Tuesday, 6 October 2009

New great picture comparison on Bree Palin’s blog– What we should do now in order to progress with the babygate investigation

Guestpost by Patrick

Bree Palin has published a new picture comparison essay on her blog, comparing pictures of Sarah supposedly highly pregnant with pictures of other celebrities who were at the same stage of pregnancy. These are excellent comparisons, in my opinion the best we have seen so far.
Please take a look, if you haven’t already done so:

Sarah Palin's Special Delivery or Who Does Not Look Like The Others?

This also leads us to the question of whether creating excellent picture comparisons is enough in order to convince the MSM and the general public that Sarah Palin has faked her pregnancy, and what else could or should be done in order to progress with the investigation.

In the past, several picture comparisons have been published by Trig Truther blogs. Have they achieved their aim so far? Without a doubt, the number of supporters of what could be called the “fake pregnancy theory” has risen enormously since the first pictures of Sarah emerged where she displays a flat stomach despite being highly pregnant. The growth of this support is apparent when we observe the sharp rise in the number of comments on Trig Truther blogs over this year.

However, we have to face the fact that the large majority of the general public still is not aware of “babygate”. For example, when CNN-anchor Jack Cafferty (who is highly critical of Sarah Palin) recently asked on his blog “What would you like to read in Palin’s memoir”, he received 303 comments. Only 2 of these comments refer to the pregnancy issue, and none of the commenters openly addressed the faked pregnancy.

This is of course a disappointing result. It is obvious that the main reason the public is generally unaware of “babygate” is that the MSM strictly refuses to touch the subject. In the fall of 2008, Sarah Palin effectively squashed the rumors by announcing that Bristol was five-months pregnant. The MSM did the maths and came to the conclusion the Bristol could not possibly have had Trig in April 2008. Case closed.

Now it seems almost “Un-American” to touch this subject. Surely we have to be as crazy as the birthers! The accusation that a Governor and former vice-presidential candidate who together with John McCain received 46% of the votes could have attempted such an insane deception apparently is just “too much” for the MSM to even consider. It cannot be true because it cannot be true.

I have strongly rejected the comparison to the “birthers” before. We have absolutely nothing in common with those people. The crucial difference is that the “birthers” don’t want to accept irrefutable evidence about Obama’s birth.

In contrast, the Trig Truthers are still waiting for evidence to be presented that could PROVE that Sarah Palin is the mother of Trig, and they have on the other hand collected a huge pile of circumstancial evidence that speaks strongly against the notion that Sarah Palin has given birth to Trig.

In fact, it’s not just the circumstancial evidence that we have. We have also received a good amount of excellent inside information so far, as I have explained in my first guestpost here on palingates.

However, it’s incredibly difficult to find people in Alaska who are willing to go on the record. Although we have absolute reassurance at this point that babygate is real – a belief also confirmed by the very noticeable fact that Sarah Palin has never ever tried to threaten or intimidate anybody by legal means on the “Trig Truther” issue - only Gryphen dares to continually and openly address this question in Alaska. ADN columnist Michael Carey has tackled the fake pregnancy once, but I am pretty sure that he now wishes he had rather not bragged about what his lawyer friend had once told him as being the “absolute truth”.

So what’s the best way to go forward now?

In my opinion, we need to back up these excellent photo comparisons with other evidence, such as statements from people in Alaska who saw her during that time. We need to talk to as many Alaskans as we can.

Another thing we need to do is talk to the journalists who wrote about Sarah Palin during her so called pregnancy and ask them more detailed questions about their interview time with her. I can tell you that this line of investigation is already uncovering some interesting facts which reveal a much clearer "picture" of the story.

For instance, I telephoned Melissa DeVaughn a few days ago. She wrote the Alaska Magazine article which was published in February 2008. It contained some interesting observations about Bristol which always had bothered me. Here is a link to the article:

Palin's Way

Click on the link at the top of the article for the PDF-file with full color photos.

The important part of the article is this statement in which Melissa discusses seeing Bristol.

"Across the room, the front door bursts open and Bristol, 17 and the second-oldest of the Palins’ four children, rushes in. She’s a younger version of her mother, with the same striking, dark eyes and hair that have earned Palin a reputation as “the hottest governor in the country.”"

An interesting fact came up during my discussion with Melissa. She told me that she conducted the interviews during May and July 2007. Melissa told me that the sighting of Bristol which is mentioned in the article occurred in July 2007, in Sarah’s parents house. That was also the last time Melissa DeVaughn saw the Palin family in person, as she explained to me. Therefore, it would have been impossible for Melissa in July 2007 to have noticed if Bristol was pregnant, and more importantly it also meant that Melissa did not see Bristol not pregnant sometime at the beginning of 2008. A period of time during which she would have been noticeably pregnant. If indeed as I strongly believe, she was.

Another interesting fact that we can deduce from the new knowledge is that Bristol would have been 16 not 17 years old as the article states. Of course Bristol's age could have been added by a researcher just before the article was printed but how convenient was that for Sarah? Here we have an article that "suggests" that the interviewer saw a "17 year old Bristol" and she does not mention that she looked pregnant.

So, another mystery solved by asking questions and receiving answers which add facts to our investigation, which, believe me, is going full steam ahead.


Anonymous said...

For those that think that Palin is politically dead, especially Alaskans, your very own Bob and Mark who insulted former Senator Lyda Green, have recently conducted a poll asking who would be the most suitable to run in the next Senate seat race, Lisa Murkowski or sarah Palin. And believe it or not you Alaskans seem to consider that Palin would be the best choice.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the poll


Act and think now before it is too late!

Mary G. said...

Great, very informative post! Just as Bree Palin, Regina, Patrick and many, many Trig Truthers have found excellent photo evidence, so there is clearly another "paper" trail, the things Palin said and did when she was supposedly pregnant with Trig.
Kathleen, that is a scary comment, even if I can say pretty surely that I would not really expect any other result from the Bob and Mark duo...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it may be time to revisit Regina's Mission Statement, namely, the total accumulated list of all of Sarah Palin's "gates," scandals which have define her short unhappy political life.

Many of her so-called gates are filled with charges that were dismissed by her own hand-picked Personnel Board. Others are rumored and have not been thoroughly investigated, for example, Housegate. And some are proved with circumstantial evidence, or a string of events that just don't ring true, as in Babygate.

Still, it is difficult to think of other leading political figures that have so many black clouds hanging over their heads as Sarah does.

So, I am wondering if the best case against Sarah Palin is the total sum of all of the gates listed at the beginning of Regina's blog. She has not been trustworthy in so many of her dealings that one has to wonder how she lasted 2+ years as governor.

In law, there is the premise "false in one, false in all." This surely applies to Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Oh criminy.....a poll from Mark and Bob? The listeners of that show are rabid Palin Lovers. And that gang loves sitting for hours voting time after time after time to screw the polls. They do it every time whether it is local or a national poll. It means nothing. What a joke.

Great article Patrick! People are slowly coming out of the woods to tell what they know Many are convinced Palin fears the truth coming out soon-----that is why she rushed to get the book out. So she can make her millions before her world starts crumbling.

She is putting up a good front, although people in Palmer are saying that Todd , the two oldest girls and the two babies have moved to Palmer.

This story will not die. The truth is coming. The last pieces to the puzzle are falling into place.


Amy1 said...

Patrick: I wonder each time you say "We have also received a good amount of excellent inside information so far" why you can't list what you have in a generic way that does not compromise confidentiality.

Like: "3 people claim to be eyewitnesses to a flat stomach in the post-March period"; or "2 people have photographs"; or "several people recall an SP quote that suggested an earlier birth." Or someone who attended the Heart lunch says s/he did or did not see Bristol there.

However, if you can't, you can't.

It's good to know that whatever you have collected and can't speak about yet DOES support our thesis. Can you confirm or deny the claims by both Morgan and Gryphen that the truth is bigger than big? Or is it simply that she was indeed not pregnant with Trig?

I agree 110%+++ that the new graphics on Bree's site are terrific, the best yet, and just might do the trick.

jo said...

Newsmax is another Conservative rag that bought $P book in bulk. They are offering her book free with a paid subscription. Newsmax is as bad as the John Birch Society. Those are the only things $P reads, that's why she wouldn't answer Katie. Here is their description of what's in the book try not to gag.

"Why You Need to Read Going Rogue

Sarah Palin is one of the most controversial and exciting figures on the political stage.

She is hated and feared by her liberal detractors. Conservatives love her.

Her story has never really been fully told — until now.

From her humble beginnings to her time in the spotlight as the first female Republican vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin has led an extraordinary life.

Going Rogue will recount her shocking rise from housewife to governor of the state of Alaska — and how she took on a corrupt political establishment to win the state's highest office.

Going Rogue will tell for the first time why John McCain selected her and what really happened during the 2008 campaign.

In Going Rogue, Sarah Palin holds nothing back and even gives her stunning assessment of Barack Obama.

She also reveals her thoughts about a 2012 presidential run.

And in Going Rogue, you will discover the personal side of one of America's most fascinating women.

Sarah shares how faith has led her throughout her life and offers her insights into the personal challenges she's faced — including balancing her time as a working mother, recognizing the war's impact with her son serving combat in Iraq, having a child with a disability, and supporting her teenage daughter through an unplanned pregnancy.

The media have gone out of their way to distort and twist the real Sarah Palin.

In Going Rogue you will get to see her close up and real — and find out what the media simply don't want you to know.

Palin has received much attention through the media, but never before has her complete story been told in her own words.

Going Rogue does just that."

Puke, same old BS we heard from her for the last year. That will make her look presidential all right.

Anonymous said...

Patrick wrote:

"This also leads us to the question of whether creating excellent picture comparisons is enough in order to convince the MSM and the general public that Sarah Palin has faked her pregnancy, and what else could or should be done in order to progress with the investigation."

Well for one, to address the latter portion of you paragraph, YOU and GRYPHEN and whoever ELSE has first hand knowledge can just quit keeping it SECRET and teel the WHOLE truth.

This has turned into a ridiculous whodunnit kind of scenario... YOU have answers, don't put that kind of cryptic question out there when you have at least PART of then answer...

This string along baloney is just BALONEY... shit or get off the pot...

I am personally sick of the intrigue... say the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing BUT the truth or just be quiet...

surely you don't expect anyone to believe you know anything at this point... even the Enquirer couldnt keep their lip zipped if they had what you and gryph claim

so answer your OWN question, or just shut up.

Patrick said...

Hi Amy1

In my first guestpost on palingates I have mentioned several pieces of inside information - and there will certainly be more to be revealed in the near future.

Here is the blog:


By the way, in a following post I also gave information that was not available anywhere else, namely the fact that Rex Butler doesn't want to go on the record about the question whether Sarah is Trig's mother (as a reason he said that he "doesn't know for certain" that Sarah is Trig's biological mother).


I am trying my best to give as much information as possible. But in an ongoing investigation, however, it's difficult to mention names, although I DID reveal in my first guestpost that the best piece of inside information we have ever received came from a prominent Republican politician in Alaska. That is more than currently can be read about babygate anywhere else, as far I can see.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to Trust that Patrick is doing the right thing. He risks a lot until he has first hand information, signed, sealed and delivered. He may just want to double check on some of the tips he is receiving. Alaskans know we are all fearful of saying something about the Heath/Palin's. I am sure he is encountering some hesititation. People may not want to go "on record" for fear that they will be retaliated against. Patience....Patience. This story will not go away. The facts all still are just lying right there for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Not much to do until the book is out and then the questions will start. Until then, until she writes even shiny NEWER stories about the birth of Trig, waiting is best.

No one wants to talk about this because it's "personal' and she is not a public official. But the book changes that, so then, the comparison and a well-written brief case , should go viral.

Anonymous said...

Bristol Palin was born October 18, 1990. Therefore, yes, she was 16 in July 2007; but she would turn 17 in a couple of months. So, your point is...?

Anonymous said...

I think you're doing a fantastic job, Patrick and Kathleen (and Bree and others too). Honestly, I would love to know all the answers asap as much as anyone, but I recognize that you have to get your ducks in a row. It is especially cool that you are doing all this from 1/2 way around the world! Just think where you'd be if you were in AK. Keep up the great work, and thanks! T2

Anonymous said...

To Patrick & Kathleen, Have you been in touch with Gryphen, at IM? Is he interested in sharing information with you? He seems to know some important information, or at least he hints at in:

"For instance, the things I learned about Sarah Palin a few months back are worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars to her if I were to keep quiet.

But it never even crossed my mind to blackmail her. Instead I took, what only I knew at the time, and divulged it to some of my closest blogger buddies. And then I set about finding the proper venue for getting the truth out to the American people. And if this were just about Palin's personal life, and had no bearing on Alaska or the country at large, then I doubt I would have cared all that much about it.

But it is far bigger than that. And for those who come here to criticize me for going after Sarah Palin, all I have to say is that YOU my friend, are missing the big picture."

emrysa said...

the title on that magazine annoys me.

it should say "america's dumbest governor."

she may be hot based solely on appearance, but she's dumber than a box of rocks.

Living in Alaska said...

I live in Eagle River AK and it is very hard to tell how the people of Wasilla really feel about SP. I am a Trig truther because my children and I saw her in Fairbanks around the time that she made the pregnancy announcement and we were shocked by the announcement. So even before she was selected as the VP candidate we were questioning what was up with her regarding all the sudden saying she was pregnant. I want it revealed because she uses Trig as her holier than thou platform. If she'll lie about that she will lie about anything.

