Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Sarah Palin had a plan

Levi Johnston on Vanity Fair:
Sarah told me she had a great idea: we would keep it a secret—nobody would know that Bristol was pregnant. She told me that once Bristol had the baby she and Todd would adopt him. That way, she said, Bristol and I didn’t have to worry about anything. Sarah kept mentioning this plan. She was nagging—she wouldn’t give up. She would say, “So, are you gonna let me adopt him?” We both kept telling her we were definitely not going to let her adopt the baby. I think Sarah wanted to make Bristol look good, and she didn’t want people to know that her 17-year-old daughter was going to have a kid.
He was supposedly talking about Bristol's pregnancy with Tripp. Interesting, eh?


Anonymous said...

Now that is very interesting indeed.

EyeOnYou said...

The problem with this whole story is that it is going to be difficult for people to accept without some corroboration from outside sources since you know full well that people will simply say that Levi is making it up to get back at the family.

It will be difficult for a lot of people to accept that he is telling the truth since he really does tell a very different story from what we have all been led to believe about Palin and her family life.

It isn't that I don't believe him, but it would be different if others would verify what he is saying.

I think his version of what is going on is more realistic considering what we do know, such as the busy schedule of both parents, which makes it more believeable that they did minimul parenting to those kids.

Him saying that neither Todd nor Sarah cooked goes against the stories we have heard about her "famous" moose chili, and her teaching Levi to cook as was told in a previous story (the same story where we heard about Levi getting his ring stuck on his thumb).

Some of this is going to be difficult for a lot of people to swallow.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Levi never specifically says that he is referring to Tripp - he leaves it purposefully vague by saying "[Sarah] didn't want people to know that her 17-year-old daughter was going to have a kid." Wasn't Bristol 17 when Trig was born? Granted, she was 17 when Tripp was gestating, but 18 when he was born. So this statement could refer to either pregnancy....

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with Anon 12:46: Intriguingly ambiguous wording, there: "... that her 17-y-o daughter was going to have a kid..." This could mean either that her daughter was going to be a mother at the age of 17 or that she was pregnant at the age of 17.
Also, too: in the "Incredible Shrinking Trig" photos, what strikes me is not so much the actual size of the baby (hard to tell, really) but the way the "later" photos with Levi and Mercede show the typical newborn pose, still almost in fetal position (little fists bunched up) compared to the more relaxed, arms more outstretched pose in the "earlier" photos of him being presented as a newborn by his (grand?)parents...
LOL: wv is ditintsa (as in "dat ain't so"?)

Patrick said...

This is extremely interesting.

Sarah officially had a Down-Syndrome baby on April 18, 2008.

Sarah knew at this point that she was a serious contender for the VP-position, after having met John McCain in February 2008.

So why should Sarah now adopt ANOTHER child at this point?

It makes no sense whatsoever.

I am convinced that Levi talks about Trig here (and he is doing it in a way which would not violate the “agreement” that the Johnstons and the Palins apparently have).

I can also reveal (having mentioned this in comments before at an earlier point) that we know from several independent sources in Alaska that Bristol was very upset and even angry when Sarah announced her pregnancy with Trig in March 2008.

I think Bristol was angry because Sarah not just adopted the baby, but faked a pregnancy. Sarah did this because the real story would have put Sarah in a bad light (keeping the daughters pregnancy secret, and then adopting the child, which apparently happened for health insurance reasons). And with faking a pregnancy, KNOWING that it was a Down-Syndrome child, it was clear that Sarah would have been able to boost her pro-life credentials.

Another point I wanted to make in an earlier thread, but the events are now moving too fast, is this:

Trig was born with:

1. Congenital heart disease
2. Jaundice
3. Down-Syndrome

and was born prematurely...

...but he was presented to the world at the day of his birth, several hours after his official birth - sleeping in the arms of Sarah's mother, who was showing the baby to the media.

Which doctor in the country would allow this to happen?

NakedTruth said...

Yes, this comment by Levi is very interesting. And yes, he is talking about Trig not Tripp. Remember I said this on a previous post.

"Legally he has to keep his mouth closed but whenever Sarah gets out of line, he has no problem dropping a hint or two like releasing photos of him with baby Trig or mentioning that he and Bristol were homeschooled in the Palin's home in 2007/08 before the conception of Tripp. These hints are intentional and are just enough to keep Sarah nervous and anxious about what he may reveal next."

This is just another hint to us from Levi that Trig belongs to him and Bristol.

