Thursday, 29 October 2009

Levi Johnston interview on the Early Show (CBS) - second part (video) - " I stand by my story, 100 percent, it's true" - UPDATE: Levi on ET

Maggie Rodriguez from CBS continues to ask tough questions of Levi Johnston. I just wish that somebody would once dare to ask tough questions of Sarah Palin! So far, this has never happened - Sarah Palin is still "royalty", and you don't insult the queen. Levi however is "fair game", it seems to be a sport to criticize him or to put him in the "hot chair". I have little hope that this will change with the Oprah interview.

However, it should also be noted that Maggie Rodriguez mentions at the end of the clip that CBS have asked to interview Sarah Palin "more than a dozen times", and that she declined each of the interview requests. Therefore, maybe CBS would ask tough questions of Sarah Palin if they had the chance.

When asked if he could reconcile with the Palins, Levi said: "I don't see myself over there for Christmas". He certainly throws in some pieces of "subtle sarcasm" here and there.

But we need more than sarcasm from you, Levi. We want to hear all the "huge things" about Sarah Palin!

Update: Very promising trailer by ET - see below. We will publish the full segment after it has become available. Levi says that "Bristol was more the mother to Trig than Sarah was". I wonder why. ;-)

ET says that there will be "more shocking revelations". That's fine with us - we will wait patiently. In any case, there was hardly a time when Sarah looked less presidential, even compared to the time when she resigned. You can always count on Sarah Palin's ability for self-destruction. She should take Levi's advice and should "think deep enough" about what it is that Levi knows. Good call!

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Anonymous said...

We need to be patient, too. If he gives away the store in one interview now there won't be anything left for the book.

Anonymous said...

There must be a lot of demand for the video. It's been "loading" for some time.

Anonymous said...

Sarah won't appear until they offer her $$$.

Patrick said...

The video loads fine for me (using the Google Chrome browser). When I used Firefox, I did see that the "adblock add-on" might block the video, in case you have this add-on activated.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

Levi has now revealed that he knows "huge things" about Sarah Palin and so it will only be a matter of time before the cat is out of the bag.

You can't say something like that and not expect the world to hassle you for the truth. Anyone who believes that is being totally naive and unrealistic.

Anonymous said...

OT...but, ohhhhh, that $100,000 fee Palin requested to speak in Iowa, some folks aren't happy.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see he's sticking to his guns. No doubt they tried to get him to back him down yesterday. Another epic fail for Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

I WILL HAVE A 1-LIFETIME INTERVIEW /PUGS&KELLY FROM DALLAS TEXAS 214-631-1360 ASK ANYTHINg - i will be deleting twitter from Levi twitter page

Anonymous said...

After the Couric and Gibson debacles, I doubt $P wants to appear on any network except Faux. Even if they give her $150K and three first-class tickets.

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Anonymous said...

Does he mean Lifetime or Livetime?

Here's the livelink to the show

Anonymous said...

Levi says that Sarah wanted Bristol to hide the pregnancy and let her adopt the baby.

Sarah quit the governorship for money.

Sarah declines to be interviewed.

Levi stands by what he has said.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's price is 75K + 3 first class tickets.

Anonymous said...

Levi said $P first started talking about quitting the governorship about the time of the convention. She probably thought she'd get elected out of it. She said, "God won't let the wrong candidate win," so it must have been a big let-down for her to go back to a "boring" job.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

Sarah palin is willing to sell herself for a quick buck!

Anonymous said...


She was right. The right candidate did win. Just not her right candidate. Does that mean that God did not support her choice?

Anonymous said...

If there's a radio in Sarah Palin's head she should try changing stations when god talks to her.

CR46 said...

Somehow Levi comes across as an honest young man and I believe everything he says. Poor Sarah, not all your "stage props" are so willing to go back into the closet.
We know he is the whole key to babygate and much more...get that book published Levi! I have a feeling he has a deal and a book already to go to be released shortly after Sarahs..maybe even before Xmas.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

I think Levi wont have to say a thing. its seems that the ss palin has hit an iceberg and is slowly sinking. it will all come out in an indictment.

Anonymous said...

“This is one of more than a thousand requests for the governor's time,” said Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton. “This particular invitation arrived late last week. It is under consideration, as so many are, but will be incredibly difficult to attend with her tightly-scheduled book tour underway at that point.”

Sarah Palin Book Tour Mentioned

Nothing that $$$$ can't fix, though.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fascinating.

I for one find Levi to be honest and straight forward. A young man who was used and thrown out by the Palin family is now finding a way to navigate the attention she threw his way.

Sarah comes across as anything but truthful. She thinks she can intimidate or bully everyone, including Levi into submission, well she just primed him to be her truth-teller.

Sarah never looks ahead at consequences, a good reason she could never be President! But now she has someone who is not in her family that she can't intimidate and won't back down from her manipulations.

I am proud of Levi for standing up to her. It takes a lot of courage and I believe he is standing on priciple and maybe a little anger, and rightly so. She used him for her purposes and then back stabbed him when she had no use for him.

I have no pity for Sarah and I hope that he exposes her lies and lets her find out that not everyone can be manipulated or intimidated by her.

Whose the retard now Sarah! Those words should have never come out of your mouth! And yet you know they did and someone is telling on you! Shame on You!

It really shows how stupid she really is!

Anonymous said...

Did you all hear when Maggie asked "Do you ever wish you could go back to your old life....married to Bristol...?" Did she mean that literally? S.H.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin's only interest is enriching herself. She wants to sell herself for profit. She’s not interested in politics or public service – she can’t make money doing that legitimately. If she were interested in public service she would be in Alaska doing the job she was elected to do.

Anonymous said...

I am on Team Levi.

But I have a bont to pick about this situation: how and why did McCain EVER go along with the charade of bringing unwed teenaged lovers onstage at the 2008 RNC convention? His staff had already scrubbed their MySpace pages, so they knew what they were getting into. I scratched my head at the time (9/2/08) thinking: How can they do this to a couple of kids?

You' d have to know almost NOTHING about human nature to think that was going to work out well.

It would have been so much better just to have the Palin kids up there onstage.

Anyway, I think Levi seems very honest and transparent.

Anonymous said...

Sorry- above that should have been "bone to pick."

Anonymous said...

Levi would probably like to get back together with Bristol and Tripp, but while she's under Sarah's sway it may not be possible.

Anonymous said...

Several remarks interest me. One was made by Levi in yesterday's interview, indicating that he knew things about Sarah-- something she did not do while she was governor.

Well, that would cover a number of issues: neglecting health care for the seniors, neglecting the native community, pick the group or issue that she neglected. I am thinking that it was more along the lines of not reporting something that should have been reported. Levi stopped just short of saying whether this act was illegal, immoral.........

The other comment, posted above, was Sarah's belief that "God woulnd't let the wrong candidate win." I think that Sarah's concept of a moral compass is not internal but what "God lets her get away with," in the spirit of "I'll do it until the courts say that I can't."

I think that Sarah went into a much deeper depression than we realize if she had put the election in God's hands. (McCain was a realist; he knew that in politics, you can't win every time. How he felt emotionally was never on show).

To have the supreme being let Sarah down is a very heavy burden. Especially, when she credited God with showing her doors to push through. (Reminds me of the way that George W. Bush governed, being directed by God instead of studying and discussing the issues with experts).

So, if Sarah neglected to report something, she could justify it by saying, "If God wanted me to report it, he would have filled out the forms for me." the big question is: What did Sarah fail to report? Ginormous House? Something to do with all the $$$$ in the PAC and/or legal defense fund? Something to do with Trig???
Medical reports? Insurance?

