Friday, 16 October 2009

Chuck Heath talking about Sarah Palin - UPDATE

A friend of palingates sent us this French video from the time of the campaign. The commentary in French is very general, saying that journalists could only dream of setting a foot inside Chuck Heath's house, where Sarah Palin grew up among stuffed animals, etc. Then it moves on to her political background, the book banning controversy, stating that she didn't insist on the ban after the librarian indicated that she wouldn't remove any books and let the matter drop. They also talk about how independent Alaskans are and how they were looking forward to having a fellow Alaskan in the White House.

Of course, the English bits need no translation and Chuck Heath is as fascinating as ever...

UPDATE - I found another video of Chuck Heath talking about his daughter:

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Anonymous said...

Now we know why Sarah is so fond of quoting refrigerator magnets

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else make bone piles?

Lynn said...

Good find Regina! My favorite part--the gun shop with a picture of Obama with a target on his forehead.
Chuck is quite the bull**** artist --the apple doesn't fall far from the tree?? What does he mean by one of the few pictures he has left of Sarah???

Anonymous said...

Also, too, there may have been a story about the family in Field & Stream magazine.

Anonymous said...

WOW - what's happening?

Going Rogue: An American Life
List Price: $28.99
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Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly, Lynn. What happened to his "other" pictures of Sarah? That was a very odd comment. Also, the picture was of someone shooting, but who was it? It was merely the back of somebody. Could have been anybody.

Dianne said...

Yes, the "other" pictures. Another scrubbinb job by the McCain campaign? And that gun shop guy seems kind of scary to me.

Anonymous said...

Did Obama's Statement Kill The Story?

NY Times' Catalog of Bristol Articles

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "other pictures" were the "bear rug" pictures.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the price of that book is lower than the price of many paperbacks. They must be sweating bullets, hoping those that have ordered won't cancel before the book is shipped.

Dianne said...

Scrubbing - not "scrubbinb." Jeesh. Not enough coffee yet this morning.

Anonymous said...

In the 2006 governor's race, Palin claimed she kept a freezer full of game. When Greta interviewed her, if I remember correctly, she had to get the moose stew ingredients from her dad.

Anonymous said...

This video answers the age old question of ... how many dead animals can one house hold?

Chuck.. you have killed too many of God's critters. I hope you are reincarnated as a moose.

Anonymous said...

and now

there are a few more in the works. Twitter didn't allow enough letters for the full phrase.

I'll be asking for ideas in the next few weeks about how to best utilize the accts.

Have a good Friday !

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I never tire of applauding Grandpa Heath, for without his "water breaking" leak, no one would have been the wiser that Sarah actually faked a pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

In the first few seconds, there is a truck with a "McPain" or "McPalin" bumper sticker, parked outside the garage.

CC said...

Oh la la la la! What an embarrassing representation of Americans to the French audience.

That gun shop owner is creepy. The whole cast of characters looks creepy.

They should have named that TV segment Rubes-R-US.

Good grief!!

Anonymous said...

That isn't such a bad house. Is that the house she grew up in? I am curious about her statement, "we eat, therefore we hunt," as though it was necessary to hunt for survival. I think, too, I read somewhere that when she was at home, someone (Kristan Cole?) would come over and they'd have cookies.

EyeOnYou said...

At the end, Chuck Heath says that even though he is a registered republican, he votes for the man not the party.

After all his campaigning for republicans on Sarah's behalf, I have to wonder if he has ever voted for a democrat, or if this is just another "tall tale".

Anonymous said...

Wow! Skeletons in plain sight.

Anonymous said...

The woman at the library was very matter-of-fact about a person's ability to close a book they didn't like.

Anonymous said...

A lot of trucks there. I checked Anchorage gas prices and it's about $3.25 a gallon.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Chuck Heath says:
“She learned strict discipline and regimentation from me, and she got a lot of faith and loving care from her mom, ya’ know, and the combination of those kind of molded and what have ya’.”

The “molded” character of Sarah Palin is certainly a form of fungi. It appears Sarah learned her speaking inabilities from Dad.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Heath creeps me out.
I am quite sure he ghostwrote the
"who's your daddy ? " essay,
the signature line would be the one
where he gives Sarah the 'warm ungulate parts'
to hold while out on an early morning hunt. Eek.

wv : holowin
(lots of possibilities here)

Anonymous said...

The "McPain" bumper sticker is telling. She's not a team player, so she had to go rogue.

Anonymous said...

My god,oh my god.

