Monday, 5 October 2009

Sarah Palin is so unique...

Sarah Palin made a number of proclamations when she was governor, but some of them don't apply to her at all. This post is going to highlight only the proclamations concerning childbirth issues. There are other proclamations that conflict with the quitter governor's attitudes and I'll talk about them in a future post.

Trisomy Awareness Month February 25, 2009

WHEREAS, trisomy pregnancies can present unusual complications and can be more at-risk than non-trisomy pregnancies.

Prematurity Awareness Month October 10, 2007

WHEREAS, premature babies are at increased risk for newborn health complications, as well as lasting disabilities, such as mental retardation, cerebral palsy, lung and gastrointestinal problems, vision and hearing loss, and even death.

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week January 30, 2007

Cardiovascular birth defects are the most frequently reported major congenital anomalies in Alaska, with congenital heart defects affecting two percent of Alaska live births annually during 1996-2002. Low birth weight Alaskan infants were seven times more likely to have a congenital heart defect than a normal weight infant.

Two out of these three proclamations were made before Trig's birth, so on April 17, 2008, Sarah Palin was aware of the risks of prematurity and heart defects affecting newborn babies, but chose to have her labour/not labour while leaking/not leaking aboard an aeroplane.

That's why the pregnancy and the labour stories ring false to Trig Truthers. The laws of nature only apply to other people. Sarah Palin's tight abs prevented the growth of a pregnancy bump while very fit celebrities have failed in that respect, with abs that were shamefully not tight enough so they actually looked very pregnant.

The same goes for high risk pregnancies. Only other people have to worry about taking certain steps to ensure the safe delivery of their babies. Sarah can leak, give speeches, fly for hours on end and that's perfectly OK.

Whereas a governor of state who lies for political gain is not to be trusted.

Whereas not everybody is stupid and gullible.

Whereas the laws of nature apply to all members of the human species.

I hereby proclaim Sarah Palin a bare faced liar and a hypocrite.

(Trig doesn't look premature in the banner above...)


Anonymous said...

Mudflats and IM are running a You Tube clip of Levi's new commerical for pistachio nuts. With Tank, his body guard in the picture, now he is using protection. LOL

Anonymous said...

I think we can suggest some more holidays and special day proclamations that Sarah should have put in place when she was governor. She missed promoting:
Abstinence Only Week, Just Say No.
Spend Quality Time with Your Children
Support Alaska's Natives
A Day of Charity: Thinking of Others (a day in which Alaskans donate their time in the cause of charity, not in the cause of commercial interests).
Alaska Book Club Selections to encourage everyone to read something
Cookie Day: bake cookies and deliver them to people who are homeless or truly in need
Alaska Compassion Day: spend a day helping fellow citizens rebuild their lives after damaging floods
Tough It Out, a day dedicated to completing unfinished tasks. The motto of the day is "Never Quit!"

Anonymous said...

Motion seconded!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Regina. I agree with you completely.

I remember reading a news article from Alaska reporting while in the area for another event, SP stopped by the Special Olympics Center (not in Anchorage, I don't think) on December 19th. Totally out of the blue, she had no scheduled event or activity there. And the kids were so excited having a group picture was taken with the ex-governor (many were children with DS). I think she knew on that date and went by a Special Olympics Center out of curiosity.

Anonymous said...

You are so right, Trigg does not appear to be premature.

wes_ben said...

Geez Girl, you do have a way with words :)

BuffaloGal said...

Really good angle! You nailed that one and good! I like the way your brain works.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for revealing $P as the hypocrite she really is.

Sarah is an expert dontcha know...

"No, it's the book she started working on before she wrote Going Rogue - the one that is going to come out on Mother's Day - that's going to finally reveal Sarah Palin as a true expert in something."

This is hilarious - a 'roguer' book and babygate combined!

Anonymous said...

We need to get past Palin's "tight abs" excuse.

What Sarah Palin says is complete nonsense. It has nothing to do with the reality of human physiology and pregnancy.

Just because Palin says something does not mean it is fact. Obviously. Remember, Palin is someone who also believes that Earth is only 6,000 years old. She knows essentially nothing about science and biology.

Abdominal muscles have nothing to do with the growth of the uterus during pregnancy. The uterus always increases in size and whatever lies on top of it extends outward with it. The ab muscles of a pregnant woman still function and contract normally except they are just positioned further outward from where they were pre-pregnancy. The ab muscles are not always contracted and when they do contract they obviously do not contract to a pre-pregnancy position - they just contract on top the pregnant belly - which of course can be quite large.

Palin's reasoning is no reason. She is just flat out wrong - and a liar and a fraud.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 23:34
About needing to get past the “tight abs” excuse. You are soooo right when you say:
“The ab muscles of a pregnant woman still function and contract normally except they are just positioned further outward from where they were pre-pregnancy”.
I’m about the same build/height as SP. I am (or rather, I was) very athletic when I got pregnant with my first and only child at 40+ and gave up my daily training in martial arts only because of the full-contact combat and tumbling, which I feared might be detrimental. There is absolutely no way I could have hidden that belly, though – precisely because I was so slim and toned.
Only fat, flabby women (no disrespect intended!) can camouflage a bump like that. It’s the ones without an inch of excess fat who are the most obviously preggo. The only difference my “tight abs” made was that A) my fabulously overdeveloped pelvic floor muscles actually hindered labour (so much for SP’s “easiest pregnancy ever” myth) and B) I was back in shape and into skinny jeans / tight dresses faster than most other women half my age. So, yes "tight abs" do make a difference -- but only during and after the birth. Not before...

Mary G. said...

A great post! Your proclamation is perfect.
She sure can't say she didn't know the risks...

Anonymous said...

Regarding the poll with the two group pictures. In the top picture with Palin in the red top - has anyone noticed the expression on that woman's face? That is just wrong.

Karen said...

You're right, he doesn't look like an early baby in that photo. My son was born at 36 weeks, 6 lb. 8 oz., with not a bit of fat on him. Oh, and immediately after my amnio fluid began leaking, I was admitted to the hospital. No ifs, ands or buts. I was 25 at the time. S.P.'s crazy labor story is such a fabrication.

Anonymous said...

That woman is blind. There is nothing wrong with her expression at all.

Anonymous said...

Trig doesn't look premature because by the time Sarah displayed him as "hers" he'd had plenty of time to get bigger. His real mom appears to have been breastfeeding him since his actual birth....which is why when they tried to wrap her up for the convention in August she looked like she had a sofa cushion under her bra.

Anonymous said...

A funnier "nut & protection" ad would have been Levi having protection against wingnut Sarah. Probably more accurate,too.