Thursday, 1 October 2009

Sarah Palin is a doll

Bill O'Reilly showed a Sarah Palin action doll on his program. As you can see, it's the 7 months pregnant version, in a black suit... but they forgot the scarf!


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Anonymous said...

Doll needs a Blackberry in each hand to look real.

Two "berries" shows everyone how hard you work... at quitting

BuffaloGal said...

Is it wrong of me to see that doll and picture it being sold with a set of voodoo pins?

Just got done reading that Palin's "co-author" (gak), Lynn Vincent, also co-authored a book with John Stacy McCain, the same white supremacist dirtbag who makes it his mission to "out" bloggers who speak out against Palin and Beck. WTF???

They're a tight little band of weasels, aren't they ?

Anonymous said...

If you like the doll, you might want to add the bobblehead to your collection as well.

Sarah Palin Bobblehead
Exclusive Limited Edition 2008 Republican National Convention Model

New! This exclusive limited-edition Sarah Palin bobblehead commemorates Governor Palin's finest moment - her celebrated appearance during the 2008 Republican National Convention, where she wowed the audience and burst upon the national political scene. This model recreates that moment, with Sarah wearing the same outfit that she wore on that important night. Show your support for Sarah Palin with the best likeness of her anywhere. This bobblehead is shipped in a colorful collectors box, with molded styrofoam protection inside.

This is a limited-edition bobblehead - only 2,000 of them are going to be produced worldwide. Get yours today before they are sold out and retired!


Price: $19.95

I wonder if they'll come out with a 'going rogue' model to accompany her book?

wayofpeace said...

BUZZFLASH's book title:

the wolf pack claims its own--
a half-human creature!

Anonymous said...

Plus, when you the pull the string on her back she tells lies, shrieks about family values, and complains about the media.

Retail price: $9.99. Hurry, this special offer comes with a free copy of the book Sarah "wrote" AND a coupon for a free parenting class!

Anonymous said...

I love it! It is so ugly and manly, look at those gnarled hands!!

and the tight bun on her head, couldn't be better,

Anonymous said...

If Sarah is still as popular as her followers claim, the doll should sell well. The rest of us can make a buck by selling accessory kits. As already suggested, kit # 1 comes with two blackberries, two scarves, and a set of voodoo pins. Ok gang - take it away. What will additional kits contain?

Anonymous said...

I think an inflatable one would sell better to the base...

wayofpeace said...

more evidence that SP's only motive for this FAUX-BOOK is just $$$$ and not a serious preamble for a run for the presidency.

but since she is consistently irrational and delusional, who knows?


Sarah Palin's most consequential choice since leaving the Alaska governor's mansion may be her co-author - a staunch conservative, devoted evangelical Christian, and intensely partisan Republican from far, far outside the Beltway. ...

Vincent's past projects include co-writing the memoir of General William Boykin, who blasted the media and President George W. Bush alike for ending his career over his casting the war on terror in overtly religious terms. Her most political book, "Donkey Cons," describes the Democratic Party since its inception as "pro-gangster" and the "party of treason and subversion." Her work for World Magazine, where she was an editor, includes a description of President Barack Obama as the "minority survivor" of the "black genocide" - that is, abortion. ...

Palin's choice of Vincent suggests that hers will be, emphatically, a partisan tract. And it is of a piece with a post-election posture in which the nation's most intensely popular, and most intensely unpopular, Republican has chosen to deepen her bond with her base at the cost of antipathy from the independent voters who decide presidential elections. -end quote


she can also be planning a revenge on the GOP establishment by entering the primaries and sending the field into a tail-spin since she will attract all of the RELIGIOUS RIGHT.WING.NUT support. and then, throwing her support for one of the other candidates in exchange for a cabinet position or VP slot.

please do it, SARAH. the nation and OBAMA will thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sarah and Todd were really nasty and relentless in the way they went after former brother in law Wooten. Sarah and her spokespeople have lashed out at Letterman, Levi, any else who offered criticism, comment or a joke about her. So, I expect this book to be more of the same, needing to get back at people and set things straight.

One of the reasons for the ghost writer was to tame things down. I am also guessing that there is a legal department at Harper Collins that has to make sure that some of Sarah's nasty doesn't come back to haunt them.

I wonder how Sarah will deal with any criticism or fact checking of her book. I guess that we can look forward to more Face Book reports.
In fact, I was secretly hoping that Sarah would include her profound and poetic tweets in her 400 page book, suitable for mounting on refrigerator magnets.

Anonymous said...

If the "bots" start buying this doll it can out sell Barbie... nah

The Sarah Paylying doll will be a loser.. just like it's likeness.

wes_ben said...

anon 16:38, ROFLMA

no doubt there already is one out there ;)

You Can't Make This Stuff Up said...

Today, the NY Post says: Now Sarah wants to sell lipstick, to "capitalize" on the '08 "pitbull with lipstick" meme. Like women would buy product from a dog wearing lipstick???? LOLOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

Silver said...

I'd imagine one version of the doll looks like this, though minus the baby inside the stomach.

This would represent the Gusty photos.