Just like I also stated on a previous post, I am still wondering if Sarah and Todd actually adopted Trig. The only reason I somewhat lean to the side that an adoption did take place is that Levi and the Johnston's appear to be afraid to speak out about the birth of Trig. Makes me think that there was a gag order of some sort in the adoption agreement. Strange that Levi states in this passage that he and Bristol were against Sarah adopting.

Patrick, my thinking is more in line with yours.

Patrick said...


it seems very likely that Sarah adopted Trig. This could have been necessary for health insurance reasons, because as I can reveal, the birth of Trig was NOT insured via health insurance (only the mother was insured, but not the baby). This is reliable inside information, and we will explore this in more depth in the near future, and then we will certainly come to further conclusions regarding this matter.

Rogue said...

Patrick - the same type of doctor who would tell a woman it was okay to fly from Texas to Alaska after leaking amniotic fluid.

Unless the doctor's other patients know the truth of this tale, I'm surprised they haven't all abandoned her enmass.

Patrick said...


As far as I am aware the doctor who you are referring to (Cathy Baldwin-Johnston) is very popular in Alaska, and my impression is that many people in Alaska are willing to close both eyes regarding babygate also for this reason (in order not to damage a respected doctor who has given valuable assistance to many people there in the past).

We should never underestimate what a small society it is over there in Alaska. We also had contacts with people in Alaska who were quite happy to tell us their concerns about Sarah's "pregnancy" with Trig privately, but would never go on the record or "officially" then even deny that they ever had any concerns about her pregnancy.

And then there is only one main newspaper in Alaska, and this paper has decided not to write ANYTHING about babygate. I wrote an email to the editor Pat Dougherty a few days ago addressing these issues, and didn't receive a reply so far - but that's what I had expected (long time ago this paper had won Pulitzer-Prices, can you believe it).

I would also like to mention that there would have been SEVERAL doctors dealing with Trig after the birth, not just the doctor who (in this case, supposedly!) delievered the baby. After the birth, another doctor would have taken charge.

By the way, I do not believe that Cathy Baldwin-Johnson delievered the baby, and when she was asked in a "secret" interview by the ADN in autumn 2008 whether she delivered Trig, she said that she "could not confirm it". Her lawyer was present during this interview.

The ADN however chose not to report it and never mentioned this interview anywhere, until today.

regina said...


Did the ADN mention that interview today?

Patrick said...

Sorry, in the last sentence I meant:

"The ADN however chose not to report it and never mentioned this interview anywhere, UP UNTIL today."

EyeOnYou said...

Patrick said... The ADN however chose not to report it and never mentioned this interview anywhere, until today.

Please clarify. Do you mean that the ADN has mentioned this interview today, or that your mention of it today is the first we are hearing of it?

Thanks :)

regina said...


"The ADN, to this day, never mentioned that interview"


Patrick said...


Sorry again, as I clarified above, the ADN has never mentioned the interview so far, up until today.

Anonymous said...

I think Patrisk means that the ADN up until this very day has still not mentioned the fact that CBJ was interviewed with her lawyer by the ADN.

Patrick said...


Yes, that's correct!

By the way - you can reach Pat Dougherty here:

I also asked Pat Dougherty whether it's true that Sarah Palin threatened that she would sue the ADN if they published their story about the fake pregnancy rumors in autumn 2008 - as it was reported on Progressive Alaska.

Lisa Demer was the ADN-reporter who investigated this mysterious "story that was never published".

Anonymous said...

Which begs the question

"Why the heck did CBJ need her lawyer present"?

EyeOnYou said...

Patrick how did you find out about this interview and what was related in that interview?

I am curious as to why all of this is allowed to remain hidden. Why are people hiding this information? What is to be gained from not coming forward?

Patrick said...


It's what I would consider as reliable inside information (like so much in this investigation, which has never been "officially" published anywhere). I cannot reveal here who the source is, because it's confidential. But it was also discussed on PD before several times (without naming the source, of course).

Please ask Pat Dougherty why he allows this to remain hidden. I would be very curious to know what the answer will be.

Unfortunately, he doesn't reply to me. I guess he doesn't like me very much, because frankly, we are just a pain the ass for the ADN. They clearly have no intention to publish any of this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sarah will be federally charged for insurance fraud if she has not legally adopted Trig (or actually birthed him) and has been filing claims for his care.

Would Sarah risk this?

NakedTruth said...

