Saturday, 10 October 2009

First Babygate Poll – The Solution, Or “How Appearances Can Deceive”

Guestpost by Patrick

We were very pleased about the great response to our “first babygate poll”. We asked you “In which of the above pictures does Sarah Palin look 7 months pregnant?” and asked you to examine the following pictures:

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

The final result of the poll was:
Red Top 112 Votes (21%)
Turquoise Jacket 42 Votes (8%)
Neither 321 Votes (61%)
Both 45 Votes (8%)

So what is the solution – and why did we put up this poll in the first place?
The picture with the turquoise jacket was taken on March 11, 2008, when Sarah Palin was supposedly seven months pregnant.

We know this for certain because Daniel Todercan, who is one of the people in this group picture, blogged a detailed report regarding his stay in Alaska. The depicted group are the participants of the Alaska Legislative Internship Program for the year 2008, and Daniel Todercan was one of these interns. His report about his experiences as an intern can be found on his blog and he later confirmed in another blogpost that the picture was taken on March 11, 2008. It should be noted that Daniel in his later blogpost from August 31, 2008 had more to say:

“This morning, I’ve come across some gossip around her latest pregnancy (or lack thereof). Some blogs are even analyzing the idea that she wasn’t in fact pregnant, and that her 16 year old daughter was the one who actually gave birth. Having had direct interactions with Mrs. Palin, this theory got me thinking.

I recall the shock and awe that was going around the Alaskan Legislature when she announced that she was pregnant, especially because of the late term that she was in. Even her closest staff found out that she was expecting at the last moment.

The pictures that I posted on my blog in this post (April 3rd) had been taken on March 11th, so the governess was in her 7th month of pregnancy. I’ll have to admit that she doesn’t look very pregnant in those pictures (here is a large resolution version of one), but that doesn’t mean that she was lying. Simply because a woman (and a public figure) can and wants to keep her pregnancy secret, for different reasons (and there are tons of them that don’t involve her daughter’s sexual life) doesn’t mean that she is an incapable leader. It is her capabilities as a governor and a politician that should be tested.”

We double-checked the information which was given by Daniel in his blog, and were pleased to find out that Sarah Palin’s schedule on March 11, 2008 showed the corresponding entries from 10.45 – 11.15 a.m.

Here is a picture which shows Daniel with Sarah Palin alone:

Daniel Todercan is not the only person who could be identified in this picture. The third person on the right is Associate Professor Patrick Cunningham (University of Alaska Anchorage), who was awarded sabbatical leave in the spring semester 2008 to participate in the Alaska Universities Legislative Internship Program. He made the following account regarding his experiences here.

Another interesting “exhibit” is the picture that was taken of Professor Cunningham together with Sarah Palin on March 11, 2008. In this picture, “the Governor” looks even less pregnant – note how straight her scarf falls:

This becomes particularly striking when this picture is being viewed in the negative – no bulge whatsoever is visible:

But appearances can deceive, of course.

Having been part of a team in which we examined (and agonised) for many months over pictures of Sarah Palin when she was supposedly highly pregnant, I know what I am talking about. We were almost desperate to spot signs of her pregnancy – surely there would be pictures apart from the last week in April before Trig was supposedly born where Sarah looked pregnant…?

In the end, the consensus was “NO, there aren’t any pictures”, and we also discovered that sometimes Sarah looked “kind-of-pregnant” (given the “standard” that the “Trig-pregnancy” had established…) when she wasn’t really pregnant at all.

So the poll was a little play on our struggle to find a “pregnant Sarah”, because – ta-taaaa- the picture with the red top, which received the remarkable share of 21% of the vote, was in fact taken in 2009 – the picture shows the Legislative Internship Class of 2009!

So there you have it. The pregnant Sarah is a rare species, and can easily be confused with a clearly non-pregnant Sarah…

By the way, we were alerted by our readers in Alaska that the red top that Sarah Palin wears in the picture from 2009 is in fact a “kuspuk”, and these are not really available to purchase. When a white person is wearing one it is usually a gift given as a show of respect from an Alaska Native, and it is worn by politicians to show support for the native community.

There is an interesting addition to the pictures from the March 11, 2008, because later that day Sarah Palin visited a group of the “AK Youth for Environmental Action”. Here is a picture from that event:

In this picture, everybody is wearing a T-shirt or something similar. Everyone that is apart from “the Governor”! She certainly seems to love her turquoise jacket – but what did she have to hide? After all, she had already announced her pregnancy several days earlier?

What Sarah Palin really had to hide will rock the world. I cannot wait for the day when the world will finally get to know the truth, and I know that this day will come soon.


Anonymous said...

Stick a fork in her. She's done.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Patrick! That photo of her with the professor is most illustrative indeed. According to her story she would have been over 30 weeks preggers at that point. And not a bump to be seen!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the black jacket, her standard issue "maternity outfit" was at the cleaners and someone forgot to pick it up.

I strongly believe that when Sarah looks in the mirror, she does not see how she looks to others. She may not even cast a reflection, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Being pot-bellied, I'm very sensitive about standing so close to someone that my stomach touches them.

Sarah is either very friendly, or there's no stomach in the high-res picture with Daniel.


Anonymous said...

Following up on the last post frin yesterday (Washington Post, Sarah not invited to campaign in VA): I think that the reason she needs to campaign for someone (and made a contribution of her "expenses") is because that is the only justification for her PAC.

Since there are federal guidelines as to how much a PAC can donate to a candidate, there must also be regulations regarding how long one can have a PAC without actually campaigning or traveling on behalf of anyone.

Anonymous said...

Excellent illustration!
Any guesstimate on when babygate will be become "THE" story? Thanks for all that you do, and for your persistence!

Anonymous said...

As much as I want the Babygate story to be headline news... oh glee.. and to finally see ms. snarky in tears...
I kindof liked it dragging out a little..
What the heck will I obsess over everyday when the story blows?

Then got to thinking.. once it is "uncapped" it is just the beginning :D
I am sure footage and photos that had been hidden will start to be available again, people will start talking, people's reactions...

I anticipate yet another year of fascinating reads

And I am not diminishing this to just an entertainment factor

She really is a shrill, scary soul.. her "parenting" and "preaching" sickens me.. her goonie followers that lap her toe gunk and spew nothing at hatred towards the Pres and other political figures.. heck anyone that isn't a mirror image of their Witch..err Queen

All you bloggers and all you commentors (hey! the stories are GREAT but the BEST part are people's comments!) .. thank you sooooooo much

A very creepy day in late Aug 2008 I sat at my computer and slowly typed in Sarah Palin... hoping there was something out there / someone that had the same sick pit in their gut...
god blessed!
Thank you all :D

-anne s.

wayofpeace said...

i mean, there is no shortage of stupid things SP has done and is capable of doing!

BUT, to allow herself to be photographed without her fake belly RIGHT AFTER announcing that she was at an advanced stage of pregnancy (which provoked incredulous statements from those around her), evinces a level of cluelessness that is astonishingly idiotic, irrational, and just plain crazy.

this woman can not be trusted to take care of a house plant much less a state, her children, and definitely, not this nation!

thanks PATRICK for your encouraging words that this fraud is about to be hauled away from world stage SOON!

we all have better, more positive causes to dedicate our time on than exposing SARAH PALIN.

LOL wv otomblast as in the autumn blast that is coming upon palin-land!

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

she rushed to quit, she rushed the book, she rushed her "pregnancy"..

Whats the rush? No more speaking engagements? A clause from the publisher thta if your indicted no mre money? Icebergs are BIG and SLOW. Kinda like the Feds!

Amy1 said...

The thing about a photo of someone who IS pregnant: You might have a ton of photos showing a small-sized pregnancy, and then one Gusty-sized photo. That proves nothing re size, since there are many ways one might suddenly appear larger, many reasons, and still have that small actual pregnancy.

But it doesn't work the other way around: one could have a perfect set of photos documenting what looks like a real pregnancy of a non-pregnant person. But if there is only ONE photo (one authentic, non-Photoshopped) of a stomach as flat as SP's is on the Mar 14 photo, then you KNOW that it's a fraud.

