Friday, 2 October 2009

Quitter Dude, catastrophic Sarah Palin, oh my!

EyeOnYou sent us a couple of hot links. The first is about Quitter Dude:

Todd Palin won't be pulling a hard-core winter shift on Alaska's frozen North Slope, home to the richest oil fields in the country -- at least not with energy giant BP.

The husband of former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is no longer employed by BP, the energy company confirmed Thursday evening.

Company spokesman Steve Rinehart said Todd Palin submitted his resignation effective Sept. 18. Todd was a production operator on Alaska's North Slope.

The news comes only a few days after publishing company HarperCollins announced Sarah's memoir, "Going Rogue: An American Life," would be released Nov. 17, several months ahead of schedule, with an initial run of 1.5 million copies.

Sarah Palin's spokeswoman Meg Stapleton couldn't be immediately reached for comment.

Will the Dude continue his irondogging or will he quit that as well?

This quitting thing seems to be catchy. Is Bristol still Candie's abstinence ambassador or has she quit also, too?

Just asking...

The next link leads us to a nice piece of rug-pulling.

Here’s one top Republican Sarah Palin should not be looking to should she run for president in 2012: Steve Schmidt, who was the chief strategist for the 2008 presidential campaign of Senator John McCain of Arizona.

Mr. Schmidt, who was an advocate of choosing Ms. Palin as the Republican vice presidential candidate, had a falling out with her as the campaign lurched to the end. He made clear at a forum this morning that he thought it would be a disaster for Republicans to nominate her in 2012.

“I think she has talents,” Mr. Schmidt said. “My honest view is that she would not be a winning candidate for the Republican Party and in fact were she to be the nominee, we could have a catastrophic result.”

I love it. She has talents and catastrophic in the same sentence. What kind of talent is Schmidt referring to? Speaking? Naah, Hong Kong didn't go very well. She is skilled in dividing, back stabbing and inciting hatred, among other not very becoming talents.

Sarah Palin never had much of a talent for politics, too much hard work!

Well, there's always the Avon lady job selling lipstick, I suppose.

The Palins will have to pull all stops to make her book sell as the whole family is unemployed. Is Quitter Dude going rogue and joining her on a book tour?

Maybe the literary thing is not his cup of tea and he's looking for an offer to promote his own fragrance, "Scent of the Tundra" or "Snow Spice"?

"Catastrophe" is another good name for a Palin fragrance. It has a ring to it.

(Thanks EyeOnYou, good stuff...)



Anonymous said...

The Tawd has already signed up for the next Iron Dog. Well, that will keep him busy for a couple of day.s

Dianne said...

Todd's frangrances:

1. Crude Oil - Smell like a real man.
2. Catastrophe Spice (or another good name for Sarah)
3. Salmon in the Sun
4. Half and Half (half for me, half for her)

Anonymous said...

"I don’t think it’s inconceivable that she could be the Republican nominee for president of the United States,” Mr. Schmidt said. “I think it’s almost inconceivable that she could be elected president of the United States.”
Love the quote from Steve Schmidt. Need i remind you Mr. Schmidt, had it not been for you, we'd never have been visited with the Palin disaster. In any case, looks like there is blood in the water, and the sharks are circling...

colidii said...

Avon would probably tell her to get lost if she approached them with a cosmetics deal.

It's real interesting that for someone with over 1000 speaking offers she isn't speaking anywhere.

I went to the sea of pee -- it's tough swimming in a hazmat suit, so I don't recommend a visit -- and learned that they think McCain threw $arah under the bus. Ha! Which parts of VP candidate and teamwork do they miscomprehend? More like $arah sabotaged McCain.

I think that $arah has revived her old pageant dreams ... sponsorships .. ribbon cuttings, etc ... that she lost at the Miss Alaska pageant.

Barb Dwyer said...

That BP job was a sham. Todd hasn't worked in years. With all the lying, manure shoveling, bullying, housebuilding and boatbuilding he never had the time to actually work.

It's ironic that SP came out slamming Rep. Jay Ramras a few months ago for having "BP" stock and how that might be (gasp) a conflict of interest. I guess she forgot (or no one ever told her) that Tawd had a phony job with the very same company. She never could be bothered with those little details, she had FAR more grandiose lies to keep straight

Anonymous said...

The woman is always leaking...

Anonymous said...

At Gryphen's they say that Todd is living in Palmer with the girls. If Sarah's living in the lake house by herself, how long will it be before we hear of her wandering the house talking to all the paint-by-number portraits of Sarah that were sent by her fanboys?

Anonymous said...

Todd did do some work. He sat at a table in Sarah's office when she was governor, making threatening phone calls trying to get his former brother in law fired. Todd could be collecting a salary as body guard and enforcer.

