Saturday, 17 October 2009

Just for fun

Entire prank call and transcript here.


Anonymous said...

So when is Sarah going to shave her head? Before or after her nervous breakdown?

Anonymous said...

The fake phone call will always be a classic. It shows how utterly clueless and dumb Sarah really is.

If anyone wonders why Sarah avoids interviews and press questions... just listen to the entire phone call...

Jesse and all the other bots should watch this video before sending their money to this idiot... yes, Sarah is a 100% pure idiot and you, Jesse, are supporting her.

Anonymous said...

Someone should call and offer her a phone seance with Ronald Reagan. I bet she'd go for it.

Patrick said...


I left a comment for you on the "cat open thread" in response to your comments regarding the ad you were talking about.

In case you haven't seen it, here is my response again:


That is a great idea with the ad. Please let me know if the ADN accepts the ad. If the would accept it, then we would consider a collection here towards the cost of the expenses. Other ads might follow. Let's see."

Anonymous said...

At the end she knew had been a doody head. She should have got her gun and shot the phone. Maybe she did. Did she?

Anonymous said...

Do you think Sarah will write about this phone call in "Going Rogue"?

I hope some insider comes out one day and tells what John McCain's reaction was to this fake phone call... he most likely wanted to kill Sarah for being this stupid.

Maybe someone will ask Steve Schmidt how John enjoyed listening to this prank call.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

A big billboard would be nice, for example showing Bree's photo collection of "Who does NOT look like the others".
But it would have to include a security camera to catch Sarah in the middle of the night tearing it down. Maybe she would send Track to vandalize it, he has more experience.

Lynn said...

The idea for an ad saying Obama showed his birth certificate, now show yours, Sarah Palin needs to be clarified --show your SON TRIG's birth certificate...

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Thanks Regina, I had never seen the CBS interview of the pranksters. And it was fun to revisit the prank call in its entirety.
This is just another example of how clueless Sarah is, and surrounds herself with clueless staff.

Anonymous said...

It's possible that Trig's birth certificate might not indicate the biological parents and the actual date he was born. What is Alaskan law on birth certificates, adoptions, etc?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Lynn, thanks, I was also going to comment that we do not need to see Sarah Palin's birth certificate, just that of Trig.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

If Sarah and Todd actually adopted Trig, they will be shown as the parents on the birth certificate, but they CANNOT change the date of birth, and that is why Sarah cannot simply produce Trig's birth certificate because he was born much earlier than 4-18-08.
IMO, Trig was born shortly before Bristol's Saturday court date of 1-19-08 and I also believe his place of birth will show Fairbanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Fairbanks News Miner would run an ad like that. ADN is still in the states pocket and seems to be constantly afraid of losing that revenue. Heck, the News Miner might even run it at a discount. There's no friends of Palin floating around that newsroom. Stepovich is still up there so you can bet SP would get a frantic call as soon as it came out

Anonymous said...

"McCain aides said the announcement about the pregnancy of Palin's daughter, Bristol, was aimed at rebutting Internet rumors that Palin's own youngest son, born in April, was actually the daughter's"

Palin Disclosures Overshadow Convention

Anonymous said...

"Adding to the day's drama, McCain aides said the announcement was aimed at rebutting Internet rumors that Palin's youngest son, born in April, was actually her daughter's."

Palin Says Daughter Pregnant

Anonymous said...

"The Palins’ statement arrived after a flurry of rumors had made their way through the Internet over the weekend, growing and blooming, it seemed, by the minute.

Some claimed that Ms. Palin had not actually given birth to Trig, but that Bristol had, and that the family had covered it up. Various Web sites posted photographs of Ms. Palin in the months leading up to his birth this year, and debated whether her physique might have been too trim for her stage of pregnancy. The McCain campaign said Ms. Palin announced Bristol’s pregnancy to stop the swirl of rumors."

Pregnancy Interrupts GOP Convention Script

Anonymous said...

Was Bristol pregnant at the convention?

Anonymous said...

