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Sarah Palin's deadly healthcare

$arah Palin appears to have abandoned Twitter in favour of Facebook, where she can publish ghostwritten pieces in whole sentences and paragraphs with puctuation and proper syntax. One thing hasn't changed: her complete lack of respect for the president.

"The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s “death panel” ..."

From ADN on July 14:

State programs intended to help disabled and elderly Alaskans with daily life -- taking a bath, eating dinner, getting to the bathroom -- are so poorly managed, the state cannot assure the health and well-being of the people they are supposed to serve, a new federal review found.

A particularly alarming finding concerns deaths of adults in the programs. In one 2 1/2 year stretch, 227 adults already getting services died while waiting for a nurse to reassess their needs. Another 27 died waiting for their initial assessment, to see if they qualified for help.

The families of the 254 elderly and disabled people who stood in front of Sarah Palin's death panel and didn't stand a chance would have something to say about her statement on healthcare reform. The 2 1/2 year stretch coincide with the length of time she "served" as governor.

Considering that Sarah Palin stated to Katie Couric that healthcare reform was necessary to shore up the economy, her understanding of this subject is non-existent.

When Sarah Palin speaks in her own words she's funny. When she publishes other people's words as her own, she's sinister.

Funny or sinister, she's dangerous. The death toll stands at 254.

Read a good post on this subject from AKPetMom.


Patrick said...

Sarah's statement is even sicker if you take the fact into account that Trig is actually not her child, but Bristol's. Every time Sarah uses Trig as a prop, she makes it worse for herself - because once the truth will be revealed in public, the scandal will be even greater.

Pat said...

Your column should be sent to Huffington, ADN and all others. Of course none of them would even research your comments, much less print them. The MSM is all over the place with her comments, but the info you just stated WHICH IS TRUE has never been mentioned by any of them. This is becoming frightening.

FredHeadBill said...

The article in the ADN proves that government is not capable of managing healthcare. It looks like federal red tape, nursing shortages and lawsuits were major reasons for patients not receiving care. I don’t see where a bureaucratic ‘death panel’ was involved in these deaths that happen in Alaska.
Medicare and Medicaid patients care is 34% higher in cost than private insured patients. The Federal Government could save 280 plus billion a year by just hiring the bureaucracy and allowing the patients to make their own healthcare decisions with that money. Also, if law sues had a limited definition of doctor malpractice and the amount that an attorney can receive, but I don’t think a lawyer run government will see that they are the problem.

The hypocrite John Edwards made his fortune from malpractice sues involving the proposition that if the obstetrician had only performed a Caesarian Section earlier his client’s child would have faired better. Edward’s always took clients whose child could be paraded in front of a jury, but refused clients whose child died. I believe that Edwards is typical of malpratice lawyers, who are responsible for the high cost of healthcare.

FredHeadBill said...

Please, replace hiring bureaucracy with firing bureaucracy.

Patrick said...

I have heard during our babygate investigations that the birth of Trig was apparently not insured (not covered by health insurance).

Only the follow-up treatments of Trig (precisely: well child follow up) were insured.

That means that Sarah probably had to deal with a huge medical bill.

The average cost of hospital care in Alaska for a premature baby was $75,000 in 2001.

As Trig was born with a hole in his heart, he certainly would have received extensive treatment.

That might be one reason why Sarah urgently needed a lot of money - not these mysterious legal bills which apparently have long been paid.

Remember that her "Alaska Trust Fund" is not limited to paying legal expenses, and she or other family members can withdraw large amounts of money without giving a reason.

Doctor Who said...

FredHeadBill is wrong! He is clueless about Medicare and Medicaids cost. I am not sure where he gets his info!
Also Fred the program in Alaska was run by the state not the federal government. Maybe you should know your facts before spouting incorrect information.

FredHeadBill said...

Medicare being 34% more expensive than private healthcare is from an article.
Public Option To Cut Health Costs? Medicare's Record Says Dream On By Jeffrey H. Anderson

The calculated savings derived from the numbers in this article.

FredHeadBill said...

The Washington Post article makes you wonder about who will be on these panels...Mother Teresa or Jack Kervoicain....?

Patrick said...

