Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Sarah Palin, money, business...

Sarah Palin is looking for business deals, according to her Linkedin profile:

Sarah Palin’s Contact Settings

Interested In:

  • job inquiries
  • expertise requests
  • business deals
  • reference requests
  • getting back in touch
Our Sarah doesn't appear to have a good track record as a businessperson, as seen in a Washington Post article:

In addition to being a mayor and raising four children, Sarah Palin found time for another venture in her Wasilla years -- she was part-owner of an Anchorage car wash.

Palin and husband Todd each held a 20 percent stake in Anchorage Car Wash LLC, according to state corporation records filed in 2004.

A review of Palin's gubernatorial disclosure filings indicates that she failed to report her stake in the company on the form that requires candidates for governor to disclose any interest in a nonpublicly traded company.

A Feb. 11, 2007 letter to the governor's business partner advises that the car wash had "not filed its biennial report and/or paid its biennial fees," which were more than a year overdue.
The warning letter was written on state letterhead, which carried Palin's name at the top, next to the state seal.

On April 3, 2007, the state went further and issued a "certificate of involuntary dissolution" because of the car wash's failure to file its report and pay state licensing fees.

Another report elaborates a bit more on the business side of the venture:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s ownership in a carwash was nothing more than a real estate investment. Although she and her husband, Todd Palin, did hold a 40 percent stake in a company called Anchorage Car Wash LLC, the business never got off the ground, according to Carolin Wells, one of Palin’s partners in the aborted venture.

The irony of the warning letter to her own business being written on state letterhead is too delicious!

Sarah's other business venture never materialized either. Rouge Cou was just a name and remained as such. It indicates the quitter governor's lack of taste and finesse, plus her ignorance of the French language... (In order to read as Red Neck, it should have been Cou Rouge).

Politico quoted an ADN article:

Palin obtained a business license for marketing and consulting, saying that she wanted to line up her ducks if she chose to pursue it. “Asked about the business registered under her name, Palin said, ‘Rouge Cou, it’s a classy way of saying redneck. It’s a French word, rouge is red, cou is neck. It’s for marketing and consulting, in case I wanted to go that route, I’d have my ducks all lined up and have a business license. I just was granted that business license. … I would like to, with some of the endeavors that I have going on right now, there comes a time when one desires to be paid for them!’” [Anchorage Daily News, 6/8/05]

It seems the Palins are very good when it comes to real estate deals, but not so much when it involves actual business.


Anonymous said...

She could be the new spokesperson for the Nissan Rogue car....if she could string two words together that were coherent. I probably just gave Meg an idea huh?

Anonymous said...

Sarah is an idiot that can not manage or run anything.

If she became mayor of Wasilla again they would still have to hire a city manager to run things.

Her claim to fame in business deals was the AGIA pipeline. This is a $500,000,000 give away to a foreign company. When the deal goes sour, there is a "triple damage" clause in the contract which will expose the State to more loss of money.

This fraud can not even manage her own family... let alone a business.

Anonymous said...

Too bad "grifting" isn't one of the contact settings -- that should be at the top of her interest list. She wants money for "doin nothin".

Anonymous said...

How likely is it that she "forgot" about their 40% stake in the carwash? It seems to me that a 40% share in an Anchorage commercial property doesn't come cheap and would not be something a money-grubber would forget about.

Are there any records about the location of the property? How much was paid and how much it was sold for?

Gail said...

Palin watchers will enjoy this!

Patrick said...

On the blogpost from 20th September 2009...

Levi Johnston, Lori Tipton And Their “Business” at Mat-Su Hospital – And What Rex Butler Doesn’t Want To Go On the Record With…

...Bob Lester from the "Bob and Mark Show" (the one with the "Lyda Green is a bitch and a cancer conversation") has left an interesting comment - he is a bit late for the party, though.

He said:

"Hey freaks, This is "uber right wing" talk show host Bob Lester. Just wanted to say hello, and thanks for all the attention. Lori Tipton is a first class journalist that reports better than anyone in this state. To suggest that I have ANY sway with how she reports a story is laughable at best. I know you have heard this many times before, but seriously...GET A LIFE!!! Who really gives a rats ass who had what baby? Even if Elvis and a space alien turned out to be the parents...SO WHAT?? I got an idea...make your life so interesting and full that the lives of people you can only SPECULATE about will seen unimportant. What a concept???? Feel free to email this "right winger" (hahahahahaha) and we can have a nice little chat. I dare you. Until then, have fun stroking each others junk over the NON ISSUE of "Who's your Daddy?" I'll be over there getting on with my life. Losers. Okay, that was fits, nevermind."

Interesting comment..."Who really gives a rats ass who had what baby?"

So it doesn't really matter now any more who the mother is...?

Preparing for the final revelation, aren't we?

B said...

Rouge Cou? Perhaps MSNBC did not misspeak this morning in calling her book "Going Rouge." Any other words Palin can make out of r,o,g,u,e? (Use g twice: gouger.)

Anonymous said...

Oprha's site is so censoring material. I have tried to post three times in various forms Sambo Beat The Bitch and they won't let it go through.

Oprah is a phony.

Anonymous said...

Is Bob Lester the one that told Sarah -- on the radio show about Lyda Green -- that he knows what she thinks?

Punkinbugg said...

Drop the u and you have "ogre".

Anonymous said...

@17:10 - please write a letter to Oprah via the contact page (under contact us) and let her know about Palin's "So Sambo beat the bitch?" remark about Pres. Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

If we're speaking French, shouldn't the adjective come after the noun? You can't just translate the same grammatical structures from one language to another.

Anyway what a ridiculous name!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Here is an article about SP's upcoming (maybe)speech at the College of the Ozarks. You can just skip the article which is pro-Palin, it is the comments that are interesting.

ginny said...

That's funny, I love it when people like this Bob Lester claim others have no life, yet, he is the one who took the time to read through the blogpost(s) and took the time to compose a nasty comment. And yes, love the "who cares who had the baby". Not what one would say if they were still sure that Sarah is the biological mother of Trig.
Hey, Bob, working to reveal the ugle truth about a pathological liar who is bilking thousands of poor hardworking Americans out of their money so she can build yet another expensive home is a worthwhile way to spend one's time. Sort of like volunteering for a good charity.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Patrick, love the remark from Bob Blister. It certainly does appear that he is trying to soften the blow as though it is ho-hum everyday news that a governor would FAKE a pregnancy and what's the big deal if she did.
I don't give a rat's ass who is the daddy, but it is highly unusual to have to ask "Who's Your Mommy".

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Hm, is it Bob Blister or Bob Bluster?

