Saturday, 3 October 2009

Open thread -Tagging Sarah Palin

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Anonymous said...

It's unfair to say she wrote her book too quick and is going to be crap.

She doesn't like to waste time.

Didn't she produce a complete baby in a six-week gestation?

Sarah is super-efficient, that's all.

My favorite tag: tight abs prevent baby bumps

wayofpeace said...

those are great, seems like the TRUTHFUL outnumber the delusional ones.

about the previous topic, from HP:

Like his wife's surprising resignation, this appears to be a change of plans. From an interview last July:

Todd Palin did say that Alaska would remain their home base and indicated that, despite the millions that may come their way after his wife leaves office, he had no plan to give up his blue-collar jobs.

"I'll always be a fisherman, I'll probably always be out working on the slope," he said, alluding to his oilfields job in the state's far-northern tier.

Read more at:

Gail said...

In case nobody linked this yet, here it is!

nswfm CA said...

Thanks for posting those tags--there are some truly priceless ones there.

Anonymous said...

Someone's trying to unload that book. Just checked and it is discounted 46% on Amazon. Wonder how many buyers will cancel before the release date.

Anonymous said...

So, one tag says 2 grandchildren and another says Bristol had Trig. Also, babygate, fake pregnancy.

No John McCain?

Patrick said...

Wow, Gail, I love that blingee-thing!!

I had never seen that before. Apparently I am late to the party. Anyway, here is my first Sarah Palin blingee:

It's really easy! Everybody should try it:

I think we should have a blingee-competition here, also, too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Those tags are awesome!

naughtymonkey said...

Great tags!
I'd suggest adding "guano" to the list.

Helen said...

Well done Patrick, I love it. It has just the right sense of dread and perkiness.

Helen said...

Hey all, I just did mine, titled "Sarah Palin GOP popSTAR" and the cool whips at Blingee even posted it to my blog page for me! It's on the sidebar at and you can click the link to go to Blingee and make your own (and also see it bigger).

Anonymous said...

Haha - great tags, but this might be tops in light of "catastrophe" as defined by Steve Schmidt.

On Amazon right now if you click on Her Rogueness' book title:

Best Value
Buy Going Rogue: An American Life and get Catastrophe at an additional 5% off


Karen said...

NO NEED TO, that's what Sarah said about why she didn't stay in Texas to have "her" baby, or something similar at that time. Seems like her motto, NO NEED TO waste time writing a good book, I'll get rich anyways. No need to waste energy with being creative, for the book cover. Seems like a leader should set the bar a bit higher for others.

Old Greasy Gopher Guts said...

I hope you plan to do another post about the latest tags for her book. Some of them are downright hilarious!

Patrick said...

I have now organized all the screenshots from April 8, 2008 together with further information and links in this album on flickr:

Included there is also Sarah's schedule from April 8 where the appointment with filmmaker Frank Elan, who shot this footage, is fixed. He later sold it to Fox News where it was used for the documentary "Sarah Palin - An American Woman".

Anonymous said...

Remember Palin's obvious obsession with Obama? Using his phrases, doing the whole parade walk with Todd .. (pretending she was Obama and Michelle during Inauguration).. obsessed

Whoever reads her book.. perhaps, if they haven't done it already, read Audacity of Hope - the Pres Obama book

Something tells me it will read the same.. just words changed to fit her life.

Patrick said...

Kathleen has made "Sarah's Reward Blingee". I love it!

Check it out:

Marcy said...

Thanks for the open thread, Regina. As well as for this huge package of information & entertainment!

I am honestly giving thanks for the fact that the Olympics will not be held in Chicago in 2016. We had them in Atlanta in 1996. And a violent right wing psychopath, Eric Rudolf, planted a powerful bomb on the site. If Richard Jewell hadn't followed his security training and protocols, dozens of people would have died. Jewell was dead at 44: the hounding he endured must have contributed to it. But all of the Eric Rudolf cohorts have been collecting and storing weapons for the last 13 years. If the Olympics are ever held here again, these crazies will try to generate a blood bath. Thank you, IOC! And God bless President Obama for trying. grammy

Anonymous said...

Love the Blingees! Yes, please have a Palingates Blingee competition! It would be great to see them all on the same page.