Truly Madly Deeply said...


Clearly something has your knickers in a twist.

Are you afraid that Patrick is asking too many people the right questions and that he might actually uncover something that would seriously damage Palin's credibility? That he is going to pick her story apart piece by piece by talking to journalists and Alaskans and that he is actually being told something that you would rather not hear?

How long do you think it took to uncover other scandals? It takes time, patience and sheer one-mindedness to uncover the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

It also takes co-operation with and the gaining the confidence of people who are unwilling at this point to go public because they are concerned that Palin and her henchmen still wield power in the Valley. Having read the very recent statement that the now mayor of Wasilla, Verne Rupright, made to the London Times, regarding people asking questions that might "threaten" the Palin family, I would say that they are right to be concerned.


This is nothing to do with Patrick teasing the readers - he merely wants to protect his sources, many of whom read this and other blogs. Some of whom have recently come out of the woodwork because they think that Patrick is asking the right questions and because they desperately want to see Palin go down. They are ashamed that she was the face of Alaska and of the impression that she has left of Alaska and Alaskans in general.

In a nutshell anon @3.44 Patrick will continue to ask those niggly questions that you so obviously do not want him to ask and he will also continue to inform Regina's readers what facts his present questions are yielding. And your snarky comments will not stop him.

onejrkitty said...

Another blogger said and I agree:
"This string along baloney is just BALONEY... shit or get off the pot...

I am personally sick of the intrigue... say the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing BUT the truth or just be quiet...

I also think your critical skills are lacking. HOW can you know something well enough to "assume" it is true simply because someone did NOT say something i.e. Melissa did NOT mention Bristol looked pregnant when she burst thru the door?

What someone does NOT say cannot logically be used to prove the opposite is true. THERE COULD BE OTHER REASONS MELISSA DID NOT STATE THAT BRISTOL LOOKED PREGNANT ! Maybe Bristol had a coat on, maybe her clothing was too loose, maybe Melissa decided not to mention it for some reason etc etc etc.


Otherwise you DO/WILL make us look like "birthers."

YOU GOT to play devil's advocate and keep your ego out of it. Nice ego trip to know something and string others along but you only make yourself look juvenile in the process.


We need to raise the bar again; too much egoand emotionalism has lowered it.

Anonymous said...

Here's my assessment, FWIW.

The photographic evidence is clear, as well as the circumstantial evidence and her own description of "the wild ride." SP was not pregnant. But the story still has not broken wide. Why not?

Possibility 1) The GOP does not want the MSM to go negative on her. Why?
The GOP is already turning out negative memes of their own about her. Daily now, the GOP calls her a "catastrophe" or an "apocalypse" or something else unflattering. BUT I heard on MSNBC tonight that the GOP/RNC is fearful that Beck or Palin will start a 3rd party. Perhaps this is one reason they won't do a Babygate story. They fear the backlash would start a 3rd fringer party.

Possibility 2) The MSM needs a GOP figure to provide "conflict" from the Republican side. For good "reality" broadcasting, there must be competing teams. Because the Dems have so much in place via the Presidency, the Senate and the House, there is no "reality political media" without conflict. Palin did provide tons of conflict for a year by leading the Teabaggers and "the base."

Possibility 3) The truth is known by the MSM and it is far weirder/worse/whatever than anyone wants to say. No one wants to be blamed for revealing it.

I'm starting to suspect it is #3.

Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick said...


I don't understand what your point is. Why exactly is this an "ego trip"? Because I have to protect sources which don't want to go on the record?

Regarding Bristol: I specifically asked Melissa point blank whether Bristol looked pregnant or not, and Melissa said "no". She didn't see Bristol "with a coat", but indoors (and in the summer!).

I don't understand why I supposedly look like a birther, like you say, when you "scream" and do nothing more that "rant away". I remember that people have mentioned to you before after similar comments which you had left on blogs that this style of argumentation is not very helpful.

onejrkitty said...

I think too many people want their "15 minutes of fame" out of Palin and unfortunately, some of those people are playing sleuth when they don't really have the level of skill and competence to do so.

I have NO problem with anyone getting any information from anyone they can, but what I DO have a problem with is when they throw logic and rational thinking to the winds and try to connect dots that have no relevance to each other.

I think this hampers any real effort to discover and publicize accurate information about Palin's fakery.

I think this cause a lack of credibility in the reader and I am seeing this more and more on blogs.

I want Palin exposed, but I want it done properly.


From who I can guess/assume some of these sources are, I seriously doubt they are going to be that "free" with their info; tho I do think these "sources" would definitely use our "sleuths" to their own ends i.e. keeping the story alive on blogs, keeping the guessing going but keeping all the "good stuff" until they are ready to go public themselves.

Rex Butler, as an example, is NOT going to give anything away unless he is using who he gives it to to HIS advantage.


Sorry, but I am losing respect and that SHOULD concern you. IF YOU are for real.

Anonymous said...

OneJrKitty - Please don't be rude to Patrick, Kathleen and Regina. If you don't want to read here or comment here, then don't. Goodbye!

Anonymous said...

Patrick, Regina, Kathline and others, you do not have to answer to anyone. Just keep on doing what you are doing.

Patrick said...


Let me just say one thing:

My sources are independent and do not belong to one of the "concerned parties". In particular, my sources are NOT the Johnstons or Rex Butler himself.

Apart from that, there is quite a lot in your comments which I don't really understand, but probably I don't need to.

onejrkitty said...

Patrick: You make NO mention in the article today about asking Melissa point blank anything about Bristol being pregnant.

I use caps for emphasis, not out of anger.

Do you really need to bolster "your side" by stating others have commented? How about sticking to the point and take me on one on one if "taking me on" is what you intend. I hope not as I not trying to argue but AM trying to make some points, i.e. that "we" are not 100% without our own errors in thinking and judgment.

I want the truth, and while it is "fun" to blame Palin for everything and criticize her things we shoudl not i.e. french fingernails, plastic surgery on drooping jowls, that lowering of the bar ruins the credibility of real criticism of her.

Sorry, but if you really know what you are doing, you should understand the frustration other have with being "strung along" and that insisting on stringent critical thinking before making statments is vital.

No one wants Palin exposed more than I, but we need to be self criticle if we want to expose her and retain credibility.

When I say "we" I mean all of us who recognize Palin for the liar she is.

"We" are on the same side when it comes to Palin, but "we" need to be able to accept well meant criticizm and react like c4P people and tell others to go elsewhere, or delete their comments or attack them personally.

If "we" don't critique ourselves, others will and it is better to know what your own faults are prior to having an adversary discover them.

Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick said...


We don't delete any comments here or attack anyone personally, and everybody is free to comment here - and BTW, it's quite insulting to compare us to the a**holes at the Sea of Pee.

This a the haven of free speech here at palingates, not the highly censored world of the Peelanders (who have just installed a new commenting system so that they can easily ban users and IP addresses).

wayofpeace said...

ANON 04:51, you're correct as to the GOP's fear of a 3rd PARTY. it is dawning on them that the DUMB DOWN BASE that they've been relying on and nurturing is very likely to turn against them in 2010, specially if they go with ROMNEY.

SP and the PEE-ZOO are increasing their anti-GOP establishment comments, specially as they are now hearing more anti-SARAH zingers on a daily basis.

the good news for us--when and if this happens--is that the GOP would then release the files they got on SARAH!

wayofpeace said...

oops, i meant 2012...

onejrkitty said...

Patrick, there are 3 deleted posts on here right now, including one just above your comments.

Please reread what I said, I said IF you dont want to look like C4P etc, not that you DO look like C4P.

It is insulting to me when I read posters, and I am not referring to you but to many people who comment on blogs (this one and others) who are just as immature as the jerks at C4P --being a progressive, liberal, democrat, independent whatever does not in and of itself make you a "good person" i.e. WE have a$$holes on OUR side of the fence sometimes too.

We have one poster who posts here and on IM who is constantly telling me how she dislikes me telling others what to say and then tells me to STFU LOL LOL. She is apparently too young or immature to realize she is doing to me exactly what she criticizes me for doing.

I just want the bar to be raised again as it has gotten lowered and that ruins credibility in the long run.

Now, if you asked Melissa point blank, that changes things a great deal, but you did NOT mention that in your article above.

Also, I was only using Butler as an example. I am old, tired and been through a lot (6 yrs civil rights litigation) and one of the many very hard lessons I learned is that you cannot trust who you think you can trust when it comes to legalities, politics, money etc.

I dont know who your sources are but --and I am speaking generically here-- you got to be a Sherlock and think about why this person is sharing anything, how is it to their advantage to share it, why are they sharing with you, how do they know, why haven't they spoken up sooner, why are they not allowing themselves to be quoted, what personal (ego, game playing, immaturity) reason would they have for involving themselves.

I have had people lie to my face, under oath--completely made up out of whole cloth lies either about something that did, or something that did not happen.

I could bore you for hours with $hit people did during the 6 yrs of civil rights litigation I went through and they were ALL liberal democrats in positions of trust and authority. Judges were blackmailed, lawyers were bought off, betrayal by a union official who was threatened, told I was in physical danger if I did not back off.

You ask the readers to trust you and your sources.

We need to know why and you GOT to understand that we have a legitimate right to feel that way and to ask you.

Think about it. Seriously. Think about it !

Anonymous said...


I agree with what you say regarding the GOP releasing their files on Sarah in order to save themselves but I have to ask "Surely Americans will want to know why didn't the GOP release the files that they had on Sarah earlier?" Won't this reflect badly on them?

I guess the best part of it could be that they will then hand the election to the Dems on a plate. And that's a good thing, isn't it?

Patrick said...


The posts were deleted by the AUTHOR of the comment, as it clearly states there - namely by ME, because it were my own posts, and I had spelling mistakes or wanted to add something - so that's what I usually do then, I copy the post, delete it, make the corrections and post it again...

onejrkitty said...

Patrick: Yes, it says the posts were removed by the author. To me that meant the author of the site.

I stand corrected.

I had no idea it was physically possible to remove a post once you had entered it and it showed up.

Nice to know since upon rereading I see some of my post leave out the word "not" or whatever and only the context of the entire post shows what I really meant to say.

Carry on Pat. I am not your adversary. I just want this done and I want it done right.

Exposing Palin is important to me. It's not just a gossipy way to spend my day and I am afraid it has become that for too many people and I am NOT referring to you or anyone in particular. Mainly I am referring to comments posted and there is really no way, other than censorship which I do NOT agree with, to keep immature comments off a blog. Perhaps it would help if sometimes the blog owners could mention that we all need to keep to a higher road when we discuss Palin.

Besides, she is so full of so much to criticize LOL She really is the gift that keeps on giving. Surprised she has not made a public statement about Letterman. Guess she figures the back lash would be someone (like Letterman) commenting on Levi's statement that Todd sleeps in the living room recliner.

Still on the upward swing, but she is approaching criticle mass. Now, Todd, Bristol, Levi--all family members--have been thrown under the bus. Palin has a lot of "paying off" to do to a lot of people for a long time if she wants to keep them quiet. I doubt she can really accomplish that.

I still think she will draw blood before all this is over and it will be because she fears someone will "drop a dime" on her despite the payoffs, and/or she is tired of paying them off.

Palin is a dangerous woman. Do not underestimate her psychological instability.

IWorshipCats said...

Don't want to start anything but I do want to defend Patrick, Regina and everyone else who puts so much of their time and effort into exposing Palin's lies.

I greatly appreciate whatever they can tell us, whenever they can tell us, in this and other blogs. I understand their caution about jumping the gun. That would be counterproductive. I do appreciate the hints that they have good info, because that gives me hope that they are close to being able to reveal what they know. But they are the ones taking the risks here and I trust their judgment.

Anybody whose personal schedule for Palin revelations is not being met here, is certainly free to hire a PI of his or her own.

Patrick said...


You have to click on the little garbage at the bottom of your post to delete it.

When Regina deletes a post, it would say that the post was deleted by the "Administrator". This happens extremely rarely here on palingates. :-)

Patrick said...

..."the little garbage can"...

See, I am afraid to delete my post now!! ;-)

onejrkitty said...


Don't be afraid. Just be careful.

"Palin is a dangerous woman. Do not underestimate her psychological instability."

CC said...

Thank you, Patrick, Kathleen and Regina for all you do. It certainly isn't easy and I am very grateful for your efforts in trying to expose this lying, sack of sh*t!

O/T-- Got back a little while ago from a book signing/discussion with Madame Secretary Albright. It was wonderful and how refreshing to see a strong, intelligent woman. Quite the contrast to the aforementioned dope!

E.W. said...

Back to the question at hand - "What should we do now?"
I wish I knew. It strikes me that if someone(s) in Wasilla, Palmer, or even Anchorage has the absolute proof, they must be terrified to go on record. The entire State of AK is like a small town, and Wasilla seems to be run by a Mafia-like group (and full of AIP members who will "protect" their Queen). I would like to see a person of power and wealth sign on to all of this - pay the legit people who provide the irrefutable evidence that SP did NOT birth Trig, so said person(s) can leave AK in safety. WHO can pay? The Enquirer?
Lately, Murdoch himself seems to be throwing SP under the bus (critical articles in his own publications). I will also speculate that Rex Butler may have enough $ and influence to expose all, IF he so chooses. Our other option is to wait - SP has seemed to accumulate a number of enemies.
Who PROBABLY knows truth? Bristol, Levi, Mercede, Dr. CBJ, Meg, Gutsy, Bill McAllister, Todd - probably more - too many to keep a secret indefinitely. (?)