Sarah Palin's "tight abs": How could she "beat" a professional bodybuilder?

regina said...


Funny you should post the link to the bodybuider! When I read it this morning, I noticed this lady's tight abs straight away and thought how inferior she is to our dear friend...

I saved the photos for a future post.


regina said...

Oops! Bodybuilder...

Patrick said...

Hi Regina,

I thought you would like to make a post about it :-)

Credit has to go to "Bree Palin", she posted to link on PD.


By the way:

Does anybody know what this new court case is about?

Patrick said...

Oh, you saw it too, but still, credit to Bree, too, also!! ;-)

Patrick said...

I have never heard about this case before. It was filed on the July 22, 2009

It's about Civil Rights??


Last update: No updates
Keyword tags: None
Plaintiff: Karen McBrien
Defendant: State of Alaska and Sarah Palin

Case Number: 3:2009cv00155
Filed: July 22, 2009

Court: Alaska District Court
Office: Anchorage Office
County: Anchorage
Presiding Judge: Timothy M. Burgess

Nature of Suit: Civil Rights - Other Civil Rights
Cause: 42:1981 Civil Rights
Jurisdiction: Federal Question
Jury Demanded By: None

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Regina, for posting Palin administration's failure to protect Alaskan citizens' individual rights to Medicare/Medicaid which caused the Federal Government to step in and take over that state-run federal program in June after 227+ aged and/or disabled citizens died from lack of services. The State of Alaska has a population of approximately 600,000; smaller than some large cities across this country. And, the only state the Federal Government has stepped in to manage.

The United States of America is the oldest existing constitutional republic in the world. And with that guarantees each individual's rights. It is not a simple representative democracy, but, rather, a constitutional republic in which majority rule is tempered by minority rights protected by law. The minority rights, those aged and/or disabled individuals, were trampled on by the neglect of the state under the Palin administration. How is it that Palin can ignore a governor's responsibility to each individual Alaskan, and then attempt to throw mud on the voice of the people who have asked the Federal Government to provide all Americans with an adequate health care system? Of the people, by the people, for the people.

Palin's recent statement proves her egotistic, extreme motives. And she still uses Trig as a prop.

Keep up the good work, Regina!!

regina said...


I searched Cause: 42:1981 Civil Rights

It's about equality.

Could be one of these:
42:1981cv 42:1981 Civil Rights
42:1981hs 42:1981 Housing Discrimination
42:1981jb 42:1981 Job Discrimination (Race)
42:1981sx 42:1981 Sex Discrimination

Patrick said...

Ok, thanks! It looks like the plaintiff cannot pay the court fee and now has filed a motion to be exempted from the fee, if I understand this correctly.

regina said...


Yes. Itlooks like the case won't proceed until the fee is either paid or waived...

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Patrick & Regina, what I have deduced is that $P, unlike other Alaska governors, simply refused to acknowledge Juneteenth. We remember her refusal to hire black staffers* or even to meet with black Alaskan groups. It looks to me as if she may have offered something--a contract, or simply cash--to one of the possible plaintiffs in order to dissuade them from taking action.

My in-house counsel, Mr. B, is out of town this weekend, so this is as close as I could get on my own.

This story never ends, does it?

* Reportedly SP's former press guy, Bill McAllister, is one-sixteenth black (!), so presumably XGINO felt she'd covered her bases...

Pillow said...

I am curious about what you stated:
"I have heard during our babygate investigations that the birth of Trig was apparently not insured (not covered by health insurance)."

How can that be? Why would that be? Hmmm, if provable, that is pretty damning evidence that she was covering up the baby's birth and that all the bloggers who question whether she delivered that baby are right.

regina said...

Mrs TB,

It's so easy to get confused... After all, there's a plethora of legal issues regarding $P. This appears to be a separate case from the Juneteenth lawsuit.

Let's hope the bribery thing from the other civil suit (Juneteenth) spills into the criminal arena. Bribery is a crime, yes?

Fingers crossed, everybody!

Anonymous said...

When Sarah's ghost written health care post came out yesterday, people who post elsewhere wondered what it is a distraction from. How about the Federal paper filed yesterday
which is actually an amendment to a previous complaint.