EyeOnYou said...

Diana Palin pleads guilty to burglary, released for treatment

Isn't it amazing the difference in the press treatment of Diana Palin and Sherry Johnston? Sherry is splashed across the front page of the ADN for days at a time, and Diana is quietly forgotten about.

I've also just checked the ADN and did a search on that site for "Diana Palin" and the last article that shows up is dated April 13th.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Hey, I just came across this, maybe it has been mentioned here before, but I did not see it, so I wanted to pass it on. Our dear Lynnrockets and Leah Burton of God’s Own Party? are both mentioned in this The New Yorker article:


Patrick said...

Great find, PCG!!

That's really cool.

Bloggers are slowly taken more seriously. Sweet!

Anonymous said...

Another Interesting Palin Prego story I hadn't read before
Sarah Palin: Trig Birth Still Mystery Until Medical Records Revealed

- As people started to do the math, questions arose about whether Bristol could have two pregnancies in such close succession The answer is, yes. And the odds of this for a fertile, sexually active 17-year-old girl are greater than they are for a 44-year-old woman becoming naturally pregnant even once and bringing the fetus to term.

- Startled reporters and incredulous aids greeted Palin’s news with stunned silence. “You’re kidding,” said one incredulous reporter, staring at Palin’s flat abdomen. Most of the people attending Palin’s baby shower shortly after Trig’s birth—including her own friends and relatives-- had no idea that Palin had even been pregnant. “Unbelievable!” the Anchorage Daily News reported on the buzz from Palin’s friends and associates. These and other perplexed witnesses aren’t the “pajama-clad bloggers living in their parents’ basements” Palin so derides. Many are women familiar with pregnancy. One, Mary Nelson, who exclaimed “Really? No!” when she heard Palin’s pregnancy news, is a respected Alaskan state representative who was then pregnant herself. Another Alaskan politico, Senate President Lyda Green, remarked, “She’s very well-disguised. When I was with five months pregnant, there was absolutely no question that I was with child.” Still another is Hawaiian Governor Linda Lingle, who was with Palin at the Republican Governors Association Energy Conference where Palin insisted upon staying and delivering a luncheon keynote address even after she started feeling unusual pains, and then her water broke (or “leaked,” as Palin puts it)—a situation that can endanger a child in utero. “Nobody knew a thing,” Lingle remarked. '

(will post more in another block cause its alot)

Anonymous said...

y mas:

- But Elan’s video raises more questions than it answers. In footage shot about 10 days before Trig’s birth (and later sold to FOX, which repackaged it as “Sarah Palin: An American Woman”), Palin does not appear pregnant, although she does mention, in a squeaky voice, that she is having “a boy,” and later stretches back for a microsecond to reveal a tiny tummy bump that looks nothing like a seven months’ gestating baby. Most of Elan’s footage used by FOX shows Palin only from the neck up, and is often angled so that Palin’s torso is seldom seen.
Alaskans were incredulous. “She simply doesn’t look pregnant,” insisted the Anchorage Daily News. The ADN reported that Palin’s pregnancy claim “astonished reporters and others in the Capitol, who had no clue the governor was expecting.” Yet, frame after frame of Elan’s video shows Palin still wearing her “camouflage” outfit of a long, floppy multi-colored scarf. Why bother hiding her belly, if everyone already knew?

Could it be because Palin still, at almost 8 months, did not physically appear to be carrying a baby? And might that mean that Palin was not, in fact, pregnant?

Is Palin lying?

- In response to Breslau’s questions, Palin insisted that her children had not impeded her political life. She complained that “some Neanderthals” questioned her ability to be governor and also mother toddler Piper. Why not then mention being pregnant at this forum?

-If Palin hid her pregnancy but still insisted that she should not be treated any differently, then why did she hide it? And if Palin was only pretending to be pregnant, then why would she do that? The first question, coupled with Palin’s initial secrecy, stated penchant for vigorous exercise, heavy interstate travel, and ignoring of labor pains and leaking amniotic fluid, indicates a disregard for her fetus that could have produced a miscarriage, stillbirth, or some other fetal harm. Why risk her unborn child’s life to, as Palin put it, “deliver a speech” or blow off job tension “even as an old pregnant lady” by aerobics and weight-lifing? What speech or job could possibly be more important than a child’s life, for a pro-life candidate?