By now, I wouldn't trust any form of birth certificate for Trig, Tripp or anyone else, no matter how many seals, ribbons, signatures and bells and whistles are attached. Master forgers have had much too long a period of time to craft something. Photoshop can really be good (except for Orly Taitz).

The only real proof is DNA. But, sorry to say, no one has any reason to call for Sarah, Todd and Trig to be tested-- I doubt that someone with no immediate family intrest (such as child support or visitation rights) could call for such a test.The only possibility is Levi, if he wants to try to break whatever contract he might have signed without the advice of an attorney, as a minor or under duress. But, he hasn't made a move for a year, so I doubt that he'd be the one.

Oh, we can challenge her to a DNA test, but it has to be court ordered and supervised to be worth anything. Otherwise, any friend of the Palin family with a hospital connection could concoct something.

My wv is turinate, that is urinate with a t in front. You can just make up your own jokes for that word.

Anonymous said...

DNA can be found in the trash, on dishes, eating utensils, cups ... .

Sue Denym said...

Going down memory lane with Palin's MANY spokespeople:

1) Meg Stapleton
"The world is literally her oyster," Stapleton, who remains Palin's spokesperson, told CNN shortly after the now former governor's July 3 announcement that she would step down.

Palin's spokesperson said: "Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother's love for a special needs child."

A Palin spokesperson responds: “It is interesting to learn Levi is working on a piece of fiction while honing his acting skills.”

2) Spokesman for a day or two: David Murrow, a spokesperson for the Governor, said in an interview that much of this money was budgeted to the lawyers in advance and would have gone to them anyway, even if state lawyers hadn't been defending against these ethics complaints.

3) Bill McAllister

The Gatekeeper:

4) Chief of Staff, Mike Nizich
"I hope that the publicity-seekers will face a backlash from Alaskans who have a sense of fair play and proportion. I served six previous governors, and I've never seen anything like the attacks against governor Palin," Nizich said in a press release distributed by the governor's office.

5) Sharon Leighow
At that point, Palin was only having minor contractions and was not showing signs of active labor, Sharon Leighow, the governor’s spokeswoman, said on Monday. The governor did not feel the need to inform the airline of her condition, Leighow said.

“As we've been saying, the number of ethics complaints filed against the governor and her staff — as well as the tortured logic they contain — continue to constitute the most disturbing trend in Alaska politics,” said Palin spokeswoman Sharon Leighow in a recent statement after one ostensibly confidential complaint was sent to the Anchorage Daily News and other news outlets.

6) Tracey Schmitt, campaign spokesperson
(Wondering if $P will still be laughing this Halloween?)
Allegedly the governor and the press corps watched the sketch in the back of her plane, laughing at Fey's and Poehler’s satirical podium pas de deux. “She thought it was quite funny, particularly because she once dressed up as Tina Fey for Halloween,” Palin spokesperson Tracey Schmitt told CBS.

7) Friendly spokeswoman, Kristan Cole, was called upon to interpret $P's resignation speech.

8) And of course, Papa Heath as unofficial spokesman. (Mr. Water Break)
"She was just frantically...trying to sort stuff out," Heath said. "That's the problem, you know, the kids lose underwear, and everything has to be accounted for.

"Nothing goes right back to normal," he said. "In Sarah's mailroom, there's 87 boxes -- big boxes of mail that haven't even been opened," Sarah Palin's father, Chuck Heath, 70, tells the Web site "I've been answering letters all day, all week. We figure there's over a hundred thousand pieces here."

Unconfirmed Sources:

Anonymous said...

Her whining about the ethics complaints is basically an admission that she couldn't do the job when there are ethics laws in place. Why would that be?

It comes as a surprise to me that the State of Alaska would not provide legal counsel for the governor growing out of ethics complaints for her official acts as governor. Does she need counsel for acts that were not done in her official capacity? If so, she's liable for those expenses, just as an official anywhere would be. That being the case, I am curious about what she did or failed to do that she thinks she needs private counsel for.

Anonymous said...