Actually, I don't expect SP to understand the unassailable logic of that.

And I think newbies who aren't sure whether to believe us or not look at the photos, wonder if they are authentic, don't have the time/inerest to check. Because we are used to so much lying and deception in politics that it takes going pretty deep for a person to become sure re what is authentic and what is not.

Newbies: The Mar 14 photo -- like MANY others of a flat SP -- is authentic.

Anonymous said...

In the Gusty pic there is a box on the floor, behind the half-term former governor. Is that the type of box an empathy suit comes in?

It's odd that a box is lying on the floor of the state legislature. Was the picture taken at night?

Amy1 said...

It's like being thin vs. fat: A thin person can LOOK fat (fat-suit is one way, of course).

But a fat person cannot have a sudden thin day.

Pardon me for belaboring the obvious -- it's because my pals see the photos and often still don't get it, usually citing he possibiliy of a faked photo.

wayofpeace said...

SJK, is that indictment clause in all book contracts for politicians or was specifically written for SP?

also, is this clause public? where did you find it?

Amy1 said...

The box has the logo of a big-time waste disposal company on it. It was the last day of the session -- midnight (dark windows) after the last day, and people had been cleaning. Carpet oddities are due to a funny hall configuration, which is real. Funny white stuff in the crook of McAllister's elbow on the 3 Amigos photo is due to a whiteboard on the wall behind him. These photos were not photoshopped. Only the fake belly is fake IMHO.

The logo has a break in its color, which suggested to me a photoshop patch, along with the way there is is shadow on the box above it. I looked hard at it: nothing. The real-life logo DOES have that coloration. There is no visible photoshop patch.

My conclusion, after LOTS of study: the photo is authentic, the fake belly is what makes it a fake. Plus the suspicious timing (late night) plus that there are no daytime photos of SP in these clothes + belly. (The sudden belly would have shocked he coworkers on that day.)

Anonymous said...

Whoever missed the party with the scrubbed Keatley photoshoot of Sarah Palin can download the copy of the google cache here:

Don't be confused. Just click on the "download" button!

Anonymous said...

That's really odd to have an interview at night, in a closed capitol building. Was there any news story associated with the Gusty picture?

Anonymous said...

regarding the Gutsy picture.. why was someone taking a picture of someone taking a picture?
Where are the photos of they guy taking the photo that Palin is actually posing for?

Just to mention
A girl at work is due early November (a few weeks away)

She is about 5'6? Very thin, not fragile thin just in incredible shape (not athletic)

She's from Bulgaria.. and if you have ever been there :D the women are beautiful They are tiny but healthy looking.. not boney or anything bizarre.

So this girl has gradually grown a basketball on her belly.

I saw her Friday, before leaving work, and her entire stomach area is a balloon. She has one of those pregnancies that makes me jealous.. I was an ogre.. Her neck is thin, the leggings she wears with boots show thin legs, her upper arms are thin, her face looks the same.. but her stomach is a balloon, like I said!

Now Palin got chubby in her late stage "pregnancy" .. before the Gutsy photo
You see a waddley neck, thick line-backer shoulders, black hose which probably conceals fatty legs... yet her belly is FAT

I say.. the belly is the first to pop out.. then the rest of the bod can get chunky...
It's not he other way around
Palin got "fatty" looking but her stomach remained flat - like the nail in the coffin of her bending over with the small girl
She looked like she was "fatty" .. with zero baby bump

wv: (they seem to be getting longer!)
Isn't that what Shaggy from scooby doo always said when he ran across something bizarre? :D

Anonymous said...

ooops meant
her belly is FLAT not FAT
(in my post above)

Bell said...

Odd ensemble for a day when SP knew her schedule included photos with visiting students, isn't it? The blue windbreaker and scarf duo adds bulk and covers whatever she has going on underneath - be it a shifty pillow or other padding that might show without the extra layers; but, it is not office attire and it is not "photo op" presentable IMHO.

And, if you follow the blue jacket from March into April, you'll find SP wears it again, most notably during Elan Frank's filming on April 8-9. It appears in that screen capture of her sitting in a chair exposing the square thumpy pillowish belly and in the photo of her with Elan in front of her desk in the same photo spot as above.
That blue windbreaker jacket is not office fashionable, so her purpose for wearing it is suspect; and I'm guessing that it was for cover...covering the outline of an empathy suit from the back or the shifting of a pillow, or as a kind of armor - a signal to others that she does not want her belly touched/patted as people sometimes do to a belly that is flaunted.

Also, watching the Elan Frank footage, the way SP moves belies the lack of a real belly though she is wearing something during his filming. You can see the odd/unreal belly bump in this footage that aired on ET at the 1:09 mark:

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon 10:18 i couldn't find the pics everyone was talking about. Thoses are low rent photos for sure. My neice and nephew in high school photo class have taken better pics. No disrespect to the photog - Sarah is not looking to cool or comfy in front of camera anymore. The one they chose for the cover actually is the best of the ragtag bunch. Sarah is rotting fron the insude out. Couldn't someone have sprung for a professional make-up and hairstyling session? Oh yeah - i forgot she's goin' rogue.
Hope it works out for ya Scarah!!

Bell said...

Here is more film footage that shows the oddness of how she moves...not like someone with a belly as huge as pictured in that April 13th photo:
At about the 1:33 mark, wearing the blue windbreaker, Sarah rises from her chair, not like any pregnant woman I've ever seen, and certainly not sporting the enormous belly bump as in Gusty's photo.

Anonymous said...

another note about that blue jacket: a certain amount of thought went into selecting that jacket, meaning, it was not a afterthought such as "oh, darn, my favorite black jacket has a stain on it." Sarah took time to pin Track's service pin the the grey fuzzy part of the jacket, so there was at least that moment of thinking involved. and, it's a funny place for the pin, anyway, so it was done hastily.

Here is a screen grab from the Elan Frank shoot:
It is very fuzzy, but it shows the same pin in the same place. And, what a coincidence, Sarah has chosen the exact same turquoise colored necklace to wear with the outfit.

I wonder if she has (had) multiple pins which she just left stuck on various jackets and outfits???

I began to compare pictures of Sarah drumming on the square shaped stomach, Elan Frank, with pictures of Sarah standing next to him, plus comparing with the Gusty hallway picture. Something about Sarah's "pregnant belly" just doesn't look right to me; it seems to be either right under her breasts or a bit lower, depending on the photo. When I was pregnant, everything pretty much stayed in the same spot.

Also, what are the dates of the Elan Frank shoot compared to the Hallway picture? Weren't both events, end of Legislature and Frank Shoot supposed to take place in April, 2008? Sarah standing next to Frank has a much smaller "belly" than in the hallway.

Patrick said...

Thanks everybody for the nice comments!

In case you haven't seen it yet, you shouldn't miss this


Nobody wants Sarah. Why, I ask, why...? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I know this is an unanswerable question, due to the subject matter, but why the HELL does she wear a stupid jacket that looks like it goes with those shiny sweatsuit outfits women used to wear in the 90s--WHY does she wear this with a skirt and a SCARF?????? Does she think this looks in ANY way professional? For a freakin' governor??? I just don't get it. She looks more like one of those "people of Walmart" pictures than a damn governor.


Anonymous said...

I've said this before, but I feel compelled to say it yet again. Even *if* there were some bizarro world reason why SP was wearing that jacket and scarf combo at her office (aside from the bizarro world reason why we think she was wearing it), she would have taken it off for the nice official photo being taken with the visitors!

Anonymous said...

Bell, I have never seen the part of your video clip where she gets up from a sitting position. Wow--No pregnant woman moves like that.

Anonymous said...

The other governors mentioned in the Politico article are serving out their term of office, or they completed their term office. No one likes a quitter, especially when Sarah's leaving seemed motivated by greed rather than a higher calling. She was not asked to assume another political job; she just quit, not a very good image for a campaigner.

Sarah has a very bad track record regarding speeches. Maybe they remembered how she blew off the Republican Women in Simi Valley. Maybe someone remembered that Sarah never said Yes, and she never said No, she had the invitation to be a speaker at a GOP big deal thing in Iowa under review. That was just a little too coy. We used to do that in high school, toying with dopey guy who just asked us out for a date-- saying maybe yes, maybe no, hoping that the dreaming hunk was going to step in at the last minute. It ain't high school any more!

