Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sarah Palin and the truth

First they went after Gryphen (The Immoral Minority), then they turned their attention to Audrey (Palin's Deceptions) and now their target is Patrick (palin_deceives).

Two right wing bloggers appear to have nothing better to do than scour the internet in search of some dirt on Trig Truthers. Let me play the devil's advocate for a moment. Suppose we're all secret perverts and our closets are full of skeletons. Would that alter the fact that Sarah Palin didn't give birth to Trig?

I really fail to see the connection between people's private lives and their ability to question and analize the facts relating to Sarah Palin's pregnancy and delivery of Trig.

They have found flimsy and highly questionable stuff on some of the Trig Truthers, often presented out of context or simply untrue. But they're shouting it from the rooftops, as if any of it proved that Trig emerged from Sarah Palin's own body.

The internet is a very strange place, full of dark alleys, detours and dead ends. I searched myself and came up with a number of people using the handle "palingate", "PalinGate" and other variations. Am I all of them? Some of them? Or none of the above?

Each person they target knows who they are and can easily refute any false information. If they can't, what difference does it make?

Do people need to have Mother Theresa credentials before they're allowed to challenge a public figure who uses her special needs "son" to further her own agenda?

If I were a transvestite, cigar smoker, fond of a bit of bondage and ate cats' brains for breakfast, would that disqualify me from doubting a very fishy account of Sarah Palin's wild ride, dodgy pregnancy and other strange tidbits?

The difference between Trig Truthers and Sarah Palin is that we never had any power to influence people's lives as she did as governor of Alaska. We didn't run for vice president and we don't spout blatant lies on Facebook in a attempt to disrupt public debate on healthcare reform. We are not public figures, we are not polititians and what we are or do has no bearing on the truth.

What these nutters dig up on us doesn't make any difference in the great scheme of things. We remain private citizens who are not accountable to the electorate. But the stuff we dig up on Sarah Palin can make a lot of difference on the political landscape.

The truth about Sarah Palin can change things. Truths or lies about Trig Truthers change nothing.

(I'm not going to link to the right wing blogs, but you can find them among the comments on the last thread)


lynnrockets said...

You are doing a good job. Please keep up the good fight. Truth almost always has a way of finding the sunlight. That leaves a six month window each year to expose Palin inasmuch as the days are so long in Alaska in summer.


midnightcajun said...

What did I miss? I knew those two wingnuts were going after Gryphen, but when did they go after Audrey and Patrick? Jeez, knuckle down and work for a few days...

Anonymous said...

It's all about traffic numbers. They found out when they did the hit pieces on Gryphen that it creates an increase in hits to their own sites. Not only that, it gets them on talk radio shows or Fox.

This isn't as if they care about who someone actually is, it's all about them. So it doesn't matter if what they publish is a lie, as long as it is sensational enough to get them attention.

Anonymous said...

Both of those men have Skeletons in their closet.

They are also STUPID. If they cared about Sarah, they would not be bringing attention to this issue. This proves they don't care and it is all about them.

What do these idiots do for work? Is this their job now? To try to out and talk about every person who says bad things about Sarah Palin? This sounds like her ! Maybe her attorney said we are going to stop threatening people because it makes you look worse. So she goes to her goon squad! What idiots! Sarah is probably paying them.

I am positive that whatever they think they know about Audrey or Patrick are lies.

God Sarah and her followers are just stupid. Plain stupid.

debinOH said...

Wow, since they were googling names I entered my own debinOH and got results that certainly were not mine. You would think these nuckle heads who claim to be REAL reporters would know this.

The worst thing is that another person using this debinOH name has listed her address & it shows up!! She has been using it for some time but what if some nutjob wanted to out me then they would go after her. Scary.......

I agree that since they found out that they actually got responses from the Gryph outing they are just looking for hits. Thankfully they really didn't get any responses like last time. We should all ignore them.

Anonymous said...

I would call them out, big time! They belong to the same right wing fringe demanding to see Obama's original birth certificate.* I say: Let's see Trig's original birth certificate, and that will prove, once and for all time, that Audrey's website has false information. Put up or Shut Up! Trig's birth certificate will prove their case!