Patrick said...

Anon 17:13

Yes, it's him.

Anonymous said...

The "no life" remark is status quo. It is not about original thoughts. Isn't he a Limbaugh clone?

Anonymous said...

THE FAKE PREGNANCY OF SARAH PALIN. Boob Lester got the scoop.

Tune into Gob and Mark and hear the answer to: WHO IS YOUR MOMMY?


basheert said...

She is just filled with talent isn't she?

As for Oprah, I seriously do not know one person who watches her show. She used to be watchable - she has a peculiar appeal to a segment of dimwitted housewives with nothing else to do in their lives.

Oprah is passe - she tries to remain relevant but she has no appeal or message. She's just a talk show host and considering what is on the tv during the day, she's simply one of a crowd of no-talent talkers.

RE: Babygate
I agree, something will break open about this. I think SP thought she could make it go away. But it won't and it isn't. Her flying monkeys won't see it when it happens though. Stupidity blinds people.

Anonymous said...

I missed the part where it was suggested that Tipton's lover sways her. I thought she had her own mind before she met him and they hooked up over mutual admiration and like minded thinking?

I know I've read about Lester the ??? before he dissed the cancer victim. Anyone remember what that was about?

B said...

Punkinbugg, love "ogre!" Good job.

Patrick said...

Interesting comment on (in the comments section belonging to the press release regarding Sarah Palin):

"It amazes me that liberals can call names but we right "wing nuts" are not allowed to talk bad about a do nothing, know nothing President that Oprah indorsed from the get go. Sarah Palin has more common sense and loyalty to her country than most liberals can conceive of having. I really am disappointed that at this point Oprah has decided to have Sarah on the show. I am curious to what kind of questions she will ask since she herself is so far left that she has problems standing straight. Why bring up the birth certificate of Trig when our President will not prove that he was born in this country. That is a much more important issue. I have to wonder why so many women seem to hate Sarah Palin? I don't know who the onlooker from Europe is, but she needs to get some of her facts correct or read some thing beside rag mags. I for one will be watching Nov. 16th, just to see how the left will treat Sarah and I hope she shows the the world what she is really made of!"

Afraid of questions regarding Trig's birth certificate, aren't we...?

B said...

Going Rogue
Going Rouge(Cou)
Goin' Gouging
Going Ogre
Going Going Gone -- please!

Anonymous said...

Ilove their releasing Going Rouge an American Nitemare on the same day as Going Rogue.

Doesn't anything go right in Rouge Cou land?

ArmchairJane said...

Summary and interpretation of Bob Lester's comment:
(wondering if this was posted after a few too many, btw...)

Lori Tipton is a great reporter
Lori Tipton likes Sarah for her own reasons, not just because Bob said she should.
Degenerates into Rush Limbaugh-like ranting and juvenile insults...

Sure sounds like Bob thinks something might break on this story, and make some collateral damage to Lori's reputation. I am guessing he would be in a GOOD position to know if Lori had any doubts that Trig was really birthed by Sarah. Bob is angry about possible fallout for the person "that reports better than anyone in the state". Now he's going to say nobody will care if Palin committed own of the biggest hoaxes in American political history, we're just losers if we do. Then since he can't do anything to stop the impending revelation, he impotently rants at us.

Well, Bob, maybe look at it in another way: when the history books are written, Lori might get a small mention in those that go into detail on the hoax.

Yeah, Bob, who CARES if political candidates commit hoaxes and LIE about the thing in their lives that most gets them cred with their fervent base? It's just no big deal at all! (hahahahahaha)

wv = flopi, hmmm maybe refers in some way to Bob?

Patrick said...

Thanks a lot, Armchair Jane, excellent interpretation! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to a new reality show, something about hair cake. Desperate Housewiff Fan.
People Magazine is Wrong

What happened to Levi?

Anonymous said...

Seriously how the heck are Trig speculations getting through but all the Palin and "SAMBO" slurs not?

Are all comments reviewed first?

Although I know my 5 submissions are not listed are there really only 208 (Give or take a few lost or not posted)comments on her official forum?

Especially as this story is all over the net (Palin being on Oprah)if true there are only a couple hundered posts that lack of interest shows the EPIC FAILURE of both Palin & Oprah's popularity.

Anonymous said...

ROTFLaughing at the link "People Magazine is Wrong" and the comments from those DUMBASS NITWITS calling out People Magazine when it was Palin herself who called them on NUMEROUS OCCASIONS for exclusives about her unwed pregnant teenage daughter.

People Magazine was good enough than huh?

How about Palin still calling People for exclusives AFTER Lorenzo (People editor) released his "Book" on her. So much for her fake outrage.

Palin was palling around with People Magazine on March 14/15 notoriously snubbing the Alaskan Special Olympics being held that every weekend in Alaska with over 400 participants.

Palin freaks are so narrow.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why more hasn't been made out of Sarah's being a redneck. That would substantially reduce the number of people that would even consider her for office!

Mary G. said...

Patrick, what a coup to have that idiot "Bob" foaming at the mouth over your Sept. 20th post!!
I wonder if some Alaskans were hoping that their roles in babygate would somehow be swept under the carpet, or scrubbed completely...
If anyone but a rabid right-winger said Elvis or a space alien gave birth to Trig, we'd have a full-blown campaign against the heartless, homicidal people attacking a baby with special needs.
Thanks, B, for the "Going, going, gone" title!!!

Anonymous said...

Jessica Beehive is about to sign a contract for release of her image for a pilot tv show for TLC. How very toddlers and tiaras for her!

conscious at last said...

Ahhh-- this is getting interesting. SP's folks are beginning to realize that she didn't birth Trig, so they are starting to spin.."it was a compassionate decision to adopt the child."...."who cares who the mama is.. etc." Well- indeed it would have been a compassionate decision if SP decided to adopt Trig from a position of love and caring. But we know that it was not the case at all-- because the pregnancy was announced the day after McCain's nomination was secured in early March 2008. We also know that little Trig was born earlier than that, perhaps in Jan or Feb 2008. SP's decision to fake the pregnancy and call this child her own was a political decision, not a decision that came from the heart. It would be great if we could get some hard information on the deal that was struck with the "Christian" right wing leaders to get SP on the ballot with McCain and how the child was part of the deal. So they can spin and rationalize all they like. If SP was on the path of "truth," she would have simply indicated that she was adopting a child in Feb. 2008 and she could have decided whether or not to share the parentage information. But instead she used Bristol's
(2nd) pregnancy to cover for the faked pregnancy hoax-- and oh what a complex web of lies that led to!

CR46 said...