Anonymous said...

Something Sarah did not do while governor? She obviously didn't talk to her daughter.

Anonymous said...

The "pie scheme" is posted at HuffPo:

sg said...

If Levi is serious about writing a book, I hope he uses some of his Playgirl payout to hire a good ghostwriter. He needs some teaser chapters, to bootstrap the process with potential book agents and publishers. I just don't see a book happening otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Sarh is not going to like this

Dianne said...

Anon 17:53 - THAT'S GREAT!!! Too funny. Love it.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm going to try this one more time.

Levi said "I know something she didn't do while governor."

I know something she didn't do as governor, too.

Give birth to Trigg.

Thank you, Levi, for the fun hunting trip through your clues.

As always, I suspect Levi and Tank sit up for hours writing these clues to be worded JUST SO.

If I'm right, I find Levi to be the most well spoken of the entire klan.

And if he spends enough time in NY and LA he might just get the Palin cleaned out of him and become a normal person who doesn't hate the gay and other colored among us. Not that he does now, I'm just saying prejudice seems to be common for Wasilla.

As for JC, noting that he's from Michigan, I apologize on behalf of all Michiganders. There are many areas where Southerners migrated to MI during the depression, and you still find that whites only evangelical nonsense in those towns; as if the south were transplanted up north. Furthermore, there are a lot of areas in MI where one lives in the wilderness pretty much. And then we have our fair share of hicks and rednecks voting against their own best interests and blaming the Mi government for the change in industries in MI, as if the government has control over manufacturing demands. Ignorance is everywhere.

I feel like I know from whence JC (please, he clearly thinks he's Jesus Christ, and that alone tells us everything) hails, and it's basically Wasilla in MI.

also, too, Track had friends in MI. And I have family that moved from MI to AK, so there you go.

The crazy breeds all over.

Anonymous said...

I personally feel that Snarah's referring to T1 as a retard was intended as a slight towards her sadistic and twisted way.

Anonymous said...

Can we please heed the notice not to feed the trolls? Please? Let's practice more constraint than Sarah Palin. I'm sure Regina and Patrick have posted this notice for a reason. THANK YOU. You are the bestest.

Anonymous said...

Levi is a average teenaged boy. He's not sophisticated in the ways of the world. He's not educated. He was used by Palin and the RNC. No wonder he's speaking out. He's just trying to make his way in the world with the opportunities thrust on him.

Anonymous said...

Sarah must be heavily sedated. Where is her statement for today's episode?

Patrick said...

Many thanks to whomever posted the advert on Craigslist in Anchorage! We really appreciate it! Perhaps that is the start of a new trend?

sandra said...

Levi has shown a remarkable ability to learn. Tank and Rex are very sophisticated and know how to "clean up" their clients. Levi has stayed with the program. Probably the Tank/Rex team are delighted to work with a guy who is basically a nice, caring person.

Anonymous said...

"I personally feel that Sarah's referring to T1 as a retard was intended as a slight towards her sadistic and twisted way." Anon 17:57


Palin's vindictive and petty character really shows.

Leadership begins in the home and Palin is just terrible at it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @17:57

I think you are right that Levi was indicating Palin did not experience a pregnancy during her partial term as governor.

However, I am a Southerner, born in the South and have lived here all my life; my kids, too. Bigotry is not a regional thing. I do think that some churches promote intolerance.

Anonymous said...

Love the craig's list advert!

Also, too, lately someone posted another video of her wearing scarves and the scarves laid FLAT down, straight down, NO curve.

Sarah really thinks she can put one over on people. Typical NPD.

Her PR move today was SO stupid, it made me giddy with delight.

Oh, Sarah, we've missed you makin' a fool of yourself and makin' things up! Bring it, sister.

The media LOVES it. And one day, you will be their meat.

It happens to all who gobble up the celebrity the way Palin has -- with nothing of substance to back it up.

Down down down. And it will be painful, seemingly-never-ending, and excruciatingly intern-national.

No where to go.

Even Alaska.

Sacred Sarah Steam-Rollin' her Way to Hell, one mangled press release at a time.

Anonymous said...

Several articles at HuffPost, one with nasty comments about Levi's playgirl gig. One commenter compared Bristol/Levi with the President's two daughters!

Anonymous said...

anon 18:37

"Bigotry is not a regional thing. I do think that some churches promote intolerance."

I know. I meant that when I said the "crazy breeds all over". But, having lived in the south and having relatives in the south, I can say with some ease that the sort of prejudice we see from insular southern towns is the same as we see in the northern insular towns, many of which are like a transplanted southern town.

I've lived all over this country and each region has its own brand of problems, prejudice, etc.

The southern brand of racism is specific, it does use Sarah Palin as its poster child, and I'm not going to pretend it doesn't.

I'm not trying to offend you. I have southern roots. The north has racism of a different sort, the west has racism of another sort...

It's all over.

But the Sarah Palin brand is very easily identified to me as southern. It's not called the southern strategy for nothing.

The south has many wonderful aspects to it -- traditions and civility and hospitality to strangers. :-) No offense intended.

Sarah mocks said...

Sarah calling anyone a retard is in line with her mocking Lyda Green's cancer with Bob Lester of the "The Bob and Mark Show." Bob Lester, lover of Lori Tipton, another dismal media type.

Whoever said "Sarah must be heavily sedated." That makes sense, how else can they keep her subdued?

This is a jewel. Keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of the Craigslist ad? The top portion of the screen, where it has the general disclaimer (which I'm sure is meant to protect Craigslist from anything that might be posted on there pertaining to kiddie porn, etc- but works in an ironic way given this particular ad):

"Please report suspected exploitation of minors to the appropriate authorities"

gigi21 said...

This is in response to "Team Sherlock" @8:36 in the previous thread who said:

"I was lucky enough to sneak into the membership for Team Sarah and Consevatives4Palin.....good golly, those sheeple say they will Kill for her and Die for her! They talk about what kinds of guns they have and how many bullets. Do they not know who they are following? Are these uneducated folks who cannot read? Cannot absorb what they are hearing? It boggles my mind.

I'll tell you what boggles the mind even more! I know a family in Wasilla - I will not "out" them, but let me say that the parents are HIGHLY educated, very advanced degrees. Parents socialize with and ADORE Sarah. I have respectfully (via e-mail and once when they were visiting my State) questioned them about some of her less-than-stellar deeds/qualifications.
They hit the roof! I am talking about screaming obscenities at me and letting me know how I will change my tune when she is President in 2012."
I once thought that only the uber religious, uneducated folks supported her. I still think that DOES make up most of her base.
But she has winked and blinked and cast a spell on some more "normal" people - and I suspect many in her little village of Wasilla are loyal to her.
That is why we must keep exposing her lies, her fraud and her insanity.

Anonymous said...

"Please report suspected exploitation of minors to the appropriate authorities"

That includes Trig!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I heard Levi say that the huge things were things she had done while she was Governor. I could go back and listen a few more times, but, really, it doesn't matter-- the one major thing she DID do as Governor was to talk her daughter into giving up claim to Trig, fake a pregnancy, and then make Bristol take care of him most of the time anyway. (allegedly)

I'd say that was pretty HUGE.

I recall the original comment from Levi in the VF article was something like this: Sarah would come home from "work" and he and Bristol would have the two babies, and someone would hand her Trig and she would say "No, I don't want the retarded one, I want the other one".