*By the way, no one ever gets to see the original birth certificate. When I live (and probably where most of you live) the original is kept on file in a secure goverment building. When you need a copy to get a passport, enroll in school or other purposes, they give you a copy with an embossed seal (in my case it would be a county seal) that cannot be duplicated.

Those cute pink and blue certificates given at the hospital are not the official one on file in the records office. And, by now, you would think that is someone can write Sarah's FaceBook posts, someone could concoct a birth certificate for Trig. Audrey's premise is that he may have been born earlier than the stated April 18 date, or born at a different facility. By now, if he was adopted by Sarah & Todd, we wouldn't know the actual parents. But, it is very suspicious that we have never seen the actual proof of Trig's birth. The only proof offered was the Bristol was pregnant, which was no proof at all.

Come to think of it, I think that we should demand a DNA test for Trig. Line them up! Sarah, Todd, Bristol, Levi and anyone else you can think of and let's play the Match Game. Let's see whose DNA matches Trig's DNA! Challenge those goons to a DNA Match Game!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Regina.

You are right. Only one person stood on the national stage and asked the American public to vote for her ticket while using a prop baby to advance her political gain.

Fear mongering is their game. To scare folks into silence by trying to out them. Well, it won't work. Maybe their diligence will finally make it into the MSM and Palin's lies and deception outed as a result.

Keep up the good work, Regina, and all those who have taken the time to show Palin's lies and deceits. It should be obvious they are trying to re-branded Palin for the 2012 presidential run. No time to get weak ankles!! Demand DNA testing!!

Anonymous said...

I guess with Sarah out of circulation, those two bad boys need to drum up some kind of trouble to get attention these days. She isn't around, and therefore cannot inspire her followers with senseless tweets and pithy quotations. They have nothing else without her, so this is just made up stuff to bring them traffic. Flood their email with some of Sarah's tweets.

MadCity Chick said...

Tell Sarah to stop spreading lies about Health Care Reform @ Americasn United For Change.

If we don’t confront the outright lies and liars as we did in 2008 then we allow the health insurance industry and their Republican supporters to swift boat health care reform. Take a minute to send a personal letter to Sarah Palin asking her to stop lying about health insurance reform.


get real said...

Bring it on.

The best thing that can happen is more publicity.

Depositions, affidavits and discovery will absolutely bury Sarah Palin if they want to go that route. But they won't, because they can't.

Truth will out - and that is the best defense.

nswfm CA said...

Your collection of -gates will provide any opponent with enough ammo to eliminate her in any primary. My hope is that the IRS or some such agency kills her off before then.

Keep up the good work and good writing. When it hits the fan, the media will have been shamed for their mostly shoddy work. Thank you.

Last Train to Snarksville said...

Once again, the base caliber of Palin's minions are her undoing.

The cyber-thuggery of this Palinista crowd will haunt her for years.

And yes, let's get some info on FOX and other MSM outlets about babygate! Andrew Sullivan will be elated.

Rationalist said...

Great post. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Ignore them? Call them out?

MSM does not want to go near Babygate. What the right wing extremists do have is media exposure. They like to generate doubt. Later if something comes up they want to discredit anything remotely Trig Truther. People are starting to notice that a sue crazy threatening Palin does not threaten to sue anything close to Babygate or Trig Truther. It matters to them to have anyone that will even consider that she could have endangered the life of an unborn is lumped in with all tin foil hat conspiracy crazies.
When a Newt Gingrich comes out to support Palin they will not directly take this on. They will only refer to discredited conspirators that believe she tried to harm her unborn, they may mention the parent question but not if they don't have to. I think Buchanan never meant to blow it.

Palin teams all know Levi has an interview coming out in two weeks. They are getting ready for damage control and attacks. Babygate is not the only thing Levi has to talk about. The next interview may only leave more questions on that subject. He can talk about having his stuff at the house and over nights and who knows what. It could be enough to drive Sarah into a deep seclusion. When she first went away it was said she was closeted with lawyers who were to sue. That didn't work. Levi might also know about Track, Bristol and Willow's drug use and what went on under the parents noses and in the house. Other parents in Wasilla seem to leave the kids alone to party. It looks like the lifestyle for some of the parents is to be permissive when it comes to alcohol and drugs. Prehaps Sarah and Todd don't agree about that part. Those parents don't have control over sex either. If they are like Sarah's church, no birth control is taught. Some of the parties I've seen are in nice houses with no parents in sight. It also looks like the police are very easy on some groups of kids.