Then, if anyone looked at Sarah's Hong Kong speech, they might figure out that nothing in there was going to help get them elected. And Politico's best point was that anything that Sarah does is fodder for the Democrats. At this point I think it is safe to say that for every conservative religious follower who comes on board because of Sarah, she will turn off more moderate Republicans and Independents who just cannot imagine her as a serious political spokesperson.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed on see4pee sight Sarah's as for legal fund is missing? Did someone make her take it down like the IRS or FBI?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that Alaska Fund (her legal bills) is nonsense. The state of Alaska will pay the bills for an official acting in an official capacity. It doesn't add up at all.

I wonder sometimes whether there aren't kickbacks involved. There are other things, too: the very high per capita earmarks that went to Wasilla while she was mayor, the sports complex, the fire-sale of the jet to a contributor, ...

Anonymous said...

Great article, Patrick! That blue windbreaker was just awful and inappropriate for a sitting Governor. There are so many great looking maternity outfits and she had none. She wore her regular clothes for her entire 6 week pregnancy. She wore the wrinkled jacket to disguise that there was NO baby under there. It amazes me how she thinks she is so clever. I swear her mind works like no one else's.

On another note, I was over at Bree Palin's site. Palin's fans are rapid pitbulls. I just wrote a congratulatory note to Bob McDonnell for NOT asking Palin to come help him with his campaign. Smart politician! If you are so inclined, his email is He could use some support because he is getting all kinds of nasty notes from the palinbots. ;0)


Anonymous said...

I liked the part of Daniel's blog where he referred to her as "governess." Tee Hee! Actually, I don't think she'd have made a very good one of those either...

EyeOnYou said...

Just thought I would mention that the "legal fund dontaion button" has been removed from all of her fans sites. Oddly enough there is no notification that I can find as to when or why this was done, they have all just removed them for some reason.

It would seem that someone is quietly spreading the word amongst the fans that donations should be directed solely at SarahPAC it.

Kallie in Texas said...

I agree that the jacket, very unfashionable, was worn to disguise. It just sticks out like a sore thumb with the scarf. I guess she didn't want anyone to notice her rectangular pad or any slippage that might occur. I am convinced she wasn't pregnant. She just thought she could pull a fast one on us. I can't wait for the whole truth.
I still think Levi is involved with her in some way, why is she so hell bent on discrediting him?

Amy1 said...

Gusty photo's video, SP starts at 3:00.

Andrea Gusty commenting on the video and "a picture of a picture."

My explanation? Andrea can claim she knew nothing (SP just appeared for the shoot wearing her giant belly), the video was taken at 5pm due to possible "scheduling issues" rather than at the time of the session's end (1 pm), when others might have been present (but surely SP did not look THAT pregnant during daylight hours on that day, when anyone else might have seen her and commented on her suddenly huge size). The stills were not released until way later, then pulled when some of us got too nosy about the circumstances of the shoot and the flat (3/14)-->small (3/26)-->huge (4/13)-->small (4/16) belly problem over the 5 week period before T1's 4/18 "birth."

By the way, Andrea says (0:24) "there are at least two web sites devoted to proving this picture is fake, . . . " BOTH of those web sites have now been INTIMIDATED off the web: The site with all the arrows months ago, and Audrey's more recently.

Anonymous said...

Andrea says (0:24) "there are at least two web sites devoted to proving this picture is fake, . . . "

The picture isn't fake, but the "pregnancy" is. It might be called lying with half truths. Andrea may not know that she was used.

Amy1 said...

Anon22:15 -- or perhaps she knows and chooses to maintain deniability, which seems like a wise choice, considering.

I bet I would do that, until I thought I was safe.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm ...

"Sarah Palin refuses to offer evidence to prove that Bristol wasn't pregnant--instead we get lies, that Bristol was attending high school in Anchorage, or that she had enough credits to graduate. Neither story is true, as evidenced by her official admission that Bristol still hasn't graduated from high school."

This may be evidence of the difficulties involved with keeping the story straight. The link to the "admission," which presumably occured after the statement about high school in Anchorage and the statement about having enough credits to graduate, is now dead.


Reesie said...

Can someone tell me if the interview with Andrea Gusty was shown on April l3th. Also, is there anyone who saw Palin on the day of this interview? What about April 12th?

Anonymous said...

Andrea Gusty states that the photographer (someone asked, above) is Dan Carpenter. She states that in the 'I am not part of a cover-up' video.

There may be more info., here.

Anonymous said...

Andrea Gusty Video. It also includes the newscast, at the end of the video.

Patrick said...


the video was apparently shown live on the 13th April 2008, which is also mentioned in Sarah offical schedule from this day, and the first link that Amy1 gave above shows the "long live version" - like it was broadcast on the 13th April 2008, uncut.

This link:

In my opinion, this clip appears to be genuine and it was really broadcast live on the 13th April.

In Sarah Palin's schedule from this day, there is only one other entry:

2.45.-3.00 pm: "GOV:Press Availibility".

That's it - no more meetings on this day.

Lots of documents regarding SP, including several of her schedules can be downloaded from this folder:

The schedule from the 13th April 2008 is included in this document:

Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Reesie said...

Thanks Patrick for the info. I believe the video is genuine and I do know the pregnancy is fake. Wasn't there someone there that day who saw her and even the day before who would know if she was that huge?

Patrick said...

Oh, is this one of the worst smackdowns evaaa, or what - and if you have Megaphone Stapletongue as a spokesperson, you really don't need enemies any more:


"Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell repeatedly and personally asked former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for help this summer in his campaign for Virginia governor, a Palin spokeswoman said.

But by late August, Palin learned that the McDonnell campaign no longer wanted her assistance, Palin adviser Meg Stapleton said in an interview tonight.

Earlier this week, McDonnell reacted with a bit of sarcasm when asked whether Palin would be campaigning with him. "There was a time earlier on when she was governor when I thought she would come here,'' he said. "But I think she seems to be busy with books and other things like that. We've still got about 20 different events scheduled down the road and she's not one of them."

But Stapleton says Palin is not too busy to come. She says that her boss offered to help McDonnell numerous times both in conversations with him and his campaign and through the Republican Governors Association.

"The Governor, SarahPAC, and I have all communicated to the candidate, the campaign and to the RGA the Governor's continued willingness to assist in any way possible - even as recently as two weeks ago,'' Stapleton said."

And don’t forget to read…


…about this issue.

Kallie in Texas said...

LOL, about time no one wants anything to do with her! There's still hope that others will see the light. Good thinking, McDonnel.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Sullivan mentioned his feelings about Babygate again yesterday. The relevant part was buried in a long article and after the jump, so it was easy to miss. Here's part of what he said:

"...I cannot pretend to have resolved the doubts I have about Sarah Palin's stories about her fifth pregnancy. (I'm sorry but I cannot. God knows I know I'm in a tiny minority and that my own dear colleague, Patrick, has blogged in this space arguing I'm off-base and on and on. But I owe my readers honesty. I'm here answerable and accountable at all times and I feel duty-bound not to bullshit my readers, even if it makes me look like a loon. That's why I went silent as I first tried to figure out if this bizarre story could possibly be true. I had to address it if I were to be honest, but I simply didn't know. So I shut up, simply asked for the thing to be resolved (as it easily could be), and have never ever claimed that I knew the truth. I have always, always only expressed my lingering doubts and asked them to be resolved.)"

Patrick said...

And don't forget that our research has shown that at least SOME people in the Republican party in Alaska know the truth about babygate. So it's not such a big stretch to think that other leading Republicans in the Lower 48 have been "tipped off" about the fact that there might be some nasty secrets in Sarah Palin's background, and that they should be careful with associating themselves with her...

But could somebody please call Texas and tell them, too, or are they just thick down there? ;;--))

(sorry Texans, just joking - I myself had visited Texas for several weeks in the past and had an excellent time there)

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

wayofpeace, Its just my opinion re: indictment. No solid evidence...

