Sunday, 25 October 2009

Giselle Bundchen doesn't have tight abs...

Sarah Palin, then 44 years old, 5' 4" tall, 7 months pregnant with her 5th child.
Giselle Bundchen, 29 years old, 5' 11" tall, 7 months pregnant with her 1st child.

Honestly! Models are very slack with their abs. We recently saw photographs of Heidi Klum very pregnant with shameful abs, not tight at all. Now look at Giselle Bundchen, how could she let herself go like this?


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Anonymous said...

It's good to finally hear from a doctor, who can finally put the issue to rest, as I am sure the poster here is one in order to make such a profound judgment.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Gisele really should call Sister Sarah Sacred Sower of Myths for tips on ab workouts for fundie abortions -- er, I mean, fitness!!!

It's almost as if I can see a belly button popping through Sister Sarah's Sacred Straight Scarf, but then .... it's so flat and sad and empty - sort of like Glenn Beck's tears.

This will be sooo much fun when it finally comes out. And soon, my friends, more people will be talking about it.

It's already becoming a standard snark. Soon, a pillow will be named after Sister Sarah. Her cult can run out and buy them; the pillows will be Sister Sarah's Sacred Babies of Iconic Images! and each cult member can guy one, for s small contribution to Bump It Barbie's Compound Coffers. All for Jesus, of course. Of course!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sarah can show Giselle how to wear that scarf so it completely covers her belly. Then probably no one would notice her state of pregnancy...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anon 22:31 - I like the one with the scarf best - why can't Gisele get her scarf to hang straight down like Sarah's?

regina said...

I tried to save the picture with the scarf, but the site doesn't allow right clicks. I had to search for another source but couldn't find the scarf photo...

Anonymous said...

Very snarky, Patrick, with that slack abs comment! That's one of Alinsky's rules ... first you ridicule them ...

CrabbyPatty said...

Maybe Giselle's isn't praying hard enough to help keep her abs strong? Because, ya know, what other explanation could there be? I'm sure Sister Palin is "right with the Lord", you betcha.

Anonymous said...

Oh 22:59. It has nothing to do with Alinksy. Some of us are born witty.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Regina! Great comparison once again!

Hope your having a wonderful time, Regina. Patrick has been doing a wonderful job, keeping us all in line! Ignoring trolls is my goal!

Anonymous @22:30, love your comments!!

Anonymous said...

@anon 23:01, Hi, it's anon 22:30 here:-)

So, do you think the pillows would sell to her cult, because I could use some extra cash...maybe I could attack a teabag to the pillow? Sort of a two-ffer?

I mean, they'd be ICONIC PILLOWS!!! So, that's worth a lot right there. Plus, also, they'd be practically a baby, but without the fuss and muss.

And, just like Bump-It Barbie, you can take Pillow Baby in and out for flights, speeches, etc!

Oh, I see a whole line of goods here, based on the Iconic Pillow of Sacred Sarah's Womb!

Cwhatimean said...

Sarah's scarves and pillow might be
to cover up nothing underneath, but
at least her hair-to-do can't hide
the powerful mind and keen intellect
that so defines her.

Surely, that's why she has so many
ardent supporters. They like the
powerful ideas and brilliant answers
she offers to many of life's toughest challenges.

How in the lord world did she get elected to public office? Is it
just standard GOP election strategies (scare 'em to divide 'em) or very weak opposition?

Anonymous said...

She should start a fitness center ... call it Sarah's Spa ... think of the franchising $$$ that would roll in.

Patrick said...

Anon 22:59

That was Regina's blog. You might want to check first who posted it (it's always mentioned underneath the blog...), before you invoke the almighty Alinsky and with your brilliant intellectual analysis blow us all to smitterens here!

regina said...


I'm still at home. We'll set off on Friday, but I expect it will be a mad week packing, taking the cat to a friend's house, etc.

Our son doesn't know about it, it's a surprise! His girlfriend has been great at keeping it a secret.

I might be able to slip in a couple of short posts before we go. Patrick is lining up some guest posts, which I think it's a fantastic idea.

We're very excited!

Anonymous said...

ok by me if you delete it .. shouldn't tell people it's snark -- anon 22:59

Anonymous said...

Snark"? But I'm dead serious about the Bump It Barbie Business!

We should also branch out with Bump It Barbie's IRS Investigator Ken Doll, Bump It Barbie Behind Bars, Bump It Barbie Reading a Fridge Magnet for her "thesis", and of course, Magic Sacred Bump It Barbie Thrashing AB-Scarves and Prop Baby With His Own Knock Out Drugs!

Oh, and Kip the Tingling Leg Ken Doll as the Palin "voter"/Cult Fan will come with his own testosterone replacement patch, since I feel so badly for those guys losing all their testosterone after the election!

Which reminds me, Bump It Barbie will NOT come with a heart, soul, or brain. Those elements hamper her Style!

Fun for the whole family!

winkwinkWA said...

