Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The incredible shrinking Trig? (UPDATE)

The top photos were supposedly taken in May 2008. The bottom ones in April, around the 18th. Did Trig shrink?

Also, too, does Levi's tattoo look different?

Levi with Tripp


Levi with Trig

Questions, questions...


Just arrived by e-mail:

This is an interesting photo of a baby with Levi......note the wedding ring on his finger - I thought that he had said that he lost it because it was too big and that that is why he had the tattoo of Bristol's name on his wedding finger. Strange huh?



Anonymous said...

My opinion is that there was only ever one baby. Trig.

There were two fake pregnancies. First Sarah's, then Bristol's.

Sarah had to fake one to avoid "family values" embarassment, then Bristol had to fake one to stop the widespread belief that Sarah had faked.

I don't believe any of the Tripp sightings, because it's easy to borrow a baby and claim it's yours.

What a tangled web.

AKPetMom said...

I don't want to come across as a doubter but didn't we already discuss the angle of Levi's arm in both tattoo photos on PD and agree that it was the angle of his arm that caused the discrepancy between the two photos?

It's obvious in the photo where he holds trig and the tattoo is hard to read that we are missing something because of the angle at which his arm is presented.

Sorry to be a wet blanket but I think that the tattoo thing is a dead end.

Anonymous said...

The angle of the tattoo photos may be different, but the spacing between the letters looks a bit odd...

Patrick said...

I just want to say for the record that I don't believe this "one baby theory" mentioned above and don't agree with the notion that Tripp is "borrowed".

There are several pretty compelling arguments against this theory. Not only the fact that there are clearly two babies living with the Palin family and the fact that Tripp has a great resemblance with Levi, but it's also inconceivable that a highly respected attorney like Rex Butler would take part in such a deception.

Needless to say that there is no evidence whatsoever for such a "one-baby-theory".

Babygate is complex enough. Let's stick to the facts. We already have collected a lot of them. Ultimately this will lead to the solution of the puzzle. And if we are faithful to the facts, we won't look like loonies either.

KK said...

The tattoo issue has been looked at in depth on the PD "Message in a Bottle" post (in the comments).


The final conclusion was that the tattoos are the same--the photo angles really do fool the eye. Enlarging the pics showed they were the same.

Anonymous said...

one-baby theory is only hard to accept if you are heavily invested in the idea that Bristol was pregnant after Trig's birth.

xango_xango said...

Look how far her hoax on Alaska has gotten her.

She's made things up to get elected, she made things up once she got there and she's still keep making things up.

Sarah took the "quit making things up idea" from Alaskans who told her to quit making things up! It's no wonder she can't keep the baby story straight either.

Speaking of Making Things Up, I wonder how her book is doing.

Anonymous said...

In that last photo, there is something on Levi's wrist that looks like it might be a hospital armband. Don't some hospitals have a system where parents of the baby wear armbands so that they can match the parents to the baby?

I remember something like this starting in reaction to a few nationally publicized cases where somebody would come in to the hospital and manage to walk out with a baby that was not theirs. I remember our local hospital implementing a plan to prevent this that involved armbands for parents and babies, an alert system, and staff educated to challenge people walking out with newborns to make sure the baby really belonged to them ie check the baby armband with the parent armband.

Maybe somebody who works in Labor and Delivery or at a neonatal ICU could comment on whether this is current practice.

Not sure which baby this is, but if it is Trig and that is a hospital armband on Levi, you can see how that could be significant.

The other thing is that baby appears to be wearing a pink blanket, but hard to tell for sure if the exposure just makes it look that way. I also thought that that awful picture of Sarah carrying Trig, where he is facing outward holding his arms out, big belly sticking out from the shirt, also looks like it is a pinkish outfit. Has anybody else noticed this? To me it seems VERY odd that at times Trig seems to be wearing pink.

Many people are very sensitive about their babies being misidentified as girls when they are boys, and vice versa. The Palins supposedly got tons of gift clothes for the babies, and even if they hadn't, they are not so poor that they would need to wear old clothes from when the girls were babies.

So what's up with the pinkish bab y clothes/blankets? Maybe somebody just doesn't know how to separate the darks from the lights in the clothes washer? Or is it my monitor and these items just look pink to me...

Patrick said...

Regina, now THAT'S an interesting picture for comparison in the update!

That looks like a newborn premature baby to me!

Oops, it's Tripp...or isn't it?

And hadn't Levi lost his ring before December 2008?

Questions over questions.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I think should be looked into, the comments left on all of Mercede's MySpace pages. I really like the one where it is just her face (not all dolled up) that says "Sadie" on it.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the update photo of Levi and Tripp from Bristol's Greta interview when all those photo's were flashing on the screen?

Anonymous said...

McCain's a real gambler.
When he's down with one fake pregnancy, he would double-down with a second fake pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

I think the hand in the update picture may be Bristol and her thumb ring and her hospital ID.

Anonymous said...

This is Anonymous at 22:00 again. I went and found the picture of Sarah with Trig I am talking about is included in the second row of pics in this blog's August 15 post. Sarah is wearing a red jacket and the baby has on light colored clothes. I looked at the shot again, and think maybe the clothes are light pink, or maybe they are tan. Possibly up against SP's red jacket makes it look a bit more pink.