Anonymous said...

OT but Levi Johnston now has his very own song.

Take a listen.

Levi Johnston's Blues

Woke up this morning, what do I see?
Three thousand cameras, pointing at me,
Dude says, You Levi?, I'm like, Yes, that's me sir,
Well, you've knocked up the VP nominee's daughter

So I tell him, No, you got it wrong, mister,
Already with a girl, and her name's Bristol
They all laugh and say, where you been, sonny?
Your mother-in-law's a heartbeat from the presidency

I say, Mother-in-law? No, we ain't getting married
They say you will be soon, boy, she just announced it
I get on my dirt-bike, ride to my girl's home
I'm gonna lay down the law, tell her what's going on

I'm a fuckin' redneck, I live to hang out with the boys
Play some hockey, do some fishing, kill some moose
I like to shoot the shit and do some chillin', I guess
Ya fuck with me and I'll kick your ass

So we talk and it turns out we don't believe in abortion
And sex outside marriage is against our religion
And when I try to tell them I'm eighteen years old
They say Levi, it's too late, you gotta do as you're told

I'm a fuckin' redneck, I live to hang out with the boys
Get on my snowboard, do some fishing, kill some moose
I like to shoot the shit and do some chillin', I guess
Ya fuck with me and I'll kick your ass

BuffaloGal said...

Is C4P suffering from its recent change over to a "let's be an online island, surrounded by a cyber mote, protected by a virtual wall " decision ?

Their comment boards have gone from dozens and sometimes hundreds of comments to ...umm.... recently - 4. Sometimes 10. some days, none.

jo said...

Three post back Regina has a group of pictures, the middle picture on the bottom, RGA, is from TX on April 17th, the day before T1 was born. She showed no sign to anyone that she was leaking fluid and having contractions, yea right.

EyeOnYou said...

The comment numbers on C4P is decieving. The new system they have doesn't show up the correct number of comments on the front page.

To find how many comments there truly are for any given topic posted, you must click on the topic itself which will open so that topic is the only one on the page and then at the bottom will be the comment numbers ... the true comment numbers. Their new system also opens a new window when you click on the word "comments". You can then read all about what they are saying to each other.

Their membership and the number of comments had dropped quite a bit, but there are still numerous regulars who visit the site. I have noticed that there are a few who are going to leave because they find that new commenting system cumbersome and not user friendly, but they have opted to keep it only because they can ban IP addresses with it.

You see the Sarah Palin fans don't believe in free speech at their site. They feel more than comfortable coming to places such as this one, to express themselves, as we saw Sheya do here, yet they won't allow it at their own site. If you don't agree with them or they just don't like what you have to say, then you will be called a troll and they will ban you from commenting, and prior to this new system, they simply deleted everything you had to say if they didn't like you, regardless of what you said. Just another fine example of the hypocrisy they display, just like the one they hold in such high regard! ;)

By the way, my favorite new nickname for them is one that I caught Irishgirl from Mudflats using one time. She calls C4P "ocean of urine" rather than "sea of pee".

colidii said...

C4P appears to be in turmoil. Today they pulled a post about a racist poll. Also, today, some have asked where Rebecca (R.A. Mansour?) has gone, because she has disappeared from the list of contributors. Her Blogger Profile isn't public anymore; it was public yesterday (I checked because some C4Per (Shirley?) came here to make some noise. The questions about Rebecca -- from their own -- are being deleted!

It's hard to live a lie.

Anonymous said...

"I liked the part of Daniel's blog where he referred to her as "governess." "

Actually, that is incorrect...a governess is someone who watches children, and we all know Sarah doesn't do THAT.

B said...

"What Sarah Palin really had to hide will rock the world."

We have already shown she wasn't pregnant and the world has refused to be rocked. The main rumor was always that TriG was Bristol's and that hasn't rocked the world.

So, Patrick, why do you think that the whole truth WILL rock the world -- that the world will even pay attention?

I've followed this for over a year. I don't see what I'm missing, what will be so overwhelmingly shocking. A hint?

Celia Harrison said...

There is no way a fashionista like SP would wear a jacket inside unless she was covering something up. She is way too narcissistic to wear it during photos. She thinks how every situation can be used to further her career/image and how she looks at all times. Anything she is wearing is a very conscious selection, just like an actor in a play selects a costume. There is no way she just happened to have that jacket on.

Patrick said...


OLALA!!! Here we have some news!! RAM is leaving the sinking ship, and in their classic fashion, the peelanders give no explanation and censor any questions!!


I think Rebecca Mansour knows something that I know! :-)


We should not forget that the large majority of the population probably has never heard or seen any details about babygate. It was never even seriously discussed in the MSM so far.

WE as Trig Truthers are "used" to the truth by now - you are right, it won't shock us any more. However, I am pretty sure that this doesn't apply to the general public. The fact that the former Republican vice-presidential candidate faked a pregnancy, lied about this fact for about 1 1/2 years now, dragged the REAL mother of Trig into the spotlight without any good reason AND used Trig extensively as a political prop is shocking enough. WE are prepared for this, but I doubt very much that the rest of the world is prepared. Nobody so far has given the public any kind of serious warning, and the MSM proved to be an utter failure.

Frank LI NY said...

Okay Patrick, my guess is you have found proof that our Ms Sarah has had her tubes tied right after Piper was born. Just whisper in my ear if I am correct.

EyeOnYou said...


HOLY CRAP you are right. I gotta say I would never in a million years have expected them to remove RAM's name of the blog. Now it makes it even more curious as why Sheya came here with her panties in a bunch defending RAM.

I really wonder what the heck is going on there?

VO aka Tim Lindell posted on Shannyn Moore's facebook today that it snowed in Fairbanks last week but the snow didn't last, so I am curious if he and RAM are still in Alaska.

Patrick said...

I told RAM months ago that she should better look out for a new "idol"! ;-)

That's actually pretty big news. The leading Palinista disappears without a word. Doesn't surprise me, though.

If she could justify her disappearence, she would certainly give an explanation for it. You don't get employed by the secret service to write Sarah's facebook notes, right?

Anonymous said...

The intrigue over at the ocean of urine - yes, I'm stealing that - is very amusing. They've given no explanation at all about RAM's scrubbing and are deleting all questions about it. Quite curious indeed!

And thanks, Patrick, for the shout-out above!

Patrick said...


Interesting that they might be in Fairbanks!!

Please keep your eyes open on facebook - but I know you will do anyway. ;-)

What I haven't mentioned so far is that we have indications based on new evidence that Fairbanks actually could play a greater role in the whole Trig story. We have no final proof for it yet, but there are certain indications that Trig might have been for a while in the NICU in Fairbanks (which we had never seriously thought about before - we always thought just about Anchorage or Seattle).

I have also learned form sources in Alaska that Fairbanks is a "hardcore" Republican city, a place where someone like Sarah Palin would get the ultimate amount of support and back-up...

But the investigation is still ongoing. These are no final conclusions.

EyeOnYou said...

What topic are they asking questions about RAM on? I am obviously not seeing them before they are deleted.

Bree~ Yes that "ocean of urine" is does sorta fit the blog doesn't it? ;)

EyeOnYou said...

Patrick~ You can count on the eyes being kept on the facebook issue, as mine are not the only ones watching! :)

Interesting that Fairbanks might come into play in all of this. I'll do a little digging around and see what I can come up with. I'll email you. :)

Patrick said...

OK, cool!

I haven't mentioned this "Fairbanks" thing not without reason, trust me!

One extremely interesting person to take a closer look at is Melissa Stepovich. She is from Fairbanks and belongs to Palin's closest circle (the people who know what's REALLY going on...).

Anonymous said...

Eye - the New York Sun article has a question about it on the second page of the comments that hasn't been deleted. They just put up a new article of odds and ends but no mention. Why wouldn't they at least say something innocuous - you know, how RAM is going to continue working to progress Sarah Palin from outside the confines of C4P? Has RAM gone so far out there in admiration of her idol that she has followed her quitting ways? Inquiring minds want to know!

And now I'm making all kinds of leaps about Fairbanks - my brain is going to look like one of Glenn Beck's chalkboards :)

Patrick said...

