Thursday, 22 October 2009

Sarah Palin's medical records. Yes, that letter...

There's a person still commenting furiously on the latest Open Thread, discussing the merits of the letter written by Dr Cathy Baldwin-Johnson regarding Sarah Palin's medical history which was released on the eve of the election in 2008.

Some people doubt the letter is genuine and the person above has challenged them to prove the letter is a fake.

The way I see it, it doesn't matter whether the letter is fake or not. The insertion of a certain paragraph makes me think the letter was carefully concocted to reflect certain tidbits Sarah Palin wanted to make public in order to "prove" she gave birth to Trig and make the wild ride seem less wild.

If I had asked my doctor to write a letter about my medical history I would have been very surprised if he had included details regarding one of my children's health.

(Perhaps people started thinking the letter was fake because the text is skewy on the page. Well, maybe the good doctor's computer skills are just as sloppy as the advice she gave Sarah Palin during the wild ride...)

Comprehensive analyses of Dr Cathy Baldwin-Johnson's letter can be found here and here.

(The person in the photo with the baby is Dr CBJ, btw...)



Anonymous said...

I always thought that this medical letter was extremely unprofessional especially given that it is for a vice presidential candidate. It is a very sloppy copy and paste job probably rushed as a last minute decision. I know I wouldn't sign my name to that mess.

Anonymous said...

To me even the hospital letterhead looks strange: the address on the left is not lined up evenly and to have that above the actual facility name is unusual.

The only color on the letter is the hospital logo. You'd think that the doctor's signature would show up more distinctly if were actually signed in pen.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent review of the "medical records":

Just like Palin the letter is a fraud!

Anonymous said...

Sarah is adrift on the Bearing Sea in a small row boat... and a HUGE storm is about to hit her.

The only thing that will save her is if she can buy a "time machine".

With her time machine she could go back and decide to skip the fake mom hoax.

The time machine would also allow her to erase all those damning gov@yahoo emails. The hidden emails are Sarah's Kryptonite.

The time machine would give her a chance to BLINK and say NO.

Sarah start a beg-a-thon for money to buy a time machine... it is the only thing that can save your sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

Anyone familiar with Gryphen's blog, have you also wondered about this?: A couple of weeks ago, he said that "very soon" we would see the result of him putting his source together with someone from the media. Now he has been upset that Palin is going on Oprah in NOVEMBER and shows other signs that no such big reveal is anywhere on the horizon. Has anyone else noticed this? It's so disheartening. I'm not criticizing him, just disappointed in what I am perceiving...

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Well, some success after being up most of the night! Three of my comments made it to the Huffington Post article by Glynnis MacNichol. Now I will wait to see if they remove them later, as I have seen them do before. :-[

Lynn said...

I think the most troubling aspect of the letter is the fact that it was released on the eve of the election. That would guarantee that the major media wouldn't have time to properly scrutinize it and would lose interest in the avalanche of election result reporting.

my wv is aiskero sort of like askeroo which is what we should be doing now in the buildup and promotion of SP's book.

Amy1 said...

Anon@13:06 -- here is more on the signature on the letter, plus the other problems with the letter.

Anonymous said...

The 'tight abs' and 'wild ride' stories are so far from the experience of people with direct knowledge of pregnancy, women and health care pros, that Oprah is bound to bring this up. A very interesting lead-in to the matter is that McCain's people told the press that Bristol's pregnancy was announced to squelch the fake pregnancy rumors.

Punkinbugg said...

lol @ ProChoiceGramma - I was up very late, too - just to make sure my post made it on to HuffPo, and it did!

Now it's buried on page 2...

Question: When the yellow bar lights up and says "2 new posts - click here to refresh" - Unless they are stand-alone posts, how can you find them easily without having to scan through the entire list again?

IOW is there a way to see new posts only...?

More questions said...

My best guess is that there was a huge battle which raged within the '08 McCain/Palin campaign about who would be the "M.D. of record" re: Palin's medical records. That internal battle must have lasted through the entire campaign. I can't imagine that CBJ was the campaign's first choice; maybe she was Palin's choice, but Steve Schimdt's? No way. Otherwise, it would have been actually released DURING the campaign. CBJ must have been forced on the campaign by Palin.

Someone needs to take responsibility for this decision, too. Because of McCain's age, the lack of proper medical records for Palin throughout the entire campaign made voters wary and suspicious.

And why the paragraph about the fifth birth? Shouldn't there be a description of all her previous births, then?

It IS peculiar that a general practitioner commented so specifically on Trig's birth details in this very odd letter which was not vetted by the press or voters, as it was released after hours on election eve. Why not an OB/GYN?

Anonymous said...

Palin might get away without producing a birth certificate for his PFD (Due to connections).

(Actually I forget do you need to list yourself as a parent for a minors PFD or just as the one sponsoring?)

But she plays games on her tax forms listing Trigg as a dependant or child she is going to have someone knocking at her door.

CR46 said...

WOW as a former RN I have never seen such a letter written this way. I needed one for a new insurance company a few yrs ago along with passing a physical.

As far as my pregnancies, it said something like this and this is normally what you would see.

1 live birth age twenty one
2 spontaneous abortions during early second trimester age 22 and 23.
patient had tubal ligation age 24 no more problem pregnancies forseen for the future.
patients medical records available for review.

That is the type of letter you get from an OB/Gyn

Anonymous said...

Once again, all the information in this letter appears to be Palin provided information. A historical record right out of Palin's mouth about what SHE says happened - CBJ wasn't involved at the TIME all of this allegedly occurred (prenatal testing, Trisomy 21 diagnosis, phototherapy, going home at the age of TWO days). She merely wrote what Palin SAYS happened.

We all know that if Palin's lips are moving she is lying! This was all an after the fact (which are far different than what Palin says) CYA maneuver by Palin and the RNC.


Anonymous said...

You have to realize that the doctor is from the same dominionist clan -- oops! church -- that Sarah's from. They don't appear to have any qualms about lying if it serves a "higher purpose."

Just a heads-up.

Amy1 said...

Anon16:42 -- YES! the role of the McCain campaign re the choice of the MD of record, whether or not to release the records. My guess is that the MD letter was a do-it-yourself project by SP, after her do-it-yourself participation in McCain's concession speech was rejected (and her do-it-yourself loading of her speech onto the teleprompter was to no avail).

More and more, I think she mavericked (i.e., forged!) the MD letter, thinking that the campaign was wrong and she was right -- and that she had the ability to get away with it. Which -- let's face reality -- she has done, overall, so far. I do hope we are nearing the end.

And these larger questions (role of McCain, RNC, MSM, etc.) are perhaps why no one is so eager to see the hoax revealed as such.

Loved your posts on HuffPo, ProChoiceGrandma. I can't seem to EITHER join or log in.

I posted earlier with my one big guess/insight while I was traveling over the last 5 days, and found that no stranger I talked to about SP was aware of the SP issues, or even cared. Eyes glaze over at a summary of babygate.

I now wonder if the accelerated pub date for the book, this Oprah appearance, etc., is not a plan by Rupert to see if SP will sink or swim. We here are all convinced that she will sink based on the weight of the evidence, but I sure saw a whole other world while waiting in airports -- lots of people don't know, don't care.

So Rupert is gathering info, which is valuable to him whichever way the answers go: can she survive her various scandals? Can Rupert continue to control the media as well as he has so far done on all the SP issues? This last point is the scariest of all, because it seems to me he has succeeded pretty well so far.

colidii said...

There is an LA Times article with a link to the doctor's letter, here.

Anonymous said...

The line circulating noway Bristol would get knocked up a second time so quickly (After) having Trig...sure she would she is a Palin who breath without common sense, responsibility or maturity.

I totally believe Levi that Sarah remarks of Trig as a retard. I can see Palin harassing her daughter calling her a loser, saying Trig was a punishment from God being "Not perfect".

Bristol out of anger, the I'LL SHOW YOU mental midget processing of a Palin brain got herself pregnant again right quick to prove her mother wrong.

Thinking ahead is not a Palin strong trait either.

Anonymous said...

Here, is a story of her temptation in the wilderness.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if there were adoption records in that church office where the fire started.

Anyone recall the church in Wasilla and the arson?

Never heard the resolution of that one.

Amy1 said...

Also, here is how it might all have happened, putting the latest Levi quotes in Vanity Fair together with what we know. It is easy to see how Bristol could have been pregnant twice, but let us remember that Bristol is not of interest to us. It is the hoax SP and her high-level supporters have perpetrated upon the U.S. electorate that we care about. These are truly national concerns, as is MSM's failure to report it.

I say Levi is waiting to RESPOND to SP's book, waiting to see whether his mother gets out of jail in Nov., trying to earn enough money (yes, via dopey Playgirl, etc.) so his eventual custody suit will not fail due to lack of financial stability.

Anonymous said...

The fire investigation did not go to the State Fire Marshall. It was very quickly handed over to the Wasilla police department....which in itself is highly suspect. Just keep it local, Sarah where you have all your peeps stacked thick.

Anonymous said...

I never thought of it before, but could Sarah (and Rupert) rushed Sarah's book out so fast to #1 cash in fast while Sarah still gets attention and #2 get out ahead of any other books, including Levi, the one being written by Geoffrey Dunne, and other? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's lawyer released her gift list for last year.


