Sunday, 11 October 2009

Babygate – “The video of Sarah Palin that everyone wants to see”

Guestpost by Patrick

We have to thank our reader “Bell” for uncovering another highly interesting piece of information. As most of you know, the Israeli filmmaker Elan Frank had unique access to Sarah Palin at the beginning of April 2008, when she was supposedly highly pregnant with Trig. In this news article, it was mentioned that Elan Frank followed her around for three days at the beginning of April 2008. Elan Frank then later sold all the footage to Fox News.

From Sarah Palin’s schedule we can see that he filmed her on April 8, 2008 and April 9, 2008 . Previous to this we already had confirmation that the footage with the black jacket was definitely shot on April 8, 2008. If Elan Frank filmed her on a third day, although this is not mentioned in Sarah’s schedule, we can safely assume that this must have been either just before or after those days. In any case, about ten days later, on April 18, 2008, Trig was supposedly born and “presented to the world” as a premature down syndrome baby with a possible cardiac problem several hours later.

The new footage is a clip from an Israeli news program. You can find the clip posted online here.

However, this online clip is very unstable and doesn’t seem to play very well. Some people are lucky and it loads for them, but for me it didn’t. Fortunately, although I couldn’t view it online, I was able to download this clip. It was well worth it – see for yourself:

We took screenshots of the amazing sequence of the highly “pregnant” Sarah Palin standing up:

Is this a woman who will give birth to a baby which weighs 6 lbs. 2 oz. about ten days later?

After I viewed this footage, I AGAIN searched the internet for pictures and videos of highly pregnant women, just to get a comparison, and they just DID NOT match up, as expected. I know that we have many female readers here who have given birth before – what do you all think about it?

See also the comparison to the famous Gusty picture with Sarah’s prominent “pregnant” stomach dated to April 13, 2008 – taken just about four to five days later!

In addition, the “exchange” between Sarah and Todd in the video clip is quite interesting, especially in light of the “latest revelations”.

Note that she is wearing her famous the blue jacket again – inside the house while she is sitting down and being filmed!

I would also like to draw your attention again to the other videos in which the footage of Sarah Palin shot by Elan Frank is mentioned. These two great clips were created by Ennealogic:

Also, we have more highly interesting footage of Sarah Palin which was shot by Elan Frank and which was included in the fourth part of the Fox News series “Sarah Palin – An American Woman”:

(Click on still pictures to enlarge)


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Looselips said...

the first screenshot shows the top of her left leg. If she had a baby bump of appropriate size, this would not be visible.

Anonymous said...

UGH...That disgusting wrinkled blue windbreaker! Who wears your coat inside all the time???? Palin did not before she was supposedly PG. She is all dressed up in nice shoes, black hose, hair done, earrings...."oh, right, I am going to be filmed so let me top off my outfit with this spectacular coat!" She was hiding her flat square pad. People...wake up...she faked this pregnancy!!! She did not go from this look to the Andrea Gusty photo in 4-5 days. Impossible!

Great job, Patrick! S.H.

Anonymous said...

The way she rears up and gets out of the chair... wow!

She has the butt muscles and leg strength of a grizzly bear! On the other hand, maybe the pillow did not weigh much.

Sarah is a SHAM.. and a liar

Patrick said...

Please note that if you click on the Gusty picture, it lead you straight to the version of the picture with the highest resolution available - the picture was originally published on the "erik99559" flickr account with a lower resolution. The pic with the higher resolution was posted only later on the KTVA website when Andrea Gusty made her big report about this issue.

Anonymous said...

In the 1st video, I heard audio of Greta and someone speaking Hebrew at the same time (???). LOL ... it also shows her in Kuwait firing the fake -- whoops! training -- rifle.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

This video should be emailed to Andre Sullivan

Anonymous said...

Andrew Sullivan's email address:

I think this should be brought to his attention.

Anonymous said...

The ONLY reason Palin wore all those silly jackets indoors was to hide the fact that she was NOT pregnant.

Sarah Palin is a liar and complete fraud.

Amy1 said...

Great going, Patrick!

Amy1 said...

And Bell: what a good find!

Truly Madly Deeply said...

All of us women who have been pregnant KNOW that it is impossible to jump up out of a low chair like that when you are eight months matter how tight your abs are and how low an amniotic fluid day you are having.

Sarah Palin's pregnancy with Trig was a fraud.

Anonymous said...

The awesomeness, Patrick! I couldn't get that clip to play or download - talk about a hidden treasure. None of these photos seem to be enough to break open this story or that would have happened a long time ago, but when this thing does crack people will look back on all this photographic evidence and go, "Well, duh!"

Great find - I'm giddy with laughter!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry guys but she looks preggo in the new video to me, and I certainly dont believe she was.

This video is not going to convince those that believe her lies if nothing else has.

She is wearing the padding, I can see it.

I dont mean to rain on this, I know its new but its not evidence of anything and that is`what you need right now, given that those in the know are not going to say a word. Even Levi.

Anonymous said...

Ruth Video Is Under Review

Patrick said...

Anon 00:18

No 8-months pregnant woman moves like that!

Can the mothers here please enlighten us, and don't hesitate to go into detail, so that the others understand what goes on in a woman's body when she is highly pregnant...Thank you!

Amy1 said...

So once truly caught, she's going to say: "okay, so you outed me, you bad bloggers. I'm just a great Mom, trying to help my daughter, who was going to adopt out her baby, but then when it was born (in Jan/Feb), no one wanted it because T1 had Down Syndrome, so I said 'I want it: you give it up for adoption, I'll adopt it, and we can keep this dear treasure in our family.' And so we did, only I hoped to leave Bristol out of it. Perhaps I should have told you all I was adopting rather than trying to fake the pregnancy -- but I thought there would be too many questions asked with an adoption -- no one would believe that I could do my job and adopt this dear Downs baby too. So maybe I made a mistake in HOW I did it, but I did a good thing and I'm not sorry, and I wish all you Nosy Parkers would just go away and leave us alone, especially now."

And then all the dopey campaign folks who knew all along will come out of the woodwork and say "Oh my goodness, who'd a thunk it!?! I knew something might have been a little off, but I never had ANY idea. No idea a tall."

And then she's off the hook. Bristol is unavailable to reporters. The Nov 17 book can still be revised to include this new bit of "truth." It'll make the papers for a few days and then everyone will say that's enough. Flash in the pan; over; and out.

Wouldn't that be a disappointing outcome. Say it ain't gonna be so, Patrick et al.!

Anonymous said...

i went on bedrest during my 7th month .. just stayed on the couch
I remember clearly thinking.. wow this must be what it is like for obese people..
Just getting up, I had to lean back or get my feet a little wider

I would tell those around me.. can you imagine living like this? Must be so hard for people that are really overweight.
I'm gonna lose this belly in a couple of months.. but geesh to like this every day
I actually felt a bit sorry for "fat" people

I was 21, with my first child
My stomach was firm as a rock.. as prego bellies are

She seems awfully zippy for a late term prego lady..
Good lawd bring her down soon.. her smugness is offensive

ArmchairJane said...

For the longest time I could not figure out the reason for wearing the coat indoors all the time. But it's become clear to me that she needed it to conceal the pillow/empathy belly apparatus and probably in particular any band or straps holding it in place. Also to hide the side "edges" of the pillow or whatever she was using.

The only time she has a good quality full sized pregnancy prosthesis in place is the Gusty photo.

She had to start up with the coat once she had gotten beyond the point where it could be conceivable that a mere suit jacket and scarf could hide the "tight abs" pregnancy.

The scarf and coat both also signal a large zone of "personal space" around her: don't touch me or my belly! It is also interesting that she never seems to caress her supposedly pregnant belly, but she does fiddle with the end of the scarf from time to time...


Truly Madly Deeply said...

Between the seventh and eighth month a woman starts to feel quite uncomfortable no matter how healthy she is. Breathlessness becomes a problem and swollen ankles are common place.

A pregnant woman at that stage does not jump up from a low chair because her balance is not the same as that of a non pregnant woman. Pregnant women at that stage rise from a chair carefully in order NOT to loose their balance and hurt their baby by falling over. Some women suffer from high blood pressure during the last months and that adds to their discomfort.

Sarah Palin may have had some padding on but it was not the same as the pregnancy suit that she was obviously wearing in the Gusty video 4 days later.

I think that something happened over that 4 day period that persuaded Sarah that she had to look extremely pregnant very, very quickly.

Amy1 said...

Truly Madly Deeply -- yes: out of breath, exhausted, hypertension, v uncomfortable and also v careful and vulnerable-feeling. Unsteady, often with an arm out for a better grip re steadyness.

Armchair Jane: It didn't dawn on me until your post how important it would be conceal the back/side straps -- SP was a little chunkier then than now, and just as the indentations from underwear's elastic are visible on a woman's back, the straps from a fake belly would be too. To say nothing of any unwanted shifting of any of it.

Anonymous said...

I had three kids between 20 and 27. I am 5'4" weighed about 115 at the time and all ways a small or extra small. At 20 I wore all my same stuff except elastic waisted pants and lager tops. The last one at 27 i could not fit into any thing. I had a good friend who actually made me 2 tops for my last couple of months that she pleated in 3 yards of fabric in the front. I did use my rock hard tummy for a table at times as my plate could balance nicely there. I looked very much like ms palin with her number one not her number five.No you can not get up from or out of any thing easy. Actually you just really do not want to move much at all. At that point all you wanted to do was have that baby.I always went back to my pre preg weight so it was not like I was just bigger then i was before.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone asked Frank Elan about the rectangular belly in the video? He said he didn't favor her politics but he was smitten with her as a person/woman. Since it is his work that has so many Americans wondering about the rectangular belly I would like to know what he thinks after seeing the capture that shows the outline. He could help put to rest all the attention she gets that they don't like. If people were told the truth they would leave it alone.

As a videographer he probably wasn't paying attention to details like her belly. He might appreciate being clued in.

elaine said...

Amy1 - yes, I agree that her followers will turn this into a story that PRAISES SP for her sacrafice. They will not "get" that most of us see nothing wrong with her and Todd adopting Trig (in fact, it IS an admirable thing to do). It is the LYING, the multitude of LIES that we find so intolerable. But NOTHING can turn their blind allegiance - I have always said that if she stood on the steps of the Capitol building and bit off the heads of baby kittens, they would all arrive with more kitties for her to sacrifice. I look forward to the culmination of the "gates" that could result in prosecution for criminal wrong-doing (IRS, housegate, AIGA issues coming from Halcro, and bribery charges) - MAYBE the dishonesty and fraud exposed for things less personal WILL open their eyes. Being a fraud and a hoaxster may not matter to them - but if she is proven a criminal - well, we can only hope that the blind will "see."

Patrick said...


Sarah *might* have gotten "off the hook" if she had admitted the faking of the pregnancy immediately after the campaign. But it's far too late now, and she has lied repeatedly about her pregnancy since the campaign. Nobody will buy her story at this point. She is cornered - there is no way out.

Anonymous said...

I've been pregnant three times. I could not move like that. I am short (5'3) and carried all three out in front. By six monthes with all three my belly preceeded every move I made. By seven monthes I was out of breath just sitting. This is not a pregnant woman.

Anonymous said...

Imagine what is going to happen when this finally breaks wide open and the national media gets its proof they're looking for? The entire Palin family will be shamed for life for the lie. The Republican Party cannot claim ignorance to the scam will be held responsible for masking the coverup. And finally Fox News, poor Rup and it's mouths will be silenced, and most likely will lose millions in ad revenue for years to come... well, except those who pimp gold buying. This isn't simply a Palin problem anymore!