I think that they are paying for Trig's care out of pocket or have some sort of private healthcare plan for him. Could be why we can't seem to confirm that he is actually getting care. Also, let's not forget the anonymous poster on IM who stated that she/he knew for sure that Sarah had a private nurse attending to Trig through home care. I do believe in the Esquire article something was mentioned about Bristol taking Trig to the doctor and buying him a new car seat. Yes, just another strange comment about Bristol being the primary caregiver of Trig, her supposedly baby brother.

EyeOnYou said...

I doubt that Pat D would respond to anyone asking that question, but what I meant was you stated that you had contacts with people who shared concerns but stated that they would never go public or deny it if their names were attached (so to speak) and my question is ...why?

I know what small towns are like and usually secrets become common knowledge, with at least a few people willing to spill the beans, so it makes me wonder why people are so unwilling to come forward with what they know.

What are people afraid of? Sarah is no longer the governor, she has not position of power, and why are people so afraid of the truth coming to light?

Patrick said...

Here are the two main blogposts by Pat Dougherty about the "story that never appeared" which he had published on his ADN "editorsblog":

Now, keep also in mind that ADN-columnist Michael Carey (who is also the former editoral page editor of the ADN) said on September 2, 2008 not only that he had heard about the fake pregnancy rumors, but that this story was also presented to him by a lawyer who is "a very smart guy" as the "absolute truth".

Surely Pat Dougherty must have heard it, too...?

I am just sick and tired that these people accuse us of being conspiracy nutcases, and in reality they know much, much more than they are willing to admit. I cannot accept that.

Patrick said...


Even if Sarah herself is not in power any more, people who she is (more or less) accociated with are still in charge - for example in Wasilla, Anchorage and in the state administration. It's not that all this has simply disappeared. Citizens who spoke out against Sarah in public in the past also had to suffer a lot of abuse.

I guess it will take quite a long time until people will finally start to talk. But please also don't underestimate the point I brought up above - that we have a very popular doctor here implicated in this whole scandal, whose reputation might be damaged after the revelation of the truth.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that if Palin wanted to adopt "Tripp" because she wanted to save Bristol's reputation that she would have had to put Bristol in hiding.

Strange then that Bristol was out of sight for many months until "Trig" was born.

Sort of makes you think, doesn't it?

Molly said...

OK, I have now had a most disturbing idea, thanks to Patrick, plus Levi's quote about Sarah's wanting to adopt "the baby".....

Let's say it is true that Bristol was very angry when Sarah announced she was pregnant in March of 2008. Let's say it is true that Sarah had begged Bristol and Levi to give up their baby to her...and that he is referring to baby #1, Trig. I can then infer that Bristol's anger is that Sarah did NOT have their permission at that time to claim that baby as her own, perhaps even forced the issue by declaring it publically, thus putting Bristol in a bind--her mean nasty mother FORCED her to give up that baby to her? Or, in a slightly less mean interpretation, FORCED Bristol to deny that the baby was her own?

Just thinking about this situation has brought tears to my eyes--to think that your mother, in her position as Governor--has abused her power once again, this time against her own daughter!! What could Bristol do in the face of this farce? I suggest she could do nothing.....nothing.....about it, other than console herself in the fact that the baby would still be in the family, and she could still be close to him and act as his mother in private, if not in public.

The whole thing is shameful, and, if the inferences to be drawn are what I have outlined, further evidence of what a sick sick person this woman is.

And I can just picture her with clenched jaw telling Bristol and Levi and Mercede and anyone else who knew the real truth that it would be over her dead body that anyone would EVER reveal the truth.

Can't you?

Anonymous said...

Well, I can certainly empathise with Bristol here. As a young student, I got pregnant. Fearing the reaction of the father (the relationship was still quite new) and also fearing the reaction of my parents (who had great hopes for me), I secretly arranged an abortion. Deep depression followed. When my BF found out, he was very upset and wanted to try for another child immEdiately. Just sayin' ... if a child born out of love is taken away from you, whatever the circumstances, your gut instinct might be to make another one asap.... Trig... forcibly adopted... Tripp as an immediate replacement?

EyeOnYou said...

Patrick said...
I am just sick and tired that these people accuse us of being conspiracy nutcases, and in reality they know much, much more than they are willing to admit. I cannot accept that.

Unfortunately Patrick that is what you will have to deal with until or unless someone reliable and knowledgeable comes out with some kind of proof rather than simply speculation.