Did $arah always wear scarves or did that start with the faux belly? I'v noticed she worn them since the faux birth.

winkwinkWA said...

Sorry that should be hasn't worn them since....

regina said...

I posted this "Just for fun" blog to move the discussion to another thread. Threads with hundreds of comments get a bit tedious after a while.

Anon@ 23:27,

You're funny! What a creative line of products...

CrabbyPatty said...

I believe Palin has wore scarves since the Sacred Birth, but it hasn't gone well. Remember that lovely DEMOCRATIC DONKEY scarf she wore during the RNC conference? Ooopps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Regina:-) You inspired them. I love your blog!!!

I think we could get these products out in time for Christmas 2010 -- and Sarah's magic pillow birth can be the Second Magic Birth we celebrate! Maybe the Palin Cult will insist that they get Trig's birthday off?? Course, that means they'd have to know when his birthday was.

But, nah, they won't let facts get in the way of idol worshipin'!

Oh, maybe we can do Bump it Barbie's Magical Pillow Birth Scarf in Many Colors, too! The free teabag of liberty is the thing, though. That's what will make these products stand out from the rest!

Anonymous said...

What a difference! Giselle has to take a lesson from Sarah and wear a jacket that hangs below the baby bump. Also, too, a very brightly colored scarf takes attention away from the abdomen, also, too. And, it is obvious that the two women purchased their "baby bellies" from two different companies. Sarah's, being the cheaper model, forgot the belly button pop-out.

My theory is that when Sarah checked out her hair and makeup she just never looked any lower in the mirror. Also, too, the head on view with jacket and scarf look good to her, and she never checked out her profile. We know that Sarah has lazy eye, but this was really lazy lookin'.

Anonymous said...

Regina, thanks for correcting me. I thought maybe it was last Friday and I misunderstood.

I love the pillow and magnet ideas! Not so much on dolls, though.

I heard MBachmann's doll sold about 50; SPalin's doll...sold more, but I don't remember how many, not as much as one might think. I went looking to see if I could find out just how many, and I saw that someone wrote this...

"I got my Sarah Palin doll.I Had it blessed and placed it on my car dashboard. Beleive it or not I went on for 300 miles without having to..."

Uhhhh, no dolls, please!

Anonymous said...

In your post in the last thread, Patrick, you had every right to call out Jesse C. I don't want to give his website any publicity, but I was curious as to who he is, and what drives him to make so many posts here. The answer is simple.

Looking at Jesse's blog, at best he gets one comment per post. Most have no comments. Nobody is posting there, and I think that Jesse was lonely. But the way he has gone about things is no way to make friends, especially when the friends he lists are not very nice people (I am think of an outspoken racist).

What does this have to do with Sarah Palin, other than the fact that Jesse must like her. She needs the same kind of attention, and will say and do anything to keep her name out there. Remember the Hong Kong speech, and all of the attention that it stirred up- and it turned out to be a big nothing. That's Sarah, about as important and that shiny balloon that caught our attention last week- both shiny objects to catch out attention, filled with nothing but hot air.

Mary G. said...

Somehow, Sarah has managed to have a tight belly button, too. It's usually pretty hard to keep that from popping!
I'm at such a loss... I actually think that Giselle, and Heidi, and myself and millions of other women are proud of their beautiful round pregnant bellies. There's no reason to hide it (not that one typically has the choice).
wv: unkinde: how unkind of Sarah to cover up what should be a glorious stage of life.

regina said...

Jesse Cornish,

In your last comment on the Open Thread you replied to Patrick that you're innocently asking questions that we are unable to answer. You've been banging on the same note for days and it's getting extremely boring.

You may be polite, but you haven't really added anything to the discussion. We let you stay around because we don't like to delete comments or ban people. But there are limits and you have overstepped them. Not because you're controversial or offensive. You're simply boring as hell.

We have given you the opportunity to say your piece, you said it ad nauseam, we get the message. Now find some other blog where you can bore people to tears. We've had enough.


Everybody else:

Stop replying to Jesse Cornish or making any reference to his posts. If he doesn't have anything to copy & paste, as is his style, he'll have to give up.

If he continues to repeat himself his comments will be deleted and the answers to his posts will be deleted too, so there are no one-sided coversations like at Sea of Pee.

So far I have only deleted spam and attempts at outing anonymous bloggers. Now I have to add terminally boring trolls to the list...

conscious at last said...

Regina @ 00:52

Thank you for this much needed intervention.

Lynn said...

I've been doing hypothetical thinking about what kind of starvation diet would have to be undertaken to keep such a flat abdomen if you were pregnant. Her doctor should/would have been quite alarmed--I remember all the weighing and measuring that went on during my pregnancies. When I stopped gaining in the last month my midwife didn't like that. She said the placenta had stopped growing so she hoped the baby might come early which is what happened (three weeks early) What kind of person would starve their baby like that in order to look good.?!? But NO--that can't be it! The C4p folks were over here talking about her fat face. I think she let herself go dietwise and ate junk food so she would appear plump faced and then used the empathy belly for the rest of the look but only some of the time. Which is why the huge variation in size. In order to be going for a Fundie Abortion she'd have had to be starving herself and that is negated by the plump face. Thanks C4P folks for clarifying this issue for me!