The Whiner-In-Chief

Anonymous said...

The thing to ask when she complains about any invasion of privacy is to ask, "Why would you invade every woman's privacy by imposing your abortion views on them?" If there is any invasion of privacy, hers is the more egregrious.

Anonymous said...

If you take an ad out, then you can send it to the media and someone will report on it, even it to say bad things.

But the story will be out there.

And that will drive things to the surface.

And make certain people even more nuts than they already are.

It's sort of a win win. which is why Jesse C keeps posting here, to distract everyone from going down a certain road that he (she) knows will damage herself.

KaJo said...

ProChoiceGrandma said, in part, @ 17 October 2009 17:42 ...IMO, Trig was born shortly before Bristol's Saturday court date of 1-19-08 and I also believe his place of birth will show Fairbanks.

I haven't looked into Bristol Palin's travel around that point in time, and I know this has been discussed many times before -- but it's possible that Bristol Palin was still pregnant @ around 6 months' gestation at the time of that car accident near the doctor's clinic, and that she gave birth to a seriously premature Trig shortly thereafter.

Premature labor can be triggered (forgive the pun, and did I just stumble on another explanation for the child's bizarrely explained name?) by outside influences like the stress of a car accident...

(hard to believe, but my WV is "suspend" -- as in "suspend belief"?)

Anonymous said...

" Ensuring that news of the Republican National Committee's sartorial spending spree will remain in the headlines for at least one more news cycle, Sarah Palin on Sunday sounded off on the $150,000 wardrobe that was purchased for her in September, denouncing the report as "ridiculous" and declaring emphatically: "Those clothes, they are not my property." "

A senior adviser to John McCain told CNN's Dana Bash that the comments about her wardrobe "were not the remarks we sent to her plane this morning."

Gone Rogue = Not A Team Player

Patrick said...

I like the idea of an advert very much.

If anybody seriously would like to take the initiative here and would be prepared to go into public with his/her real name, could you send me an email?

If we get a serious project going, I am sure that many of our readers would be willing to donate for it.

Anonymous said...

Audrey's "It All Comes Down to This" post is doubtful that Bristol was pregnant at the convention.

Anonymous said...

I think the MSM dropped the story once the Bristol-is-pregnant announcement was made and Obama stated that "family" was off limits. The Bristol-is-pregnant story, if she was pregnant, and if the dates of all the pregnancies and deliveries, stated by Palin, were correct, would either kill the rumors or cast doubt on them.

It's signifigant that McCain's people told the press that the announcement was made to quell the Sarah-faked-it rumor. It's signifigant, too, that the Bristol-is-pregnant announcement came from Palin, not McCain.

Anonymous said...

"if she was pregnant," in anon 22:37, should read "if she were pregnant." -- anon 22:37

Anonymous said...

oops! anon 23:13 is referring to anon 23:10, not anon 22:37 -- anon 23:13

LB said...

Patrick, I was the one who wrote that. I don't live in Alaska but I was thinking of doing this yes. I was thinking though that there might be an Anchorage newspaper. Do you know?
So, it was a thought - because I think we need to start being more aggressive.
My proposal is that we do GOOGLE ADS. For 200 or 300 a month, you would be SHOCKED at the millions of places these would show up. Our business only spends 150 a month and we get about 3000 hits a week from google ads to our website. Imagine these hits. Please go to and look at advertising. We would have these lead to a single page - that very very carefully and clearly has the "story." It would start with the rumors of Bristol being pregnant and being out of school, followed by Sarah announcing she was pregnant followed by the wild in "her words"

Yes Regina has done it on this blog and yes it has been done other places. Someone also has a great timeline page. So why not put it all in one page in a simple readable manner. It is important for it to be simple and not wordy-no comments, not a blog.

Whomever sets this up must be very careful because of the vindictiveness of you know who. Being in another country is IDEAL. If you and Regina set this up, I know that people will donate. I will give you 100.00 to start and I am sure others will too.