AKPetMom said...

She does look more pregnant than I've seen except for the Gusty photos in that shot of her in her bedroom doorway. I see sway backed pregnant woman but perhaps it's just the quality of the video.

Not sure but this is not the best argument that I've seen for her not being prego, and believe me I really feel that she didn't birth Trig.

Anonymous said...

Most caring pregnant soon to be moms caress their bellies. It's a maternal instinct thing. Plus as the baby moves the mother feels every movement. Mom responds.
Scarah never touches her belly. Oh hell she doesn't touch her kids once they come out of her womb.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Palin could have gotten away with explaining the Trig adoption conspiracy in such a fashion so as to put herself in a relatively sympathetic light (at least with those who didn't, or didn't want to, examine it too closely), if Bristol had not gotten pregnant again.

But Sarah did not hesitate to out her pregnant teenage daughter when it became necessary to do so in order to hush the growing gossip about the Trig pregnancy.

What Sarah did to Bristol on the national stage - exposing a teenage girl as an unwed mother - puts the lie to any claim Sarah tries to make about putting her kids ahead of her political aspirations.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin's wheel is still spinning, but the hamster is dead.

Anonymous said...

Great job as always, Patrick! I think we really get nowhere in discussing how she moves (even though it's true, it's too subjective), but the screenshots of Sarah getting up out of the chair and turning sideways to the camera clearly show that there is no baby bump whatsoever. It is very obvious that it's not there, just 10 days before the alleged birth. She must have been getting up to get the square pillow...Very nice work, Patrick and others who are still finding new material at this stage of the investigation!

Bell said...

Patrick - I'm glad you found that video interesting. That footage shot by Elan Frank, shows SP moving in ways that no pregnant woman with a belly the size pictured on April 13th could IMHO. In the photo of Sarah standing with Elan Frank in her office this same day, she reveals her "baby bump" from the front, still wearing the blue jacket to cover whatever tell-tale signs might not look right beneath.

There is more of the Elan footage filmed on the 8th, in the black jacket/scarf combo that Ennealogic did such a great job with in that YouTube video above. It aired on Entertainment Tonight and it can be found on Elan's website under Media/video clips, at the 1:09 mark.
This is where SP, (again), moves to pick up her bag and exposes a soft looking, pillowish, belly pad - not the right shape IMHO - and her movements too quick, too comfortable for a very pregnant woman.

Anonymous said...

Amy1 ------ I am more concerned about the media ignoring, spinning or hiding things. Her followers are as irrelevant as she is. It doesn't matter what they think or believe. There are some believers who will have to give up going along with her story because they will want to have careers etal. The part about faking a pregnancy is small compared to what all it will unravel. There will be accessories to crimes. She put children in her schemes. If Dr. Baldwin-Johnson wasn't a fake she would have somehow called her out on all the abuse. Aren't doctors suppose to report child abuse? What would you do to save a pregnant daughter? Concoct lies that would effect your other three children and force them into going along with it? I feel no sympathy for a mother that makes a choice to help one child and do so much destruction to the others.

Find some adults who grew up thinking there mother was a sister and later learn the sister is the mother. It is disturbing. In my family I thought a cousin was an "uncle."
It was not my immediate family or a big deal for me. The "uncle" was a problem child. By the time I heard the whole story I did go through feeling betrayed and more. Grandmothers pretending to be a mother was the way it was done in those days but it was not good. All the family members who go along with that scheme are doing severe harm to the other children whether the world finds out or not. Cleansing the poison of lies is the best way to go for all the children involved.

Anonymous said...

An interesting thing in the Frank video is that she says she hid the pregnancy, but in the wild ride story she says that she didn't hide the pregnancy.

ArmchairJane said...

Amy1, you got it about the indentations of straps, bands, etc. That's just what I am talking about! As well as being able to see the edges of the padding/pillow... It would be another version of the dreaded VPL. The coat was the answer.

That black outfit she wore all the time had a drape to it that looked like it was synthetic or partially synthetic, and I think it would have shown lines in the back. So, coat to the rescue!

After the pregnancy announcement, she always seemed to either have one of her outdoor coats on over her skirt, shirt, and scarf. Or she rarely had a suit jacket as the outer layer, but that seemed to be only at times when it was especially important to her that she looked good.

For instance at that taped interview of her and Governor Napolitano, the day before Palin announced the pregnancy. She sat leaned far forward with tight high heeled boots on for a half hour straight. Yet another amazing feat of pregnancy contortions that only Sarah could pull off!

Anonymous said...

What the sea of urine folks don't get is that most people have a problem with liars. yes, adopting yoru daughter's baby as your own can be seen as a good thing, but that is provided that you didn't use said baby to prove your pro-life cred and give speeches about how you "thought about it" and "made the choice" to have the baby.

Furthermore, forcing your daughter and other children to lie publicly is so abusive, there aren't words for it. Denying the truth is extremely psychologically damaging for children. Studies show that kids can recover from horrific childhoods, but usually they have an adult around them who validates their reality and is a trust-worthy person. These kids don't have that person.

I don't see how anyone could trust her to run for any kind of office after she lied to the people over and over again. This is no better and in fact it's worse than what John Edwards, Ensign, and Sanford did-- they lied to their spouses and the people about their sex lives. They didn't abuse their children.

For a "family values" party, if they dfend Palin after she's busted, they're goners.

expect Fox news to sell Sarah out if this comes to light. They'll minimize it but distance themselves, and if they want to remain a shred of credibility (ha ha) they;ll denounce her for what she's done to her kids.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe I am commenting here (I prefer lurking), but since you asked, I've had 3 kids. There is no way -- and I really mean that, absolutely, physically impossible, no way -- for a woman in the 8th month of any pregnancy, let alone her 5th, to get up out of a chair head and shoulders first. Between your pelvis and ribs are all your organs, plus all the baby's organs, plus the baby's gigantic head plus all the amniotic fluid and, most importantly, the baby's skeleton (yes, the head is part of it). There is too much matter, much of it inflexible, to allow the compression in the abdominal area that allows one to stand by fist leaning forward and flexing the stomach muscles. You have to stand by first leaning way back, pushing yourself forward with your arms and hands, then launching sort of pelvis or side first.
What blows me away, and oddly, in part, makes it all so difficult to believe -- I can't believe a woman who'd brought 4 previous children to term couldn't remember to get herself out of a chair in that manner if she was trying to pass herself off as 8 months pregnant, especially while being filmed. I delivered my last child nearly 9 years ago, and I can still recall that strange, awkward feeling of getting up that way vividly, that sensation that there are twice as many bones in your body as there should be, and half of them are where almost no bones should be.
Anyway, just my two cents. Back to lurking :)

Anonymous said...

I played a pregnant woman in a movie a long time ago...I've never been pregnant, but even I knew how to move and how the weight balance shifts when you're pregnant.

Shame on Sarah for her shoddy acting job! I think she wanted to have it both ways-- and that she knew she hadn't been acting pregnant before, so she didn't want the sudden transition to "pregnant" woman to be obvious, so she figured she could pull this off by going half and half.

Which is just further proof of her lack of judgment and commitment.

Global Village said...

OK I have six children but have had seven pregnancies. I am short with a slim build and a straight back. Now it didn't matter if it was my first or the seventh pregnancy, there was only one way to get out of chair like that, weeks prior to giving birth.

Step 1.
With back straight, slide backside to the front of the seat of the chair.
Step 2.
With hands placed on the arms of the chair, to prepare to move body from chair.
Step 3.
Hands push into arms of chair and propel the body forward with legs spread ready to prepare to take the weight of the body - thus keeping body steady because of the weight held at the front of the body.

This manoeuvre is not a pretty thing let me tell you!

Anonymous said...

She did a lousy job of preparing for a part.

Sophia said...

I have nine children, been pregnant nine times and here is the thing that strikes me in any photo or video of Sarah Palin:

Her posture doesn't indicate that she is pregnant. As the baby grows, the body just natural accommodates for the extra weight in the front by leaning backward ... thus the usual sway back, the shoulders are further back, the arms hang further back. This has to happen as the center of gravity has changes for a pregnant woman.

This happens over the course of months and is a gradual change that the woman may not even be aware of.

She looks like she is wearing padding of some sort, obviously an empathy belly in one incident but her body posture doesn't change. She always looks like she is leaning forward instead of backward.

and of course, having given birth nine times, I have never believed the crazy birth story that she has told. If it, by some CRAZY chance, were true, I would label her the most irresponsible mother ever.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

It's official, pregnant women should choose a high seated chair to sit in as a low level chair is much harder to rise up from!The study also confirms that pregnant woman find it difficult to rise from a chair.

"Twenty-four pregnant women were included in this study to investigate the performance and possible related biomechanical factors of chair-rise. Body movements of these subjects were recorded using video-based motion analysis system. Three force plates were applied to obtain the ground reaction forces of foot, seat and armrest. Kinematics and kinetics data were analyzed to evaluate the angles and moments of the hip, knee and ankle joints. The result indicated that the maximum moment of the three joints occurred nearly in the beginning of extension phase. As the chair height increased, the maximum flexion angles decreased significantly at the hip, knee, and ankle joints. The chair height had great influence on joint and hip joint moments, but less on ankle joint. In the third stage (chair height: 65% KH), the maximum hip moment significantly decreased because of a remarkable increase in abdominal depth. In contrast to the hip moment, the maximum knee moment greatly increased. This result revealed the reason why pregnant female have more difficulty on the performance of chair-rise.
Additionally, rising with the armrest for pregnant female would significantly decreased the maximum knee moment. This study suggested that pregnant female should select armrest or higher chair to decrease the joint loading during chair-rise.""

CR46 said...

When I was pregnant(many yrs ago) at 21, I was 5'10" and weighed 105 at they start of my pregnancy, I only gained 17 lbs(I had trouble gaining weight) and my stomach stuck out very far. Another thing, besides the getting up pic, pregnant women walk different (and no I do not mean waddle) but even early on pregnant women walk different, my mom used to spot it all the time. My mom, in fact, told me she thought I was pregnant. They walk a slight bit more careful as if they are going to fall--they can protect their abdomen. This is an unconscious act, but anyone who has spent time witha pregnant friend, relative, or been pregnant knows what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I'm about the same height as Sarah and kid#2 had low amniotic fluid, there is no way I could have leaned over that far AND kept my knees together at that stage of pregnancy. I wouldn't have been able to breathe and would not be able to get out of the chair even with assistance with my knees together.

Anonymous said...

"I think that something happened over that 4 day period that persuaded Sarah that she had to look extremely pregnant very, very quickly."

I agree. I think Trig had already been born and she had just realized he would have to be "presented" sooner than she had planned. They screwed up anyway, because he didn't look at all premature when they finally did release his pic. I had two preemies around 6 lbs and they both looked like tiny, wrinkled old people. In the "presentation" pic Trig's face is completely filled out--of course by that time he had had several weeks of growth after birth. (And breastfeeding from Bristol-Mom--thanks!!)

Also, I can see how someone who has never HAD a baby and is trying to pretend would completely botch it. As everyone else said, anyone who has been through the last months of pregnancy knows how awkward you feel moving during those last two months--more like a water buffalo than Ms. Manic PerkyPants. So, why on earth would Sarah--who has REALLY been pregnant 4x--do such a poor fake job and expect everyone to believe her lie? Hint: check out the characteristics of narcissism. Narcissists expect that they will always be believed, not matter how outrageous their lies are. Sarah honestly thinks that just because she says it's so, people will take it as truth. She's completely delusional. This is why she becomes so indignant and outraged when she has clearly made a mistake and someone points that fact out.