"Melissa Stepovich is the director of the Governor Office in Fairbanks. Prior to returning to Fairbanks, she spent 12 years working on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Born and raised in Fairbanks, Melissa is the daughter of Mike and Matilda Stepovich and the youngest of 13 children. Her father was Alaska’s last territorial Governor and was serving when Alaska became the 49th state. Melissa was asked by Governor Palin to serve as Co-Chair of the Alaska Statehood Celebration, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Alaska Statehood."

Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick said...


"Has RAM gone so far out there in admiration of her idol that she has followed her quitting ways?"

LOL!!!!!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

New comment on C4P:

"Its True!
Mansour has abandoned the C4P ship! She has lost that lovin' feeling.
I bet she found out what the Alaskan bloggers have known all along. Especially given her recent trips to Alaska. So instead of enlightening her followers she chooses to never admit she was wrong about the goddess of C4P. She will let you all drown in your ignorance."

EyeOnYou said...

Thanks for the Heads up Bree & Patrick! :)

Anonymous said...

Eye - Now that new article is full of troll comments about this. How could that happen with the complicated new commenting system?!?

EyeOnYou said...

Well Patrick it looks like they don't have as much control as they like to think they do, or suggest that they do.

I like that JeanA implies that she knows where RAM is but just won't tell. ;)

Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick said...

Yes, I am a bit disappointed too about their unusually slow wait, I know what it is!! They are missing the RAM-HAMMER !!!

LOL!! :-)

By the way: One of my Alaskan friends just alerted me to this (old) article which it is entirely consistent about what we have so far found out about Sarah Palin.


Patrick said...

Interesting comment by a Peelander:

"Ram is probably working for Sarah in some way maybe internet related. Of course, she and Sarah keep independent of this site to allow this site to independently support her in the blog war. Makes sense. Blogs can be linked back to candidates because then the comments could be construed to be from the politician."

Could be true, could be bull.

But why not simply give an explanation?

Anonymous said...

It's just weird, any explanation could be total bull, but no explanation is WTF? Has she gone missing? Incommunicado?

They do seem to be down to their few core people over there.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick, Remember Megamouth denied she had anything to do with the creepers when RAM attacked Jay Ramras, and then later RAM does the BEGATHON and went up there, either right when she quit or shortly thereafter.
Now RAM is MIA, VO is in Fairbanks, and the Alaska Fund trust button and ad is gone from the ocean of piss!

Patrick said...


Yes, there is apparently a lot going on behind the scenes right now. Let's see how the story continues. This was one of the stupidest things the Peelanders ever did, attacking Jay Ramras and other Republican politicians in Alaska. I know FOR A FACT that they are just happy that they are now rid of her. ;-)

Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick said...


All the comments asking "Where is RAM?" which were left during the last minutes have been deleted now at C4Pee.

These people are just so stupid. This will just raise more questions. I have taken screenshots, will upload them to my flickr.

Kallie in Texas said...

Patrick, unfortunately, there are some really thick people here in Texas, for one, Gov. Goodhair, who claims to love Palin. Funny thing though, no more news about her coming down here to campaign for him. Maybe there's hope for him.

Patrick said...



Patrick said...



Yes, Texas might be a mixed bag, I see this now. I was a teenager when I spent three weeks there, so I probably was quite easy to impress at that time ;-)

I visited several cities there, even the Southfork Ranch, went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, shot with a shotgun, went horse riding, saw some real cowboys, got drunk with other teenagers who were allowed to drive with their shiny BMW's but weren't allowed to drink for another five years - hell yeah, I had a fun time!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL .. you can send personal messages to C4P commenters without being logged in to their system.

Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick said...

UGHHH...when I read something like...


(latest attack on Andrew Sullivan because of his persistent questioning of Sarah's "pregnancy")

...I get really, really angry.

But I know that Andrew Sullivan will be the one who will get the last laugh.

ella said...

"Mansour, who had briefly volunteered for Barack Obama in the earliest parts of the campaign, says she connected with Palin over energy independence. She did not like McCain from the start and became “creeped out” by people’s worshipful attitude toward Obama."

well well well, perhaps if she is "creeped out" by worshipful attitudes, she got "creeped out" by her fellow posters - most of them worship sarah as God!

Helen said...

My guess is that something catastrophic has happened from RAM's point of view. Follow the money - she found out something, has been betrayed, or cannot get payment for services or a position she thought she had negotiated for.

Anonymous said...

The Mansours are educated and accustomed to places like L.A.and D.C. I can only imagine what it would be like when R.A. was getting to know Sarah and Meg up close.

Very creepy she did not give some notice or farewell to her friends on the blog that was so important to her at one time. Do they even know if she is alright?

snowlady said...

I don't know how many posters here are Alaskan. For those who aren't, it may be hard to understand that this state is just a big small town. Long-time families like the Stepovitches have their fingers in a lot of pots and things get done like they always do in small towns - with a supersized helping of quid pro quo. For good and bad, people help each other out and protect their own.

I am enjoying the drama and looking forward to singing "ding, dong, the witch is dead" with the rest of you.

Anonymous said...

I am not from Alaska and constantly reminding myself that it is very tiny, the population. It could be altered in an instant if we started sending refugees there to live. It is also a desirable for sex offenders to live. If I was a criminal that is where I would want to do business.

Does the peelander group actually believe Palin is writing on FaceBook?

snowlady said...

We do have many immigrants/refugees. Thanks, anyway, but you can keep your sex offenders. We have enough of our own. You're right, though, about people coming up here to hide out from the law - or their families. Especially up in the Valley where they can get a cabin out in the woods and disappear.

OT - too much of the state is owned/controlled by the fed govt to allow the kind of development needed for jobs. On that matter, I agree with SP. So until we are allowed to develop our resources, we won't be able to support a larger population.

Anonymous said...

On C4P they can delete your comments, but the comments still remain visible on the RSS feed, as far as I can see. So if people have the RSS feed, they will read all the comments...

ella said...

I present this very recent comment on c4p - the spelling just boggles the mind! The "logic" boggles the mind further:
"RAM has posted commends right here at C4P. Every now and then late at night.
I.v have seen them and even asked her how she doing I got no answer back.
So I don't think that she be commending if she had truned on Sarah...JMO"

Anonymous said...

What the craters difference does it make? Worst case scenario: she's only the mother of four children. Big deal. Not really worth losing your life into obsession over.

Helen said...

RAM certainly seems to be a real drama queen. I felt sorry for her yesterday, but after reading this exchange below I'm left feeling she's just a nasty piece of work. I found this cached from Ennealogic's blog Heffalump Traps - I'm sure many many people were treated this way:

The first poster to reply to me said, " Go away DivaPiglit."

Another wrote, "Tell your masters they need to come up with a better boogey man then Michael Reagan ok."

A third chimed in, "In case you haven't noticed, this isn't 'Converatives4MichaelReagan'. Who cares what he said or didn't say? And why the hell do you care if anyone here agrees with him or not?"

Then R.A. Mansour joined the fray, "She cited her source. How can she have plagiarized when she vited [sic] her source?"

The next thing I know, I read this from RAM, "Bye troofers. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out." Every post I'd made on the thread so far was removed.

So I wrote an e-mail asking what happened and why. Full content below, in chronological order:

Ejected from C4P...

Sunday, June 7, 2009 11:20 PM
From: "Lee Franklin"

On what grounds, please?

I did not, to my knowledge, break any rules about posting. Thank you for a prompt response,

Lee Franklin
aka Ennealogic

Re: Ejected from C4P...

Sunday, June 7, 2009 11:26 PM
From: "R. A. Mansour"
To: "Lee Franklin"

Off topic, spamming the thread, and being an over all jerk who annoys all of us. How's that?

I didn't actually ban you. This thread was your warning. Do it again and you're gone for good.

Re: Ejected from C4P...

Sunday, June 7, 2009 11:38 PM
From: "Lee Franklin"
To: "R. A. Mansour"

The topic was Goeffrey's article about Sarah's plagiarism. I do not believe I was off topic.