Sarah has "no idea" what is in contract with Arctic Cat... and it is confidential so you can't see it...

Miss Transparency is still hiding stuff.

Dianne said...

@PCG - Love your link to our favorite sites on HuffPo. I'm REALLY impressed that it's still here. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

With the letter linked to in this post, I have a problem with "Document Properties," I get the spinning beach ball on a mac.

With the LA Times letter, the doc. properties are visible, and when I zoom out, way out, I can see that the first page's text slopes up to the right, while the 2nd page text slopes down to the right. That could happen with a typewriter, if the paper wasn't inserted evenly.

Document properties says the letter linked-to by the LA times was produced by a "Xerox WorkCentre 7675," which is an inexpensive color printer. This may only indicate that the letter was produced on whatever was connected to that printer. The security tab on document properties may have some interesting information for people who know about such things. The LA Times article seems to indicate that the letter they linked to is what was provided by the campaign.

Amy1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy1 said...

Rupert is doing a test balloon, folks. Speed up the pub date + publicity + reviews + brouhaha of SP's book, so he knows the answer sooner: Can SP survive all her scandals? Do blogs that present evidence about SP have teeth -- OR are they just noise? Can Rupert continue to succeed in keeping the MSM in line about issues like this one? Like he has so far.

The answers are of GREAT interest to all of us. They are of national importance. SP's vaginal traffic, per se, is of no interest, but the lies, connection to family values, the hoax, the cover-ups are surely of far greater national interest than the pecadillos of Edwards, Spitzer, Ensign, etc.

Anonymous said...

I am writing to suggest that the Oprah Show include some other authorities on Sarah Palin during the November 16 interview. There are a number of places at the Oprah website to offer suggestions, ask questions, propose guests, ideas regarding coming shows, specifically the Sarah Palin interview.

Some other thoughts about the Oprah show. They may tape it a few days in advance. They control everything very tightly, even telling the audience how to react for the "reaction shots." Still, they will add some other people who Oprah can turn to and ask for a comment, question or little story.

And a special note to Regina, thinking that they might pay your airfare and expenses, why not compose a nice note to the Oprah people explaining that you have been following a number of Sarah's issues, and you do qualify as an expert. Offer some nice questions that you might ask her, should they nod in your direction.

Mental game: If you could only ask Sarah one question on TV what would it be? I think that she has a well rehearsed answer to Babygate, be it Bristol, the Wild Ride or why she didn't look pregnant. She will turn it into a three hanky cry fest, answering about the emotions involved in raising a DS child.

As much as we would all like to grab Sarah by the shoulders and shake the babygate truth out of her, I think that is one topic that will not show up on Oprah. I think that Sarah has to be caught off guard (think Katy Couric), for example.

I think that Sarah has a way of turning the question into the answer she wants to give (what a politician!). If she is asked about the legal defense fund she will cry about all of the ethics violations. Maybe she should get a question about why she copied Todd on government emails instead. Or why she claimed to have been innocent of any Troopergate charges when (and I'm holding Branchflower documents in my hot little hand) that is not what the legislature found at all.

Regina, if you craft a winner letter and the Oprah show flies you into Chicago, we will all cheer, and you can have a contest to pick the best question that Sarah Palin does not have a rehearsed answer for. Bonne chance!

Anonymous said...

I've checked with a comparison tool, Mac OS X 'cmp', and see that there is no difference between the LA Times copy of CBJ's letter and the one linked-to in this post, so my problem with the spinning beach ball may be due to some difference when a PDF is loaded by the browser. I tapped the link to the the letter cited on this post, but viewed the LA Times letter directly with Acrobat reader.

Amy1 said...

Anon18:10 -- it's better to get one's links off of a reputable site like LATimes rather than from one of us bloggers, because a blogger could possibly have altered anything that the blogger personally put up. The chain of custody is always important on anything that might be controversial.

So: On this site, you do get the identical letter on the link to the SP MD letter either way (thanks for checking, anon18:21!), but the fact is that anything that I personally put up on the web might have been altered by me. That's why, on this page, the reader is asked to go to the LA Times for the letter rather than trusting that the genuine article was up on this site without alteration.

Patrick said...

Amy1 17:35

Sorry, I disagree. In my opinion it is absolutely crucial that we prove who the real mother of Trig is. Therefore Bristol is of interest for us. The approach "just show that SP wasn't pregnant" has been tried for basically a year now. It is an honourable approach, but it has failed. We do need to know the full story. Otherwise we will just continue to go in circles for another year.

Amy1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

That this letter was generated on a computer attached to an inexpensive printer doesn't indicate that it was produced by a high dollar organization like Providence, but rather on someone's home system or private office system. Would Providence authenticate the letter? Are there any other examples of letters from Providence, about anything, so that we could find out what their letters typically look like?

Amy1 said...

anon18:20 -- I agree on all counts. Go Regina! Think of the one question: YES! And I also agree that Oprah would raise the babygate question only if she is sure she can get an interesting answer -- either revealing the truth or SP lying so blatantly (again) that THAT could be a good tool for later. Although we here are all pretty tired of "later."

Patrick said...

Anon 18:10

Although I am not 100% sure what it means yet, I just would like to point out that the "Xerox Work Centre 7675" is not an "inexpensive colour printer", but the

Xerox WorkCentre 7675 costs the staggering amount of $22,299

Anonymous said...

Murdoch cannot be caring whatsoever about how much money Palin makes him off a book or speaking engagements cause anything she might generate in that arena is a petty sum to him.

He is a multi-billionaire.

His interest, stake in her is much more related to power, what he can do with her as a puppet to throw politics to his whim.

Discrediting Palin is important to stop Murdoch's agenda. Humiliating her is a bonus for Alaskans.

Anonymous said...

The copier in question costs from $22,500 upwards. It's not some cheap copier.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, you are right about the cost of that printer. I googled for the right model number but saw something about $159 ( Toner cartridge ??? ) Thanks for following up. I don't think use of an expensive printer rules out forgery. I think the document properties do show the type of printer used by whatever computer the document was prepared on. At any rate, it wasn't a typewriter, so rolling the paper in unevenly isn't an excuse for the slanted text on both pages.

Amy1 said...

Patrick -- I am very sorry to say that you are probably right about the need to identify Trig's bioParents. I wish it weren't so.

anon18:35 -- If one looks at the Obama MD letter (see the link to letter in the "Related" box at right in the NYT article), one finds that it is also written in a puzzlingly klutzy way (fuzzy type, etc.), as far as basic letter-writing conventions. But it is undoubtedly genuine, which is perhaps why SP thought "Geez, I could write something like this myself," and perhaps used it as a partial model for her obviously fake MD letter.

Anonymous said...

Amy1, a long long time ago, Sarah challenged the ADN to a DNA test to prove her biological maternal ties to Trig. No one ever had the nerve to take her up on it.

Sarah also has a way of "getting in someone's face" by offering a nasty challenge so that the person backs off. After two humiliating interviews (Gibson and Couric) Sarah met a campaign crowd by asking if they wanted to play "stump the candidate." No one took her up on the offer, either.

I wonder what would happen if we could find that old offer to take a DNA test challenge to Anchorage Daily News.

Anonymous said...

A way to get the slanted text is to 1) have a blank letterhead sheet; 2) have a letter body, which gets printed; 3) attach the printed letter body onto the letterhead sheet, unevenly, with a different slope on each page, which tends to rule out a machine problem, because machines do have a tendency to be consistent ...

If someone had a blank letterhead sheet in electronic form, and the text was typed onto that in a word processing program, the letter's body would not be slanted! And not slanted differently on each page! Wake up people! There could be some cut-and-paste with this letter.

regina said...

Thanks everybody for your vote of confidence, Sarah Palin expert, moi?

I'll be in Australia visiting my son, though...

Amy1 said...

anon18:43 -- yes. it's all about power. And SP as a good asset for Rupert's grab for power. Or not. That is what the book and the maelstorm of discussion around it will reveal: is SP able to ride out all these scandals? Or not.

Anon18:54: If one is copying the text of a letter onto paper that has letterhead pre-printed on it, it is possible to get a crooked result whatever the cost/sophistication of the printer. And such a crooked letter could be genuine or a forgery. It is the multiplicity of weirdnesses similar to this on that letter, as well as oddities of content, coupled with ZERO comment from Dr CBJ, plus what we otherwise know, that makes it very likely that this letter was a fake prepared by SP. It's all explained in detail here.

Anonymous said...

When we had the poll about which picture shows her pregnant, that was in the governor's office and there was a printer to the left of the desk. Or was it that picture? I have seen one of her office with a printer in the picture. Of course, if that printer is not the one indicated in CBJ's letter, it doesn't rule out a forgery, just as it wouldn't prove a forgery if it is the same type.

Punkinbugg said...

Every time I use my scanner, the image comes out crooked - no matter how carefully I place it on the glass & close the lid. (I always have to use a photoshop program to straighten the image.)

Does it seem possible that the CBJ letterhead was scanned in (crooked), then the original text was erased, thereby creating a "blank" piece of stationery...?

IOW When they cut & pasted "their" text, they didn't notice it was at a different slant.