I was married to a narcissist for 15 years. He was brilliant and could be very personable when he was with someone he was trying to impress or who could do something for him, but told some of the most outrageous and incomprehensible lies you can imagine. He lied to coworkers, his parents, my family, total strangers, me, our children. He even lied about things which had absolutely no meaning to anyone but him. Whenever a lie was proven to be untruthful, and he was presented with that evidence would blow up in a rage or shift blame to someone else. I think lying came so naturally to him that he was convinced that just because HE said something was so, it was true. Sarah seems to be cut right out of the same delusional cloth.

Anonymous said...

I lied -- coming out of lurk mode again --
Having read through the comments, several women are saying 8th month pregnant women are breathless -- yes, they are. Some of it has to do with carrying extra weight, which is physically taxing, but no matter how excellently fit you are, there is no room for your lungs to expand fully, and you are sharing your blood and oxygen with the baby, whose hemoglobin is better at binding the oxygen than your own blood is. You will be out of breath all the time. At the age of 44 -- even more so.
Another thought -- Patrick, all ObGyn offices that I've been in have on the wall of the exam room, a graphic illustration of a pregnant woman's body (innards plus the baby) at all stages of pregnancy. See if you can find one of a late stage, 7, 8 month pregnancy and post it. I think it would make the point very nicely just how cramped it all is. It always amazed me when I looked at it to try to find out -- where're my spleen and liver and stomach and intestines going to go -- a lot of them end up crammed into the chest cavity.
One last thought. If you've ever sat with a late-stage pregnant woman, her pregnant belly has a life of its own -- yeah, literally, but I mean, it is taut, it sticks out well beyond the chest, and it moves. You can see the baby moving beneath. It'll poke out to one side, or stretch a little to the other as the baby moves. It does not sit motionless unless the baby is constantly sleeping, and it cannot be hidden beneath a windbreaker, nor does it look like a soft pillow. There's nothing soft about it -- oblong and smooth, aside from the occasional foot or rear end poking out or a stretched back, but not squishy, pillow-y, compressibly soft, especially not on a very fit, outrageously tight-ab'd woman such as Mrs. Palin. I can't believe it's even necessary to point out such things.

Anonymous said...

yep.. even if Sarah spins a sad tale of woe
(where she is the hero, of course)
when this whole mess comes to a head

There is no denying her very vain approach to this "pregnancy"

Ok she was trying to help Bristol
Like said above, then why did she embarrass her like she did?

Ok tried to hide the pregnancy
Then why did she spend every opportunity informing people how tight her abs are. How she didn't show because.. well "I have such tight abs.. see right here.. pat pat.. smirk"

Why did she make up the "wild ride" only to make herself look extraordinary
- Bleh.. a little amniotic fluid.. a few contractions.. I am woman, Hear me Roar.. I ain't gonna let a little something like that stop me!
I'm tough as nails! hoorah!
- I couldn't let this interfere with my obligation to give a speech
See? I put my Governor position first! What a great Politician I am!

Why did she Wah Wah at the pro-life speech going on and on.. and on.. tear, so sad, po' po' me.. talking about how she was so SCARED.. ooh it was horrible people! Wah Wah

Why did she not tell her family/coworkers and then snicker when she was successful in pulling the wool over their eyes?

Fine Fake it and be a good mom.. but don't twist it into a sorid tale where YOU (Sarah) are the world's best athelete, Politician, Mother, Deceiver.. ect..

No way this broad can twist it..
she messed up big time

Patrick said...

Thanks a lot everybody so far for the great and truly enlightening comments! I personally think we have never seen such valuable comments on a babygate post so far, and I hope that many more will follow! Special thanks to the "lurkers" who usually don't leave comments here. ;-)

Anonymous said...

We've all seen the infamous Bristol/Levi pictures from Day 3 of the RNC convention but here are some very telling ones from Day 4 as well: holy moly

Day 3: interesting RNC pics

What's that saying about a picture and 1,000 words?

Anonymous said...

I was pregnant at 21. I weighed 100 pounds and was 5'2. My waist was a 23. I could never get up out of a chair at 7 or 8 months in a bending position like Sarah Palin. It's like she bounces right up from a low seated position and doesn't even bother to stand straight, but goes right into a forward lean. I could not do that, I would have lost my balance. When pregnant at that stage, one leans backwards (sway backed) to keep the balance. My stomach was so big, I could not see my feet, my feet were swollen and my baby kicked so, I would tenderly rub my stomach to quiet her. Strangers were kind and many patted my stomach. I took ballet as a youth and a young adult and was in great shape and toned, but still could not move like that (at 21 no doubt) with my pregnancy. During my 8th month, I got winded easily and my doctor explained that my baby was pressing my lungs, so it was impossible to run up and down stairs (wouldnt have done so anyway because I cared deeply about my baby). My baby weighted 7lbs and 3 oz. I don't care how you slice it, I just can't see how this woman was pregnant.

Wow, wv: xlesham as in "its all a sham"

Anonymous said...

Good god, you all act like pregnancy makes a woman disabled or something.

Did you know that pregnant women (even eight months along) can still work, take care of other children, exercise, run, do yoga, and even sit up and down without struggling. Geez I am not a super woman but I could still go about my day without struggling while pregnant both times.

Do a google search on 8 months pregnant and click on videos. You will find women this far along doing pushups, throwing kettlebells, getting up from the ground with ease, dancing and all kinds of physical activity. Funny enough you will also find a video documenting whether Palin is Trigs momma or not.

I certainly dont believe that Palin is Trigs natural mother given all the evidence of no bump. But all this "look at the way she isnt struggling" stuff is just plain stupid and makes it seem like being pregnant makes you less capable than anyone else.

get real said...

All Palin had to do was blink and say no.

Now Palin and her family will forever be known as the biggest hoax in US political history. Shameful.

wayofpeace said...

TRULY MADLY DEEPLY said, "I think that something happened over that 4 day period that persuaded Sarah that she had to look extremely pregnant very, very quickly."

PRECISELY! that has always been my contention: SP is not THAT stupid.

her plan was to extend the belly gradually but at a good clip, which is why she had no fear of being photographed with just a small pooch.

she thought she had at least 2 months to pull it off.

THEN, something happened, and i think it was TRIG's health-related.

that alone was serious enough (and legal, too) and not under her control.

thus the miracle belly of the GUSTY picture. and, she almost pulled it off but for us "slackers, basement dwellers, pajama wearing, haters" bloggers.

Anonymous said...

And let me add that my favorite video of an 8 months pregnant woman and how she CAN move is the one called 8 months pregnant dancing to eminem.

Simple google search

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that she was not a scheduled speaker at the governor's conference she attended, the one where the wild ride began.

Anonymous said...

Big difference between lucy rupert (youtube video someone mentioned) and palin gal

Lucy is about 20 years younger
and a DANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All Palin does is run
Running gives you strong legs/lungs but doesn't do a dang thing for flexibility

Same with women being able to do pushups/yoga late in pregnancy

Palin didn't do these things.. maybe she did.. but if so, I am sure we would of heard about it
She kinda likes to .. uh. brag about herself

I posted about being on bedrest and being in my 7th month and having difficulty getting up to a standing position
I was an avid walker (waitress) ..not a whole lot different than running except for lung strength. My legs were "beautiful" as I was in such great shape.

Actually now that I think back.. my baby shower was at 5 months-ish
I was going to school at the time (trade school) and none of my classmates knew I was pregnant until I told them... I didn't look pregnant
But at that babyshower I found "my seat" and stayed there. When I bent over to pick up a gift.. I spread my legs (makes room for the belly)

Maybe Palin is a superwoman but she is so bizzare and odd and lies so dang much without a bat of the eye.. no, she's not
Now, she wants everyone to think she is! It's all about Her

Anonymous said...

If you are a man try to imagine a soccer or basketball under your skin. Everything gets moved around inside. If you think it reflects bad on pregnant women to deal with this part of pregnancy, think of someone with a tumor that size. You have problems breathing and leaning over as something grows inside of you. You do think about getting out of certain types of chairs. There can be times you actually need to ask for help to get up. Pregnancy is temporary, not a disability.

Pregnant women today are under pressure to stay in shape. I'm for good health but it can go to extremes like pregorexia.

Anonymous said...

My one pregnancy was at age 24. I had been riding horses in competition dressage and jumping for years, which develops very strong "core" muscles. By the third month I had an obvious bump.
In the 4th, maternity clothes were a necessity. Thin to start with, and never gained much more than baby's weight. By 6 months I could never have jumped up off a low chair like that! At 8 months I lumbered like a cow!
Of more interest to me than preaching to the choir is, nobody in Wasilla ever saw her in later stages of supposed pregnancy. Not at the grocery store, or a gas station, or at West Valley Medical, nope, not one sighting period. Bristol either.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry your pregnancy was a bit hard on you. But I just dont like all this crap about being pregnant equates to a disabled state.

Its a bunch of crap. I remember being eight months pregnant and digging trees out of the ground. Bending over and everything.

I'm sorry but this line of questioning her pregnancy is demeaning to women in my book.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

OMG! that "holy moly" pic... poor Bristol :( Its so obvious she is wearing the empathy belly there... she would of been like Really 5 months but they used a empathy belly for like 9 months!!!
Everytime I hear the quitter with the "tight abs" comment I just want to slap her! She has so much hubris and thinks no one is on to her scheme....!

Anonymous said...

re-post of old news...

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever gotten or sent in photos from her speech in Texas? If so, did she look pregnant at that time? I believe it's a pillow, because one day she has a big belly, then the next, a little deflated, then the next it's gone down a little, then it's up a little.

Anonymous said...

I do not disagree that there are women that can chop down trees before giving birth

But the problem with Palin, we get the super flexible pregnant woman (which is NOT common) and the lack of any sort of real pregnant belly

Combine the two and geesha louisa

add to it the wild ride.. where Trig's possible death was blown off because it was more important for her to make a speech and be a cavewoman that could handle leakage and labor pains 5 WEEKS early

just combine the entire mess and you get a Very Strange Woman
Nothing adds up...

Truly Madly Deeply said...

Crystalwolf aka caligrl

If Bristol is wearing an empathy belly in the "holy moly" picture then where did Tripp Palin come from?

And how do you know she has an empathy belly on?

Also TBH it does not look like a nine month empathy belly to me if it is one. Look at the Gusty picture that is a nine month empathy belly.

mommom said...

You want to know how an 8 months pregnant women moves? First,eat the biggest meal of spicy spaghetti and meatballs you can force down your throat,with garlic bread.Drink lots of water to wash it down.Now,you should be flushed,stuffed and uncomfortable,and you should have heartburn so bad you want to throw up. Next,get duct tape and a 10 pound bowling ball,along with an old basketball.Cut open the basketballput some padding inside ,place the bowling ball inside with more padding to recreate the round shape of the ball.duct taope it shut.Now using huge amounts of duct tape,strap that sucker on to your belly,between the hips,slightly above the pubic bone.Use enough tape to keep from having bruised feet from the ball falling.Now start walking up stairs,getting up from chairs,etc,and see how it feels.Your not done yet.Now put on some high heel shoes and retrace your steps.Switch to running shoes,and jog a couple of miles.
See how that works for ya,and see if you think Sarah was pregnant in the videos.

Anonymous said...

I don't think admitting late stages of pregnancy are difficult physically is demeaning at all

Any person (man or woman) who is growing another human being inside their belly... with all the stuff that takes can be difficult if you are not prepared for it.

