Thursday, 8 October 2009

Sarah Palin, trendsetter

Sarah Palin would like to make a lot of money.


Being a speaker doesn't appear to be working out very well. She might make some money from the sales of her book. There was some talk about launching a pitbull lipstick.

If all these money making attempts fail, Sarah Palin could market her own line of exquisite pregnancy scarves. Her fans like to copy her, it could become a must have item for any pregnant palinbot.

Oops! The last one is NOT a pregnancy scarf...


Anonymous said...

She might do product endorsements. An exclusive line of Walmart jammies. A Taco Bell SarahWrap Supreme. She could host a shopping channel, because she has the capacity to get excited over small things. The possibilities are endless. But I don't think the lipstick would sell well with its pitbull association.

Anonymous said...

They are going to have to take down that last pic. It looks like it has a Democratic Party donkey mascot or is it a 3rd Party moose mascot? Sarah's Party? The Party Of Saray? It sure isn't the Republican elephant.

Anonymous said...

She could market a new line of Depends.

One for ladies that are leaking amniotic fluid, but absolutely-positively have to fly for 12 hours.

Dianne said...

The last scarf was worn on the presidential campaign trail. Absolutely hilarious and shows whoever chose it for her punked her and that she is completely clueless. I can hear it now - "You look GORGEOUS in scarves and this one suits you perfectly." And her reply - "You're so right. I am GORGEOUS and so BRIGHT and republican males look at me and drool."

WV "crindwar" Cindy's war? Maybe Cindy gave it to her.

midnightcajun said...

I've always wondered who said (of Sarah, when she was supposedly pregnant) that "Suddenly, she started wearing all these beautiful scarves." Because man, that is a really ugly bunch of cheap polyester Walmart scarves she trailed around. And she's clueless about how to wear them. I get so frustrated by the garbage that gets repeated over and over again. I've probably read that "beautiful scarves" line fifty times. And every time I want to scream, "Those are not beautiful scarves!" The donkey/elephant scarf, on the other hand, is obviously silk. The contrast to the tacky scarves from her "pregnancy" days is striking.

Okay, I probably got carried away here. I just happen to have a thing for beautiful scarves!

Anonymous said...

The buzz about Levi is that he will be doing a nude shoot for Playgirl Magazine soon. If Sarah was upset about a few remarks that Levi made in other interviews, this may be her chance to finally show the kid up.

I suggest that Sarah consider doing a nude shoot for Playboy or similar publication. They pay well. There will be a lot of publicity. And, using today's theme, she can pose with scarves artfully arranged and draped in a suggestive manner. It could be another Dance of the Seven Veils (I mean scarves).

Patrick said...

The peelanders currently have massive problems with their new commenting system - which they have installed for the only purpose to get rid of critics (they call it "troll-infestation").

On the website of the provider "js-kit" it is explained that readers and IP-addresses can easily be banned - and the peelanders can see the IP-address of every person who leaves a comment.

Clean new Sarah world!

It's a shame - I had a number of very entertaining discussions there in the past which are partly preserved HERE...

Cee4Pee unhinged

...and even Rebecca Mansour couldn't restrain herself and in a response to my comments called me a "sick motherf***er".

And look at this gem from Doug Brady, who shortly afterwards became a contributor at Cee4Pee, presenting some rather "disturbing thoughts".

But I know the day will come when I am going to ask Rebecca Mansour: "So - who is a sick motherf***er NOW?"

Anonymous said...

And they deleted YOUR comment, Patrick? Amazing and scary. I do miss my peer fix tho- need to keep an eye on the baddies.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you midnightcajun...those are not beautiful scarves, they are simply worn to create an illusion. They detract from the phony baby bump/rectangle!
The reason I think she is attacking Levi is that she had a fling with him...stranger things have happened. Now she's trying to discredit him before the truth comes out. Why use so much time and energy on him? He is her grandchild's father.
She isn't Playboy material, more like Hustler or something trashier.
Kallie in TEXAS

Patrick said...

Cee4Pee always deleted all of my comments - I was "banned" as a Trig Truther, like many others. But with the commenting system that blogger provides, you cannot really "ban" a user - you can comment over and over again, they can only delete your comment afterwards.

(but I made screenshots of several of my comments before they were deleted)

But with their new commenting system, everybody has to register with "js-kit" first, and if the peelanders don't like the sound of what you have written, then they can ban you immediately, and you have to re-register with "js-kit" before you can post again - and in addition, they can also ban IP-addresses.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, Determined "troll"s can get around their banning because most people don't have permanent IP addresses and it is easy to change an IP address (simplest way is go thru a proxy).

I did some research and found a blog, which was run by the same people that run c4p. I would not be surprised to see them with a liberals4obama site. They are in it for the money ... throw everything at the wall ... see what sticks. The moderates4mitt site has been taken down since then.

Basheert said...

Don't forget, all the new FireFox systems have "private browsing" in their Tools. If you actually WANT to go there. I don't bother because I believe they are irrelevant in place and time.

I did figure out the scarves though. It's very simply if you think about it.

They hold her head on.

Anonymous said...

