Thursday, 5 February 2009

Wolf killer palling around with dog killer

Fred Malek is Sarah Palin's new best friend. She was wined and dined "chez Malek" on her visit to Washington to deal with some Alaska business (Yeah, right...). Malek escaped the Watergate scandal, but is known as an anti-semite, a reputation he gained while working in the Nixon administration. Nixon wanted to get rid of some Jews who were making his life difficult and Malek was in charge of finding them. He became known as the "Jew counter". A big contributor to the McCain/Palin campaign, he's also responsible for inflicting Dan Quayle on unsuspecting Americans. And the Bushes...

Here is a snippet of an article by Geoffrey Dunn on The Huffington Post:

"Malek would feel right at home in Alaskan politics. But there's one sordid tale in Malek's background that might give Palin the pit bull some pause. As Washington Post columnist Colbert King reported a few years ago, Malek was involved in a gruesome incident in his home state of Illinois, shortly after he graduated from West Point.

In the early morning hours of August of 1959, sheriff deputies outside of Peoria discovered a vehicle covered in blood and a group of drunken young men, also covered in blood, nearby. Some were hiding in the bushes. The men told the deputies that they had accidentally hit a dog. Then their story changed. And then it changed again. Finally, one of them confessed. They had captured the dog and had barbecued it in a nearby park. The deputies returned to the scene and found a skinned and gutted canine on a spit in the park. An empty booze bottle was also nearby. Fred Malek was one of the five young men arrested for the crime, though the charges against him were eventually dropped.

Malek's come a long way since that drunken barbecue and canine slaughter. But the Alaska pit bull had better watch her back."

Charming, n'est-ce pas?

But knowing Sarah Palin's reputation for stabbing her mentors in the back, maybe Malek should watch his own!

(for full article, visit the HuffPo)


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

When I saw this article it made me SICK!!!
Now Barbie paling around with him...
a wolf killer and a dog killer!
Kill baby kill!
I just hope/pray Karma bites them both in the Ass!

Dianne said...

This makes me so angry!!! Two peas in a pod. These people are sick and exceptionally cruel. crystalwolf aka - I'm with you in hoping for that Karma touch.

Dianne said...

Another thought - Even though this is a Sarah Palin blog (Regina - your're doing a heck of a job for an amateur blogger, btw) I live near Peoria and know several people from that area. I've never thought to ask about Fred Malek and his time there but will check around and see if anyone remembers him and his "doings."

regina said...


If you find anything on Malek do let us know. Bear in mind that the dog incident happened in 1959.

I've been drink when I was young, did silly things, but I've never barbecued a dog. The story may be old, but it gives an indication of the mindset of this man, says something about his character.

And Sarah Palin has been palling around with this man very recently...

Bill said...

Patrick,if that is your name, I do not have an ax to grind one way or another when it comes to Sarah Palin...However, I do respect her drive and determination. Being an independent voter who tends to lean to the right(True Right) and wants what is best for the whole country and not just a select group(s). As an independent it is easy to look upon things with a clearer eye than would someone who is fueled by an agenda. An independent sees the country as a buffet whilst the agenda driven have a prix fixe or table d'hote mentality.You will eat it and you will like it! I am constantly amazed at how deeply you and this army of mindless drones are obsessed with Sarah Palin; you poor things cannot let her go. Look at all the time and energy you so called educated people invest into nothing but hate for Sarah Palin. If she is so stupid, robotic, lame, ignorant etc. etc. why do you invest so much time to her.Talk about ignorant hate speech, you bags of puss can't even leave her baby alone. I read some of this stuff and do not become angry. I get the same feeling as when some years ago I,as a fireman, went on a call to a building that had a gas line explosion; as we went through the building looking for survivors, I stepped into the remains of someone who had been blown open and when I had to clean my boots after, I got some of the goo on my hand. I get a similar feeling reading this crap, you misfits really are a sick clot. Why do you care about her baby, her grandson, or anything else for that matter? Why don't you delve into the cummings and goings of Barny Frank (Is he still pimping young boys for Democrat contributors??) or the late unlamented degenerate coward murderer Teddy-Boy Kennedy. Did Teddy and Bubba ever hang out?? Follow the trail of abused woman to find out. I guess the brain cancer explains a great deal. How many other woman have been raped and or killed by a Kennedy...Ah,wait, let's see, there was, and then there was...Anyone have a pencil or calculator? How about your messiah Barak Obama who surrounds himself with all the flotsam and effluvium this country has produced in the last sixty years, There is not a commie wannabe,tax cheat or treasonous garbage he is able to scrape up.. he has surrounded himself with .This country has had more than 100,000 young Americans killed fighting the Communists and this yokel invites their operatives into the most sensitive areas of this government. He sat in a church for twenty years and didn't get the preacher's message. He didn't know Acorn was getting millions in Fed funds even though he was one of their top lawyers. Millions of people are able to produce a Birth Certificate if necessary, all except the President of the U.S. One would think he would show one just to shut up the so called "Birthers". A group of American citizens who simply want to be sure their President is an American citizen. It's not like they wanted to investigate his wife's birth records. Why not ask for Malia Ann and Sasha's birth details. Why so interested in Sarah Palin's kid?...Answer, people who wallow in and are mired in their own misory trying to smear a good and decent person because they are so damn afraid of her! Why, she's just a simple minded, country dolt...right? Just look at some of the blurbs...and not one of these geeks knows anything about Palin. Just make up crap and send it out...! They should investigate their parents to find out what caused the brain damage and made them such losers...Palin is a winner...get used to it. A special note to the puss calling itself Patrick...why don't you sign your work with your REAL FULL name and stop hiding behind some lame punk ass PC screen name !