Don't ya just love Sarah?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I TOTALLY believe, in light of the fact that I believe Levi when he says she called Trig "retarded", and that she (totally provably on tape) LAUGHED about a cancer survivor and LAUGHED when a radio jock called Ms. Green a "bitch", that she ALSO could have said "So, Sambo beat the bitch" and giggled hysterically about it in a resaurant in full view and hearing of everyone. TOTALLY.

Also, TOTALLY believe that she could have said to a black man who approached her in some establishment (who did not know who she WAS, apparently) that she did not associate with black men.

She also is alleged to have said that she was not interested in having a diverse (read "African Americans included in) staff because she did not HAVE to. Then she tried to claim that Bill McAllister was African American, so that took care of diversity. Mr. McAllister may well come from a mixed heritage, but one would certainly have to look very closely to see it. So, whatever, Sarah.......

.....but I believe Levi, and not you, and I believe you have a "thing" about black people, including our President, and that is a large part of why you were so disappointed to have lost the election. I suppose you wondered how "God" could have let the black man, and not Crash McCain and Saint Sarah, win.

I'm also thinkin' maybe Levi IS that sweet that he could kiss some baby that (maybe) wasn't even his, just because he felt sorry for the little guy.

KaJo said...

"...I am talking about screaming obscenities at me and letting me know how I will change my tune when she is President in 2012."

gigi21, I'd take that as a threat directed at you.

I wonder if they meant that threat in terms of some Michele Bachmann type of Palin concentration camp, where non-believers are brain-cleansed of their heretical opinions?

You should ask.

While you're at it, ask them if they know of some way a seriously marginalized uber-right-wing minority can pick up 230-250 electorial votes in 2012, when even moderate right-wing/Red states barely can accumulate enough electorial votes to carry the day without some shenanigans (2000, Florida chads; and 2004 Ohio)?

Surely they're intelligent enough to answer that question without going into another incoherent tirade...

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is too sedated to act responsible, yet she is still responsible for all she has signed off for others to do in her name.

Is it Pam Pryor who is now above Meg Stapleton? Pryor and Stapleton are responsible to monitor what is going on with groups like Team Sarah.

Palin, Pryor and Stapleton are the same as Team Sarah and Bill Collier and that Kevin Collins if they don't publically disassociate from the lies and loons on those blogs. Palin, Pryor and Stapleton will take money from Team Sarah, they are complicit with what is allowed there. Why wait until someone is harmed to disassociate?

Have the monitors of hate groups been alerted to comments about killing for Sarah Palin? I would think Homeland Security would pay attention.

Pryor, as a lead spokesperson while Palin is incapacitated needs to address what is going on in the name of Sarah Palin.
If some nuts shoots anyone because they are trying to kill for Sarah, THAT WILL BE ON SARAH. It is totally irresponsible not to address groups and comments that are allowing violence to be incited and armies to form around mantras like killing for Sarah.

What is happening on blogs like that is serious. Pryor must address this and make clear they are in no way connected to blogs that promote killing or sedition.

To ignore addressing the kill comments makes Sarah Palin complicit with the threats and when something happens she needs to be included in the crimes.

Anonymous said...

$'Arah should not be demanding $100,000 to speak in Iowa...that is what her $arahPac fund is for , right???!!!

Patrick said...

Anon 19:40

Very good point!!

I hope that Republicans come to their senses and condemn the grifter from Wasilla!

FEDUP!!! said...

Anon @ 29 October 2009 17:32
"the big question is: What did Sarah fail to report? Ginormous House? Something to do with all the $$$$ in the PAC and/or legal defense fund? Something to do with Trig???
Medical reports? Insurance?"

How about all those TV shows and the Runners World spread - I am pretty sure she did neither one of them 'out of generosity', but got a hefty paycheck for them. Neither one of those many has been mentioned in her financial disclosure statement.

Gigi: "I was lucky enough to sneak into the membership for Team Sarah and Consevatives4Palin.....good golly, those sheeple say they will Kill for her and Die for her! They talk about what kinds of guns they have and how many bullets. ..."

I hope, SOMEONE is reporting these threats to the authorities! (and I do not mean to the Alaskan authorities - I do not trust them to do the right thing AT ALL after reading these AK blogs for the last year...)

Anonymous said...

wow @ craigslist post.

Somebody means business.

Leadfoot said...

Repeating this awesome comment I saw on Wonkette:

Is it just me, or does Trig seem to be the least retarded of the whole bunch?

Anonymous said...

FEDUP!!! said...
Gigi: "I was lucky enough to sneak into the membership for Team Sarah and Consevatives4Palin.....good golly, those sheeple say they will Kill for her and Die for her! They talk about what kinds of guns they have and how many bullets. ..."

I hope, SOMEONE is reporting these threats to the authorities! (and I do not mean to the Alaskan authorities - I do not trust them to do the right thing AT ALL after reading these AK blogs for the last year...)


When teen gangsters and the mentally unhinged start shooting they often miss the target and hit an innocent. Children are particularly vulnerable. Levi has protection, others do not.

hannah said...

Ok, this is totally not relative to the discussion here. But I thought it was hilarious. It's something I saw on facebook, a name-anagram maker. I'm sure most know this, but an anagram is when you take the letters of a word, phrase, or name and rearrange them into something else.
As I have mentioned, my own name is a palindrome -- a fact which I used to find novel and interesting until someone confused it in writing as "palindrone"! BUT my point is -- little word games and puzzles and things like that are fun to me.

So... do our name anagrams say anything about us? I put in my own first and last name plus that of a few -- ahhh -- notable folks;) and I think it's mighty funny and a little interesting also too though!

Here is the url in case you want to anagram your own name!

My own name anagram:
And plan on, huh?
funny to me because I am a 'planner' to the nth degree.

So...whom else might we anagram?
Gee, I thought of one!

Sarah Palin's name anagram:
A Sharp Nail
Don't really need to add commentary to that now do I?

Even better with her FULL name-
Sarah Louise Palin's name anagram:
Lush paranoia lies.
Hmmm maybe I should ask the name anagram thingie for lotto ball numbers!

Jesse Cornish name anagram:
SOS! Jeers inch.

Regina Palingates' name anagram:
Naggiest Airplane
Because she is nagging SP about that wiiiild airplane ride!

Patrick and Kathleen name anagram:
Think Naked Prenatal
That doesn't make sense, true -- but how hilarious is it that the word "prenatal" is in it!

Meghan Stapleton's name anagram:
Elegant Phantoms
Huh. No explanation needed THERE, either.

Bristol Palin's name anagram:
Brain to Spill
Wouldn't THAT be nice?

Thomas Van Flein's name anagram:
Man in love shaft.
Should I be laughing? I think I should be laughing...

One I particularly liked -- Pro Choice Grandma's name anagram is:
Our graced champion :)

And perhaps my favorite one --

TRIG PAXSON VAN PALIN's name anagram:
Tax Sinning? Approval.

Just a bit of levity for my PG pals. Back to our regularly scheduled progressive discussions...

hannah said...

Whoopsie. I just realised I mis-read the PCG actually said OR, not OUR. But the "graced champion" was the part I liked anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Amazon hosts a bunch of jaw-dropping $arahsites. Since Lynn Vincent's book hasn't come out yet, many $P fans and a few detractors have started discussion threads. More than a few of the former have said piously--clearly believing this utterly--that $P left office because of all of the false charges brought against her by the Big Bad Democrats, and that her piggy-bank funds are ONLY to pay her legal bills.