A print ad in the newspaper would cost about 1000-3000 for ONE time. I don't think it is worth it. Google also does not discriminate or police ads-you can put whatever you want.

They have to be wrtten simply to gain attention like:

Sarah Palin's Faked Pregnancy
You have heard the rumour
See the proof

That is one example google ad. It is much cheaper than you think-please go look ok? If we raised enough money, perhaps we could pay people for reliable information - but it must be reliable and verfiable. Aren't you all tired of talking about this. Lets get organized and DO SOMETHING more aggressive. This is my idea-we need more people to come forward-to talk-we need documents-we need to have more awareness overall. Forget the MSM-they clearly have don't have the balls for this.

Also, a list of 20 reasons WHY it this is important. Jesse (and those like him) think we are just being vindictive and that we should hold other politicians to the same level that we hold Palin.
We are. Show examples of how Palin uses Trig and her other children as political props. If other politicans did what she did, I would be equally upset.

Look at the person who gave her money and now is mad. Don't you think there are others? That is a full blow scam - what Sarah did. A scam on the American public.

Patrick said...

I have never seen any kind of remotely convincing evidence that the "Tripp" pregnancy could have been "not real". This notion that Bristol was not pregnant at the convention and basically "faked" the pregnancy with Tripp is an idea which does not hold up against a basic reality check IMO. This "theory" would imply that Levi Johnston, the rest of his family and also his highly regarded lawyer Rex Butler would be "complicit" in this deception. This is incredibly difficult to believe and would cause a real problem especially for Rex Butler who was apparently involved in some of the "media arrangements" that were made for Levi Johnston, especially the one in "Esquire" magazine where Tripp was presented. And would an 18-year-girl be allowed to adopt a baby? Guys, this theory is way too far out there and we should be careful with suggesting that this theory "might" be true without any kind of real evidence. Finally, for me Tripp clearly resembles Bristol and is without any doubt


LB said...

I hope someone will take the lead in taking out google ads. I can't risk giving out my name. I wonder if Gryphen would consider. He is already "outed." He has already been treated terribly. It is not against the law to take out an ad pointing to a website.

Would anyone else here be willing to do this if we all paid for it?
What about Cecelia or Celia - she uses her real name on her website already. They won't sue for slander. It means Palin will have to be deposed.

If Sarah had any sense at all, she would come clean now and put the truth in her book. It would cause a sensation and increase sales like mad. Does she really want to be president anyhow? I highly doubt it-she couldn't handle governor. Do it Sarah, before the truth comes out another way. The rumour is that it is going to come out-we can push this to happen faster perhaps.

Patrick said...

LB 00:21

Thanks a lot, I really like your idea. We will discuss it internally, but we would also like to know what other readers think and whether they would be willing to donate a small amount for advertising.

If anyone has additional thoughts or proposals, please let us know, either here or email me directly.

Patrick said...


I didn't see your comment on 00:36 before I posted. We are going to wait for responses from other readers and discuss it internally, we will get back to you all in a few days. Thanks a lot again for your great ideas!

LB said...

Patrick-I can help with giving money and writing of ads. I can't help by giving my name and setting up the account. I hope you like my idea. It is VERY EASY trust me-you will be shocked how easy it is to do what I said.

Question for you. I saw this on another blog. What does it mean. Jessie wrote this. Is this a threat?

"Jesse cornish@4:57
"I strongly believe Sarah Palin had a back-up plan to deal with stuborn bloggers who will not back down, and you all know what it is"

What was her back up plan. In my opinion, Jessie is not good for this blog-I think people need to stop responding to him. He is not here for real discussion or dialogue.He is here to make waves and distract us from what we need to do. He is also very disrespectful to people. And I do not believe he is using his real name either. I did some looking into that.

I know you don't block people, but talking about how to deal with him is a good idea. I will never respond to his comments. I am willing to believe that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig if I am provided proof of that. So far, there are only questions and things that show me she wasn't.To me, it is obvious that Bristol is the parent-by her actions and based on reading the history, and looking at photos. Photos ARE EVIDENCDE and hold up in a court of law. They are not laughed at.