KaJo said...

I'm sure the publicly viewed examples of the Obama medical letter and the Palin medical letter are fax copies, probably sent to whatever media outlet was asking for them -- the L.A. Times, for example.

However, there are other issues with Palin's letter -- the information IN the letter, as others have commented on, and the strange black-and-blue addition to the title at the bottom of the letter (my theory has always been that the addition was electronically "pasted" on the letter, and the perpetrator got a little careless).

Amy1 said...

anon18:58 -- our dear SP has said a lot of things, but I will bet my house that she will never go for a DNA test. Although she might well repeat the offer.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering whether she actually said she would do a DNA test. I imagine something like, "I told you so, my doctor told you so. Do you want a DNA test too?"

Anonymous said...

@22 October 2009 18:54
what kinds of copiers do they have at the Gov's office and the Republican offices in AK?

Call the copy machine place and ask them for sales in AK in the last 5 years.

EyeOnYou said...

Anon @14:01 said...
he said that "very soon" we would see the result of him putting his source together with someone from the media. & It's so disheartening. I'm not criticizing him, just disappointed in what I am perceiving...

Trust me you are not the only one who feels this way. Many people get tired of hearing...soon..soon...soon, and then nothing ever happens.

I would suggest that unless a person can state they know for "FACT" that information will be forthcoming, they not offer up "teasers" like that. It does nothing but get people excited about something, and the more often it is done, the less people start to take you seriously when you do it again. When it happens over and over and over, well, people begin to think you are simply playing them, and you lose support that way.

I like Gryphen, and I believe that he believes in his sources, but it has happened one too many times for me to take him seriously when he says it now.

I have become a firm "I'll believe it when I see it" member, and while I sometimes struggle with keeping the faith that the information will one day be revealed, I do know that I personally cannot give up on getting the word out about all the things that I consider important. I truly believe in my heart of hearts that Sarah is a greedy conniving, lying scumbag who will do whatever it takes to get what she wants no matter who she has to step on or over in order to accomplish her goals.

Patrick said...

I think it will be very difficult to draw conclusions from the type of copy machine. Still, it's an interesting detail.

anniebgood said...

To Patrick, you're 100% correct that finding Trig's true mother is the key to this. I personally believe that Trig was either adopted from a patient of CBJ or that Bristol is his mother. I lean toward Bristol because I believe Levi's story of how SP pressured them to allow her to adopt their baby. I think he made it sound like he was talking about Tripp to cover is butt. To anon 18:58, I vividly remember the "stump the candidate" comment, and what's really rich about it is that McCain probably needed new underwear after she said that. Anyone recall how terrified he looked during their joint interviews, especially with Couric and Brian Williams? Classic.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the copy machine is one that was sold to the AK gov but not the hospital, the first question would be WY was an original letter copied before it was faxed?

that doesn't make any sense.

Anonymous said...

With the widespread availability of color printers the government has had the printer manufacturers put a "fingerprint" on everything printed, so that they can detect where counterfeit bills come from. That is another angle of approach on this printer issue. Where is the original document? Is the "fingerprint" in the PDF or generated by the printer? Both?

Anonymous said...

Here is who sells that printer in AK within 100 miles of Wasilla:

Phone: 907-276-2696
Fax: 907-274-1221


Phone: 907-452-7226
Fax: 907-451-8858


Phone: 907-522-5850
Fax: 907-522-5852


Anyone who lives there could call to see who they can call for a reference for this machine...
Like, the governor's office the hospital or who?

Anonymous said...

Anyone with a letterhead, in a word processing program, who writes a letter by filling-in the blank letterhead should not get a letter with the body text slanted like that, and slanted in a different direction on each of two pages. Even the angle of the slant is different on each of those pages.

Anonymous said...

Most organizations have template documents. One of those is often a letter template, with the letterhead stuff already there, so all you have to do is type the body and it will all come out nice and even. Why is the letter's body slanted?

ArmchairJane said...

Anon 19:43,

That third location, Officetech of Alaska, is on a "Spenard Road". Sometimes in a big office complex of a large company the main road is named after the company/owner of company.

I wonder, is this where the Spenard building supplies also has its headquarters? Interesting just because of the whole Spenard SportsPlex/Palin house with SportsPlex windows and railings issue. Not that it really proves anything but I just thought it interesting that here's that name again.

But as someone who doesn't live in Alaska, I don't know just how big Spenard is. If they are so big that they are "everywhere", then the fact they also sell this expensive copy machine that was used on the letter document may not mean anything.

Anonymous said...

Any clue as to who the father is?

Is it Todd regardless?

ArmchairJane said...

I wanted to add that I agree with CR46 that the letter does not read like a "normal" medical document. Instead it is all about Sarah's agenda of "proving" she is Trig's mother but without using any actual medical documents to do it.

And Amy1, I agree with you, I think Sarah "freelanced" this one after being told "no" by McCain's people. If they did know the truth, I could see Steve Schmidt saying no way are we going there, just like he did when Palin wanted them to put out some lies about Todd's involvement with the AIP.

I think it is quite likely she wrote this herself, maybe with Todd's help or some other friend, but that CBJ likely did not write it. If CBJ DID write it, then it would have been based upon a "history as given by patient", not by underlying "real" medical documents.

Sarah seemed quite confident of a win until the very end. I wonder if she finally realized the McCain ticket was not going to win, and we already know she thought she was the star on the ticket, so my guess is that she wanted to get the letter out there as an assist toward her future political aspirations.

Anonymous said...

It could be that CBJ, like most doctors, is so busy seeing patients that she hasn't followed this story and is unaware of the authenticity, forgery questions.

ManxMamma said...

While the document may be a forgery, don't forget that the ex-governor was on the campaign trail when it was produced. So it's unlikely it came from the goverment offices.

Anonymous said...

"The fire investigation did not go to the State Fire Marshall"

I read other articles about fires in Wasilla. I don't remember where. Can it be researched about the arson problem in the area? I thought the FBI was involved in the Church fire. What happened?
Also, didn't Palin have an issue with a fire captain or was it a promotion? That may have been at the state level.
Did the church rebuild with donations or insurance money? What area had the most damage? It started at the back door?

I know I read someone, who was part of the church, that "knew" where to put blame. That must have been the story to satisfy the congregation about what happened.
How odd the community never called out for this to be resolved. I think Sarah Palin only apologized with a vague "IF" it was anyway to do with her postion.

Can you imagine the church fires in the south and the FBI and all just drop it? No pressers, no ongoing investigation with updates for the public? I am reminded of the Chimo Gun shop man in the video from France when he makes a point of outside interests telling them what to do. They want to be left alone to the extreme. Why wouldn't the FBI and other agencies be public about a possible politically motivated church fire? According to one church elder they sounded convinced it is a hate crime. They are upset but not enough to get answers or outside help?

Anonymous said...

Spenard road existed before Spenard builders supply. The business is named after the road it was located on.

Anonymous said...

Why would $P get the idea that the church fire might be connected to her candidacy?

Patrick said...

I tried to leave a long comment on Huffington Post, but needless to say, it was censored. I am really upset that all kinds of crazy theories and opinions get a large exposure in the media, but when it comes to Sarah Palin's pregnancy, it seems to be one of the greatest taboos ever.

My comment to Huffington Post which was rejected:

"What Oprah should ask Sarah Palin is the following:

1. Have you given birth to Trig?

2. Which doctor delivered Trig?

3. Why did you fly to Texas in the first place while 8-months pregnant with a DS-baby, although this alone constitutes a serious risk for the unborn baby?

4. Why did you not immediately go to a hospital in Texas on the 17th April 2008 when your water broke, but instead chose to fly back to Alaska?

5. Why did you never show Trig's birth certificate and instead used the news that your daughter was "5-months-pregnant" to squash the fake pregnancy rumours?

6. How do you explain the fact that those rumours that Bristol was pregnant existed already back in December 2007 in Alaska?

7. Why did we never hear anything from Cathy Baldwin-Johnson apart from the medical letter was released by the campaign one day before election day, and why did Cathy Baldwin-Johnson appear together with her lawyer to the "secret" ADN-interview in late 2008?

8. Why are there no pictures existing which show you pregnant apart from those taken on 10th April 2008 and 13th April 2008?

9. Why are no pictures existing which show you in the hospital on 18th April 2008?

10. How was it possible that the supposedly newborn Trig was already presented to the public several hours after his birth on 18th April 2008, despite him being a premature DS-baby with a heart defect?"

Eileen said...

I always questioned both Palins' commitments to Native Alaska as well as Todd's personal involvement and cultural identity day to day in his adult life in Alaska.There, I said it. Yeah, I have the gall to say it.

I care about what impacts my tribally enrolled son and the Native children, family members in our care. Politicians affect my family. National government does as well. So does "Native" adult role models and the conduct of their publically displayed adult children role models. You get it? This is on a related topic, I bring it up as it is happening now.

Go to if you would like to listen to authentic, culturally aware, sensitive and tribally involved Native Alaskans from tribes across Alaska. Happening now. Gov. Parnell is now giving a speech (talking now about sexual assaults, domestic violence, public safety) in Anchorage at this convention-in real-LIVEtime.