Anonymous said...

Checkout Lynnrockets (on the blogroll). Complete tear-apart of the trolls' groaning about Obama's support of the Chicago olympics. Proof of their utter ignorance and stupidity.

EyeOnYou said...

Thanks for the H/T Regina! Always happy to pass along news that I find. :)

I would also like to point out that this news is in the Alaska Dispatch yet there is no mention of it on the site. This same site that willingly gave Sarah days of free advertising for her PAC and Legal Fund, who defended her decisions left and right, and attacked Alaskans over ethics complaints, and yet they don't carry the story that "First DUD" quit his job just like his wife did? They didn't mind putting up the story about her book and how it was a "bestseller", nor did they ever really question or investigate anything when it involved Sarah.

Not that we needed more proof of their oh so obvious deferential treatment of Sarah Palin, but it looks like it will just continue even after she is out of office.

nswfm CA said...

Here is the link to annonymous 02 October 2009 19:06

Kyra said...

Hi Guys, took a month off to experience our great American health care system. sigh.

I saw last night (either Rachel or Keith O) that Amazon's and NYT best seller numbers do not actually reflect sales. Evidently someone did an academic study and paper about it and there is no telling how much she will actually make until she actually counts her royalty checks. I guess (especially in the case of Amazon) it's too easy to tweak the numbers.

Maybe Todd better re-think his career plans!

Virginia Voter said...

Wow, quitting runs in the family.

It's too late for Steve Schmidt to save face. He and McCain need to man up, grow a pair and say unequivocally that they made a HUGE mistake by pulling a sham on the American people by putting this woman in front of us as someone who could be qualified to become president of the United States. That, my friends is the ONLY requirement for VP. Schmidt and McGrampy didn't vet Sarah or her family, and that becomes more and more obvious with each passing week. Both of their careers should be toast.

colidii said...

Uh-oh. Meg Stapleton Working Damage Control !!!

Her comment (an article update) is at the bottom of the link. My guess is she's thinking, "Oh! Please! Let's not talk about this until we can get our shot in."

Dianne said...

Stapletongue is quite chatty today. Taken from today's online ADN ref: Todd's resignation from his job.

"Meghan Stapleton, Sarah Palin's personal spokeswoman, says Todd Palin hopes to return to his union job and for now is spending time with his family."

Anonymous said...

My my, Todd's got a union job? Her supporters' heads could explode with that news. Grounds for divorce!

Anonymous said...

Here are some reasons why Todd quit his day job to spend more time with his family:
1. He is mentally calculating what 50% is going to be of Sarah's windfall.
2. He has to put on a happy family face because that's what is written in the book.
3. If Todd can help boost sales (signing autographs) then he will also profit.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to Todd joining the happy wife book tour. He may win an Oscar!

winkwinkWA said...

I think as long as Todd's being paid, he'll play the loving husband. The house next door is probably Todd's new house, gotta keep a eye on those kids you know.
Unless Levi comes out with something soon, I think he's in the money line with his hand out too. Where's his book?
Why hasn't someone gotten to Trooper Wooten for a few little questions and maybe a tell all book?

SoCalWolfGal said...

Todd may have quit his job because IF $P does a book tour, you know she is too much of a coward to go it alone. Probably Meg the Mouth and the ex First Dud will have to be on hand to protect her from all those "gotcha questions". Well, really all she needs to do is go on Faux News, after all that is her base, and the only people who are going to be foolish enough to waste good money. Phew!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, now that Sarah has quit her regular job, exactly who is paying Meg to be her spokesperson?

Does the PAC have to be a Political Action Committee or is it just Palin's Account of Cash??

What ever happened to that Legal Defense Fund? I was under the impression that her bills had been paid and the fund was frozen. So, what is up with all that fundraising at the PeeSea?

Anonymous said...

All the fundraising at PeeSea was for lipstick. It is cosmetic justice.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Virginia Voter. I can't see McCain man up b/c he would no doubt be orange suited when the truth comes out. At least, Steve Schmidt isn't a total con when it comes to Sarah Palin. He's not honest enough to get a pass, his loyalty is to the party so he tells the GOP that will listen that she is the kiss of death. McCain just supports Romney.

I would like to see more come out about the McCain adviser that moved in with the Johnsons and how their PC was cleaned. Why did the trooper that told the drug bust was delayed b/c of the McCain campaign go silent? No one talks about those facts or asks questions.

EyeOnYou said...

Well color me surprised to see that the story is in the ADN about Todd. I looked and did not find it, so I will have to retract my comments about them not publishing it.

:: sheepish grin::

Helen said...

