Saturday, 3 October 2009

Sarah Palin book cover competition

Sarah Palin Going Rogue
Add Glitter to Pictures

There you are, my own blingee! Now make your own, send me your link and code by e-mail and we'll have a competition!

(I'll need the codes to be able to publish them in a blog)

Make your blingee


Anonymous said...

I've got a great promotional opportunity for $arah: A line of Walmart PJs with a free set in Jailhouse Orange if you buy every other color.

Leadfoot said...

Here is mine! I will email it to you too...

Anonymous said...

LOL, Ledfoot. Now I know what the bumpit is for!

Irishgirl said...

Leadfoot, yours is great!
Here is my pitiful offering.

Basheert said...

OK I'm sorry - whoever told her that buying a tomato red lumberjack shirt from Seattle Tent and Awning would be attractive?

She looks like an elephant...

She really has no clue how stupid she is, does she?

Amy1 said...

This teasing about personal characteristics cheapens our effort to find the truth about SP. I am offended by it, even though I want to reveal the hoax, the lies. I also think it is hurtful to the family, who have been hurt enough by SP's actions.

Basheert said...

Amy1: Sorry you feel offended however I beg to disagree.

This "creature" has foisted herself on the public trading on her looks and her personal "winky" appeal. She dresses like a hooker in a suit and she flirts with anything that resembles a guy. She's cheap, and stupid. She demeans women who have spent their entire lives working to attain respect and promotion, while she attempts to shortcut her way using her looks. If she was a real actress she'd sleep her way to the top.

I don't have to cheapen anything. She's done it herself. She exploits anything and anyone to get what she wants. And why does she do this?

Because unlike bright talented people, she was simply born relatively pretty. Rather than educate herself, she WINKS.

She has plastic surgery, tattooed lips, hair extensions, and anything else she can use to make herself appealing.

She has no brains and no talent for anything other than attracting men with her looks.

So I disagree - attacking her use of her body to get ahead, cheapens women everywhere who WORK to get what they want. And when she is glorified in the media for looking like a huge orange elephant, she's fair game.

I didn't put her in the headlights, she asked to be there. In fact, she would probably do anything to get attention.

And as all little 2 year olds know, when you want attention bad enough, you get it. Unfortunately the attention you get may be very negative.

Most women look at her and hate what she represents. A sleazy witch with no brains or talent, who can't speak even remotely coherently, sleeping her way to the top....she's nothing but a cheap media whore and she's asking for attention.

She can't control what type of attention she has managed to attract.

So I feel totally free to tease her. The truth is still the truth, whether we personally tease her or not.

If she doesn't like it, she can get the hell out of public life. You take it all, bad or good, or you get out.

jo said...

This tweet is from Levi:

# remember Sarah P. wanted to adopt our kid and pass it on as her.. in order to fulfill her abstinence nonsense rule....7:59 PM Oct 1st from web

He acknowledges here that is just what she did.
This would have only worked for T1, she could never pulled off a fake PG while campaigning, right after "having" a baby too. Levi is giving general clues because he's mad $arah took their baby away from them. She made a public announcement and threatened him. She probably set his mom up and that was just for a start of what she will do to his family. Poor kids I hope she is exposed so lots of people can stop living in lies and fear. It's bad enough she's screwed up, she had to screw up other peoples life's too. It will take years for these kids to get straightened out, if they ever do. I think if this is not really Levi on twitter they know a lot about him.

Patrick said...
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Patrick said...


On which twitter account was this?

There are fake "Levi" accounts out there, you know...

Eileen said...

Whoa, Basheert, I agree except sleeping her way to the top part. Not known. This is just comic relief for those helping solve the Trig birther mystery despite washed off evidence and no attention from MSM.
But as she is an extreme package of traits- I'd add the damage and unfavorable representation of Alaskan residents,lifestyle, and especially women here could be added to your list.
There are folks here with unique, vibrant, do-it-your-selfer survival skills and traditions that she only brags about. In a way she mocks these skookum (hardcore) Alaskans.
I resent that this faker and her side show charade had to be the person to come out of Alaska that other Americans associate now with Alaska. It makes you even wish for Jewel and Uncle Ted back. McCain gave her to the nation and she gets back what she dished out- plus millions for doin' absolutely nothin'. Until she is exposed....
-Good trade-

Basheert said...

Thanks Eileen.
I think that when that-certain-someone deliberately inserts their face and family props in the public venue, over and over and over, using them as "stage props" (that would be EXPLOITING them) to get something for herself, then she has lost any ability to take a moral stance here.
I did not choose to have her stuff herself into every issue. I did not put her and her children on every stage.
You simply cannot claim moral outrage when people NOTICE that you are using your KIDS for political gain.
And you lose control of the message (IF you ever had it to begin with).
It is the nature of people to laugh when they see a joke, even if it is a human one.
She put a target on her back. And many of us have noticed.
RE: sleeping her way to the top - I think maybe she really slept her way to the bottom.

Amy1 said...

Basheert: Dick Cavett said "McCain aimed low and missed."