ArmchairJane said...

Google ads: GREAT idea, and I would make a small donation, but if the ads are as cheap as they sound, a little would go a long way.

SarahPac ads will always come up for me on IM, and I click so Gryphen gets the revenue :)

I am thinking that for the same reason SarahPac ads come up for me when I go to IM, that "our" Sarah ad, should we choose to do one, would come up on all kinds of sites, including places like You Tube.

It never ceases to amaze me when I am watching a You Tube video that really cuts Palin down to size, that right next to that will be an ad for SarahPac or some similar pro-Palin site.

The more I think about the Google ad idea, the better I like it, because it uses browsing patterns to target the ads. At least that is how I understand it. So when people read Palin stuff, they will see our ad.

Some people will never be convinced, but I have convinced several people by getting them to just take the few minutes to review some of the evidence.

I have also found that for women who are of childbearing years, the birth story alone is enough to sway them. As a matter of fact, often if I mention the birth story, they think it is so far-fetched that it must be a rumor. "SHE really said THAT?!", is often the reaction when the person is then told that "the wild ride" is not just a "rumor", but that it is indeed what Palin said, and you can even hear the audio.

One relative, a staunch Republican pro-lifer who grew up before Roe v. Wade, said after hearing the story, "sounds like she was trying to kill the baby". This person was a natural constituent of Palin's, but knowing about the wild ride was enough to turn her off of Palin for good. She is still hoping Huckabee can put up a good run in 2012, but as far as her supporting Palin, as they say on Saturday Night Live Weekend Update: NO WAY!

Anonymous said...

I am the anon who suggested the print ad (we showed your ours, now show us yours), which must have been posted at the same time as LB's suggestion.

My idea was to get it out there that she never offered to show any birth certificate info, but the folks who back her are the birthers (Palin fans are a subset of the birthers, as proven in polls).

Maybe there should be two ads: one going to a faked pregnancy site, and one just about the birth certificates. To me, the birth certificate issue is very easy to understand. If the ad went to enough places and people started talking, would have to then post something about how she has never shown the certificate, just like they did for Obama actually showing his.

We could buy email lists and send emails about it to people as well:-) From a Republican source, of course.

We have to keep it simple so that people get it right away, without reading a bunch of stuff, IMHO.

Then there should be links to all of these sites -- the original bloggers.

It would be good to have an anonymous donating situation, so that the evil Palin cult could not destroy innocent people expressing their freedom of speech rights.

Freedom means freedom for her, and no one else. God save America and our freedoms by keeping her as far away from the White House as possible.

Abstinence only, indeed- Abstain from running for office, Sarah. And then we will all leave you alone.

EyeOnYou said...


You asked what Jesse meant by saying that Sarah had a back up plan in place.

I believe that the back up plan is using people like R.S.McCain and Dan Reihl to "out" or go after the bloggers who she can't.

They have gotten to Gryphen..they really did a number on him (although he stuck to his guns) and they went after Audrey as well. Both were threatened and then attacked by these two bloggers. When they went after Gryphen they claimed to have gotten an "anonymous" tip on inside information.

We have all seen the vindictive and retributive nature of Sarah Palin which is why I would warn people to use caution. She also has $$ behind her now (her own in addition to that of others), which I have no doubt that she would use to her advantage.

I am not saying things should not be done in a proactive way, I am simply urging caution.

Helen said...

Anon 1;18

You have a plan, you are showing leadership. Why not just go ahead and do it? set up a blog, put a donation button on it and link it here.

However, I will say you will need to disclose your identity if you want to move into action, as you will be asking for funds for specifica purposes.

But why not do it? If you are sincere I am sure you will see support.

HA! WV is plesse - obviously for please.

Helen said...

Sorry the above was directed at Anon 1:46.

Helen said...