Riiiiiight. There I've also read that George Soros subsidizes all us $P skeptics (George, the check please??), and that Celtic Diva is a plant, Linda being "employed" by the DNC. I'm sure she'd be surprised to "know" that as well!

Someone named Bella Luna posts the latest, complete with links, from, etc., but $P's faithful stick their fingers in their ears and shriek.

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Anonymous said...

It's being reported that Levi will do his shoot in New York on November 16, the day that Going Rogue is out. It may have a hockey rink theme
November 17 maybe an Oprah show for Sarah, there would be plenty to discuss
November 20 Sherrie Johnston is sentenced

@ 20:21
comments from Gawker are also interesting and on top of this.

Also, too: Send an email to Brian Moylan, the author of this post, at

Silver said...

Unrelated to Levi, but has anyone seen the quotes from Team Sarah in regards to the Iowa money?

I'm gagging

regina said...


Great anagrams! I love these playing with words games.


Armchair Jane,

Your comments are very insightful and intelligent, even with the odd misplaced apostrophe...

Keep them coming.



I'm still around (just). Have to go to bed early: 4:30 am start...

The blog seems to have gained a new momentum, everything is happening at once.

Thanks to Patrick, we seem to have hit the big time. I'm so happy to have him as my partner in blogging!

I'll post something from Oz and will be following the discussions, I'm addicted.



Keep Patrick on his toes. LOL


Anonymous said...

I must have a very sick sense of humour. I came across this comment at Wonkette in regard to the whole Levi/Palin spat and I thought it was hilarious.
Oh Blessed Little Angel! It’s time for breakfast! Get your mother, Glorious Gift, and her sisters, Joy-of-my-Life and Shining Heavenly Star, downstairs and to the table! Tell that deadbeat brother of yours, Saintly Harmony Song, to get his *ss out of bed already!

Leadfoot said...

It has been officially confirmed that Levi will bare ALL in his Playgirl spread, to be shot 11/16:

Anonymous said...

Regina, Have a lovely trip. When are you back?

wv: p lies said...

Send some love to TMZ who likes to break news.

honestyinGov said...

I was reading the Huffpo story about 'Pie Spy/Rachel Maddow story'.Above the comments section it will list other stories on the Net as well that are related to that topic. I'm sure the software programs picks these based on ' key words ' and such. One of these links is Your story about 'Pie spy '. So... Huffpo does get traffic linked back to your posts, even if it is by accident and not intentional. Just something to think about in the future.

As for Levi. I think it is good that he has not spoken about specific ' details '... Yet. Rex Butler is a Lawyer. Analogy. We have all heard the expression used in these TV Shows ( Law & Order fan )that you never ask a question to the person on the stand unless you know the answer beforehand.You don't want to be surprised. Rex and Levi don't know what is in the book to refute yet.When the book comes out... that becomes Sarah's testimony, on the record. Thinking like the Lawyer that Rex is, they can pick apart the testimony of the witness,Sarah. It seems like a fairly straightforward smart move. Levi just needs to wait till the 17th... then talk as sort of a rebuttal witness. They will know Her answers to the questions then.And they will have prepped Levi about his rebuttal answers. Make him feel and seem more polished and confidant on camera as well. I'm hoping this is part of Rex's plan.It seems like common sense.The old sales tool "KISS" : Keep It Simple Stupid comes to mind. They don't want surprises or ' gotcha questions ' in interviews that may make him appear evasive or not know what he is talking about. My .02

Anonymous said...

RE Levi:

I really hope he doesn't do the Full Johnston. The consequences of this could really hurt him in the future, especially in a custody or visitation issue for his son. Levi is so young and naive, I really hope someone who cares about him-- not some hanger-on --- is advising him for his own good.

This is just a momentary snicker to most of us, but it might really hurt him.

Signed: A concerned Mom. (old enough to be a cougar)

regina said...

I'm reposting this from an older thread:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Open thread - Taking a break":

I am 5 days late posting this comment so I don't know if anyone will see it.
I have five children. My last child was born when I was 41 years old. I was pretty slim when I got pregnant. Of all my pregnancies, I had a bigger belly earlier than with any other. I had to wear maternity clothes at 4 months, and I was pushing it. At first, I just wore clothes that were too big for me. But I got so big so fast. My Doctor said that happens with ALL women. The more pregnancies you have, the bigger you get, faster, as your muscles are already used to being stretched out.
So, yes, it is a legitimate question for Scarah to answer.
I believe from my own personal experience and others close to me, that Scarah was NOT pregnant when she clamed she was.
And don't get me started on the plane ride form Texas........

Mary B

Anonymous said...

David Frum has mentioned Palin has gone from political to celebrity. She can be scratched off the serious politician list and she and her entourage are totally TMZ material. Both Bristol and Levi included. Don't forget Meg. Send pictures and all good tips to TMZ.

Jon Gosselin and Octomom -- The Next Beatles

Todd Palin and Octomom -- The Next Rollingstones

KaJo said...

I wonder if one of us should e-mail Oprah Winfrey via her "Ask Oprah" site for a heads-up re: Levi's Playgirl shooting date, for a talking point to get things rolling in her interview of Sarah Palin?

(my WV is togyn...bwahahahahah!)

Anonymous said...

Just my .02 on the whole "R Word" issue:

My take on the "R Word" issue

Just in case my link doesn't work, here is the actual url:

Patrick said...

Regina, thanks a lot! I am very happy that I can post here on this wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

There is a great picture of $P. That is the one in a pink (?) jacket with a pink 'palin' campaign button when she ran for governor. The expression on her face is that of a total, crazy ditz. Also. Too.

Anonymous said...

honestyinGov - That is a good point about Rex and Levi.

For those worried about Levi and full frontal. Remember he is not hiding anything.

As for the custody. Porn stars and producers have divorces and custody. Being nakkid, as long as it is legal, is not going to effect custody.

The whole nakkid thang is about all Palin has to trash Levi. He's nakkid he must be a liar. That's about it for a Palin meme on Levi. People will see through her shallow rebuttal no matter how nakkid Levi goes.

Palin will be having more worries than what Levi is saying coming to her.

Have a safe and wonderful journey Regina.

Sue Denym said...

It sure is an expensive proposition to be in team Sarah's corner...

1) Buy "Going Rogue".

2) From c4p: Now go and donate to the Hoffman campaign. And if you've done so already, go and do it again. It's that important.

3) Team Sarah is trying to raise $41,000 for an Iowa appearance in November.

4) Stand Up for Your Nation will more than likely have their hand out in the near future.

5) SarahPAC will soon be making requests for a strong donation push for year end reporting.

6) If you have any money left in your wallet after all this then there's always the Alaska Fund Trust which is the official website for the GOVERNOR Sarah Palin legal expense fund. If the well is dry then could you please take a second job so that you can do your expected part.

And exactly what are the palinbots gettin' for their money? Certainly not bragging rights!

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:10

Those porn stars and producers are in California courts.

This baby is in Wasilla; that is where the case would be heard. It's bad enough for him that his Mom is doing time on drug charges; judges are local people, and they look at the environment a child is in when looking at custody or visitation.

I'm just saying I hope he has good advice from honest friends, not only people who are using him to cash in on his notoriety. They will move on when he is no longer flavor of the month, but Levi has to live with this a long time.

Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of Palin and babygate mentions in Andrew Sullivan's column recently!

Patrick said...

Bree Palin has an excellent update about the controversial "Team Sarah" fundraising!

See here:

It's always very funny when Bill Collier starts ranting.