As an employer(and yes I dislike Sarah) I would throw this resume out. Job hopping is one thing that I look for. You can have the most qualified person, but if it looks like they move around too much, I;m not wasting my companies training time for a short term person. I have made excepetions(but then I hire temps or short term employees with a start and finish date)

Anonymous said...

Is Bob Lester commenting as a boyfriend or a professional compadre of Lori Tipton?
I am not in the media business. My boyfriend and I do work in the same professional field.

I would be disgusted if my boyfriend wrote about me or my business in a blog where he name calls and stayed with old rhetoric from some other person. Who needs to be protected in that manner? That is so weird on so many levels. It is a given a boyfriend will say nice things, who thinks his opinion isn't biased about Tipton and who cares? There are professional women who are attracted to men doing time in prison or attracted to bad boys and abusers. I can feel sorry for Tipton. If she knows anyone who could sway a giant ego tripper she should give it a try.

Because you can hold down a job that presents you in one way doesn't mean you are well adjusted or make good choices. Tipton has dubious personal judgment, that only makes her professional judgments more questionable. She wants to be with someone who is going to bring attention to her negatives. She is with this guy and I take it she likes his style. That says volumes about her.

Why would Lester bring Tipton into a comment about "Who really gives a rats ass who had what baby?"

He sent a red flag for a reason. There is definitely something up.

ArmchairJane sounds right on.

midnightcajun said...

Gotta love how all the Palinbots, from Bob Lester to JuJu to Lisa Graas, are always telling those of us who find Sarah Palin's ignorance and intolerance a threat to our country to "get a life." Talk about cognitive dissonance! They spend their lives salivating over their idol and ranting and raving about our president.

Message to Bob: I have a great life, thank you very much, with a loving husband (who, FWIW, thinks I'm much prettier than Sarah), two great, successful kids (with no unmarried pregnancies, illicit drug use, drinking, or arrests), and a very successful career. I follow the anti-Sarah blogs because I love my country but also because, in the end, she's AMUSING! What are you doing here?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Patrick, for bringing that comment to everyone's attention - very interesting indeed.

I agree with Armchair Jane - Bob doth protest too much. Notice he doesn't even attempt to back up what Lori says that she saw and what was going on that day. He says it doesn't matter what really happened that day. Doesn't sound like he has much confidence in what Lori reported.

And if it doesn't matter who had what baby, why's Bob got his panties in a twist?

Anonymous said...

Kristan Cole probably handles most of the Palin real estate deals. Palin is a failure in other business. She left her state scarred and fragmented. The reality show business may be where her influence has the best show.

Signing a release is not starting production. I hope it makes it that far. Jessica Beehive could be in competition with Levi Hunter. A potential ratings war. Does TLC do the Jessica Beehive friend Jon of Jon&Kate+8?
Reality shows have a way of peeking behind the store fronts of life. How much reality show drama can we take? It is a new mental disorder. Case in point.

Anonymous said...

Interesting info: Pam Pryor Speaks For Sarah Palin (spokesperson for SarahPAC)

Anonymous said...

That is interesting that Pam Pryor worked for J.C. Watts as his press secretary (c 1995).

I have always wondered about him since I saw a news crawl that was big BREAKING NEWS for about half an hour. It was about J.C. Watts and a man shot in a house. This was long ago. I think it was MSNBC. They never went to the story and I never heard about it again. I don't know if it was a burglary and Watts shot someone in self defense or what. Has anyone ever heard of any thing like that with Watts? It may have been a mistake, but it was on a crawl.

I did wonder if it was another cover up. Joe Scarborough had a dead body incident that did not get much press.

Anonymous said...

OK, I've never gone down this road before, but an above poster inspired me.

I, too, am a successful career woman whose husband thinks I'm in another stratosphere from Palin (he finds her phony and stupid, not a sexy combo). As for the Palinistas saying we're "jealous", I have modeled professionally and I have a genius IQ.

I'm not jealous and neither are any of these other women:-)

We're smart, capable women who choose to be judged on our competency and hard work, not on how short we can wear our skirts.

See, we COULD do that if we wanted to, and some of us much better than Cou Rouge Palin.

We CHOOSE not to, because we have self-respect.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Oh, and "who cares whose baby is whose"? I do and so does the rest of America because your girl is a sociopathic liar and she will be humiliated on an international level when it comes out.

And it will come out.

And you all will look like the fools and cheap valued single issue voters you are. Bush voters.

Wrong AGAIN.

Don't you EVER learn?

WV: covenn


Anonymous said...

Things are really starting to heat up. I wonder if Palin will be able to survive the firestorm?

Bailey, former Gov. Sarah Palin's right hand man, has signed on with Releve Marketing of San Diego who anounced today that they are in in the process of writing their upcoming book "Renegade: Sarah Palin's Hatchet Man," which they say is from the unique perspective of one of Palin's three inner circle confidants.

Daisydem said...

Dang Anonymous just above me ... I was heading here as fast as I could to advise everyone to read Andrew Halcro and you beat me to it. Good job, so I will just say ditto. Looks like with the Going Rouge (not Rogue) book then this Hatchet Man book, we'll all have to get our Barnes and Noble and/or Amazon cards ready!

Anonymous said...

renegade definition:

1. a person who abandons one religion for another; apostate
2. a person who abandons a party, movement, etc. and goes over to the other side; traitor; turncoat

I think I am going to like Bailey's version much more than her rogue one.

Anonymous said...

Anon, we may not be jealous because we know her personal life and gut must be in chaos all the time, but I am envious that someone so incompetent is so handsomely rewarded.

Anonymous said...

anon 22:19 Yeah, I'll give you that:-) But one thing I've learned in life (having had lots of money and then not enough money and then in between) is that money doesn't change your happiness level; it just changes your focus.

I personally can't be jealous of someone who has "no personal relationships of trust".

Aren't our personal relationships with family and friends the most important thing we have? And isn't that where we most often find the good parts of God or spirituality?

That song from Le Mis says it best "to love another person is to see the face of God".

Poor Sarah doesn't have that and she never will.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 22:19, I too get envious that someone so incompetent and so vile gets so handsomely rewarded. I just told my husband the other day I guess I just don't have enough scumbag (a la Princess Palin) in me -- if I did I could finally pay off our house!

Anonymous said...

I hope Mrs Frank Bailey double checks to make sure Frank's life insurance policy is paid and is up to date.

Sarah is not going to be happy with this book.

Frank Bailey was in a position to know a lot of dirt on Sarah.

Levi get crackin writing a book or you will be late to the money pot

Anonymous said...