To Patrick and Co. - Sorry so many posts but I didn't get the full picture as I started reading comments from the bottom up - I think most everybody who visits our sites would give at least $5 or $10 - that is an amount that no one misses. Some would give more. We could have buttons on multiple websites and maybe all announce it together in posts on one certain day. That way anyone reading for a day on a weekend would encounter the campaign wherever they went - and certainly get the message. A unified call to action from multiple participating bloggers to raise funds for ongoing ads. We could also have 5 choices of ads and have people vote on their preferred approach -Top 3 get aired/published whatever. If Shannyn and AKM don't want to participate b/c of the babygate topic, they can still report it as news that it is happening.

Just a few ideas. Cheers.

ArmchairJane said...

Maybe one of the people who supports this cause knows how to set up a nonprofit and would be willing to file the papers.

Rachel Maddow recently interviewed a guy named Rick Berman who sets up all the nonprofits for things like "yes, DO eat mercury laden fish, it's good for you!". That guy is the front guy, and as he says, he doesn't have to disclose his donors, who want to have privacy. (There is a transcript of the show where it discusses how Berman uses his non-profits here:

If we had our own non-profit, we could be just like those people that guy represents, except we really ARE grass roots, whereas the guy on Rachel's show represents people who are actually big business interests who want to hide that they are the ones putting out the info.

Clearly Jesse is referring to the "out them and intimidate them" strategy. Forming an official nonprofit could help to stop Palin from putting that strategy into action. It could also generate news coverage, as I think it's not often you have people form educational non-profits to reveal such a scam as Palin has perpetrated.

We could have a nonprofit educational foundation that educates people about the Palin's scam, as well as her Dominionist connections, which I think should be very much of interest to ALL Americans, as well as those people in other countries who worry about any possibility of America being ruled by a fundamentalist theocracy. If our activity is educational in nature, then it is different from a PAC.

Somebody who is already outed or doesn't mind being known can have their name on the organization's registration. And then people can donate and maintain privacy.

I can think of a lot of reasons why doing something like this would be good "for the cause". Powerful people are known to use non-profits because they meet their needs. Maybe we should take a lesson from that. Having an organization would allow donors to remain anonymous, and allow pooling of donation to buy ads in a variety of media. Perhaps to hire investigators if needed...

Maybe somebody who is a regular to the blog knows something about nonprofits and could give an opinion.

LB said...

Thanks for explaining what he meant. What ignorant bullies. They can't discuss or argue on the basis of ideas or knowledge so they intimidate people. Jessie is the same way on his postings here and at IM. I hope people stop responding to trolls. I think it's going to get worse. So we should all try.
Honestly if I knew for certain Sarah was done with politics, I really wouldn't care anymore. But I think she may at least do a primary so she can pad her pockets. I have no doubt Huckabee and Romney will get this information easily and bring it out if we can't. Romney has a lot of money-

Anonymous said...

I gave $50 to Celtic Diva for her drive to get records released, and I will gladly donate the same for this. Palin and the people behind her must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure the thinking on how donors would somehow be "outed". No one knows who contributed to Gryphen or to Celtic Diva, those records are kept by PayPal. The only info that could be garnered is who set up the paypal account, not who donated to it. What am I missing here

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Could we call it the Anti Sarah Pac.. :)

ArmchairJane said...

@anon 04:07,
My reasoning on the logic behind the non-profit is so that people can donate money, knowing it will be use to further the goals of the non-profit. Then people can donate as they see fit, and they can remain anonymous.

I am not saying that people somehow have a way to know who is donating to Gryphen or Celtic Diva. It's more that if we had a non-profit, then we can take out ads, run a web site, do whatever under the overall banner of the non-profit.

For instance, the non-profit could be the official entity that buys the air time, pays for the google ads, or whatever needs to be done.

The non-profit could also have its own website and/or blog that has the sort of "summary" of the information, as was discussed above in the suggestion for google ads, as far as the ad sending one page of data that lays out the hoax, and then links off of that to further blogs.

The dirtballs who have went after Gryphen and managed to stop Audrey from putting up new posts were able to do so in large part because they searched for personal details about the blog authors revealed in their posts, used that to figure out who they were, and then harassed them. Similar creeps have also subjected Diva to nasty personal attacks.