Annual conference, largest Native gathering across America, Alaska Federation of Natives webcast. Thur. and Fri. 8 to 11 AK time and Sat. 8 to 4 pm. (East is 4 hours ahead)

Also at and chat room. Please view premier of PBS film: "End of Jim Crow in Alaska"
NOON (Alaska)today on above afn webcast. It will be shown to the convention goers.
In Nov. it will be on PBS.
This documentary about Elizabeth Peratrovich, her husband and others shows you what AUTHENTIC MAVERICK Alaskans are really like.

And I believe Quyana (traditional dance and songs from Alaska tribes) will be broadcast Th-Sat nites, see how kuspuks are really worn with pride-not for a cover-up.

Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but I admire all of you for helping solve this scandal created by an Alaskan and want you to have the opportunity to hear from true Alaskans-many who live in bush villages, work with the land, live off the land, suffer from bad policies (Emmonak) or climate changes.

We all wanted to have pride in the past years exposure on Alaska, but instead saw too many sterotypes and bad images arise due to Palin's conduct. She does not represent the Alaska I know -Native and Non-Native. She is a abberant creature of nature. Let's retire her to the side bar/side show in future history books.

Anonymous said...

"While the document may be a forgery, don't forget that the ex-governor was on the campaign trail when it was produced. So it's unlikely it came from the goverment offices.

22 October 2009 20:22"

that document was dated the night before the election, and Sarah Palin flew home to vote (I am pretty sure I recall footage of her and Todd voting in AK).

If it wasn't them, it could have easily been Meg or another Cult member.

I think there's a lead with that copier -- given that there is no other leak, it is the only lead to pursue at this point.

The Dr should have to own it or disown it.

It won't end well for her.

Anonymous said...

Let's pretend this letter from the doctor has historical significance. No one would legitimately ask for it's provenance?

If you were to write a book about Geraldine Ferraro and something unusual about a document came to your attention. What process would you follow to clarify? It may be only a sloppy job and weird that they talk about her children when it was to be about her.

That must be in the historical record.

Anonymous said...

SP never said she would take a DNA test to anyone at ADN. They would have jumped on that. The editor of ADN released the email exchange between the two covering this topic. SP wrote a flurry of emails to him accusing him of a # of things, the most blatant being why hadn't his newspaper put the "ridiculous" rumors to rest. He responded that they couldn't because there was NO legitimate record ever given to them of Trigs birth.

He then tried something coy and said he actually believed her. All she had to do was show ANY sort of proof that she was really Trigs mother and he would be more than happy to write the article and quash any remaining rumors. The Queen of course stopped the email exchange at that point. She was never heard from again on that issue. DNA was never brought up. You can find all of this at the ADN website

Liz said...

I can't figure out how to post a screenshot here, maybe only admins and mods can...???

But I just re-discovered THIS... (

scroll down a bit to read the BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT)

The official birth announcement issued by the GOVERNOR of AK's office that clearly states...


April 18, 2008
..."The Palin's were thankful that the governor's LABOR BEGAN yesterday while she was in Texas at the Governor's Energy Conference where she gave the keynote luncheon address, but fortunately it let up enough for her to travel on Alaska Airlines back to Alaska in time to deliver her second son."

VEEEERY interesting... as SP has claimed she wasn't in labor that day or in the early am on more than one occasion. But YET the official notice from her office says she was.

So which source do you think she would have us believe???

IF she was already signing bills in her hospital bed the day she gave birth, do you not think someone slipped this in front of her for her official approval????

She said she wasn't in labor, because ya know, after birthin 4 already she knows what real labor feels like... yet her office says she was in LABOR in TEXAS...

It COULD be a boo-boo, but since so much got scrubbed from the internet, don't we think this would have to, or at least have been modified to fit her version of the story? OOOOOOPS...

Therein lies the danger of living a lie... it's SOOOO hard to keep up with lies once they are told, and they snowball, and all those damn bloggers savin stuff on their computers...

and they are trying to just make stuff up... and I was, uh wasn't in labor... I MIGHT have been pregnant, I just hid it, no, I didn't hide it, I just didn't show because I have those tight abs ya know, and I thrash my guts up running ya know... when I am six months pregnant... and I kept it from my kids and the staff at work and the airlines... because I wasn't sure I could handle a special needs child, and when I was out of town I thought, they wouldn't know, they don't know me... I could have changed things up... but no, better to continue lying... cuz by golly, this is one thing Imma gonna finish in my life... this pregnancy... yeah, and also too...

still scratching head... how dumb does she think the world IS???

Anonymous said...

Well, I worked hard on a comment for Glynnis' post on HuffPost, but it was deleted like the rest. I responded to a bad was this? ---

The parentage of Trig was the first lie told by the Palins on the national stage. And Palin continues to use that baby as a prop for her own political gain; promoting pro-life and special needs children agenda. Has anyone ever asked her why she slashed $2M from the Alaska Special Olympics monies from the Alaska 2008 budget?

Regarding those slush funds, the bulk of the legal fees was the result of her bringing a family feud into the governor's office.

Where's the sympathy for all those rural Alaskans who went without food and fuel last winter? How many food bank monies did she slash in 2008? (Fairbanks Food Bank monies were slashed by $25,000.) Or sympathy for those 254 aged or disabled Alaskans who died from lack of Medicare/Medicaid services the state failed to provide during her partial term in office?

Was it because I used the word, "lie" or what?

Or course, I wasn't surprised when they deleted this one ---

Glynnis, here's another video you might find interesting.

Or some photo comparisons.....

My bad.

Anonymous said...

This is the digital age. No one considers this a historical document. Perhaps Obama's similar letter is considered history?
It may or may not matter to find the computers or machines that are part of a "chain of custody" or provenance. What would Orly Taitz people do it they were questioning Obama's similar letter?

I have a feeling they would get all the forensics of all the computers and printers involved.

This doesn't come under any kind of FOIA?

Eileen said...

Patrick-excellent questions. Succinct. What about asking about Bristol's whereabouts from late 2007 to the alleged birth time period for Trigg?
Especially since you just said that the birth mother mystery/Bristol is of interest to Babygate being solved.

Amy1 said...

Good questions, Patrick, but if I were SP I would answer each of them with "My family is off limits now. I will answer no questions about them."

Anonymous said...

On see4pee they are not sure Miss Wasilla will show for the WI right to life! A sample:

Hey all, so I want to go to Milwaukee to the Right To Life, but It's a 4-hour trip and I don't want to make it unless Palin is there. I don't want to keep waiting either as I don't want it to be sold out. What do ya'll say? SHould I just buy tickets and plan on going?

LIZ said...


re your Huffpo comment... methinks it may be too long for one thing, they have a word limit, and this just looks longer than they allow... secondly, change the wording up a bit and re-post... re-post, re-post... that's what I do...

if it's too long, copy it and paste it up in 2 comments... ione right after the other...

Huffpo HATES this topic, I was surprised that the blog was allowed at all and that more comments have gotten through than I ever hoped for or imagined...obilyp

Amy1 said...

anon21:07 -- remember that SP's wild ride story (in fact all of her baby story) worked fine for months after she stated it. Only about Dec 2008, when Audrey stared reviewing it all, did it become a problem for SP. And so far, it's not that much of a problem for her. WE think it's all lies and malarkey, but the MSM does not, and so far she is weathering the storm. Not in OUR minds, but there are still way too few of us.

Anonymous said...

The timing of the medical "record" letter probably means that SP didn't want it to go through the McCain campaign apparatus. They would have stopped it because it was so obviously contrived. They also would have asked for verification from the doctor. If KBJ wanted to comment on Trig's birth, she would have done so. She would have had a press conference to release the letter.

Sandra in Oregon

Anonymous said...

I can only bang my head on this letter for so long. I don't even know where the originals for any of the candidates are or who to ask for the information.

The letter is a moot point if you've hit a dead end. All the opinions are interesting but they obfuscate the whole matter when they just go on and on.

These letters are the future in the electoral system. No one is going to move forward about Obama or Palin originals and the trail after.

What you can do something about is find out if there is something to be done to change this for future candidate letters.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, this crap again.

I'm wondering when you all will either get tired of going over the same crap for the 100th time with no new result, or get tired of getting no results and actually do something worth doing.

Easy for me to say I know, but I'm no the one trying to get someone to notice me.

Sometimes I think you guys dont really want anyone to notice because then you'd have to end these discussions if it was resolved once and for all. Then all your web bloggin traffic would dry up.

Anonymous said...

Oh, good! Spammer trolls are here. Always a good sign that something's up!

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about, 21:41?

You make it sound as if Obama's letter is as suspect as Palin's.

Palin's letter is not her medical records, for one.

And Palin's letter was not released in time for any press questions or scrutiny.

Remember when the press was allowed 12 hours (or something) to go over McCain's medical records (with his mental health records redacted)?

There are RULES. Sarah Palin violated them.

There isn't or wasn't a problem with the system until she refused to play by the rules.

No one else refused to release any of their medical records, and no one else waited until hours before polling, giving MSM no time to vett the records.

this letter needs to be followed up on.

Patrick said...

LIZ 21:20

It was within the word limit, I had to shorten it a bit so that it was within the limit. I tried to post it a second time with some of the grammar corrected, but (of course) it didn't go through again.