Interesting info: Pam Pryor Speaks For Sarah Palin (spokesperson for SarahPAC)

A press sec'y or confident that can keep unsavory things out of the press is valuable to all politicians.

I would like learning more about Pryor and Watts. Not the coverup parts.

Way to go Bailey!!!! There will be others. Palin is building her tower, I think she is hoping to survive there with an ankle bracelet. Don't let that happen Alaska and Feds. She has earned HARD TIME.

EyeOnYou said...

Anyone who believes that Frank Bailey will dish dirt on Sarah is getting their hopes up.

I doubt that this man who has been so devoted to her will do anything to trash her in any way. She protected him vigoursly while he worked for her. He was allowed to violate ethics laws, he was her little lapdog and it is very unlikely that he will spill any beans on her just to add to his own pocketbook.

In all honesty it would be better for him to keep his mouth shut as far as sharing too many intimate details, simply because should Sarah ever have a shot at higher office, he has already proven his loyalty to her and we know she values that above all else.

Anonymous said...

Everyone's trying to cash in on the Palin brand before it's completely gone.

Anonymous said...

@ EyeOnYou

What will his book be about then? More garbage for the palinbots to eat up? Unless he divulges some juicy stuff, why even bother writing it? Who cares otherwise?

Anonymous said...


Not too many people write books that would implement them in corruption or criminal activity.

Anonymous said...

Rogue, now Renegade? Did these people watch too many John Wayne movies?

Anonymous said...

If they're going to have a business name that's in French, they should at least consult with someone who speaks French. "Rouge Cou" is grammatically incorrect. It should be "Cou Rouge." Noun first, then adjective.

Makes them look like ignorant hicks. Or maybe that's what they were going for?

Anonymous said...

@22:49, Regina already said that in her post.

"In order to read as Red Neck, it should have been Cou Rouge)."

Anonymous said...

Interesting info: Pam Pryor Speaks For Sarah Palin (spokesperson for SarahPAC)

Pam Pryor (spokesperson for SarahPAC) ? ? Where's Meg? Is she still the one to give the final word on what Palin will attend?

I'll wait and see about Frank Bailey.

What happened to Meg if Pam Pryor is spokesperson for SarahPAC?

Bob Lester does protest too much. He outed his girl.

Anonymous said...

Two New Books

One's a coloring book, the other is "Going Rouge," with a nicer cover than $P's.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

"Renegade: Sarah Palin's Hatchet Man"

The title says it all. Bailey is going to reveal some of the unpleasant sides of Sarah Palin and how he executed dirty deeds on behalf of her.

I believe that this is one of the books that Gryphen has been talking about. I will definitely buy it.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

:-(( Should have read on her behalf.....

Anonymous said...

Meg must have fallen under the bus. She could not have resisted confirming the news from Oprah's organization.

Anonymous said...

RENEGADE: Sarah Palin's Hatchet Man
co-authors Joy Morgan and Christiana Grace

Has anyone seen any indication that Bailey would tell tales out of school?

What's this about Sarah, Pam Pryor and Meg Stapleton?

Anonymous said...

Andrew Halcro seems to think that Bailey's book will be worthwhile. It wouldn't sell well unless it shows $P in a bad light. That's where the money is now, because everyone is sure that she is going to paint herself as Queen of Everything.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

Baily is going to say that Palin knew that he was contacting the state trooper on her behalf. I also think that he will show copies of the email exchange surrounding the issue and that Palin will look bad bad bad.

I'm sure that there will be more ;-))

Anonymous said...

Bob Jester says, "Who really gives a rats ass who had what baby? Even if Elvis and a space alien turned out to be the parents...SO WHAT??"

It would be fascinating to learn that either Elvis or an alien was a parent of the baby. Of course, if both parents are earthlings it wouldn't be so interesting, would it? All babies have earthling parents, right?

Anonymous said...

So, two new books.
Frank Bailey's "Hatchetman" isn't written yet. I have to agree with another comment - I don't think he's brave enough to tell the _real_ story. I think he's going to whitewash a bit to avoid Alaska retribution. Unless he's preparing to move to Seattle?

"Going Rouge" is available at
Ebook: $10 (Mobi, PDF, ePub)
Paperback: $16
Print + Ebook: $20

All orders before November 17, 2009, get a 10% discount.
Available only from OR Books

Will be offered in independant bookstores, so possibly TitleWave in Anchorage. They'll carry it if we ask for it.

Anonymous said...

"Going Rouge" has AKM and Shannyn Moore essays as well essays from people outside Alaska, including Max Blumenthal. I think it could become the goto, introductory book on Sarah Palin.

EyeOnYou said...

It was just my opinion about Frank Bailey. I have yet to see a "Palin insider" come out and offer any interesting "insider" tidbits, or even full blown information that might portray Palin in a poor light. Her "friends" keep things close to the vest, I suspect because she has as much on them as they do on her.

I doubt that he will offer anything other than "an insiders viewpoint", with no real juicy gossip or information.

Why write? Because as was stated, people are looking to cash in on the Palin name while it is still worth it.

Sarah did right by Frank, she never once threw him under the bus so I doubt that he will do that to her. I could be completely wrong, but so far we've yet to see anyone who has been dedicated to Sarah really say anything negative about her until she throws them under the bus, and even then there are those who remain silent.

Who knows, maybe this will be the one who breaks down the doors and shines a light onto all that closed door, secret email stuff that we have heard about and I will gladly offer to admit I was 100% wrong on the matter, because some day it is bound to happen. I just choose not to get my hopes up that it will be soon, as we've all been waiting for it to happen, and so far nothing has.

Alaska seems to be as corrupt a place as any you'd ever hear about and it also seems that too few want to do anything about it. It seems to suit the majority to just look the other way, while people like Gryphen, Shannyn, Celtic Diva, Phil & AKM, and all the other Alaskan bloggers, not to mention those from outside of Alaska who fight an uphill battle to bring attention to the problems that the state faces.

Anonymous said...

Baily is going to say that Palin knew that he was contacting the state trooper on her behalf. And it is useless to make legitimate complaints and there will be no charges. Bailey wants to make himself look better. He needs to have something with teeth. The whole truth.

Do the palinbots know that Pam Pryor is SarahPAC spokesperson now? What is Meg's title?

Anonymous said...

I think many are now free to tell all about $P, because thinking people know she's finished in politics. Republicans will tear her apart over quitting. If she trys a 3rd party, it will end-up like all 3rd party efforts. Now is the time to tell all and cash out, while $P maintains her celebrity by being coy about 2012.

Anonymous said...