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all for the work you've been doing and I appreciate it. I'm not certain how much it may help but I'd like to suggest that Patrick, Regina and Bree update their Twitter accounts more often. I found the Levi and Tank ad first today on the Mudflats Twitter account. Any tweets at all about Palin or those close to her may generate more interest towards the mysterious pregnancy issue. Even though some don't like looking into family life, they may consider if she's lied about something so bizarre, she can lie about anything.

Anonymous said...

The elephant in the room is: Where is Trig? Has anyone seen Sarah with Trig, lately? Now, this should be very easy to prove. Sarah was in public with Trig when last?

Anonymous said...

Ugh ugh onejrkitty you have no idea how rude you sou d and you are so controlling!! Always telling others what they should or shouldn't say. The minute I see your ranting posts I am so turned off and can't read them! You probably have some valid points but you really need to take a look at why you alienate people no matter where you go. Aren't you even tired of getting the same response from others over and over again!!? I am shocked you haven't been banned here or at IM. If you want people to listen stop attacking people.

Country Girl said...


Following you from Immoral Minority. I will be in Lake Forest the first week in November. I lived there for many, many years. So - High 5 across the border. Wish there were a way to connect when I am there. Don't know how. At least, here's a "Hello Lake Forest" from me.

Canadian Country Girl

Anonymous said...

Patrick, Kathleen and Regina....Alaskans owe you so much. You are doing what none of us on our own has taken on. We are all so close to the PROBLEM and know what goes on here. It is a blessing you are safe across the world and can do your research without the encumberances of knowing how things operate here. Of course we all want this huge scandal revealed but Patrick must do it safely. And when he has all the pieces of the puzzle, then and only then will he reveal the story. Let's not put any more pressure on this team of dedicated folks. We all want the same thing. Let's not blow it. And I really hate to see the dialog that appears above going on here on this website. Let's be civil, courteous and appreciative. Patience, my friends. Look how long it took for the John Edwards scandal to be revealed.

Anonymous said...


Yes, ugh: onejrkitty posts keep the volume way too high, plus drain the oxygen from the room. Best to skip over them. Many bloggers don't post comments for that reason. Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish is one, though he first conducted a poll of readers before initiating a policy of posting relevant comments. Yet I can understand Regina/Patrick not wanting to be censors, and I respect them for that.

Anonymous said...

I, for one really appreciate your comments.

I also REALLY want to see the hoax that is Sarah Palin exposed. Which is exactly the reason I want to see the few blogs (remaining) that are dedicated to exposing the TRUTH about Palin to adhere to higher standards. I feel a bit disheartened when commentary sinks to the petty, speculating about surgery and unprovable hearsay, like a wedding ring thrown into the lake.

I think one should be able to raise points such as yours without being compared to a c4per (or, whatever they are). Thank you for your articulate insights.

(I hope I'm not publishing twice...other attempt didn't appear to go through.)

ArmchairJane said...

Like E.W. said above: think about "who PROBABLY knows [the] truth?". E.W. follows up that statement with a good list of people who know some or all of it.

Who does actually KNOW it ALL? I am suspecting that one key problem for those investigating is that in all likelihood probably very few people know ALL of the important parts of the truth. More likely only a very few know ALL of it, even just one or two people.

Then there is probably a somewhat larger circle who know major parts of the truth, yet still may not know for sure key parts.

For instance, some people may know Bristol is mother of T1, but not know who the father is. Or they may know that Bristol had a baby, but then didn't actually see the baby for months, and then "Sarah's" baby is produced. Such a person may SUSPECT that the baby being presented as Sarah's is Bristol's, but don't actually KNOW it for sure.

I can imagine many people knowing little bits of the truth. People may also have been told things by key players but they may not know whether what they have been told is the truth. Some people may blindly believe something "because [insert name here] would never lie!".

The people who seemingly would know the most, especially about Babygate in particular, are AT THIS TIME the least likely to talk, but that could change, especially if Bristol decides to take full control over her own life, or if a divorce between Sarah and Todd were to occur.

Sherry Johnston's status could change and then people might be willing to talk.

One commenter some time back explained how their business is dependent on major employers in Alaska as well as state contracts, and for that reason they are reluctant to criticize Palin. Even though she is gone, many of her appointees remain in place. And then there are those who attend her church and honestly believe she is "annointed" and can do no wrong. I have an idea that those who see Palin as another Queen Esther might be willing to go to great lengths to protect her.

We've already seen that a great deal of scrubbing has occurred of photos and articles. So I think it would be crazy to telegraph who sources are, or to reveal information that is still being confirmed. Even within the past few days we saw videos taken down that Bree had drawn attention to on her blog.

I keep going back to the Quitter speech. First of all, NO politician at that high of level has ever quit mid-term in such a way. Others who quit mid-term left to take higher office, were forced out by scandal, or in some cases died in office or became too ill to continue.

In Palin's case she called a very hurried press conference out of the blue, and gave her breathless garbled speech. Her own family only found out very shortly in advance.

Then instead of doing as she said, and "working to progress Alaska", complete with politically incorrect tweets to her followers, she instead disappears, then gives a speech in Hong Kong, and now her book is coming out months in advance. It sure looks like SHE knows that 1) she needs money fast 2)better get that book out FAST

I suspect there is much interesting still ahead. And I don't feel that we are being "teased" by Regina, Patrick, Kathleen, Bree, or Gryphen. Once the book is out, Palin can't change what she wrote.

I also think that it is precisely because they ARE being careful and making sure to back up what they learn that we WILL end up with absolutely as much of the truth as possible. But it will have to unfold at the pace it goes. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see some kind of indictment leveled at Palin considering the suspicious situation with the building of the house, but if so, those investigators will also take care to get all of their ducks in a row, and when the time is ripe, we will hear.

Celia Harrison said...

Annon. @04:51 said: Possibility 3) The truth is known by the MSM and it is far weirder/worse/whatever than anyone wants to say. No one wants to be blamed for revealing it.
I'm starting to suspect it is #3.

I think you may be right. It has been said that the truth about the story is very sordid. The MSM in this country have been known to keep secrets in the past. If the sordid part is about a young girl they may be waiting unitil she is older.

Celia Harrison said...

It is frustrating to know there is more information and not find out what it is, but giving your word to sources is very important. They will not talk if they are afraid of being exposed before they are ready. SP will retaliate. She practically has an army and they can do a lot of harm. I was harmed by some dominionists who were a lot less powerful than her. They even control the judicial system.

onejrkitty said...

TO: Anonymous said...
I, for one really appreciate your comments.

Thank you for understanding where I am coming from.

This is a very important situtation, there is serious threat of physical abuse to some, and Palin is NOT stable.

Her instability is NOT a joke. It is NOT a subject for gossip type commenting. She is dangerous.

Unfortunately, too many comment on blogs --no particular blog in mind here-for or against "our" side-- because their lives are empty and they find a community of friends to share with and unfortunately, the group mentality begins to embolden those otherwise too shy or incapable of independent & criticle thinking skills.

Nothing wrong with that, we all need friends, but I am not here because "looking for love" --or friendship--nor affirmationon of my own thoughts/opinon on the net. I am here because of the seriousness of the issues at hand and to increase awareness of Palin's unstable behavior.

Posters should respect that many people have been deeply wounded, had their lives changed, lost incomes and reputation becasue of Palin, and as I have stated before, I really think Palin will sooner or later resort to physical violence.

This is not a game.

People need to show more respect for the seriousness of the issues and the potential fall out to others.

For a "movement" to have credibility, it has to stay on the high road, play fair, support all claims and not wildly speculate while calling it an opinion.

I don't want blogs to lower their bar because with the loss of credibility, there is a loss of effectiveness to expose Palin.

Let her take the low road, she is so comfortable there.

We don't need to take it with her.

Oh yeah, and how's that for suckin the air out of the room :)
(Gotta keep a sense of humor LOL )

Anonymous said...

Gee, the tension is tight on this thread.

onejrkitty, I am sorry you have problems with the work and energy put forth by bloggers regarding SP. And I am sorry to hear that folks have been abused by SP. But, while those folks remained silent, 254 aged or disabled helpless folks died during SP's partial term in office. Not from violence, but by silence.

Now, over a year has gone by since she first stepped out on the national stage and only bloggers continue to put for their time and effort to expose her deception. And I appreciate each and every one.

Thank you, Patrick. Great post! And thanks, Regina. Keep up the good work!

wayofpeace said...

ANON 05:27,

my take is that they will leak (not release officially) what they have on PALIN-GATES.

here's the dilemma the GOP finds itself in: as long as their base keeps drinking the FOX NOISE kool-aid, the worse they do in elections. GAWKER had a great analysis/graph on that: the greater the audience for FOX, the worse the GOP does in elections.

On another blog i found this comment that says why:

mcmath61: "as the Republican Party alienates what had been important elements of its former national coalition, the better to serve the party’s majority group [the RELIGIOUS RIGHT, SP's major supporter], the Republican Party is going to continue to get shellacked at the polls. It will win in large portions of the South, it will do well in the relatively empty Plains States, but it will lose nationally because it will have forfeited the loyalties of enough of the voters in the East, West, and industrial heartland states of the Midwest to ensure overall defeat."

so for PALIN to run in the primaries or bolt and run as a third party candidate, it is ultimately good for the DEMS. but, her and beck's and rush's incitement may turn the whole thing explosive. that's my fear.

Anonymous said...

Here's a WaPo video from Feb. 26, 2008:

Watch from 2:22 when $P is asked about being a possible candidate for McCain. She responds that it is absolutely at this time an "impossibility" this go around.

So what changed from an absolute impossibility? My guess is that after the February '08 governors' convention in DC, she came up with her fake pregnancy story.

Notice she's wearing the same outfit with blue scarf as pictured here: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_t2gcapXTnuM/Ssna6n1flEI/AAAAAAAABuY/0oA1JF0yYWU/s1600-h/28+weekspng.PNG

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Patrick, I am thrilled that you talked to Melissa DeVaughn, the writer of the Alaska magazine article that appeared in the February 2008 issue! The fact that she actually did the in-person interviews in May and July 2007 clears up a lot, IMO. I had spent hours upon hours researching and trying to make sense of that article, and it still just did not jive. Did Melissa give the actual dates in May and July 2007? I was curious what “gala” they were going to attend that Sarah wore the black skirt and silver sequined sweater, and Bristol was going to wear the $15 gown with her $30 waxed legs. I had also tried to find what community playground in Juneau that Todd was going to help oversee the construction. But I was looking for events in October, November or December 2007 or January 2008. It is clear from this new information that Bristol’s age was changed from 16 to 17 for the article to be published in the February 2008 issue. How convenient!

One thing that article did confirm to me was that Sarah knew in early 2007 that people were pushing for her to be a VP candidate. Clearly, a teenage daughter who strayed from the abstinence-only policy of a potential VP candidate would be a serious dilemma. Previously, like most people, I thought Sarah was a surprise pick. Oh no, she was being groomed by her fundamentalist supporters and handlers long before the August 2008 RNC surprise! But those grooming tools were having trouble with that one big knot in her “family values” facade, Bristol’s pregnancy with Trig. “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”.

Regina, Patrick, Kathleen and all the others who are working to uncover Sarah’s slimy trail, keep it up, and a huge thanks!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Living in Alaska @ 04:37, can you be more specific about when and where you saw Sarah in Fairbanks? Was it at the Iron Dog in February 2008? She announced her pregnancy on 3-5-08, but obviously you saw her in February 2008 and she did not appear pregnant to you. It was just AFTER the 2-15-08 weekend that she began wearing her long scarves, so it appears that she hatched her fake pregnancy scheme over that weekend. Any pictures???

Anonymous said...

I would like to say that when a lawyer says he doesn't know something for a fact there are several considerations. 1) The lawyer may believe something; 2) belief is not evidence; 3) evidence that would establish a legal "fact" has not been presented.

For example, I don't know for a fact that Sarah Palin gave birth to any of her children. Nor do I know for a fact that she is a woman. So I think that a lawyer's "doubt" should not be taken as evidence of the truth of something.

Anon 4:51 said...


Even the GOP knows that Palin's voting bloc cannot win an election. From the NY Times last week -

"The Wizard of Beck" by David Brooks:

"Over the years, I have asked many politicians what happens when Limbaugh and his colleagues attack. The story is always the same. Hundreds of calls come in. The receptionists are miserable. But the numbers back home do not move. There is no effect on the favorability rating or the re-election prospects. In the media world, he is a giant. In the real world, he’s not.

But this is not merely a story of weakness. It is a story of resilience. For no matter how often their hollowness is exposed, the jocks still reweave the myth of their own power. They still ride the airwaves claiming to speak for millions. They still confuse listeners with voters. And they are aided in this endeavor by their enablers. They are enabled by cynical Democrats, who love to claim that Rush Limbaugh controls the G.O.P. They are enabled by lazy pundits who find it easier to argue with showmen than with people whose opinions are based on knowledge. They are enabled by the slightly educated snobs who believe that Glenn Beck really is the voice of Middle America.