I'd like the whole thing to be over fast, that may not happen. It may be a little here and a little there. Palin is a quitter but her corruption goes on. We need the truth about her and her enablers.

akmuffin said...

If anyone is interested, Ms Palin will be here on Thursday:

Please join Governor
& nationally known conservative
Thursday, August 27th
at ChangePoint Church

The Alaskans for Parental Rights campaign was developed to return to parents the right to oversee abortion decisions their underage teenage daughters might be unfortunately considering. Because of an out of touch Alaska Supreme Court and a legislature that has been unable to vote on the issue, Alaska is currently one of only 10 states without a parental notification law on the books. In November of 2007, the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that a state law the legislature overwhelmingly passed back in 1997 allowing parents the right to agree or deny abortions their minor teenager daughters might be considering was unconstitutional. Despite parents having to provide consent for ear piercings, tattoos, field trips and even obtaining a simple aspirin in school, children in Alaska can now have abortions without the consent, guidance or even knowledge of their parents.

The goal of the Alaskans for Parental Rights campaign is to obtain at least 32,734 signatures statewide to bring this issue back to the people on the 2010 August Primary Election.

Please join other pro-family, parental rights supporters for a public signing event where Governor Palin will officially become the first petition signer. Star Parker will provide a national perspective on the parental notification issue. Come and join the celebration and to sign the petition yourself!
The Alaskans for Parental Rights Campaign is a project of Alaska Family Action, the 501(c)4 lobbying arm of Alaska Family Council.

KaJo said...

Re akmuffin's notice about SP finally making an appearance in public after 3 weeks under wraps:

Boots on the ground! Someone go there and take pictures!

Maybe some of you might make up some witty signs like those "Billionaires for Health Care Status Quo" guys did in their YouTube video making fun of teabaggers and ignorant people -- something on the order of
"Alaskans for Pro-Family -- back to the Dark Ages when Ordinary Barbarians Ruled",
"Alaskans for Pro-Family -- Men First into the lifeboats, Women and Children last, if there's room",
"Sarah Palin's DSDS Death Panel Killed Alaskans" (with the ADN article date),
"Sarah Palin Hates Trig" (with pictures of her holding him like he has a stinky diaper, or maybe one of those "iconic" photoshop pictures, like SP with a Joker grinning mouth in the original pic like my current avatar),
"Sarah Palin is a Bad Parent" (with the Globe picture of Willow chugging), etc.

Thomas said...

Wow! Angry and insecure, aren't we?

Dianne said...

@KaJo - Love it! I think that's a GREAT idea. I hope people in AK do just exactly that.

Who is Star Parker? said...

What a great opportunity, for Bristol as well. At the Change Point Church in Anchorage. Thursday, August 27th 7:30pm

It does look like Sarah is taking some advice. She and Bristol should be working local and building up cred.

I read on another thread how serious OxyContin abuse is in Alaska. The youth are being devoured and it is causing havoc and destroying the fabric of Alaskan culture.
This is an issue that everyone could make an investment to do something about. No parents have any rights when drugs take over their children. Doped up children have sex and you know the rest of the story. Parents will need rights to oversee the results.

The quitter who served a brief term as gov will want to only cover one subject for now, but please try to plant the seed for other concerns surrounding the children of parents that want rights.

What about the children?

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is Star Parker? I hope s/he has and extra long speech, in case SP doesn't show.

If the swelling in her (nip/tuck) face has gone down enough, SP might give it a shot. If she shows up with a coherent speech, we can assume she had hired a speechwriter, and is trying to repackage herself.

Let's see if Todd shows up as well. After all, this is a "pro-family" event.

Marcy said...

Sure, require the parental consent for underage girls to terminate life-destroying pregnancies. But tie that "parental consent" to an ironclad requirement that all babies born to udnerage girls must have full DNA tests, and the father must be identified. grammy

Anonymous said...