Stripped of all the bones, pelts, and with a few heads only, it might be a good survivalists house with all the What is it, Gum balls? on the shelves.

I didn't listened to it yet. But that bullet hole through Obamas head freaked me out.

No wonder Palin is what she is. How could she not be.

I feel sorry for the adult Heath kids, I felt sorry for Palins kids too.

I do my little bit to keep people aware of what the woman is.

I agree, thank you for the Wild Ride Story Chuck.

Teutonic13 said...

Here is a good thread from HuffPost regarding the AIP issues surrounding SP last year- and buried.

Hey I love that almost everybody I read recognizes SP for her ignorant BS and money grubbing opportunism.

midnightcajun said...

That "strict discipline and regimentation" line creeps me out, even more than all the dead animals (I'm a vegetarian, therefore I shoot at paper targets). I do think that Chuck is the source of many of Sarah's mental problems--as well as her inability to tell the truth. Ever know a parent who talked about "strict discipline" who didn't severely beat their kids?

Anonymous said...

"Sarah, she was something else," he said. "I wasn't mean to her. I was stern with her, but I could seldom bend her if she made up her mind on something."


ProChoiceGrandma said...

Sorry to be a little O/T, but Lynnrockets has another great song parody to the tune of Gilligan's Island. It is a fun start for your day.

Anonymous said...

It does look like a survivalist's cabin, although Wasilla is a mini-mall mecca with a Walmart. Listening to the gun dealer explains it all- everything revolves around shooting or killing. I eat meat but I don't hang the remnants of my chicken drumstick dinner on my wall. Nor would I be proud of a poster with a hole through the head of the president of my country- even if it was GWB.

Anonymous said...

Chuck and Sally had four children, and Chuck, a schoolteacher and coach for Wasilla's high-school cross-country team, could be a stern taskmaster. "I pushed them hard," Chuck Heath said, "but Sarah always asked me for more."

Seattle Times

Anonymous said...

When I first heard about SUFON I got a creepy feeling that they left out the word aryan. Scary people.

Anonymous said...

"I could bend my other kids and have them do things," Chuck said, "and, if she knew she was right, I had a hard time convincing her there was another way of doing it. But she was usually always right, and could justify what -- what -- she wanted to do, you know. Very strong willed and very hard-working."

What part of her personality, or her upbringing, is going to serve her best in all of this? Replied Chuck, "Hard-working, perseverance, honesty. Yeah, honesty. She won't fabricate things or exaggerate things. She'll tell it the way it is."

Palin's Parents Pan Media (with video)

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anons @ 17:18 and 17:56, very good articles! Will have to mull over them this evening.

In the meantime, would someone kindly direct me to the Guide for Dummies on how to make a hyperlink?? I spent nearly two hours the other night and still could not figure it out!

Vaughn said...

RE: Anon@ 16:54

Not gumballs, I read somewhere that he collects marbles.

Anonymous said...

I can almost feel sorry for his children, but they are adults. I know people who had strange families that gave them the incentive to be better people and not to carry on the crazy. They didn't grow up in Wasilla, that may be the difference.

He can't help the looks he was born with but the rest is on him. I would like to see him as a character in a scary halloween movie. The next Freddy Krueger's father, I love a good fictional freak show.

Anonymous said...


Here is an example about making a hyperlink.

Anonymous said...

This video clip says it all. Chuck has always creeped me out. And now to hear him talk about strict discipline and regimentation....well, we all see how that turned out. A spoiled little girl who thinks she belongs in American politics. It's a joke. And what a horrible image Europeans must have of Alaska. A poster of Obama with a bullseye on his forehead? Horrible.

Anonymous said...

She gets her word salad skills from her father.

Telling the truth? Ya gotta be kiddin Chuck ole boy.

He has produced one of the worlds most obvious liars.

Stubborn. He got that one right.

Anonymous said...

It may be that he tried to "bend" Sarah, but she was so obstinate/stubborn that he gave up and let her to grow up to be what she's become ???

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere (maybe in the biography about sarah that came out summer 2008) that early on
the Heath sisters learned to lie to cover for each
other and protect themselves from Daddy dearest.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Heath Palin lies like she breathes......easily and often. She lies even about the smallest things. It makes me think she grew up with no attention so she continually lies to make her self look better, greater.

Anonymous said...

pcg ~ i'm with you on the hyperlinks.

Anonymous said...

Chuck.. can you please share your recipe for mountain lion?

The only thing Chuck taught her is how to lie.

Chuck did you help Todd build the house and boat?

Molly said...