So the myth returns. Just months after the election and the humiliation, everyone is again convinced that Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and the rest possess real power. And the saddest thing is that even Republican politicians come to believe it. They mistake media for reality. They pre-emptively surrender to armies that don’t exist."

This is another piece of evidence that supports my Possibility #2. Perhaps the MSM actually believes Possibilities #1-3 all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon. 1532. What Rex Butler says about "doesn't know for a fact" should not be characterized as support for the idea that she isn't Trig's mother. Moving along ... It seems that it begins with the Canadian TV news report, which includes the wild ride. There may have been some account(s) in Britain. Given that, what do genuine health care professionals say about what was said in the news? ... We aren't to the point of showing the pictures, yet.

Anonymous said...

Oh Come on... Talk to some more people? Thats it.

I wish you people would wake up to the reality of this situation.

Eyewitness accounts of "I didn't think she was pregnant when I saw her" is just more crap to pile on the pile you keep regurgitating over and over.

Unless you get Palin, Levi, Bristol or her doctor to publicly admit that she lied then you have nothing. It will take one of those people to spill this and for anyone to believe it.

As long as they cover it it will stay covered.

Unless you do something drastic to make them talk about it, this is going nowhere and Palin will win this fight. Hell she is winning this fight.

No one knows the real truth except those people, and anyone else is just hearsay and gossip and easily dismissed by the media and the public.

So grow some balls and do something publicly to make them respond. Do some publicly to make the doctor respond. Do something publicly that Sarah Palin cannot ignore and pretend you dont exist. Do something publicly to make the media respond to you and cover your story.

If you like this merry-go-round that you are riding, then go ahead talk to some more people, its worked so well so far.

People have given you all great ideas to actually do something, but you all are just to afraid or just to lazy to get off of your computer chairs and actually solve this once and for all.

Just talking about it, makes you nothing more than full of bullsh*t. Its time to stop talking and take some action.

If you dont want to do anything more than internet discussion then just shut up and stop whining.

Sorry if that was harsh, but its the truth.

Anonymous said...

PCG, you mention the same track I keep thinking about which is that she had "handlers" grooming her long before her surprise pick. But if she hatched her pregnancy plan just after the 2/15/08 weekend (and began wearing the scarves) why would she have said the VP nom was an "impossibility" while at the Gov's convention 2/26/08? Could she have said that simply to detract attention away from what she already knew and had been sworn to keep secret? It's likely that she and the forces progressing her knew well before McCain knew that she was the pick. I still feel strongly that she was forced on McCain by the power/money brokers. As I speculated on Bree's blog, if that were the case, and Trig (wherever he came from,) was the bow on the package that sealed the deal, then that would be a huge scandal. Palin and the GOP would be utterly disgraced.

Susan in MD

Truly Madly Deeply said...

anon @16.06

If you are so gunho why don't YOU start your own blog and launch your own very public advertising campaign against Sarah Palin?

Anonymous said...

Susan @16:07 - I believe it was Dobson and the Religious Right were the ones who lobbied for Palin. They did it through Kristol and Barnes.

Remember that "kid" who started a blog championing Palin for the VP in 2007? He's one of Dobson's flock.

Anonymous said...

Making a video

So show the Canadian news and provide the information that it was a premature labor.

Did Palin talk to her doctor while she was in Texas? Do we have any record of her conversation with the doctor?

Talk to other Doctors. Some do consulting work. No, it won't be free. What do those doctors say? Do they talk about umbilical prolapse? Infection? Put their clear-to-the-layman statements in the video. Sequence is important here.

By the way, I don't think we have to prove/disprove whether Palin gave birth to Trig.

Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ProChoiceGrandma said...

Susan in MD @ 16:07, you asked “why would she have said the VP nom was an "impossibility" while at the Gov's convention 2/26/08?”

Since Sarah had suddenly become 6 months pregnant in the wink of an eye, she needed to let those scarves gestate for another three weeks until she knew the result of the Republican nomination on 3-4-08. I believe she had not determined whether to go through with the fake pregnancy or not, but when McCain won the Rep. nomination, she had to make a final decision to launch or scrub the mission. On 3-5-08, she made the final decision to proceed with her scheme to protect her “family values” image, and use her first grandson, Trig, as a useful political tool to enrich that image with all the anti-abortion voters.

Patrick said...

Anon 15:32 and 15:56

To clarify in which context Rex Butler made this remark when he said that he doesn't want to go on the record regarding whether Sarah is Trig's mother and that he "doesn't know for certain" whether Sarah is Trig's mom:

Levi was recently asked in an interview whether Sarah is the mother of Trig. Levi answered "Sarah is the mother of Trig", but Rex Butler, who was present, immediately stepped in and said: "This is off the record" and added: "We don't know for certain whether Sarah is Trig's mother".

I am giving this additional information in order to show the whole context of this remark and in order to show why Rex Butler's remark is actually very important.

Anonymous said...

I have read where a journalist (pretty sure it wasn't a blogger) commented that what has been interesting about this particular question (T1 parentage) is that for all the people who were not willing to confirm that Palin wasn't pregnant, there were just as many unwilling to come forward and confirm that she was. Think about that.

I believe Palin's wardrobe selection and lack of obvious padding (except for the Gusty pic) was intentional in that it created a confusing illusion. Smoke and mirrors, as it were. So many people truly don't know what they saw, what was real and what wasn't. Add to that the prospect of going against a powerful person with a wide network of not only friends, but religious and political backers with money and influence. It's no wonder why key people aren't talking. And even those who aren't sure what they saw, can only speculate, because they don't have proof. The pics just aren't enough proof. But they certainly are compelling enough to keep asking questions.

So I agree with previous posters who've said that one of the key players will have to come forth with something in terms of verifiable proof. The only other aspect to this that could be culled would be the WHO and WHY. Woodward and Bernstein, anyone?

Just my 2 cents.

Susan in MD

Anonymous said...

PCG - I agree with you 110+%. I just believe that she had handlers that were guiding her and helped her execute the plan, both before (just in case) and after McCain won the nomination.

Susan in MD

omg..my wv is: farcem (nuff said)

Anonymous said...

OK, Patrick. What we have then is an attorney's legal opinion that Levi doesn't have any direct knowledge of the matter, that is, that what Levi said is based on hearsay or circumstantial evidence, that is, furthermore, that Levi was not present at the birth. I don't think that that can be characterized as evidence that she is not the mother.

Anonymous said...

Here is a crazy idea. My husband's favorite TV show is Penn & Teller's Bullsh*t, on Showtime. (No, it is not spelled with the *, I'm being polite here). A word of warning, they do swear a bleeping lot on that show.

What the show is dedicated to is debunking popular "myths." A list of topics on their internet site shows includes astrology, lie detectors, organic food, stress, obesity. They tackle religious issues head on, no holds barred.

What's the harm in putting together an outline of the most important facts which debunk Sarah Palin's "pregnancy?" I am thinking along the lines of a photo display, a summary of the Wild Ride, facts about giving birth to a premature DS child vs. showing up at work three days after "childbirth" with a baby that would never be exposed to strangers in that way.

I have no idea how to contact the show with suggestions of something to debunk. One possibility is to contact Penn Jillette through his fan site (he also has a radio program). I don't even know where Penn stands on politics and if this is a subject that he would tackle, but he has been brave in tackling other sensitive issues. At least it is a way to get the story out there, circulating and exposed to a wider group of people.



Or, just Google Penn & Teller and the swear word that is their show title.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Regina, Patrick, Kathleen...thanks for all the info and research you all have done! The truth WILL come out whether some like it or not!
Anon@13:42-good catch with the outfit. I noticed she was wearing the scarves.
Watching her talk in that video was somewhat similar to the Quitter speech. She has exaggerated facial expressions, talks fast, she just looks drugged! She obviously lost weight and had a neck tuck or whatever its called before the campaign. Maybe she was trying out the scarf thing to see how it would be received?
I think the video posted here with Micheal Carey pretty much says it all. I have heard the same thing about a Lawyer in Wasilla, saying Bristol being preg was common knowledge.

Gryphen said...

The story is coming out soon.

Even if all of the pro- babygate blogs disappeared tomorrow the story would still be revealed.

Count on it.

Good job Regina, and Patrick, I encourage you to continue to keep babygate in people's consciousness. This thing is going to be HUGE.

Patrick said...

I would like draw everybody's attention to these two videos which were created by Ennealogic a few months ago and which constitute an excellent summary of other footage which the filmmaker Elan Frank had shot on April 8, 2008:



These videos should have really been highlighted several days ago when Bree Palin had her huge success with the footage comparison from the 8th April 2008. But then, it's never to late (H/T to ProChoicGrandma!).

Anonymous said...

There is a clear explanation, here, about how the use of tinyurl can be avoided. It is actually easier than using tinyurl.

Anonymous said...

Off topic: You know how the c4p and their ilk like to rail against "socialism." Well, the very platform they're using wouldn't exist if the government, socialists that they are, hadn't funded the research at UC Berkeley that led to the protocols which form the basis of the internet. I could go on: Are they aware of how the roads they surely drive on were and are being paid for? What about the public libraries? What about the state universities, many of which are highly regarded? What about the medical research that has been funded by socialistic government that has no doubt, saved their lives or made a disease that many of them have contracted more bearable?

Anonymous said...

I suggest that everyone check out the video in Patrick's first link, http://tinyurl.com/y9b6w7e

I'm not an expert on body language, but the section where Sarah drums on her square shaped pillow-shaped belly is beyond weird. Watch her eyes, constantly close, looking downward with strained facial gestures. That woman is lying! She is not natural - well, I was going to compare that part to someplace where she is natural, but Sarah is always "on," playing to the camera.

But, please, she recitation about her "pregnancy" needs some work. Sarah is not a good actress.

Anonymous said...

Could SP have sounded more smug talking about how she hid her pregnancy? She sounds like a woman who thinks she is getting away with something.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Great job Ennealogic! I really like in the part 2 the last part LIAR on the YouTube :)
Now let me see if Anon@18:04 works...

Anonymous said...

I come from a family of cops. One of the things these family members have always said - If you ever do something illegal don't tell ANYONE ANYTHING. The fewer people who know your secret, the better the odds you will get away with it. I agree with the posters who said that few people know the entire story. I wouldn't be surprised if only SP knew the entire story....and she isn't talking.

Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Anon, about the dreaded socialism...there was a cartoon, the founding fathers writing the constitution and one says...

"but that would be GOVERNMENT run Government!"

Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Susan in MD: We have seen those photos so often, they barely register as the completely damning evidence they really are!

When I show new people, they are shocked and immediately believers in NO PG for Palin.

Get the photos, especially the celebrity comparisons out. Then if she tries to run for anything, it WILL come up!

and just having those photos everywhere will make this the truth
in a way because it is just so obvious, to women anyway.

photos are powerful and we could force hands if they are everywhere

AND if we all help take this viral, the MSM might be forced to take notice, if only as a "human interest" silly story to fill time.

Patrick said...

another test

special Sarah blingee

Anonymous said...

BTW, a top guy in the DNC says that baby is not hers! I can't reveal anything, he is a friend and I won't out him, but I was surprised to hear that.

Patrick said...

Hi Anon 18:04,

thanks a lot for the advice about creating hyperlinks which are then embedded in the comments!!


So that everybody knows: Once you have clicked on such a hyperlink here in the comments, you can easily go back to the comments when you make a "right-click" and then click on "back" on the menu which appears.

Patrick said...

Anon 18:52

Would you like to get in touch with me?


Anonymous said...


You can also right-click on the link, where you'll get a choice (firefox, anyway) to open the link in a new tab. Either way works.

Patrick said...

Anon 18:59

Good point, thanks!

Karen said...

There was another Karen who posted, so I feel a bit stepped on, since I'm the original one. Anyways, wild idea with the baby, could someone in the Republican party be the dad to Bristol's first baby Trig? Everyone was so shocked when Sarah was picked for VP, just how did she gain so much leverage? Crazy I know, but we've come to realize, that word defines Sarah.

Amy1 said...

Just want to send my support regarding the way you are handling this to Patrick, Regina, Gryphen, Bree + contributors -- too many of you to name without leaving others out.

Yes, I am impatient; yes we all want to know. That's good. But I am remembering how very long it took to get Watergate to START getting printed in the Washington Post, and then how long it took for the various articles and pieces of research to add up to the whole scenario. And that was with a sympathetic editor in chief and newspaper owner.

I'm guessing we don't have sympathetic newspaper/media owners anymore. They are so much more joined at the hip to the political and financial interests of the owners (Rupert and pals, esp the pals) than they were in the Watergate days.

AND, not having covered it, up to now, it's got to be embarrassing for anyone to step out and cover it now. That certainly goes double for the GOP, and triple for anyone who was close to the situation. Think how much nicer it would be for all these people if it would only all just quietly go away. And there are reasons to hope that it might. As well as reasons to fear that it might not.

I just smile at the folks who scream "do something to MAKE them come forward." Let's say you are an MD (not CBJ, but someone else) or anyone who knows a lot. Why in the world would you upset your whole world with notoriety, lawsuits, media feeding frenzy, huge drain of your time, and all the other et ceteras to come forward! That goes double for someone local in ALAska who has livelihood and family safety to lose. Geez, let's have a little respect for what folks in this situation would risk. Look at Audrey's situation.

