Monday, 31 August 2009

Sarah Palin, notable luminary??? (UPDATE)

From the Associated Press:

Former U.S. vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, once questioned about her lack of foreign policy experience, will make her first trip to Asia in September.

The former Alaska governor will visit Hong Kong to address the CLSA Investors Forum, a well-known annual conference of global investment managers, the host announced Monday.

Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Alan Greenspan have spoken at the event, hosted by brokerage and investment group CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets.

"Our keynote speakers are notable luminaries who often address topics that go beyond traditional finance such as geopolitics," company spokeswoman Simone Wheeler said in a statement.

"We just felt it would be a fabulous opportunity for CLSA clients to hear from Mrs. Palin," Wheeler said, adding that CLSA approached Palin with the offer.

The Sept. 23 address will mark Palin's first commercial speaking engagement, according to CLSA. Her speaking fees were not disclosed.

It will be closed to the media, and the topic has not yet been confirmed.

I love this bit:

"Our keynote speakers are notable luminaries..."

Since when is $arah Palin a notable luminary?

I visited the CLSA website and found this:

CLSA is an active proponent of environmental awareness and action. We believe that the era of unconstrained resource availability is over. Through research, events, investments, strategic engagement, corporate initiatives and community activities, we help to promote proactive conservation of our local and global environments.

Considering her stance on "safe and responsible" development of Alaska's natural resources, I don't think the topic will involve the environment.

Pebble and Kensington mines, drilling in ANWR, suing the federal government regarding the protection of polar bears and Beluga whales... Yep, $arah Palin has an impressive record on the environment, so, no, she won't be speaking about the environment.

Whatever the topic turns out to be, I can't get the bit about $arah Palin being a notable luminary out of my head...

UPDATE: I'm not alone in my skepticism:

The decision to bring in Palin as keynote speaker has been met with incredulity from many among the business community in Hong Kong, asking if it might not be a hoax.
"Honestly? This isn't a hoax?" asked the managing director of a Hong Kong business chain. "It's entertaining perhaps, in a road accident sort of way! Now I've seen everything."

Ha ha ha!

Further links about Sarah Palin and public speaking engagements:
NBC Bay Area



Anonymous said...

Don't worry. It was probably just a typo. They missed out the hyphen in not-able.

Anonymous said...

This is worth the read...

"Honestly? This isn't a hoax?" asked the managing director of a Hong Kong business chain. "It's entertaining perhaps, in a road accident sort of way! Now I've seen everything."

Anonymous said...

If she shows, she might be able to claim that she's seen China from her hotel room.

Anonymous said...

Sarah going for the bucks... She needs to cash in before her fall.

Anonymous said...

It’s great that Palin finally plans on making it to Asia. However, a word of caution to people hoping to attend CLSA’s forum: According to this story in the Anchorage Daily News, people counting on Palin to be their keynote speaker sometimes get stood up. “Organizers of an Anchorage event that has been billing Sarah Palin for weeks as a star speaker were left scrambling Wednesday after learning that the former governor won’t be there for tonight’s event and claims to have never been asked,” the newspaper reported last Wednesday. “It would be at least the fourth time in recent months that an anticipated Palin speech has fallen through after Palin and her camp disputed they had ever confirmed it. That includes the brouhaha over whether she’d speak at the annual congressional Republican fundraising dinner in Washington, D.C., this summer.”

Anonymous said...

"Palin – who’s never been to East Asia and isn’t exactly famous for her mastery of public speaking or her expertise in finance and international affairs ..."

Anonymous said...

Palin to give speech in Berlin next?

Anonymous said...

"Careful, Sarah! They eat some wacky food over there."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 14:26 -- thanks for the link! It says there "CLSA has also hired Sir Elton John, Macy Gray, and Tom Jones in years past as entertainment." Maybe they mistook her for Tina Fey.

Anonymous said...