Yes there are some women that stay in tip top shape and breeze through pregnancies and birth
But they are diligent with keeping in shape. Her avid "running" does not prepare you.

You are not "weak" when your body changes because of carrying a baby
All organs shift to make room.. hence why you may get heart burn for the first and only time of your life.. the shifting of organs, in itself, is taxing on the body

Prego women aren't made to just flop around.. activity is healthy.. but when you are in your last month or so .. and all you do is "office work" like Palin... odds are you are more of the norm and experience a bit of physical difficulty late in the pregnancy

I like this discussion.. again
Do not find it demeaning
It's not to say oh pity pregnant women.. but it's a realization the human body goes through alot of changes when you grow another human being inside of you

While I was in my waitressing days our manager was 8 months pregnant and was determined to not let it prevent her from being one tough cookie.. She got behind the helm in the kitchen for hours .. pulling tickets and pushing plates through the window
We would talk about how she shouldnt be doing that because it was like 105 degrees in there
That high heat is NOT good for the baby

So she was "super pregnant woman"
She also had a massive balloon belly

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Truly Madly Deeply: if you look at the "holy moly" pic, link posted above you will see Trig is like laying on Bristol "pregnant belly" there is no way she is 5 months there, looks more like 9 in that pic. The other link she doesn't look that pregnant, a shapshifter like mom,EH? Palinpics4truth before she was railroaded off the internet had prove positive Bristol was indeed wearing a empathy belly at the RNC. If you see other pics of her, I saw one when the quitter was on SNL getting out of the SUV she looked maybe only about 4-5 mos. Since she probably had T2 around the end of Jan or early Feb this would make more sense. We only have Quitter word that Bristol was 5 (1st of sep) mos then. And remember when Bristol said she had to tell her mom over the summer she was preg. and it was harder than labor?

Rhonda said...

No-one here is suggesting that pregnancy makes one disabled but it is a fact that by week 35 the vast majority of pregnant women are going to feel quite exhausted and physically cumbersome.

Add to that feelings of irritability and the fact that the weight of the baby is dragging the pregnant woman down mentally and physically you will understand why most women by that time simply want their baby to be born so that they can get back to some sort of normality.

That is the reality of being pregnant - by week 35 many women are longing for it to be over because it is hard work being pregnant.

Patrick said...

I would call the statement that Sarah Palin was determined to give "this speech" on the 17th April 2008 and therefore didn't want to leave early nothing more than an "urban legend".

Why? Because I believe that this story was told by purpose by Palin several times merely in order to justify why she stayed at the conference for so long and also in order to conceal the fact that there happened much more than just "one speech" on the 17th April.

If we take a look at Sarah Palin's schedule from the 17th April 2008, we see one thing: It's PRETTY FULL. Sarah was busy. There is no indication whatsoever that Sarah skipped any of these events. So she had a very busy day - quite amazing for a woman whose water had just broken! Let me present to you: "Sarah, the superwoman from Alaska"!

It's not just "one speech" we are talking about. It's a whole series of meetings.

See the schedule:
Sarah Palin’s schedule on April 17, 2008

I also would like to point out again what is already known for a long time: Sarah Palin arrived in Anchorage about 21 hours after she supposedly called Cathy-Baldwin Johnson at 04.00am on the morning of the 17th April 2008 (including the time difference between Texas and Alaska).

There is one additional point which is so simple and just destroys the story of the "wild ride" completely in my opinion. Cathy-Baldwin Johnson told the Anchorage Daily News:

"Things were already settling down when she talked to me," Baldwin-Johnson said. Palin did not ask for a medical OK to fly, the doctor said."

AND from April 22, 2008


There you have a 44-year old woman with a premature DS-baby in her belly, her water has broken, and she DID NOT ask for the medical ok to fly?

And Cathy-Baldwin Johnson apparently wants to win the "worst doctor of the year award" for not telling her to go to the nearest hospital straight away?

This birth story literally doesn't hold water... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, the comments on the ADN article that Patrick references above are amazing! They are from over a year ago and people were already all over the babygate story from the get-go. I can't believe, a year later, the story still hasn't broken in the MSM.

Patrick said...

Oops, the title of my link is wrong, should have been of course "ADN from April 22, 2008".

@Anon 04:17

You are absolutely right, it's beyond belief that the MSM won't touch this story.

Anonymous said...

I was one of those sorts who REALLY did not show and stayed very active (even helping roof a haybarn at 7 months). But the reason I did not show and was able to stay active was because I have a very long torso and the babies had room to stretch out. Miss Sarah has fairly long legs and a short torso and after all is 5'3".

The only place a baby can go in that figure is OUT.

And there is a downside to 'not showing'. If you don't show late in pregnancy, what that means is that the baby is very deep in the pelvis and the head is engaged in the pelvic girdle. The result is that EVERY step you take, the baby's head turns back and forth with your pelvis. (Sorry, but you asked for explicit details.) OK guys, imagine how you would move with a baby's head engaged down there. That's right. You move like there is someone's head just north of your gonads.

I do not see Miss Sarah moving like that at all.

wv : croco (as in croc 'o crap . . .)

Anonymous said...

03:14, This isn't about pregnancy. It is about a fraud involving a fake pregnancy. Seeing the available images of Sarah Palin makes some question her movement. What are the odds a 7 month pregnant woman in mid forties having baby number 5 would look or move as you see? Is it even possible? I never thought of the disability angle. Now that you bring it up I still don't see it.

Anonymous said...

In The Elan video where she is sitting down talking about her tight abs - doesn't she look like she is high as a kite? Her vicodin is really kicking in. She is out in space somewhere, riding the happy wave and spewing fairy tales. And her hubris is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Palin called her expert on child abuse and incest and didn't ask for OK to fly.

EyeOnYou said...

Anonymous at 2:30 said...
all ObGyn offices that I've been in have on the wall of the exam room, a graphic illustration of a pregnant woman's body (innards plus the baby) at all stages of pregnancy.

This is one example:
Fetal Development:

although it doesn't show how the mothers organs are being displaced.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Palin's eyes are sure bloodshot in this photo!

Amy1 said...

Patrick@3:54: I've always thought the Dr CBJ quote in that first ADN article was SP simply SAYING that's what Dr CBJ said. In other words, I've never seen that CBJ quote properly identified as actually coming from CBJ rather than just being SP quoting her. Am I wrong on this?

Ditto the quotes SP gives of their phone conversation.

And I missed the "interview' CBJ was supposed to have had with the ADN, to which she brought her lawyer. Is there any quote of any kind from that? Where's the original citation?

I have come to think Dr CBJ has never said word one on the whole topic, and that of course includes the MD letter she supposedly wrote, and which bears her signature. (Here's what's wrong with that letter.)

midnightcajun said...

The awkwardness a pregnant woman experiences getting up from a chair doesn't come from being unfit; it comes from a shift in the center of gravity and a baby being where she normally would bend. Even a woman who regularly dances and does yoga must move differently to accommodate that shift in balance and the existence of that baby inside.

There is no baby inside Sarah Palin in that video. It's beyond obvious.

Truly Madly Deeply said...


Patrick wrote to Pat Dougherty the editor of the ADN and confronted him with the fact that he knew that CBJ had been interviewed by the ADN and that she had brought her lawyer with her. Pat did not deny the fact that she had done so.

Also I am quite sure that Lisa Demer mentions having interviewed CBJ - in fact I am sure that I could pull up the interview given time.

jo said...

I think she also had to be certain she would never, ever be pregnant again. It's true a 45+ woman has a very low chance of that happening, but she had to be absolutely sure. Because if she did ever become pregnant for real after T1 (or during T1 pg) there would be no way to "hide" it and the gig would be up for sure. I'd be willing to bet she couldn't get pregnant before T1, tubes tied, hysterectomy, etc. and that is another reason she refused to turn over health records. Also releasing the records would have put the T1 rumors to bed as well and she would have been gleeful in producing them.

LisanTX said...

OT, but here is a quote from Melissa Stepovich (Director of Fairbanks Gov. office) saying that she heard about Sarah being the VP nominee for about one and one-half YEARS before it happened!

The Repub. party had been grooming her for quite awhile.

trev said...

I was going to lurk too, but the 2 comments from the lurker above wanted me to inspire people to post.
I for one cannot believe the unrealistic sequence of events that has to happen for this to be real. I am a big fan of Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The famous statement
" When all else is eliminated, what ever remains, not matter how absurd, must be the truth"

What struck me was the bad acting combined with narcissism really reveals everything. Once you cast the facts in light of her narcissism, it all becomes clear. Once you realize that her narcissism does not allow her to see how ludicrous she is. She assumes everyone will believe her and attacks those that do not. It might work in Wasilla, but it hardly works on the national stage. already you see republicans making fun of her also.

why were all those photos of her from february to april deleted?
why were all those myspace and photobucket accounts closed?
why the sudden use of bristol's 'pregnancy' as proof?
why did her church burn? what was there, birth records?
2 airplane rides?
the way bristol and levi looked at trig?
when was the last time a governor resigned? a mayor of a big city?
too many breadcrumbs means a sloppy criminal trying to cover her tracks and making a bigger mess.

Truly Madly Deeply said...


ADN article citing Cathy Baldwin- Johnson

Anonymous said...

sarah palin lies about every thing. Patrick had @03:54 ADN April 22 2008 article. I went to read the comments and at April 24 2008
KathyR21 said..

Palin family, you will learn that Trig will teach you far more than you will teach him...he will teach you about the things that really matter.

Is this not exactly what palin said during one of her speeches, except she said something like Trig will teach us more then we will ever teach him and I thought if sounded strange at the time. She is not able to think of things herself to say so she has to keep on coping other people.

Amy1 said...

We all know that ONE reason MSM are leery of this story is that MANY people are squeamish about pregnancy, the body, etc. Audrey did a big service by detailing all the fluids and membranes and poop and blood and pain that are usually part of this process. Although I am a veteran of it, as many of us are, I was lying down, looking at the ceiling, doped up, fully confident that I had excellent care. Audrey's description of what a delivery on an airplane might be like was eye-opening. Most people don't want to think about that much. Or even take the tiny step of looking -- really looking -- at a pregnant belly, and at a nonpregnant one, and deciding which is which.

So: it's been fun, but we are preaching to the choir. Pretty clear that SP was not pregnant with T1, that she hoaxed a nation, that she involved her minor children in her political hoax (a new low for politicians!).

But folks: she has, so far, gotten away with it.

Amy1 said...

Truly Madly Deeply @5:44 -- I know reporter Demer says Dr CBJ said that. I've always wondered in reading that if SP didn't tell Demer what CBJ supposedly said. With all this controversy, you'd think Demer would have eventually said "yes, I phoned CBJ and I heard her say that."

Or maybe I'm seeing shadows where there are none.

Anonymous said...

The trolls are on Patrick's new youtube video. A Trig Truther comment received 6 negative ratings during the last hours and now cannot be viewed any more. Can anybody with a youtube account please rate the video and give the comment the "thumbs up". Thanks!

Truly Madly Deeply said...


I'm sorry to contradict you but the article states the following

"Things were already settling down when she talked to me," Baldwin-Johnson said. Palin did not ask for a medical OK to fly, the doctor said.

"I don't think it was unreasonable for her to continue to travel back," Baldwin-Johnson said.

Those are direct statements made by CBJ.

Amy, if you do not accept them why don't you contact Lisa Demer and ask her yourself?

Anonymous said...

Of course Sarah Palin is a complete fraud.