Anonymous said...

Oprah is a test for "are you ready for prime time."
Huff Post appears to be going along with that on this subject.

Prime time is mostly sound bites. How do you generate more interest for people to hunger to learn more?

not that sarah said...


try leaving letters out: like, for "lie" write li e.

they do have automatic tests for certain words -- lie seems to be one if them.

Anonymous said...

wordsaladsurprise left this comment for Gryphen at huffpost:

comments seem to have pe.tered out here. so much for the movement.

Anonymous said...

On the Press Archive for the State of Alaska it shows in March 2008 "Governor Palin Announces Family Addition". What addition was that?

Anonymous said...

Patrick, Did your HuffPo comment satisfy the commenting rules? It seems many babygate comments have got through, but they are more subtle ???

That article is also in the 'media' section rather than the 'politics' section where $P articles usually appear, so that may explain why it isn't a prominent article.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, now I realize that the family addition was the announcement Palin was pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a post just got through on HuffPost about the doctor!!

Anonymous said...

The HuffPo piece seemed to be buried from the get go. It's like a crumb was offered and now it can be said they do cover this.

The good news is the story was brought up at all.

I'm usually wrong, but I think the letter is legit to question. I don't know why legitimate journalists or mainstream bloggers would not have an interest in what is acceptable medical documantation for a candidate. If the name Palin is poison, then any candidate.

A rushed sloppy letter may have worked fine before the electronic age. Now that we are in an electronic world it brings up new questions. How do they document the original and what access does the public have?

I don't know that it matters to the "Trig truther" situation as much as it matters to what is going on with how we vet the candidates for high office. Sorry if this is off topic.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why there is some discussion of wild-ride vs fake-birth in the comments. Those are two sides of the same coin.

Anonymous said...

anon 21.43

I would be absolutely delighted to have this situation resolved once and for all. After all we have been calling on Palin to resolve it for a long, long time now.

This is not about web blogging traffic or looking for attention. Palingates does not carry any advertising so there is no need for us to become too concerned about silly stuff such as web traffic and stats etc. Of course it's a pleasant experience if we have a few more visitors but that is because then we have an opportunity of sharing with them the facts of Sarah's faked pregnancy as we see it. At the same time we are also more than happy to direct our readers to other blogs in order that they receive an all round view of the discussion.

Yes, it can be frustrating to see an issue discussed over and over but that is because questions are asked and answers are given. Often these questions are raised by people new to the discussion and it would not be fair of us to ignore them just because we know the answers.

So, we here at Palingates will keep the discussion regarding Palin's faked pregnancy going until either she proves that she did give birth to Trig or we prove conclusively that she didn't.

Frankly, any other road would be too disheartening, especially if she did decide to run in 2012.

Anonymous said...

I don't think SP was pregnant with Trig and I am to the point of this "crap again."

I am glad others will go over it more and for everything that is available.

We can all tune in and out as we please. If I live long enough I will probably later on check to see what the history books and the footnotes say.

The Huffington Post article on this is something you have to search for. It is great to post comments and put the questions out there. I don't know how much traffic it is getting now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the timing of that letter's release is interesting. It could be that Palin went rogue and released it without McCain's knowledge and approval. It doesn't look even look professional, considering the slant of the letter's body.

Anonymous said...

Wow, HuffPost just removed wordsaladsurprise's comment I posted earlier!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 20:05 said...
"Any clue as to who the father is?
Is it Todd regardless?"

Considering the circumstances, Trig's may be the original missing birth certificate of Republican paranoia. I don't think the real mother or father is listed on any of your game cards.

By the way, how is Track doing in his miliraty career?

In any case this so-called mystery may never be solved.

Kyra said...

As CR46 said, there are certain things that are said in medical reports/letters, and certain things that are not.

I am not a doctor or a nurse, but I am trained to read medical reports and I write a lot of clinical reports that cover such things as mental health status, addiction evaluation, disability, etc. My expertise is rehabilitation at the post-grad level so I am qualified to speak to the subject.

My reports often include family systems, however, I would state something along the lines of "client lives with her spouse and X children ages x,y,z and is employed x hours outside the home in an administrative position. Client has adequate/poor/exceptional support from spouse in balancing the stresses of work & family." BUT, my reports are holistic reports addressing the psychosocial as well as other aspects of my clients' lives. Any medical aspects are written in a very, very clinical manner as well.

So, a letter might have a narrative paragraph about GINO's family life, but NOT the medical aspects of that family. That's unethical (can anyone say confidentiality?).

Anonymous said...

so, a person could sue the dr on behalf of trigg for violating his privacy -- or file a complaint with hippa.

honestyinGov said...

I am getting quite a few comments ( 5 or 6 subjects ) through on Huffpo. The last one just got posted under Gryphens comment. It asks the question... Why has CBJ never gone on the record? Other comments I posted were on her other various Gates and fiascos. Didn't want them to see me as focused on 1 subject. It could be they moderate ' New accounts ' just set up more closely than ones that are established longer. That could be just a wild guess. Because people have mentioned they get deleted. Mine don't seem to have a problem. They could be afraid that Newcomers joined just to post this story. Posting a ' reply ' under someone else's original post that is already there I have found does not get as much scrutiny as well. Just an observation.
Now that it is on Huffpo you can still continue to bug CNN's Rick Sanchez as well.Work the angle Him against Fox who has gone after him personally. Fox tried to bury this story with their video. Expose Fox.Work his ego. Say Huffpo is covering Baby-Gate... why isn't CNN..? His tip line is toll free so call every day. Can't hurt
1- 877 692 - 6609.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Trig's medical information was added in an effort to substantiate that Trig is her baby? Wouldn't it just be enough to write that she had a delivery on a certain date?

Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of Sarah's Alaska Air flight?

It looks like amniotic fluid dripping from the nose wheel.

Hey..don't laugh.. this is as believable as her story.

Anonymous said...

LOL, wv = faked

Anonymous said...


Smoking gun?

This is Sarah Palin. If an unethical letter was submitted under the name of her family doctor, how would you bring it to the attention of anyone that would consider the ethics?

Why is it there are no journalists that would be interested or allowed to write a story?

Anonymous said...

I read that Alaskan Airlines sister airline is American Airlines. Someone said she was on an American Airline when she left Texas. Does anyone know for sure what is true?

Sansego said...

I honestly can't see her running in 2012. Quitting the governorship mid-term for no good reason will hurt her, especially when you bring up the commander in chief argument (our military members cannot quit their four year contracts early...though there is a pregnancy escape clause for women).

Also, historically, every VP candidate on a losing ticket has failed to either get the nomination or lose the election. I don't see her breaking that tradition, either.

Finally, as a mother of young children, especially a special needs son, I believe that there are many people who would not vote for her as president because of the view that a child needs a mother. If you look at most successful female politicians, they have children who are in their teens or adulthood or no children at all.

If by some fluke, Palin does end up as president, I will be leaving the country. There is simply no way she will be more successful than Bush. She would actually be much worse. We don't need her dysfunction, her ignorance, her overreaching ambition, her crazed fans, or her dominionist religious beliefs.

Speaking of her crazed fans, I keep arguing with them on Facebook. For some reason, they believe that God wants her to be president. I can't figure that one out. They said the same thing about Bush and now deny it. Must be nice to have beliefs of convenience, where you can deny ever believing what you once did.

Gawd help us if this lady is not exposed for the vapid liar and phony that she is.

Anonymous said...

honestyinGov...I signed up on HuffPost a long time ago...out of about 7 comments, I only got one through. I addressed several different subjects. I did use the word "lie" but that word was used in other comments on the thread. Even my response to a comment about the legal fund was removed.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't get discouraged that these gates aren't front page news right now. She is not running, but if she does or even campaigns for someone else, these things will be used against her by Republicans and Democrats. She's skating on thin ice, being coy about another run for office, just to keep her celebrity alive.

Anonymous said...

HiPAA reporting how-to

Sansego said...

I'm concerned that some Democrats and the MSM want to keep her "viable" so she can run against Obama in 2012, just for the sheer entertainment value. However, I'd rather see her exposed as the liar she is before it gets to that point. If she decides to run in 2012, I will be helping the Romney campaign do anything it needs to win the nomination. I say this as a Democrat and an Obama supporter. The sooner her fans are disillusioned, the better. I'd love to see their reactions when their beloved Quitter Queen is exposed as a pathological liar and a flake.

Anonymous said...

She should not have allowed Trig's medical information in that letter! Why is there no detailed medical information about the other children?

Anonymous said...

ano @ 22:44

It does appear that someone other than a professional doctor was trying to substantiate that Palin gave birth to Trig.

I am under the impression that most everything in Alaska is corrupt. The doctor in question will not be questioned even if it is a federal in the state of Alaska.

I hope professionals will take an interest and find the best way to file appropriate complaints. Are HIPPA violations or complaints something that could be influenced by McCain or Palin machines?

Anonymous said...

Politicians and MSM want to keep her "viable" so she can run against Obama in 2012.

They want it so bad that if children are at risk they would ignore facts if they were presented to them.

This is not like the Henne Balloon Boy hoax where those parents are seen for what they are.

Amy1 said...