If you google "RA Mansour moderates4mitt"
(without the quotes) and look at the cached version, you can see a contribution by R.A. Mansour (she loves Mitt's hair). There are other contributions by Joseph Russo, Toki De La Vega, etc. All ardent C4Pers. When this matter of the moderates4mitt site was brought to the attention of C4P, by a "troll," the regulars claimed it was a parody site, nothing to worry about. At that point one needs to ask whether C4P is a parody site too !!!

Leadfoot said...

OT but TMZ is reporting on Levi's preparation for his Playgirl shoot:

I love the line, "The real question is what he will be willing to bare..."

Is TMZ hinting at babygate?

Anonymous said...

Here's another picture of her in a "beautiful" scarf:
March 28, 2008 meeting

Patrick said...

Thanks a lot for the lead to the "moderates4mitt" site, I had completely missed that before. Yes, it's a parody site, and RA Mansour and Robert Stacy McCain left comments there...

Is C4P for real? Good question. Although we know that the scary answer is "yes". ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think we should have a thread on Sarah in her mauve-lous coat (pre, pregnant, and post). She seems to be photographed in that coat a lot...

Here's a great shot of $P from last year on Susan B. Anthony Day, March 1, 2008. This was taken about 7 weeks prior to giving "birth" to Trig. Notice her coat is zippered around her belly.

March 1, 2008

Anonymous said...

Anon 18:40, is that date confirmed on that photo? march 28? I have seen the video connected with that photo and she is very flat in some shots.

I hope that date is correct, but the last I heard, it was from stock footage that networks have used, but the date was still in question.

Please tell me you know for sure!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 18:40-

That is a great pic-3 weeks or so before Trig's birth and look how Sarah is sitting! I have been weight training since '78, two pregnancies, and my legs would have been half hidden if I sat like that during my seventh month!

Patrick said...

Anon 18:03

Oh, and you are right of course, one can use proxy servers, but it's just a pain to re-register for comments again. I myself use several proxy-servers and play around with this stuff a lot. It's fun!

By the way, if any of you ever wondered how to watch the EXCELLENT programs on BBC iPlayer from outside the UK, you can use this proxy program, it's not free, though (you need to choose a UK IP address with this program)...

...and in connection with Avant-Browser (excellent browser, based on Internet Explorer, but much better) you can watch all the programs there on BBC iPlayer. It doesn't work with some other proxy prgrams. It might work with Internet Explorer, too, but I would recommend the Avant browser.

Anonymous said...

Here it is, right in front of us, and no one has noticed. I finally realized what the perfect money making scheme for Sarah is- scarves! She is an expert at wearing them; she must have a drawer (or closet) full of scarves. And, it would not cost much money to have new beautiful scarves printed with her trademark images and expressions.

First image that comes to mind is a pitbull with lipstick. (Where are those lipstick endorsements, anyway??) Something folksy, red, white and blue with the inscription "For the Troops." Another scarf can have a picture of her house (the sports complex and Bristol's house), with the slogan "Home is Where the Heart Is." There can be political statements, such as a picture of former Trooper Wooten in a red circle with a slash through the center, "Fire Your Brother-in-Law!" I think that the most fitting image would be money money money and Sarah's quote, of course, "Show Me The Money!" If she wants to push other political ideas, there is always "Drill Baby Drill," (big oil) "I Said Thanks But No Thanks" (bridge to nowhere) and a table with gruesome skeletons seated behind, "Death Panel."

Sarah can still get her personal appearance tour, just like Ivana Trump had in Anchorage years ago (which inspired Sarah). She can make the rounds of boutiques and department stores, showing pregnant women how to hide the baby bump. She can demonstrate different ways to tie the scarf, and if this works out, there is the line of Palin Pins, the perfect accessory to wear with your Sarah Scarf. (I'm thinking bear with lipstick, pit bull with lipstick, and of course, the American Flag).

Anonymous said...

I am not absolutely sure about the 3/28 picture except to say that there was press coverage regarding a special session in the large conference room on Friday, March 28(see her official schedule). This picture was originally posted on photobucket and dated 3/28/08.

EyeOnYou said...


I've noticed the change over at C4P and find it truly amusing that they are so terrified of differing opinions that they are forced to delete anything and everything that they don't like or agree with! Yet these same people are comfortable to traverse the blogosphere spreading their vile and hate at blogs they don't agree with.

I've also noticed another distinct change at C4P. RAM and VO are noticably absent from it. Previously regular contributors as well as mod's, they are now rarely if ever seen on the site any longer. Perhaps they wised up and are seeing Sarah for the fake she truly is.

Patrick said...

The Palinites even have a separate blog about Sarah's "accomplishments"...

These Palinites just crack me up every time again!!

You would think it's parody, but no, they are serious - that's what they posted today on that blog:

"Governor Palin:

My hero, my inspiration, my North Star, my guardian President. I will always follow your lead. I am your student and I am proud to have you as my teacher."

Patrick said...


Yes, that's an interesting point about RAM (Rebecca Mansour) and VO (Tim Lindell).

I have heard rumours that RAM is writing Sarah's facebook notes, but I don't know for certain whether this is true.

But I really wonder about VO, for a while already. Is he a co-author for Sarah's facebook notes? I am not sure - I rather doubt it!