What about the children??? Yeah what about that 15 year old that is raped by Uncle Creepy or Mommys new boyfriend!!?? That young lady needs parental permission to have an abortion? Don't you think the staff at a clinic is competent to help counsel a young girl? I know your answer but Alaska has some of the highest incest and rape rates in the country! What about those children? Is there funding for counseling them? Good family intervention?
Sex education?? Without many more things in place this law totally re traumatizes a young person. They will be ruined for life.
As a motherbof course I would feel really strongly about my own children. I would want to know. But what about those kids in bad situations without trustworthy parents. Yeah, what about the children?

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Kajo@21:33- LOL! Yes Boots on ground, Bring camera's!!!!
Be the first to catch a "just coming out of hiding pitbull..ugh chihuahua"
Could be big money Star mag...NE etc.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Kajo@21:33- LOL! Yes Boots on ground, Bring camera's!!!!
Be the first to catch a "just coming out of hiding pitbull..ugh chihuahua"
Could be big money Star mag...NE etc.

Anonymous said...

A two day notice? She is not giving anyone else time to organize. She probably hopes they are all too busy with net roots or back to school. Code Pink and others have had systems in place to be able to move in a moments notice. It's something to think about for future Palin whims. Palin is playing "too smart" to let the media get the best of her. She could sneak in a back door and never see or be seen outside. That shouldn't stop anyone. Call media to cover a protest and if they ignore you, you be your own citizen journalists. Call up media to do interviews. Write public letters. Incest victims need representation. The world is watching Alaska. Sarah Palin is a fading star now. She needs to be replaced with the voice of the citizens she quit on.

I hope there are BOOTS ON THE GROUND. However it can be managed. Street theater works. Signs, signs and more signs. NOT rights of parents first. She is an idiot to ignore victims. They do not exist to her, call the evil woman out. Challenge her to a town hall to discuss things.

Helen said...

Just for yuks, here is a list of all the events that Palin has blown off so far - if you want to see news links for each blown event they are on nailinpalinnow under the Sarah Palin Detox post.

Speaking Events Diva La Palin Has Blown

(Hmmm...maybe she is superstitious about dates with 8s?)

Eagle Forum Pro Life Event - 9/08
Republican Fundraiser in Orange County - 9/26/08
Co-host of Rep Govs Ass Dinner w/ Mark Sanford - 5/8/09
White House Correspondents Dinner - 5/9/09
Conservative Political Action Conference - 6/8/09
Simi Valley Rep Women Ronald Reagan Library Gala - 8/8/09

I've also added new quotes, nicknames and videos since first posting - if you have great quotes or other suggestions please let me know.

Vaughn said...

Anchorage Daily News article that explains why she is doing this.The state legislature passed this into law once before a few years ago.Some people took it to court and it went all the way to the Alaska Supreme Court where it was overturned as being unconstitutional.They passed the law in 1997 and it was overturned in 2007.
From what I have been reading if the voters vote it in as a law it could still be overturned by a court.If it is voted in as a state constitutional ammendment as many states have done with the gay marriage thing it would probably stand.

Published: May 3rd, 2009 10:11 PM
Last Modified: May 4th, 2009 10:12 PM
Gov. Sarah Palin is backing a ballot measure to bypass the Legislature and make it illegal for teenagers to get an abortion without telling their parents.

The initiative sponsors, including former Lt. Gov. Loren Leman, applied last week to start gathering signatures. The measure would generally forbid a girl under 18 from getting an abortion unless the doctor informed at least one of her parents beforehand.
Palin said she plans to be the first in line to sign up. The governor said she even considered sponsoring the initiative herself, but decided otherwise after checking with the state's lawyers.
"I got a preliminary opinion from Law (Department) just giving me a heads up that critics would certainly file an ethics charge against me if I were to sponsor an initiative. So though I maintain I have First Amendment rights just as any other citizen does, I won't flirt with the notion of giving critics more ammunition to keep filing wasteful ethics charges against me, but instead I'll volunteer to be the first signature," Palin said.

Anonymous said...

That piece of garbage RS MCCain has posted a nasty assault on Audrey of Palin Deceptions. Here is the link...go if you dare.


Anonymous said...

It looks like somebody is living in a glass house. Anybody know anything about this?


Anonymous said...


I think somebody very anonymous decided to give him a taste of his own medicine...