We can speculate and offer insight and opinions about this until we are blue in the face and some might actually agree, but the majority is going to feel like this is just another "birther" conspiracy until there is some kind of proof that Sarah is not Trig's mother.

Knowing what we know I would not be in the least bit surprised to find it to be the truth, but knowing it and proving it are two altogether different things, and since you say it may take years before people feel safe enough to talk and share their true feelings and knowledge, looks like we won't know the true details of what has gone on for a long time yet.

Patrick said...


We will keep the pressure up. I am very motivated, and I like a good fight! :-)

But Pat Dougherty and his colleagues have earned no glory here so far.

I don't think that it will take very long until the truth will be out in the open. The house of cards will fall very quickly. It just needs a little push, that's all.

Lynn said...

This new emerging picture of Sarah forcing Bristol to give over Trig to her makes other things fit into place. If Bristol was forced to give up Trig then she was powerless, except that she could get revenge by getting pregnant again. Hence the two versions of how Bristol told her parents about her pregnancy--one excruciating (Trig) and one triumphant(Tripp). The ultimate passive aggressive response from a teenager to an over controlling parent. I can imagine Sarah telling Bristol that it would be no big deal--Bristol would still be caring for Trig. Only it is a big deal.... The movie Madame X comes to mind.

I can understand people's reluctance to go public with information to expose Sarah. She may no longer be Governor, but she does have powerful forces behind her like Rupert Murdoch. Look at how every word that appears in her name is covered in the news. We may have disdain for her but the "Christian" right world adores her and they'd be going up against that. Sarah can get a microphone and attack like she did against David Letterman. He could ride it out but ordinary people would be damaged. I would consider anyone who spoke up a true American Hero. Heck a true World Hero.

my wv is hiraters. I love it! Hired haters as in the Town Hall Berserkers!

MaryG. said...

Levi clearly reveals and conceals whenever he comments on babygate and the Palins... this latest "teaser" from Vanity Fair is highly suggestive, however. A plan to "save" Bristol the embarrassment of an out-of-wedlock, teenaged pregnancy through adoption cannot work given the various official stories we have read--that Bristol's pregnancy with Tripp was an "open secret" and that Tripp's birth would follow Trig's eight months later--so how could Palin have another baby??? Were Palin's tight-abs supposed to conceal a campaign-era pregnancy??? Can't you see her, holding Trig in that prop-child manner during those rallies, and pointing to her growing belly!!

Anonymous said...

I think that Levi just let the cat out of the bag!

Anonymous said...

so levi tells the story of trig through tripp. hahaaa

so will there be a statement from megamouth that levi is a liar?

Anonymous said...

Others are reporting that this story proves that Trig was/is Sarahs. Not Palin supporters but people who before believed that Trig was Bristols. Look at Andrew Sullivans article and then google.

It BUGS me that Levi did not tell the whole truth and wasn't more specific. But maybe this is his way of getting a book deal or he can't. Or maybe Trig is Sarahs? I am confused now and I really believed Trig was/is Bristols.

Patrick said...

Anon 17:28

One has to read closely. Andrew Sullivan today wrote:

"If anyone believed that Palin wasn't nutty enough to try to pass off her own daughter's baby as her own, they need to reassess."


So he clearly confirmed that he still believes in babygate.

Yellowgirl said...

Would you email me? I want to have an off-line discussion. Can't find your email, though. Thanks.

Yellowgirlnc at yahoo dot com

Lisabeth said...


that is the person saying he was a believer but Levis story "implies or says" that Trig is Sarahs. I hope you will all write this person.

Pat Dougherty really angers me. He is one in a pisiotion to really break this story and he bowed down to her highness and kissed her feet! He doesn't have to it anymore. It's WRONG of him and others to not just come out with what they know!

My God, they of all people know how insane Sarah is! They should protect the country from her.

LisanTX said...

It's very possible that Bristol will erupt under the pressure and publicly claim Trig as her child. Bristol must be under tremendous stress: caring for two babies, pressure from Sarah to publicly promote abstinence, her parents/homelife is chaotic, etc. Heck, just being a teenager and having a baby without you mother's everyday help and guidance would make anyone depressed/angry. The demands of motherhood are incredibly difficult, even without the election and publicity the family has been through.

I wouldn't be surprised if Bristol wants to be able to be a mother to her children without the charade. She is beginning to do so, i.e. the double stroller to carry the boys to the July 4th parade and to the Alaska state fair.

Truthseeker2 said...