As I understand it, apologies to Mr.B since I am not a lawyer, there was an original complaint regarding a Proclamation of Juneteenth. (This is also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, celebrating people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds. It is recognized as a state holiday in Alaska along with 30 other states).

The Alaska Legislature decreed that the governor shall issue a proclamation of Juneteenth. Sarah did not, and claimed that she simply forgot. A complaint was lodged. That would have been the end of it, because not carrying out the orders of the legislature seems to be no big deal. But, Sarah had offered up state resources to the people who filed, in return for their dropping the complaint. That's bribery. And the new amended complaint addresses the issue of bribery as a federal complaint.

Sarah was served with a subpoena, but refused service, sort of like not opening those pesky envelopes in her house until she feels like declaring the cash and checks as gifts.

Bottom line. Her health care statement is laughable. There is no death panel, although we can question what kind of care Sarah is providing to Trig. However, I think that the timing is more than just coincidence, distracting people from commenting about the serious legal issue that has been added to the still pending complaints against her.

Patrick said...


what we really need to find out is whether the healthcare plan for Alaskan state employees covers the birth of babies to dependents (here: Bristol). I tried to find information about this particular question, but wasn't successful so far.

Unfortunately, I don't know anybody who is employed with the state of Alaska and could know the answer.

The information about the health insurance regarding Trig came from a very good source. So it's definitely worth to pursue this matter.

As I mentioned several times before, we had received very good inside information during our investigation about the fact that Bristol is the biological mother of Trig.

Anonymous said...

Reg, I have posted your post on huffpo - hope it will go through, but won't hold my breath.

Patrick said...

We did a bit of research and found out that this Karen McBrien apparently filed a similar case in Washington DC before, which was then dismissed, and her case was extremely thin. Therefore I don't think that anything productive should be expected to come out of this lawsuit at this stage.

Anonymous said...

Patrick- wouldn't Bristol be cover under the health insurance for natives? How is that processed?

Good to read your posts again Regina you and Ennealogic have written what I'd like to see written every time the poser goes public; What her record is on the subject.

Patrick said...

anon: I honestly do not know. But it might be that the Palin children are actually not "native enough" to receive health care for natives. I remember that this issue was discussed a few month ago, and some people doubted that the Palin children are eligible to receive healthcare for natives.

Patrick said...

On Rachel Maddow: Ex-evangelical Frank Schaeffer nails it and warns of right-extremist violence. Great clip.

Anonymous said...

Gryphen seems to be taking a lot of heat at the moment about the issues he brings up and even the local hater DJ, Eddie Smurf,seems to be getting off on it seeing as His adopted Mommy $arah is getting some heat. I would encourage Gryphen to keep a low profile but the Sarasites and Palinbots have made no effort to go after You and they have no intimidation method to stop you from speaking. So Please do SPEAK UP and turn up the volume as well. Her FaceBook rant yesterday is truly disturbing. obviously meant to ' gin up ' the Bots and the followers. The woman is dangerous and just evil.I will do everything I can to post your links and stories on an many blogs as possible on every thread about Palin every chance I get. The Truth about this Woman WILL BE told. SHE decided to 'USE ' and insert Trig into her policy rant/agenda yesterday so her old excuse of " Leave my Kids alone " is GONE!! Let there be Trig stories everywhere.She made Him part of her health policy/debate.I already posted AKM's story and the FiredogLake post about her Medicaid Scandal into the Huffpo threads yesterday and will use yours' as well.

I hope some of your sources can find out what kind of Health Plan $arah is taking advantage of. She wants to bash the government intervention into this process but is she on one of 'those' now and are the kids covered that way. Because that would be just DAMN hypocritical... something $arah knows a LOT about. Please stay on top of the Sherry Johnston case as it involves pressure or misconduct from her office ( something she has done before )as well as the rest of the criminal cases. Maybe people/sources who have been hiding in the background will now see how sick and evil she is with this Facebook rant and be willing to speak up and step forward.
Just an idea: Maybe people need to be reminded with a story and a replay of her ' Witch Doctor' exorcism clip. Who needs medicine and healthcare when you have your own private Witch Dr. That's $arahs idea of Healthcare.