So I am not sure. Trig's shirt in that photo still looks pinkish to me, and that seems very weird to be having a boy baby wearing pink, at least in a family that is not on the cutting edge of fashion...

I still think that thing on Levi's wrist in that last pic looks like a hospital wristband...

AKPetMom said...

The Esquire interview with Todd Palin took place in early December 2008, reference where Sarah comes home and asks Todd why the Xmas lights aren't up yet. That is the interview in which Levi admits to having his wedding ring stuck on his thumb.

It was before Bristol gave birth to Trip.

Here is the link:


Teh Dokter said...

oh yes indeed, that is a hospital ID band. And yes, they absolutely do put those on the parents. With Levi wearing the ring here, it would indicate this pic is from before the convention.

Not sure who emailed this to you Regina, but it sure seems to be an excellent find to add to all the other evidence.

Patrick said...

Anon 21:58

I don't think that anybody here is "heavily invested" in anything.

However, facts are what interest me. Despite what some right-wingers might think, I don't consider myself to be a conspiracy theorist.

There have always been different theories floating around, and that's fine, but if we want to find the truth, we should be focusing on the evidence we have.

Patrick said...

Anon 22:10

Forgot you glasses somewhere?

KK said...

Speaking of tattoos, some behind-the-scenes research did establish that Mercede's much-commented-on "Levi" wrist tattoo was done out of the country during the first week of April 2008.

Whether you think it's overly weird or not, it can be argued that something must have strongly motivated her to get this tattoo. Perhaps showing support for something that Levi has been going through?

I am convinced it could NOT be for Tripp--like a "my brother's going to be a daddy!" tattoo. I had a pregnancy similarly timed to Tripp's (different year, though). I found out almost as early as physically possible that I was pregnant; my baby was due in early-to-mid December. My pregnancy test came back positive during the first week of April. I seriously doubt that Bristol would have known she were pregnant that early.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 22:00 again - thank you Dokter, glad to have confirmation regarding the armband issue.

At Anon 22:10, sure looks like this would be Levi's arm to me. That hand and wrist are right where they should be if they belong on Levi's body. Bristol would have to be very oddly positioned to get her arm stuck in there like that yet Levi and his body and the baby where they are located....

Ivyfree said...

The picture showing Levi wearing an ID bracelet is interesting. That baby looks like a newborn to me, and it looks like one of those stockinette caps they give newborns. The pink tinge on it could be a reflection of a bright red newborn head, or possibly a little blood on the cap. I have a picture of my grandson wearing a blood-tinged cap like that.

My grandson was born in a locked unit, where you sign in and the nurses call ahead into the room and you're escorted to the door of the patient you're visiting. my daughter and her husband had ID braclets that allowed them to take the baby, and the nurses would only give the baby to them (but my daughter had the choice of letting us take the baby from her). The baby had an ID badge that would sound an alarm if it went near an outer door of the unit.

If that baby is supposedly Trig, I don't understand why Levi has such a bracelet. Well, yeah, I do, but I mean, the reason for him to have a bracelet like that is not copacetic with Trig's official birth story.

Ivyfree said...

And there's a ring on Levi's left thumb, too- remember the "Levi got his wedding ring stuck on his thumb" story? Now he's stuck with Bristol?

Teh Dokter said...

and ps - the baby in that pic is wearing pink. I'm also with the other posters that the tattoo does not look different, it's just a different angle. Levi's arm is clearly angled down in the first one and is more lateral in the later pic.

Also - look at how much longer Levi's hair is the pic with the armband. Much shorter in the pic holding Triggy Bear. Levi also looks younger in the pic holding Triggy bear. Also notice that Levi is not wearing the thumb ring in the top pic of him with Triggy bear either. Although I recall those top pics were taken at the Palin home.

I look forward to reading everyone's else's thoughts because just when I think to myself that perhaps Sarah could have given birth to Trig, I look at the photo evidence again and realize that there is no way.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the ring, see this post from 09/03/2008


"Bristol Palin and her boyfriend Levi Johnston arrived Wednesday to watch Sarah Palin speak with more than Bristol's baby bump on display. In addition to wearing a ring on her left ring finger, Levi wore something on his. Look at the photos below for the up-close look at "Bristol" tattooed on his left ring finger."

So when did Levi get the ring? Was the ring ever lost?

In the Larry King interview Levi also smentions that he lost the ring.


"I think all kids, or most of them, are sexually active." What's up with the ring-finger tattoo? "I was hunting, and I lost the ring she gave me. It was bad. So I figured this way I wouldn't lose it, and it'd get me out of a bind." What was he doing when Sarah Palin's candidacy was announced? Sheep huntin'. "Sheep herding?" King asked, confused. Sheep huntin'.

Anonymous said...

I think that Kathy Griffin should take Mercede to a nice relaxing spa resort.

Anonymous said...

This is anon @ 22.31

Or was the ring lost before the convention and after TRIG was born?

Questions questions indeed.

trish in SW FL said...

that last pic definitely looks like a very young, possibly premature infant. Clothing looks pinkish, no doubt.