Now is the time to tell all and cash out,

did Levi miss out? I never heard that he was in talks with a publisher. If he was to do a book wouldn't that be further along? He has a career riding on a photo shoot?
May be reality show?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Rex Butler say something about a blockbuster book from Levi? It could be best for him to wait until after Sarah's book is out, so he can rebut the lies she might tell about him.

Anonymous said...

"Now is the time to tell all and cash out, did Levi miss out? I never heard that he was in talks with a publisher."

Gryphen once said Levi had a publisher and everyone would be floored by who it was. After Gryphen challenged Levi to get to a publisher before he himself did.

I enjoy the stuff Immoral Minority puts out but I have to say I have seen way to much on that site jacking (With permission) the works of other bloggers and adding some flare that actually makes me think tabloid sensationalist not truthseeker.

I am glad there is Palingates/Mudflats/Alaska Report and Moore to represent to a national audience what Palin really is without the personal conflicts so the truth will be taken seriously and we can be rid of her once & forever.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, once it's clear that she's not running or can't possibly win in '12 nobody will be interested in Sarah Palin. She might put some circus act or reality show together, but that wouldn't last long.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the Republican party is behind the anti-Palin books/leaks coming out. They can NOT afford to have her run in 2012; she will tear their ticket in half and she can NOT win an election. While her cult doesn't know that, the party heads who can add do.

honestyinGov said...

There is the new Frank Bailey tell-all book being reported on Andrew Halcro's blog but I noticed THIS story on Huffpo as well.
"Top Ten Outrageous Sarah Palin Stories Oprah Will Have To Address"

The story advertises 10,.. but she list only 2... very strange. BUT... the #2 story idea is this " Who is Trig's Mother..Bristol or Sarah". And she has an embedded video with the story. Did Huffpo let this one slip by... asking questions about Trig. Huffpo has restricted that question in the past.. it was a No-No.
The author Glynnis Macnicol has a link to email her.You really need to send her some additional info.

ArmchairJane said...

Wow! As far as I know this is the first time that HuffPo has let a story that mentions Babygate get posted, AND with it being said that questions about babygate "are absolutely fair game for Oprah". As far as I can tell HuffPo usually tries to block even comments that mention Babygate.

When I went to the story there was a link leading off HuffPo to another site with the rest of the ten items. I don't think $P would like ANY of the topics...

It's only too bad that the Sullivan link goes to that older piece, but it is a good one to introduce the story to newbies. I hope people will go read Sullivan's newer Palin posting that leads right back to this blog!

If HuffPo is finally letting this stuff go by, and with all these new anti-Palin books coming out, seems like the baby story is going to go viral any minute. And once it's out, it's kinda like that toothpaste that won't go back in the tube...

Anonymous said...

FWIW: On Oprah's site, you cannot post any outside links. Not even something like 'palingates dot com'. That is expressly written into the rules. I saw it too late after I tried to post something about the Palin-fiasco where over 200 people died waiting for medical help, and about this site here.

Anonymous said...

OMG they aren't letting any comments through. I tried to say that the rumors were around before she was tapped to be VP, but they never posted it.

Where is everyone? this is pretty huge.

Anonymous said...

HuffPo let it slip?

Going Rogue is to have smack downs for Levi. If that is what Oprah reads in the book she would discuss that when she does the interview with SP. It makes sense why the buzz is going around about the babies.

Now I'm wondering if Levi peeps are talking to Oprah peeps about an interview?

Palin peeps are blindsided with the Oprah-needs-Sarah-more meme. I doubt what they obsess over has any merit. Is someone setting Sarah up to be punked again?
That is if there is any chance she is even considering to show up on the 16th.

Now that Pam Pryor, a fellow evangelist, is in tight with Palin where does that leave Meg? Will evangelist Pryor get the word to Palinbots that the Oprah show is confirmed? Will they string Palinbots along with another tease?

Anonymous said...

honestyinGov--the other 8 stories are there via link. Just click on the link below the video in #2. It takes you to the Mediaite website and one story per page. Click on the next story in the link at the end of each story.

Anonymous said...

Oprah may have read Going Rogue. There is also the possibility Palin is going Oprah to reveal some kind of partial truth about saving babies and an adoption, yadda yadda. She can't pull of a Jimmy Swaggart but she may have taken a few tricks from Glenn Beck. That will give her more time as a saint, but it isn't an act that will endure.

Oprah wouldn't do any "gotcha" she can just be Oprah and the ratings would explode.

ArmchairJane said...

There are hardly any comments on that HuffPo story. We need to get eyes on that. Tweet, retweet, Digg, whatever. I am not a member of any of those things, so nothing I am trying is working. So if anybody has a twitter or a HuffPo log in, now is the time to get some eyes on this!

Floyd M. Orr said...

Huffington is either blocking all the comments or they have hidden the story so completely that no one can find it or both. Read the four comments carefully and note that two were posted minutes after the story was released, but six hours passed before the second two appeared. The second two were that silly, let's laugh it off nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Something is up with Bailey and I will be cautiously thrilled that the fact Ivy Frye and Kristan Cole have shut their tweets down about Palin an encouraging sign he is about to expose them all.

Cole has a lot to lose. More than her realestate license over dealings with Palin. If she is smart, which she is not she will ink a deal first for immunity than with a publisher.

Lol, orange seems to be Palin's new favorite color seeing all those wardrobe selections for her book cover. A sign she knows deep down she is about to live in pumpkin shades for a few years in the near future.

Palin building herself a castle believing no one can reach her in her turret lol.

Her fantasy world is about to meet the real world REAL QUICK.

Anonymous said...

Perez Hilton. His peeps don't like political. Sarah Palin's Former Aide Pens Tell-All. Leave comments.

wayofpeace said...

ANON at 00:54,

you're right.

recent polling has her 20% below head-to-head race against HUCKABEE and ROMNEY.

the WICKED WITCH has melted. done...

the GOP wants her gone, too. so, yes, they might just be the hand behind her being PUNKED.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

Gryphen is another babygate hero. he kept this story alive when Palin Deceptions was flagging.

Personally I can't wait for this story to break as I am sure that he and the other truthers such as Patrick and Regina will be entirely vindicated.

Buyer beware said...

It's too soon to know if Bailey will say much. Someone on Mudflats said Sarah is helping him with the book so lies are in sync.

He wants to sell books. Building up the mystic will help sales. Would there be any buzz if people said he is rationalizing what he did and will stick close to what Palin wants to read?

Patrick said...

I agree that the HuffPost story is huge. There am I watching a few hours of the great old BBC spy-series Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy with Alec Guinness, and all hell breaks loose ;-)

I like spy stories ;;--))

This is the first time I can remember that HuffPost has published something "sympathetic" about babygate. Not only that: When has the MSM ever called questions about babygate "absolutely fair game"? Therefore I would call it a little breakthrough.