Don't go, Sarah! It's a setup:

Palin, ridiculed for her lack of knowledge of world affairs during her 2008 candidacy, will give a keynote speech at the 16th Criminal Law Solicitors' Association (CLSA) Investors Forum, Hong Kong's government-run radio station RTHK said,former-us-vice-presidential-candidate-palin-to-speak-in-hong-kong.html

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 14:35 LOL! But there's another CLSA ( the Canon Law Society of America. Maybe she thought they had even bigger guns than the NRA...

NakedTruth said...

Maybe she is hiding out preparing for this CLSA speech. Trying not to make a fool of herself this time.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the CLSA audience will appreciate $P's basketball and dead fish metaphors?

Anonymous said...

Anon 14:53... Yes, she'll be as popular as a pitbull in a China shop...

Anonymous said...

It's a CRIMINAL LAW association. Sarah knows tons of stuff about how to break criminal laws-- so this shouldn't be any surprise. Also, too, she's a poster child for how to break the law and wink your way to freedom.

maybe she'll be arrested as she tries to get back into this country.

EyeOnYou said...

If she accepts this invitation and that is a very big if, it will be for one reason only.

To claim more experience on the world stage for her next political run.

She will not be able to answer questions and will be forced to have someone write out a nice speech for her to follow word for word to keep her from sounding like Sarah. She personally doesn't have the intelligence to write a speech worthy of listening to for anything other than laughs, and she has no knowledge of the subject matter so this would require someone doing their homework and writing it all out for her to discuss. With the suggestion that no media will be allowed, she just might do it if the price is right and she has gotten far enough along in her book writing to be given permission to go out and participate in other things.

But as her worshipers are always saying, if this doesn't appear as a confirmed event on facebook by Meg Stapleton it isn't happening, no matter what is said by whom. That is the only confirmation that is acceptable...Facebook via Stapleton!

BuffaloGal said...

Can we say, "lost in (and out of ) translation" ??? Yikes!!

Also saw this on their site, "CLSA Chairman and CEO Jonathan Slone said: “As the first female governor of Alaska and the youngest person ever elected governor of that state, Palin has broken new ground in US politics and we are delighted that she will make her first visit to Asia to present at the CLSA Investors’ Forum.”

“CLSA consistently sets the benchmark for original and thought-provoking content, and aims to present global political and industry leaders whose policies and platforms have influenced global markets.”

Original? Well - yeah - Palin can deliver "original", that's for sure. And, I suppose "thought provoking " works but not in the way they're hoping for!

This is hysterical. The only way she can do this and save face is to go and pretend she's got laryngitis. O dear goodness, that is something else.

regina said...

CLSA=Credit Lyonnais S/A


CLSA was founded in 1986 by Jim Walker and Gary Coull, two former journalists who understood the value of high-quality information. True pioneers in the development of the Asian securities industry, over 20 years they built what is today Asia’s leading brokerage and investment group.
How did it start?

* 1986 - CLSA Group was founded by Jim Walker as Winfull Laing & Cruickshank Securities, a 50-50 JV between the Woo Hon Fai family and Alexander Laing & Cruickshank
* 1987 - Credit Lyonnais SA acquired Alexander Laing & Cruickshank
* 1988 - Winfull Laing & Cruickshank Securities was renamed CL-Winfull Laing & Cruickshank Securities and later CL Alexander Laing & Cruickshank (HK)
* 1989 - CLSA Group took over Credit Lyonnais SA's Asian stock-broking arm, CL Astaire Asia
* 1989 - CL Alexander Laing & Cruickshank (HK) was renamed Credit Lyonnais Securities (Asia)
* 1990 - CLSA Group became a wholly owned subsidiary of Credit Lyonnais SA

Anonymous said...

Expectations for this certainly aren't high, but, please! no pole dances.

Anonymous said...

Politico is reporting she has over 1000 offers for speaking.... six figure fee being asked.

Wonder if they get Todd and the kids as a bonus for paying that much money.