I opened some remarks and then responded to replies directly made to me. I do not understand how that qualifies as spamming.

As for being an "over all jerk who annoys all of [you]", perhaps that is how you see it, but I did not impugn any poster or the site. I did not malign you or anyone else there, I only asked a few questions about plagiarism and the speech that Sarah gave -- which was, in all 17 minutes, supposed to be a glowing introduction to Michael Reagan.

As for me, I did not receive even one honest answer to any of my questions from any of the people who spoke with me. Yet I am not annoyed, I am only saddened. Why does what I said annoy you?

As for your warning... I do not know what not to do again. Perhaps if you'd lay out the rules? Can one not question Sarah Palin's actions? Can one not point out that Mike Reagan wants to stuff hand grenades into babies' butts? Can one not link Sarah Palin with those she introduces and cheers on?

Thank you for a response, though. I wasn't expecting it.


Lee Franklin

Re: Ejected from C4P...

Monday, June 8, 2009 11:56 PM

From: "R. A. Mansour"
To: "Lee Franklin"

You know what "saddens" me? Your Trig Trutherism.

Re: Ejected from C4P...

Sunday, June 7, 2009 12:08 AM
From: "Lee Franklin"

To: "R. A. Mansour"

I do not believe I have posted anything about Trig (Palin, right?) on the C4P site, ever. Have you removed my posts from a thread about Sarah's alleged plagiarism because you suspect I may not subscribe to your beliefs concerning the birth of Trig?


Re: Ejected from C4P...

Monday, June 8, 2009 1:16 AM

From: "R. A. Mansour"
To: "Lee Franklin"

"Trig (Palin, right?)"

That's it. Now you are banned for life, you sick son of a bitch.

"may not subscribe" to my beliefs?

Yes, I would also delete and ban racists, Obama birth certificate truthers, and Holocaust deniers.

You are at home with those people.

Don't ever come back to my blog. Don't email me again. Your emails are going in my SPAM filter.

Anonymous said...

Did you Alaskans hear the Mark Kolavechio radio show on Friday morning? He was talking about how the valley's Republicans run that area like the MOB. I agree. S.H.

eric said...

I'm a Democrat, and I believe people like you are an embarrassment to the party.

You are almost as crazy as the birthers and Glenn Beck.

Why would you spend so much time investigating and believing something that is NOT true? You're like Orly Taitz and other nutcases.

Anonymous said...

Eric is probably Bristol's latest boy toy!

Party has nothing to do with the hoax that is Sarah Palin.

Palin is a complete fraud. She is the one that just up and quit. Deal with it.

eric said...

You people make me sick.

Then I look in a mirror and make myself sick for believing anything that the Iconic Saint Sarah of Wasilla has ever said and done.

I need to stop drinking the Ocean of Pee. It's just not healthy. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Sarah gave birth to a baby in 2008, but I do believe Todd fathered one.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sjk from the belly of the plane said...

ms. ram got her panties in wad, or just lost them. Like the kids always losing their underwear.

Anonymous said...

What happened in the last two weeks???

I think even bigger news (than RAM) is that Joseph Russo hasn't posted since Friday, September 25, 2009 (about Death Panels) and that he is no longer listed as a contributor either.

JR (Joseph Russo) is the founding father of C4P...

From RAM in the C4P archives: "As many of our readers know, most of the C4P Contributors met up at Hot Air. JR, Tim, Mel, and I were regulars in those Hot Air Palin threads. During one conversation someone suggested a blog with contributors, and JR went out and set up a blogger site and bought the domain name for $10. He then hounded me for weeks to join him. I came on board in January."

JR, RAM, who else is missing? Who will be the next rat off the sinking ship?

Anonymous said...

Alaska Ear The divine appendage

THINK TANK . . . Really, darlings, is it news that the Lovely Levi Johnston is going to bare all for Playgirl? Wasn't that an inevitable outcome of the equation: Male+hockey player+handsome+single+ scandal = booty call from sleazy magazine?

What the Divine Appendage finds unexpected is the hilarious pistachio nut TV commercial now airing. The one where Anchorage private investigator Tank Jones is standing next to Levi and a voiceover allows as how Levi "does it with protection."

"It" meaning cracking open pistachio nuts, of course.

Of course.

Tank said he and Levi had no idea what the script was going to say. Tank also had no idea they wanted him in the ad. He went to the shoot as Levi's handler/bodyguard. "My first instinct was to say no but they were kind of convincing," he said.

Tank said Levi's gotten complaints from Palinistas who whine about the double meaning, claiming it's offensive to the Palins. Yikes, given the things they've said about Levi, one could easily imagine him offering a really offensive joke.

Ear tried to compliment Levi's agent/attorney Rex Butler for finding the most innocuous, scandal-free, white-bread product possible to launch the kid's career. These nuts aren't even dyed pink the way pistachios are supposed to be. They're like organic or something. But Rex demurred. The pistachio people called him, he said.

Anonymous said...

So says Meg Stapleton in an e-mail to Newsweek in response to comments made by Steve Schmidt today:

"The Governor will write about all of this in her book. There will be plenty of time to talk about it then."

Sarah Palin at home: pt 2 (listen from 1:23)
Gov. Sarah Palin talks about the campaign from her Wasilla home. I Will Never...

'Going Rogue' should prove to be very interesting. My guess is that there will be TONS of controversy in those 400+ pages.

Patrick said...


The article was fake? I missed that! I have to look into that.

@Anon 14:37

That's actually very big news as well! Joseph Russo is gone! Thanks a lot for the information, there is so much happening right now, it's easy to miss something. And no explanation was given by the Peelanders for his disappearance, either..


Your posts seem pretty schizophrenic to me. ;-) FYI, many of the biggest enemies of Sarah Palin are actually Republicans - because they received a deep "inside view" into what Sarah represents and were appalled to discover that she is just a complete fraud and vindictive liar.


Thanks a lot for posting the email correspondence! Rebacca Mansour has not deserved one ounce of sympathy here. She has thoroughly deserved the humiliation which inevitably is going to follow.

Anonymous said...

I agree Rebecca Mansour deserves whatever humiliation is coming her way

Im not an evil person but hello?
She had an admirable forum on the Lake/Ocean/Sea/Muddy Swamp of Pee

She was head honcho and had listeners/followers
And how did she chose to use her "Power"

alot like her once idol ms. Palin pants

She hissed and growled and tore down other people in a very hateful way
She censored people and became the talking head of the right wing hate movement

Karma is a crazy thing
If they want to get all biblically
"You reap what you sow"
"A tree is known by it's fruit"

Become a poison and the poison will find it's way back to you

As gleeful as this is .. I am only pleased because maybe there is a trickle of hope that members of this cult will get that smack on the back of the head wake up call through this.. among other things
(Like that blessed Bomb Shell that is coming our way :D )

peninparadise said...

I have the picture of Sarah and Piper visiting an neonatal intensive care unit.

I said it was in Anchorage, but was I mistaken? Was it in Fairbanks?



Anonymous said...

The new commenting system on C4P has some interesting features. As someone here mentioned before, you can send private messages to the commenters there, without being logged in into their system. Quite nice.

Amy1 said...

Kathleen: the "Charley James" article(s) are fakes?

Anonymous said...

Amy I have deleted my comment as Patrick seems to think that parts of the article are true.

Anonymous said...


parts of that article are true. The "sambo beat the bitch" thing has been around for a while...

and we all know about her racism- after all, she's being sued over it right now in federal court.

Anonymous said...

The James article is varied. Did she love her job as Chair of Alaska’s OGCC, and Kilkenny was proved a false?
What happened with the law suit over Juneteenth?

So the 4pees are dropping out like flies and not saying bye? If they have a higher calling it seems they would say something and leave with encouragement and thank the team for a good time. The media covered 4pees and RAM at one time, why not now? Is no one asking questions to the right people or is it another media black hole?

Anonymous said...

Here's a flattering photo of $P that I think should have been used for her book cover: going rogue-y

Amy1 said...

