Saturday, 3 October 2009

Blingee competition

These are the first blingees, with the artist's name underneath. I'll publish more tomorrow because we're just about to go out for a bit of fun...

When we have loads in we can start voting. If I get TOO many, I'll have to draw a shortlist or something. Suggestions?

My first Sarah Palin blingee
Patrick 1
Sarah Palin - The Multi Million Dollar Smile
Patrick 2
Sarah's Reward Blingee - created by Kathleen
Sarah Palin - GOP PopSTAR
Going Rogue !!!!
Sarah Palin's Book Cover
Lipstick on a pig


Basheert said...

OMG these are great. Talented people!

Patrick said...

Well done, everybody!!! Hope to see lots of more Sarah Palin blingees!

Kathleen has made a new blingee - "Diva Goes Rogue":

Patrick said...

sorry..."Diva Going Rogue"


winkwinkWA said...

Luv the Patrick 2 cover- MONEY MONEY MONEY- that cover it all!!!

winkwinkWA said...

oops- covers it all.

Leadfoot said...

HAhahahaha.... Teutonic13...I don't even know what to say!

It is so much fun to have a creative outlet after an entire year of frustration!

Anonymous said...

i don't want to post here as this is not OT
but not sure if peoples read the comments from the older posts

I posted another interesting article re: Palin Prego in the Tagging Sarah post

- anne s.

Anonymous said...

It's true what Todd said, "she's wired different." Look at the one from teutonic13. Looks like crossed/shorted wires to me.

Patrick said...

Hi anne s.

thanks a lot for the link to the article - it seems that we had missed this one in 2008 - it gives a very good summary!

Here is the link again:

Sarah's 19th Nervous Demon said...

She's in a straightjacket now.

BuffaloGal said...

Regina - we were going in a similar direction ( i put the skull directly over the flag pin tho. Death Panels suits her more than country)

I wish the animated graphics came over with the gif. Looked much better when the pixie dust was sprinkling down onto the money.

the problem child said...

Here's another for the collection. I had fun doing it. Very therapeutic. You all should try it.
Oh, and my WV us "pleine". Hope Reg has a night pleine du fun!

emrysa said...

hahhaa, these are great! what the cover should REALLY look like!

Anonymous said...

oh just have to add this snippet here as i think peoples
(i know i do) only read comments from recent posts

re: amnio leak
Forget she was having a special needs baby or that she was leaking fluids

This was 5 weeks early. Anytime, anyone, has any sign of labor over a month early should raise a scare flag up. Early babies have lung issues, ect..

She just said "Ah heck, Ive had 4 babies before, whats a little leakage.. I know my body"
This is 1 month, plus 1 week early.
That is scary stuff.
You want to get "somewhere" go get the labor to stop.. You want to keep that baby inside of you.

Now maybe if it were 2.. maybe 3 weeks early as the due dates can vary 2 weeks either way
But over a month?

It seems focus has been on leaking fluid during labor . and it can cause infection .. ect
But any form of labor 5 weeks early means the baby could die..
I would of been in serious panic mode..

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 23:38, the reason Sarah was so nonchalant about leaking amniotic fluid is because she had nothing to worry about – Sarah was not pregnant, and Trig was already waiting at Mat-Su for her to take custody of him. Sarah had prepared a script that she had rehearsed for Trig’s presentation on 4-18-08. But unbeknownst to Sarah, Grandpa Heath told reporters about the water breaking, forcing Sarah to ad lib, and she is terrible at that! That’s why it is so interesting to listen to the audio of the 4-21-08 interview and hear Sarah stammer when trying to explain that!

midnightcajun said...

OT, but here's something interesting: I was just talking to a friend who is head of human resources for a large company. He tells me that their health insurance covers a pregnant dependent child up to the time of birth, but not the fetus/newborn child. We knew that, but here's the interesting part: he said that the newborn baby will also be covered if the parents adopt it OR if they have themselves named the infant's guardian. So Sarah would not actually have had to adopt Trig: she and Todd could simply have had themselves made his guardians. He would then have been covered under their insurance.

jo said...

Here is a Sitka newspaper article from 1996 about $arah asking everyone to turn in their resignations and the media gag she implemented. She should have been recalled then and there, she already showed her colors, you must bow down to me or else. Power went right to her head, she could control a small town, then a small state, now she thinks the world will fall at her feet.