What is this world coming to? An idiot with no talent is going to get rich... and the press will report her words like she is an expert on the subject.

John McCain should be tried for teason

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Don't they manufacture quite a few refrigerator magnets in Asia? At least $P can claim familiarity with THOSE! Seriously, Palingates is my very first stop online after a grim, Internet-free weekend out of town. Thanks for the hilarity--at my end, that is...

Anonymous said...

Dear Asia:

We're REALLY, REALLY sorry.


Rational America

Patrick said...

In Hong Kong, Sarah Palin will say in her speech (simpl. Chinese):


Anonymous said...

The article at politico has some interesting items:

1) Headline says 1070+ invitations, but later in the article states that "over 950 requests have poured in ..." And that was claimed by "aides." Aides to whom?

2) It states that she has signed with Washington Speaker's Bureau, but Palin isn't listed as one of WSB's speakers.

3) Her paid speeches are "expected to go for six figures apiece." So that is her asking price? How many offers will she get? Does she negotiate?

4) About 85% finished with her book, then she'll start on the "inch-and-a-half-thick" file of offers for other opportunities.

Executive Summary: I think this article is something like a product placement, trying to drum-up business and excitement for Palin, Inc.

E. said...

I'm sure the "Who's Your Daddy?" dreck can be repurposed for this event.

Anonymous said...

It's really pretty disgusting that someone as thick headed and nasty as Palin can get rich from speaking engagements. Something is seriously wrong with the world we live in.

I don't find any of thus funny. I find it sickening that argus stupid phony person gets paid that much while 40 million or more Americans do not have health insurance or are underinsured. There are also millions of mentally I'll homeless . These stupid groups that are offering her money like this could be doing a lot of good with arhat money instead! It's a sick world when a dumb hick lying piece of work Palin gets paid to open her mouth.

RunninL8 said...

CLSA is doing it for a goof I bet! Setting her up to FLAIL!!!

midnightcajun said...

I think she'll go--she's being paid for this one. The others were free gigs.

Do you think she even knows what geopolitics are? I suppose whoever is writing her Facebook and op-ed pieces will write her speech.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

What perfect timing to find this jewel just after the previous goldmine discovered by GinaM and covered in the previous post "Sarah Palin: unreliable and unhinged."

But you just KNOW that Sarah already has an excuse lined up to bail on this engagement, also, too! She has to respond to the FEC no later than 9-24-09.

Please tell me there will be video and audio of her panic attack.

Anon at 16:48, I totally agree with you, it is disgusting.

Patrick, that Chinese you posted probably makes more sense that Sarah's own word salad.

Oh happy day!

Anonymous said...

So, according to Sarah, the reason for quitting governorship was for more time with her family, for the better of Alaska, devotion and time spent on her near-to-her-heart initiatives (pro-life, pro-family). Where is Sarah?

An investor's Forum, hmmm......doesn't compute with Sarah as Governor. The New Sarah seems to be on another "plane" of ambition. She seems to have re-created herself for the world theatre. She now perceives herself as a concerned environmentalist? No longer a State, or even National figure, but a world figure. And, to think she can carry herself with the likes of all those invited guests, ie. Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Al Greenspan, is amazing. Either she is an excellent "actress" or is delusional.

Anonymous said...

Sarah will make $100,000+ for a 30 minute speech.

and all her lemmings at CmePee... will chant in unison "I LOVE HER, SHE IS JUST LIKE ME!"

Lemmings get a grip... she left office to become a highly paid SPEAKING WHORE or TV whore or radio whore...

Lemmings, believe me ...she is just not into you

Anonymous said...