We know that RAM and VO went to Alaska several months ago (I have forgotten the exact date, would have to look it up). However, the trip was shrouded in secrecy. Not one word was written afterwards about it. You would have thought that RAM and VO would publish at least some nice picture from Alaska, the sacred land, where they could breathe the same air that Sarah Palin graciously breathes, but: NOTHING.

VO is an especially interesting case, because he was always extremely gung-ho about the Trig Truthers and had written several blogposts about it. And now we don't hear a word from him any more.

But then, maybe he knows better than others, that those who fly high, can also fall very deep ;-)

EyeOnYou said...


I am one who believes that RAM might be writing the facebook notes, simply for the fact that the writing is similar and the *footnotes* are one thing that RAM was famous for using when she was writing at C4P and she was a very prolific writer on that site for a very long time.

Both RAM & VO went up to Alaska shortly after Sarah gave her July 3 Quitter Speech. Neither of them has mentioned it and several of the C4P members questioned when they would be hearing about the trip, and from what I have gathered from watching the C4P site, no response was ever given to those questions. After the trip to the holy land, RAM decreased her posting very quickly and soon stopped altoghter except for the occasional comment as a "mod", but has otherwise not done anything with the site, and VO was up there for at least a week if not longer, but he stopped posting as well, and since his return I believe I have seen one solitary topic posted by him. Questions about both have stopped being asked as well, but it should be noted that RAM quite frequently hinted that she had insider connections with the Palin machine so perhaps they have taken her into the fold?

I was kidding at the "seen the light" comment, as both were so deeply enthralled with Sarah, that I cannot imagine that they would simply change their minds about her like that, although the disappearance of them from the blog itself is rather curious. RAM was quite famous for her "get off my blog" demands to those she did not like.

Anonymous said...

Possibly off-topic: Charleston, WV Gazette Editorial concerning $P's book.

Patrick said...


Interesting points!

C4P definitely has close ties to the Palin machine (I call them the "mafia"). From what I had seen in the past, the leading mafiosi Ivy Frye seemed to be a point of contact to C4P.

So where is VO? Have they been given a hint when they visited Alaska that the faked pregnancy did actually happen? I think that such a scenario is possible, and VO might have bailed out as a consequence. Clearly it's mysterious that he has disappeared completely. He was a real fanatic in the past. We certainly will find out one day.

Anonymous said...

Just a little FYI,
Huffpo has a story up about Sarah's emails that got reported by ADN. Now is the chance to post some links back to Regina's,Gryphen's and Bree's blog. Direct links probably will be Moderated out. You will have to get creative with your words to get past the filters

Anonymous said...

anon@20:22 ... I have seen "palingates dot blogspot dot com" (no quotes) posted there.

ashley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ashley said...

Hmmm...has anyone tried getting in touch with TMZ? Believe it or not, they've got some good down-and-dirty investigative reporters who might be willing to look into babygate.

Anonymous said...

One other thing I noticed about C4P (besides the prolific RAM MIA for the last two months) is that they have taken down their Alaska Trust Fund donation button. To go from sponsoring the infamous 'grassroots web-a-thon' to removing the donation button with nary a mention is very interesting to me.

Anonymous said...

Palin Defense Fund
Brian Malone
Apr 27, 2009

“The Alaska Fund is different because it is transparent. Names of donaters and where the money is going will all be disclosed. It will also cap donations at 150-dollars. Kristan Cole, Trustee AK Fund Trust says, "I think it's really highly desirable.”

The Alaska Fund Trust frequently asked questions:
“8. Will there be any disclosure of contributions and expenses?
Yes. The Trustee will disclose on a quarterly basis the contributions as well as categories of expenses with amounts.”
***crickets chirping***

Anonymous said...

This is very strange. If you go to Huffington Post's Sarah Palin page, there is a photo of Bristol holding baby Trig (at the Republican convention) and Levi tenderly kissing the baby. The headline is "Levi Johnston Bristol Palin's Baby Daddy" (Photos).

What is interesting is that there is no picture of "Bristol's Baby Daddy" with Tripp, the boy that we assume is his son. There are two pictures of Levi/Bristol/Trig, a couple of pictures of Levi and the People Magazine Family Photo of Palin/McCain families-no Levi.
Check it out!

wv=excitudu, are you excited?

Anonymous said...

anon. at 18:52--your March 1, 2008 picture is not available in photobucket. You account is closed.

Did you close it?

Or did Photobucket close it for you?

Anonymous said...

That Huffington Post article is from September 1, 2008. Why are they posting it now??

Patrick said...

Anybody here up for a


Patrick said...

Anon 21:29

Thanks, I didn't realise so far that they had taken down the advert for the Alaska Trust Fund. Ohhh - where did all the money go...?

Anyway, it seems that with Murdoch's millions, the worst is over, and Bristol now gets her own house in Wasilla for her and her two kids and a new car. Sweet!

Virginia Voter said...

Good God those are some fugly scarves. Sarah's so stupid she doesn't even know not to wear a donkey scarf on the campaign trail. She's definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kristan Cole...Where has all the money gone? If you remember, Kristan Cole's mother was found guilty of embezzling over $700,000 from two trust in Kamploops, BC, Canada and one in Iowa. Is that Trust fund being investigated? It should be! S.H.