- Palin’s own words indicate that she’s confused about what she’s done. She’s not even sure whether she “hid” her pregnancy or not. In Elan’s video, Palin contradicts herself in mid-sentence, almost uninterruptedly, saying: “In fact, I didn’t tell anybody I was pregnant until last month, and I hid it until last month, and then, didn’t, didn’t even purposely really try to hide it, just, uhm, my abs were tight and I could hide it until this month, and there was no way….”

Elsewhere, Palin conversely states, unequivocally, that she “never” hid her condition or was concerned that pregnancy would cause her to be taken less seriously professionally. According to the Anchorage Daily News: “As for her recent news that she is pregnant with her fifth child, Palin says it never played a part in any thoughts she has entertained about a hypothetical vice presidential bid. ‘I'm very confident that a pregnant woman should not and doesn't have to be prohibited from doing anything, including running for vice president,’ Palin said. ‘Or working in the home or out of the home. The world is our oyster also, whether carrying a baby or not.’

Will the real Sarah Palin please stand up?

-anne s.
wv: judge! freaky never got a real word yet..

Anonymous said...

ooops .. here is the url for the big post above

- anne s.

Anonymous said...

What did Michael Jackson and Sarah Palin have in common?

Perhaps most surprising, though, were the bizarre autopsy details pertaining to Jackson's exterior.

-- There were dark tattoos on his eyebrows and around his eyes, a pink tattoo around his lips...

Anonymous said...

Spending my Saturday just a "sleuthing" ...

a comment left here:

"There was however a baby delivered to parents "Amber" and "Levi" on April 18th at Alaska Regional Hospital (see links below), a mere 45 min. drive from Wasilla.
scroll down to the link on April 18th, 2008"

Either the person goofed .. as I went to the link and did not see an Amber and Levi.. or maybe it "was" there and is no longer?


and this is a link to a photo of the baby (have no clue where this person is getting their links)

compared to the AP Trig photo

- anne s.

Anonymous said...

more sleuth:

from April?

feb 2008? more scarf shots

Anonymous said...

After catastrophe comes apocalypse...

Previewing the Apocalypse

"What will we see when the show leaps five years into the future? Were you joking at Comic-Con when you said Sarah Palin would be President? If you weren't, is that an indication of the aforesaid hell on earth?
No, we weren't joking. Like I said, it is the Apocalypse, after all. Beyond that, the world in 2014 is a entertainingly nasty place to be."

Anonymous said...

anyone remember this?

*Fox News has exclusive video they have been showing on t.v. about the everyday life of Sarah while she was pregnant with Trig. During the show, she keeps asking,"where's Bristol?" ,and then at one point she tells her husband to call Bristol's phone.During the entire video, there is no footage of Bristol, even though she was supposed to be home sick with Mono. (from

Anonymous said...

I just thought of something regarding the leaking of amnio fluid

In a normal pregnancy you kindof go see your doctor.. but ok .. ok Sarah continues business as usual as she has done this whole "baby thang" before

BUTTT here's is where I had an a-ha moment..
She was over a month PREMATURE!!!

Threat of giving birth over a month early is reason to get it stopped PRONTO!!

Why was she soo cool and collected about giving birth a month early?
That should scare the pants off most mothers.. get to the hospital.. get it stopped!!

Anonymous said...

Mike Webber, a 47-year-old Native Alaskan artist and fisherman, stands by the "shame pole" he carved in memory of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2008, following a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington, one day before a class-action lawsuit, Exxon v. Baker, is argued in the Supreme Court.

@Anon Sleuth (feb 2008? more scarf shots) Yes, the pics are from FEBRUARY 26, 2008. Good find!

Just think, Trig will be born in a little over 7 weeks from this dated pic of Sarah.

Helen said...

great catch ProChoiceG :D

Anonymous said...

My headache is gone! Laughter is the best medicine. The most revealing video I've seen is the Iron Dog race '95 where over-the-hill teen queen is shown at her gum-snapping "look at me" best. Does anyone have any information or links to any indictments? She belongs behind bars, for sure. I see her sister-in-law got a wrist-slap while Sherrie Johnston got the book thrown at her.