I think Mary G has hit the nail on the head. The ruse would not work for Sarah to claim Tripp as her own, if she was already claiming Trig as her own. Levi has to be referring to Trig. I agree that it would be nice to have him say so outright, instead of using these veiled allusions that only those in the know would fully understand. BTW, hello to Patrick, Kathleen, Mary G and others; I've been out of touch for a while but still following the threads...nice to hear your insights again.

peninparadise said...

Another great September 2 birthday gift!

Thanks all!


mel said...

Unbelievable. No one with a lick of sense will be unable to see through Levi's words, and yeah, they make me want to cry, too. What these kids have endured, in the way of psychic pressure on still maturing psyches, is heartbreaking. To be not only pressured into the charade of a sociopath who happens to be your mother, but to see the folly and unsustainability of it at the same time--which Bristol, being not a sociopath, would surely do--must be a living hell. Thank you, Levi, for breaking through to relieve some of the stress.

Anonymous said...

Huffpost has NOT been moderating comments for this article on their site, so the reading is pretty interesting and this is a good time to leave your take on the situation.

I believe that Levi is constrained by some sort of obligation (legal ? financial? relational? all three?)
and is speaking as much truth as he can without
violating a prior agreement.

Once people compare Sarah's throwing Bristol under the bus at the RNC with her 'secret adoption' plan they will realize this is NOT the same situation. And what kind of Christian values family raises a child to think that their mother is really their older sister ? Because THAT is exactly what, according to Levi, Sarah was proposing to do.

wv : propnon (as in Trig is now a non-prop)

Anonymous said...

If $P is really Trig's mom then how could she also pass off Tripp as hers just eight months later?
Answer: no way in hell... Levi is definitely referring to Trig in the VF article.

FINALLY, we're getting somewhere. Maybe CLSA will be canceling on $P instead of the other way around.

dsmyre said...

Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnston, the doctor who supposedly delivered Trig, disappeared from Wasilla after Sarah's VP campaign began. Rumors were that she was paid to keep details of Trig's birth secret. Has she resurfaced yet?

Archivist said...

Something else to consider here, conspiracy or not:

Assuming Sarah's story is true ...

Did she lie to the airline about how far along her pregnancy was when she left for Dallas?

Sarah says her water had broken, before she left Dallas; which is the beginning of labour. Leaving aside the risk to her baby ....If we are to believe her stoy, then these facts are irrefutable:

1- Sarah misled the airline, in order to bypass airline rules/policy
2- Sarah put her high-rish child at risk
3- Sarah put all other passengers at risk too, since her condition migh have caused the planes to be diverted somewhere between Dallas and Seattle OR Seattle and Anchorage
4- Sarah did not mind the fact that the other passengers might have been inconvenienced by her actions. A diversion would have caused some passengers to be late for meetings/w­eddings/fu­nerals etc ..... but Sarah chose HER needs over the needs of other passengers ..

HOWEVER .. if Sarah was NOT going back to Alaska to give birth, but rather going back to Alaska to be there for the birth ... none of those matter... (wink)

EITHER WAY .. Sarah was reckless, selfish and unethical in this whole birth story.

You decide!

Anonymous said...

He has to be referring to Trig. Nothing else would make sense!

MadCity Chick said...

Gryphen is saying over on the Immoral Minority that he's known that Levi gave this comment to VF for quite some time now and that Levi only gave this much b/c the rest will be in his book. Appears Gryphen is saying that Levi knew what he was doing when he left it like this and that Trig belongs to Levi and Bristol.

Anonymous said...

Patrick posted this earlier on the later PG thread:

Sarah Palin's Secret Plan to Adopt Bristol's Baby:

Thanks, Patrick!

Anonymous said...

How do you know he was talking about Tripp?

honestyinGov said...

As I read the VF article about Levi telling about the the ' adoption story ' that she was trying to perpetuate and pull off you have to ask yourself. If she was able to pull off the last baby scam and it was successful ( in her opinion )why would this one not work as well. Even in her narcissistic little simple mind... if it worked before.... I can do it again.
ONE problem. Levi knew he was USED by Sarah and the RNC during the campaign and he didn't like it. He has already said so before this. He is just a young Kid but he drew a line in the sand and said " No more ". Some of that Alaskan independence I guess.

Patrick said...


How would Sarah have been able to fake a pregnancy during the presidential campaign?

Even Sarah possibly cannot be THAT crazy.

