Sunday, 4 October 2009

Bill Maher on Sarah Palin's book

(H/T to KaJo)


Anonymous said...

As seen on Amazon: Buy Going Rogue: An American Life and get Catastrophe

Time to play with the zoom feature...

Does she not own another pair of earrings as those Alaska ones are spent.

Even with zoom her breasts have disappeared but at least her nose is clean. Facial tattoos ala MJ?

As seen on Barnes & Noble:
Going Rogue: An American Life by Sarah Palin Hardcover
More Formats:
Paperback - Large Print (comes with crayons and pop up pictures also, too)
Compact Disc - Abridged (to Nowhere with narration by William Shatner)

Irishgirl said...

Loved Bill and his titles. Thanks for posting it Regina.

Anonymous said...

After you're done with the zoom feature at Amazon, this is worth a revisit!

What would a Sarah Palin presidency look like? Someone decided to answer that question and created a Flash video with their humorous vision of Palin in the Oval Office. Once you get the Flash player up by clicking on the above link, move your cursor over the image and click on the various clickable objects. spoofs how Sarah Palin would decorate the White House if she were the United States President. Move your mouse and click on everything inside the picture to witness objects move and to hear "Palin" speak to you.

A tipster told us to be sure to click on the desk, sofa, windows and door (click on it several times for many surprises).

End with the red phone. CATASTROPHIC!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to hit the light switch for a long awaited message from McCain! We deserve at least that much from him!!

Anonymous said...

Great bit! I've got one title. If Hunter were still alive: FEAR AND LOATHING IN WASILLA.

midnightcajun said...

This was beyond hilarious. And I'm wondering about that "babies I'll get back to ya" line.

Amy1 said...

Don't forget to click on the red phone.

emrysa said...

those were great thanks for posting!