In case any of you haven't listened to Bill Collier's classic rant from about 9 months ago (after the "troll invasion" at Team Sarah), here is the link for listening:

This video of his brother Paul Collier, which was posted exclusively on Bill Collier's extremist website "" (now defunct) is also very revealing:

Anonymous said...

George Bush wasn't always wrong. When he said that Sarah Palin is a five-spiral crash, he spoke the truth.

Anonymous said...

@Sue Denym: Can we also invest in I Spy a Pie?? I hear P.T.Barnum saying: There's a sucker born every minute. And they all belong to.....

hannah said...

anon @ 22 10, I don't think people are worried that Levi posing nekkid IS detrimental to being a parent/pursuing custody...they are probably worried about the same thing I am -- that SP will make it into something worth worrying about. I mean if a PHOTOGRAPH became "selling his body" in a press release -- can you imagine what it would 'become' in SP's world given lawyers, time, and enough faux righteous indignation to start the 'bots battle-crying "don't give the beh-behs to a PERVERT!!!"...?

I think that is one reason WHY Levi feels he has nothing to lose/hide -- he knows that it doesn't really matter what he does. SP & follies will "make" him be the loser, idiot, thug, svengali who took advantage of pwecious, virginal Bristol.

Not true, of course. In fact, total FICTION. That is exactly why I think she will do something like's her MO all over. Fake it til you make it -- and if that doesn't work, start arresting family members and put People mag on speed dial.

Poor Levi. I believe he is good, I really do. How much teenage boys, self-professed "simple types" who enthuse over hunting, fishing, and little else -- volunteer their time for special olympics?

Of course, many say that Levi only did special olympics because of Trig. To me, that makes it all the more endearing and touching.

My point is...unlike SOME people, Levi does good things and does not feel the need to have a photo op to show the world. If someone else hadn't dug it up and posted about it, I bet we would have no clue about the volunteer work and adeptness with special-needs children -- because HE would not have said a thing.

Funny -- isn't that what the BIBLE says about "charity"? Here we have Levi following it to the letter, but Saint Sarah having three different tabloids plus her personal videographer to watch her sling soup in a shelter kitchen for six minutes.

CC said...


Have a wonderful $Palin-free vacation!!

By the way ... can anyone explain to me the whole S'arah bit? Did she change how she writes her name?


hannah said...

I meant how MANY teenage boys would do that- not how "much".

Truly Madly Deeply said...


The post that you refer to was written by Patrick. Indeed all the posts this week have been written by him as Regina has been preparing for her Aussie trip. He's doing a fantastic job so far, don't you think?

Those links at Huff Post are filed by a Huff Post employee and are not accidental.

This is the first time that they have linked to Palingates and hopefully it will not be the last.

Onwards and upwards as they say!

hannah said...

CC -- probably just getting people used to her new fragrance line in development.

"S'arah"...when you want to smell like clean guns, dirty money, and zero class.

Anonymous said...

The thing is, Levi isn't selling his body. He's selling an image of his body. That is less direct than $P herself, who strutted before a live audience to make money. Her view of this is not only hypocritical, it's a lie and out of touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a comment. I have never commented. But my wv when I loaded the comment page was "UNPREG".

And I just had to share that!

Anonymous said...

To the poster who called me out:

I was originally was considering refraining from posting in this thread, but I have to post this in response.

You don't know where I'm from in Michigan. The state is big enough as it is, sticking out like a big blue sore thumb (pun intended).

I don't blame the government for all of Michigan's problems. However, they do get the credit for many of the failings of our state's economy. The fact that it is run by Democrats may cause some liberals to rush to denounce me, but it is true. The state has been run into the ground, and the Democrats were in charge the whole time. I never voted for Granholm, our Canadian governor. I'm quite glad of that fact, actually.

I see Sarah Palin as the type of Governor I would want in my state. She could do a lot of good down here, unbridled by a flawed Alaskan ethics system.

That's part of the reason I vigourously defend her; they don't call us the Wolverine State for nothing. Check out the history of the Toledo War.

As for Levi, he is simply repeating himself. Now I'm wishing he just would say something for the sake of it. At least try to be entertaining if you're going to do a major interview.

CC said...

LOL @ Hannah:

Though, as a perfumista, I am so hoping she won't be doing ANY perfume...

Good grief ... when will we be rid of her?

Sue Denym said...

@ anon 22:20

I am not sure about Stye in your Eye -- I'll get back to you on that!

But while we wait for that answer I'd like you to buy four tickets to her November Milwaukee RTL performance.

I wonder if $P is still sending out personal handwritten thank you notes? Grifter-in-Chief

hannah said...


Honey, Michigan has been in trouble before liberals. Michigan was in trouble before ANY real part division set in...and if you really live here then you KNOW that. Michigan has, unfortunately, been on its way down for quite awhile now. Sad but true.

Jesse, when you say that you would "want Sarah Palin as a governor" even after the ruins she left her own city/state in not to mention the fact that she QUIT the job...
THOSE are the kind of remarks that make people think you're a plant, or a fake, or a comedian, or someone doing a social experiment...

Surely you understand how unbelievable it is that anyone would ADMIT to "wanting" her as a governor? She, as the kids say nowadays, "totes sucked" at the job and left the state in a million different kind of shambles than it already WAS in. It's like a Texan saying that want GWB back as governor. Anyone dumb enough to feel that way would hopefully be at least too smart to admit it.

Anonymous said...

Remember - please don't feed the troll.

Anonymous said...

Hannah - please do not feed the troll.

Leadfoot said...

Know that we know Sarah is well aware of Levi's Playgirl plans...

...I am having this vision of her sitting at the computer hitting refresh on until his pictures are posted. I bet she just can't WAIT to see his Johnston.

(That is, if she hasn't seen it already.)

Anonymous said...

It would be in the Palmer court and it would be a matter with world attention if Ambassador Bristol Palin goes to court to fight Levi over custody. Levi's team would not sit back and allow a blatantly unfair judge to go unchecked. It would not be typical for the Palmer courts with the world media all over the Valley 24/7. From what I understand both the Palins and Johnstons want to avoid court and work things out in private. If it did go to court it would be like nothing Palmer has seen before. Palmer might ask it to be moved to Anchorage or elsewhere.

It is a given that Palin will make hay with the nakkid news cycles. They have already started and it is about all they have. I betcha Team Levi is aware of how the holier-than-thous will bomb the news and internet. I don't know what Team Levi has to counter that bull but I betcha they will use what they feel necessary. I think they are finding it funny and not a big worry.

The more trash out there on Levi the more he will push back. Even if it is unanimous in public opinion that he lies because he is nakkid, I don't see that holding up for the long run. I don't want to see him full frontal, it's not my taste, I rather he not do it. Still I don't think it will matter much over all and it won't ruin his credibility when all is said and done. IMO only.

I said "For those worried about Levi and full frontal." not that I "think people are worried."
There are those that have expressed the worry.

Anon 22:10
WV "tails"

Anonymous said...

Hannah, here are the facts. I live here. I breathe the air. I drink the water. I know the imcompetent politicians. Compare the unemployment rates before Granholm took office and the rates now:,1607,7-154-10573_11472-84957--,00.html

We went from 6.2% to 15.2% unemployment. If this had been a Republican administration, would you be so quick to defend them?

Yes, Michigan may have been on its way down, but Granholm did nothing to break the fall. Instead of laying out a cushion for us to land on, she put out a rock for us to dash ourselves upon.

I would kill to have Alaska's economic situtation. Figurativel speaking, of course.

Barb Dwyer said...