Guys, it's not a bullseye on Obama's forehead, it's a bullet wound showing his brain.......

what is WRONG with "those people"?

also, too....the librarian looks like Bristol, older. Huh.

CR46 said...

One of the only photos I have left of my daughter??? That is the strangest thing I've heard.

Anonymous said...

O.M.G.!!! What type of person can/would live like that?!? That house and I assume their front jard just gives me the creeps! I don't know if they actually shot all those animals that they have the pile of antlers made from (they might have found many if not most of them on their hunting trips), but still... How stifling/intimidating the surroundings are in that house! Wherever you are, you are being watched by the souls of the animals you killed. CREEPY!!!

Anonymous said...

The entire Heath family has lost their marbles.... and Chuck has them in jars on the shelves.

Anonymous said...

Not marbles:

Since the initial rush to interview the Heaths, McCain campaign workers have intervened. Reporters are supposed to call a media liaison with interview requests.

"They gave us a protocol to talk to people, and Sally's kind of in charge of it," Chuck said as he ushered a Daily News reporter and photographer into the house, showing off the skull of a steppe bison he found while gold mining and hundreds of colorful fishing lures he has pulled out of the Little Su River over the years. In the living room, a couple copies of a Sarah Palin biography sit on a table, and in the basement a wall filled with family photos includes a big picture of his daughter back when she was Miss Wasilla.

He's trying to abide by the protocol laid out by the McCain campaign, but Chuck Heath is naturally engaging and a born storyteller.

"I hate not being hospitable," he said.

Anonymous said...

A little like a Ted Kaczynski cabin in the woods convenient to the Walmart parking lot. Can he buy ammo there?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he "found" that bison.

Anonymous said...

Still...he has that hoarder disease and definitely a half a bubble off.

Lynn said...

I've watched the video carefully and what happens when Chuck point to a photo is that the camera then zeros in on a smaller photo just to the right of the one he's pointing to. Maybe the videographer thought it was a closeup from the one he's pointing to but it has different shadow patterns. Perhaps it's not Sarah at all. I, too, was thinking it sure didn't look like Sarah or a woman at all.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be surprised if the bones of the moose that Wooten shot are in that pile. Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's kitchen looks like a television set that no one uses anymore. I don't recall her frig being loaded with magnets, was it? Is that the Heath library or learning center? Sarah has to return there for all those lessons? Maybe she wrote Going Rogue from the Heath kitchen.


pulp pa

Anonymous said...

What was that Wooten story? They whined and ratted on him for an illegal moose kill and Heath or someone gave an interview about Heath dressing, freezing, sharing and cooking the illegal kill?

Anonymous said...

Obsessions Concerning Saving/Collection Things also known as Hoarding.
This will result in:
Reluctancy to throw things away, independent of their value or usefulness.

Looking through the garbage to ensure nothing valuable was thrown away, some will go through others peoples garbage.

*Collecting such useless items.

*Urge to pick up items from the ground.

Discomfort when being around empty space and feeling the need to fill them.
Compulsions concerning Hoarding.
Carefully and minutely inspecting household trash in case something "valuable" has been thrown out. This process can be repeated until some sense of certainty is achieved.
Some will do the same with trash in general, always thinking something may be thrown out by accident.
Accumulating useless objects, for instance because they feel they may be needed 1 day.

*fixation on Palin blogs [8^{

regina said...


Mike Wooten took Molly hunting on one of the the last days of the season because she had an unused tag and Chuck Heath was getting impatient about missing out on that moose. When it came to the actual shooting, Molly chickened out and Wooten shot the moose instead. That moose ended up in Chuck's freezer...

Anonymous said...

Somewhere I read that Chuck Heath would insist that every family member get a moose permit. There may have been more moose permits than hunters, so someone (Wooten?) had to take up the slack.

Anonymous said...

Oh, gag me with a spoon. When asked what to expect from SP the last thing Chuckie said was HONESTY.
At that moment he should have been struck by lightning.
This entire family makes me ill. Good for Mike Wooten, he was able to get away from Deliverance.


CC said...

Papa Heath is one creepy dude, definitely. That house full of "kills" is disgusting and vile. Shudder!

Prior to this video I had never heard Sally Heath speak.

Now I know where $P gets that awful screechy voice from.

Anonymous said...

The Palins’ statement arrived after a flurry of rumors had made their way through the Internet over the weekend, growing and blooming, it seemed, by the minute.