The arm, wristband, wedding band on thumb--I can't really tell for sure, if that would be Levi or someone else?

Have we ever seen Bristol wearing a ring on her left thumb? Mercede? Scarah? Willow? anyone else?

Have we ever actually seen the wedding ring 'stuck' on Levi's thumb, or is that simply one of those things that has been reported in the media?

no end to the questions....

Virginia Voter said...

That last picture is definitely Levi with Trig, wearing a hospital ID bracelet AND a wedding ring on his thumb, END OF STORY. This was taken when Trig was born, this is not Tripp, because the baby he is holding looks exactly like the TRIGGY BEAR PHOTOS. It cannot be spun any other way, rationalized to be Trip, whatever.

Levi and Bristol are Trig's parents, there is absolutely no doubt. Hospital bracelets are ONLY given to parents. As far as I am concerned this is the true smoking gun. Levi is on record saying he lost his ring waaay before Tripp was born, end of story.

AKPetMom said...

I'm going to play devil's advocate again and state that the last photo is NOT of Levi w/Trig....Levi's hair is longer in the hospital bracelet photo and the baby doesn't have that "floppy faced" downs look to it. The baby looks a lot like Tripp in the other photos of Levi and Tripp; it's smiling with eyes squinched up and looking like a normal baby not like the emotionless, doughy face of Trig.

Anonymous said...

This is Anon 22:00 again, I will just call myself that in this thread to keep track of myself.

So thinking about this more, now we have several folks confirming that the parents both wear armbands when in the hospital/visiting their own hospitalized infants...

My own opinion is that this is definitely LEVI'S arm in the shot - I can appreciate that sometimes somebody holds a baby for somebody else who leans in and looks at the baby, but the angle of the hand and forearm here certainly looks like it is right where Levi's arm should be in relation to where the upper arm is. I just don't see how you could composed this pic and cut out everything of some other person and yet still get this angle on Levi and the baby. Personally, I am convinced that is Levi's arm.

Other things about the photo: it is cropped so you can't see much of the background at all. Looks like a chair leg/seat possibly in the background, but you can't tell much else about where this is taken.

Besides the ring on the thumb, the rest of the hand is turned away so unfortunately we can't see if there is a tattoo on the finger.

I enlarged the photo and looked more closely at Levi's face, and up close there's some light beard growth, and also a bit of baby fit. He looks younger to me when this pic is enlarged a bit than at first glance at this photo.

If only we could read that armband...

Dianne said...

IMHO, regarding the lastest picture, that is a very tiny newborn. The baby's head is small enough to fit into the palm of Levi's hand. I think it's a photo of Levi and Trig and that Levi is wearing the armband of Trig's parent. Off hand, I can't remember Tripp's "reported" birthweight but it seemed to be somewhere in the 7 lb range. Trig's was 6 lb and some ounces. That baby looks smaller than either of those weights to me.

AKPetMom said...

Okay, now to redeem myself, I do believe that Trig was born earlier than 4/18. This whole post was about the size discrepancy in the family photos vs the grandma grandpa and Sarah and Todd "introduction of Trig" photos. The baby in the later photos with Gran and Gram and Sarah and Todd definitely show a much larger baby than the one's taken w/Levi and Sadie in the Palin home.

I've always thought that Bristol gave birth to Trig in mid February, right before the photo where Sarah looks "tired and not well" while wearing the big orange scarf. (Feb 19, I believe).

I think Bristol might have given birth way early to an infant that she did not know would be Downs and was told that he may not make it. Within the two or three weeks from his birth to the point where John McCain was nominated for GOP Pres candidate on 3/4 Sarah and Bristol found out that Trig would actually live and then Sarah truly embarked on her "fake preg.

I think she did it to protect Bristol for financial circumstances that she could not handle regarding the monetary requirements of raising a special needs child (although I was on my parent's insurance until I was 23, so I'm not sure that Bristol would not have been as well...I was in college at the time so perhaps that is a factor.)

At any rate, I think Trig was born in Feb, he was sick and at death's door but rebounded and someone had to find a reason for him to be here....thus the fake pregnancy by Sarah.

There has to be a reason that Levi is so caring towards this infant, unless he already knows Bristol is pregnant w/his actual child and is practicing...

What I'm really saying is like Palin's Deception in 8 paragraphs...I don't know but I have much speculation.

My brother worked at Providence Hospital until he recently moved to WA and he always said that there was no way a famous baby such as Trig could be in NICU for a few months and nobody would know or even blab about it.

He worked NICU fixing equipment at least every other day so he speculates that Trig may have been cared for at home in his preemie infant state because he never ever saw a Palin visit the NICU. He would know.

So, what to think? Sorry for the long post,,,,,just had to get some things out there that I'm sure I've said before, but always food for thought.

My WV is "inatic" perhaps I should go to "in the attic" and just hide out and stop worrying about the babygate????

conscious at last said...

Just in case someone new to this controversy has joined us, I think there is another point which must be made-- If Trig were SP's baby, why would Levi AND HIS SISTER,MERCEDE, be holding the tiny little guy ??? and showing such obvious love and concern ??
It's all there in the photos folks-- Trig is not SP's biological child.

AKPetMom said...