If anyone can provide a link to the story ( and the clip )about the Witch Doctor I need to find it and use it with Regina's other posts.

regina said...


You will find the witch hunter video and lots more here:

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'll do what I can...

kerryann63 said...

About the lack of insurance coverage, it could be your thinking too much about the insurance coverage and not enough about the babygate. They would never be able to successfully hide the maternity of the baby if there were insurance claims from the doctor's and hospital. All maternity/obstectrics claims go under the mother's coverage. If SP is not the mother, and she tried to have her insurance cover the costs? Not only would she be guilty of insurance fraud....the truth of maternity would not stay hidden for long. Someone at the insurance company claim center would eventually spill the story.

Anonymous said...

Todd Palin is 1/8th Native, so his kids would be 1/16th Native.

Anonymous said...

During the VP campaign Sarah said the she knew what it was to be without insurance, someone debunked that by pointing out Todd's universal coverage for being part native and she replied she didn't consider that insurance or something like that.

Patrick said...

I just posted this on Progressive Alaska, regarding babygate:

(Part 1 of my post)

It's scenario #1. Trig is not Sarah Palin's baby, but Bristol's child.

The only reason that Sarah Palin has gotten away with this deception so far is that no journalist has ever dared to question Sarah Palin on this issue. Nobody has asked the right questions so far, and Andrew Sullivan, who I regard as a "mainstream blogger", has been repeatedly "crucified" for questioning the birth story, although he has done a great job by exposing the fact that Sarah Palin has been unable to provide documentation that could prove that she gave birth to Trig.

The public discussion about the babygate issue had a "bad start". For example: The famous Daily Kos story from September 2008 was deleted by the author himself a few days after it was published - obviously out a fear. This was widely interpreted as a "retraction" on part of Daily Kos, but it was only the author himself who deleted the story. If only he had known that there was no reason to worry.

In addition, many commenters and bloggers at the beginning of September 2008 focused on the infamous "green sweater picture", which apparently showed that Bristol had a "baby bump". Unfortunately, this picture was taken in 2006 and therefore had no relevance for "babygate". This also partially discredited the critics right from the beginning.

Then of course there was the announcement by Sarah Palin herself that her daughter Bristol was five months pregnant. This was presented as "evidence" that Bristol possibly couldn't be the mother of Trig (instead of showing a birth certificate, medical documentation etc.). And this strategy was a great success - the MSM backed off.

And magically, this picture was posted on August 31, 2008 on flickr, showing a highly pregnant Sarah Palin on April 13, 2008….

….although Sarah Palin did not look pregnant at all until about one week before, see for example:

…and although Sarah Palin said at the press conference on April 21, 2008 that she “never looked so far along”, therefore the flight attendants on April 17 had no reason for suspecting that she was highly pregnant (from 12:55 in the audio file below).

Download audio of the press conference (MP3 file):

However, the story didn't end there. Fortunately, a lot of people still didn't believe Sarah's pregnancy story, and I myself was a very active member of the palindeception team from the beginning of November 2008 to the end of June 2009. During this time, the team collected a large amount of material and has also received a fair amount of inside information, which clearly points to Bristol Palin being the biological mother of Trig.

It’s apparent that several people in the higher political circles in Juneau and probably Anchorage (Republicans AND Democrats) knew the truth about Bristol's pregnancy or at least heard the rumors.

Some people described Bristol's pregnancy with Trig as an "open secret", some as a "closely guarded secret" within the higher political circles in Alaska. Whatever you would like to call it: Several people in Alaska KNOW THE TRUTH, or at least vital parts of it.

Patrick said...

(Part 2 of my post)

Seemingly there is some fear to go "on the record" about this issue. When Michael Carey talked on TV on September 3, 2008 about his friend, a "smart lawyer" who said that the faked pregnancy story was the "absolute truth"...

...he probably regretted it quickly afterwards, and as far as I know, never repeated the story again in public.

There would be a lot more to say to this. Trig was most likely not born on the April 18, 2008. There are strong indications that he was born much earlier, probably several months earlier.

From the detailed evidence I have seen and the conversations I had, there is no doubt in my mind that Bristol Palin was pregnant around December 2007 (most likely already several months pregnant at this point, probably 5-6 months).