Re Charley James: I was in Minnesota at the time this article was supposedly written, and I don't recall any such incidents except for the police kerfuffle right at the convention one day. ONE day. Seems to me with the press and populace being what it is in Mpls, it would have been written up all over the place, if true. Going by a sample of two (articles), never a good idea, these articles DO have a hint of being written way after the fact in a nice (if fraudulent) attempt at prescience. Is this SP hoax thing catching?

Okay, a sample of three: does this sound real to anyone? The 200+ mpg is of course based on almost free solar charges off the collectors on your house's roof. Which didn't exist at the time of that Rambler.

Kathleen: sure, PARTS are true. But if written at the time stated, would that amazing quote by SP have gone unnoticed?? I thought it was just a hazy rumor, no a real article with (apparently) sources, like this one. I'm still interested in whatever info you had that this might be fake.

Patrick said...


My opinion is this: "Fake" in relation to the whole article is certainly the wrong word. What Kathleen meant here is that there was a huge controversy after the article was published whether the statements of the businessman "Arnold Gerstheimer", who is quoted in the article, are actually genuine, and whether this person actually exists. In the article, "Arnold Gerstheimer" said about Palin: “She’s a bigot, a racist, and a liar”.

If you google this topic, you will find lots of links where this controversy was discussed. However, that doesn't mean that the whole article is incorrect. It might be that this Arnold Gerstheimer gave a wrong name, or that he didn't wanted to be quoted with his real name. I had never looked closer into this before.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, missed Kathleen @ 17:53.

We heard her laugh @ Lyda Green. She is capable of "beat the bitch."

Levi might be able to expand on that part of personality one day SOON.


Anonymous said...

There is a big battle in the whole ultra-con blogosphere over a "well known white supremacist" (quoting an editorial in the Charleston WV Gazette), who is a blogger and is linked-to on the C4P front page. Little Green Footballs has been opposed to mentioned blogger, but many of the others have circled wagons around him. It could be that JR and RAM wanted to disassociate from the blogger?

Even that ultra-con blogosphere battle may actually be a reflection of the struggle for the republican party. old-school republicans vs. those intent on highjacking the party (ultra-cons). C4P has considered McCain and David Brooks (nyt conservative columnist) liberals.

Anonymous said...

“Sambo Beat the Bitch”
“Palin is a conniving, manipulative, a**hole,” someone who thinks these are positive traits in a governor told me, summing up Palin’s tenure in Alaska state and local politics.

“She’s a bigot, a racist, and a liar,” is the more blunt assessment of Arnold Gerstheimer who lived in Alaska until two years ago and is now a businessman in Idaho.

charley james Alaskans Speak (In A Frightened Whisper): Palin Is “Racist, Sexist, Vindictive, And Mean”“Juneau is a small town; everybody knows everyone else,” he adds. “These stories about what she calls blacks and Eskimos, well, anyone not white and good looking actually, were around long before she became a glint in John McCain’s rheumy eyes. Why do I know they’re true? Because everyone who isn’t aboriginal or Indian in Alaska talks that way.”

“Sambo beat the bitch” may be everyday language up in the bush. Whether it – and the outlook, politics and worldview Palin reflects when she says such things in public – should be part of a presidential campaign is another thing altogether. The comment says as much about McCain as it does about Palin, and it says a lot of things about Americans who overlook such statements (as well as her record) and vote anyway for McCain."

The above is the part of the article which I have been unable to substantiate as fact because I can trace no Arnold Gerstheimer living in Idaho or any trace of someone by that name having lived in Alaska.

Just because a rumour has been around for a while does not make it fact but that is merely my opinion.

Perhaps Patrick would like to contact Charley James and try to substantiate the comment and then we can all be sure.

Anonymous said...

Is C4P waking up? Or are they still unconsciously incompetent??

O/T....Why isn't Joseph Russo's name... on the Contributors List?
Does this Site...Still belong to JR?
I think it's a fair Question...
I don't need to know... what he is personally doing...But... I would like to know.. if he is still involved...with C4P????
Today, 4:24:47 PM

RAM's name isn't on there either
Today, 4:29:15 PM

I know...It saddens me...
They were instrumental... in making this site... GREAT!..
Today, 4:35:22 PM

Let me rephrase that...Joseph and Rebbecca...
had the perserverence and intelinence... to make this Site..the... Go to Site... for Sarah Palin...
I commend them...for they're excellence...
and the... other contributors...they have brought on board...Thank You..
Today, 4:59:20 PM

I miss seeing RAM & JR. I hope everything is O.K with them both.
Today, 4:54:27 PM

Amy1 said...

Kathleen@18:08 -- perhaps Patrick can also ask if Charley's DAD really had such a Rambler, or if maybe Charlie was dipping into his favorite urban myths book, doing a little plagiarizing?

Anonymous said...

It's goin' to get nasty!!

McCain: Tensions with Palin The State of Disunion
Sen. John McCain tells CNN's John King that there were "clearly tensions" with people in the Sarah Palin camp.

Patrick said...

I will write to Charley James and ask him.

winkwinkWA said...

Another pee'er that has been missing since $arah QUIT is upinak, he-she was a regular, commenting everyday, said she-he lived in Juneau and stopped the day $arah QUIT. I had my suspicions it was Meg.the mouth. I would say there numbers are way down in the ocean of urine, just a barracuda and a bunch of minnows, don't they know she will eat them alive...

Anonymous said...

Calm down everyone....

A few C4Per's have left to catch the comet... no need to get too excited.

Meg is doing such an excellent job.. Sarah's career, book tour, speaking tour and other engagements should be coming to a end real soon.

Go Meg!!!!

Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

One thing is this book is listed as "nonfiction." Won't the publisher withdraw the book once any part of it's debunked? And they're rushing it out, so fact checking is going to get short shrift. There has been a best seller that has been pulled for inaccuracies in the past. Double embarassment for $P.

Anonymous said...

Here's my ode to the C4Pers:

'get along little rogue-y'

Oh, little rogue-y,
It's your misfortune and not of my own.
Whoop-ee-ti-yi-o get along little rogue-y,
You know that Alaska will be your new home.

A campaign trail drunk and a hard road to travel,
That old Queen O' Hearts is a hard card to play.
Get along, get along, get along little rogue-y,
Get along little rogue-y and be on your way.

Whoop-ee-ti-yi-o get along little rogue-y,
It's your misfortune and not of my own.
Whoop-ee-ti-yi-o get along little rogue-y,
You know that Alaska will be your new home.

Some boys have hit this old campaign trail for pleasure,
But that's where they get it most awfully wrong.
I wish I could tell you the troubles they give us,
As we go rolling this rogue-y along.

Anonymous said...

has anyone done or thought about doing a photo essay on what SP "normally" wore indoors before and after her "pregnancy"

ie: dis she normally wear "outer wear" indoors before and after???

I'm kinda pooped on the internet searches at the moment, if someone else has the energy or already has the documentation, please share...

Anonymous said...

ps: one of the reasons that I'm kinda pooped on this is that ADN and some other newspapers don't include photos in their archives, and even then even us to PAY for the info...

sorry but I am one of the long term employed... so I ain't forkin over the dough to ADN or anyone else for this kind of info...

Anonymous said...

Here is a database of Palin media appearances. It is put together by C4Pers Russo and Mansour. I don't know if it is complete ... they do have a problem with selective history and quoting out of context.

Anonymous said...

I agree, "UPINAK" had to have been Meg or Chuck Heath. This person always had information that only someone very cloe to Palin would have had.

On another note in regards to "Sambo Beat The B_ _ _ _", I believe there was always a lot of discussion that Palin did not have one black person in her administration. I remember at the rally in front of the Loussac Library there were signs indicating this was true. S.H.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

Upinak is neither Meg or Chuck. We do know her identity but will not reveal it UNLESS it becomes necessary for us to do so.

Anonymous said...

As to her wardrobe before the "pregnancy" - I don't have picture backup, but I remember that her informal style was one of the things we Alaskans liked about her. This is an informal state - Casual Friday gone wild. So having a gov that dresses in windbreakers, kuspuks, and track suits is not a minus necessarily. It just showed that she was a no-fuss, no-muss kinda gal.

Having her take the RNC's dress-up money was not seen as a move forward as much as a sell-out to Outside expectations. At least that's my take on it.