Frieda said...

I want one of those Donkey scarves and have been looking since the campaign...does anyone think Sarah would sell me hers?

EyeOnYou said...

It is very interesting that they have removed the dontation button to the Legal Fund Trust site.

The site is still up and running (I just went to it and checked) and still accepting donations, so perhaps a little birdie told them that the money would be better donated to the PAC in case Sarah isn't able to access the money from the Legal Fund??

As for what is going on with that, Celtic Diva was keeping everyone updated about it, and she said it was brought up during the last Personnel Board Meeting, but that is the last we've heard. She has said she was going to do a write up on it and what was progressing there, but we are still waiting for that to happen. I'm not sure why but the meeting was back at the beginning of September. It wasn't discussed in the Anchorage Daily News that I remember seeing either so who knows what is going on. We are having to rely on the folks in Alaska for this information so until they share.....

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick, VO showed up yesterday posting some stupid response on Shannyn Moores FB page...Just a FYI :)

Dianne said...


Mental health break is great! Thanks.

The "disturbing thoughts" are horrible. What a sick POS that individual must be. Regina, Patrick and Kathleen, you are doing great work. I'm sorry that any of you have had to experience something like that.

Anonymous said...

Kristan Kole was Miss Alaska? 1982?

Anonymous said...

I have always thought RAM was in cahoots with the Palin camp (Meg Stapleton, or whatever her name is)

Back when Immoral Minority wrote the big "Splittsville" story.. I zipped over to C4PeanutBrains and not a peep

I went back to IM and other blogs while taking a peep to see when C4P would post something, anything

Then they finally posted
It was none other than the offical word from the Palin camp

Something tells me RAM made a zippy phone call to Meg-o and that is how they got the "first" official word from the Ice Princess herself

How else would of Palin got word? IM is just a "blog" .. it wasn't anywhere mainstream... I thought Palin thought "blogs" were silly

But she took time out of her day to make an offical comment

and you are right, the way the article is composed with all the footnotes looks incredibly similar to the lengthy, full detail of sources, ect..

Pres. Obama was plastered on a tabloid mag months ago saying there was a GAY SCANDEL
That is semi-mainstream
Did he send out an official word?

Lord no.. good gawd

But Palin made a comment within a few hours of the story being hidden deep in the internet on a "Blog"

me thinks RAM has some "ties"

Anonymous said...

RAM's brother has friends.

EyeOnYou said...

Patrick, I think that if VO and/or RAM caught wind of a faked pregnancy then they would simply ignore it or find a reason to excuse it. They don't strike me as the type of fans who would let a little think like that change their minds. They have defended every single thing she has ever said and done with a passion that is frightening in its devotion. I have said numerous times that the remind me of a cult, and they are more than just supporters following a politician, they are fanatical devotee's much the same as those of Jim Jones/ Charles Manson type, who just simply accept whatever they are told by their "queen".

Anon @ 23:34:

I agree that there was a close connection to Palin with someone in the C4P community. They were able to get copies of press releases and other insider information well before anyone else was and had it posted on their site a.s.a.p.

They even spoke about it a time or two because it was commented on how quickly they got their info before anyone else. The reason they gave is " we pay attention and know where to look for things and we aren't slackers" was the tried and true response whenever it was mentioned by anyone.

We know that Palin paid attention to the blogs or someone in her "innner circle" did because they were well aware of a lot of items posted that were only on the blogs.

Heck no wonder Sarah was so afraid of the bloggers, her own people were making sure she was by sharing every little thing written about her. That is amusing to think about that they were simply feeding her fear.

CrystalWolf aka Caligirl, you are correct, I had forgotten to mention that VO (Tim Lindell) was on Shannyn's friend list and has posted on her page. Interesting factoid, you can also find some of the C4Per's by just looking at this friend list as there are several of them there.

lol my wv is= tarce (kinda like farce??? *wink wink**)


Very interesting about Mansour, Liden and c4p. IMO, they are all much closer than they will tell.

Why no Federal charges for Palin to date? This is OT but will anyone ever see the Palin e-mails and why the long delay?

Bush DoJ 7:1 pattern investigating Democrats

Why Did Feds Persecute Celebrity Expert Cyril Wecht? Who's Next?
Nationally, more than 95% of those who are federally accused in the U.S. now plead guilty.
And this is not just at the federal level. We know from the Wecht case that the Feds assert jurisdiction to monitor employee messages within a county that receives $10,000 or more in federal funds. There's scant reason to think the Feds wouldn't scrutinize targets also at the city or town level.
Why was Wecht indicted on the fax charges? He says the Bush DoJ targeted him for his politics.

Anonymous said...

The photo linked above either wasn't March 28, or she changed clothes.
On March 28, 2007, there was a press conference for the
Marine Transportation Advisory Board reauthorization. Palin wore a red blazer and black pants.
Photo: Rep. Peggy Wilson press conference

Anonymous said...