I'd also like to note that saying "T1 is SP's son" could well be 100% accurate by now, one way or another, as could "SP had him." When one is upholding a lie, little distinctions like this are important to maintain. And I agree, Rex Butler adding HIS distinction in that conversation is huge. (I've always suspected that Butler was the unnamed lawyer Carey mentions in his long-ago video.)

Also, I recall a long-ago post that sounded authentic, from Alaska. It said: we don't talk because we have strong ties to the family (some of whom we love and respect), and we will be here long after this blows over and all you hot heads are long gone. Plus we care about the kids, all of them. In a small community, non-family could well feel this way too.

So: just to repeat my support for how you are managing this info. I think you are doing way better than I would in your spot. I'm sorry I second-guessed you.

LisanTX said...

Thanks Regina, Patrick, Kathleen! and everyone else who is helping debunk Palin's lies. There is so much information for newbies to read: Read Palin's Deceptions Website and blog--go back to September 2008 and read to the present.

A nurse has a quiet but excellent blog at Peyton Place
(hope the hyperlinks work--it's my first try)

She took some fabulous pictures to her doctor and got an opinion here: Physician Opinion

Jack Bogdanski's blog addressed this also: http://bojack.org/2008/12/sarah_palins_fake_pregnancy_be.html#

There is alot of information to digest in order to get up to speed.

Another point to keep in mind, is that about 9-12% of the population have personality disorders. A professional (and many others familiar with people in their lives with a P.D.) will tell you that Palin's behavior shows various P.D. traits. The nagging question in the back of your mind, "why would she do this?" is not applicable to people with a P.D. Nor is the rational thinking that most people want to attribute to her thought process and actions. It just doesn't apply here!

Patience--remember drops of water, over time, wear down a boulder.

Amy1 said...

Karen@19:34 -- That's how I became Amy1; there was another amy who wasn't me.

Anonymous said...

Someone referenced the pictures in People magazine.

Palin People photoshoot
(Bristol Holding Trig During People Mag photo shoot)

Palin People actual cover

Amy1 said...

Someone posted this on PD, and it has this very interesting line:

. . . startling revelations about Palin's behavior on the campaign trail continue to leak slowly, albeit steadily, from McCain operatives.

-- interesting because it is dated yesterdayday 9/5 rather than months ago. Does anyone have a link to the transcripts mentioned in paragraph 16?

Amy1 said...

Ooops -- the above HuffPo article was posted at IM. Sorry.

sg said...


The transcripts of that post-election conference were published as a book-- which of course you can get from Amazon etc.

The title is:

"Campaign for President: The Managers Look at 2008"

That may mean the transcripts are NOT available on line. But I don't know that for sure.

ashley said...

Patrick, if the info you have is so damning, why can't you just get it out there? You (and Gryphen) keep saying you've got sources, sources, SOURCES....well how do we know? If you really want to get this story out in the media you have to blow your sources. It doesn't do any good to say that "a high-ranking Alaska republican" gave you some info if you won't come out and say who that person was. All of this is easier said that done, I know. But lets get this show on the road. Know what I mean?

sg said...

Anon at 17:18:

Re Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller:

You're right, PJ is very much anti-religion. However, he's also a BIG time libertarian. He has said he supported the Libertarian Party candidate, Bob Barr, in 2008.

That also explains why PJ is buddies with Glenn Beck, and has appeared on GB's show. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that PJ supports the teabaggers, too.

So, while PJ will be turned off by SP's religiosity, he'd be down with her pro-gun, anti-government stances. A mixed bag, in other words.

This doesn't answer the question of whether PJ would investigate babygate, but you did wonder what his politics were.

Anonymous said...

@ Amy1 this is what I found online (pg. 2) about the book:

2008 election

Anonymous said...

Even if people continute to believe Palin was pregnant

Here are two points that should throw them in a fit of disgust

1. She didnt bash an eye when she went in to labor 5 weeks early with a special needs child

-or interpreted as .. she didn't bash an eye that her baby may DIE because she was in labor so early)

2. She gets some strange satisfaction for being able to pull the wool over peoples eyes
She was able to "hide" her pregnancy.. giggle giggle NOONE suspected a thing!

-or can be interpreted as:
She great takes pride in being able to "Deceive"

Patrick said...


I know exactly what you mean, and I and many other people are as impatient as you are. Like I mentioned before, I am trying to give out to the readers as much as I can. My sources, as I have said before, are independent, reliable sources, and you are free to believe it or not.

I can honestly say that I wished that everything could be revealed right there on the spot. Unfortunately, this is not possible at this point. You have to trust us here. We are doing all this work as volunteers, and we are doing our best.

Anonymous said...

It is absolute, 100% categorical fact that Sarah Palin was not pregnant in 2008.

It's all a hoax folks. Take that to the bank.

The real question is what does the RNC know and when did they know it.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, Kathleen, Regina, Gryphen, Bree, et.al. - keep up the good work! I know that when I comment on here it's more about throwing out possible theories or angles because sometimes a new idea can spark someone to remember something or look under a dusty pile from long ago. Based on the information you've given, I feel more assured that this story will break and will break in such a way that it won't be just the bloggers (no offense) covering it. And that may be the most important aspect, I suppose. If you all need any assistance, please ask. I'm sure there are many of us that would do some research or legwork for you, if you need it. Other than that, I'll be keeping the faith :)

Susan in MD

Anonymous said...

Patrick asked what else could be done to bring this hoax the publicity it deserves. I continue to be hopeful that someone like Levi or Mercede who knows the truth will reveal it. In fact, I think that now there are a lot of people who know the truth... so in time all will be revealed.

In the meantime, here are a couple of possible ideas (in the spirit of brainstorming). One possibility is to make a video that is clever and entertaining enough to go viral -- along the lines of "The Vet Who Did Not Vet" from the 08 campaign. (I know there have been a few attempts, but they are not entertaining enough to go viral -- sorry!) It would be great if the people who made that video would take this project on, or failing that, perhaps an aspiring film student would make it a masters project (hello out there, aspiring film students)? Someone like Michael Moore could knock it out in a couple of days. Second track: put more pressure on the weak links in this story, like CBJ. Get an MD in AK to file a formal complaint in which she would have to give testimony/be deposed. Picket her clinic or places she frequents. Find out where she is going to speak, and talk to her directly (preferably with a video camera.) Who else is a weak link? The hospital...the RNs...? Third, contact everyone who was in a position to know anything -- like the reporter you contacted, Patrick (good going), there were photographers who photographed Palin repeatedly, and undoubtedly had some out-takes that were never published. Wonder if they would sell any? Fourth, ID ways to raise the credibility of the investigation so it cannot be so easily dismissed as truthing by a bunch of wackos. Find some more credible media folks like Andrew Sullivan...I am hoping one of the upcoming books will do this. It would be a great journalism masters or PhD project or the subject of a conference on the role of bloggers in the new media, perhaps. Anyway, these are just some quick ideas; I'm sure they will be hacked to pieces, so have a go -- but hey...gotta start somewhere.

Anonymous said...

On the question of when the Republicans knew -- I think they suspected fairly early on (September), but they knew for sure during the last 2 weeks of the campaign, when Chuck Todd and Brian Williams interviewed McCain and Palin and commented that they were barely speaking to each other. This was at EXACTLY the same time that the medical records issue was coming to a head, and Sarah actually promised to release the records during the interview with Williams. As we now know, the letter was not authentic. It was around this issue of the medical records that McCain and Schmidt found out for sure that this was a hoax, but they were in too deep and could not reveal it, as it would have shown how poor a job they had done in vetting her.

Amy1 said...

Wow, thanks, sg@21:09: I just ordered it up from my library.

Daisydem said...

I haven't finished reading all the new comments this afternoon, but have to take time to say: in the "real world", I think eventually maybe Meghan McCain will talk (if SP's books reveals anything negative about her Daddy). I know right now, she probably can't or won't - she is protecting the RNC. But her loyalty to her Dad is probably stronger than her loyalty to the RNC. In the not so real world, if only someone could talk to SP's mother. I have been saying for months and months, why do we never hear from her? Did they shut her up? Her father talks, blabs, and of course gets himself and Palin in trouble. But her mother does not make statements. But a mother knows! Even if SP did not tell her mother (which is incredulous to begin with) that she was pregnant, surely the mother was around her during those 8 months; and a mother knows! Being a grandmother, she would probably know if Bristol were pregnant. My daughter lives almost 700 miles away. I can tell her mood by talking to her on the phone. If only someone could talk to the mother - ALONE!

Amy1 said...

anon@21:31 -- thx for the link. It says the transcript is "edited." Boooo. But --- it depends on what/how was edited. Well, I will soon see the book first-hand and let you know if there's anything of interest for us from it.

Daisydem said...

And to Gryphen whom I see has posted above ... that this is huge and this is going to be revealed: my champagne is STILL chilling in the fridge! Just give me a heads up so I can chill the glasses too.

Amy1 said...

Daisydem@22:52: if I were SP's mother, I would reveal NOTHING. I would talk to no one in case I might inadvertently let something slip. No matter what my daughter might have done, I have my grandchildren and the rest of my family to think about. If I were SP's mother I would have no interest whatever in satisfying all us Nosy Parkers. The commenter, above, from the police family has it just right: don't tell no one nuthin'!

As it happens, I am on the other side of that particular fence, but I sure can see SP's mother's position and that of friends of the family, and even associates of the family.

Anonymous said...

0/T - but for you Republicans out there who took one look at her and knew you couldn't vote for her...A trip down memory lane..."Palin Fails Focus Group," with GOP pollster Frank Luntz, right after her nomination in September 2008


ArmchairJane said...

I can see two events coming up that could shake loose some more info:

1) Sarah's book: how hard does she go after McCain's campaign staffers? I think they will return fire. They still work as Republican strategists and won't just let Sarah say she was great for the campaign and that it is all the staffers' fault for her missteps. That battle could get nasty...

2) Sherry Johnston's case: Her treatment at this time is still under the ultimate authority of Palin's former high school sweetie and director of the prison system. I still find it very interesting that when it came time for him to assume the position of Lite Guv, he instead turned it down so he could stay in his prisons job.

Once Sherry is "safe", I think perhaps Mercede might have some interesting things to say. She might have a different take than Levi does on what needs to become public knowledge. She gives the impression of somebody who can't wait to get some revenge.

A well-written book may well be the best way to make the case about the pregnancy hoax. I'm hoping we see one soon.

Anonymous said...

anon @2216 wrote: "It would be a great journalism masters or PhD project or the subject of a conference on the role of bloggers in the new media, perhaps."

Or a story on the role of bloggers/journalists. A story about journalism or blogging or both.

midnightcajun said...

Barring the startling discovery of some new undeniable evidence, I do think the only way this story will break is if an insider spills the beans. The only thing we can do is what we're doing. Keeping the topic on the Internet means new people are continually being exposed to it. And every good post is another jab at Sarah. This is important because we know she obsesses over the blogs and she is very, very unstable. Anything to help push her over the edge is a good thing.

Beyond that, her new book may piss off some people who will retaliate by telling things they've previously kept secret. And as someone mentioned, Sherry's case is still up in the air.

I watched this Feb 08 video,
and what she says doesn't make much sense (not unusual for Sarah). Perhaps she was just being coy. She also looks amazingly old in this video; it really makes you realize how much work she's had done since then. And wow is she flirting with the reporter. The guy is almost embarrassing to watch, the way he's reveling in it. She really seems to know just how to jerk guys' chains.

Anonymous said...

well, andrew just posted a link to bree's photo gallery. his readership is huge, bright, and plugged in. and it's only tuesday!

ella said...

from: http://blowpoppalin.blogspot.com/2009/10/forever-john-mccain-and-sarah-palin.html

What is it that could affect 2012? Attorney Rex Butler speaks about a Levi Johnston book:
* “probably worth millions.”
* “doesn’t want to give it all away right now,”
* “Quite frankly, I think it could affect 2012,”
* Mr. Butler likes to suggest that Mr. Johnston’s story could have an impact on her potential candidacy.
He certainly wants to write a book, the lawyer, Rex Butler, said by telephone, adding,
“Believe me, it’s a hell of a story.”

Anonymous said...

Also. Too. At Andrew Sullivan's there is a quote from the Republican State Senate President of Alaska, in The Right Goes Rogue:

"She's not prepared to be governor. How can she be prepared to be vice president or president? Look at what she's done to this state. What would she do to the nation?"

Anonymous said...

To All -- including OneJrKitty, Patrick, Regina et al -- brainstorming is a messy business. There are false leads and misunderstandings. I wrote this once on PD. I was grateful for all the voices I heard on that site; piping up with their own ideas. The pursuit of truth is about more about surviving the interminable hypotheses, dead ends, and failure than it is about being right 100% of the time. Truth is no different than a batting average.

I am impatient. But that's because I've known about this story all along. The John Edwards story hit -- and it took years to surface-- and I was gobsmacked. (I had known he lied in his senate campaign about being a native of NC (he was born in SC) but I figured it was just a slip. It wasn't.) Living with a process is the hard part. I'm just a reader/lurker here, but thank God for ALL OF YOU who speak up, question, try things, and keep at it.