Just compare those April 8, 2008 late term "with Trig" pregnancy photos to a previous Palin
late term pregnancy photo.

It doesn't take a genius to know that Palin was absolutely and categorically NOT pregnant in 2008.

It's all a hoax folks. That's THE truth.

4truth said...

Go to:

and scroll through the photos and check out the profile shots of the pregnant woman that are sitting down, like Sarah is in the Ethan Frank shots. Look at how far their bellies stick out.

There is no way that Sarah could hide an almost 8 month pregnant belly under that blue coat that she is wearing in the Ethan Frank shoot on April 8/9, 2008.

Then 4 days later Sarah appears with the huge belly in Gusty photo on April 13, 2008. Can you imagine what her belly would have looked like if she were sitting in a chair that day? There would be no way to hide it with an open coat and no way she could have jumped out of that chair in a bending position!

Anonymous said...

Why is Palin using Baldwin-Johnson, a family physician with a special interest with incest and abuse? Palin would not be classified in a risk category at her age with a special child? A premature birth is not more risk? A sick baby can come from an healthy athletic mother. The baby was not the first priority or she would have had a proper doctor.

"Things were already settling down when she talked to me," Baldwin-Johnson said. Palin did not ask for a medical OK to fly, the doctor said.

Palin could have called her plumber and had him tell her what Baldwin-Johnson said. It's that ludicrous

"I don't think it was unreasonable for her to continue to travel back," Baldwin-Johnson said.

Amy1 said...

TMD@6:02: I am positive Lisa Demer would not give info like that to me, an anonymous person. Given the freight this story has, and the intimidation that has gone with it (2 internet sites intimidated out of posting, the unsuccessful intimidation attempt upon IM, the many stories out of AK re SP's wrath), if I were Lisa Demer I wouldn't say anything to anyone at this point. But feel free to contact her on your own if you are more optimistic of success than I am.

In spite of the foregoing, I persist in the suspicion that Dr CBJ has never actually spoken on this subject and furthermore that the very odd medical letter was not written by CBJ.

Amy1 said...

TMD@5:39 -- The newspaper folks didn't deny, but they didn't confirm, either.

Think about it: if Lisa Demer said she heard Dr CBJ say right out loud "I delivered T1 right out of SP's body," would you say the evidence of all these photos is nullified? I would say "hmmm, someone's lying here. AGAIN. Still. "

Pat the ADN editor is in a tough place, and I think he weaseled out of it pretty well: he offered to help SP prove it's a lie, and she rejected his offer.

If you saw a birth certificate for T1 dated Apr 18 with SP/TP shown as bioparents, would you reject the testimony of all these photos and videos?

I might have, early on. But now now.

So now it's just a question of trying to figure out who ELSE is lying, and who is trying to stay out of sight, etc., or if some kind of miracle birth occurred. If we even ever DO get to the bottom of it.

I repeat: she's foiled us all so far. The hoax remains intact.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you that as a very tall woman, with my first child I was not huge but you could definitely tell I was pregnant, My second child I looked huge even though both babies were almost identical in weight. (I gained 20 lbs with each pregnancy)

With both babies I can tell you by the 6th month the pressure on my bladder was really painful. And sitting in a chair, to relieve the pain I would have to sit with my legs apart. And in getting out of the chair I had to skootch forward on the seat and spread my legs even a bit further to get up. No way Palin had a baby in her tummy in this video.

Give it up Palin. It will be better for you and your family to admit you faked it than waiting for MSM to take you down, It's coming. Just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

I specialized in human development in college. Here's the thing for me: the stomach muscles seperate and move to the side to allow the uterus space. This process starts early and is well under way by 6 months.

The hips start to widen and angle to allow for the passing of the head.

And this is what is normal for pregnancy one. Repeat pregnancies speed up that process significantly. That is why women complain they just popped right out there with number two.

No matter how in shape Scarah was her body knew what to do and fast. And she did not move differently to accomodate her change in her widening hips. She moved like her stomach muscles were in front and not pushed off to the side.

And this info would be easy to find on the Internet. The women who appear superhuman, I am guessing, have adapted to the changes in their bodies well and accomodated their exercise routine. But you can stop your muscles from separating and moving to the side.

Anonymous said...

Oooops... Mean't to say can't stop the stomach muscles...

Darklady said...

I've never been pregnant, so I'm going to need some feedback from women who have...

... In addition to the nimble and graceful movement from seated to standing, Sarah's very sitting posture seems wrong to me.

Can most 8 month pregnant women sporting their fifth pregnancy sit with their knees that close together? Seems like one would spread the legs a bit to distribute the weight.

It's not just that Sarah Palin appears to be a liar; it's that she appears to be a very bad liar.

Truly Madly Deeply said...


I agree with you that acrimony is rife regarding this matter. After all wasn't Patrick himself attacked and falsely accused by a rightwinger? I understand that he strongly refuted the allegations and proved that the accusations that were being made against him were absolutely false. Good for him!

So why do you ask why Lisa Demer hasn't made a statement confirming that she spoke to CBJ as it seems to me that you had already decided the answer why? That Demer is afraid of recrimination if she retells the story that she has already written. That is, of course, supposing that your suspicions are correct - that Lisa merely related something told to her by Palin.

As I previously stated I'm more than happy to accept the quotes that Lisa Demer wrote about the matter and as such have no need to contact her myself.

Rhonda said...

Andrew Sullivan's email address:

Anonymous said...

Ok. I'm having a true revelation moment. I seen the pictures, read the blogs(any and all of them that came across the screen, truly). In my mind, there is no questions that Palin is capable of a deception of this magnitude. I keep and will keep waiting for her to be exposed.....still, I don't argue or try to inform those who have not read the posts on Babygate. Months ago I saw the video where sarah taps her belly, making a sound that I though it could not come from a pillow, I tapped my own soft unpregnanat belly and was startled by the similar sound....what if I tried to tap on a pillow?. Today, after watching the video again I took a 15"x 9" accent pillow and tucked under my top, sat down and did the same tap,tap....again, the sound was similar to the one without the pillow. Ok then so tapping on a pillow does sound like that on the video, what else is knew?....I looked pregnant. felt nostalgically pregnant, rubbed my "belly" and told myself to snap out of it and made a gesture to tap again ....but I couldn't do it, I wouldn't do it, not in my state of "pregnancy". I tried just tapping with my fingers, a gentle, gingerly tap......there, a very soft sound and the deep understanding that I'm not pregnant now and neither was palin then.

Forever Anonymous. wv:cronessa

Amy1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy1 said...

TMD -- our exchange has helped me see something: if I assume SP was not pregnant (and I do), then CBJ is either a lying accomplice (esp re her letter) or she never said or wrote anything and SP made it all up. Hard for me to see a middle ground.

Was CBJ the MD who delivered SP of T1? No, because SP was not pregnant.

If SP was not pregnant, how/why could CBJ possibly have said "Things were already settling down when she talked to me." Either she is lying, or SP made it up.

Why did SP pick CBJ as the alleged writer of the medical letter? Must be something to do with a prior relationship of some kind -- with SP knowing either (1) that CBJ would collude by implying there was no story there re T1's birth, or (2) that CBJ would keep quiet about having her name used illegally as writer of the letter, which was forged.

So what about those quotes in the newspaper? I'm thinking it might be similar to Gusty being able to maintain deniability because of what SP brought to the story (the fake belly in Gusty's case; the fake quotes in Demer's case). Whether either of these reporters knew or suspected the truth (that SP was not pregnant) is really of little importance.

It's CBJ who is either complicit or innocent. I vote innocent.
Ditto SP. I vote guilty.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, I respect all of the work that you have done, and I want to thank you and Kathleen for your tireless efforts. I would like to pick the tiniest bone; it's the wording at the beginning of the film clip, "Sarah was highly pregnant." That's how my nephew talks. With all due respect, I don't know if women identify with the word "highly."

Sarah was in her last trimester. She was in an advanced state (stage) of pregnancy. I just don't like the sound of "highly;" it isn't scientific.

That being said, I think the thing that is the best selling point is how Sarah leans forward and bounds out of her chair. No way! When I was in my last trimester, I always had to brace myself, put an arm or hand on the chair to steady myself, and it was a slow, careful movement to get up. And, I was trim, fit, and carried small.

If anyone knows a woman who is pregnant and would agree to film a sitting to standing demonstration, that would really show the difference.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:43 said "An interesting thing in the Frank video is that she says she hid the pregnancy, but in the wild ride story she says that she didn't hide the pregnancy."

Yes, there's Babygate and then there's Water Breakgate. interesting commentary from 9/08

Anonymous said...

6 week pregnancy
4 month memoir
19 month term as governor

Sarah, what's the rush? We can keep a secret. (well maybe not!)

Anonymous said...

Former Massachusetts Gov. Jane Swift was the nation's first governor to give birth while in office. She had twin girls in May 2001.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gave birth to a baby boy becoming the second U.S. governor to have a baby while serving in office.

Let's set the record straight -- Swift is the ONLY governor in U.S. history to give birth while serving in office.

KaJo said...

I went to that "fotosearch" site 4truth mentioned @ 06:16, and went one step further -- I did a search for "pregnant woman scarf" an came up with 15 images.

If the image of the woman at

is flipped horizontally and placed next to a picture of Palin wearing one of her scarves, and also next to the Gusty April 13, 2008 picture, it'd illustrate how Palin's scarves SHOULD have draped over the front of her body.

...which they never did.

I'm sure that's one reason why Palin didn't wear a scarf in the Gusty photo -- comparisons of a scarf draped over that belly would have been made with photographs available from only days before, and even the MSM would have been saying "NO WAY!".

(a Photoshop transfer of the blue scarf to Palin's Gusty image would illustrate this perfectly)

wayofpeace said...

OT... SARAHS's base is going ROGUE. here's a excerpt from POLITICO; it highlights the TROUBLE the GOP has invited for itself by giving credence to crazies like SP and the TEA BAGGERS.

there is no doubt that the GOP establishment wants to disassociate itself from SP and here's why:

Tea party activists are also lining up behind challengers to GOP establishment-backed Senate candidates in Colorado and Connecticut.

In California, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina — like Crist, another National Republican Senatorial Committee-favored Senate contender — is the target of tea party animus in her primary against conservative state Assemblyman Chuck DeVore.

“My impression is that the support among tea partyers for DeVore is high,” said Mark Meckler, a California-based organizer for Tea Party Patriots. “I hear nothing but praise for the guy.”

Tea party organizers say their resistance to Republican Party-backed primary candidates has much to do with what they perceive as the GOP’s stubborn insistence on embracing candidates who don’t abide by a small government, anti-tax conservative philosophy.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Alaska Air has a new promo in honor of $P:
In the event of an emergency delivery your tray table can be used as a stirrup.

Their slogan:
"You are now free to scream throughout the cabin!"

Anonymous said...

There is no way to dismiss this footage. One could pretend that she just wasnt' showing much, until you look at the Gusty photos, then that theory falls apart.

NO one could explain this if shown the screen shots side by side, Elan Frank 4/8 VS Gusty 4/13.

Maybe someoone could do a side-by-side of these two shots?

Anonymous said...

I doubt $P was pregnant, but I don't think this is the scandal that will lock her up. I smell kickbacks.

Something might be turned up by following all the money that was appropriated and spent while she was mayor and governor. The sale of city and state assets might also yield fruit. And even now that she is out of office, the Alaska Fund and SarahPac may provide indictable transactions.