You are wondering how the Sea P-ers and Sarah stay (stayed) in such close contact-- remember those pictures of Sarah holding two blackberries. I bet that she can text with each hand doing a different message. She reminds me of my days in high school (pre-Blackberry or cell phone) when we could spend an entire day scribbling notes on tiny scraps of paper and passing them back and forth. "Did you hear what so and so said?" "No, what did they say?" "Well....." trivial. I am sure that this is Sarah texting back and forth between Meg, Mansour, anyone else in the special friends loop, forwarding, copying, he-said, she-said. What a vapid empty life.

And, yes, she does care very much what every little blog is saying about her. And, after a point she can no longer "get even" with snide little comments to some friends, and she is bursting to just scream it out, eg. Levi getting blasted in the coming book. This is one very immature girl.

Patrick said...

Anon 00:57

You are talking about a picture from March 28, 2007.

One year too early ;-)

Patrick said...


Yes, I might be wrong about VO. His faith will probably never falter.

These people make me sick. Idolizing a warmongering, unhinged leader, blind obedience, ridicule the opposition, censor everything which doesn't fit into your world view etc etc - we had all this before. Interestingly, it was the USA which under great cost took a major part in eliminating this menace from the world stage. It made the USA the world power No 1, but in an ugly turn of events also created the military-industrial complex which turned out to be an insatiable monster.

All this background is part of the reason why I as an European are active here in the fight against Sarah Palin. These people cannot win - but it's a battle which has to be fought. With their shooting star exposed (it will happen!), the wingnuts will suffer massive damage. One major step in the right direction.

Dr Who said...

The people at Sarah Palins accomplishments are truly insane Patrick!! Someone writes gross delusional tributes to her sometimes 3 or 4 or even more times a day. Whenever I do a google news search for Palin, that blog comes up. I just don't understand how people can be so stupid! They are incredibly naive perhaps!
How can anyone still support Sarah. She hasn't kept any promises to her followers-why don't they see the way she uses everyone including them.
How ridiculous they call Obama a fascist or Nazi while they are the ones who don't allow any dissent or difference of opinion. They are stupid, what else could it be!!

God I hope Gryphen is right and babygate comes out full force and soon. Sarah is terrible for this country and those who don't realize that simply aren't very Informed.

Patrick, you can have a lot of fun at "Sarah Palins Accomplishments!'

Patrick said...

Haha, that sounds like fun!

Check out that link!

Joel Stein Writes Memoir In A Day To Compete With Sarah Palin

Dr. Who: Yes, I DO hope that Gryphen is right, too. As I said before, I am cautiously optimistic and do hope that Gryphen will achieve his breakthrough.

Anonymous said...

The Stein cover is so.. so.. so ROGUE!

Have you seen this one recently?

"There is a reason why Sarah Pallin is despised, because she is the FEMALE VERSION of the GREAT COMMUNICATOR."

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Hey, did you all see Blow-Pop-Palin's blog today?!? He has the link to the ADN article about Sarah's emails. Get this - now Alaska says they STILL may not be able to fulfill the FOIA requests for the emails by November 30, 2009. Many of these FOIA requests are now over 1 year old. And Sarah's book was rushed to be on the market on November 17, 2009. Hmmm....

Do you smell what I smell???

Anonymous said...

About Gryphen's "teaser" .. about BabyGate and how it is gonna hit the roof, soon

I can't help speculate.. I'm an impatient snoop (though hope he takes his sweet time as I trust him and his judgement before rolling out the carpet)
I don't think he would of dedicated a post to Bree's latest Pregnancy comparison post if it was way off the mark.

Another time Sarah Palin just lied like she was commenting on the weather was during the Emmonak(sp?) trip with the holy Preacher man to feed the poor heathen Eskimo souls.. On film, though obviously she didn't know her background conversation was being recorded, I am sure
The one guy was talking about the plane and how it landed... and she goes "Yeah , yeah! Uh huh, exactly.. (trying to remember her exact words here)..
see, that is why we sold the Governor's plane, it wouldn't land on GRAVEL"

ok.... is that why she sold the plane on ebay according to her folksy speech during the campaign? I thought it was "Frivolous" and she wanted to make a profit on it to "better Alaska"

Compulsive Liar (as Gryphen alluded to)...
-anne s.

wv: fulli :D
(Full of IT!)

Anonymous said...

The plane wasn't sold on ebay. I read somewhere that it was sold at a loss to a campaign contributor. The buyer then sued the state to get money for the plane's maintenance costs. The state probably lost money on the deal.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Patrick. You're right - it's a year too early. Sorry about that, stupid mistake.

Anonymous said...

If you find someone supports Palin for pres. in 2012, you could ask them whether they think she would serve a full term. That is a great question for her on the campaign trail, too: "Governor, can you tell us why you might resign before your term is up?" Ha, ha, ha.

Patrick said...

Anon 02:13

"Sarah the politician" - that's what I would call a "stupid mistake" ;-)


"Governor, can you tell us why you might resign before your term is up?"
That's a good one.


Can you imagine what is in those e-mails that they really don't want anyone to see?

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

EOY & Patrick: re: VO on Shannyn's FB...Diva had a FB post today about how the bots are trying to friend her to get access to her Friends! This could be why VO is on Shannyn's FB. I do know she does know his "real name" aka Tim Little (sp) but anyone who is on FB look carefully before you click a friend :) They could be trying to infiltrate. And anyone who is on HER facebook gives access to your friends to them unless you change your privacy rules. FYI

Patrick said...

