Sunday, 4 October 2009

Blingee competition part 2

Here are a few more blingees. For some reason, a couple of them wouldn't align to the left. The name of the artist is under each blingee, even if it's a bit skewed.

Sarah Palin
Queen Palin
Word salad
Irishgirl 2
Goin' Nutz, Also Too
Hot off the presses
Palin Going Diva
BuffaloGal 1
Palin Goin Brogue
BuffaloGal 2


Anonymous said...

These are great. I had one, but then I lost the code. Maybe I can try it again.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

My reviews:
Sara, I like the reminder of the turkey farm interview, she is such a dolt.
Irishgirl, I like the (in)famous word salad bowls.
PPPRU, the crazy eye is on the wrong side, it’s her left eye.
Peninparadise, good “end times” background, that is what makes me shudder about the likes of her getting into any public office.
Buffalo Gal 1, the theatrical spotlight is spot on!
Buffalo Gal 2, the pot ‘o gold fits, but my Irish ancestry feels besmirched!

Anonymous said...

oh my ... these guys are getting more and more creative!!

Now if we can just learn how to manipulate her face.. perhaps slap on of those most beautiful photos Regina seems to be able to dig up and slap it on the book cover instead

-anne s. (mine's the Penny one :D)

Irishgirl said...

pppru - that wandering eye is so funny!

colidii said...

Breakin' news ...

They mistakenly put an 'f' in the word 'lie.' The title is really: "Sarah Palin, An American Lie."

P.S. Did you hear Bill Mahers, "where do babies come from? I'll have to get back to you."?

Anonymous said...

It might be worth it to buy a copy, if she does book signings. X-out the 'f' in "life," on the inside title page, too. What would the reaction be? Arrest for vandalizing an "icon?" Bring someone to run a video camera, too, also.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 18:37 - Expanding on your idea, how about photoshopping the word "life" to read "lie" and have that cropped and printed onto stickers that could be slipped on to the book covers. Wouldn't mind doing the same for Rogue, changing it to Rouge.

ha!! WV = flopyrat

Leadfoot said...

OMG the wonky eye!! HAHAHA

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 19:01, that would be a good idea for your own copy, but it would be vandalism on other copies. But why waste your money on even buying a copy of her lies unless you plan on standing in line with her adoring goons just to get an autograph of her lies? No thanks, I would be mortified if I were mistaken for one of her idiot fans!

Lynn said...

I vote for Kathleen2. My second favorite was the salad one. Great work, everyone!!

Eileen said...

"SP-An American Lie". Put book title on a book cover for t-shirt design. Add back link to a website summary.
The Philisopher Jay OpEdnews. essay sums it up well-especially that it was written Oct. 2008.

Hey I want slogan on a shirt-is that lady that owns AK tourist shop listening? Fundraiser of tees from this site-for what-a billboard, newsprint ad? Spread the word. Hold a Open House on day her book is out-or a Outing-with blown up photos, press release, time lines, posterdisplays...where?...Anchorage? Juneau. can't help but think how one of the most damaging ("7" mts. along)photos was taken standing next to Lt. Gov Parnell and Sandy.