Please PLEASE take her. I'll post her address and you can send her a letter with an invitation to your fine state. If you include a large enough check, I'm absolutely sure that she may or may not show up. Either way it's worth a shot, and I would make sure you received a large thank you plaque from the good people of Alaska

Anonymous said...

Confessions of a Blogger: Why We Can't Resist Sarah Palin Stories: Palin Addiction

Once her indictment is announced we should have a 12 Step Program in place to help with $P withdrawal. Of course most of us will need it but and can you imagine the symptoms the palinbots will experience also, too?

Anonymous said...

Please don't feed the trolls. Do your best to ignore them completely. If a genuine person posts a dissenting view, please reply politely. If the discussion descends into something fruitless and annoying as the recent performance we saw here, treat as trolling and simply ignore.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

If I had sexy pictures of any of the Palins in compromised positions from back in the day, I would send them to Levi's private investigator.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Sarah Palin is good looking.

wv=blemb: blemished bimbo

Anonymous said...

I'm for a rule that when a troll has a blog that people who need to respond to said troll must go to trolls blog.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin Wore Gay Jacket

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Patrick!

Anon 21:10 - That's beyond hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I know this is silly, but that Craig's list posting gave me chills!

Anonymous said...

Do the right thing and just DO NOT read or comment on any JC troll comments.

Who supports Palin as a mother who mocks? said...

You can hear Palin mock on the radio show laughing about Lyda Green's cancer. There is more about the Sambo remark and others. The most recent is that she calls a precious innocent child in her family a retard.

Sarah Palin can sue Levi. Bristol and the other children would be able to testify about all of it.

The people who support Palin as a mother who mocks are the same ones who go viral about Levi going naked in Playgirl.

It is about their ethics and morals. They clearly ignore the mocking and that she could call a child retard as Levi states.

Mock others but don't work as a model if you are naked? I have nudists in my family, it is natural for some people. I wish I wasn't as hung up and modest as I am. It is ridiculous to do the judgmental crap about a Levi modeling job.

Playgirl may end up in print. It is now an on-line endeavor that you must pay for.

pictures anyone? said...

Anyone with pictures of Palins in compromising positions please send to TMZ or Tank Jones. They can be ugly or beautiful sexy or not sexy.

hannah said...

Ok friends, I am done feeding the troll, I swear. I think I felt like I should turn the figurative cheek, show those resorvoir of tinkle dimbulbs that you CAN be polite to someone with a different opinion.

But I'm done, I swear. No more troll feeding.

Anonymous said...


I thought you were above feeding trolls... quite disappointed darlin...

Hannah same to you...

what is SO HARD about ignoring a TROLL???????????????

jeeze luueeze

Anonymous said...

Levi looks darn good in his CBS interview. If he looks half that good I may spring for the Playgirl exclusive.

He is 1000x more genuine than any of the Palin bunch. He is still young and in progress but he is doing great!

Anonymous said...

The kinds of people Sarah Palin pals around with:

"Last week Eddie Burke, host of a conservative daily talk show, called rally organizers Charla Sterne and Ilona Bessenyey "socialist, baby-killing maggots," read their phone numbers on the air and encouraged listeners to call them. The women said their voice mail quickly filled with angry, profane messages, some of them threatening."

ADN Sarah Palin Story

Anonymous said...


Thank you. I've been looking for that.

Anonymous said...

Shannyn Moore said that she's talked to Levi on the phone. It would be good if she could get him on her radio show, just for a friendly talk.

count the dead said...


This is no joke.

What about the deaths of those when she was manipulating health care in Alaska?

gigi21 said...

Levi was just on ET and said Bristol is more of a mom to TriG than "she" (SP) is! On part II (tomorrow) he will talk about the Palin divorce rumour.

Anonymous said...

Craigslist!!!!! Awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Levi more relaxed on ET.
Says he's got nothing to hide.
Not afraid of anything $P can say about him.

He doubts Sarah Palin will confess.
Says it would be a dumb move on her part.

Anonymous said...

OT - I watched President Obama speaking at a naval function in Jacksonville, FL a few days ago. The words he spoke reflected a great nation. I can't even begin to explain what I mean by that.

And, today, I saw a picture of President Obama over on HuffPost saluting flag-drape caskets. I was proud he was there, representing me.

Okay, back to the current subject. What was it???? There are so many articles this week regarding SP and the gang, has somebody been hard at work or what?

Oh, yeah, I thought Levi did an excellent job. I wish the best for all the young ones. Kids grow up in spite of their parents, mine did. Levi mentioned a modeling career several times. Looks like that's his goal; it's a job.

sg said...


Thanks for resolving to end your troll-feeding ways.

Barb D:

Please follow hannah's lead, and the admonishments of Regina and Patrick. Don't you see that every time you feed a cookie to the troll that he responds?

The rest of us don't like it.

Barb Dwyer said...

I wasn't aware I had been admonished. No worries. I'll just take my energies elsewhere, where there's a semblance left of free speech

sg said...

@Barb Dwyer

If you've been reading the posts at palingates for at least the past week, you would have read that both Regina and Patrick have posted to IGNORE THE TROLL.

But do as you must.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Barb Dwyer, please don't go! I just finished catching up on all the comments and got to yours at 2:55. You have had so much information to contribute and I look for your comments specifically.
sg, you have also had so much to add, as I remember from on TT.

Kiss and make up?? Please? :-)
Ok, maybe just hugs. Gotta watch out for that H1N1 but.

Patrick said...

Can I please make it clear that we haven't "admonished" anybody. We just politely ask everyone to think whether it's a good idea to respond to people like JC. However, this is a free discussion forum, and we are well aware that we cannot "control" the discussion and don't want to either. Since JC has started to post civil comments instead of his old "spam" like comments, we have left them. It's always a delicate balance on such free forums, and we cannot make everybody happy at the same time, but we also don't want that valued readers feel "curtailed". Therefore, let's tone down everybody, let's "do our best to ignore" the trolls (as we have said in the advice below) and let's move on to the more important issues.

Anonymous said...

Barb Dwyer....Please do not leave us. I know how hard it is to refrain from speaking to the blob. You have contributed much and we value you.

I do understand the concern by Regina and Patrick. When the trolls took over ADN it was awful. They were flagging everything that they did not like making it hard for our words to get out there as well.

We so want you here with us. At some point the blob will go away. If he doesn't , we can skip over his comments.

sg said...


Good to hear from you!

Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.

But I had to chuckle when I read that Barb D felt her "free speech" rights were being infringed. Just because I was restating the position of Regina and Patrick re the troll.

Come on, that's hilarious. Regina hosts perhaps the most open and non-censorious blog on the topic of Sarah Palin.

conscious at last said...

Barb Dwyer @2:55

Your contributions to this blog(let alone what you've been doing with other Alaskans "on the ground") has been very valuable to me and to us all. The only folks who seem to have a "right" to try to direct the discussion here are Regina and Patrick. Please remain a part of this community -- ignore any other cranky babies or control freaks who aren't clear about respecting boundaries.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Hannah, I laughed hysterically at the anagrams - too funny!

Anon with the wv UNPREG, that is a good one, like hitting the WV jackpot when you get one like that. And please join in the comments and share your thoughts as well.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Patrick, just want you to note I made a typo. I meant H1N1 bug, not but. Mark it on your calendar, lol!

Anonymous said...

More from the interview

Levi doesn't see Tripp as often as he would like and he wants to eventually share equal custody of him with Bristol.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

sg, was it you that had the info on TT about the FAA and Todd's Piper Cub? If you saved that info, would you email it to Patrick so he can email it to me? I never got a chance to do anything with it before TT shut down. Thanks.

conscious at last said...