Speech to Investors Forum Highlights on How to Make Big Money:
1. Get elected to minor office and hire a manager to do the work for you.
2. Ram through any new project that requires building something. It doesn't matter if you have the rights to the land; you can get those later.
3. Order twice as much materials as needed; get friends to help build new house near public building fortune. Voila, new house that didn't cost anything
4. Other ways to make money: run for office and form a PAC; they'll give you millions.
5. Other ways to make money: claim that people are always picking on you, then for a legal defense fund. They will give more millions.
6. Other ways to make money: run for public office, buy new clothes, say that they were donated to charity, keep them in the back of the closet until people forget about them.
7. Have someone write a book about your life story. Only autography the book if they buy six or more.
8. Do not declare any gifts; then you do not have to pay taxes on them.

There, I have also saved Sarah the money that she would have had to pay someone to write her speech. Just add some key words such as: lipstick, pitbull, hockey puck, progress (a verb), and you're all set for Hong Kong.

I can also guess that the reason that we haven't seen Sarah is that Chinese is a very hard language to learn. Just when she got the hang of it, someone mentioned that they speak Cantonese in Hong Kong.

trish in SW FL said...

I'm thinking that even with the bug bucks fee, she'll have another panic attack and not show.

Let the fun begin!

trish in SW FL said...

oops! TYPO!

big bucks, not bug bucks!

need more coffee!

Virginia Voter said...

I read the article posted on, and I think Sarah has been invited in a tongue and cheek sort of way.

The firm has been noted for some of it's offbeat parties, socials and speakers including "aging pop-stars" to quote the srticle. I think Sarah was invited under that same tradition.

Anonymous said...

She certainly has become a pro at getting press for all the places she "no-shows"! This is a media ploy that I have not seen before.

China just announced that they are going to spend 123 BILLION dollars to provide universal health care to their citizens. Let's hope Mrs. Smart Pants talks about "death panels" while she is there! :)

Oh...I feel a blog coming on...

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 17:31, I found the perfect opportunity to quote you on HuffPo:

One person commented:

Will you guys just give her chance to brush up on her Mandarin Chinese!!!!!

And I replied:

“I can also guess that the reason that we haven't seen Sarah is that Chinese is a very hard language to learn. Just when she got the hang of it, someone mentioned that they speak Cantonese in Hong Kong.”

Oh snap!
Thanks for the smile of the day!

Mind you, it is still pending, so we will see if it goes through. :-(

If anyone knows if there is some way to contact Arianna Huffington about her moderators, I would certainly like to show her what they are rejecting. But they allow such nasty crap to be said about President Obama. Makes we wonder who really pays the moderators, Arianna or the GOP.

Anonymous said...

This is a note to Sarah and/or any of her followers who like to read this website. Please note:

I have been to Hong Kong, and Sarah will love their highly developed technology. When I was there several years ago, they already had the smallest video recording equipment available to everyone, as small as a pen to put in your jacket pocket. Video and recording equipment in a bud that could be well placed in the center of a flower on a lapel. And, in case you don't realize it, Sarah, you'll be going to a Communist Country! Hong Kong is now owned by the People's Republic of China, so you will be palling around with dictators and a represive government. Granted, it isn't as bad in Hong Kong as in other parts of China, but they will be watching you, recording you and monitoring your every move. Reporters have gone through that airport, and when they placed their computor on the belt to go through the security Xray procedure at the airport, everything in that computor was downloaded to Chinese spy centers. So, dear Sarah, please enjoy your trip to China. Have some monkey brains, snake soup and duck foot webbing for me, it's delicious!

Anonymous said...

I hope she takes the bait. The summer vacations will be over and comedy needs a good fall show. What makes it so rich is that she and her pukes are so clueless. It wouldn't work if they got the joke. Billie Boy Krystal and teaming dungs will build this up as they do.

16:48 it is disgusting, the same as all the other frauds that do the same thing. I wish that would change. Until it does, comedy is a way to show what these pukes are.
Did she go to her idol's Reagan library, show respect for his widow? Did she care for her parental rights anti-abortion friends and cause? No. She just might go for building up an international image and public speaking if the money is right. She will look greedy if she is going to sell out and stupid to do it to be the object of ridicule on foreign soil.

