...

And, Regina, will you still be here? Please.

regina said...


Apart from the odd break for travelling, etc, I'm not going anywhere...

We had visitors this week, that's why the blog is a bit slow. Will resume normal activity very soon.



Anonymous said...

It looks like Sarah cannot hold up to any kind of criticism. Gryphen questioned the stability of her marriage, and they "outed him," inviting threats that cost his job. Levi has hinted at a less-than-stable marriage, but at least he has a lawyer and a body guard right now.

Audrey questioned whether Sarah gave birth to Trig. Sarah could have answered all of the questions last fall by just showing us Trig's birth certificate. But, her only proof was that Bristol was pregnant, which was not any kind of proof at all. Now, Audrey is being threatened. (So was another blogger, who was shut down).

Adding to the mystery is the real reason for Sarah quitting her job. Ethics complaints? She can't take criticism? And, we haven't seen her for more than a month. Yet, her devoted fans are willing to break laws to defend her honor. This is pretty scary. Why can't Sarah Palin stand up to any kind of criticism?? And, she must have some pretty powerful backers. Imagine how frightening things would have been if she was actually elected??

Anonymous said...

Regina __ Thank you!!! It is good to hear you are fine.

"Those rumors are, unfortunately, true. Audrey has been threatened. She and her husband took the threats seriously enough to seek legal advice and have decided after consulting with their attorney to suspend posting for the time being." Morgan

for the time being...

Does that mean that the work at Palin's Deception won't be destroyed? Will the comment section be left active? Is there another site where people can leave messages.

Patrick made comments before and now he is quiet. Is he alright?

I am sorry to hear what Audrey and her family are going through. Her work is brilliant and must survive this censure.
No American can stand for this.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if this whole business ended up in court. Then, Palin would have to produce evidence that Trig is her natural born child to show that Audrey had no business writing that blog.

Evidence? By now, they could have forged any kind of birth certificate. The only "proof" was a questionable letter from the doctor. I say let's have a DNA test in court, Sarah, Todd & Trig. We can add Bristol, Levi and anyone else who is a likely suspect and have it out in court.

Anonymous said...

Well, you won't believe the wv. It's bully. Seriously. We cannot let these bullies shut people up. They are the same people who screamed "Kill Him" at Sarah Palin rallies. They are the Republicans who say "No" to everything. They didn't win, so they are using the strong arm methods of a bully to shut people up.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Audrey being legally threatened, as terrible and unfair as it is, will be the public crucible that forces SP to show Trig's birth certificate. In order to prove Audrey is wrong, Palin will have to prove that she gave birth to Trig. Maybe CBJ will be subpoenaed as part of it.

Anonymous said...

The situation with PD might be a problem if a Ron Paul type lawyer is like a Stacy McCain|Dan Reilh team.

It might take a divorce.

Would you leave your husband for a blog or the truth?

sandra said...

Anonymous at 18:34. You certainly had some kind of message in your wv of "bully." It certainly did not mean you were a bully.

The more we see of the tactics of the right wing guys, the more evidence we have of bullying. They are the scared kid on the playground who can't think very fast and doesn't understand what is happening. That kid would start swinging or shout names. It might intimidate, but it doesn't solve anything.

I have strong negative feelings about the town hallers and the teabaggers and now the 9/12ers. They are being directed by a very smart powerful group. Their insecurities and racial hatreds are being tapped to promote chaos.

I have characterized these people as "those who shout loudly but have no voice."

I wish there was an easy way to reach them and comfort them so their minds would have some exposure to the light.

Anonymous said...

The bullies are very well organized. One of their objectives is to be negative and oppose anything and everything that the Obama administration does and stands for.

They have also taken on Sarah Palin as the odd ball champion of their cause. Why are they such fanatics in defending her? Look at the terrible things that have been said about other Republicans. Sanford is a laughing stock, Michelle Bachmann is a joke. They don't jump over people who made fun of them, Larry Craig, David Vitter, pick your creepy Republican.

What is it about Sarah that inspires such a response? Sarah referred to Obama in a sarcastic way as "he who must be obeyed." It looks like it is "she who must be obeyed." Or else, she inspires something visceral and animal in loyal followers that they want to break the law in her defense.

So what if learn that Sarah and Todd are "Splitsville?" So what if it turns out that Sarah was doing the noble thing in adopting a Down Syndrome child to give it a better chance in life? What is it about the image of Sarah, so carefully made up and crafted, that it cannot be held to any scrutiny? Do they really think that she is their best hope for 2012. Once they get her in office, it will be like the good old GWB years with a strong puppetmaster pulling the strings? Is that what she is being groomed for? All this trouble cannot possibly be just to sell a book. Books come and go.

I cannot figure out what it is about Sarah Palin that make people rush out and threaten anyone who writes about her. While Barack Obama inspired Hope, it is sad that the only thing that Sarah Palin inspires is Hate.

Anonymous said...

For now the Glenn Beck 9\12s and Ron Paul tea bags are in control.

What is going on with other blogs shows us how courageous Gryphen was and IS.