I think God wanted Obama to be president; that's why he won. God likes well-educated, competent people to be president. Plus, he doesn't like liars, so there you go.

Okay, so sometimes he throws us a curve-ball, like Hitler or Stalin. That's a test to see if we can do the right thing. That's why he invented SP. The point of Dubya has not yet been revealed to me.

CR46 said...

To those having problems posting at huffpo, here are a few tips. Misspell words, they sometimes are set up to throw out certain words, use slashes or spaces between letters on words you think may not get through
example T/R/I/G or tr ig
replace some letters
shit becomes sh!t (sorry if that offended anyone)
etc there are some ways to get around a tight moderator and believe me I have gotten quite a few through :)
hope this helps some people

LIZ said...


my previous got "lost" somehow and never posted...imagine that...

I am with you on gryphen pulling our chain...

I am SICK of it, and he has no good explanation for it...

I think he's just trying to maintain or up his readership with false promises...

since his last head scratching post after the launch of Levi's VF article... he has had nothing to say about his dilemma over Levi's contradicting remarks...

maybe his "sources" don't have the "iceberg" he claimed they did...

I think he is full of it.... otherwise he would have tried to claim some REAL fame before now... guess his boots are stuck in the AK mud... cuz they aren't makin any tracks on the internet... lol...

gryphen needs to put up or shut up...

Anonymous said...

That letter appears to be addressed to the concerns of the faithful:

1) there was not a problem with the wild-ride

2) she gave birth to Trig

3) it wasn't a big deal that he went home so soon

I think the letter states, earlier, that it contains what Sarah Palin wanted to become known (information provided at her request and with her permission), so it is a possibility that Sarah wrote the letter or worked it over until the letter was satisfactory to her.

Anonymous said...

Yup, God wanted Obama to be president and she told me this morning she wants Dr. Cathy's letter to have the prominence it deserves in the Mother of all Letters Hall of Shame.

regina said...


Gryphen has his own criteria about what he reveals or not. It's up to him and I believe he knows what he's doing.

Anonymous said...

Y'all don't know? Sarah played basketball with a fractured ankle! She flew couple thousan' miles in labor! She's wired that way. She's a gun totin', animal killin' hero out of the northern wilds.

Anonymous said...

I hope something substantial can get through HP regarding the Baldwin-Johnson letter.

I think that has teeth in the right hands. It may not be everything at once, it is a good starting place for the media.

Amy1 said...

Also, re Gryphen: he didn't invent this problem, and he is not responsible for it taking a long time to crack open, for people being reluctant to go public (prob for very good reasons). I'm betting he is doing the best he can. Perhaps not as good as YOU might handle the very same challenges, but certainly better than I could. I'm betting that.

Sansego said...

Anyone hoping that Levi will write a book or even get a publishing contract, I think the Vanity Fair article was seen as a way around it (publishers don't have to pay money for an actual book that will mostly end up in the remainder bins months later). Plus, selling out for a spread in Playgirl only hurts his credibility.

This happened in Portland. The borderline legal young man who was pursued by our openly gay mayor (who was old enough to be the boy's father) sold out to a gay magazine with a naked photo spread and he was deemed "not credible" by the Attorney General's report that investigated the mayor, who had lied about his relationship with the boy in order to win the election last year.

Its a shame that these young kids who are thrown money by magazines to sell their naked soulbaring don't realize that the moment they do this, their credibility is shot.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Regina for another potent post. I think it is imperative to deal with the record and few documents that are available. The letter in question will be relevant until all the are uncovered.

I too think Gryphen knows what he is doing. It must be frustrating to sit on something like this. As I recall he said mentioned the media was involved. Perhaps they are timing a release for reason we don't know.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that posing for Playgirl destroys someone's credibility. Some may try to use it to attack his credibility, but it's all in the way the attack is handled. When Jimmy Carter ran for Pres., he did an interview for Playboy and there were a lot of whispers about that, but he did get elected.

Patrick said...

Breaking News!!!

A HuffPost blogger has just left a comment on the "Oprah" article!

Matt Osborne said:

"Reading Sullivan's blog, I have to agree the real issue isn't whether Sarah is Trig's mother but why ANY mom-to-be would (1) travel so close to their due date (2) fly across the continent in labor (3) drive to yet another town before entering a hospital.

Given that special-needs babies require extra attention to such details, the questions about Trig's birth are really about Sarah's judgment."

Anonymous said...

Gryphen has my total support. I know that he knows what he is doing, if you get my drift. ;-)

honestyinGov said...

It looks like my CBJ comment on Huffpo is being allowed to stay. Make sure your questions are relevant to the debate as well. Sometimes you have to post anything in a comment on Huffpo as a ' test ' just to see if they let anything through.Any wild card characters, @ / $ _ and spaces may trick the Mods.

It's easy to paste a letterhead or design on top of a blank white sheet of paper and once it gets copied over again... it is there and looks like an original.I've done it.. takes 2 minutes. And the faked letterhead when copied will get the copier stamp ID.Does that prove anything?

Has anyone ever thought of this..? Do you know what Dr's Office or Hospital (the address) CBJ is working at presently? ADN,the TV stations and everybody in Alaska won't ask her for a statement and go ' on the record '. It's like she is hiding. Ask her directly though.
Send CBJ, by mail, a Certified Letter so that it has to be signed and delivered directly in her hands so you know she received it. She can't deny that she has been asked/questioned about this issue then. You then have a ' record ' of the issue being presented to her.
The type of questions you address in the letter or how to present them to Her... I have no idea what those will be. You will be on the record that You asked them though... and she refused to answer the questions. ( speaking of letterheads )If someone works for an Attorney or a Lawyer send letter to CBJ on the Official Letterhead. Someone can decide ' WHO ' needs to send the letter or from whom.( an individual or some Organization)If she has ' no response '...send her another letter. And Take a picture of the letter/envelope before you send it. Take a picture of her signed returned receipt of the letter from the post Office. Take a picture of the letter itself with the questions you ask. Use these pictures as proof that questions were asked of her and post this pics on the website.
Make the questions real easy like.
1.What day was Trig born? ( was it Jan. Feb.)
2.Did you see or participate ( were you there) in the delivery of Trig?
3.WHO is the Birth Mother of Trig? (different than who is his legal guardian)

Isn't there only about 5 questions to be asked ?
Would she answer the letter. Probably not.You are on the record that they were asked though and the Letter pics will make a nice story. It's just the cost of a letter. Another option... have about 12 different people send the exact SAME questions in the same form letter. Post pics of all 12 of these letters.12 Letter pics are better than 1.
Let the regulars here like PCG and others weigh in. They are better at this than me. A signed Registered Letter is further documentation though.

Anonymous said...

Matt Osborne, HuffPo blogger, has commented:

"Reading Sullivan's blog, I have to agree the real issue isn't whether Sarah is Trig's mother but why ANY mom-to-be would (1) travel so close to their due date (2) fly across the continent in labor (3) drive to yet another town before entering a hospital.

Given that special-needs babies require extra attention to such details, the questions about Trig's birth are really about Sarah's judgment."

Read more at:


His comment may disappoint some people, but it is an approach to the story that will eventually lead to the truth or at least a public opinion consensus.

Anonymous said...

Gryphen has nothing, and neither do any one of you. If you believe what anyone says about an impending story that will bring Sarah Palin to her knees, you are deluding yourselves, as they are lying to you.

I'll be proven right, just see. You'll all be spinning your wheels years from now, or you'll accept the truth.

ArmchairJane said...

Would be nice if Adrew Sullivan linked to the HuffPo article - that would get some eyes on it.

I agree with the observation that most Palin stuff on HuffPo is posted in "Politics", and so this article being posted in "Media" is not doing it any favors a far as getting it seen.

The article title also makes it sound more like comedy top 10 list than an article that actually covers real issues and serious topics. Really, "Top Ten Outrageous Sarah Palin Stories Oprah will have to address"??? I don't think they could have come up with a title LESS LIKELY to make a political news junkie want to read this article. If I saw that title and hadn't been directed to the story by blog commenters I doubt I would have gone to read it.

Just now I went over to HuffPo and went in via the "front page", then clicked on Media. Finally found the link could hardly be closer to the bottom of the page over on the left hand column without being off the page. No picture with it either.

Really makes me wonder if this is a trial balloon where they can see how much outrage, if any, there is about posting this topic where hardly anybody can see it.

I am going to send the link to Andrew Sullivan. Oprah doesn't seem to be his favorite person, he comments on her now and again. He might find it worth a quick comment just on what an odd couple Oprah and Palin make. I might send it to a few other people too. Having now seen just how hard this thing is to find, it's no wonder hardly anybody has seen it...

Hmmm, one last thought on the HuffPo comments as I read the new ones on here since I started composing this: how about making the comment ties specifically into the "media" angle of the Oprah topic? Just a hunch, but maybe if you say "Oprah should ask..." and then say whatever you want to say, it might have more chance of getting through than a "general" comment about Palin. Worth a try, anyway.

Anonymous said...

On the letter, most organizations don't waste time. They have a template document with the logo/whatever already on it and all you have to do is type or cut-and-paste from another document. The body of the letter will be aligned with the letterhead; there won't be any of the slant that could easily happen if someone did a manual cut-and-paste outside the word processing program. That letter is questionable on the basis of its apperance, not to mention its contents.