Some claimed that Ms. Palin had not actually given birth to Trig, but that Bristol had, and that the family had covered it up. Various Web sites posted photographs of Ms. Palin in the months leading up to his birth this year, and debated whether her physique might have been too trim for her stage of pregnancy. The McCain campaign said Ms. Palin announced Bristol’s pregnancy to stop the swirl of rumors.

Ms. Palin’s own pregnancy took Alaska by surprise this year. Even those who worked for her in the governor’s office said they were surprised. Her announcement, in March, was reported in The Anchorage Daily News, which noted at the time that Ms. Palin “simply doesn’t look pregnant.”

G.O.P Convention Script Shredded

Anonymous said...

To anon who commented that the Heath sisters learned to lie to keep Papa Heath at bay----that sounds plausible.

As for his daughter's honesty---geez. Chuck's either a liar or deluded by the fact that she's becoming a rising star.

Amy from Texas

P.S. Obama is in Texas today. I'm scared for him.

ArmchairJane said...

From the CNN article linked to above:

Heath, 70, who coached his daughter in cross-country running, said Palin turned herself into a top high school athlete by outworking and outhustling everyone else. In high school, Palin earned the nickname "Sarah Barracuda" for her play on the championship-winning girls basketball team. (Video: Watch how Palin's decision to elope showed her tenacity)»

"I had a bunch of good girls, a bunch of good runners, and she was just mediocre in practice," he said. "And the first meet, she smoked everyone, and that opened my eyes, and the competitiveness in her really came out that day."


Of course everybody by now seems to know Palin shot the winning basket that year the underdog team won the state championship.

But it was interesting when Greta went up and "bagged" (all this hunting talk with Chuck is getting to me) the first interview post-VP selection with "the First Dude".

The exchange is on one of the Fox videos, with Greta standing in the driveway with Tahd. She starts talking about what a great basketball star Sarah was. Todd also played high school b-ball so Greta is asking him about the great athlete Sarah.

Todd was quick to warn Greta that if you looked at the stats, you wouldn't find Sarah's name high up on the list. It was supposedly in the locker room, etc where she showed her leadership.

Chuck has basically said Sarah became a great athlete because of her tenacity. But apparently the stats don't back up the myth, and the star athlete image revolves around one shot out of the entire season.
Todd was instead saying "don't go there!" as far as the actual stats.

It seems that there is rarely a profile of Sarah that does not go into this sports stuff. Her previous bio covered it. According to Chuck, she was emailing him this summer to ask for basketballs scores. She supposedly kept journals. Just how much is the basketball narrative going to be flogged in this new book?

Of course when Rupe's company signed Sarah to write the book, they expected to have a Governor finishing her first term, with more recent accomplishments to add. Instead she quits the job for no good reason, and goes off and hides behind Facebook. So maybe that means 50 pages of basketball glory days instead of just 10 or so...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..., team captain? co-captain? Often those jobs are filled by the less important players. Sounds important, though ...

Anonymous said...

Was it here? Someone posted a list of the important things Sarah learned by playing basketball ... fouls, trash-talking, ... She did say that's where she learned everything she's ever needed to know.

Anonymous said...

Chuck does seem unforgiving - seems like that might be the reason the kids ran off and eloped instead of being honest with the parents about being pregnant. They were probably scared to tell him.

Anonymous said...

Once Sarah Palin's myth disintegrates, people will no longer be skeptical of the simple facts about so much of her life. As the image dissolves, people will see her more clearly.

Anonymous said...

anon 21:02 Was Bristol pregnant? Did they give us bogus dates, if she was? It sure reads like Bristol's pregnancy was announced to squelch the rumors that Sarah wasn't pregnant. That was the word of the McCain campaign, too, that the story was released to stop the rumors.

hunter said...

Even though people may not like it I'm going to say it anyway. Don't lump all hunters in with the Chuck Heath's of the world. And yes, there are lots and lots of them around the country. And go to any gun shop or gun show in America and you will see all kinds of scary and radical characters. How do I know? I've been to my far share and am amazed every time. Our family hunts and we are proud of it but we are not radical and NOT members of the NRA. Sarah Palin and her ilk need to be stopped and I can't wait for the bloggers to bring her and those like her down.

Anonymous said...

I take it all the high school basketball stats Tawd was referring to have been scrubbed.

I know people who grew up to only relive their glory days of high school, they are usually the biggest failures.

This assclown family is hilarious at times but they are getting old and dull. I'm glad the ratings are sinking and the book scams are stinking.

I am encouraged that the end game will be here soon.

Anonymous said...

My family did some hunting. I know not all hunters are wing nuts.