Here's another scenario. Perhaps Levi and Bristol were married when Trig was born to Bristol. Hence the Sadie "Mommy in Law" statement. These photos were from late Feb or early March before SP decided that it was in her best interest to adopt Trig and provide for him, whilst letting Bristol be his true caretaker.

I don't know but there has to be a reason that Sadie made those comments and there has to be a reason that Trig looked more like a 10lb baby at his "debut" than a 6lb preemie.

There also has to be a reason why Levi was was in possession of a wedding ring on his thumb if he and Bristol had not already gotten married. I know he called it a promise ring but I think that is just covering up for the fact that these two were hitched while Bristol was home w/mono and she and Levi were hangin' out and homeschoolin' together.

The evangelical right does not just let an unmarried couple co-habitate under their roof if they are not united in the eyes of their god. No how, no way. They also believe that even mistake children are a blessing, ie, a mistake made between teens that are now making good by being married and agreeing to raise the baby together.

I think the premature birth of Trig along with his down's syndrome and other health issues is the real crux of why Palin faked it for Bristol.

I think once she was on the campaign trail she then realized that Trig could be used as a political commodity, to incite the base.

Just another theory, and now I truly must go back to work, in the rain :-(

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:00 here again.

Dianne, I agree, looks like a small baby. The photos of Trig in this article that are supposedly from May I agree with Regina show a baby younger and smaller looking than the April "official roll-out".

Virginia Voter, I am with you, for ME this is the smoking gun that Levi was the father of Trig, and this is Trig in the hospital shortly after his birth. It still doesn't prove that Levi is the bio-father, but it sure proves to me that he was presented as the father and thought he was the father.

It is hard to say how long Trig was at the hospital. Might have just been a week or two. Some have thought Trig was born in Fairbanks. Who is to say that SP ever even visited there? Bristol and Levi might have been married secretly with either SP officiating or at their church, and may have selectively used the last name Johnston to register.

I don't know how much name recognition that Bristol and Levi had back then. It's hard to believe now but back then nobody "outside" knew who they were, and back at the time of Trig's birth, if SP stayed away from the hospital, would everyone in Alaska really have known who Levi and Bristol were?

Recently people have been wondering where various Palins are at, and that is now that we ARE looking for them. So I don't think it would have been so hard to hide Bristol, Levi, and Trig when people WEREN'T looking for them.

On another angle, from personal family knowledge of having a dependent daughter get pregnant and have a baby while on parent's insurance, maternity care as well as care of the resulting baby from the pregnancy were specifically EXCLUDED conditions on the policy. Maternity care for the primary subscriber/spouse and the resulting infant covered, but NOT for subscriber's dependent children... However, adopted children adopted by the Primary Subscriber would have qualified for their medical expenses, I believe.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you AKPetMom. A simple explanation is usually the best choice. Trig was born early, it was touch and go, and when he was finally over the "hump" and was going to make it, Sarah had to work fast to go into her scarf routine. (We should call it the dance of the seven veils, because she did use a number of scarves, yet they were just an illusion.)

There are too many rings to keep track of. There is a campaign picture of Bristol sleeping, head on Levi's chest. His protective arm around her has a gold ring on the ring finger. First he lost a ring hunting, got a tattoo, then another ring. Later it showed up on his thumb. Maybe the McCain campaign bought the ring along with the $150,000.wardrobe to make things look good to the Family Values People in the GOP. If they just bought any ring, it may have been too big. I think that Bristol had a ring, too, but I can't be sure.

I also think that the two Levi arm tattoos look different-- maybe he got a retouch in between.

Anonymous said...


I understand that some critically ill premature babies are transferred to Seattle from Providence Hospital in Anchorage - could that be the reason why your brother did not see him at Providence?

CC from far away said...

Perhaps I'm not up to full coherency but how can the May Myspace pictures of Trig show him smaller than his "presentation" in April, especially if we're thinking he was really born in January or February?

Thoroughly Confused --CC

PS..Mercede is sporting a thumb ring in the myspace pics, albeit on her right hand. Maybe it's a Johnston thing.

basheert said...

Trig is an obvious Down's syndrome baby and Tripp is obviously not. There is no question there are 2 babies.

Anonymous said...

Only one baby. Simplest explanation.

"Tripp" may exist and be someone's baby, but is there any evidence that he is the Palin/Johnston baby?

Lisabeth said...

I agree this is a smoking gun photo. That is Levi, wearing a hospital armband, holding Trig. I man come on! It's obvious he is much younger then! He wouldn't be holding SPs baby and either would Mercedes.
I definitely think there are two babies. Bristol has been seen with both on multiple occasions.
The problem is how to prove tis. The MSM has been worthless and has done a bad job with this issue. It's outrageous Palin has gotten away with this.
Patrick, why haven't people in Wasilla come forward? Sarah has no power now.
I also think Levi should come forward if it's his kid. Levi stated that he STAYED at the Palin's twice which makes sense.

FEDUP!!! said...

OK, FWIW: I just blew up the last picture of Levi with the baby in the blanket, and at that magnification, it looked like there was a canule coming out of the baby's nose (the tiny tube they use for tube feeding preemies) It is very faint, but I would say it definitely is there - to the right of the little face, a bit downward into the blanket. There is like a little see-through circle like from tubing across the little face!