The non-profit could put up a sort of firewall between those who would like to support getting the info out about the hoax but don't want to be harassed by a-holes like those who went after Gryphen and Audrey. It will be a lot harder to make personal attacks at an organization than at specific individuals, which is what has been happening.

The non-profit site could and should still direct people to other important sites like this one, IM, Bree's etc. But it could also post the basic summary information about the hoax without including the kind of detail that allowed the "outing" and harassment of bloggers in the past.

Bell Wetherly said...

Here is an article about a group that bought Facebook ads to target Palin's lies about Death Panels:

"The ad reportedly directs people to a page on the Americans United for Change Web site with a submission form to send a letter to Palin."

An ad targeting SP on Facebook that leads to a letter form that demands Palin quit putting her name out there as a viable candidate for 2012, making speeches and "writing" op-eds trying to influence national policy, until she provides incontrovertible proof that the medical letter is not fraudulent and that Trig was birthed by her and that Bristol was not pregnant in the time she missed school for 5 months.

Bell Wetherly said...

I hurried and didn't make a full sentence...apologies.

Lynn said...

It's a shame for one person to have to take the brunt of the viscious attacks. In the movies when someone is outed then everyone begins standing up and saying "I am (whoever is being attacked) "I am Gryphen" campaign! I love what MoveOn does. The organization sure was attacked but I keep supporting them. General Betrayus was brilliant.

I agree we should ignore the trolls, even when they appear to be showing some degree of civility. It's baiting plain and simple. We should save our debating skills for open minded people instead of wasting our time with people like that guy--can't remember what his name was...

wes_ben said...

How about a facebook add?

Teutonic13 said...

This less than erudite moron has the nerve to genuflect and suggest any sort of camaraderie as if SP and Margaret Thatcher have anything in common aside from being carbon based units?

As if they were personal friends or acquaintances?

This was posted on Sarah Palin’s facebook- and is she kidding?

Why didn’t she call Margaret when she first discovered her clitoris or had her first period?

So now she has a staff researcher going after birthdays of all legendary women in history?

Why not start with Joan, Bovary, Helen, Jane (Hanoi), Mata Hari, Cleo-, Rose (Tokyo), Eva (Braun), and keep going from there- extend all your heart felt wishes to them as well as the clear fellowship and journeys you have shared with said group.

Birthday Wishes to Margaret Thatcher

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 12:59pm
I would like to extend warm birthday wishes to Margaret Thatcher today. Baroness Thatcher continues to remain a role model to many people, particularly women, around the world. Her career is a collection of “firsts.” She was the youngest female Conservative Party member to stand for election in history, she was the first woman to hold the title Leader of the Opposition, and she was the first woman to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

As Prime Minister, she took an active role in defending economic freedom and democratic ideals. Her push to privatize British industry and lower tax rates led to a substantial economic expansion in the United Kingdom. She was just as influential in foreign policy. Along with President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, Prime Minister Thatcher recognized the evil of Communism and worked tirelessly to erode the power and influence of the Soviet Union.

Her life and career serve as a blueprint for overcoming the odds and challenging the “status quo.” She started life as a grocer’s daughter from Grantham and rose to become Prime Minister – all by her own merit and hard work. I cherish the accomplishments of Margaret Thatcher and will always count her as one of my role models.

- Sarah Palin

Anonymous said...

There's goes that "Sarah," again using political allusions/memes about twenty years behind the times.

ArmchairJane said...

Bell, that Facebook ad idea is another one I like.

I went to the article and you could see from comments about the article that the usual highly defensive people were out on the thread to defend Palin and/or demean Obama. Yet as usual it was the stuff the trolls say that echoes Faux News: buzzwords without specifics, ignoring the real message and trying to distract to side issues, etc.

I am sure we would get the same comments, but it does show that people read and reacted to either the ad, or the article about the ad.