What is the story with Bristol? Was she pregnant, PG, at the RNC or what? She looks like a nursing mother that could also be PG.
They announced she was PG to stop T1 rumors but she wasn't PG? Is this what the person on another thread was talking about with the adoption? T2 looks like Levi's kid. Where does he come in to the Bristol is not T2 mother? I may just be very confused here.

Yep, the kids I went to school with that had hard headed idiot parents learned to lie. Not all of them turn out to be sociopaths. She has a chemical imbalance, bad genes, there are some sick secrets in the family or all.

Anonymous said...

MidnightCajun asks wisely, "Ever know a parent who talked about "strict discipline" who didn't severely beat their kids?"

No. Ow.

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Lynn said...

I found a radio interview with Chuck and Eddie Burke. To me the most interesting part is when Piper first gets on the line, or at least that's what Chuck says and then Eddie Burke insists he put her on. Her poor little sad voice speaks volumes. They try to get her to express enthusiasm for the campaign but she doesn't sound like she wants to parrot the right response. The part with Piper is towards the end of the interview.

ArmchairJane said...

hunter, anon 22:26,
I certainly agree not all hunters are wing nuts and not all gun owners are crazy people proud to display posters of the President with bullet hole in head. Our family has gun owners and we are definitely not wing nuts. Progressives can be gun owners, too.

Unfortunately, some of the big city journalists seem totally confused about hunters and guns. They either focus on the crazies, or they are overly impressed with the image of frontier Sarah shooting her family's food (Bill Kristol etc).

But even that is bogus, sounds like SP hasn't done subsistence hunting in years, has to go to Daddy Chuck to get the moose meat from the freezer. Hey, Greta may have even eaten some of that Wooten-shot moose, you never know!

It really is pretty sad that Palin is now reduced to reliving the glory days, both of high school, and of when she was still a governor able to fool the people she knew what she was doing. That was a good comment, btw, about all the stuff $P learned from basketball: trash talking, stealing, etc.

Anonymous said...

I've talked to some girls that have been in Chuck Heaths class at one time or another. They said he was very strict and overbearing. Spoke a lot about Jesus and would try to tie his lesson plans into his religious philosophies. I'm glad he's decided to "retire" from his substitute teaching job.

Anonymous said...

I remember a piece that Sarah wrote about her father, maybe when she was governor, could have even been earlier, and it was a real mushy love letter to and about her father and what he meant to her.

The words that I recall had to do with Heath's advice to stick to it no matter what, never give up, give it your all, that kind of encouraging stuff. And this kind of advice does not mesh with the same woman who quit an important job serving her state because a couple of mean people said some nasty things about her. What ever happened to the famous Heath Pep Talk?

Anonymous said...

To: Anon 21:58

"Was Bristol pregnant?"

No one knows for sure. The reason I don't think she was is this tape from KTUU. It looks, to me, like it was altered to slow down her gait.

The tape was taken, by surprise to her, on Dec. 15, 2008. That would be 12 days before she supposedly delivered Tripp.

Notice she is behind the family and ends up ahead of them in the "ICE and SNOW." Hands in her pockets pushing out her jacket and not a waddle in her walk. Go to 1:30 on the tape...see what you think!

Anonymous said...

anon 01:40 Even if they slowed down her gait, she is moving faster than the others. It looks to me like she skipped ahead of them, which might be what happened.

Anonymous said...

In the video she doesn't move like someone two weeks away from their due date. It's almost too much to think that would be more padding. What kind of genetic disorder causes women in one family to keep stuffing things to change their body image?

What the heck would Levi's part of this be? He was living in the Palin house at this time? My head just exploded.

Anonymous said...

If Sarah used the empathy belly for the Gusty picture, why couldn't Bristol have used it at the convention? In a high stakes political campaign, they could have even made a custom empathy belly.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. just wow

Darklady said...

Is Chuck Heath talking about the same Sarah Palin who quit her job as governor cuz it was too gosh darn hard?

How on early can he claim he taught her "strict discipline and regimentation" when she's such a quitter?

And how on earth can he insist that her three strong points are "hard work, perseverance, and honesty" when she's a lazy, quitting liar?

A father's love is blind, I guess...

Anonymous said...

First off, let me say that I firmly believe that Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig, BUT... I did not "waddle" with any of my pregnancies (4) and was not swollen, either, even though 2 of mine were born in late Summer. I was lucky not to have unpleasant symptoms like that. Maybe Bristol was the same. She was 17, after all. Pretty spry.

Anonymous said...

In that video she looks smaller than she looked at the convention when she weas only at 5 months.