Anonymous said...

The last picture looks like Tripp and looks like he weighed around 5+ lbs. when you consider the size of head, very small. Levi looks older, longer side burns and hair, and not as thin in the face as in the other picture with Trig and Sadie. A hair cut and trim would not make the face look thinner. And the last picture has a hue that interferes with Levi's suntan as shown in the other picture with Tripp.

I read somewhere back last September that someone on the street said Bristol and Levi got married after finding out Bristol was pregnant. But that was disputed by SP on the national stage. Makes sense they did with Trig, but after finding out that the baby had DS, faking the pregnancy was for insurance purposes would be my guess. And I would bet that little Trig was around 5+ lbs., too.

The photo with Sadie...she has her right hand resting over Levi's hand, and I cannot see a tattoo or ring, although there is some distortion in that area and I cannot see it clearly. I cannot enlarge the picture like the one with Tripp.

One thing I am sure of is that SP was not pregnant during her partial term in office, i.e., the wild ride story and the official photo of her with Parnell on the steps dated in March 14, 2008. Not only does she not stand like a pregnant woman, and seems to be wearing heels next to Parnell, but a little contrast proves the deception.

Anyway, FWIW, thanks Regina, for all the good work!!

Anonymous said...

"CC from far away" and to anyone else who are interested. A thumb ring used to be worn as fashion. I used to wear one myself and I was not married.

CC from far away said...

Oh, I know it was worn as fashion and did not mean to infer Mercede was married. I just mentioned it because somewhere up-thread someone asked if any of the central characters, i.e, Bristol, Levi, Mercede, etc.. were ever seen wearing thumb rings.

I am still perplexed over the different sizes of Trig---including the May pics showing him smaller than his presentation date in April. Any thoughts on this since a lot of us feel he was born sometime in Jan/Feb?

For what it is worth, I think the last photo looks like Tripp.

sandra said...

The picture of Levi with the wrist band looks very much like the one in the Palin kitchen. It looks as if he got a hair cut in between. We don't know the dates of the pictures in the Palin kitchen, only the facebook dates.

Anonymous said...

Why would he be wearing a hospital wrist band in Palin's kitchen? I think the baby looks like Tripp, not Triggy Bear

Shayfray said...

Patrick, I respect your opinion and know that you've been in the thick of things so maybe you have more info than the rest of us.

But I would argue that there is much evidence (or lack of evidence) for Bristol giving birth to Tripp as there is for Sarah Palin giving birth to Trig.

1. Lack of pictures during the pregnancy - check
2. Late announcement, into the 2nd or third trimester, without many people knowing about the pregnancy beforehand - check
3. Convoluted birthing story, with conflicting information about the birth. In addition, no records from the hospital or birth certificates were released. No pictures of mother and child from the birth. This has lead some believe the birth might have occurred at a different point based on this info - check.

The most compelling evidence for me is the lack of footage of Bristol. She's not camera shy, she was on the cover of people. Sarah loves anything that draws attention to her family, why hide Bristol away before the birth but not after?

I believe that Tripp was adopted. I have no compelling evidence for this but I don't have any evidence that Bristol was pregnant, besides Sarah's word. And we know how much that's worth.

As for Rex Butler, he may be keeping up with the charade for the time being in order to protect the Johnston family.

The Bx1 has a very Rovian and Nixonian twist. The cover up is worse than the crime, double down and distract from the truth with a half truth.

Consider the rumor about Rove and the Dan Rather incindent. Apparently there was a legitimate Bush document involving the National Guard and Rove new that they would soon be released to the press. How did he deflect this? He did the unexpected and released a FORGED version of the same document. Then he called them out on the forgery. After that, no one could run the legitimate story because the news was that Rather had run with a forgery.

Did that make sense? I know it was a long and all over the place post.

Anonymous said...

This is Anon 22:00, weighing in on two comments earlier. These are just my theories :-)

1) Lisabeth asks why nobody in Wasilla will talk now?

My guess: there are still quite a few people in AK State government as well as other places of power who are or were allied with SP. It's not going to look very good for her friends if she is shown to be a fraud. Business relationships, jobs, even acceptance at church are things that could be at risk for persons speaking out.

Some allies of SP may feel she had good reasons for doing what she did and don't want the truth to come out. Others who are in local Republican politics might well not want this to come out and would not welcome anyone who "talks" with open arms.

On the other hand, enemies might still fear retribution. I think that Sherry's arrest might serve as an lesson to any "riff raff" types who might want to make some money selling some of their info to the National Enquirer.

Lisabeth, I also wish Levi would come clean about Trig. But if there is a contract calling for secrecy as part of the adoption, then there could be bad repercussions for Trig if he talks. I wouldn't put it past SP to put in the contract that Levi agrees to pay Trig's medical bills after all if he talks.

However, the contract wouldn't say he can't say he stayed at the Palin's twice, and then we can read between the lines on that.

Rex Butler may just be coaching Levi very well on what he can say and still stay within some kind of theoretical confidentiality agreement. The "staying at her house" comments have been a real gift, and SP can't do anything about it - HA HA!