ArmchairJane said...

Hey Jessie,

The only way you will be proven right is if Palin gets elected to high office. Because if she FAILS due to her inherent stupidity and her inability to take good advice, she's every bit as much toast as if everyone in America discovers what a self-serving phony she is.

So in other words, Jessie, you have already failed. Palin is already largely disgraced herself. However, in the interest of the public good, it's still important that people are warned just how close they were to having a grifter with the hard heart of a high school mean girl just a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

That's the sad news for you! Palin is already a joke to a lot of people. Soon she will be worse than a joke.

Anonymous said...

Jesse - Can you tell me that you trust the judgement of a pregnant woman who takes a long plane journey, whose amniotic waters start to leak very soon after, makes a speech AND THEN TAKES ANOTHER LONG PLANE JOURNEY without seeing a doctor? Or that her doctor would not warn her that her waters had likely started to leak because of the long plane journey that she had just undertaken and that she should seek medical advice before getting on another plane? If she was pregnant her story still reeks. Which is worse that she knowingly endangered her unborn child or that she faked her pregnancy? take your pick because facts are facts.

And if you think that Palin's judgement as she stated it was good then you are more a deluded fool than I previously thought and it's clear that you will believe anything that she says. No matter what.

Anonymous said...

ArmchairJane, yes, maybe "media" questions like:

1) Why did McCain's staff tell reporters that the Bristol-is-pregnant story was released to quash the Sarah-faked-it story?

2) Why didn't the media scrutinize the letter from CBJ?

3) Why didn't the media ask about the wild-ride or at least consult with someone knowledgeable (med. prof.) on the issue?

Anonymous said...


I didn't see the boy in Oregon's photos. Levi's aren't out yet.

If Levi's are more humor than sexual will that ruin his credibility? Are you saying the press he has so far on this has ruined his reputation?

The lies of the Palins would take forever to go over but how can they be credible? If Levi has other people to back him up, would so called porn matter?

Levi has to do what Levi has to do. I don't think he is a big part of the pregnancy mystery now. He can add to what the family is like at home and there may be more salacious detail. He has petered out as a central witness. He is trying to support his family now.

Anonymous said...

honestyinGov 23:57
It does appear there is more obstruction going on, ADN and the like. Not only the emails and the state.

Sending snail mail and you can get a receipt. You can also correspond with a letter posted in public.

Anonymous said...

It's a sad reflection on a person's value system if they discredit Levi for doing Playgirl but credit Palin, when she's been proven a liar over and over again.

Levi has not been proven a liar yet. And I hardly fault him for trying to make money to provide for his children.

Anonymous said...

""" Kathleen said...
Jesse - Can you tell me that you trust the judgement of a pregnant woman who takes a long plane journey, whose amniotic waters start to leak very soon after, makes a speech AND THEN TAKES ANOTHER LONG PLANE JOURNEY without seeing a doctor? Or that her doctor would not warn her that her waters had likely started to leak because of the long plane journey that she had just undertaken and that she should seek medical advice before getting on another plane? If she was pregnant her story still reeks. Which is worse that she knowingly endangered her unborn child or that she faked her pregnancy? take your pick because facts are facts.

And if you think that Palin's judgement as she stated it was good then you are more a deluded fool than I previously thought and it's clear that you will believe anything that she says. No matter what."""

Did you major in false dilemma 101? You present two options, but there is really a third. Perhaps her doctor knew what she was doing, and gave her good advice. You would have no way of knowing that Palin or her doctor were derelict in their duties, unless you had access to more information than you are letting on. We do not know all the details of what happened during that 24 hour period. Perhaps you should wait to reserve judgment.

Anonymous said...

Levi is over... I'm dissapointed in his decisions and his council. Anything he has to say from now on will be dismissed by anyone. He already said Palin was Trigs mom so if he says otherwise, would he be lying now or then? He has lost any credibility he ever had in my eyes anyway. And I think the general public as well.

Levi is a lost cause in this case. He can do no more damage. We need someone who can and I'm afaid none of those people will be talking anytime this century.

ArmchairJane said...

Regarding the CBJ letter, I don't recall if they released it as "a copy of the original", or if they said "here's a picture of the original letter". The reason I mention this is that this letter always gets me thinking on the concept of "source documents". Obviously the preferred source document would be the original medical record, but in the absence of being able to review that, then the original letter supposedly produced by CBJ would be the source document.

Historians use source documents. If McCain/Palin had won, they would want the original letter for the Presidential archives. Historians then use these documents.

Every time I think of this letter and the concept of source documents, I think of Doris Kearns Goodwin. I love to hear her talk about history and political figures. She is somebody who is so interested in finding out about the true lives of the major figures that are often either hated or idolized, but often aren't viewed as "normal" people in the way you would view your neighbor. Goodwin seems to relish knowing the little human details about people in power and relays them in a matter-of-fact way.

She seems like somebody who would be interested in Palin and what the truth is about Trig as well as the family dynamic. I am thinking about writing to her to see if I can get her to take a look at the Palin birth story. I can't help but think that she would be interested in the whole Palin story. Nothing to lose by writing, and I think I may bring up specifically the CBJ article, and ask if she'd be willing to share how she would verify the authenticity if she were researching Palin as a subject for a book.

Anonymous said...

As someone who herself had a "leak" in her second pregnancy, I do believe Palin could have easily made it from Texas to Alaska without any trouble or any signs of actual labor. I did go to a hospital though, was checked out and sent home then induced the next day. Its not a stretch for me to believe that she had a leak with no other labor troubles and was able to travel home. I know this bothers a lot of you but it was her fifth child(maybe) and she knew real signs of labor. I can believe this happened as it pretty much happened to me. I could have traveled all night and had my daughter induced the next day with no problem.

The wild ride never bothered me, its the photos of not being pregnant that are the real

Anonymous said...

Isn't she running for something as long as she has a SarahPAC?

I am actually of the mind that she has been over for a long time but as long as she is in the game she needs to be treated as if she is running.

Sansego said...

Jimmy Carter did give an INTERVIEW in Playboy magazine, as everyone knows...Playboy did have excellent articles to "justify" itself or give male buyers a reasonable explanation to the Mrs. for why they buy the magazine (for the articles!).

In interview is much different than a nude photospread, which is what Levi Johnston is doing in "Playgirl" and what Portland's Mayor's borderline legal boy did for "Unzipped" magazine. I'm just stating that the standard view is that the MSM does tend to view a person who "bares all" in skin magazines as a reason to ignore whatever they have to say. They are deemed "not credible" to the MSM.

Selling a story to a tabloid also has the same effect. The wise thing to do is to not "cash in" if you care about your credibility.

Levi is the least of Palin's worries though. I would love it if she does the shocking reveal on Oprah like Bill Murray did in the movie "Tootsie", where she rambles on and on before revealing to the worldwide audience that she did indeed fake a pregnancy to "spare her daughter the humiliation", even though she turned around and threw her pregnant daughter under a bus to keep the secret.

That would be a huge ratings winner and she would definitely earn her "maverick" title if she were to do that! Go Sarah! Tell the truth...before all your lies ensnare you in the web.

Anonymous said...


Hey Doctor CBJ! Remember me? I'm the pregnant woman whose unborn baby suffers from Down Syndrome and has a heart defect. Well I had to make this speech....its kinda important for my career and so I took several flights yesterday from Alaska to Texas and guess what I'm leaking. What do you say to that? What do I do now but remember I MUST GIVE THAT SPEECH NO MATTER WHAT?

What's that you say? I can give my speech and take another long, arduous flight home even though the first one likely caused my waters to leak? Fine thanks! That's what I hoped you'd say!

Jesse - no doctor worth their malpractice insurance is going to advise a pregnant woman who has taken a long trip and then starts to leak her amniotic fluid to get on another plane when it is very likely that her previously doing so has caused her to enter into the first stages of labor. That doctor would have advised her to get herself straight to a hospital or even get a doctor to visit her in her hotel so she can be physically examined to assess the true situation. Many, many things can go wrong at that stage of a pregnancy and no doctor is going to take the responsibility if it does so.

And this is where your queen's story fails my friend. And remember this, it is her story and it has been well documented. She said it. It is her account. Her version of events. So please don't lecture me on what she said and how she acted. Talk to her.

Sansego said...

Sarah's story ("if true") also shows how selfish she is. Think of all the passengers on the plane that she would inconvenience if she had "gone into labour" during the flight. A lot of passengers hate crying babies, but imagine one crying because it just got born.

Sarah's story DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. It is vital that the MSM examine her statements against logic. We've seen with Bush what happens when the MSM does not examine every claim that a rising politician makes about their own personal history. Telling a lie so outrageous is insulting. That's why Bush and Sarah smirk a lot. They believe that they are getting away with their lies.

The past eight years have been too painful to want to relive that again. Palin must be exposed for the vapid pathological liar she is.

honestyinGov said...

Jessie Cornish makes me " laugh " today.
BTW : when you look at his bio... he follows " The Other McCain " website... so you would THINK he would at least read what McCain writes.. but OBVIOUSLY not.