Hi Blow-Pop-Palin,

I can imagine a lot regarding Sarah's emails! ;-)

We have already received from time to time a "taste" of how Sarah's emails actually look like - bitching on the lowest level might be a fitting description, for example here:

Email exchange in Sarah Palin’s administration from April 12, 2008

More downloads - Sarah's schedule, travel authorizations, audio file of Sarah's description of the "wild ride" and Trig's birth etc:


ella said...

For those of you discussing the missing RAM and VO at the pee zoo:
Not sure why they are disappeared, but I do not think we should overlook their current cheerleader, Adrienne Ross. Adrienne has her own blog, but also a frequent poster at the sea.
Adrienne is a Hudson, NY middle school teacher who worships Sarah. Adrienne is NOT hot-headed and nasty (ala RAM) - Adrienne recently spent a month in Alaska, including time in Wasilla with the Palins. Educated and articulate, Adrienne could be the one "assisting" with facebook posts- I gave no idea. I WILL say that Adrienne seems like a genuinely nice person (unlike the majority of the denziens in the pee zoo) - she is a well-meaning Christain woman who has been completely taken in by the pro-Palin propaganda. We can only hope that she will someday look at all of the "gates," and conclude that her hero is not at all who she claims to be.

Patrick said...

Adrienne Ross...oh my God...she is one of the most deluded women I have ever encountered.

At the end of August, she wrote an article called "Dr. King and Governor Palin: March On!" and compared Sarah Palin to Martin Luther King. I was simply speechless when I saw it.

Adrienne Ross wrote:

"Some may think it's a stretch, but I don't think so: Sarah Palin is more like Dr. King than President Obama, and I believe he would have held her in very high regard. He, like she, was a public servant. He paid the ultimate price for opening his mouth for freedom; he would not shut up because too much was on the line. I see the same spirit in her as she continues to fight the fight for the unborn, health care, energy independence, limited government--for freedom."

Adrienne Ross, you want to know something about Martin Luther King?

Take this, Peelanders!

Mary G. said...

thanks for all the mental health breaks today!!! I loved the one-day memoir!!!
As for Levi, well, everyone knows that intelligent gals ONLY get Playgirl for the INTERVIEWS.

Mary G. said...

In my above comment, I didn't in any way mean to suggest that intelligent guys would not also like to get PLAYGIRL--for the interviews, of course.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Blow-Pop-Palin, oh yes, I CAN imagine what is in those pesky emails!
Here are some samples of what I can imagine may be in those emails:

"Todd, didja pick up those adoption papers yet?"

"Sarah honey, are your SURE no one else saw the fake pregnancy on Desperate Housewives? Seems like a big risk."

"Todd didja hear? McCain won the nomination today, so tomorrow I'll announce we are 7 months pregnant! Just gotta go through that open door, ya’ know."

"Sarah honey, whatever you decide is fine with me, but just don't tell your Dad anything. You know what a big mouth he has!"

“Todd, what is takin’ so long for that fake belly to arrive, dammit. They said they ship in 72 hours. Elan Frank will be here tomorrow to film that documentary.”

“Sarah honey, you should have paid the extra for that express delivery, now the belly won’t arrive until 4-13-08.”

CC from far away said...

PCG, that is hilarious!! You rock!!

Patrick said...

PCG, that's hilarious, you have a wicked sense of humour! :-)

ProChoiceGrandma said...

CC and Patrick,(Blush) No, just a vivid imagination, when you just know they are hiding anything to do with the circumstances of Trig's real birth.

CC from far away said...

I love your vivid imagination, PCG, :-)

Are you not just salivating over the possibility this disgusting charade may soon come to an end? (being optimistic here.)

C--who is visualizing orange jumpsuit and handcuffs.

WV--kilamspa ... sounds like it could be some sort of prison spa..:)

Anonymous said...

PCG, Just like Sarah to cheap-out on the shipping charge.

Patrick said...

A last one from me today - here are some of my favourite Sarah Palin parodies - check it out:

Parody: Sarah Palin and Charlie Gibson

Parody: Sarah Palin and Joe Biden


Parody: Barack Obama and John McCain Debate Presidential Debate

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Yeah, Sarah is certainly thrifty. Too cheap to buy actual maternity clothes for that fake pregnancy. But hey, she could start a new fashion line - maternity scarves! Anything for the almighty buck.


Thanks Patrick!

After looking at that I could almost feel sorry for the state for having to review. They need to forget reviewing and just turn over all the e-mails.
No doubt they are cleaning up her badness. Sarah Palin is going to cost Alaska more than she ever "progressed."


Hilarious! Sarah was on a roll, she may have something about a fake belly bump order in her personal state business emails. Do you think those poor state employees are having to check out every little mention in regard to shopping?

Anonymous said...

Yeah , you are right it wasn't sold on ebay

Just she made a big deal about the plane to make her look like she does everything for the "good of Alaska" .. the plane is frivilous! I am going to sell it! It will help Alaskans!