And there are enough people in Alaska who know the truth, or parts of it. It may be your own Representative, or Senator, or Doctor.

AKPetMom said...

Thanks for the shout out Regina! I got so mad last night that I had to go on a rant....looks like many of us just had to get it out! (I did clean up my language a bit since people are reading my post...I like to cuss a bit much when I'm really mad :-)

Great job and fantastic insight from commenters here. We have to hold this woman accountable as being one of the perpetrators of the violence that is going to overtake this nation if these people are not stopped!

It's hatred and stupidity and fearmongering at the worst level I've ever seen it.

Keep up the good fight!

trish in SW FL said...

she is just sick and disgusting!

and I still want to know, what kind of therapies and interventions is her grndson Trig receiving?

Have we ever read or heard anything about that?

KaJo said...

Here's a small sampling of the misinformation that's being promulgated by Palin's own "Lie Squad".
Gelston said...August 8, 2009 4:11 PM: "I am a physician. I believe the 'death with dignity' laws passed in Orygun and Worshington are meant to bring us to death panels."

EdFab said...August 8, 2009 4:36 PM: "Sarah's coinage of the healthcare bill's 'counseling' euphemism was a stroke of genius. She has created a Zeitgeist - 'Death Panel' is now the symbol for mandatory 'end-of-life' counseling for the elderly."

johnmd said...August 8, 2009 4:43 PM: "I don't believe there has been enough connectivity with the pieces of this obamacare bill. There is on page 58 i believe a clause giving the gov total access to all your personal banking accounts along with the ability for them to deduct payments from them without approval."

If that first guy is a doctor, I wouldn't come within a country mile of him if he were the last doctor accepting new patients. And he's suffering from a case of the terminal cutes in his writing style.

The second guy uses the word "mandatory" when no such requirement exists. The 'end of life' counselling is optional -- it's the payment of services that's 'mandatory', to the physician for offering and performing such a service. How can these people be so stupid as to get such a simple thing wrong?

And the third example: Is this guy a doctor too? What happened to the brains of these MDs who love Sarah Palin???

Anyway, I looked on page 58 -- in fact, I looked from pages 30 to 100, and I never saw ANYWHERE anything about "a clause giving the gov total access to all your personal banking accounts along with the ability for them to deduct payments from them without approval".

I saw a lot of clauses about "data transfer" mechanisms, but that refers only to medical and administrative data between the provider and the payor (the patient's choice of insurance or public option coverage).

Again, how can these people be so stupid as to get such simple information screwed up this badly?


FredHeadBill, the article in the ADN that you refer to (and that Regina linked to) is correct in that "government is not capable of managing healthcare". Specifically, ALASKAN government, in this particular governor's term of office.

The federal government funded the DSDS 61% which is certainly more than their share; the problem was that the people who were in charge of the state agency, the DSDS, failed in filling staffing positions for patient evaluation and follow-up, and very likely did not budget for enough of those staffing positions.

If the state agency suffered staffing problems because of Palin's so-called "hiring freeze", then she and they should have sought a waiver (many other agencies did, which nullified the "freeze" anyway). If Palin slashed their budget in the interests of "fiscal conservativism", then these 227 (+27 others) deaths are on her head.


And FredHeadBill, I'm not stupid enough to wonder if Mother Teresa or Jack Kevorkian is going to "be on these panels" BECAUSE THERE AREN'T GOING TO BE DEATH PANELS. That's a Satanic-inspired lie being enabled by ignorant bobbing-head-dolls paid by the profit-motivated health care industry monopoly.

Anonymous said...

@KaJo, thank you for your comments. Great work.

EyeOnYou said...

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Tom Kizzia of the Anchorage Daily News wrote an interesting profile of Todd Palin’s 87-year-old grandmother this week that offers a glimpse at the ties between the Palins, whose story is like many white frontier families, and Native Alaskans.

Kizzia, who wrote a book on native rural village called “The Wake of the Unseen Object,” describes Lena Andree’s upbringing in rural Alaska. Her mother was a Yup’ik Alaskan and her father was a Dutch sled dog freighter, before the arrival of airplanes.