2) CC asking about why the photos from May show the smaller baby: in my opinion this is more of the confidentiality stuff. The Johnston family probably doesn't know as much as Levi, but probably knows more than SP wishes they did.

An example: they may know that Trig really was born before when SP said he was born, and in fact saw him at SP's home at some unknown date prior to his "reveal". So Mercede wasn't allowed to put the photos up on her MySpace page until given Trig was officially announced.

I can see why she would really like those photos, so she puts them up but has to say they are from May. But in reality they are from earlier in the year and that's why Trig is "smaller" than in April.

Vaughn said...

There's a picture 0f Bristol and Levi on truthseeker222 Flickr page that shows them asleep and Levi has a ring on his ring finger.
This was apparently taken sometime during the campaign.


It's in the ----Bristol pregnant with Tripp set.

Vaughn said...

Sorry about the cut off on the url
Here's the tinyurl


Patrick said...


I understand where you are coming from, but I would like to point out at that it's simply not true that no pictures of Bristol from the later stages of the pregnancy with Tripp are existing.

Although Bristol was admittely quite camera-shy after the Republican Convention, we have a few pretty good pictures from the following months. See for example the following links - the first four are screenshots from a video-clip (MSNBC) which showed Sarah and Bristol in a Wal-Mart. Please copy and paste the links.






Shayfray said...

Hey Patrick,

I'm sorry to play devils advocate, but how are these any different than the few pics we have a palin in which the palinistas claim she looks pregnant?

And the most compelling picture (the walmart pic) was not released until AFTER the birth. Sound like someone else we know?

Pictures don't really do it for me. Especially considering the fact that it is so inconsistent with the transition of pregnancy (again, like some else we know). She looks BARELY pregnant in the church video, when she was supposedly a few weeks from due.

If we ignore Palin's word and the few pictures (which as we've seen with the Gusty photo can be faked), we have no clear evidence about Tripp. And what is the explanation for the bizarre delay concerning his birth announcement with conflicting reports?

I mean this with all due respect, I know how much you've done in the investigation!!!

allison said...

guys, she's hiding out waiting for levi's article in vanity fair. it comes out saturday, right? you can go to gawker.com to see the cover. like gryphen said, the news will make the national enquirer orgasm in their pants. we will soon know the father of trig: keith johnston (levi's dad). why else would sadie call trigg, "baby brother triggy-bear"? you'll see. wouldn't you hide if that news were coming out about your daughter? i would! (bristol is the mom btw).

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

allison....hope yer rite! It is high time the truth came out. To me Levi kissing the baby at the convention was proof enuff...this is all gravy.

I hope the Hong Kong folks didnt pay in advance!


Anonymous said...

people don't get your hopes up about the vanity fair article. levi is not going to tell the truth. it is not to his benefit to do so.

I hope I am wrong, but I don't think I am.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

timing is key for Levi to come clean. Now that she aint the gov'nor, she cant affect his mothers sentence. Methinks there were 2 versions of the article, and we'll see what comes out. If his mom sentence is still in question, we get the light version. If his mom is "safe" then we get the full monty.

Anonymous said...

No one expects him too. He has signed away his rights. The rumour is also that the Johnstons have been bribed for money.
How much is their silence you think?

Anonymous said...

When I clicked on the new Levi picture to enlarge it, I got a notice saying that it contained a virus (Trojan Horse, I think it said - I got out fast). I really can't tell you anymore because I don't want to go back to check it out! I have Norton Internet Security installed.

Anonymous said...

on the blogs that will allow discussion of this topic, everyone keeps hoping levi will spill the beans.

someone please point out to me what levi has to gain by telling the truth.

if trig is his - he gains a child that he cannot financially care for.

if trig is his dads, whoa - then his dad gets a kid that he cannot financially care for, and bristol looks like a total loser. did she f everyone in town? baby by the dad and then by the son?

so please tell me - what does levi have to gain by telling the truth?

absolutely nothing.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

what does levi have to gain by telling the truth?


Anonymous said...

sjk, with all due respect, how much money do you think they are going to pay levi?

enough for him to take care of a down syndrome child for the rest of his (levi's) life?

enough for him to give his dad so that his dad can take care of trig for the rest of his dad's life?

I don't think that magazines pay THAT much money.

Anonymous said...

A book and multiple interviews might!!

So where is Levis dad and when did he and Sherry split?

I can't see that sorry. Bristol with much older Keith and then Levi after that . I don't think so. What are you basing this on? No offense but the one baby or Keith theories sound out there.

Anonymous said...

alright. well y'all just keep on hoping levi will spill the beans.

for the record, I hope you are right. but I just don't see it happening. I will eat crow if it does.

Anonymous said...

I have always thought that the picture with Sarah in this series was photoshopped to put her in it. It is the only one in this series in sepia and it would be easier to photoshop when one does not have to match the colors.

Who did it and why, I do not know. Maybe a message to Sarah.

My feeling is that these pictures were taken after the real birth of Trig but before the April "birth".

I wish someone with a background in this stuff would take a look at these pictures since I think there are some real messages in them.

NakedTruth said...