Please keep on keeping on, All of You. Even you damn trolls. . . because my country is built on truth and freedom. Not fear and censorship.

Anonymous said...

The comments about Sally Heath remind me of the photo of her and Chuck with Trig on April 18, 2008, where Sally has a guilty look on her face, as if she is saying to Chuck something like "I wonder if people can tell what a farce this is."

sg said...

I agree with midnightcajun, that the story won't break until, as mnc says, "an insider spills the beans"--although I would expand the circle of possible whistle-blowers to include non-insiders who happened to directly observe some element of the hoax (e.g., saw BP pregnant, saw SP with empathy belly, witnessed some paperwork shenanigans, etc.).

The reason the MSM is unlikely to touch the story before then (or before some other "new undeniable evidence" emerges, as mnc puts it) is simple. There's simply too much work left to be done to "MSM-ize" this story: take all the circumstantial evidence, fact-check it, hunt down additional comments "for the record" and convince the corporate lawyers that it passes the "Dan Rather test"--meaning that the writer won't get fired and/or the publication sued if the babygate story is published, and it turns out to be false.

That's perhaps why, even today, Andrew Sullivan wrote: "As I've said for ever, I have no idea." Of course, we know from his past writings that, deep down, he DOES believe SP's pregnancy was a hoax. He just can't say so publicly--yet.

The inclination of the MSM to investigate babygate has probably dropped considerably since SP resigned as governor and she's now a "private citizen." There are simply too many other comparatively hotter stories to cover--and that require less work. However, if SP becomes more of a political force (stumping for GOPers in 2010?), that priority could change.

But don't give up hope: once an eyewitness comes forward, the MSM will cover the story 24/7, without having to do a lot of extra work and without risk to themselves. Then the MSM wouldn't be the primary "accuser," just a reporter of what someone else says.

Anonymous said...

22:37 said: "As we now know, the letter was not authentic. It was around this issue of the medical records that McCain and Schmidt found out for sure that this was a hoax..."

Could you clarify this?
WHO knows that the letter was not authentic and how?
How do you know that McCain & company found out that this was a hoax?

...What am I missing...?

Wilma Flatstone said...

I believe that Sarah will blame everybody and their dog in her upcoming book. The odds are very good that somebody is going to get mad enough to start talking.

I'll just try to be patient till the show starts.

Amy1 said...

anon@04:28 -- I would like that quote sourced, too. I believe totally that the letter is a fake, and I've written up why.

But I missed the part where my opinion (and that of many others on these blogs) turned into an "as we now now" item.

Anonymous said...

Alex....YES..."Living with the process is the hard part." This has been a very long process. Many of us are afraid to speak. The momentum is growing. Some of us are finding out about others and meeting each other. We are combining our individual tidbits.......pretty soon all the pieces of the puzzle will be together. Patience, grasshopper.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Wow, anon @ 05:28, that actually sounds encouraging! (big smile)

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anyone file a FOIA to get her phone records from her blackberries during this time?

I'd sure love to see who she called and when...

as well as find out if she called her "doctor" from TX...

I'm sure between the hotel phone and her cell, some interesting facts would arise.

LisanTX said...

Anon. at 5:28--thanks for your comment. I'm glad to hear that people are finding each other and sharing information. We are thankful that you value Truth.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, folks.....look at the photo above...WHO holds their baby like that????? No one!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of books, according to US News & World Report, No Separate Christian Version of Sarah Palin Memoir is Planned:

Last summer,they announced that there would be a separate Christian version for the Christian booksellers, now Zondervan Publishing claims to have mis-spoken, and they will be copublish the same version of the palin memoir.

They have pushed up the release of Palin's book to "take advantage of current interest in the former Alaska governor." Which I take it to mean, that Sarah may not sustain much more interest in months to come. In the way that the Hong Kong speech resulted in no futher bookings, they really do have to cash in right now.

This wv is too good to be true. It is poismeg. I take it to read poison meg. She really is.

LisanTX said...

I just did a quick search and found that Cathy Baldwin-Johnson now works in Anchorage at a clinic called "Alaska Cares" associated with Providence Hospital. The clinic provides sexual abuse evaluations for children, newborn to age 18, and 24-hour on-call services for cases that are considered emergent.

Alaska Cares
3925 Tudor Centre Dr, #100
Anchorage, AK 99508

Here's the staff:

This page explains what they do:

She is speaking at a seminar in Anchorage on October 30, 2009.

Her topic is, appropriately enough:
The Lifelong Impact of Child Mistreatment

lisabeth said...

That is VERY telling that there isn't a Christian version of Sarahs book now! Wow, no wonder they are pushing this whole thing so quickly!

Anonymous said...

u should get all your readers to post on craigslist missed connections across the country with bree palins photo montage

you could blank the country in days with those celebrity photos

"missed my mommy"

and have links to your sites

Anonymous said...

Cathy Baldwin-Johnson reminds me of one of those preachers that preach against prostitution all the while they are fornicating with them. Except she is involved with adoptions and sexually abused children.

Anonymous said...

In related news, The book that Sarah "wrote" is already being discounted by 50% on some websites. Doesn't that usually happen, oh, about two years after release?

SKC said...

Does anyone else suspect the possibility of Palin self-revealing Babygate details in her book? (Just so that before someone else does and minimize the damage by telling her side of the story first.)

Trying to protect her teenage daughter like a mother grizzly! She would be seen by her supporters as a real rogue and a hero to the family values crowd?

Anonymous said...

@SKC - no. That would definitely signal the end of her political career. Even though her career is over, she still wants money from her supporters and revealing Babygate would put an end to SOME of that. I doubt that Lynn Vincent would have been able to convince her to do it but it would have made sure her book stayed in the news!

Anonymous said...

Do you really think she'd approach this problem by getting out in front of it, accepting blame, and apologizing to those hurt by this lie, in the same smart and classy way David Letterman did? She would do the exact opposite. That is the mistake she is doomed to keep repeating.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

SKC, protecting her daughter is one thing, but Sarah faking a pregnancy is what has drawn all of this attention to Bristol. It is her political image that Sarah was trying to protect, not her daughter. And her NPD would never allow her to admit a mistake or that she used incredibly poor judgment. None of us care that Bristol was 16 and pregnant. It is the fact that Sarah was so ignorant and arrogant as to think that faking a pregnancy was the only solution. THAT kind of thinking does not belong anywhere near the Whitehouse and the red button.

Anonymous said...

it's not lost of some of us that the first people to skewer poor Bristol (had she been a Hollywood star or god forbid, a democrat) would have been the religious right. You know, the same folks who ran $arah.

So, protect her daughter from whom?

Liberals wouldn't judge her on her daughter's pregnancy, except we would judge the example of what a failure abstinence only is. And they couldn't bear that, so they lie.

and then they project that she is "protecting" her daughter?

Protecting her daughter would have involved not letting Levi live with them, teaching her daughter about birth control, or how about teaching her daughter what my liberal mother did: to respect my body and the act of sex, and to talk to my mom before I took that step.


Anonymous said...

Some of Palin's handlers know that she's got a short shelf life and is going stale. The book was rushed. The Zondervan version has been scrapped. With over 1000 speaking offers, she has only spoken once. We know that it must be unbearable for her to avoid responding to all the negative news about her, so some are asking whether she's been heavily sedated.

Anonymous said...

I don't think she would take the blame for anything. Yesterday I saw a video of June '08 taken at a church where she spoke. She rambled incoherently for some time, then said that she hadn't prepared any remarks because she wasn't sure she'd be able to attend. So, I think that she's rarely self aware, if ever, then only fleetingly. I don't think she has ever listened to and watched a video of herself, and that no one will tell her how whacked she is. We have from Levi that she watched Tina Fey with the sound turned down, so I wouldn't be surprised that, if she has ever watched herself, she did so with the sound down. So she may have some inkling that she is incoherent, but by turning the sound down is able to maintain her state of denial. Levi said, early in the VF article, that she often says things that don't make sense.

Anonymous said...

I think the book coming out (Scarah's) is a great opportunity for MDs and midwives and nurses to say "The wild ride did not happen". I hope she keepstoher storyas this is an easyway to get the story debunked professionally on a large scale. At the VERYleast, lotsofpublicservice announcements on the folly of such actions and the realconsequences if someone really did this. I am poised tostart writing to several professional organizations - are you??

Anonymous said...

If Sarah was smart, the chapter about Trig's birth would begin with a confession that everything that she did and said was out of love for Bristol. Sarah could replay her role as protective Mama Bear.

She could have written a compelling story about Down Syndrome and want to provide the best care for the baby. People would understand how hard it would be for a teen aged girl to cope with a baby with a serious disability. It would as startling as the Letterman confession, and many people would have been sympathetic to her position. They certainly would understand her choice.

But I don't think that is what is in Sarah's book. I think that she is going to stick to the image that she crafted for herself, following the model of the speech that she gave in Indianapolis. I think that she doesn't see how she looks to others, and she does not hear how she sounds to others. As someone else wrote, she watched Tina Fey with the sound off.

We all remember that hastily put-together resignation speech which made no sense, and still doesn't. How can she write a meaningful chapter about her term of office as governor if she did not complete it? Leaving office to write the book (and cash in) is not an acceptable excuse, sorry.

When we hear the there is no Christian version, that the book is being release early, I think an old expression comes to mind, "Make Hay While the Sun Shines." For Sarah, it is now 5:45 PM and her 15 minutes are finally up. We can only hope.

Anonymous said...

Hi all - I agree that getting her book out early served several of her own purposes. Probably most important to her was to preempt the negative accounts which are forthcoming (and we all hope that some of them are dedicated to revealing the truth!) I am glad she chose this narcisistic route because her account will be picked to shreds, exposing all of the lies that she told from the RNC up till now, even. I suspect her version will be easily refuted by documentation that already exists. This is a good thing.

To Anon @ 22:04 - I so agree! What did the RNC know and when did they kow it? I think it goes even further than that. Who were the dealmakers and what "underhanded" methods did they employ? Hmmm? I think this revelation will rock the political landscape of this country. Oh, there will be much moaning and wailing from some!

Anon @ 22:16 - wow those are fabulous ideas to get some fresh journalism students/venues involved. Even if they report on this phenom alone, it's good exposure.

Alex @ 1:38 - Right on! Constantly turning over ideas and evidence keeps it fresh and allows others to add things that might never have been thought of.

Ya know, WaPo has a story I read yesterday about the "birther queen" Orly Taitz. While I would not call the piece hard hitting journalism, they make it very clear that the President has, in fact, provided the legal copy of his birth certificate and that the Hawaii state official personally viewed the original, underlying document and verified it as real. So when anyone compares this inquiry to that of the "birthers" they clearly do not know what they are talking about and perhaps, even, reveal the underpinnings of their own disengagement from reality.

So keep the faith. I have a feeling this snowball is getting bigger and gaining momentum. Our wonderful bloggers, from Alaska and beyond, who have pursued this story are going to be trend-setters, yet again. Personally, I'm glad to have a front row seat :)

Susan in MD

wv = jltsmate hahaha Did Sarah jilt her mate too, also?

midnightcajun said...

Here's an interesting article on the accelerated process of getting Sarah's book out:


Be sure to follow the link to the 10 most shameless Sarah Palin spoofs, esp the faux movie trailer.

Amy1 said...

The problem with SP confessing, apologizing, or coming clean is that she would have to be honest for once. Not with SOME of the details, but with all of them. Otherwise, it would once again not add up, and people all over the place would see that, and be on her heels again.

I don't this she is able to come clean, be truly honest about the whole story -- in part because all those who supported her would similarly have to be honest about "what did they know and when did they know it," and that would be way too embarrassing. Think about McCain. He's not the only one.

KaJo said...

Palin said 2 months before she resigned (which is when she probably started to write it, abandoning the duties she was elected for), the mission of her book would be "It will be nice through an unfiltered forum to get to speak truthfully about who we are and what we stand for and what Alaska is all about..."

...as if her Facebook page isn't that...

Oh, yeah, her Facebook page has been leased to Bill Kristol and Kagan for neocon propaganda purposes. That's right.

Soooo, in this book what fairytale will Palin spin regarding the child she claims to be her 5th-born? And will she explain why for nearly the entire 11 months since the election she's been seen less than a handful of times actually holding that child (amazing considering her predilection for the camera)?

My guess is that Palin has decided to use the Orly Taitz fake Kenyan birth certificate ploy to attempt to "prove" Trig Palin was borne by her.

I predict that in the thick pictorial glossy-paper insert sure to be in the middle of this book, we will find a facsimile of Trig's "birth certificate" with his (alleged) birth date of April 18, 2008, his parents being Sarah Palin and Todd Palin, and his birthplace being Wasilla, Alaska.

No doubt there will be a snide caption under that picture of Trig's (fake) birth certificate, saying, "SEE? You asked, so here it is!" -- never mind that it's as bereft of provenance as the 11th-hour medical letter purported to be from her physician just before the election last year.

Anonymous said...

Her use of the Royal 'We' and her assumption that she speaks for all Alaskans is so very disturbing . . .

Anonymous said...

I think her "book" will bring a lot of people out of the woodwork. Some people don't like lies in print and others won't like being mischaracterized.

And when it starts, others shed their fears.....

Anonymous said...