Hong Kong has media, she won't out smart them no matter how they reassure her it's under control. She is giving everyone weeks of 'will she-won't she' build up and jokes. She is doing it all on the international stage. If she thought she was under a microscope before. Hallelujah! O lordy, speak to her, tell her that her destiny is in Hong Kong. Think of the souls Sister Sarah can save at a CLSA forum. Think of how this makes her mother of the year for her neglected children, the ones that no one knows if they are in school or at risk. This will put her pitiful flaws under kleig lights as never before.

Levi has an article to be out next week. That could add another level of her parenting skills. She has reasons to want to look like a international speaker as the Johnston's are put down.

Anonymous said...

Well, Sarah:
Have you gotten all your shots for visiting Hong Kong?
Remember, they have the Bird Flu and the Swine Flu there.
They also have weird foods there that might give you the runs - so make sure you got you Typhoid shots, as well as your malaria and Hep A and hep B shots...

Once you are over there, just throw away your ticket and stay there! I am sure the Chinese people will be very appreciative of you. They need another guinea pig or two (or more, if not only Toad but also your kids and grandkids come with you)

Floyd M. Orr said...

ProChoiceGrandma, Arianna IS the problem, not the moderators working for her. She continues to promote this abomination from Wasilla. Do you think that is an accident? Arianna will put anything on the front page of the Huffington Post that specifically will NOT bring down the witch! She will not post any comment that mentions Babygate or any other scandal that could really bring her down. Arianna is in it for the fame and money, just like the overpaid trailer trash she is so diligently protecting.

Notice that Geoffrey Dunn's article of a couple of days ago stayed on the Huffington front page for less than four hours. It was moved to the Politics page, where it would receive far fewer viewers. The newest Hong Kong debacle was put on the front page immediately, as was the long list of SP video recap released yesterday. Promote, yes. Bring down with any one of many scandals, absolutely not! Do we see a pattern here, folks?

Praying $P goes to HK said...

If she goes to HK, this will be the best thing that could possibly happen. She will officially become an international joke. Oh, and does $P realize that HK is not full of Christians?

DEFINITELY someone will film it.

Can you imagine what she has to say to BUSINESS PEOPLE? Her geopolitical advice is: QUIT!

Anonymous said...

China- ultimate death panel country- one family one child. yes, birth control big time, abortions too.

Anonymous said...

Stocks Lower After China Market Plunge -- must of heard $P will be speaking to Asian investors!

Anonymous said...

Dim wit goes for dim sum

LisanTX said...

I think this is part of an effort to revamp Palin's image, by Rupert Murdoch or Roger Ailes, or someone else who wants to use her. Someone will write her speech, just as they've been writing the Washington Post op-ed and FaceBook posts. Someone thinks she has potential to be a tool for their purposes and she's game for now. Her NPD, A-SPD, etc. will probably make her uncontrollable, but we'll see.

Anonymous said...

LOL at the pic they used for this article:

It's her "Imma runnin' for Guv'ner" crazy face made famous in many a Photoshop! LOLOLOLOL.

Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S hysterical!! Can I repeat that? "Dim wit goes for dim sum"...I love it!

Anonymous said...

Did Huffington Post take the sucker bait and report this as if she is set to go? Do they put in the part about it is only official after lawyer approval and SarahPac spokesperson says it?

Are the McCain campaign staffers coming out with a book on the AIP cover up? Can Todd get security clearance?