Frank LI NY said...

anon 02:29 said,
I was married to a narcissist for 15 years. He was brilliant and could be very personable when he was with someone he was trying to impress or who could do something for him, but told some of the most outrageous and incomprehensible lies you can imagine. He lied to coworkers, his parents, my family, total strangers, me, our children. He even lied about things which had absolutely no meaning to anyone but him. Whenever a lie was proven to be untruthful, and he was presented with that evidence would blow up in a rage or shift blame to someone else. I think lying came so naturally to him that he was convinced that just because HE said something was so, it was true. Sarah seems to be cut right out of the same delusional cloth.
It's sad to say, but this is exactly what my wife does. I have sat in the same room while she is having a phone conversation. After she would hang up, she would tell me what she said to the person on the other end. Not one word of it is ever true as I have witnessed the entire conversation. I for the life of me cannot understand how she can do this,knowing I was sitting right there.

Anonymous said...

There is some great work here -- the videos are really improving in showing what needs to be shown in a clear and entertaining way. Good work, Patrick, Ennealogic, Bell and others who are working on this. It would be great to put all the key pieces together (eg photo from 3/14, photo from 3/26 along with these) and get someone who sounds a bit like Wm Shatner to narrate a clever script...

Anonymous said...

C & C Summit, Juneau, March 9-13, 2008 (same outfit so most likely March 11th) Lots of pics from this summit on this flickr account.

no baby bump 1
no baby bump 2

Anonymous said...

Please note that what is in the Lisa Demer article about what Palin's doctor said is not a quote of the doctor. Do we know that $P called the doctor? If she did, do we know what the doctor was told? what the doctor was asked? what the doctor said? what the doctor asked?

Did the doctor know $P was pregnant?

Whether $P was pregnant is irrelevant to the very important questions, above (assume for the sake of argument that she was).

Furthermore, there is not just the risk of infection in a case like this, there is also the risk of umbilical prolapse, which would deprive the child of vital nutrients, INCLUDING OXYGEN, from the time that her water broke.

Anonymous said...

Rhetorical question: What kind of person or doctor is CBJ. I know she is a FP who specializes in child incest adn abuse. Sounds like a very special woman in a heartwrenching practice. Sounds like a person with integrity, morals and ethics in order to be in this field. SOUNDS LIKE. What i will NEVER understand, is how she allows the bogus medical advice to be ASSOCIATED with her good name, whether or not she actually gave any of it. And if the medical record is tampered with, why does she not speak up?? It's really sick that a physician would not RUN to clear her own good name. I just can't wrap my mind around it. By not speaking up, even if she did not give any advice or write any letter, she is complicit in her silence. And I have a real problem with a physician who does this. She can't be a moral ethical doctor of integrity anymore, no matter what she does for a living. As a pediatric nurse who works with wonderful physicians every day, I am sickened and disgusted by CBJ. This is the one spect of the whole farce that actually makes me most incensed. The complicity of people who really should know better. Shame on you CBJ.
hahaha word veri: prolobos...yeah I'm pro lobotomies for all these fools

Anonymous said...

Also, too, in the comments section of the ADN article, there is a commment from a nurse, married to an OB-GYN. The nurse is doubtful, because of the wild-ride story.

Anonymous said...

Palin stated that an amnio was done, so she knew there would be risks to the child even if it was delivered at full-term. If her doctor knew this and that was in pre-term labor, and considering that she was working outside her specialty, wouldn't she have referred Palin to another doctor.

Oh! Almost forgot. We are told that the doctor said that Palin wasn't in active labor, but must have known, if Palin told her, that her water had broken. If her water had broken, shouldn't she have been advised to seek immediate medical attention?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, without more information, the wild-ride story is the smoking gun.

Anonymous said...

This gives new meaning to the term "citizen journalism" because this is indeed journalistic work-- pieced together factually by concerned citizens working together. rarely have I seen such committed, responsible persistence. (as opposed to juvenile name-calling and anger) Thanks to all who keep at it.

I believe that everything about Palin's pregnancy fraud was done on-the-fly. Her narcissism ran the show-- and it never dawned on her that anyone would doubt her word. Perhaps she saw the E. Frank video and thought Oooops, Need to Look More Pregnant and the result was the Gusty photo. Perhaps the Gusty photo wasn't taken until August to retaliate against rumors. But lies are caught because of the hubris of the con-artist; ask anyone who's ever known one. (my ex-husband, the embezzler, scored 1600 on the SAT, could have ruled the world but embezzled money and got caught after 15 yrs)

THere are participants who HAVE to know the truth of this sham, and if you (Patrick and others) keep chipping, the truth will explode. (ie John Edwards) I believe Palin will not get away with it, Amy1. I believe that with my whole big old wise heart. A core of crazies may hold on, but the GOP will slink away.

Anonymous said...

Do doctors make a distinction between "leaking amniotic fluid" and water breakage?

What is the difference between "labor" and "active labor"? Do doctors know something about "passive labor"?

Anonymous said...

Of course, what we have concerning the wild-ride may be a story of sloppy reporting on the part of the ADN.

Anonymous said...

article quote, "things were clearing up by then."

yes, THINGS were.

for Bristol, or the baby at home, whose care dr SBJ may have been in charge of.

"things were clearing up by then..."

the other quote I can't remember, but it was something like "there was no risk with flight" . I'm sure there wasn't.

How are either of those statements disproving that Palin was not pregnant?

CBJ's words were very carefully chosen.

Anonymous said...

What a flirt.

She bats her eyes, and flirts with the man.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

KaJo @ 12:05, that is a good sample of a pregnant woman with a scarf. That is an excellent suggestion! I am sure Regina or Bree can make that photo comparison.

However, I feel that Sarah didn’t wear a scarf in the Gusty photo because she NEEDED a photo to SHOW she had a big pregnant belly.
Sarah is not that deep a thinker. IMO, Sarah was posing with her fake pregnancy belly in the Gusty photos to have actual photos of her looking very pregnant. She had been too vain beforehand, thinking the scarves covered her up sufficiently, and she was too vain to waddle like a real pregnant woman. She can’t even get up out of a chair slowly and awkwardly like a real pregnant woman, she just pops right up out of that chair.

I would bet that she had ordered her fake pregnancy belly online to have for the Elan Frank interview, but it arrived late because she was too cheap to pay extra for “express” shipping and probably did not account for the difference between “lower 48” shipping and Alaska shipping.

I have resisted until now, but that turquoise jacket? OMG, that is the dumbest disguise ever. Maybe she had gone to visit Trig and he spit up on her black jacket so it had to go to the cleaners. After all, she can’t have baby spit-up showing on her jacket if the baby was still supposed to be in her belly. Bad timing.

Anonymous said...

An adoption cover-up?

"Bristol thought the rumor of her mother's having an affair with a friend of Todd's, named Brad, was ridiculous. (I could see that more than I could see Todd cheating on Sarah.) But Bristol thought that Todd was having an affair with a friend of the family." -- Levi Johnston in VF

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12 October 2009 04:34

Re: baby's head engaged deep in mom's pelvis - lots of folks are saying how physically improbable/impossible it was for Sarah to stand up in the fashion and with the speed she did. No one has really mentioned at all how much ACHING goes on in your pelvis that last 6 - 8 weeks of pregnancy. I remember this part very well. Even if I could have gotten up the way Sarah did, it certainly would never have been "speedy" just because the whole pelvis area ends up with kind of a low roar dull ache as your bones/muscles start accomodating the baby as it drops. Needless to say, doing anything speedily just exacerbates the ache to a higher level at that moment, balance issues not withstanding.

@ Anon 12 October 2009 16:47

1. Water breaking was a wrench created by SP's dad - she couldn't undo that and just had to lie more to cover a lie.

2. CBJ - I maintain that Trig was already here (for a while) at the time of wild ride/phone calls etc. SP could have easily called CBJ, and said she couldn't get a hold of her regular high risk ob/gyn, fed her info and been done with it.

3. CBJ - knowledge/letter/not refuting if untrue. I also maintain that all the info CBJ had (pre-natal testing/labor/trisomy 21 diagnosis/in labor/not in labor, everything!) was told to CBJ by SP. This is hugely common - women provide physicians with their prior or recent ob/gyn info and it gets recorded in that doc's medical records as patient provided history, with no independent records corraboration. I maintain that Sarah told CBJ that she was seeing (or saw) a high risk ob/gyn instead of her due to advanced maternal age/Trisomy 21 diagosis. Remember SP is a shameless liar.

As for CBJ not correcting the record - HIPAA laws stand in the way. Kinda like hospitals who will not confirm or deny presence of a patient without authorization. Besides, CBJ is not and would not be culpable for the accuracy of patient provided medical history - only the accurate release of that information with authorization :)

Anonymous said...

OT, too funny. The wishful thinkers at C4P heard of a Greta sighting at the Anchorage airport and put up a post about it, no doubt assuming that Greta was there to interview Her Majesty. Whoops! Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Anon 16:52, yes, there can be a "slow leak" or a gush. But, I do believe that in SP's case, with a Down's Syndrome baby and a leak at 33 weeks, any decent doctor would have had told her to got to the hospital to get checked out. I don't know what the difference between labor and active labor is. I don't think there is such a thing as passive labor.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it matters whether the water breaking story was made up by her dad. The fact that she confirmed the story by adding more detail allows us to assume that she was pregnant and to ask the questions about her risky behavior in those circumstances. It is a line of questioning that will eventually yield the truth or cast more doubt on her credibility.

Anonymous said...

But do doctor's distinguish between a "leak", a "slow leak" and a "gush"? It seems to me that doctors must have a clear definition. It's like you can't be "rather pregnant," you either are or you aren't, so either your water has broken or it hasn't.

Anonymous said...

Yes, if there's a slow leak they might put you on bed rest rather than inducing labor. If it's a gush, that's it - labor will either start on it's own SOON or they'll induce (the latter happened with my 3rd pregnancy). My sil had a slow leak over the course of almost a day and finally went to the hospital (this was her 1st preg and the doctors were kind of pissed at her for not calling right away, but she was clueless).

Anonymous said...

About Breaking Water


Boht written by health care professionals.

Anonymous said...

++CBJ who is either complicit or innocent. I vote innocent.++

Amy, your conclusion doesn't make sense. How could CBJ be innocent if SP was not pregnant? Of what is she innocent? CBJ backs up what SP is saying, isn't that complicit? If CBJ said the Demer quotes and wrote the letter, she is innocent of deception about those two things.

Someone writes a letter and signs your name. You know it was not your signature but you go along with the game that you did sign the letter, or say the quotes you did not say.

You are going along with what you know is a lie. You don't have to know why the person is lying, you don't have to be the one to say the lies. You just keep your mouth shut and you are now part of it all. Let's say it was a murder case. The police would say you are innocent because you kept your mouth shut and let lies be believed? I know this is not a police matter. It is a public matter. If someone used your name and you allowed that after the fact you are complicit. You are now part of a lie that the letter or words were yours.

How is it different for CBJ? Can you explain how is it you think CBJ is innocent and SP guilty? If CBJ wrote or said the words that is one thing. At the time she did not speak up she owns the letter and words as hers. She is piling on the fraud and giving it life by going along with any part of it. Please, explain the innocence.

Anonymous 16:30, CBJ is also part of the local religious community. I'm not sure what all that means. It could be pleasant or sinister. There are stories about adoptions. A person who looks like a pillar in their community may have charm and be intelligent. There can be other awful things going on behind the scene. Is the church or charity that helps treat victims agenda free? Are they using a front as a way to manipulate the vulnerable to say have babies to give up for adoption? The Warren Jeff church was different, but say a group of church men believed as Jeff. They do not want to tell it is common to have sex with young people. Drugs are a part of what is going on as well. There is a high rate of incest in the area. Would it be in their favor to have a doctor in a position to help keep it all covered up?