To Susan in MD, I agree with most of what you wrote. However, I don't think that Sarah has (had) any control over the release and publication of her book. She and Lynn Vincent cranked it out quickly, maybe just a little too quickly. But I think that it is Harper Collins (owned by Rupert Murdoch) who wants to cash in while people still remember who Sarah Palin is (was). There is a Time magazine article describing how a book gets put out there in record fast time.

Sarah's speech in Hong Kong did not result in a landslide of speech offers. Those thousands of offers seem to add up to zero. Looking for a lipstick deal? Maybe she could join Levi shelling pistachio nuts. I think that Sarah's star is fading fast, and Harper Collins is cashing in while they can. And, they are also cutting their losses as quickly as possible, meaning that the Christian version of the book has been dropped. I think that Rupert is smart enough to realize that he overpaid for something that is just not going to pay off the way that he had hoped. (If they are cutting the time on editing, proof reading, fact checking, that is no favor to the book or it's authors).

As far as promoting a regular book, that is in the hands of the publisher. Today, in a world of cutting expenses, they pay for only a few of their best know best selling authors to do a book tour. It is a grueling set of appearances, saying the same thing over and over, just like the presidential campaign. Sarah has already defined herself as "going rouge," so if she didn't want to mind the McCain handlers, I wonder how she is going to mind the Harper Collins people. Maybe at first, maybe on Fox or a controlled book signing appearance (no autograph unless you buy so many copies. Stay in line, no talking to Sarah except to say "I Love You").

But here's something delicious to ponder: anyone can review the book and comment on the truth or fiction of its contents. I don't think that Sarah can handle that part very well at all. That would be a wonderful time for the flat-stomach pictures of March and April 2008 and pregnancy time line to hit the media.

Lynn said...

I think the video with Chris Cillizza from the Washington Post


is fascinating. You can see at the beginning how Palin has been flirting with him--he's caught in the spotlight of her "charm" and he looks positively giddy. If you see him on the Rachel Maddow show he's a totally different person and the contrast becomes even more clear. And now she's sharpened up her good looks... The focus group is also fun to watch. Was that done before she threw Bristol under the bus?

Anonymous said...

Well, here is a preview of the book, according to the
National Enquirer:

Ex Alaska Gov Sarah Palin's new memoir is nothing more than a vitriolic attack on Levi Johnston, the estranged baby mamma dada of teen Bristol's child!

Sarah Palin's soon-to-be published book is a "self-serving press release" - aimed largely at destroying her daughter Bristol's ex-fiance, says a publishing insider with knowledge of the manuscript.

The former Alaska governor, 45 - who received a whopping $7 million advance - is using Going Rogue: An American Life to strike back at Levi Johnston, the teenage father of her grandchild Tripp, charges the source.

Due to be published in mid-November, Palin's "tell-little" book whitewashes her controversial background and family life, according to the publishing source.

"If you think you're going to learn the down-and-dirty details of her rumored messy marriage, think again because you're wrong.

"Sarah got a ton of dough from her advance, but the book appears to be nothing more than a self-serving press release touting what she calls her 'happy marriage.'

"It's also a renewed attack on Levi Johnston, 19, calling him 'a liar' once again for all the claims he's made against her after breaking up with Bristol and for saying he's going to battle for custody of baby Tripp."

In her upcoming book, angry Sarah fires back, says the publishing insider.

"She defends her marriage to Todd, saying they are happy together. She also shoots down Levi's claims that they constantly bickered and slept in separate bedrooms. She insists they're just as in love as they were in high school.

"Sarah unleashes a blistering attack on Levi.

"She writes that he is a 'bald-face liar.' She says he's bitter at the dissolution of his relationship with her daughter, and is trying to earn a fast buck at the ex-governor's expense

Anonymous said...


"And Sarah Palin, our great American Quitter, is warning Obama from her Facebook page, “don’t get second thoughts!” regarding sending more troops to Afghanistan. Because, you know, she didn’t blink when asked to be McCain’s V.P. Although it’s only fair to mention that she did have second thoughts about that whole governor thing. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well, so Mrs. Palin is off to progress her state by making a lot of money for herself by writing a book. Sigh. Only in Palin's America (Politicians as Reality Show/Beauty Pageant contestants) can quitting your job in the middle of a recession be so lucrative!"


Anonymous said...

From The National Enquirer:

"She writes that he is a 'bald-face liar.' She says he's bitter at the dissolution of his relationship with her daughter, and is trying to earn a fast buck at the ex-governor's expense."

Translation (accounting for her psychology):

I am a 'bald-face liar'. I am bitter at the dissolution of his relationship with my daughter, and I am trying to earn a fast buck at his expense."

Let the games begin !!!

Anonymous said...

If you think Sarah Palin rushed her book, you might consider how she rushed her pregnancy. Supermom indeed!

BuffaloGal said...

SKC @ 14:00 -- I have to admit, I've been rolling around that very idea - Might Palin use the book to make the announcement that she isn't the biological mother. If this story is about to break, it'd be in her best interest to control the explosion. Her handlers would have suggested that, for sure.

"protecting my daughter" "an innocent new special needs life" "didn't blink - did what I had to do" " I erred but I know God can forgive me, I hope you can too". And! She can still play this card from her haughty, arrogant, faux xtian loft because she's anointed. This movement allows failings and demands forgiveness for their leaders because, even though they're chosen but also, human and Satan tries to bring them down.

That said!
A book that attacks Levi, the naysayers, the haters, etc. would probably be an easily churned out 400 pages and if they can spin the sale numbers via large buyouts from conservative/right wing orgs w/ money - It'll keep her in the spotlight but - it sure will be open season on Palin once it's launched. Earlier, someone mentioned the fact that anyone reviewing the book can bring to the forefront any question at all in the name of journalistic query. I say Huzzah for inquiry and freedom of the press!

Ok - I'm coming down with a bug, have a nasty fever and am semi-delirious so I'm signing off for the night. Thank you Regina, Patrick, Kathleen and special thanks to Audrey. This will all play out to it's logical but long delayed conclusion, eventually.

( i just realized I said "signing off for the night and it's only 3:50pm EST. Oh, how I'd love a bowl of soup to materialize right this moment)

(ha! WV = gonse yup...I am!)

ArmchairJane said...

I have tried several times to go to the Time link you supplied, but ever single time it takes forever to load, gets partway loaded, then crashes my browser. I tried a different web browser with same results.

Anybody else having this problem?

mnc, I would love to know what the article says, are there any key points that are especially insightful?

regina said...

Armchair Jane,

I had no problems with the link. Try this:


Irishgirl said...

Soup for you BuffaloGal. :)

ArmchairJane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ArmchairJane said...

On the topic of Palin trashing Levi in her book, at least Levi seems to love the two young boys, especially showing love to Trig both at the RNC as well as in the Myspace photos. If he faked the emotion seen there, he's a lot better actor than he seemed, and why would he have been faking anyway back when those Myspace photos were taken?

Mentioning this, my husband said that if Sarah was standing at the edge of a 12 foot drop, Trig on one arm and Blackberry in the other hand, and she started to slip, which do you think she would save?

Seriously, it's hard to believe she would let that Blackberry drop... Especially the way she was always clutching her Blackberries, yet would hold Trig out in that weird "face first" way. I have never seen anybody hold a baby the way she displayed Trig at the RNC. I was afraid he would fall.

Levi is just a 19 year old kid, and she's said far worse about him than he's said about her. I predicted last October that once Palin was done with him, Levi would be the next Trooper Wooten. Looks like I was right.

(deleted comment above was my own, had to add a few words that got left off)

ArmchairJane said...

Regina, thank you for the link - that was fast!

I tried that one too, with the same result: total crash of my browser. I guess I will just give up on that article. Every time it gets the page partway loaded, and but status bar shows it is still loading things, and it gets to "transferring data from admin.brightcove.com, and then it hangs and crashes for good. Not sure what's up with that, but since there's some good info up at IM, I will go read that instead.

Anonymous said...

The New York Daily News is reporting that even though Tina Fey promised to retire her impersonation of Sarah Palin, Fey will be bringing back the Sarah wig-- to coincide with the publication of "Going Rogue."

Clearly Tina is someone already on our side. Does anyone think that sending Tina a small packet of photos and PD summary is a good idea?
Just thinking out loud.

Daisydem said...

Anonymous: I think what Tina Fey did is awesome; however she is a comedian with a job to do one thing: entertain. We are lucky that her entertaining protrayal of SP was also informative, but let's leave her out of the mix on really trying to uncover the real story about SP's fake pregnancy. That will only hurt our position. I want this story uncovered completely as soon as possible and for "reputable" politicans and pundits to acknowledge that a grave mistake was made when SP was chosen as McCain's running mate and for McCain to publically acknowledge what he knew and when.

Anonymous said...

Well, looking at the latest post from Gryphen at Immoral Minority, it looks like he has taken care of getting the word out. According to him, babygate is about to explode!

Dianne said...

Daisydem said -

"I want this story uncovered completely as soon as possible and for "reputable" politicans and pundits to acknowledge that a grave mistake was made when SP was chosen as McCain's running mate and for McCain to publically acknowledge what he knew and when."

I couldn't agree more. I've said this before but I curse McCain and his "crew" for setting this creature loose upon the world. They are responsible and need to be accountable.

Anonymous said...

onejrkitty said...quoting anonymous said:

""This string along baloney is just BALONEY... shit or get off the pot...

I am personally sick of the intrigue... say the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing BUT the truth or just be quiet...""

I wrote that post, but can't seem to find it on this blog anywhere anymore...

onejrkitty, I appreciate the support, and where I didn't go on that post but should have, is calling Patrick, Regina and Jesse out on spilling the INFORMATION they claim to have... but claim to want to protect their sources....

I am not really too concerned with their sources at the moment, and haven't read any demands thereof from any of the other posters.... no -one is asking for SOURCES... they are begging for INFORMATION!!!!

as a reader of these blogs I am sick and tired of being strung along by you authors, hell even the MSM has enough guts to write the story with ~ahem~ QUOTE: high official said, an un-named source stated and so on and ad infinitum to ad nauseum...

we aren't looking for the names of your sources we just want the INFORMATION... ya'll are no better than some cheap strip tease dance in sleazy strip bar...

as I said before, shit or get off the pot... the more you string peeps along the more their interest will lag because they no longer have any confidence in your bragadosio remarks. Gryph hasn't had the guts to bring up the subject since the Vanity Fair/Levi Johnston article hit the blogoshpere and the news-stands... claiming he didn't know what that meant... well, he's had quite some days to figure that out... not like he hasn't been on the phone and on the internets with his so called sources discussing it...

he just isn't sharing it with the folks who he suckered in with a virtual nylon string and bobber....

he's fishin and has been... (I give up, they aint no fish in THAT pond)

He hasn't even made a comment on how that might have changed his so-called sources stories... yet, one would think this might have lit a fire under his behind to get the story OUT THERE... since it's such an "icebreaker"...just leads me to believe he is FULL OF SHIT...

If you have NEWS REPORT IT... the MSM hide their sources EVERY FUCKIN DAY... so what makes you bloggers any different???

and if you have a legit reason for NOT reporting the news... why not just say THAT??? but NO... we are left with crazy intrigue... can't tell because of my sources.... WTF???

ya know what... I've had it with the likes of YOU...

Put up or shut up... you (none of you)have ever coughed up a legitimate reason for stringing your audience along... and unless you do so pronto... I'm done with you, and will blog about THAT... not a threat kind folks... just the plain and simple truth of one who is sick of this stupid intrigue...
the story of being masturbated by Sarah Palin haters...

masturbation heightens desire and arousal to a certain point, after that, one tends to desire a climax, and when the climax fails... well,,, one tends to walk away... in dismal disappointment...

I am tired of the textual masturbation...

tell the story or just go away...
shut up and quit flagellating your audience... I for one have reached and passed the point of climax... this/these blogs are now a lousy lover...full of promise but empty on delivery...

I'm beyond talking back... try, you might convince me, but I doubt anything you can say now will make me want to read you ever again...

Anonymous said...


Is that you, Dangerous? The tone is very familiar. . .

regina said...


Your post is still here. Scroll back to 06 October 2009 03:44 and you'll see it.

I don't delete comments.

The only rule I have is that comments giving personal details about other bloggers, trying to "out" them, have no place here.

Opinions are most welcome, pro or against any topic, ok?

The comments deleted by the author are just that, I have no control over anybody if they decide to delete their own comments for whatever reason.


Anonymous said...

Anon 23:23

If you want a climax, go masturbate somewhere else. Who cares. You don't rule this blog. If you want to do your own investigation, start your own blog and blog away. Again, who cares.

Anonymous said...

So this is the Sarah Book Summary:
Sarah is paid big bucks for her memoirs. She and Lynn Vincent rushed to put something together in record time. This would have been a wonderful opportunity for Sarah to explain what she learned from two months of campaigning, from two years serving as governor, from raising a Down Syndrome child and from her parents' refrigerator magnets.

But, Sarah used an opportunity to progress her conservative politics to seek revenge against Levi instead. If Sarah is still angry with Bristol for getting pregnant when Sarah had the VP nomination in her sights, she must be just as angry with Levi for his contribution(s) (if he is the parent).