I think that's a Bristol doll on the right.


sandra said...

There should be accessories such as and empathy belly and Piper and Trig dolls for props. How about a plate of cookies?

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Anonymous said...

I think the pee'er barbarians would drop their barbarian babes (yes they really call themselves that) in a NY minute if there was a life size blow up version.

Anonymous said...

OK, where did the picture up in the right hand corner for your poll, with Sarah in the silly red top come from ? Is that supposed to be a maternity top? Was that her pregnant with Piper?

I voted for "neither" shows her 7 months pregnant.

And that is not the best one of her in the windbreaker,either. There are better pics with her kinda behind a desk, and besides some students, behind a banner, where no bump at all is possible.

It's almost like she wore the windbreaker in an attempt to look MORE pregnant, because it adds some bulk. Kinda like the whole scarf trick.

Awaiting more info on the picture, Regina.

FEDUP!!! said...

GeniO: Add a little square pillow, and a little balloon on the belly with an airpump

Anonymous said...

The eyes on that doll look really freaky,
even behind those glasses.
Sort of like 'gray alien' eyes . . .

Anonymous said...

I was over at Bree's site and found a post from Aug. 14 titled, "Levi Johnston is Going Rogue." Could be where Sarah got her book title? I can't believe that she isn't reading the blogs.

Anonymous said...

I think an inflatable Sarah doll with the appropriate openings will be a Xmas must item for her faithful followers. My guess is the doll will sell better than her book.

Anonymous said...

I'm (sanely) obsessed by Babygate too - but somehow I never saw this timeline from Vanity Fair - pretty funny

Anonymous said...

Regina, Patrick, Kathline.....
What do you think of this idea?

Someone should put together a package with very good evidence that shows that Sarah Palin was not pregnant and send it to CBJ and ask her how could Sarah be the birth mother of Trig.

Could this shake her up a little?

Anonymous said...

I read of a new way to describe $P:

"Half-term former governor of Alaska."

That's a nice contrast to things like, "Two-term governor of whatever."

Anonymous said...

@ You Can't Make This Stuff Up

We hear . . . October 1, 2009

Sarah Palin's agents are seeking a beauty endorsement deal, pitching cosmetic companies to capitalize on her "lipstick on a pit bull"

Here's some of her lipstick colors:
pretty pitbull pink
palin hot pink
sexy salmon
cha-ching cherry
goin' rogue red
mauve-lous meg
f-me fuchsia
mavericky magenta
blushin' bristol
moron maroon
naughty nutmeg
crazy crimson
baby bisque
raisin' hell
vicious violet
peachy piper
racy raspberry
presidential plum
wispy willow
double blackberry

Anonymous said...

Now Sarah really is just like the Desperate Housewives, in that she is so desperate to make some money. Asking for something to endorse? Promoting it in Rupert's paper (can't he dump her fast enough?)

I think that Sarah should team up with other celebrities who are famous for being famous. Paris Hilton has a regular line of fashions, purses, perfumes which she runs around promoting. On second thought, Paris made an anti-McCain commercial where she made fun of him, so maybe that's not a good role model.

After Monica Lewinsky's brush with "fame" she tried to market a book, and then came out with a line of handbags. Thankfully, we haven't heard from her lately.

For Sarah to be actively looking for something to endorse when she just quit her real job that promoted the State of Alaska and Alaskan products is utter hypocrisy. She had all the personal appearances that could fill a governor's calendar. She just got greedy.

Anonymous said...

I like Sandra's idea of accessories for the Sarah Doll. I would like to add:
Three blackberries, because she is even more important than when she was the governor
A fistful of money, because that is what is it really all about
Speech, it can be the one from Hong Kong, no one will notice
Her journals, because she is going to need to check that basketball score of the winning game again
Her book, the only one that she will ever read
Refrigerator magnets for spiritual inspiration
Moose Jerky, you never know when you are going to need a snack
Wipes, one of those kids might spit up on her
Bumpit, hair extensions, make up case
I am hoping that we can get Arctic Cat to make a special outfit for Sarah Doll in time for the matching Todd Doll, who comes with Snow Machine, fishing equipment, and tools for building a house

Anonymous said...

That's one ugly doll. The manufacturers went "rogue" with that one.

Shouldn't it have attachments, like blackberry, and lawsuit briefcase?

Anonymous said...

Austan Goolsbee Calls Sarah Palin A Wingnut In Comedy Routine

"There's a lot of governors..." Goolsbee mused. "There's obviously Sarah Palin (wingnut) from Alaska, who's the former Governor (quitter) and you just cannot rule out that by 2012 (there may be a warrant for her arrest)...That she will be the nominee."

Anonymous said...

I read that NY Post about the lipstick deal in the works

Makes Levi all the more credible
In his soft spoken voice.. he just said the ole gal is in it for the money now..

So if there can be a valid interpretation of his comment about her "having the baby" .. for him to come out and say what he means (since Rex still says he cannot say for a Fact she did give birth... makes you wonder what he really did mean.. shouldn't be so sketchy like it is) ...

then I saw all else is true
and sadly (but glad it is out there finally to show her true nasty colors) .. the little Trig comment
: (
I refuse! to requote it..