How is it CBJ, as an award winning expert, hasn't noticed the Palin children are abused? I am looking forward to hearing how CBJ appears to be innocent to some people.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Reesie at BreePalin’s found this jewel:
Another fine example of the idiots at TeamSarah, planning a “Phone Blast” for Monday, October 12, 2009 - to government offices that are CLOSED for Columbus Day!

Anonymous said...

Enough with the HIPPA bul****. Any reputable doctor who has her name associated with bad medical advice that she may or may not have given needs to run, not walk and clear her name. The statemnt a few posts above that CBJ can not clear her name becasue of HIPPA is RIDICULOUS. All she nees to do is say: i did not advice SP to travel on two airplanes while leaking amniotic fluid in a high risk pregnancy as is reported by SP. She's not giving anything away other than Sarahs deception. If the medical records are tampered with she should speak up. True, a doctor is beholden to what a pt. says about past medical history. But i thought CBJ was Sarah's PCP (primary care provider) and delivered Piper and knew Sarah very well. Then she'd know more than just a MD meeting a pt for the first time.
There's smoke here.

yes i have real verve about this CBJ topic

Anonymous said...

CBJ is of course a friend of SP from her church. They have been in collusion for a long time trying to make life extremely difficult for women in this state. The two of them managed a takeover of the Valley hospital when SP was Mayor and tried to get a lot of operating procedures changed.

As Governor SP promptly appointed her to the Alaska State Medical Board and their #1 mission was to change "rape kits" from being given freely to victims, to charging some astronomical price for them. The message being, if you're raped and you're poor, too bad for you.

I don't know how she can call herself an expert on rape and incest (of which we have the highest incidences of in the country), when the two of them have done everything in their power to marginalize if not negate both. If you were to see CBJ as a rape or incest victim, you would be told it was your fault and there was nothing the state or local law enforcement could do to help you and next time "keep your legs closed" That's the kind of experts SP has put into positions of power all over this state.

Remember SP is the one that tried to have W.A.R. appointed as our attorney general. The same creep who has said things like "If you can't rape your wife, who are you gonna rape" in front of a group of men fighting to get out of paying child support. He also made comments such as "If women would keep their mouths shut there would be no domestic violence" and compared gay people to lima beans (which he hates). Fortunately our Legislature had a moment of sanity and sent that bigoted, sexist, mysogonist packing with his tail between his legs.

Shortly after not getting the most corrupt attorney in the state appointed as A.G. she gave her quittypants speech.

Anonymous said...

Here's a possible scenario:

Palin was seeing a specialist, not CBJ.

Her water broke in Texas, but she could not get hold of her doctor and was told to go to the emergency room and/or see a doctor in Texas.

It could be difficult to see a doctor on short notice. A trip to the emergency room might be (in Palin's mind) embarassing or politically inexpedient.

She called CBJ, with whom she had some prior relationship (the Dr. of the year recommendation, at least), not necessarily a relationship over her "pregnancy." CBJ entered into her records what Palin told her, as all doctors do.

Anonymous said...

Also, too, and, meant to comment about having a baby's head in your lower pelvis...don't know about other pregnant women, butwith both my pregnancies I had very very uncomfortable sensations in that lower pelvic area when I tried to move quickly. There are a kagillion nerve endings down there that are being squished and sometimes it was like an electric shock if you moved too quickly and bothered those nerves. So, even if i could pop up like popcorn Sarah, I'd yelp and stop in discomfort for a second once up!!

regina said...

The first stage of labor includes early labor, active labor and transition. Second stage is the pushing stage and the third stage is the delivery of the placenta.

The First Stage of Labor

A. Early Labor

Definition: Early labor is defined by cervical dilation of 0-3cm, contractions in the range of 5-20 minutes and lasting for about 30-45 seconds.

B. Active Labor

Definition: Active labor is defined by cervical dilation of 4-8cm, contractions 3-5 minutes apart and lasting about 60 seconds.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a link to what is claimed to be CBJ's written statement?

Anonymous said...

You are saying Palin was pregnant and seeing a specialist, not CBJ?

Why would she see a specialist if not pregnant?

Anonymous said...

@ 18:14, maybe 18:05 meant an OB who specialized in high risk pregnancies. I think most women of Palin's age, pregnant with a Down's Syndrome baby, would be referred to such a specialist.

Anonymous said...

"B. Active Labor

Definition: Active labor is defined by cervical dilation of 4-8cm, contractions 3-5 minutes apart and lasting about 60 seconds."

Wow! How could a doctor in Alaska say that she was not in "active labor" while in Texas or enroute to Alaska without examining her? Those are objective measurements that require an examination. Will a doctor give an opinion without examining the patient?

Anonymous said...

@18:05 ... assume for the sake of argument that she was pregnant

Anonymous said...

I made a mistake above. I meant to say SP appointed CBJ to the "Alaska Health Care Strategies Council" (not the Ak Medical Board) where they promptly set out to set back womens rights about 200 years

Anonymous said...

If Palin was pregnant at her age with a Down's Syndrome baby why are we having this discussion that it was a hoax?

Anonymous said...

So CBJ couldn't have known whether she was in active labor. That is not a direct quote in the ADN (about "active labor"). Where did the reporter get that "information"?

Anonymous said...

I learned today that HIPPA is a front for rogue doctors to hide behind when crimes are committed or that CBJ is innocent.
If CBJ is innocent, Palin is innocent, or is it CBJ innocent and Palin guilty?

Which is it?

Anonymous said...

In my view it's impossible that CBJ is innocent, as she was complicit in the deception. Her "degree of guilt", however, is difficult to establish as we don't know the full story. But she was definitely not innocent.

Anonymous said...

I think that she's cooked whether she was pregnant or not. Pregnant: the wild-ride is damning. Not Pregnant: the fakery is damning. I just think that assuming that she was pregnant (although it is doubtful) is the most troubling for her, because then she has to deal with the wild-ride and all its implications regarding her judgement. Assuming that she was pregnant raises doubts among health care professionals (in light of the wild-ride story).

wv: reprog (Sarah needs to be reprogrammed?)

Anonymous said...

18:21, I didn't say SP was any such thing, just saying that is what I think the other person meant. I don't think the other person believes she was pregnant either, btw.

EyeOnYou said...

Just thought I would share this.

Found upon Shannyn Moore's facebook page this morning.

Tim Lindell
It was good to see you, Shannyn - glad you made it back in one piece. Take care!
10 hours ago

Curious that VO from "Ocean of Urine", whom participated in the attacks on the Alaskan bloggers, was very vocal in his hatred of Celtic Diva is leaving comments like this on Shannyn's Facebook Page.

EyeOnYou said...

Anon @ 18:43,

I do NOT think that Sarah is cooked because the wild ride is damning.

That story has been out for how long now and no one in the media has had the balls to say anything about it.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that we didn't get Andrew Sullivan's attention so far. It's a great discussion here.

His email again:

Anonymous said...

The videos have at least cleared something up for me. Not proof that Palin did not give birth but i did always find it odd that she went back to work the next day after having Trig. Apparently she also did this with Piper. So it is not an unusual thing for Sarah Palin to not take any type of maternity leave.

Anonymous said...

So maybe babygate should be a war on two-fronts. Whether she was or wasn't pregnant, her story's got problems.

Anonymous said...

This not worthy evidence to get Sullivans attention. You are gonna need more than these obscure videos and photos to prove your case. Sadly no one has the cajones to do anything more.

And Palin knows it. So she continues with the lies. The book thing disgusts me as I know she will get away with spreading more lies and little personal stories that the MSM will just eat up.

Anonymous said...

Shannyn Moore has met with Tim Lindell/VO from the land of pee??

I have checked the facebook comment, it's true.

Confused now...!

Anonymous said...

She is skating on thin ice. If she disappoints Murdoch, he could destroy her with all the media outlets he has.

Anonymous said...

In the bedroom footage, whose room is that? TWIN beds?

Todd looks so comfortable it seems like his, I mean, ha ha, their room.

Anonymous said...

Could VO be commenting on one of her TV appearances? Maybe he is just trying to create the appearance of a connection.

Anonymous said...

18:56, but it IS unusual for a mother to take a day-old baby with downs syndrome, who had a hole in his heart at birth, to a dirty office building. But then, Sarah is obviously a total idiot so I could see her doing that. But I don't believe that Trig was a day old.

Anonymous said...

It pains me to think that Sarah might get out of this whole thing by claiming she was just adopting a random special needs baby and faked the pregnancy to avoid people wondering how the family could cope with the adoption. Ultimately though, it just doesn't make sense. The logistics of faking a pregnancy (not to mention the risk of being found out) are much greater than the alternative.

No, I think the most likely scenario (other than covering for a pregnant Bristol), is that Todd got some woman pregnant and Palin had to pretend the baby was hers. Palin could never admit at that stage of her political career that her husband not only was unfaithful (I mean, have you seen Todd?!!), but that he'd knocked up his girlfriend. Maybe the girlfriend wanted to abort because of the DS and Sarah agreed to an adoption. But, only a tangled web-weaver like Sarah (who believes she can lie her way out of everything) would fake a pregnancy to cover it.

She might still get some sympathy from certain people for faking a pregnancy to cover for her daughter or her husband, but the rest of us would see her as the lying, manipulative sack that she is. It certainly undermines her trustworthiness and her judgment. All of that and she didn't blink?

midnightcajun said...

Anon at 18:56: Sarah's claim to have "gone back to work right after having Piper" is another of her lies. She stopped by her office to pick up a few emails and then went home again. That hardly qualifies as "going back to work." Apart from which, how much "work" do you suppose the mayor of a town of 7,000 with a city manager does, anyway? Sarah has always been lazy, liking "titles" but not liking to actually do any real work.

Anonymous said...

EyeOnYou, that is interesting. Hasn't he been missing for a while now from the ocean of urine? Was it Gryphen who mentioned recently that certain meetings were taking place.

Anonymous said...

the suggestion re Todd getting someone pregnant suddenly rang very true for me, and yet, logic tells me it was Bristol's baby.

Why did it ring true?> Because I could never understand the expression on Palin's face when she held Trig. A look of rage and contempt and being trapped.

More hatred than I would expect a narcissist to have for a down's baby...

after all, the baby was a great prop for her. Why did she hate him so much?

Just a thought, anyway...The bottom line is that the wild ride doesn't make sense.

any time someone brings it up or questions it, it should be repeated in an echo chamber like the right wing does.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin and Basketball

Sarah Palin has said on several occasions that all she ever needed to know, she learned on the basketball court. Let’s explore this statement in more detail to see what analogies can be found, and to understand what she may have learned on the court.

Stealing…..The ability to steal is highly regarded in basketball and all teams and leagues keep stats showing who is the best at stealing. Those that steal the most are given praise.

Sarah, in returning travelgate money, has admitted and shown she has the ability to steal from the State of Alaska and it’s citizens. Yep, she learned the lesson of how to steal. Proving housegate allegations may further show how good Sarah is at stealing and how far she has taken it.

Free Clothing…..In basketball you are given free clothes and shoes to wear. Sarah in her $180,000 shopping spree for “free” clothes (paid for by the kind and misled donors to the GOP), demonstrated she obviously learned this lesson quite well.

Fouling…..Committing a foul in basketball is all just part of the game. As long as you do not foul too many times, you are allow to continue playing and all is forgiven in the end.