Patrick here is the twitter account I found:

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Midnightcajun, that is what I believe happened on Saturday, 1-19-08, the hearing date for Bristol’s speeding ticket from 8/6/07. I understand they do not have court on Saturdays for traffic cases, but occasionally they have custody cases heard on a Saturday. Hmmmmmm. Kill two birds with one stone, eh?

I believe Trig was born within a few days before that court date, and they initiated an adoption case or perhaps an interlocutory order was entered that day which would allow Trig to be covered under Sarah’s insurance. I do believe Sarah had been forewarned not to commit insurance fraud. I also think she was careful not to claim maternity leave for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

i just think the wild ride gets clouded when it seems to sound like she was just giving birth
he was special needs
he was early
she was leaking

but emphasis on any pregnant woman under any circumstance not getting immediate help when they are going into labor over a month early

just that little fact
over a month early and she goes into labor

and what does she do?
Brush it off.. meh, Ive had 4 kids before, I know my body

I guess why I am saying this is I had read the wild ride story over and over for a year now.. and just NOW it hit me hello? 5 weeks early

Just think that factoid should get a little more emphasis, otherwise it gets drowned in all the other mess and people reading just think ok she was just "listening to her body" no biggie

but a woman leaking that early ... and ignoring it
that is major mental issues
(i KNOW it was a fake pregnancy :D... just saying from a perspective of someone not yet convinced.. all the other details make it "wild" .. but over a month early makes it "terrifying" )

me rant is officially over ! :)

fyi.. under the link at anne s. under OT Tagged post.. I posted a few more scarf fotos and a few other things i read

If anyone is curious.. I am going way back in google (to page 70+ when typing Sara Palin Trig in the search) .. where I find the "juicy bits" are looking at the comments. People post alot of links I have never seen before.. oddly many are "gone" now

And, last ! .. there was one thing I posted where a girl/guy put in a link to a hospital near the one SP "gave birth" showing April 18th a babe being born to an Amber and a Levi
I didn't see it.. perhaps they were spoofing. Or perhaps it was there at one time and "disappeared" .. also was a link to the baby foto and a comparison to Trig

maybe someone should look into that hospital on April 18th?
who knows..

Patrick said...


We had this before, this is definitely not Levi's real account ;-)

peninparadise said...

Buffalo Gal, I had the same problem with the gif, so emailed it directly from the Blingee site, to Regina.

peninparadise said...

p.s., please check your email Regina.

Helen said...

I just want everybody to know that those two little robot guys on mine are ....Palinbots!

I love this contest - everybody try it it's very easy to play with the blingee interface and to sign up - what do we win? A virtual ride on a flying mosaic pig? YAY.

Amy1 said...

To those discussing T1's 4- or 5-week prematurity: I just remembered that Jacqueline Kennedy's baby Patrick, born during the White House years (so she would have had the super best of care, fastest ambulance access, etc.) was born one month early -- and died.

So, yes, there ARE lung issues, among a whole lot of other potential complications with a 4-weeks-plus early birth.


That really is a good new (to me) link that Anne and Patrick gave us, above. Her points are especially compelling when coupled with the fishyness of the Palin medical letter.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 00:41 I saw the same photos of Amber and Levi. They claimed in the photo it was a girl, but the messages left for the patient said it was a boy. Also the baby had the same blue pajama and cap that Sarah and Todd had with Trig's announcement pic. I was shocked no one jumped on that one.

nswfm CA said...

OOOOHHHH, the famous dkos thread from digging around on Anne S's links:

The funny thing is that on 8/29, the first blog I read was wizbang (before the Mudflats post went up) and saw syrin's comment about the Palins and the Heaths which was when I got hooked.

regina said...

the problem child, BuffaloGal and MC C:

Please go back to Blingee and copy the code for your creations then paste onto a comment or e-mail. If I don't have the code, your pictures wont glitter and move, they'll be flat...



Anonymous said...

yeah.. the Amber/Levi link that is now missing "or may of never been there to begin with" is a widdle interesting..

It was a hospital nearby.. same "date" but who knows..
Sarah supposidly popped in the wee hours of the morning

I wonder the time stamp on the Amber/Levi babe.. if it were like 12:41 am.. hrmmmm

could be nothing.. just was an interesting post

-anne s.

KaJo said...

I know the contest is for Blingee creations of alternatives to Palin's book cover, but you should see Bill Maher's suggestions...

It's really amazing so many people have a different idea of what she should have titled her book! :)

Anonymous said...

Have we ever discussed the different places that Trig could have been born- home birth with trusted nurse and/or CBJ, hospital other than Wasilla or Anchorage?