Andree’s heritage makes the governor’s children Native too — one-16th. Because of their heritage, Todd Palin and the Palin children are entitled to some government benefits, including comprehensive medical coverage, Kizzia reports.
After the vice presidential debate, we looked into Palin’s claim that she knows what it’s like for families “to sit around the kitchen table and try to figure out how are they going to pay out-of-pocket for health care.”

At the time, we noted that it looks likely that the Palin family could have had a good chance of qualifying for federal health care as Native Alaskans. Though the Palins may have decided never to apply, they had a realistic fall-back plan, unlike most Americans.

Now it looks even more certain that the Palins had an alternative if they were ever in a difficult financial position. Kizzia, an expert on Alaska Natives, says the family is not just eligible to apply, but actually “eligible for Indian health benefits under federal law, as lineal descendants of Native enrollees under the 1970 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.”

Palin’s attempts to present herself as the mother of a typical working-class family doesn’t work when it comes to health care.

winkwinkWA said...

Patrick- Todd and all the children absolutely are eligible for the Native health service medical and dental benefits, whether they have CIB (certificate of blood) cards is another question. To apply you have to prove you have ANY amount of native blood in your family linage, you get the card and use the services.
Maybe the reason she didn't use the native health benefit is because she or Bristol would have had to go to the native clinic & hospital in Anchorage and she wouldn't have control of who, what and where it all happened' another words it wouldn't have been kept private???
In my opinion I don't think Sarah or Bristol are the mother, I think Todd is the father and someone else is the mother..big cover-up and I'll bet someone is getting paid too keep quite too, also.

Anonymous said...

FredHeadBill said... The article in the ADN proves that government is not capable of managing healthcare. It looks like federal red tape, nursing shortages and lawsuits were major reasons for patients not receiving care. I don’t see where a bureaucratic ‘death panel’ was involved in these deaths that happen in Alaska.

It becomes clearer and clearer that people on the Right have dropped out of school in the 6th grade.

FredHeadBill- since I am assuming you have never had a basic civics class, I'm going to explain it to you.

The Federal Government is NOT the one that runs the program- the program is controlled by the state- and in the case of Alaska and inept Governor named Palin was the one that appointed the people that run the program. Those people reported to Palin.

Since their only qualifications were that they loved senior citizens and were old high school friends of Palin's, they failed.

Palin's lousy administrative skills are at issue. As of 2006, there was a backlog of 2000 people waiting to be assessed for this program. Palin ignored it, and in fact ignored the problem during her entire tenure.

Nursing shortages? No such thing. People are graduating from nursing school and unable to find work.

Red tape? The only red tape was on Palin's end.

Lawsuits? Wouldn't have occurred if Palin had done her job. Lawsuits were the result not the cause.

This is clearly Palin mismanagement, so your attempt to divert and blame it on the Federal government is a joke.

Patrick said...


That's a very good point regarding the native hospital in Anchorage. No, the Palin's definitely would not want to go to this hospital - they wanted to deliver the baby at the Mat-Su hospital in Palmer, which is controlled by members of Sarah Palin's old church (Wasilla Assembly of God).

majii said...

Well, you knocked this one out of the park, AGAIN!! And the comments have been outstanding in clarifying this issue to a point at which no one should be unable to understand Palin's culpability in having to have the federal government step in and basically say, "Enough is enough." If memory serves me correctly, I do believe this is the same creature who has clearly illustrated her lack of attention to the daily activites of governing. To her, it was something she wanted. Well, after getting it, she so obviously found it too demanding and time consuming, then decided to quit before finishing her term of office. But before she left she got as much out of the pockets of Alaskans as she possibly could, and might I add---without one scintilla of remorse. None.
Sarah Palin does have some substance and has clearly demonstrated her prowess in certain areas. Among her well-refined rapier sharp qualities are: Lying, cheating, scheming, social climbing, arrogance, callousness, lack of real empathy for others, negligence,unabashedness, audacious behavior, and a persecution complex. This is only the beginning of my list when images of Palin come into mind, and because her failure to act to prevent the deaths of 200+ people means my my list has been validated, and the evidence is in the historical record.