Anonymous said...

i find it incredibly funny
Sarah Palin first coming out of hiding doing an overseas political stunt
and her peeps are all mum

They don't wanna talk about it.. they are afraid she is gonna bail

how sad
I posted on the pee site .. a 5 second tweet that's all she has to do to say if she's gonna do it or not ..

and I was deleted and folled by a post that the "trolls" were in full force

How very sad.. can they not see? .. they follow her to the ends of the earth but they can't even get excited about her next venue without taking precaution and not posting it.. because they could , in turn, look like fools

so instead they post historical articles and the such.. trying to revive her memory

this should be headline news for the palinistas!!! But instead, they are afraid to even make mention..
in their eyes.. if MEG doesn't give the word.. it aint so

Sarah, sarah .. saaarah
i thought you werem carried in life by the Rock.. the lord
well.. you got a million people hanging on your every breath.. wwjd
what would jesus do
these poor peeps get nothing from her.. nil

on top of hearing she doesnt "have time" to open the boxes of gifts they sent

yet.. enarmored.. alliance of the sheep..

Anonymous said...

00:25, I have to prep myself to visit pee site. Thank you for your brave service and a report. ".. trying to revive her memory" is the funniest thing I heard all day but it does leave one with a rather tragic view of the make over efforts.

She is going to speak for communist business men who can afford to pay hookers. Most of the country isn't in that financial class. They will get it about Palin's services while some dirty old men go gaga.

For once the pee site shows they may have some brain tissue left. Smarter than the Associated Press that say she will, but add it will be closed to the media, and the topic has not yet been confirmed. More sheep..

Drew said...

I hope they were smart enough to buy the "Palin No show" insurance policy!

just saying...

KaJo said...

That was an interesting observation, Anonymous @ 21:19, it bears repeating: "...China- ultimate death panel country- one family one child. yes, birth control big time, abortions too."

Fresh from a Right to Life speech in Indiana in April, successful in pawning off her daughter as a one-time, one-appearance advocate for teenage sexual abstinence (snicker) -- how is it Sarah Palin can come to terms philosophically and morally with speaking in a country with such "anti-life" views?

Of course, any of us who've been following Sarah Palin (and who aren't being duped by her and who don't adore her) for the last year know the answer.


honestyinGov said...

Here is an interesting conundrum for all of you more ' legal-minded' folks out there. 3 weeks is a long way away. There are a few legal battles going on right now that have not played out. And what if between now and then a NEW charge comes out... something of a Federal nature. We keep hearing the ' rumors '.. IRS etc.
Even if she gets only charged and not convicted... Would the legal statutes allow her to leave the Country..? It's not like she would flee to avoid prosecution but what about the letter of the law. No bending the Rules. Would it force a cancellation as well..? Hmmmm...

indy_girl said...

Maybe Sarah is going to get some of that foreign policy experience she bragged so much about during the campaign...or also too she just wants to pal around with Communists! How very pro-American of her!

Anonymous said...

I think that I had better explain to Sarah how those Chinese businessmen become so very rich in a country that also has very very poor people.

If you think Alaska politics are corrupt, Chinese politics will put them to shame. Government and business work hand in hand in China. In return for big payoffs, Chinese officials condemn property for business development: big skyscrapers, condos, shopping malls. The people who are displaced receive less than the value for their little place that they have to leave. In return, they can sign up for a new apartment, an hour commuting time from where they used to live. In addition, the closeness and intimacy of a small (a little run down) neighborhood, they are now dispersed, separated into large apartment blocks that may be modern but don't always work. The spirit of the neighborhoood is lost. This is Chinese Communist Progress, and some have become overnight billionaires, millionaires, drive very expensive cars, live the high life at the expense of many more who will never have that life.

If you need more examples of the Chinese economy, it operates at the cheapest level possible, paying some workers little for a 14 hour day. Young people live away from home, returning only for holidays, virtual slaves in the growing factory system.

Ecology? Envirnment? Forget about it. Some cities in China are so polluted that school has to be canceled, or only half the cars are allowed on the road to reduce pollution on red-alert days.

Hong Kong isn't as bad. It was a British Protectorate before returning to the Peoples Republic of China in 1989. But, they are on guard, people are watched. Protests will be put down. The Party Officials are the ones who are elected. The reason that it is allowed a bit more freedom in this Communist country is because it is one of the major engines that drives the Chinese economy.