Another thought--
Check out the link offered to us by Anon @ 22:04 (RE: the "R" word issue and Trig) It is wonderful!
Since this issue is hot at the moment- perhaps Patrick or Regina could use it to write a new post--That might bring some more traffic here and expand the general discussion of babygate.

ella said...

I second what "conscious at last" said @ 3:25. If you want to ignore someone, do so - but telling others what they should or should not do is not our place.

Anonymous said...

JC said:

"You don't know where I'm from in Michigan."

Really? How does Sturgis sound?

Anonymous said...

Whatever any of you may think of me, just to let you people know, it really doesn't bother me that you call me "troll" or whatever. Hatred and anger doesn't come easily to me. So keep on firing away.

I have something to say about Levi but I'll refrain. It is simply not appropiate for this forum.

But a hypothetical question to ask is this: What if Levi turned out to be total fraud and liar? What if? Would you change your opinion accordingly?

Anonymous said...

Barb, come back!!!! Please! Barb!!!!!!!

Lisabeth said...

Barb don't go! It's a blog and there are all kinds of people and if they are anonymou, they think they can say whatever they want. Just try to ignore! You have added a lot!

I know this sounds a bit strange, but do any of you think Palin might tell the truth about Trig in her book. Or if not the truth, some made up story that makes her look saintly?? I say this because I can't believe she is going to say in writing that because of her pro-life stance, she chose to give birth to Trig. Does she really believe the truth won't come out? Because it will. Someone mentioned that this whole feud might be a publicity stunt and I almost wonder myself. I mean is she so dense that she doesn't see that fighting with a 19 year old publically is the dumbest thing on earth? The timing of all this is weird.

Anonymous said...

I'll give you three more guesses, Genie0. I won't hold my breath. Nice try, though.

Anonymous said...

And you're a butcher for Kroger.

Anonymous said...

My mom called tonight and said she couldn't believe how dumb Palin seemed now.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that several people think that Palin would admit that she's not the mother of Trig. NEVER. Her mental illness would never allow such a thing.

Anonymous said...

Muskegon, Michigan

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 3:57, does that mean that previously your mom did not think Palin was dumb? I call that success!

peace out said...

Barb is a favorite of mine and whatever she needs to do I support her. Where ever she is I would like to be able to read her comments.

There are times that it is all too much with all the Sarah drama. We all need to take a break from time to time. I can't imagine living in Alaska or near Wasilla. Anyone that endures her deserves a special medal.

Anonymous said...

Actually, PCG, she always thought Palin was a mess. But I guess she had not really allowed herself to realize how...well, there is just no polite way to say it...My mother is very kind. But she thinks Palin is really handling the Iowa situation poorly and even immaturely.

Forever Anonymous said...

Palin wanted to claim Levy and Bristol's child as supposedly Sarah had have Trig recently and was considering to fake a pregnancy while being consider for VP?
That allegation alone is enough to generate more interviews for levy.

Anonymous said...

No, I work as a farmer currently building a home-made rocket.

Two more guesses!

Anonymous said...

PCG, my mother is a Pro-Choice Grandma as well!

Anonymous said...

And you donated $100.00 to Prop 8 on 17 Oct 2008

Anonymous said...

Jesse - the feedjit tells us where you live so why don't you toddle on back there to Muskegon?

Anonymous said...

anon @ 22:04, I LOVE the picture essay. Yes, there is a huge difference in how Trig is treated by different people.

Patrick, check out the pictures at:

The Craigslist post is incredible--very creative! Keep it up, Anchorage and all of Alaska, and thanks!


sg said...


Re FAA and Todd's Piper Cub:

No, it wasn't me who has that info.

But, as do many others, I mourn the demise of TT. :-(

Anonymous said...

Now, if I actually lived in Muskegon, do you think I would admit to it?

hannah said...

Barb, please don't go. You are totally the treasurer of my "favorite commenters club". Prez is PCG, of course ;)

Anyway -- your input here is SO VALUED. Please, please reconsider. Nobody admonished you and the poster who called you out was NOT Patrick, Kathleen, OR Regina.

Please, please, please -- consider staying. I call big misunderstanding.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Cult are busy desperately trying to spin her latest beg-a-thon as "not having happened". LOL.

Good luck with that.

Today, I met a bunch of republicans who called her a Professional Welfare Whore.

You lay down with pigs....

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be bragging about Glen Oaks Community College, if ya' know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

It's not Muskegon, it's Sturgis.

gigi21 said...

good work GenieO - I found all the info too. "He" is young, impressionable....and so scared of teh gays!

Anonymous said...

Barb. Please please do not leave us. I have loved your comments. They are incredibly valuable to the discussion. You are an intelligent and articulate contributor. Please please stay with us?

Anonymous said...

Bad winds are blowing in the Valley.

Anonymous said...

Craigslist users--after looking at the Sarah craigslist page, I clicked on Personals at the top of the page. I got an education! There were lots of wm4w and similar ads. Are there more in Alaska than other places?


Anonymous said...

part 1 and part 2

ProChoiceGrandma said...

sg, yes, I miss TT also. I regret that I procrastinated and did not copy and save some important information before it went down. :-(

hannah said...

PCG -- I only got to skim TT a couple times before it was gone. What happened to it?

Anonymous said...

I think Palin and Levi are in this together, and cooked up this scheme to drum up more interest in her book, and to create interest in a book from a Levi.

What will he say? What does he know? I bet they split the proceeds even

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you about Muskegon and the kind of people who live there. I lived there for one year in 4th grade. The neighbors labeled our house "Jew house" and none of the kids were allowed to play with us. I witnessed anti-semitism (hate) and racism at an early age. My parents hatethou there. We lived in a beautiful house near the Lake but the people (in general) were small minded and full of hate. Lind of like your scarah.

No big revelations are going to come out about Sarah in her book or by Levi. He's just out for money, just like her.

ella said...

This was just posted at Immoral Minority - did anyone here see this show and, if so, can you verify?
"Anonymous said...
OMG I was watching showbiz tonight and they had a Palin-vs-Levi clip 10/29/09 and Tamika Ray? I think that is her name; and she said "Levi has told her Palin is a liar" and that "She lied on the campaign trail when she pretended it was her son not her daughter's" May not be the exact words but i backed it up twice, WOW I just went and watched it again and that is what she say's Levi told her!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:33 I agree with you-something smells about the timing of all this. Big time! Here she is out of the limelight for months and now her book (name: Ghostwritten Trash), and they are both going to cash in and give their beloved money to Pie Spy. You becha! They are both in it for the bucks and are milking it. Yep, trash!

Anonymous said...

Barb, I've been out all night, but I enjoyed your joke about buying some tickets to the Milwaukee RTL meeting where we just know Sarah will be appearing.

As a totally unrelated topic, and in conjunction with every one of Sarah's promised coming events: We enjoy going to the theater, and every now and then when I buy tickets on-line, they offer me a special premium at around $7. per ticket-- insurance in case we cannot attend the performance.

They suggest bad weather may prevent us traveling to the event, we might get sick, but they don't mention the possibility of the performer canceling, too.

As a warning to future Sarah Palin event planners, they should offer ticket buyers that same insurance policy. In fact, charge $10. per ticket; you will need the money to cover your losses.