However, we are apparently still the dirty children that nobody wants to play with, as the comments to this story seem to be censored.

But this will change. Babygate is real. Nobody will be able to stop the truth. I just wished that Oprah would realise that Sarah Palin is one of the biggest frauds in American political history. Maybe she will. We can hope. But as always, the expectations should be low: The thought that an American Governor and VP candidate could perform such a hoax and then lie about it for such a long time afterwards will be difficult for most people to believe.

Anonymous said...

If I had a leader like Sarah and the instructions were not to believe anything was confirmed until Meg tells you. I would wait for Meg's statement before jumping on the Harpo bandwagon.

So what happened to Meg?

ArmchairJane said...

Hmmm, now some comments are starting to show up over at HuffPo. Patrick, I am celebrating!

Was thinking about what Floyd Orr pointed out, that two comments went in, then comments seemed shut off for 6 hours. Now they are letting them through again.

I wonder if the moderators have had such longstanding orders against Babygate that they shut down comments until they could get orders "from the top" that the story was going stay up. Also perhaps guidelines on what scope of comments will be allowed...

This seems to me the start of the endgame. MSM figures who suspect the truth don't want to be first to go with the story, but also don't want to be left behind. The info now starting to trickle out, and more books announced by the day. Pretty soon the upside on coming out with the scoop will be higher than the downside.

MSM probably getting their stories straight on why they did not put credit in the story initially, and were letting the public believe in Palin as the Sainted Mother. I can imagine panel discussion in the future about how they did not quite know how to cover this kind of issue of a woman on presidential ticket and so erred on side of caution for "the sake of the children".

Recent polling shows Palin is doing horribly. Her negative ratings with Independents are equally as bad as with the public at large. Even a significant portion those Republicans with "positive" opinions of Palin don't necessarily want her for their Presidential nominee. Those who hoped to milk the Palin bandwagon till 2012 have to be seeing her image is crumbling and will never make it that long.

EyeOnYou said...

You just have to love the thinking of a Palin fan:

What if Sarah wants to go on Oprah because she can?
How can someone be so hated and yet get the vary people who hate her to lick her boots to get her to talk to them?

They are of the opinion that Oprah licked Sarah's boots to get her on? Hahahahahahaha....

Now they are trying to guess what Sarah will wear on Oprah's show. Not to mention guessing how she will wear her hair. The guessing is hysterical, but the best line was that she couldn't dress too sexy because she has to appeal to "frumpy housewives".

On top of that, they are making up suggestions on things that Oprah or Obama and his "people" might attempt in order to try and sabotage Palin's interview because they will do anything to destroy her:

1) Giving her a drink of water before the proceedings which contains poison or a soporific agent. Bottled water-sealed cap only.

2) The make-up girl applies makeup that causes Sarah's skin to appear blotchy or her face or features unappealing to a TV audience

3) a bogus Oprah rep who tells Sarah one of her children had a severe accident that makes her entrance awkward or her mind preoccupied

4) An Andrew Sullivan type female runs across the stage during the live event shouting obscenities at Palin and accuses her of 'birtherism"

5) Heating the stage area to an unbearable temperature that Sarah Palin becomes drowsy and her brain doesn't function properly; who cares if Oprah becomes drowsy as well?

6) Oprah going the Couric route of consulting with Sam Nunn by asking Dems what questions she should ask Palin

7) The audience stages a protest and storm the stage

8) A constant interruption of Palin's answers by Oprah or Oprah going to break before Palin finishes her answer

9) Have a famous Democrat in the audience. Oprah recognizes him/her presence in the audience and thus takes the spotlight off Sarah

10) Phoning Palin's cell phone just before the proceedings and do a hoax on her like those Montreal comedians did during the 2008 campaign and having that on tape

11) putting a secret camera where Palin is housed during her visit to Oprah's studio a la Erin Andrews to expose her to ridicule

12) Deliberately spill a liquid or makeup substance on Palin's dress just before she goes on

13) Unflattering lighting and camera angles.

I noticed in the Gibson and Couric interviews they positioned Sarah in poor light that made her face look more angular and harsh. This was in stark contrast to how great they made Obama look in his interviews.

14) Wardrobe sabotage

Oprah could find out which outfit Sarah is wearing and bring in a couch upholstered in the exact same color or a clashing color. Sarah would either blend into the couch or look obnoxious against the couch.
15) Foul stench

We know our friends at Hillbuzz rode an elevator with Oprah and got an unforgettable whiff of her odorous gas leaks. It's possible Oprah could eat a bean burrito right before the taping and gas Sarah into a state of incapacity.

16) The old slick floor trick

I've had the unfortunate experience of slipping and injuring my knee in a department store thanks to a small puddle of perfume that had leaked from a broken bottle. I would have been fine had I been wearing flats, but I was in heels. Oprah could delegate a trusted staffer to put some odorless invisible glycerine on the floor right where Sarah comes out. She would literally fly into the air and come crashing down, spoiling her entry.

These people don't think that they are "groupies"? LOL, yeah right!

Anonymous said...

Meg has been ultra silent also too. SPY TIME as to what or who would keep those tabloid harlots quirt.

Murdock has to be running this show. He has to be. Only someone with his money could keep tabs on them 24/7 to make sure they don't get a TWEET out. Murdock wants the White House. Knowing even his billions won't buy it he is trying to sneak in by proxy of Palin.

Maybe the turret was his idea.

I get great joy thinking of Palin under Murdock's lockdown. That man is vicious.

Anonymous said...

"The guessing is hysterical, but the best line was that she couldn't dress too sexy because she has to appeal to "frumpy housewives".

LOL, they have never seen Palin dress herself huh?

Palin on her own chooses FUGLY clothes and make up. Palin learned nothing from those RNC wizards.

When Palin returned to Alaska she went from dressing in Willow's hoodies and mini skirts during official business to wearing that ridiculous yellow crochet thing that looked like something previously used to cover her mothers couch since 1964.

Geez I wonder also too what Palin will wear, lmao...ya know whatever is on the top she will have on those strappy red ho heels and that seal skinned purse with fur trim slung over her neck she thinks is so hot.

Anonymous said...

ella said...

EyeOnYou @ 4:06: Just WOW - the c4pee'rs are TERRIFIED for their Sarah. Now that RAM and VO have left the site (and Meg has gone silent), there is no one to tell them how or what to think. Therefore, their idiocy and paranoia are uncovered for all to see. I almost feel sorry for those dumb little bunnies - almost. I am sure if they just send some more cash to the "Cuda they will get a message from her or Meg, right?
Send ALL your $$$$ palinistas - maybe you will get a wink from her Highness - but do not expect a thank you, no sireeeeeee!