Sarah in her pursuit of vengeance against Trooper Wooten, Levi and others has established that she still has a desire to foul others. Yep, Sarah really did learn the lesson of fouling and appears to enjoy doing it. Maybe enjoys it too much for her own good.

Trash talking…..Woofing and trash talking in basketball is used to intimidate, upset, confuse and demoralize your opponents. In doing this, you hope to gain an advantage in the game.

Sarah in her VP nomination acceptance speech and throughout the campaign showed a unique ability to trash talk with the best of them. Yep, she learned this lesson in spades

Free travel….Basketball players receive free travel to away games. Sarah has shown she enjoys traveling, as long as it is free and is totally paid for by others. Sarah has learned how to get the State of Alaska, SarahPac, McCain campaign or others cover the cost of sending her and family members anywhere she wishes to go. Yep, another lesson learned quite well.

Faking… Before passing the ball or shooting it helps to fake the other players out. Sarah learned to how to fake people…. pregnancy included.

Sarah obviously learned many lessons playing basketball. Too bad, ethics, geography, economics, and foreign policy were not among them.

Anonymous said...

This is about a suspected fraud. It isn't about being pregnant. All the analyzing and pictures are valuable and informative but it also turns off the MSA at this time. It goes to the point where it looks like the "birthers" insanity. That is the reputation that is growing until something changes.

For the reasons that keep criminals moving to Alaska and corruption alive, there is no way for Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson to be questioned.

I agree with EyeOnYou that the wild ride is not that damning. Not even the pro-lifers care about that unborn baby.

I agree with who said they have real verve about this CBJ topic and there is smoke. I'm also bored with the "birther" part of this. If the whole state of Alaska, Bristol and Todd come out and say they know SP was NOT pregnant, it won't matter if it is just hearsay. All the MSA can agree with hearsay, that alone won't be a game changer. The game will start to change when the CBJ topic is at the forefront and the right people can ask questions under oath.

I hope those Republicans who know things will start to sing soon. That will be something to help this along. I don't know that will be enough.

Anonymous said...

What is going on in land of pee? VO has been in Alaska since the quit speech. Then he and Shannyn Moore started writing on each other's Facebook pages and now they are meeting in person up in Fairbanks.

And VO/Tim Lindell has been removed from the contributor list at ceeforpee.

Did Shannyn get him to switch sides?

Anonymous said...

What IS C4P? I have been wondering for awhile. Thanks!

Patrick said...

Bloody hell!

It's true, Tim Lindell/VO has been removed from the contributor's list at C4Pee, too!!! I almost cannot believe it.

That means that three of the founders of C4P have gone, including the person who bought the domain in the first place!

But where...?

Rebecca Mansour
Joseph Russo
Tim Lindell/VO

Patrick said...

Anon 19:37

You cannot be serious, right...?


Ok, I don't want to appear arrogant, everyone of us started at some point. C4P is:


(I smell sulfur...)


Anonymous said...

ok, I just finally googled it and it's conservatives 4 palin (that was my guess). Funny thing, though, the top result from google was that c4p is the top site for swingers!!

Anonymous said...

Is Palin Serious?

Anonymous said...

p.s, thanks Patrick and I was serious. I love reading sites like this and do NOT like looking at sites like that. I don't find it funny, just very disturbing. My husband used to go to Hannity's site during the election last year and found it hilarious, but I couldn't deal. Different strokes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Palin threw them under the proverbial bus.....

EyeOnYou said...

Let me make myself clear. I personally do feel that the wild ride is damning..if..she really was pregnant (which I don't think she was, but others apparently do).

To me, someone who proclaims themself to be pregnant and then takes that amount of risk, knowing that you are in labor, leaking fluids, with a downs syndrome child, is the ultimate act of selfishness.

If you truly believe that she was pregnant and that story doesn't make you seriously question her judgement, then nothing that anyone says about her will make you change your mind about her.

Also as to the Tim Lindell aka VO and Shannyn issue, it is possible that Tim is trying to imply that he is in Alaska and meeting with Shannyn when he really isn't, but if that is the case then one would think that Shannyn would make a comment regarding that, unless she doesn't pay attention to the responses she gets on her facebook page.

I personally would not for a second doubt that Tim and Rebecca (VO & RAM) are up there. We know that they both went up there, but we have not heard that they came back. They have both in the past defended Sarah to the point of attacking those who spoke out against her.

Both have been guests on Eddie Burkes show previously, and both took an active role in attacks on some of the Alaskan bloggers, so to think that they had a change of heart in that area is rather questionable at best.

It is execptionally strange that both have left the "ocean of urine" and have "gone dark", but there could be reasons behind that. Lots of speculation, with no real answers.

wayofpeace said...

ANON at 19:18, BRILLIANT analgy between SP's behavior and BKB!!!!

Anonymous said...

Even the C4Pers dont know what happended to their founders. It appears even they are pissed that they cant talk about it.

Plus it also appears their traffic has dropped tremendously.

I love their new comment system too. The numbers are more in line with those who actually believe that crap they post there. Seems they shouldn't have kicked the trolls Then they could have kept up the front that people actually read it.

Anonymous said...

'Long live Stacy McCain is a raaaaacist as Andrew Sullivan is of his wacko Trig Troother conspiracy theories' > God's Own Party, Palin’s Pals are Trogging…

conscious at last said...

While there is much happening in Alaska "under cover" at this point-all of the work done by Audrey, Regina, Patrick and others still stands. FOLKS - SP was not pregnant with Trig! Why do we need any additional authority outside of ourselves to validate this?? Look at the photos, read the ridiculous wild ride story-- it's all nonsense. Those of us who have been pregnant (including yours truly) have explained endlessly what it looks like and feels like- What more do you need??
If you can't see this for yourself-- if you need some authority to confirm this for you-- how can you criticize the Palinistas for following SP's pronouncements brainlessly??
Use you own grey matter!!

And if that isn't enough for you, look at how SP's career has been in a precipitous decline-
Look at how vicious the attacks have been on the Trig Truthers- If SP had truly given birth to TRIG- why would SP's henchmen attack the bloggers? It is all quite clear if you are able to open your eyes, your mind and your heart. YOU can decide for YOURSELF.

Anonymous said...

Shannyn Moore was in Fairbanks at the weekend - she mentions on her facebook that she doesn't like flying and that she remembers now why she loves Fairbanks. So it is very likely that she and Tim did meet up.

I'm thinking that Tim has turned away from Palin. I wonder why and I wonder if he still thinks that truthers are subhuman scum?

Anonymous said...

Conscious at Last
People have decided for themselves. The evidence presented here is enough for those here, but not enough for the general public.

The problem with those trying to prove this to the general public is that they want this evidence to be enough but it is not.

So they go over it many times over in the hopes that someone from the MSM will catch on and run with the story.

They have not learned yet that this isnt going to happen by just posting videos and pics and discussing them endlessly on the blogs.

Talking is one thing, doing is another. If they want this to go anywhere they have to do something. So far no one wants to take up the challenge of doing something.

So this is where the discussion of Palin/Trig will stay. I think though that some dont want it to end. What will they do if this topic is actually settled once and for all.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Shannyn Moore is a truther. VO Tim could think truthers are subhuman scum and meet with Moore. Why not ask her what she is thinking about it?

Patrick said...

I have emailed Shannyn, let's see what she says. I personally was never in contact with her before, but I am sure that she will answer me.

elaine said...

Patrick and anon. @20:11 - I have met Shannyn face-to-face, looked her in the eye and brought up babygate. Cold stare. Do not bother. What she THINKS cannot be determined - what we can be sure of is that she will NOT discuss it.
I trust she has her reasons.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Patrick.. we could guess endlessly about that. Shannyn will straight up with you.

Anonymous said...

I meant Shannyn will be straight up about meeting VO Tim. Not babygate. I know she won't touch that.

Anonymous said...

The bloggers in Alaska, apart from Gryphen, have not been of any help so far for us. Disappointing!

Truly Madly Deeply said...

Ok I have checked Tim, Rebecca and Joseph's blogger profiles whilst they appear to have been removed from the C4P contributer site they still link to C4P under the title "My Blogs". I think that we could be reading too much into what their motivation is for no longer contributing to C4P.

Strangely my WV is coperson

Anonymous said...

~~ Anonymous 12 October 2009 20:08

That is where all this stands.

Most people will never look at the pictures or read theories. That is why it is easy to pass it off as whackadoodle. I don't see Palin as pregnant with Trig. I can also see that my belief is easy to pass off as another crazy persons. No matter how many agree with me on certain blogs.

Doubting Thomas said...

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot
When you're pregnant, hormonal shifts and metabolic changes -- not to mention the 20 or 30 extra pounds you're lugging around -- can make you feel as if someone's turning up the heat. And that means the last few months of pregnancy are no picnic.

"Essentially, a pregnant woman acts as a radiator for her baby," says Patrick Duff, M.D., a professor of obstetrics at the University of Florida at Gainesville. As the fetus grows, it generates heat, and the only way to vent that excess energy is through your cardiovascular system. As a result, your blood volume and metabolic rate rise -- which can make you feel uncomfortably toasty.

Aside from feeling like the warmest (and sweatiest) person around, this means you're at risk for heat-related problems, such as dizziness, weakness, and fainting. All may be symptoms of dehydration, which is more likely when you spend time in the sun. Light-headedness, excessive fatigue, and dark, scant urine are warning signs that you're drying out. If left untreated, dehydration can even lead to preterm labor.

Overheating early in pregnancy may also put your developing baby at risk. "Exposure to extreme heat in the third or fourth week after conception can disrupt the closure of the neural tube, causing spina bifida or other birth defects," Duff says. That's why hot tubs and saunas are off-limits if you're trying to conceive or think you may be pregnant.

So, once again, tell me WHY $arah Palin was wearing coats and scarves all the time????

Anonymous said...

good article, 19:43, thank you. Is Palin Serious?


GOP Presidential material, Mitt Romney has a book coming out on "weighty policy matters"
'No Apology: The Case of American Greatness.'
'Will Palin use her books to score revenge points? (Levi Johnston, this means you!) Will she dish dirt on inside Republican politics? Will she have anything original to say about policy matters?'

Patrick said...

I always have to laugh when I look at Rebecca Mansour's blogger profile - the "About Me" description is just too funny:

"I have an overweening sense of justice. I spent most of my youth outraged because the world is full of viciousness and injustice. Then I learned to become moderately pessimistic. I'm now a much happier person because I never expect things to go well. Anything short of utter disaster leaves me feeling delighted and lucky to be alive. I'm now thrilled when people act moderately civilized. Lowering expectations worked for me!"

Then why the heck did she choose to follow Sarah "Quittypants" Palin...?


regina said...


RAM is an opportunist...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure what Gryphen knows, he has shared with Shannyn. So the odds are she IS a believer, the problem is both her and AKM feel it would make them (and their blogs) look less than credible to bring it up. I know that mudflats has a block in place for anything referring to babygate in her comments section as well. She doesn't want it mentioned anywhere near her blog.

It is unfortunate that the 2 big Alaska bloggers are unwilling to touch this subject. Both have MSM ambitions and that has obviously taken precedence over exposing SP's biggest lie of all. I have faith in Gryphen though and I know he has Shannyns support even if it is unsaid

Anonymous said...

Where are the people who believe CBJ is innocent? Please explain how you came to that conclusion? Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Shannyn Moore wrote on Tim Lindell's Facebook wall yesterday:

"Nice to see you today. Thanks for driving all that travels."

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