A week ago he had this big long screed on one Gryphens posts.Same stuff he is posting here. Called Gryph some names, a couple of them ,and then said Gryph would not be so scared and not be willing to post what he had written. But Gryphen posted it.... and left it. Sort of like showing those ' crazies ' at the "Fire David Letterman Rally". Their own words are their own worst enemy against them.

He ended His rant with " It's easy for you to write these things and stay ' ANONYMOUS ' !" Anonymous...Really ?" His hero McCain, who he SAYS he follows had just spent 2 months writing endlessly and literally stalking Gryphen and writing about him. I Suppose Jessie didn't get the memo... or Jessie is a LOUSY 'follower'.
Do they have a Book called " Followers for Dummies "?? Someone needs a copy.It better be in audio form too.

Anonymous said...

Yours and Kyra's post have renewed my faith that things can move along.

I would think Doris Kearns Goodwin would be helpful. She would know about Ferraro's paper trail. There is not significant records and documents kept on losers? There are doctors that would be proud their letter was part of history. They might keep the original and donate it at some point. Their reaction to a request, whether the letter is controversial or not would be interesting. Silence, too, also.

Also there may be a woman's study or other group that would like a worthwhile project.

Since McCain/Palin did not win, does that mean no "source document" matters? An original could go to the trash bin?

The copies will live forever in digital. If the letter did ever matter the forensics would say where it came from. If say it came from someones home it would take more to question people for the "chain of command" or what have you.

The whole thing about what the FEC is allowing for a campaign is troubling. This is not only about Palin. I'd like to see something better for the next election.
A candidate can just decide to submit the last minute any old thing and no matter how lame we are to honor that as a medical record.

Anonymous said...

""" honestyinGov said...
Jessie Cornish makes me " laugh " today.
BTW : when you look at his bio... he follows " The Other McCain " website... so you would THINK he would at least read what McCain writes.. but OBVIOUSLY not.

A week ago he had this big long screed on one Gryphens posts.Same stuff he is posting here. Called Gryph some names, a couple of them ,and then said Gryph would not be so scared and not be willing to post what he had written. But Gryphen posted it.... and left it. Sort of like showing those ' crazies ' at the "Fire David Letterman Rally". Their own words are their own worst enemy against them.

He ended His rant with " It's easy for you to write these things and stay ' ANONYMOUS ' !" Anonymous...Really ?" His hero McCain, who he SAYS he follows had just spent 2 months writing endlessly and literally stalking Gryphen and writing about him. I Suppose Jessie didn't get the memo... or Jessie is a LOUSY 'follower'.
Do they have a Book called " Followers for Dummies "?? Someone needs a copy.It better be in audio form too."""

I have to walk a very thin line on Jesse Griffin's blog or else he censors the comments I make. I know who he is. Anyone who can do a google search would be able to find out.

regina said...

Jesse Cornish,

You seem to have a bone to pick exclusively about Babygate. It's OK to disagree on one issue.

I take it you don't have anything to say about any of the other issues regarding Sarah Palin?

Babygate is only a small part of my blog...I'm glad we agree on everything else.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Corn.: Do you work for Mitt Romney?

Amy1 said...

Armchair Jane00:52 -- Doris Kearns Goodwin would be a fabulous addition to our team. Or just knowing her comments about all this. More power to you!

Anonymous said...

ArmchairJane ROCKS!

Doris Kearns Goodwin YES!

Anonymous said...

Jesse - We here at Palingates are not interested in outing bloggers or readers.

Please respect that fact. Thanks

ArmchairJane said...

I was just off reading some Doris Kearns Goodwin stuff and getting her contact information. Got back here to see that it sounds like people are enthusiastic about the idea - thanks for the encouragement!

This is something I have definitely decided to pursue. At this point I am planning to write a letter and send it to her. I'll try to interest her generally in some of the gates, but focus on Babygate and Emailgate in particular. If she's not willing to comment on those, I will see if she is willing to offer advice on how that the public can get more information when it comes to things like the CBJ letter.

Records are crucial to historians, clearly. I am sure if Doris Kearns Goodwin were an Alaska resident she would not be happy about secret yahoo email accounts while GINO was in office, especially since there was a law requiring documents to be kept. I also would think she would be equally unhappy with the stonewalling, super slow pace of progress, and huge cost that the State of Alaska has been responsible for with regard to legitimate records requests.

One of Doris Kearns Goodwin's themes is how history tends to repeat itself. That's a good reason right there to continue to see to it that Palin does not get away with all her deceptions.

Scandal is just one of the things that makes history interesting. One thing I did not know about Ms. Kearns Goodwin is that her husband was the lead investigator who helped uncover the quiz show scandals of the 1950s. I think that's a plus - it means she's no stranger to the concept of the big lie or hoax that is on a very large scale!

Anonymous said...

""" regina said...
Jesse Cornish,

You seem to have a bone to pick exclusively about Babygate. It's OK to disagree on one issue.

I take it you don't have anything to say about any of the other issues regarding Sarah Palin?

Babygate is only a small part of my blog...I'm glad we agree on everything else."""

What you call "babygate" is absolutely essential to your blog. Without such an imangined scandal, your blog would most likely not be in existence.

Do not presume to think that my silence on anything else you may happen to be saying about Sarah Palin is a tacit expression of approval on my part.

""" Kathleen said...
Jesse - We here at Palingates are not interested in outing bloggers or readers.

Please respect that fact. Thanks"""

Then don't out any bloggers. I'm certainly not forcing the owner of this blog to do anything.

On a side note, Jesse Griffin has already had his anonymity torn from him. Let's not act as if his identity is some big secret.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Jesse finds him/herself on the defensive.

I think the State of Alaska's photo of SP standing next to Parnell on the steps dated March 14(?) substantiates deception in, or questions the validity of, her statements and that one photo released on the internet relating to a pregnancy she experienced during her term in office. In the Book of Matthew, KJV, I read that I would know them by their fruits. The fruits are in the details, inside all those gates.

Thanks Regina, and all!

Anonymous said...

Has everyone seen MONTY PYTHON & THE HOLY GRAIL? Some recent troll exchanges here reminded me of this clip:

Eileen said...

How about Dr. Nancy show of msnbc? Someone could propose the medical questions in so-called pregnant scenario of wild ride, drags preemie to Gov office on day 3, sees Gen. Pract. who specializes minors-sex abuse versus Obgyn, medical letter during campaign etc. Around the time the book comes out and she does do a myth busting and political/medical controversies and political news that cross lines...kidnapped child etc news.
Question for her to clarify or discuss controversies, bust myth needs to be worded right. Or send her the photos and timelines of alleged pregnancy.

Oh-GCI Electric lost audio so AFN can be heard via radio to 5 pm daily. Maybe webcast link will have audio tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I like Dr. Nancy. She is definitively someone worth contacting. Questions on pregnancy never go away. No one in the media ever picked up that Palin was influencing young women with her pregnant stories. This is a myth to bust.

Dear Dr. Nancy, I am 8 months pregnant and will be flying overseas. It is to late to get a refund and we don't want to waste the ticket. Should I tell the Airline about my medical problems and the pregnancy? They may not allow me to board. I was so moved by Gov Palin's bravery when she flew home to Alaska. I think I can wear a fat suit and no one will be able to tell I'm so far along. Like Gov Palin no one will notice. Should I take some extra Ambien so I can sleep all the way? Hubby is telling me to cowgirl up, or else. Do I have any other choice?

Anonymous said...

Because we don't want to have a cowboy in Paris....right? LOL.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

besides the obvious visual disrepancies, there is more about Trig's health than hers.

ArmchairJane said...

Cool WV is "magic" - could not resist commenting that maybe THAT is the secret of Palin's miracle non-pregnant pregnancy! But wouldn't that make her a witch? Paging Dr. Muthee!

Eileen said...

'Frontier Cowgirl' Palin is all hat, no inutero baby aboard.
Didn't a few of the candidates use the old western phrase-"All hat, no cattle"-during primaries to describe their opponents hot air?

ravenstrick said...

It occurred to me today that the reason she probably never did and never would release her medical records is that she probably had a tubal ligation after Piper...

LIZ said...

I re-read the report, and what struck me was this portion of a sentence toward the end...


..."disease or other condition of the baby that would preclude delivery at her home hospital."

Why is she DEFENDING the wild ride story? Instead of offering an objective history of the patient?

Raises a red flag in my mind... a Dr.'s medical report should contain fact and fact only, not an excuse for a patient to have what they want.

Anonymous said...

I think her compound is going to be her parachute out of business...if she can't show up...and hasn't confirmed, Palin is still thinking she's too good for those people. That's what it's all about, she loves to have them fawn over her but how many minutes has she actually spent with any of them. "Not too much"! Not too social, our leetle Rogue to Nowhere will be settled in her little habitat on Lake Lucille.

AK Sisu

Anonymous said...

Hannah, can you provide some links so I can research your sources myself? Thanks.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

raven, Methinks you are correct. she COULDNT have any more kids. even palin women are not that fertile...

ravenstrick said...

It seems to me that those reports, when politicians actually release them, list any surgeries. A tubal would definitely be in that category.

After Piper came along as somewhat of a surprise, I betcha our girl took care of any chance of that happening again.