Another totally unrelated comment about Michigan's economic history: Remember Roger Moore's movie, "Roger and Me," from 1989. When the auto plants closed devastating Roger's home town of Flint, he make an incredible documentary film on the subject. Michigan's economy has been on a downward slide since then. (Maybe even before, and to be fair, all parts of Michigan are not affected to the same degree-- some places much worse than others).

Patrick said...


that's amazing!!

We need this tape!! How can we get it? I made a google search, but couldn't find anything so far.

Anonymous said...

5:45 - I believe you mean Michael Moore.

Anonymous said...

Showbiz tonight? Is that on the HL or what it is cable? I think it will play again on the west coast if anyone can tape it.

ella said...

Patrick - try here:
scroll down - second tape at left might be it. I cannot download my adobe flash player.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ella - that's not it.

There is nothing else there either.

Patrick said...

Thanks ella!

Like somebody said before, unfortunately not the right video.

Let's keep looking and trying to get the tape!

Anonymous said...

I didn't see Tamika Ray. They weren't favorable towards Levi.

Showbiz Tonight is on HLN at 11:00PM PST. I can't tape it. If Tamika Ray is in another segment may be someone can tape?

Anonymous said...

So much talk about Levi going to court and getting custody etc.

Somewhere I think I read that the laws in Alaska are different. If a couple are not married and the girl/woman gives birth to their child, the father has no rights.

Is there an attorney in Alaska that can respond to this? I'd sure like to know!



Anonymous said...

Patrick, Email showbiz tonight all the stuff on (BREE) Palin and the new castle house in addition to how she is robbing her Pacs. Let them know how Levi knows what is up, that he does have stuff to tell.

ella said...

sorry - didn't mean to get everyone excited - just repeating (a cut and paste) from a post at I.M. Someone's warped sense of humor I suppose.

Anonymous said...

"Somewhere I think I read that the laws in Alaska are different. If a couple are not married and the girl/woman gives birth to their child, the father has no rights."


Anonymous said...

Ella, the IM poster is pulling your leg. Tanika Ray didn't say anything at all like that.

EyeOnYou said...

I'm not buying this claim that Levi said that on Extra.

It would be all over the news by now. No way it would be ignored. Even if people didn't believe it, they would be showing it over and over calling Levi a liar or some other nasty name.

This would be HUGE news.

Anonymous said...

Showbiz Tonight comes on again at 2:00am EST. Tamika Ray was on the show tonight but I wasn't paying attention.

Patrick said...

On second thoughts, I also think that it would be very unlikely that Levi said this on the air and nobody has reported it so far. So I got a bit too excited here. It's probably nothing.

Anonymous said...

I'm anon@ 6:27. Tamika Ray did say that Levi told her that Sarah Palin is a liar.

Kallie in Texas said...

Some of you need to start sending information about Palin to the Austin American Statesman. She's supposed to be coming here before the March primary. I think Gov. Goodhair and her have a thing going. We don't want her here in Texas and someone needs to enlighten the readers/voters. Please start sending info

Anonymous said...

The remark about Tamika Ray was that Levi told her. That is hearsay, second hand, not big news from the horses mouth.
"Levi has told her Palin is a liar" and that "She lied on the campaign trail when she pretended it was her son not her daughter's"
You would have to hear it to know what it was about. It still sounds like hearsay.

It is on tape that Levi said he would like to share custody. I think that is all he said. I never heard him mentioning going to court.

I think the laws regarding custody in Alaska are similar to most states. Don't know the details. We have had celebrity cases where I am. They aren't always handled like others. Family court is private but media can wait for participants outside. You can have a bad judge any place, sometimes that becomes an issue.

In the media they are still talking like Levi is a deadbeat dad. Levi says he is paying support. If he isn't going to back down then he will have things all come out where the public will not have to guess who is telling the truth. Custody would be between Levi and Bristol as far as Tripp is concerned.

EyeOnYou said...

I know that this is VERY off topic but I just wanted to share a warning with people.

There is a link going around the internet that is saying it has photos of an alien autopsy. This is a new "item" going around.


It is a GRAPHIC and disgusting autopsy photo of Michael Jackson.

I was unfortunate enough to not get a warning about it and thought it would be another one of those "fake" things. It is profoundly disturbing that this is out there and I truly hope that his children never encounter this photograph as I cannot imagine how horrified they would be to see their father in this manner.

Anonymous said...

The Tamika remark was Showbiz tonight, not Extra. You need to hear it for yourself. If he told her and she said he told her, that is hearsay and it wouldn't be big news. I don't know Tamika Ray or where to contact her.

Maybe someone will tape it. It doesn't sound like something MSM would want to promote.

Anonymous said...

@5:52: Ooops! Too late for me, Michael Moore!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I am sick just hearing about that.

Anonymous said...

If Tamika Ray goes missing we will know why.

ella said...

OK, I am in CA and showbiz tonight comes on in 7 minutes. I will listen carefully. If she merely says that Levi states SP is a liar, that is not news. If she says he told her about T-1 not being scarah's, that IS news. I will let you all know.

Anonymous said...

From the peepond, lol:

Posted By: Love That Lady
Just in case Levi has the courage to read this.

Levi it would be best for you to repent and ask the Palin family for forgiveness, otherwise you will have to deal with God.
God knows and sees everything you are doing against the Palin family whether in word or deed.
Levi, you cannot hide from God even if you were to claim that you do not to believe in God.
Levi, the point is, that God does exist and you have been trying to hurt God's children (the Palin family), and God does not take that lightly.

Levi here are a few words from God for you to ponder.
'Vengeance is Mine, and retribution, In due time their foot will slip; For the day of their calamity is near, And the impending things are hastening upon them.'
Deuteronomy 32:35

Woe to the wicked! It will go badly with him, For what he deserves will be done to him.
Isaiah 3:11

Levi, you need to mature and become a man.
You have a son and you are ultimately reponsible for what you do.
Your son will grow up quickly and read everything you have already done.
Do you want your son to hate you for what you are saying about his mother and grandmother. You always have a choice, and the choice is yours to make.

Suggestion: Choose to do right, it will be better for you.

EyeOnYou said...

Okay I just watched the "Showbiz Tonight" and Tanika did say "Levi has no reason to lie" and then she went on to "quote" things he's said like "the palins were getting divorced" and "she was pretending it was her son and not her daughters on the campaign trail".

I don't know, it sounds like she was just repeating things she has heard that he said, not that she "knew" he said it.

I would not put too give too much importance to this, because it was not Levi saying it, rather it was someone else saying he said it.

Reesie said...

Tanika Ray on Showbiz Tonight.

I believe this is what Tanika said she was told....

Sarah lied on the campaign trail when she pretended that it was her son and not her daughter's.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 06:11

Thanks for your response!

Seeking more info, I went to the Alaska Court System and found this:


This is a form that can be filled out by either parent...whether married or not. It is intended to make custody, visitation rights or disputes in an amiable way.

From what I read, you wouldn't even need an attorney. You just fill out the form and submit it to the court. I assume a hearing is held with both parties present.

Please correct me if I'm wrong!



ella said...

Tanika (spelling IS correct) Ray on showbiz tonight says "Levi is NOT a liar" and said "she prentended that the child was hers and not her daughter's" - to be honest, she was talking a mile a minute and sort of rambling. I think Tanika did NOT hear this revalation from Levi at all, but she herself likely thinks T-1 is Bristol's baby (just what I garner from the way she said things). Maybe Tanika reads this (or Bree's) blog - don't know, and hard to explain. But, in summary - she DID mention T-1 in context of SP "pretending he was hers," and did NOT say anything about hearing this from Levi. Whew, it went SO FAST - best I could do.

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