No, Palin does not want to go to court. They know that won't happen. They are using other intimidation tactics.
A person needs a good lawyer that would stand up for what is right. We already know what books were written and all that.
I don't believe there was any malicious intent. An intelligent person expressing what they see and know is being violated.
They should stand up. Can they?

How long can the 9\12s & tea bags tyranny rule over us?

Anonymous said...

Sarah has been out of sight for quite a while. In the past, she or Meg or Charles Heath lashed out at Levi's latest TV interview or article. This time, they are quiet in regard to Levi, a little too quiet considering all that he had to say.

At the same time, they pounced on Audrey. There was nothing new at Audrey's for a while. The photos and analysis has been up for a long time. Was it starting to ring true? Were people in the GOP starting to doubt Sarah's story? Is this the equivilant of McCain scrubbing the Johnston computers? Is this the same kind of strong arm stuff that Todd pulled against his former brother-in-law, Trooper Wooten? People used to write $arah Palin's name with the dollar sign to show that she had resigned to take the money. Now, maybe we should be calling her Sarah Soprano in honor of the strong arm methods her bullies are using.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Audrey has anything to worry about. There was a blogger by the name of McCain, some full-of-himself good-ol'-boy, who made bizarre claims.

Anonymous said...

Regina, Audrey, and Gryphen....Iam so worried about your safety. Hopefully someone is taking screen shots of everything and keeping it in a safe place. It is outrageous that you are being threatened! What happened to freedom of speech? All Scarah would have to do is produce the birth certificate or offer to do a DNA test....done deal. I wait for the truth......

Anonymous said...

@ 19:46

Her spell binding goes to religion. Dominionist Stalking Horse

Anonymous said...

In a free society all law abiding citizens are free to blog everyday.

Every day that anyone is gagged for whatever reason is a travesty against all America once stood for.

I don't think anything criminal is the problem. Could be a little embarrassing.

Many people would stand by their principles and take the medicine and continue to write.

In a case where there was a threat of physical harm that person understandably made a choice to end a blog.

I hope Audrey is not in that situation. If she is, it needs to be known. If it's a little embarrassing she will be back soon.

Anonymous said...

just google audrey and palin's deceptions to find out what douchebag blogger is after her

Daisydem said...

Thanks Regina. Rode my bike down this morning to listen to the sneak preview of our symphony's opening night. Nothing like a little Beethoven to soothe the senses and take the mind off politics for a little while. Glad to hear you are here. We will be too.

Anonymous said...

@20:20, thanks for the link, that is truly frightening! And the C-street people must be part of the same kind of thinking, or at the least cousins if not brothers.

A loving divinity would not foster such hate. These are scary people who use religion to their own political purpose. September 11 was about religious fanatics who attacked us. The religious fanatics who are Sarah Palin's followers are no better. They want to destroy what we are now, and replace everything in their image. Thanks for the information. Her followers are one scary bunch.

Anonymous said...

I think it's simple. Levi had an affair with Mrs. Jones -- whoops! Palin? -- she got pregnant and had a baby. Mrs. Jones' daughter became jealous, "What! Isn't Levi my boyfriend? Prove you love me, Levi."
I know it's hard for some to accept that Mrs. Jones got pregnant, due to the photo "evidence," but I disagree. Let us not forget that Levi knew that Mrs Jones had every color of Walmart's 2-piece lady's PJs. Did Mrs Jones show him the gun that she kept in a box under her bed? In the bedroom? What else could have transpired in the bedroom?

Anonymous said...

Oh! And let us not forget that Levi was at the hospital, with a bracelet, when the baby was born. It is fitting that the father would be there and have access to the baby, no?

Anonymous said...

The governor had a history of affairs. A tabloid published the story of her 1996 affair with Todd's business partner. Even though McCain threatened legal action, the tabloid didn't back down.

An affair presents problems for someone running or attempting to govern on a "family values" platform, certainly. A statutory rape charge poses even greater problems.

Anonymous said...

9 21:27 = = = I am always interested to hear from those that can elaborated on the picture taken March 26 of Sarah with no sign of a bump and how she got to round and pudgy in a few weeks.

I know there are more, could you please help us understand this phenomena? With links to example, please.

KaJo said...

Just to lighten the discussion -- and since this IS an open thread:

"Tina Fey Wins Emmy For Sarah Palin Impressions On SNL".

She really deserved this!

(ha, ha, my WV is "mockstel" -- how appropriate)

Anonymous said...

For all who are worried that Audrey has stopped blogging for now, I invite you to note that the blog still remains up, despite the threats. And basically the premise has already been proven.

I support Audrey's decision, but would also note that the fact the blog is still up means that those making the threats have NOT prevailed. The truth remains there for those with eyes to see, and ironically the threats have just drawn more attention.

See also some info I just posted in the open thread above that gives more links for those who want to investigate just what sort of guy it is who is making the threats. He is a bigoted hater, a religious extremist with a history of writings that really do not conceal his hate and scorn for pretty much anybody who is not also a right wing fundamentalist.

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