Home birth could have been a surprise, and required followup hospitalization. This way, the baby entered via a different route, other than as a birth at the hospital, meaning that he would not have been included in the Happy Hospital Announcements.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 00:41- If you know the name of the website you can sometimes find the cached version of a missing site at Worth a try?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I should have said to enter the entire link to the page (which you get from your Google search). It's late...

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:52
The link works but the Amber/Levi coupld is not listed like the person said... dunno if they ever were listed or if their names got removed

here is what I posted
It shows the comment that person made
(maybe they out right lied but odd someone would take the time to post a link and say Amber/Levi is there when they aren't.. people could just go to the link and see they were lieing .. soo maybe they were there and have since poofed??)

also is the link to the baby photo from that "couple"

a comment left here:

"There was however a baby delivered to parents "Amber" and "Levi" on April 18th at Alaska Regional Hospital (see links below), a mere 45 min. drive from Wasilla.
scroll down to the link on April 18th, 2008"

Either the person goofed .. as I went to the link and did not see an Amber and Levi.. or maybe it "was" there and is no longer?


and this is a link to a photo of the baby (have no clue where this person is getting their links)

compared to the AP Trig photo


-anne s.

Anonymous said...

I tried entering the link into but only seem to be able to bring up the 2007 page or the 2008 page that starts with March and counts backwards to Jan 2008
It's almost like the month of
April 2008 going forward isn't "cached" ?
Sorry I am so not technical*/

i clicked all 4 pages under 2008
Just showed late 2007 up to March 2008
(no April, or beyond :( )

- anne s.

Anonymous said...

sorry, me blabbing again

part of my old post on amber/levi had a link to their "baby"

i was wondering how they got that as there is no info on the page, just the photo of a chubbo baby

I went to the site where supposidly the announcement was made and the Amber/Levi is no longer listed, and clicked another couple and it zipped me to a "baby" page like this one (same url)

Sooo if Amber and Levi did exist, perhaps she just clicked their listing and wallah, that is where this "baby photo" link came from
-anne s.

Anonymous said...

sorry ..
The Amber and Levi wouldnt be listed because it brings up a list of 2009!!! babies..
Not sure if there is a list somewhere of the 2008 ones

-anne s.

Anonymous said...

El FIN!!
re: amber/levi

more googling and I found this
palin's deceptions actually addressed this

"The first issue is the birth of a child, to an "Amber and Levi" on April 18th at a hospital about 45 minutes away from Mat-Su, Alaska Regional. Picture comparisons have been done and many people think the babies look similar. It's been suggested that this was somehow Bristol and Levi's baby, born at a different hospital, and then, I guess the thinking goes, brought over to Mat-Su.

There are two problems with this scenario....."

oh welly
-anne s.

Anonymous said...

oh why not post one more time
The comments in the Palin's Deception article are interesting

One comment says the Amber/Levi child was named Jeremiah and yet is listed as being their "daughter".. yet the photo shows the baby in blue pj's with dinosaurs

and then they say the baby list now shows (well Now being the time this post was written, last year) the baby names cut off at April 28th

Interesting reading while there are no new "scoops" on this mess...

Of course all things remotely related to S.P. are just plain WEIRD

bye :D
-anne s.

Anonymous said...

more interesting reading for the bored:

Old article debunking the whole prenancy "rumor"
Didn't know this media outlet even gave it weight?

Another link
A comment:
AKStuart 19 points20 points21 points 1 year ago[-]

Went to school with the daughter in question for a few months, before they moved from Juneau to Anchorage.

Word on the street was that she snorted diet pills and smoked other such things. I'm pretty sure she did a lot of other things, too.

This pregnancy rumor has been popping up a lot in our school (well, at least until I graduated last year.) I wouldn't doubt it, either.



Anchorage Daily News Caught Red Handed Re-editing Date on Palin Family Photo

By eskaton | August 31, 2008

Here is the original link to the photo published March 9th…
Here is the link re-edited to falsify the claim the photo was taken in 2006…

(even though only the second link works)

Strange dating on this one
Could be a type
Palin's Baby Defies Our 'Culture of Death'
Albert Mohler
President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Originally published on May 6, 2007 <----2007

"A little boy with an extra chromosome was born on April 18. His name is Trig Paxson Van Palin and his new home is the Alaska Governor's Mansion in Juneau. His mom is Governor Sarah Palin, who along with her husband Todd, has welcomed Trig as their second son and fifth child."
-anne s.

Eileen said...

we vote for Patrick #1 Devil skelton pirateer.