Then in that snippet of the video she just says .. yep, why we sold it.. it wouldnt land on Gravel

just shows how incredibly, actually sickening.. she can just lie

creepy lady..
-anne s.

Eileen said...

PCG-you understand it all. The shipping delays to Alaska are notorious. Palin couldn't pull off a convincing preggers mama so she had to pull out the square foam pad from a Gov. office pillow and WEAR it.
Then, she was too cheap to invest in maternity outfits or even nice scarves so she went to her favorite consignment shop and grabbed some.
Why she looks so haphazard with wearing outdoor jackets in her office all of a sudden for several months. Out of the Closet and into the political arena.
I like the idea of selling scarves that would appeal to both pro and anti Palin folks and use the money to get a campaign going to expose Babygate Cover-Up.

I'd love to have Palin Fanatics buy a no return scarf and then get sent a flyer of photographic evidence and links that out Palin's hoax.

KaJo said...

I haven't been over at the Sea of Pee for ages, so if VO has been MIA there for a while I can think of only one reason -- the military caught up with him, and he's in the brig.

Apparently Tim Lindell went exclusively by hs pseudonym Videmus Omnia for the first 6 months of 2009 because he was still actively serving in the U.S. military.

According to an anonymous poster at Progressive Alaska on July 11, "...his leading activity on a pro-Palin website was a clear breach of military regulations that he has to observe as an active duty soldier.

The document contained no personal information, but only public information about Tim Lindell's previous activites on the internet, for example as a censor-happy Wikipedia administrator, where he also admitted himself that his status as an active duty soldier could constitute a problem for him. He was well aware of this legal issue before he started to write his vicious articles on C4P."

Helen said...

As far as RAM goes, I had a few awkward exchanges with her on the C4P comments back when Mudflats was outed. Because at the time RAM was against the outing, I saw a momentary bridge that I thought could be crossed into the land of raging ridiculousness that is C4P and its denizens. I managed to josh around a bit with RAM to the point where she wouldn't immediately eliminate my soft opposition comments. I idealistically thought it would be a good idea to have someone from our camp to be able to comment there. I was very diplomatic and even tried to get them to tell me some of the names they called us to use in a post, but I was met with the usual lack of creativity and childish taunting. But I tried to get in a few points to open up their minds - then I simply lost interest and haven't been back even to read what they are saying since Serror blew off the Alaska pro-life event - even some of her staunch supporters there were disturbed by this apparent total lack of organization from her staff. (Of course it wasn't her fault). I agree with the poster above who said that C4P is largely irrelevant. At best it can be a weak source of entertainment.

Just after the resignation I had commented and RAM came on and said she was out of town - ie in Alaska. RAM obviously used her webathong to buy her way into Palin's graces and delivered the money personally. She used the audience with her Queen to offer her services and could very well have been told that if she wanted to contribute policy pieces (for free) Palin's staff would consider them - and some of them just ended up on facebook. I doubt if they ever formalized any relationship with RAM.

RAM is an imaginative person. She viewed my icon pic as a sort of Medusa, and even fancied herself as a sort of Perseus when she asked me to leave. A brush with Snow Queen could only have resulted in some level of disappointment for RAM - her trumpeted belief that Palin was somehow the great policy politician she dreamed of and wrote about HAD to meet the stone cold wash of reality that Snow Queen for the most part just couldn't be bothered.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I almost feel sorry for those state employees. First they had to locate any pictures of Sarah on her state website that showed she was NOT pregnant and erase those. Then they had to go through her calendars and erase any incriminating information (they missed the MTV entry). Then they had to scrub all those MySpace entries by Bristol and her friends - oh wait, Rupert Murdoch owns MySpace, so he could just have his employees do that. Now they have spent over a YEAR meticulously combing through all those emails to cover her ass. Do you think Sarah will share any of the profit of her book with those loyal dedicated minions?

Anonymous said...

KaJo, there was also this comment on Nailin Palin:

Jim said...
Everything you always wanted to know about Videmus Omnia aka Tim Lindell from C4P – who “outed” himself today out of solidarity with his hero Sarah Palin (download PDF):

Interesting document...

Vaughn said...

I don't expect anything to come from those emails. They will have so much black on them there won't be anything to read.
Why do you think it's taking so long? They are going over them with a fine tooth comb and blacking out everything.

Anonymous said...

As I posted on Immoral Minority
I think part of her worry is all the emails with the word Obama

I just KNOW she said some really hateful, derogatory snips about him

The girl is scared stiff that the public will actually read her hateful words!
She's supposed to be a Jesus lovin' Saint

conscious at last said...

Hey Regina!

Perhaps a little OT, but for some more levity: I am wondering about your photo quiz up top-- is SP preggers in the red outfit? I see the polls are closed, so what's the real deal ?


regina said...

conscious at last,

All will be revealed tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Did some googling...

"Tim Lindell, an Air Force master sergeant stationed in Nebraska who blogs on the site under the name Videmus Omnia, on Friday wrote that his political faith in Palin was initially shaken by the news. He said her decision was like Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon River, the point of no return.