Patrick said...

Hi Armchair Jane,

HuffPost apparently still heavily censors the babygate-comments on this article. Only 9 comments yet. )-:

But still, it IS a little breakthrough. Babygate questions are "fair game". That is a start! Because we know that Sarah couldn't answer the really hard-hitting questions.

It will still take a while until we can open the champagne, but the day will come.

Anonymous said...

Armchair Jane, re HuffPost comments, I posted two, splat. First one was clean, nothing other than babygate should be number one, and that I would rather see Rachel Maddow interview SP for an hour.

Second comment (with 6 posted comments 0 pending), I indicated one person had three comments, I didn't get a clean one through. Oh, and that bloggers on other blogs have been commenting about their moderation, or censorship. I don't think that one made it through, either. Less comments posted would remove it from the front page of the Media section, wouldn't it?

Heart hurts, HuffPost censured me.

Patrick said...


Could you please email me the exact wording of your comments about babygate which HuffPost wouldn't publish (or post it here), because I want to address the issue of HuffPost's "babygate censorship" in a blogpost, probably tomorrow. Thanks a lot! (

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forget, I did mention Bree Palin's video with music on her blog. Maybe that was it?!

EyeOnYou said...

I've been disappointed with Huffpo. I registered, got the approval/activation email and have never been allowed to post. It constantly tells me I have the wrong password, and yet I even had them email me the password to ensure I had it correct. I have since emailed them at least 6 times asking for assistance but have never gotten a response from anyone. Ever. I gave up.

Anonymous said...

Eye On You, you beat me to the "list"!!!
No, they aren't groupies, they are only 5 or 6 years old, I'm sure!! yeah, I do kinda feel bad for them, but I'd really hate to have them as MY employees, sheesh!

EyeOnYou said...

You know I don't feel bad for them. I have watched over the last 10 months as they have trashed all of us, they have gone after AKM and most especially Celtic Diva, spewing the most vile and disgusting language to describe those they don't agree with. They encouraged people to go after Gryphen, Audrey, AKM, Shannyn, Diva and even Patrick looking for anything they could in the hopes of causing reputational harm or even just to use in order to hurt those people simply because they don't like that we are willing to stand up to a Politician, a Political figure who put herself out there and LIED to everyone, who cheated and scammed people.

No, I have no sympathy for them. I on the other hand am very glad that there is documentation of their behavior and of the fact that they are so closely associated with Sarah Palin because all it does is show who and what she chooses to associate herself with, and in the end it is a reflection of her and her charactor.

Anonymous said...

"I've been disappointed with Huffpo. I registered, got the approval/activation email and have never been allowed to post."

Me also, so frustrating.

Anyone wanna place odds on how big ass the corsage Palin is going to wear on Oprah is going to be?

EyeOnYou said...


Gryphen is discussing the issue of the posting problems on Huffpo right now on his blog. There are comments getting through, but they have to be "carefully worded" is how it is being suggested. Some comments that I didn't think would ever be allowed have been posted, so it may well be an issue of those who are doing the moderating of comments? If more than one person is doing it, then it could be the difference of each person's perspective that is preventing certain comments?

Anonymous said...

"There are comments getting through, but they have to be "carefully worded"

Might also too be an automatic censor that dumps certain posts with "Key" words.

Anonymous said...

Well, for sure I can tell you that my post earlier today that directed folks to learn more at did NOT make it through. No surprise. ;0) I will try another mild version right now. Sherlock.

fifitrixiebelle2 said...

Patrick - here is my comment that they would not let through. I have tried twice and a third time I removed the link and modified the post to remove Trig's name. Still no success.

This comment is pending approval and won't be displayed until it is approved.

Can anyone explain to me the reason why Sarah Palin travelled by plane from Texas to Alaska whilst she was in labor and her waters had broken? Why didn't she go to the nearest hospital which is what any normal woman would do in her situation? Is Sarah Palin such a poor decision maker that she is willing to risk her own unborn down syndrome child's life in order for him to be born in Alaska?

The above facts are not some nutty story made up by conspiracy theorists. These are the facts that Palin related herself regarding Trig's birth.

Here is the audio link where Palin discusses Trig's birth with reporters.

Also remember that she supposedly knew that he had a heart defect that would require immediate attention when he was born. I think that her story does not hold water (excuse the pun) and that it requires further investigation.

Anonymous said...

It's up to 20 comments now on the HuffPo story - one of which contains the word babygate!

Patrick said...

It seems to me that all comments mentioning a "fake pregnancy" are automatically rejected by HuffPost.

In case somebody hasn't seen it yet:


Patrick said...

There is a way to post on HuffPost without opening an account there:

You can "connect" with your facebook-account and login to HuffPost without registering with them directly. If you don't want to use your real name, just open a new anonymous facebook account.

Hope that helps!

EyeOnYou said...

Considering the comments that are making it through, I don't think that it can be an automatic sensor, but instead it is someone specifically keeping certain comments from being posted, but I'll be damned if I can figure out the method to their maddness, as they have allowed comments like:

"Trig birthers" - that sounds like they are questioning the legitimacy of the baby's American citizenship. How about "Faux Pregnancy Theorists" or "Wild-ride Skeptics" instead?

Most plausible is fake birth. My own personal experiences make that wild ride story ridiculous. Don't forget about all those seat belts!

I think that he was born in Jan. or Feb. and not Apr.

There are now 21 approved comments with 2 pending.

Patrick said...

I just soooooo know that once the story breaks, all those people who now still don't want to go near us "Trig Truthers" will then say "Oh, yes, I knew all along that she had faked the pregnancy..."

However, how many people are there that have shown really courage so far? Almost nobody, especially in the MSM. I even forgive Glynnis MacNicol for using the term "birthers" in this HuffPost article. I have written her a friendly email with further information about babygate because I am so grateful that she has called the questions about babygate "fair game".

Reesie said...

Hey Gang. I have been posting at Huffpo as ClarissaBell. Very short messages. I try to "reply" to someone's comments.

LisanTx said...

Reesie--that's what I found works. Reply to someone's comments.

Have very short comments.

No links to websites other than "news" sites are permitted (see their Moderation rules)

Anonymous said...

they're all going through now...

Anonymous said...