Sarah could have made a grand statement. Instead, she chose to be petty and show that she is still as immature as the day that she was introduced to the national audience.

Now I understand why Harper Collins is rushing the book out quickly, to cash in while Sarah still has fans. The Christian edition has been canceled; good religious people may not be interested in revenge. There may not be a message of redemption and forgiveness in there, too bad.

Sarah has really disappointed the people who invested in her. The speech in Hong Kong did not generate thousands of offers. She would be happy endorsing lipstick.

Neither Sarah nor Harper Collins can control the reviews. If all she has done is to trash Levi, it will be reported in a review. And, Tina Fey may be doing another impression of Sarah Palin when the book comes out. If we need to get serious for a minute, Sarah could well be her own worst enemy.

A note to anon 23:23, please wash your mouth out with soap, then wash your hands and promise that the next time you write something, make a contribution.

Anonymous said...

I have a pretty good idea who anon 23:23 is, and he is a nasty piece of work. Out there in conservative blogger land, use of foul language may be an acceptable substitute for putting a clear thought into a sentence. You may think that your bullying style has silenced people. Quite the contrary. It only creates more resolve to get the story out.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7 October 2009 23:23 - Most adults would have left long ago if they felt as you do. You set yourself up with some big expectations. How much time would you spend being jerked around at say blogs like the Reihl World or Other McCains? I wouldn't bother to torment myself and leave them a comment. What's the point? I think you made a wise decision to move on.

The bloggers are human beings. Everything may not pan out and there will be tricksters along the way. I do believe those you mention are all sincere and doing their best. I don't see that Regina or Patrick have been teasing at all. This is more difficult for them than the readers. There are some days I can't stand to look at anything Palin, I don't. Later, I do return so I'm not cured yet.

I am even skeptical of the Enquirer. I do think they fact check with lawyers as well as they can. But say some high up in publishing is telling them some slanted info and they later claim it was changed?

Gryphen still has faith in his sources. His blog may not be for the faint of mind, but I believe he is on to something. Palin is a festering zit and her whole scam will explode one day. May it be soon. I have nothing but appreciation for those that are keeping their eyes on the ball.

Patrick said...

I really hope that Gryphen's plan will work out. I don't know what information Gryphen has. I hope that it's solid information backed up by good sources, and I would be extremely happy for him if Gryphen achieved a major breakthrough here.

We know that it's incredibly difficult to get the MSM interested. If Gryphen finally has made this breakthrough, then this could change things profoundly in the very near future. I hope that he will succeed with his project, and he has our full support.

However, as an long-time Trig Truther I also know that too much optimism can lead to quick disappointments. The fake pregnancy story will just be "too unbelievable" for many people - therefore it is vital that we uncover as many details as possible, and make sure that everything what will be presented is "watertight". Therefore, our investigation will continue with full speed.

I am certain that a large part of the population will have real difficulties to believe this story, because for many people it will simply be inconceivable that possibly the biggest "political hoax" ever to be witnessed in recent decades has just been performed right in front of their eyes - and the MSM missed all of it, for about a year, and also refused to touch the subject in a gross violation of their "duty" as the designated "watchdog".

I think that this will also open a new chapter in the history of blogging, as it became painfully aware that the MSM has real difficulties to function properly these days, whereas bloggers can under certain circumstances become very powerful.

However: Don't count your chickens before they are hatched. Therefore, at the moment, I am cautiously optimistic and will eagerly await further news. At the same time, our own investigations will continue.

Daisydem said...

Amy1: I totally agree that Mrs. Heath would not want to reveal secretive/harmful about her daughter. Perhaps that is why we have seldom/ever read comments from her. I guess I am wishing that someone could interview/talk to her privately, friendly-like, and maybe she would let something slip or give some insight into whether she either knew her daughter was pregnant or not, or that something was different during those months. I just do not see how a woman (whose mother lives very, very close to her) could hide a pregancy OR a non-pregnancy from their own mother!

Anonymous said...

Difficulty making commitments and an inability to multitask?

"With the Governor's accelerated book schedule and other travel obligations, the timing was just too difficult to make a firm commitment,” Stapleton said, adding, “We look forward to another opportunity."

Another Lost Opportunity

Anonymous said...

Daisydem & Dianne

I agree about McCain being brought out and caught. I don't know he would publicly acknowledge anything. He can always turn to senility and put his daughter out there to cover his messes. That is a trend for chickenhawks at this time.

'The Lord is slow to wrath and great in mercy, overlooking wrongdoing and evil, and will not let wrongdoers go free; sending punishment on children for the sins of their fathers, to the third and fourth generation' Numbers 14:18

The cowards must be thinking, why not hide behind their daughters?

I, too, go with cautiously optimistic on the Sarah Palin revelations.

Anonymous said...

onejrkitty said...quoting anonymous said:

""This string along baloney is just BALONEY... shit or get off the pot...

I am personally sick of the intrigue... say the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing BUT the truth or just be quiet...""

I wrote that post, but can't seem to find it on this blog anywhere anymore...

onejrkitty, I appreciate the support, and where I didn't go on that post but should have, is calling Patrick, Regina and Jesse out on spilling the INFORMATION they claim to have... but claim to want to protect their sources....

I am not really too concerned with their sources at the moment, and haven't read any demands thereof from any of the other posters.... no -one is asking for SOURCES... they are begging for INFORMATION!!!!

as a reader of these blogs I am sick and tired of being strung along by you authors, hell even the MSM has enough guts to write the story with ~ahem~ QUOTE: high official said, an un-named source stated and so on and ad infinitum to ad nauseum...

we aren't looking for the names of your sources we just want the INFORMATION... ya'll are no better than some cheap strip tease dance in sleazy strip bar...

as I said before, shit or get off the pot... the more you string peeps along the more their interest will lag because they no longer have any confidence in your bragadosio remarks. Gryph hasn't had the guts to bring up the subject since the Vanity Fair/Levi Johnston article hit the blogoshpere and the news-stands... claiming he didn't know what that meant... well, he's had quite some days to figure that out... not like he hasn't been on the phone and on the internets with his so called sources discussing it...

he just isn't sharing it with the folks who he suckered in with a virtual nylon string and bobber....

he's fishin and has been... (I give up, they aint no fish in THAT pond)

He hasn't even made a comment on how that might have changed his so-called sources stories... yet, one would think this might have lit a fire under his behind to get the story OUT THERE... since it's such an "icebreaker"...just leads me to believe he is FULL OF SHIT...

If you have NEWS REPORT IT... the MSM hide their sources EVERY FUCKIN DAY... so what makes you bloggers any different???

and if you have a legit reason for NOT reporting the news... why not just say THAT??? but NO... we are left with crazy intrigue... can't tell because of my sources.... WTF???

ya know what... I've had it with the likes of YOU...

Put up or shut up... you (none of you)have ever coughed up a legitimate reason for stringing your audience along... and unless you do so pronto... I'm done with you, and will blog about THAT... not a threat kind folks... just the plain and simple truth of one who is sick of this stupid intrigue...
the story of being masturbated by Sarah Palin haters...

masturbation heightens desire and arousal to a certain point, after that, one tends to desire a climax, and when the climax fails... well,,, one tends to walk away... in dismal disappointment...

I am tired of the textual masturbation...

tell the story or just go away...
shut up and quit flagellating your audience... I for one have reached and passed the point of climax... this/these blogs are now a lousy lover...full of promise but empty on delivery...

I'm beyond talking back... try, you might convince me, but I doubt anything you can say now will make me want to read you ever again...



Anonymous said...

The news about Sarah just gets better and better. Nov.7 is the date for a major fundraising dinner which benefits Iowa Republicans. Last July, Sarah was asked to be their featured speaker, but she never said Yes, and she never said No. The only comment that they did receive was that their invitation was under review.

The whole story is reported in Politico, and they note that any serious presidential candidate has to come before Iowa Republicans. The replacement safety speaker for the event will be Tim Pawlenty.

"Palin adviser Meg Stapleton said the former governor is still interested in a visit to the Hawkeye State, but that they couldn’t fit the dinner in.

"With the Governor's accelerated book schedule and other travel obligations, the timing was just too difficult to make a firm commitment,” Stapleton said, adding, “We look forward to another opportunity."

Palin had originally planned to publish her book next year, but worked rapidly with a co-author over the past few months to have it out for before the holidays this year. “Going Rogue” is due out November 17th and is sure to revive speculation as to her presidential intentions."

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1009/28042.html#ixzz0TILZNCOx

I think we can guess that Sarah's political ambitions are being overshadowed by $$$$$$$$ in her eyes.

Anonymous said...

You can't beat Palin for a tease. they can't give “a yes or a no.”
"With the Governor's accelerated book schedule and other travel obligations, the timing was just too difficult to make a firm commitment,” Stapleton said, adding, “We look forward to another opportunity."

Are the other travel obligations top secret? Where does her DS toddler fit in to all this?

Anonymous said...

I read that the Iowa dinner is charging $25/person to attend. So with 1000 people they could never pay $P the fee she would expect, let alone her expenses. She's high maintenance now.

Anonymous said...

The Palin radio jock was tossing around the run for senate idea. I think the running for President is part of her scam, they know she is not going to be taken serious. Doesn't she end the SarahPac if she is not running for an office? Why would she give that money up? She has to pretend she can run for something.

Can you imagine what a wreck she'd look by now if she was making public appearances? Her handlers know the Presidential run won't play much longer. They will switch to the senate to qualify for a PAC. Can she ever come out in public again?
Elitist speeches and partisan media does not count. A chimpanzee could learn to do a better job. They can be highly intelligent.

ArmchairJane said...

So according to the story about Palin NOT going to speak in Iowa, what IS she doing that keeps her so busy? Meg claims the accelerated book schedule, but the book is supposedly written, cover photo is shot, and nobody has posted any book tour dates that I have seen.

Nobody has given any information out about any new speaking engagements.

Instead Meg gives out nebulous blab about travel obligations. What might those be, since she seems to be in hiding again? You would think maybe she'd be using this time BEFORE the book release to have some family time. Unless what we have been hearing is true, and most of the family is living in Palmer, and not with Sarah...

Maybe there's more to this Aimee Semple McPherson comparison than I thought, accounting for Sarah's mysterious disappearance and reports that Meg is the only one who is always with Palin.

I am really starting to wonder if Palin has some kind of social anxiety, and has become paralyzed at the thought of public speaking, even to friendly crowds, much less to ones where she might get an actual serious question.

Apparently this inability to make firm commitments has been going on for quite some time. Other times she shows up but is unprepared. Remember the Memorial Day fiasco?

Anonymous at Oct 7, 17:05 talks about watching a video from June 08 where Palin rambles on, saying she wasn't prepared because she didn't know if she could make it. I'd be interested to see that video if somebody has a link.

I am really starting to wonder if Palin has decompensated to where she can manage nothing but the most controlled and private events, and then only if big money is involved.

Rupert Murdoch is above all a businessman. He knows when to cut his losses. All signs point to that he is doing just that. That leaves Palin with her neocon friends and fans like Bill Kristol, Randy Scheunemann, and a few others who are interested in using her Facebook page as a billboard.

If things keep going like this, it is not long before at most Palin can hope to lead a small third party movement. If that is the route she takes, I wish the Republicans well. I'd like nothing better than to see a return of a sane Republican party that is not ruled by a bunch of theocrats.

Anonymous said...

ArmchairJane, here is the huffpo story about the "address" to graduating students at the Wasilla Assembly of God. I found it because I was looking for the origin of the phrase "she's the real deal," which is parroted by her devotees. Yup, it was her pastor said it first.

Anonymous said...

Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and it shall be given to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, more correctly:

"Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened."

Anonymous said...

I'm betting that something big is coming down the pike for Ms. Scarah. That is why her book was rushed. What politician or former politician bashes a 19 year old in her memoir especially the father of her grandson(s).

Her parents raised a monster. She was able to get to where she is by bashing other people and throwing them under the bus. She became Mayor and Governor by pointing the finger at others. I believe it's catching up with her now because most people did not know her until McSane put her on the national stage and we really wanted to know about her so we started digging into her background and what we found was a liar and a hyprocrite.

I congratulate the Alaskan bloggers for the information I found out about her. I was never going to vote for McSane anyway, but I was concerned that people would vote for him because he put a this woman on his ticket.

I so want that un-American McSane to be included in this story who put this idiot on the national stage. If it wasn't for him I would not have ever heard of this trailer park trash. Now she is making millions on a book because she was nominated for VP for the Repukes.

I'm hoping that when the true story is revealed that JOHN MACAIN is held accountable.

ArmchairJane said...

Anon 02:35 - thanks for the link, much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Remember on the eve of the election Palin said she prayed to God and his will would be done? Well thank heavens God'w will WAS done. That door got closed in her face and rightfully so. We have dodged a bullet. Can you imagine her in the White House? So, Sarah hopefully one day you can act like an adult...rise above the snarkiness. You would be a much happier person , not a tortured soul.

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose you could use Facebook to explore Palin's deception. Somehow you would have to use her name to elicit interest and traffic without infringing upon her rights.

wv: trootho

Truly Madly Deeply said...

hey anon @1.11

You're obviously suffering from some kind of internet tourette disease hickups and definitely sounding a little gassy but there's really no need for the double "fricks" here.

So how about you learn to modify your word efforts which so far sound all ding but clearly have no dong.