Finding a sponsoring group that would help us get our message out is another option. The information about setting up a non-profit talks about finding a sponsoring group as one option.

I think it is just good that people are throwing out some ideas and talking about some new forms of action that we might take.

Lynn, I agree about not wasting time on the trolls. Not like I never respond to them, because at times I do! But as far as the trolls go, it's like whatever that saying is about not wrestling with a pig, getting dirt all over you and the pig likes it.

The most recent "new" troll here and at IM has wasted people's time by the troll tactic of starting out "reasonable" and "civil". Some people feel like those are the people we should talk to. Yes, if they are sincere. But very early on, newest troll showed that he was not really reasonable, but instead using troll rope-a-dope, where some of the nice people think that because the troll is not cussing and insulting that he's somehow not a troll. As usual, our newest troll degenerated into the usual cretin once a few people took him seriously. But I think most people have gotten the idea about him now.

ArmchairJane said...

That Facebook post by "Sarah" is just PAINFUL! It's got to be hard for those folks who thought the Palin gravy train was really gonna keep on rolling for a good long time, and instead there is still no sign that Palin is up to any kind of public speaking engagement.

What happens when the book gets down to $5 a copy before it's even released? Anybody seen a notice of the first bookstore where she'll be doing a signing or a reading? Yeah, didn't think so...

Anonymous said...

Contrary to sarah's gushing, thatcher the slasher was not beloved by all. she cut government aid & programs. please add more info, regina. at present sarah & maggie are on equal footing; maggie is not in good mental health. for fun, try to find the british version of "billy elliot" song "merry christmas maggie thatcher."

Anonymous said...

Free advertising is available: The hoax in Colorado involving the Balloon boy and his family is the spring board needed. I've had many replys to my local papers online page in Southern CA. about another hoax dumped on the American people and the battle being waged in Alaska to get the news to the public. I forwarded the people to BreePalin, Palingates and a couple others. Hit the major news outlets!

Anonymous said...

Balloon boy parents deserve to crash to earth with their hoax. If people are outraged about that hoax why won't they go off on an even bigger one? Why won't the media get their butts in gear if they care about exploited children? If they keep silent now they are "out cold."

Eileen said...

In the previous "Open Thread Cat" posting I wrote this idea and now I see others are mentioning similiar in conjunction with a Google ad:
"Back to Sarah: I would like to see a Top Twenty or more list suggestions that are very serious- not just our usual witty comments.
The post topic/question poll would be the compelling important reasons why babygate (and its solution) should matter to the average American.

This would be the top reasons you would tell the Average Joe or Jane why it should concern them that Sarah Palin has the skeleton in her closet of faking her very young daughter's pregnancy as her own. How her bragging/lying in a political divisive way, dragging infant Trig around the country during a grueling Presidential campaign should matter to all Americans even if she never ran for office again.

I start with-
Babygate matters because: Gov.Sarah Palin lied in a politically and ethically relevant manner and then had help from powerful political operatives to cover-up this family fraud in lying about who really gave birth to Trig."

16 October 2009 06:58

Just like the "aha" moment unbelievers have when first shown a particular SP fake preggers photo sequence, Wild Ride story or other presented evidence...I think we should back up with WHY any concerned citizen should care about her personal scam with its political implications.

So, Google ad developers-why, why oh why? I should be writing legislators with my concerns about health care or more fall chores as winter arrives here in AK. Nothing will disway my interest in the Babygate solution-but what about Joe Friday, Joe Slow, Jane the Plumber etc? MSM will follow the interest peaked.

Make sure the Google ad statement/link doesn't come off as a hoax in itself or low-class Tabloid, make it compelling, factual. Appealing to male/female and cross economic, political demographics. Even Palinbots would want to click on it and we can then say "Gotcha" even if they try to spin it into Saint Sarah. More like follow the money trail to Gov Quitter.

Anonymous said...

Desparate housewives across the nation would love a how to manual for women who want to fake a climax or a pregnancy.

Bree Palin's Balloon Belly Hoax like never before.