It's a gamble of incredible proportions. None of us saw it coming, and we're the most dedicated political junkies you will find anywhere. It took our breath away," Lindell wrote. "... She will now be the anti-Obama, standing up for her personal beliefs, free of the constraints the Alaskan people have placed on her. She is now free of them, and they of her -- though I think they will be the ones to regret it first."
The PDF document mentioned above connects nicely with this information...

Sheya said...

I can’t begin to tell you how pathetic you guys are to actually waste time and resources to set up a web site whose sole purpose is to bash a Former Governor who has done nothing but hold different political ideals than you.

You don’t need to support her, you don’t have to agree with her but what’s all this scum talk. If you really are out to advance a cause, how about you do a website of support for the person who you admire and support, rather than doing a website of trashing someone who has never done you any harm? But then again, what a stupid question.

I don’t usually respond to people like you who go after Governor Palin, it’s a waste of time anyway. But going after Rebecca Mansour? She is a private citizen who has never hurt anyone. You guys don’t even know her, yet you feel it within you’re right to attack her. You are no better than a street rapist who attacks random women on the street just because he files like it. Rebecca is a smart, decent and good person. All she has ever done was to set up a website to support someone she admires. Is this what this country has now come to? Trashing and bashing a private individual who disagrees with you politically? If that’s the case, you have a long way to go as half the country is now there.

C4P is a private website, set up and paid for by a private citizen who has the right to do with it what they like. Rebecca respects people who disagree with her. People who want to go to C4P and disagree or have constructive debates are welcome, as long as this is done with due respect and dignity.

Many C4P users disagree with President Obama’s political ideology and will voice their thoughts accordingly. C4P users know the rules, racism, sexism and foul language are not acceptable. You can be a staunch supporter of Gov. Palin but just mention the “birther” word and you’re banned. Say something that only seems racial and you’re out of there.

Rebecca Mansour has more class, honour and dignity in her little finger than all of you disgusting little weasels combined.

You guys have the audacity to complain that you were banned, that’s like coming into someone’s home, peeing on the furniture and complaining for being asked to leave.

You want to go after me, go ahead, but Rebecca Mansour is off limits so back off!

Unlike you chickens who don’t have the guts to dispaly your name. My name is Sheya I live in London, if you’re that smart I’m sure you get to me. But, be aware I’m not as nice as Rebecca I fight back.

EyeOnYou said...

Oooh I guess the Palin fan sure did tell us now didn't she? LMAO!

Sheya, we've all seen how you and your little group of friends cannot handle any kind of discussion when it comes to Sarah Palin. It is either support her 100% or you are called a "troll" or "trig truther" and your comments are deleted. I know, I've been actively watching the site since its inception.

Rebecca Mansour has no class. I have watched her call names, and attack those who disagree with her. I have watched as she lies to others and I have watched as she allows people to denigrate and talk trash about those who you all disagree with. You lie about being "banned" as we all know until you started your little new commenting system no one was ever banned, and I have seen plenty of disgusting comments from your little group of friends. You can't erase the entire blog, and it's all there for people to see. You have encouraged parody sites making fun of a disabled person (and your low class RAM was even a party to posting there), even allowing comments about how one poster hoped that she would die, so please get off your self righteous high horse.

You all trash talk better than most, and you do it while laughing and joking!

Go drink your Sarahaide and continue your little lovefest on all things Palin. You'd never allow a post like the one you made here to stand at your house and you know it so get lost and take your hate with you.

Here, I'll pull a RAM just for you....


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning???
LMAO now you come here and tell us who we can and cannot talk about?? This is a private blog by Regina, and we can talk the Truth about your effing idol, Queen Quitter grifter all we want, about her lies and the idiots like RAM that parrot her lies.
Yes RAM! RAM! RAM...Get off my blog...RAM!
Now Get this Sheya...YOU BACK OFF!Sheya want to talk about BABYGATE????
We are TRIG TRUTHERS here! We can't wait until THAT comes out!
Then all your little air filled heads will explode! :)

Helen said...

Hi Sheya - RAM is discussed because she decided to become an outspoken public voice in the propaganda game of blowing up Sarah Palin into something she isn't - a policy wonk politician. RAM set out to convince people of something, and most rational people just don't buy it and don't agree. So what? That doesn't mean she is "trashed." As far as personal comments, I specifically stated onlyy that RAM is an imaginative person. What's your beef with that? I also hold the personal opinion that she was disappointed after trying to work/buy her way into the Palin "organization" if you can call it that.

But if someone tried to post a comment on the C4Pee site which mirrored yours above - similar length and rant, even minus the insults, it would be immediately deleted. And you know it.

So Sheya - Consider yourself PRIVILEGED to be able to come here and speak your mind in freedom. Your post and your opinion will remain posted. C4P is not capable of such rational and adult behavior and for that RAM must shoulder a great deal of the blame. If you don't like that particular truth, don't cry to me about it, and don't bother coming here to read.

It was interesting reading your defense of RAM, and I think it's fine of you to do such a thing if you are so inclined, but aren't you C4P people capable of defending your own without inevitably descending into tantrums and insults? So far the answer is always a big NO. Lets see some conservative decorum from your ilk for a change, and perhaps you won't continue to earn the world's ongoing and incredulous disdain.

Anonymous said...

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