Anonymous said...

I think this is possible: With the rumors swirling that Bristol rather than Sarah was Trig's mother, they came up with the idea that Bristol couldn't have been Trig's mother (therefore Sarah must have been) if Bristol were "pregnant" and the date of her "pregnancy" made all the rumors unlikely. So Bristol became "pregnant" (faked a pregnancy). It is a scenario that seems possible to me.

If you game-out how to kill the rumors about Sarah/Trig, I think a "Bristol is pregnant" story is what you'd come up with. It works as long as people believe that Trig's birth date was in April as the Palin's claimed.

Anonymous said...

anon:02:30 .. ironical thing about that is that to stop the Bristol/Sarah/Trig rumors, they had to have a pregnant Bristol, if Sarah faked a pregnancy to quell rumors that Bristol was pregnant. So they ended up announcing what they originally tried to hide. Interesting idea.

Dr. Who said...

Please see my letter to Jesse Cornish in the last thread. Haven't we all had enough of this?

I believe we need to start a petition asking for final clarification on this issue. As voters in this country, we deserve to know the truth about the woman who John McCain chose to be a heart beat away from the presidency. Those from Alaska deserve to know whether their elected governor has lied to them and stolen money from people based in part on this huge charade.

Wouldn't you think Sarah would like to end this finally once in for all by simply providing proof to us. I think we should put in a petition that we would all like to put this issue to rest and would she please provide the following information. You would think she would be quite happy to comply with this, wouldn't you?

Here are the things I would like to see as proof. Please add any other things that you think are necessary. Patrick, what would you say about writing a letter or petition we all sign and sendi to her? Some of you might laugh, but has it been done? We can ask for the information we want, and appeal to her commmon sense conservatism (chuckle) to provide this so we can all be done with this issue once and for all. Isn't this for her benefit for goodness sake! A common sense conservative would most certainly agree enough is enough-here is the proof bloggers-now go away. Bring it on Mrs Palin.

I want to see:
1) the birth certificate-original form no photocopies
2) a videotaped statement from Dr. Cathy Baldwin Johnston saying a) that she delivered Trig Palin, on 4/18/2008 and that Sarah Palin was the birth mother and b) she did talk to Sarah Palin when her "amniotic fluid started leaking" and told her that it was fine for her to go give a speech before flying home.

People say that we would not be satisfied if shown proof. That we would still be questioning. These two things would be enough for me. Would this be enough for all of you?

Patrick or Regina, do you think this is a good idea? You two are ideal for putting together a petition -you are both in other countries......

Thank you everyone. Jesse will say that Sarah doesn't have to prove anything-and well, that is true. But I can guarantee Mrs Palin, that if she doesn't, we will pursue this in a much more aggressive manner in the future. I believe we should all pitch in and hire a private investigator to track down more specific records - surely these must be available. The other option is to bring suit against Sarah Palin for FRAUD. She has taken thousands of money from people - and she has lied about her "pro - life" credentials.
Some may find this insane, but more "frivilous" lawsuits than this have been filed and won in court. We need to have her deposed. What are your thoughts? Others have said enough guessing and I agree. And Mr. Cornish makes valid points-he has pointed out that we should ask for this very obvious information from the Palins. If
she is the birth mother, what is the problem?? Certainly she will provide this information if asked directly.....NO? (chuckle, chuckle)

Anonymous said...

dr. who, What are the laws about birth certificates in Alaska? If it was an adoption, does the cert. show the date of the adoption? Date of birth? Biological parents? How hard is it to get one? What kind of proof of birth does the state require?

Dr. Who said...

Anonymous 2:55, I believe someone said that only the immediate family member can get this. The adoptive parents can be listed but the birthdate can not be changed. They could show a fake certificate, thus having the taped statement from Dr. CBJ. Also, never forget, anything can be bought with money. Anything. Sarah knows that better than anyone else.
We all have money too.

Regarding the video of Bristol, she does not look pregnant. Perhaps Tripp is the adopted baby and Trig was her only baby. Anything is possible with these insane people.
The children need intervention, professional intervention. Anyone in this situation would need counseling.

Dr Who said...

PS. Aren't we all tired of guessing? Lets ASK, lets DEMAND proof. Enough is enough. If they will not give the truth, which anyone would if they were not hiding something, then lets hire a PI and sue for fraud.
If anyone has given money to one of her organizations, they can claim they were lied to.

This has all gone on long enough. We have to push this to a finish.
To answer Jesse's questions, we do not have the proof, we have a lot of evidence though and that does count for something. Mrs. Palin could put an end to all of this very easily so let's ask her to.