And a word about the dignity of women in Hong Kong: There are hundreds of young women from the Philippines work as domestic slaves there, often exploited financially and sexually by the people that Sarah Palin will be addressing.

If Sarah Palin cannot face her own people: Republican Women in Simi Valley or anti-abortionists in Wasilla, how can she face this group? Well, I know how she can be a big hit-- wear the shortest skirt,, rat that hair into a skyscraper, slather on the makeup. It won't matter what she says. They will love her look, and she will leave the Chinese businessmen just as excited as McCain was when he first chose her.
Gongxi, Sarah, good luck!

PS By the way, Sarah, if the Gucci bag is only $10. is really isn't Gucci. And, these are the same people who put chalk in infant formula, tainted dog food, lead paint in kids' toys, be sure to pick up some $10.D&G purses, too.

Anonymous said...

Sarah will love it there, given what the above poster wrote. She tried to turn Wasilla into a soulless strip mall. I'm sure she loves seeing starving slaves working for the big money. It's a dream come true for her.

Anonymous said...

Someone at Mudflats is saying CLSA is more Aussie and Canadian bankers. Watch the movie The Two Mr. Kissels.

The movie is not accurate about the Kissels but depicts the financial district.

nswfm CA said...

Anon about 3 above me, you said it succinctly and best out of all that I've read today since seeing this first thing in the AM.

Anonymous said...

Over at another site, Bristol Palin was seen at the fair with both babies, no Piper. Also the story is that Willow now attends Colony High School in Palmer and is living with Todd, who has moved out of the house. Also, this writer states that the rujmor is Palin is in New York. Hhmmmmmm......

wes_ben said...

Wow, you guys really want a chuckle? Go to the Asia Sentinel and read the comments :D

Anonymous said...

@wes_ben: I loved the article! They really said it all.

As for Sarah being an expert on economics, all she can offer is that she backed out on her responsibilities of elective office to make money. So, the moral of the speech is, "Whatever you are doing, seize the opportunity to screw them and enrich yourself."

(My husband belongs to a business organization that holds an annual meeting to which spouses are invited. The big event dinner always features some hack inspirational speaker who usually has one of those "how I worked my way up the ladder" or "how I took a chance, followed my dream and made a million dollars" type of speech. Every single one of those talks was dreadful. Welcome to the club, Sarah).

basheert said...

She's going to a Communist Country that controls the number of children the citizens can PRODUCE. They promote STATE run abortion. They adopt out girls if they have one, so they can try for a BOY.

Right up Sarah's alley.

And yes the Chinese follow you every step of the way - they monitor every breath and they only allow you to see what they want. Chinese businessmen utilize hookers daily.

Yes Sarah - go visit china. BTW she doesn't have to worry about stealing info on her laptop, it's doubtful she even owns one.

Anonymous said...

To be serious, take a look at real notables and luminaries. For example, George W. Bush was President, a lousy president, but still president. Where has he been speaking? We've hardly see him.

The only appearances that Dick Cheney can stir up are on Fox TV. We have not seen Rumsfield or Condi, who frankly have alot to answer for and would probably be higher on the list than Sarah.

It is pretty clear that what Sarah wants is lot$$$ of money and attention. She will need a new wardrobe (thanks PAC), they will pay for her transportation, pick her up in a limo, people will ask for her autograph, and she will feel like a star. She had better cash in quickly, because I don't don't see any staying power.

In the same vein of people with no talent and nothing to say occupying a high profile position, Jenna Bush just signed up with CBS to be their education expert. What is the world coming to?

Anonymous said...

The world has been invaded obviously. We are infested with immoral moronic aliens.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone will throw a pair of Naughty Monkeys at her. Will she know to duck?

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Regina, given that CLSA's majority owner is Credit Agricole, how do you think the regional French will appreciate
more than US$100,000
of their profits being given to this loser?