If Levi reveals the truth I would be very surprised. It will be HUGE! But he won't because he feels that Sarah did him a favor by taking Trig. And yes, he thinks that Trig is his baby. I do think that there is a possibility that Bristol could have gotten pregnant by someone else but she put it on Levi and Levi took on the responsibility. Too bad Triggybear was born with DS because I really think that if he was a healthy baby, Levi and Bristol would have considered raising him as their own. But he was born with DS and Sarah took over. The deception took on a life of its own.

I always thought that Levi volunteering to teach hockey to special needs children was somehow his way of giving back. From my understanding his volunteering began after the birth of Trig. How interesting.

Levi keeps saying that he "knows too much" for the Palins to stop allowing him to see Tripp. Makes you wonder what it is he knows that he has not already shared. He's already told us that Sarah is in it for money, he lived and slept with Bristol in the Palin's home, Sarah and Todd have a rocky marriage and that Todd did not want he and Bristol together. What else would he know that has not already been told if it's not that Sarah was not the birth mother of Trig? That's what he knows and he will hold on to that for awhile, you betcha. We won't hear the truth from Levi anytime soon. Legally he has to keep his mouth closed but whenever Sarah gets out of line, he has no problem dropping a hint or two like releasing photos of him with baby Trig or mentioning that he and Bristol were homeschooled in the Palin's home in 2007/08 before the conception of Tripp. These hints are intentional and are just enough to keep Sarah nervous and anxious about what he may reveal next.

B said...

If TriG has been adopted by Sarah and Todd, and he most likely has been, then Levi's admitting to be the biological father will not cause financial obligations for Levi.

AKPetMom, long-time Palin Deception participant, is right:
-tatoos are the same
-baby in hospital is TriPP not TriG
-Levi had ring on thumb by December 08 interview with Esquire

Would be interesting to include in this posting the photos of TriG from the May baby shower. Always seemed to me that he looked smaller and younger than the April 18 hospital pictures, more like the Sadie pictures.

I hope Levi or Gryphen or someone will spill the beans soon. I believe that's the only way we'll ever know the TriG/TriPP story.

Anonymous said...

Do not click on the picture of Levi and baby - it has a Trojan horse associated with it.

NakedTruth said...

I sometimes wonder if Sarah and Todd actually got around to adopting Trig. Based on the fact that Bristol is Trig's primary caregiver I often wonder if Trig is still legally Bristol's baby. Who knows they could be paying for Trig's healthcare out of pocket just to keep from creating a paper trail from adoption or medicare. I know that many of us have been concerned about Trig's care. I do recall an anonymous poster stating on IM that Sarah has a private nurse that works with Trig. This could be where some of that PAC money is going.

Also keep in mind that Sarah made sure that she did not take a maternity leave after the birth of Trig. Not taking maternity leave would clear her of any legal malpractice if her deception is revealed. Nobody, not even Sarah, will take a maternity leave after a faking pregnancy. She's stupid but not that stupid.

So if Sarah and Todd has not legally adopted Trig, Levi could be held accountable for Trig's care if Trig is actually his child.

Anonymous said...

I believe the PD scenario, Bristol and Levi of a DS baby. It is possible that they didn't knowit until he was born; it may have been touch and go for a while, all certainly before the announced April 18 birth date.

I remember being in my pediatrician's office when anxious parents called to hear how their premature baby was doing after a long stay in that special ward. The doctor was really touching when he told them proudly, "Yes, finally, you are going to have a baby." The Palins may mark that kind of date, the date they knew that Trig was out of danger as his birth date.

The cost of Trig's care, financial and emotional, would have been too much for unwed teen parents. There were probably formal adoption papers involved, but I especially think that there were confidentiality agreements involved, too. The cost of disclosure-- I can't even begin to guess. People with legal experience would have to offer suggestions. For example, when people work for movie stars, they have to sign confidentiality agreements not to tell stories when they leave the job. Most keep their mouths shut because no matter how much the National Inquirer would pay, the cost of disclosure would be more.

Levi has a fancy lawyer all right, but I think it to make sure he stays within his legal limits while trying to make some money doing articles, interviews, just getting out there. If there was no confidentiality agreement or penalty for talking, Levi's book would be out by now.

The question also remains how much the rest of the Johnston family knows, what they are allowed to say, and Sherri may have crossed the line and is paying the price (just a wild guess). Mercede seems to be the smart one, and yet there are no rumors about a tell-all book coming from her. She must know a lot, but she won't risk the telling.

These are all just guesses based on the natural course of human behavior. If your are a jigsaw puzzle fan, then you know that if the pieces don't fit, you have to try looking at it in a different way to solve the puzzle. This is the same thing. When the baby pictures just don't line up, then there has to be some other explanation. According to my husband, the skeptic, it really is a puzzle how the people involved have managed to keep the secrets.

Yellowgirl said...

I left this comment on PD, but Morgan didn't let it get through. Is Audrey done with her blog based on the threats of "outing" she got? Will there be more? And what about the Team Truther? Seems like the threats all worked as it is so quiet there now...

Ennealogic said...

Regina and all,

The Myspace pictures with baby Trig held by Sadie and Levi were posted early in May. We do not know when they were taken.