Anonymous said...

Regina, I know what I want to see: A rogue's gallery of Palin shots. Like the one where she's standing next to Cindy McCain (from Vanity Fair) (whaaaaa! its my party!), all with neat captions. Maybe with a caption selection contest!

Leadfoot said...

She needs two T-shirts to change into while lounging and watching wedding shows.

The first should say "STFU Levi!"

And the second should say "Palin For Pres 2012-2014-1/2"

Anonymous said...

Does the doll have boogers in it's nose too?

Anonymous said...

No one who hawks lipstick for a beauty co. will EVER be elected President.

So DO IT, Palin. Do it!

Anonymous said...

I want to hear about what her Pee'ers will have to say about that
They seem to get serious at times and are like she really needs to be taking more interviews, she needs to do this more.. I know we are to just TRUST her.. but she should be..

Now that she is branching off on the lipstick venue.. Can anyone say grabbing for more dollars? Her only goal? ..
How will they spin this?
Selling Lipstick rather than taking an interview with some real News person on real TV talking about real issues..

Scary thought.. wonder if she is going to do her own commercials? AAACKK .. her big face on the big screen putting on lipstick with those big chicklet teeth.. final scene a You betcha and a wink

Probably will have her Sarah Palin signature .. all big and loopy with a heart for the i on Palin

What has she reduced herself to.. sad
Had to "sell" herself to get money for college doing the pageant .. and here she is at the end of her road having to do "beauty".. things once again

wv: phsjxjqm (= %##@!!&($ what people will be thinking when they see her lipstick ad)

Anonymous said...

Can Sarah sell lipstick and still keep her tattoo'd lipliner? I think that there is more money in eyeglass frames, open-toe sandals, wrinkled jackets. Maybe not wrinkled jackets.

Anonymous said...

When we first heard about Sarah Palin, I remember reading that she went into Anchorage to see Ivana Trump who was making an appearance there. Sarah was starved for that bit of culture that Ivana brought to Alaska.

I decided to visit Ivana Trump's website, and it looks as if Sarah has styled her hair in the style of Ivana. Although Ivana once sold cosmetics, all that was listed on her website were perfumes and Italian cameo-jewelry.

I was hoping to find a line of products that would be suitable for Sarah to promote and pose with, as Ivana playfully holds each bottle of perfume next to her cheek, showing it to best advantage. Sorry to say, it was just perfume and some jewelry.
What's the most that Sarah can get for a tube of lipstick? $5.? $7.50? $10.? And only women will purchase the lipstick; at least men might buy the book.

Anonymous said...

Hey wait. Those hands aren't just gnarled they're hinged!! Now, what's with that??? Oh, nevermind...

Anonymous said...

ha! I posted at Pee land this:

Lipstick?? and then the quote from NY Post with a link

that is all

It was removed :D

When she does come out with Lipstick.. I can see they aren't going to take it very well. Lipstick endorcement but no interviews, no public U.S. appearances...

po sarah is going to disappoint a great many souls

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to talk about the poll? I think crazy $arah looks pregnant in both pics. (At first I wasn't sure about the red top pic but after I enlarged it with a graphics prog she definitely looks pregnant.) I was really surprised to see how many people voted for neither picture.

Anonymous said...

@1:00 - really? Look how her hands are resting. There is no bump, right? Her face is so thin in the red top.

rpinME said...

Anon. @ 1:00 the question is not "pregnant or not" its 7 MONTHS pregnant or not 7 MONTHS.
There is absolutely NO belly, IMO, in the red shirt picture & just undecipherable bulk in the blue jacket picture, but neither picture presents anything like a 7 MONTH pregnant belly.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:10. Did you enlarge it. When you do it looks like her fore arms wrap around a roundish belly. I think her face looks thin because her hair is "up".

Anonymous said...

yeah i think she is a vile hag :D but thought in those two fotos she could be prego
Well ANYONE could that wore a moo-moo red top like that and the aqua jacket that was all wrinkly
Even my granny would look prego :)

I still go with.. when you are prego
(my experience) if you are thin, like I was... you start with a swollen gut.. like wear you cant button your jeans.. like after a Turkey dinner...
and that part grows.. it doesnt inch up your torso all in one symetric bulge..where the top is equal to the bottom

The cincher foto is the tight spandex black shirt with the jacket and the lil kid

the bottom belly is the same size as the top = pillow

Anonymous said...

@1:14 - yeah, I enlarged it. It is native traditional dress. Her face looks thin because she's not pregnant. Her hair is up plenty of times and doesn't look thin. For example, have you seen the picture of Palin on the cover of the book TRAILBLAZER? Her face is not thin there at all. And her hair is up.

Anonymous said...

You will never know, Regina, how hard I laughed at this post! Why?

Very casually watching Bill O., when he pulled out that SP doll, I really lost my cookies! The next day I scoured the internet looking for someone else that saw that "terrible" doll.

To my rescue came..."Amy1." After viewing the link and drinking a bottle of "white zin," I calmed down.

Then, I saw your post...


Anonymous said...

and caribou too