Anonymous said...

Well, this explains Faux News:

Rupert Murdoch is the world's most powerful media baron and by his own account, "For better or for worse, our company [News Corp] is a reflection of my thinking, my character, my values."

winkwinkWA said...

I was just checking out the Alaska Mag Feb. 2008 article on $arah, does anyone know when the pictures of $arah were taken?
Google- (Sarah Palin, Alaska Mag) click the pfd for article and pictures.

ArmchairJane said...

Over at the Sea of Pee they do indeed have a link to the blog of the known white supremacist hateful ranter who might as well be referred to as "You Know Who", since he's got the appropriate level of evil going.

Very interesting that RAM and JR are both gone, and yet a link to that particular blogger remain on the Sea of Pee site...

The discourse over there is really quite laughable. And they continue to burn bridges, talking trash about any person who doesn't absolutely worship their queen.

Patrick said...


I am not sure if this will answer your question, but you will find some detailed information about the Alaska Magazine article in my blogpost from 6th October 2009.

Anonymous said...

Another poster left this link about Quitty's lawsuit a while ago.

Amy1 said...

I have always been delighted to think that one person who would be well aware of both the facts and subtleties of SP's racism would be Rex Butler. In terms of legalities as well as professional gossip. Is this not a delightful irony. Made only more wonderful by my sense (from everything I have ever read about him) that he is an actual decent, fine, smart guy.

Ah yes.

Anonymous said...

re: Murdoch's News Corp(se).

The White House (today?) was on CNN and flat-out said that Fox isn't a news channel but stenographers for some in the republicant party.

winkwinkWA said...

Kathleen-was UPINAK a mole? Do you know why she quit commenting over in the Ocean of Urine? Very interesting.

ArmchairJane said...

Hilarious stuff over at the Sea about how SP HAD to quit as governor because she's such a winner. And after all, it was like she was in a foxhole pinned down by enemy fire, soon to be overwhelmed! And so if you leave that foxhole to take another position that's not quitting, but advancing your position.

Oh, okay.... It's such a ridiculous portrayal of her QUITTING that it SHOULD be funny, except on second thought it gets me thinking about our troops who have been put in terrible situations and they don't get to quit, they end up DEAD.

The real soldiers don't get to just leave their foxhole and go to some safe location. Many of them are deployed where there is no safe location to "advance their position".

This kind of ridiculous re-writing of history to make Sarah look good is typical of how they will say pretty much anything to make SP into the mythical leader they want her to be.

But in reality it seems she can't even be bothered to attend major Republican events, and she won't come out in public to discuss any of the ghostwritten Facebook she hides behind. No doubt it is because she is again in a foxhole pinned down by enemy fire...

I guess with what the Sea has dwindled down to, this is the best they can come up with.

Anonymous said...

anon@20:23, very telling that she wouldn't lift a finger over Juneteenth, which the AK governor is required to do by law, but did give the AIP support in a video directly from the governor's office.

BuffaloGal said...

Another book debuting Nov. 17th "Going Rouge" -

I suspect Axelrod, Soros and the POTUS war room are behind this. I suggest we can use this to continue the indoctrination of our children by giving them this book and a dollar store box of generic crayons.

Reesie said...

This is too funny. You got to over to

Team Sarah plans capitol "Phone Blast"...on a government holiday (Monday, October 12, which is Columbus Day)

by GottaLaff

Anonymous said...

Another EPIC FAIL: What will they think of next?

Anonymous said...

BuffaloGal, thanks for that link to It's got a sample page, too. At $12 it's a much better buy than $P's book, plus you can have many hours of enjoyment. $P's book will just make you mad; "Going Rouge" will help you get even.

Anonymous said...


No, upinak was not a mole - but you can be sure that she left comments designed to mislead anyone who might think that Sarah Palin is not the mother of Trig.

We know who she is and more importantly we know that she worked alongside Sarah Palin before she became Governor. We suspect much more!

Anonymous said...

$P suffers from toxic schmuck syndrome or is that toxic suck syndrome?

Shayfray said...

I know some people have voiced that they think JR and RAM "deserve" whatever humiliation they get.

I don't know what happened to make them change their views, but they changed their views about Sarah!

These people probably have insider info and could be useful in outing the truth about Sarah (especially babygate). Now is the time to reach out to them.

They have info, they feel betrayed and angry...this is how I've always suspected the truth would be revealed. Not from endless investigative work (which has helped immensely!) but ultimately from someone Sarah betrayed and could no longer put up with the lies.

Patrick, Kathleen, Bree and anyone else, would it be possible to approach them with sympathy and civility and ask them to voice their opinion?

Anonymous said...

Something to look out for.

winkwinkWA said...

Kathleen- I always thought she was close to $arah, always came off as a know it all. Another link in the chain??

Anonymous said...


Possibly a big link...... ;-)

Anonymous said...

upinak blogs at

Patrick said...


You can be 100% certain that RAM or JR would not tell us what really happened. They would never ever admit a mistake or reveal anything which could reflect on Sarah in a negative way. That's why the left as quietly as possible.

Patrick said...

...why they left...

Anonymous said...


"Anonymous said...

Here's a flattering photo of $P that I think should have been used for her book cover: going rogue-y
11 October 2009 18:01 "

WHOAAAA... that one is a mind blower, and to me the epitome of SP...

a combination of contempt, anger and disgust... so TYPICAL of her...

you're right, it SHOULD be the cover photo...

incredible capture, WHERE did you find THAT???

couldn't be more appropriate... the combined expressions on her face say it all... says WHO she is and how she feels about herself and us...

this woman is about to become unhinged... mark my words... we all know she's nuts... but this kind of lets us peer deeper into her craziness...


study this face and then hide... no DON"T... expose her...for this is the face of crazy... crazier than I think we've seen a long, long time...

elaine said...

This is one of the pee'ers (UFFDA)who has her own blog/sarah shrine.
I must admit - if you scroll down on the right side, there are some very good pictures of Sarah, Todd and Trig. Pictures I have not seen previously.
The funniest part of the page is a live counter showing the days, hours, minutes and seconds until Sarah is the POTUS!

Looselips said...

the photo is on C4P and they love it. go figure.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the C4P posted that screenshot from the interview with Cillizza back in Feb 08 - and the C4Pers LOVE it - they think it shows all that's great about Sarah :)

Anonymous said...

seems like almost all of the urls included in posts just lead right back HERE... instead of where one thought they to the original site???? WTF???

wastes lots of research time...

anybody got a clue about that?

Looselips said...

is it possible that RAM and JR left C4P because the community of commenters became too silly and inane even for them?

Anonymous said...

Breaking ... dateline 2012 ...

When half-term former Governor Palin was asked under what circumstances she would resign the Presidency, she broke into a torrent of obscenities and was led away in a straight-jacket ...

Patrick said...

Anon 22:37

I don't really understand what you mean. Are you talking about links in comments? You get make a right-click and open them in a new window.

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:37

Many of the "links" are just the web address, not a clickable link. Just highlight the "link", right click and select "copy". Next go to the top of your browser and under the File options you should have a "new tab" choice. Click it, put your cursor in the address bar of the new tab, then right click and "paste" the address you just copied. If you now hit enter, the link should open in the new tab.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Kathleen, I think upinak she does know people in the administration...she said she was going to get the law changed against filing "frivolous lawsuits" and one the Reps (I can't remember his name) is going to have them vote on it, but I know she was disappointed in creepers for lack of help on their part...then when the quitter was in Texas (Giddings) she singed a bill favoring chevron...all the peelanders where yucking it up, and upinak was like "WTF?" She said anyone who REALLY knew Alaska would never, ever be in favor of Chevron, the unsaid being the oil spill! After that I haven't see her post much there but she did start the Palination blog site. All I know she is a bitch that clubs little birds to death! She calls them stupid Ptarmigan...grrrrrrrrrrrr! And clubs their brains out to eat them.

Nana said...

speaking of Upinak...she claimed on the c4p site that she talked about Palin's pregnancy with her and sarah actually let her rub her which indicates that she has/had a very close association with Palin

Anonymous said...

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