All we know for sure is that they were taken prior to May 5 (I think that's the posting date).

Anonymous said...

What about the phtot of Levi holding Tripp? There is another babys' arm at the bottom left....why is that photo cut off? Because it showed Levi with BOTH of his sons?

regina said...

I scanned the file "levi+baby". It's clean. Why is somebody claiming the photo in infected by a virus? Does he think he's the only person with an anti-virus program?

KB said...


KB said...

Sarah told me she had a great idea: we would keep it a secret—nobody would know that Bristol was pregnant. She told me that once Bristol had the baby she and Todd would adopt him. That way, she said, Bristol and I didn’t have to worry about anything. Sarah kept mentioning this plan. She was nagging—she wouldn’t give up. She would say, “So, are you gonna let me adopt him?” We both kept telling her we were definitely not going to let her adopt the baby. I think Sarah wanted to make Bristol look good, and she didn’t want people to know that her 17-year-old daughter was going to have a kid.

Patrick said...

Hi Yellowgirl

I appreciate your question, but unfortunately I am not in a position to comment on this. All inquiries would have to be directed to Audrey and Morgan. As mentioned before, I am also not associated with them any more for quite a while now.

Anonymous said...

"Ya can't tell by lookin'" at this stage. So said Sarah of Trig's Down Syndrome. But YEAH, Sarah, ya CAN tell by lookin' at the photos of you and Todd holdin' the "newborn" Trig. See that little tongue stickin' on out?

But then look....look more closely at the ones above, with Levi and Mercede holding him. I canNOT tell. He looks smaller and younger, and I betcha he WAS younger, which is, of course, not possible in Sarah's version.

Entirety goes w/ scenario that Trig was born before April 18th, not knowing he had DS, and by the time he was released from hospital--his "birth" day, he had his diagnosis and he DID look like he had DS. She cannot keep her stories straight, and also, too, said both that ya can't tell by lookin' and that Willow noticed it in the hospital.

She's a Lying Liar and Levi Johnston, I am liking you more and more the more you talk!!

Yeah Levi!!

Anonymous said...

Regina, I am the seconde responder last night who reported on a Trojan Horse alert when clicking on the picture. I was attempting to see a larger picture, following a tip from an earlier poster who said when enlarged, more detail can be discerned. As soon as I clicked on the pic, I got the alert from Norton AntiVirus 2009. I immediately closed the picture, site and my PC. I had to reboot several times to get the system to respond again normally. Hopefully I did not contaminate the PC. I was only trying to notify other readers not to follow the tip to try and enlarge the picture. Sorry to have offended you. This site has been one that I have closely followed all these months and I truly appreciate all the AK bloggers for having the wisdom to see this drama through to the end. MXM

regina said...


I found nothing wrong with the file. I scanned it a couple of times and I trust the person who sent it to me.

You sounded like someone who didn't want the readers to have a closer look at the photo...

You were the only person who reported any problems with the file, so you have to understand if I became a bit suspicious.

No offense meant, no offense taken.

Anonymous said...

Regina, maybe this will help a little. Fedup posted at 01:03 regarding more detail when photo enlarged. After I saw that tip, I tried to enlarge the pic.

When I got my computer up and working again I went back to the site and saw that there was an Anon posting at 4:32 about Trojan Horse - this was not my post. I authored the second post about a Trojan Horse at 5:50, so at least 2 of us had a problem. May just remain a mystery. MXM

Anonymous said...

Hello - I sent the photo to Regina and can assure you that I have no problems on my laptop and would never have sent something that had a virus connected to it.

Besides which Patrick is a security nut.....our laptops and computer are like fortresses ;-)

I hope that this solves the issue.

Eileen said...

AUNT Mercede looks overjoyed, focus on baby as does Levi along with holding TRIG very close and protective.
Palin looks like she squeezed in a couple minutes after a run to grab the kid and there is space between her and Trig, Mercede. No feeling of maternal protectiveness as unrelated person holds"your" newborn.
Elder Heaths look not at baby and Ma Heath glares at big mouth Gramps Heath who has arm crossed over chest...showed up for this staged photo op as daughter Gov. Sarah forced him or sweet talked him into it despite his better judgement.
Palin with Todd show off Trig-his face to camera-practicing the 'Prop' photo pose we all recognized during campaign. First Dud poses with forced smile playing up for camera. Even he has a hard time keeping up with all the twists and turns in the made up saga. Knows that photo is future evidence in Palin play.Just like smiling up to Irondog sponsors, he has to kiss butt of powerful hubby. So he knows how to play political game and be a sidekick when he has to (to Davis and wife). Mercede and Levi must feel overwhelmed by all the dsyfunctional adults around them. Sadie looked very happy with her bro's baby boy.

snowlady said...

When my grandkids were born, my son's girlfriend was as happy as anyone in the family. Pictures of her in the hospital holding the newborn show her looking just as happy as if it were her baby (or neice/hephew). So I wouldn't put too much credibiity in saying that Trigg had to be Levi's because Mercedes looks too happy holding him. Means nothing except that she likes babies.

However, I am not at all doubting that SP scammed us all on the pregnancy and I am looking forward to hearing the truth come out.