The original site this article was written for is right leaning site. It is as i predicted; the right is cracking her wide open. They can't allow her to "progress", but they can't afford to tell her that or her base that -- so they are leaving carrots for us, and hoping we finish her off and they can hide under the "liberal" media.

her base are so ignorant that they will see this on HuffPo and not realize that HuffPo has many Republican writers now -- and they will blame "libtards", thereby accomplishing the Republican agenda of securing their primaries without a viable Palin.

I've been saying it would happen this way for months's sort of fun to watch it start.

Anonymous said...

Wow, all kinds of babygate comments now on the HuffPo story! Patrick, I hope you're getting screencaps in case they decide to yank them all later!

ArmchairJane said...

Hi all,
I was away for a few hours, and it looks like things are getting better with the HuffPo comments. Up to 51 now, two pending. I looked through and really cannot see what their rhyme or reason is. I did see people mention a few key blogs by just naming the blog titles rather than the whole name ie. or whatever. At first I guessed "Trig" might not be an allowed word, but did see at least one use of the name made it in.

Thanks to the people who have been over and kept trying to leave comments despite the frustration! I have a login to them from some time back but on my other computer. Will have to see if that one works.

Patrick, thanks for writing to Glynnis MacNicol, I agree she deserves support for writing this article.

Great also that at first glance people might think the list is a typical Letterman top ten, where you have wacky joke items. However, when you actually read all the items, they are all real issues, including WHY really did she resign, what about aerial wolf hunting, how really is the state of the marriage, how does she feel about the Couric interview, McCain camp, what about that death panels, etc. Some of these topics I am sure will be in the book. So this is NOT a joke list, it is legitimate stuff that could be an interview.

Eileen said...

Someone asked what else Bob Lester is known for. Here is some company he keeps in tune with as far as the mentality of shock jocks on Anchorage airwaves.

Who knows which DJ gave out the name and home address on air of a woman who organized a 'Alaskan women against Palin' march last year during campaign and I believe he suggested something bad happen to her?

Below from KTUU-Anchorage TV: April 16, 2008 story about horrendous comment DJs Woody and Wilcox made concerning Native Alaskan women:

"It is not uncommon. That is disconcerting, for particularly our young people, and people of the community to listen to because it certainly is not a community builder. It's a community divider," Debra Call said.

Such comments are not limited to the Woody and Wilcox Show. Across town, the competition at KWHL-FM 106.5 "The Whale" makes easy fodder of Alaska Natives during early-morning humor on the "Bob and Mark Show."

The DJs make mockery of Native language and customs and also poke fun at dental care issues in the Bush.

Bob Lester and Mark Colazecchio also play a bit called, "That's what I call Native." And, they say, it's all done in the name of entertainment.

"I see it a lot in the media," said Kiatcha Benson with Healing Racism in Anchorage.

"Bob and Mark Show" producer Brad Stennet declined an on-camera interview but did say the two DJs have been in the Anchorage market a very long time and, he says, know not to cross certain lines.

But just where is this line? And who decides when it's been crossed?

"The definition that we go with is, loosely, prejudice and stereotypes coupled with people in a position of power," Benson said.

Woody and Wilcox have been suspended indefinitely and are said to be undergoing sensitivity training, leaving most of the city to tune in to Bob and Mark during the morning commute.

Though all of the radio jocks have demonstrated an on-air "gift for gab," none of them are willing to talk candidly off-the-air and for the press about the current controversy.

That silence may ultimately leave many Alaskans to figure out themselves what exactly makes the DJs so funny.

The Alaska Native Heritage Center and Healing Racism in Anchorage both offer cultural awareness training.

There is no word yet on if or when Woody and Wilcox will return to the air. As for the "Bob and Mark Show", their producer says they don't want to be dragged into all of this and they will continue their show as is.

Contact Angela Blanchard at

regina said...

more about Woody & Wilcox

Anonymous said...

She should add whining, lying and flexible ethics to that resume of hers.

Anonymous said...

"Going Rogue
Going Rouge(Cou)
Goin' Gouging
Going Ogre
Going Going Gone -- please!"

How about:
Going KooKoo for Cocoa Puffs
Going Around the Bend
Going Postal
Going to the Pharmacy to Pick Up Her Meds

Anonymous said...

"I don't know why more hasn't been made out of Sarah's being a redneck. That would substantially reduce the number of people that would even consider her for office!"

Except here in the south....where hoards of Sarah's fellow illiterate, poorly educated rednecks and their doublewide wives would put down their pork rinds and Mountain Dew, and waddle out to vote for this nut.

Anonymous said...

"Except here in the south....where hoards of Sarah's fellow illiterate, poorly educated rednecks and their doublewide wives would put down their pork rinds and Mountain Dew, and waddle out to vote for this nut."

Where I live, they are dining on Little Debbie cakes that were bought at the same location as their live fishin' bait.

WV=binge lol

Fifitrixiebelle2 said...

When thinking about the wild ride it seems to me that we all focus on what she did after her amniotic fluid supposedly broke. But ask yourself this, what woman takes a long flight to Texas, knowing that her unborn child has health problems and that she herself has age associated risks? I don't know any woman who would risk such a thing.

And then ask yourself what woman whose water breaks after such a long flight stays to give a speech AND THEN TAKES ANOTHER LONG FLIGHT without seeking medical attention from a doctor?

Sarah Palin says that she took a long flight to Texas and that her amniotic fluid started leaking soon after this event. Knowing the dangers of flying when pregnant why didn't her doctor associate the two events and insist that she seek medical attention straight away?

Sarah's story does not ring true. Either that or she did not consider the well being of her child. Oprah should ask her about this and ask whether this indicates that she is capable of making good decisions or not.

Anonymous said...

and while we are asking questions ask her how much of a bribe she took to look the other way?
to not nofify a trust fund holder about accounts. extorts the monies.
But I guess that is all right.

Anonymous said...

I glanced at a right wing news site, and they seem to think the Going Rouge book will be opportunistic trash. Unlike the real thing. Going Rogue.

They are gaga over Sarah, who can do no wrong, Ex. she is so beautiful, and everyone is so jealous of her beauty and power. The left is terrified of her. She is powerful. And so on and so forth. Old, old, old.

Wouldn't discuss it with them. Let them delude themselves.

Anonymous said...

We had moms in our school here who just loooved Sarah--why? During the election, they said inane things like, "Because she's a MOM with kids, just like ME!" Also classic: they wanted a white president "because this is America and that's how it's always been!" WTF???? (Unfortunately for the next generation, as well as for the collective IQ of America, these dingbats have already reproduced.)

Do we need to raise educational standards in this country, or what?

Anonymous said...

If Sarah Palin's so bad at business, why is she a millionaire?