Anonymous said...

In Vanity Fair, Levi says that he, Bristol and a friend went to tell Sarah that they were pregnant. And we're told that Sarah was incredulous, because she had just told people that Bristol wasn't pregnant. When was that? During the 2007 rumors? Is Sarah talking about the time when she went to Bill McAllister about the rumors? Were there rumors in 2008?

4Truth said...

Solid proof = DNA test!

Anonymous said...

This is quite a drama. We await the denouement. Will it turn out to have been a tragedy, a comedy, a farce, or all of the above? When the plot is too complicated to be resolved, the deus ex machina often appears.

Anonymous said...

Another thing is that a lot of her "base" may not think a teen pregnancy is anything to hide, because it happens in their own families or friends' families all the time. The proof of that is that they didn't freak out with the "Bristol is pregnant" story (or was it that they were relieved that that story diminished the Sarah-faked-it story?).

Anonymous said...

Could be, anon@04:30, that it gave her base families some cover, too, like it's OK if that happens in a family-values family, because it happened in Sarah's family. It gives them an alternative story-line when/if that should happen to them.

wes_ben said...

Reggie, another odd $P photo for ya...courtesy of

Anonymous said...

Cathy Baldwin-Johnson.....Dominionist church....access to babies up for adoption......friend of Sarah palin. Shouldn't she be look at as a stand up unit?

An empathy belly that can be use by mother and daughter at any time to accommodate a desire stage of pregnancy.

I'm stuck but Sarah is not the mom. isn't that enough?

My reasons why the public should Know:

1. The lie was told in a public arena.

2. Faking the pregnancy is the most demonstrably deception committed by Sarah Palin.

3. Sara Palin benefited by eliciting good will using falsehood.

4. The reputation of others has been put in question.

5. Sarah Palin will be looked at more closely once bad deeds has been exposed to the public at large.

6. The implications of her deception are far reaching as in what institutions and professionals are involved in deceiving the public and who may have been directly harm.

7. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson; Did she help a friend and/or is there is modus operandi to reafirm her church beliefs? The public should know.

Forever Anonymous.

Reesie said...

I totally agree with Dr. Who. We need to move this to the next level. I am tired of talking about pictures and all the evidence that we have. What does it take to get to the next level? If I knew I would help.

Can someone post CBJ's email address?

Anonymous said...

Oct. 3, 2008 | Sarah Palin appeared transformed in last night's debate. There may be an unearthly reason. If God is listening, he cannot be missing the passion that evangelical voters are investing in her.

Only a few days before her first and only command performance before the voters, we stood with over 100 Pentecostals in Crossroads Church just outside Wasilla, Alaska, and heard the pastor proclaim that Sarah Palin would be the ambassador of God from righteous believers.

"We do know Sarah personally and she knows we pray for her," the Rev. Dennis Hotchkiss told us when we called him hours after the confrontation between the beautiful and bold heroine from the farthest frontier of the country and the seasoned lion of the Senate. That night, pastor Dennis had gathered some of his flock in the church -- not to watch the debate: "We didn't want to be distracted" -- for 90 minutes of intense intercessory prayer, including speaking in tongues. Then he went home to watch the videotaped debate. He was well pleased.

Anonymous said...

I haven't found an email. This is a list of several places that she is part of. They also list Palinsdeception

Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, M.D., chairs the Alaska Children's Justice Task Force (ACJATF).She is also the medical director for Providence Matanuska Health Care.

Molly said...


It is somewhat bittersweet to see all the new commenters here asking some of the questions that were already covered over at Palin Deception. Over and over. So I would encourage the newbies, if they really want to spend the time, to read all of Palin Deception's blogs, and all the comments. I realize it was much easier to have done so in real time, but a lot of the things that are being discussed here have already been covered, and answered, or, covered, and we still can't figure out quite what the answer might be (Ex. Trig's and Tripp's actual birth dates) But of one thing Audrey was sure: that Sarah Palin's version of the birth of Trig Palin cannot be true.

Welcome aboard all the newbies; I too feel as do others that any small thing at all that anyone can add to the discussion is for the good--to make sure Sarah Palin never holds any important position ever again.

She is one of the sorriest and one of the scariest excuses for a leader I have ever heard of.

Anonymous said...

Re: Dr. CBJ

If anyone can get thru to her, she can't claim because of HIPAA's privacy laws, that she can't give out any information.