Anonymous said...

the one thing-o ... he didnt say she was going to pretend the babe was her's, or fake it
Just adopt him.
But he also didn't say alot of things.. so .. hrmmm

People are saying Levi lied because on Larry King he said Adoption wasn't talked about.. I think he meant he and Bristol never considered it..therefore it wasn't "talked" about.. now ole girl Sarah may of talked about it..
but he's not lying

And.. Sarah whined how little Trig was a surprise.. having a baby at 44! how all the kids were going to have to buckle up and help out.. now why would she offer to adopt Tripp .. and have two infants with DS with high hopes of being in the White House

This smells little baby Trig all the way.. not the pregnancy of Tripp

I sure hope one day that little fellow gets recognition for all he has stirred .. his mother's shameful pregnancy .. prop baby.. he deserves so much

basheert said...

I grow curiouser and curiouser.

Agreed that Lil Trigger belongs to SP - but did she give birth to him? Don't forget if she did adopt him, the birth certificate will show HER name and not the "real" mothers. During an adoption, birth certificates are altered. Been there, my husband adopted my daughter and her birth certificate expunged her real father's name totally. At that time she was given the option to change her name legally as well.

I wish Levi would open up and tell the truth. Trig is his / and Tripp is the F-You from Bristol to her mom too.

How do angry teenagers react to psychotic NPD mothers who are control freaks and who make unrealistic demands ???? They GET EVEN.

I believe that Levi v-e-r-y carefully avoided mentioning Trig's name with his statement. Which to me, says it all. Otherwise why didn't he just say "Tripp".

It's not a conspiracy theory. It's a Palin conspiracy perpetrated upon the citizens of Alaska.

So everyone here's my question. Since Bristol, Willow and Piper we believe are all siblings (full), they will all have the exact SAME DNA. The DNA of the child would have Levis DNA as well.

If Trig's DNA is an EXACT match to Bristol, Willow and Piper, he is a full sibling IF he is Todds. Therefore if either of these children is an EXACT match to Bristol, Willow and/or Piper, he/he is a FULL SIBLING.

If he is Bristol's, he will be a mix of Bristol and Levi. Same goes with Lil Tripper.

Ignore the birth certificate issue. They can and are altered during adoptions.

RE: a payoff. Levi may change his mind on that as well. What he did a year and a half ago may very well appear differently as time marches on.

So he takes the money and blows the story open anyway. What's she going to do, kill him??? (oops) It wouldn't be the first deal gone bad.

I'd do that - after the way she has treated him.

Patrick said...

So the newly elected VP of the almighty USA wanted to adopt a child straight after the inaugaration? Is that what we are supposed to believe? When she had supposedly just given birth to a DS-baby about 9 months earlier? Lots of babies in the White House then! The White House turns into a Doll House!


basheert said...

Nicely said Patrick. I hadn't considered it that way. If you figure that she would have been "taking office" mid January, she would pursue taking Tripp at that same time?

Since when does SP care that much about anyone except herself?

Trig is the ONLY explanation for Levi's comment. She was way too focused on the campaign to be aware. And remember Levi was LIVING in her house during the last few months of Bristol's Tripp pregnancy.

Although it was a teaser, Trig is the ONLY baby that could apply to that statement. Timing is everything. She would not have had Trig and then tried to "steal" Tripp too. That makes no sense at all.

Sarah does nothing unless she gets something for it.

basheert said...

And she was dragging Lil Trigger all over the place during the campaign. On November 8, he would be under 7 months of age with 4/18 being his alleged birthdate.

And she's pushing to adopt him?

No seriously we KNOW this woman. She never does anything GOOD. What does she get out of it?

Nope, she was referring to Trig.

basheert said...

Look what I found at the Vanity Fair Article website:

Levi has every right to tell his side of the story. I too wonder if Levi is talking about Trig or Tripp. I think both kids belong to him and Bristol. Check out palingates bloggspot.

Posted 9/2/2009 by JackfromGA

Janet in Texas said...

yup, yup. There is no doubt in my mind that Levi is talking about Trig in that piece. He worded everything very carefully so that not to break his paid "contract" with Sarah but just enough to let all of us know the TRUTH.

Sarah baby, you are sooooooooo busted. And DONE for good. GOOD RIDDANCE forever !

Anonymous said...

I have heard Sarah say that she was "Trig's mother" but I have not heard her say that she gave birth to him. Has she gone on record to say that?

I think Levi is definitely talking about doubt in my mind.