I love sheep but no need for any around here Eye On You - you never know, they may have read your comment and decided to put it in online.

Love the Todd Manfragrance Line Dianne ; )

Anonymous said...


It could be that the ADN reads this blog and saw that you called them out!


EyeOnYou said...

Anonymous @23:33 said...
Just wondering, now that Sarah has quit her regular job, exactly who is paying Meg to be her spokesperson?

Does the PAC have to be a Political Action Committee or is it just Palin's Account of Cash??

The PAC is a political action committee, but that is how Meg-O-Mouth has been getting paid because she is the PAC spokesperson along with being the Palin family personal spokesperson, they also use her "consulting firm" to pay her as well, so it is a nice little set up they have going. Personally I think it is a scam set up to funnel money to Palin for whatever she wants, as we saw they had to scramble to comply with the laws previously. They claim that nearly one third of the expenses to date (well on the last report anyhow) had gone to "fundraising", and yet they had done absolutely no fundraising, and even her supporters were saying the same thing, but there was an awful lot of money spent for a whole lot of nothing being done.

As for the Legal Fund, no one has heard anything about it. Celtic Diva had said something about it coming before the personnel board meeting at their last meeting, but she never wrote any more about it, and we've heard nothing (that I can find) about it elsewhere either so who knows. My guess is that the Personnel Board will give her a pass on it (just guessing from their past behavior) and she will be able to access all of that cash eventually. That is also were all that "fundraising/begathon" money went from C4P.

I would also like to point out that Sarah didn't complain about Jay Ramras and his BP stock until her loyal lapdog Rebecca Mansour wrote a scathing piece about it on the C4P site. Andrew Halcro wrote a nice littel rebuttal re: RAM's piece knocking her down a peg or two.

As for the First Dud spending time with family, well makes a nice little soundbite but he has been doing that pretty much for the last year.

Anonymous said...

Hmm....Her Rogueness must not be done writing her books, since Her Stapletongueness says clearly "will write" not "has written" in addressing the Mr. Schmidt commentary. I predict it will be a moving memoir, as in move a word here and move a word there, to combat whatever comes up in the media pre-publish date.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - revise "book" not "books" ugh...could we take more than one?

Anonymous said...


Avon is a Jewish company. There is no way in he(( that will ever happen.

Old Greasy Gopher Guts said...

Sorry - revise "book" not "books" ugh...could we take more than one?

If you listen to Quitter Spice's fans over at Facebook, the book will be a record breaking bestseller and will lead to a sequel.

*passes over a bottle of aspirin*

Anonymous said...

Desperately seeking ghost speaker to attend media interviews and promote my book. Good verbal skills a must to make me look favorable for the 2012 election. Must be able to fend off lies and mis-information from media sources not affiliated with News Corp or its subsidiaries. If you feel you can meet my strict pre-qualifications and high moral standards, place your bid on eBay. The job will be priceless!!

Basheert said...

A sequel? You're kidding right? She didn't write the FIRST ONE.

In order to sell more than 1 book, you actually need to have TALENT AND have something to say.

I see the following scenario:

Book Out
Book Sells

She's done....

We know who will buy it - we won't waste our money so let them. Why not? Let them throw their money into the trash heap?

People who WORSHIP other people are sick. I buy books because I am interested in the story. There is no story here.

It I want a fairytale I'll re-read Grimm's Fairytales. At least the Brothers Grimm wrote their own material.

Maybe we'll get lucky and she and the fruitcakes will all move to Jonestown. I hear it's vacant.

Old Greasy Gopher Guts said...

"Basheert said...

A sequel? You're kidding right? She didn't write the FIRST ONE."

*chuckles* Well you and I know that but the 'bots live in their own little world over there in Facebook land.

Here are some examples from today:

"Here we go again,another DC pundit Dick Morris takes a swipe at Palin.He joins their courus line saying she is not electable.I remember in 1976 every single DC pundit said this about Ronald Reagan.I can sense the same seething jelousy running rampant... among the elites.As they scorn her ,her book reaches #1,unprecidented in preorder sales.Never before has a book climbed so rapidly to the top,threatening to sell out before even one copy has being printed.I sense extream jelousy causing extream prejudice,by extream pundits in the fringe media.Just for that comment Dick,I will cancell my 2 orders of Catastropy(his new book) and buy another 2 copies of Going Rouge for Christmas presents instead.Palin 2012."

"Some are predicting Palins book could sell out before even one page is printed.I just ordered 3.They better start thinking of printing another million or 2 copies asap.Like my good friend just said to me,everyone knows someone who likes Palin.Everyone knows that person would love her book under their Christmas tree.Palin 2012."