Ex-Gov. Palin gave her permission in the letter to the RNC that was written on Providence's letterhead. Here's the first sentence:

November 3, 2008


I have been asked by Governor Palin to provide information regarding her medical history and care.


Of course, she could say she didn't write the letter. Let's try to find out!


Helen said...

Thoughts as I watch the first video - The crab thing on the wall is nutso looking. Living with a giant spider like-thing? Not to mention the morgue like feeling of the rest of the stuff. I'm no purist I can admire one elk head in a room, but this house is - macabre.

"One of the few pictures I have left of my daughter" - yeah Heath because when you found out she was pregnant and eloped you burned them and told her she was dead to you, right? Her whole life has been an effort to prove to you you were wrong all those times you told her she wasn't good enough.

"Strict discipline and regimentation from Heath but faith and loving care from her mom." Funny, Palin never talks much about her mom, it's always about her dad and living up to his standards.

That gun selling guy is so wound up - he acts like he's about to take a sawed off shotgun out from under the counter and shoot any outsider who dares to care for his community.

2nd video doesn't load for me. Just as well.

Anonymous said...

That letter from Dr. Baldwin-Johnson is a total cut and paste job. The body of the letter is crooked compared to the letterhead. No computer would do that. Also the signature has some cut and paste problems as well.

Someone did a hurry up job on it and I give it an "F." It is a sloppy attempt.

Anonymous said...

Take out an ad in a big paper.



It's an odd projection that the Palin cult, who are cross-sectioned with birthers by all pollsters, don't believe the birth certificate Obama had released and verified by a republican in Hawaii....

but they expect the country to take Palin's word on hers.

See, this looks like how the Republicans operate. Accuse others publicly and loudly of what they are doing.

Make birthers look like nuts.

Now anyone who brings up a birth certificate is suspect.

But guess what?

She can still be shamed for it. And her competitive streak won't like that Obama did something she can't.

As if she could ever compete with him. She must be so ignorant and slow that she doesn't know she's slow. Sad.

That house- and her parents-- show everything. No wonder the GOP didn't want them interviewed.

Neanderthals. Cave men. The Heaths house looks like friggin' Flinestones house.

And her father looks like he is storing scary things in the basement.

Celia Harrison said...

Here is one from Germany from 2008. This is Wilibert Pauels who studied to be a priest, but became a deacon instead because he wanted to have sex. He is also a comedian, writer and radio personality. Pay attention the the sexbristol comment and the babygate comment. I studied german for three years and never used it for about 35 years. I can only get part of what he is saying. He seems to be taken aback that the republican party picked Palin. He thinks it is hillarious that Bristol was pregnant when Palin was anti birth control being taught in schools. He is clearly very pro-Catholic and does not like evangelicals. You can catch some of that without understanding any german. He mentions babygate, but I can't catch what he is getting at. I need someone who speaks german, I can't translate it. I emailed him a couple weeks ago for a transcript, but got no response. I could use an online translator for that.

He clearly says this: "England has the Sex pistols and America has the Sex Bristol" and you don't need to speak german to figure that out.

This is the translation of the posting under the video:

"Because the Bible Belt has made himself a leg" (don't know what the heck that means)is not without schadenfreude( Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others) Willibert considered today by the U.S. Republican Party and the whole theater to the illegitimate grandchild of the oh-so-pious Sarah Palin. Who is the moral ladder climbs up high, also has a correspondingly long way down. Incidentally, the Bergische Jung(name of his blog) explains the difference between the morals of the American evangelist and the Catholic Church. But you hear yourself!
or on youtube:

indy_girl said...

"Going Rogue: An American Life
List Price: $28.99
Price: $9.00
You Save: $19.99 (69%)"

That's a laugh, especially because it hasn't even been released yet! Maybe people have seen an advance draft and realized it was a piece of schlock, not even worth the cost of the paper it was written on. Oh, and full of crazy-ass made-up stuff, too.

indy_girl said...

"Not gumballs, I read somewhere that he collects marbles."

Well, since his daughter ended up short a few that certainly seems appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of an ad, but here's a thought. Good old letter writing. What if we all just started writing letter to CBJ. Write a letter a day. Bury her in paper. Create a stir in her office. Think of it. A postcard or a letter a day. Costs 43 X 7 for each of us. Send the same letter every day. Just a thought. (If we mobilized forces here, on TIM, BREE, and PD. Just pick a week and do it.

Anonymous said...

ALEX, this is also a good idea. Why don't you organize it and write to Regina asking her if you could write a guest post. Pick a day in the future for all of us to start sending letters to her office. I will send one a day if others do.