Anonymous said...

No way Sarah Palin is 5'4". I've stood behind her and tower over her.

I'm 5'9".

She's perhaps 5'4" with heels on. If that's the info from her bio then it's just yet another lie.

5'2"-5'3" is my guess.

BellWetherly said...

How slovenly these Supermodels look next to the incomparably tight-abbed Sarah Palin.
Meanwhile, the pundits on t.v. continue discussing Palin as a possible candidate for the 2012 presidential election!
Watch from the 8:35 mark:

Anonymous said...

regina @00:52 just out of curiosity, and because i am a mac user, meaning i just plunge ahead and don't need to know much about user security--"attempts at outing anonymous bloggers"--is this easy? i have a screen name i rather like, but stopped using it after the Audrey events. sorry if i fed your troll. seems to me though, that preaching to the choir is of limited use. his questions may tell us where the MSM are vis-a-vis-these dark, strange questions. thanks for the lively sunday exchange though.

anniebgood said...

To 1:08, I sense you're mainly joking, but it's actually more likely for an overweight woman to look "not pregnant" than for someone who doesn't eat enough or can't keep weight on.

To Bellwetherl: Matthews has a thing for Sarah even though he criticizes her at times. He's kind of a moron, so I guess they have that in common. But I know he's not alone in "keeping her alive" as a prospect for 2012. She's the MSM's circus sideshow, after all. Never boring, no matter how completely ill-equipped she is to run. That's where we're at in this country. Nice, huh? Third estate my ass.

anniebgood said...

oops, I meant 4th estate!

regina said...


I think if you comment using the name/URL option you can safely use a creative screen name without being traced, as there's no profile associated with it.

People weren't outing each other, but we had some personal details of rival bloggers posted a while ago, a practice we don't encourage.

One thing is to discuss ideas or mention some idiotic things the Palin cult bloggers come up with, but I draw the line at personal details about their families, addresses and stuff like that being posted here.

Anonymous said...

I work with two nurses who are, unfortunately, anorexic/bulemic. Pregnancy for both these women was very hard on them, as much as they wanted their children, they hated the weight gain. They were monitored very closely by their obs and each had sucessful pregnancies with 6 pound babies. They gained probably 20 pounds at most but they were CLEARLY PREGNANT wih round mounded bellies. So, if Scarah was pregnant and tried to starve the child and herself, she still would have had a belly which grew in size as the weeks progressed. Sarah had the amazing technicolor scarf hidden belly which grew and receded depending if she remembered to stuff herself or not.

Anonymous said...

It's really quite simple:

Giselle Bundchen = Pregnant
Sarah Palin = Not Pregnant

P.S. Bugger off Troll Scum! ;-)

Anonymous said...

anon @26 October 2009 00:11 -- OMG-- dolls on the dashboard that kept them from...?

That is too much! These people are nutters!!!! Sacred Sarah Nutters! They accuse Obama supporters of worshiping, and yet, it is they who worship. Of course, they are just in love with the image, like they were with Bush. One wonders how long you have to be utterly wrong for before you begin to question your judgment?

See, Sacred Sarah's long jacket doesn't part to the sides from her belly pushing it out like the lazy supermodel's does, not because Sacred Sarah has the removable baby pillow, but because she has the Magical Pregnancy.

She is truly biblical.

Also, too, her scared scarf of many colors would part to the side of a big belly if she weren't so boldly blessed with a magical baby who can be removed for special occasions.

Anonymous said...

Also, how does Sarah fit into her regular suits in the 7th month? I've seen her in this suit over many a pre-looting photo op. That is not a pregnancy skirt, as evidenced by the lack of belly.

Maybe she keeps her baby in her blackberries?

WV: dehera (diahrrea, as in verbal, as in Sarah Palin speak)

Lynn said...

"Magical baby who can be removed for special occasions! " I love it! I guess we have to remember Sarah's followers are skilled in faith-based thinking which they can apply to all sorts of situations. Sort of like Stephen Colbert and his gut feeling being what he trusts rather than facts.

sg said...


Thanks for your polite yet forceful response at 0:52 to a certain melancholy troll.

And thanks for reminding people of the first (only?) rule of trolls: don't feed 'em!

Once the trolls realize that their melancholy rantings are not even read, much less responded to (and thus are a complete waste of keystroke energy), they will crawl back into their caves.

Anonymous said...

I'll never buy a scarf from Giselle Bundchen. Scarves and pillows from a queen is the only fashionable way to travel.

Anonymous said...

deleted spam and attempts at outing anonymous bloggers. Now I have to add terminally boring trolls to the list...


Is there any chance terminally boring cut and paste can be added to the list?

Bon voyage!

Anonymous said...

REGINA, i'd say pull the plug! this is beyond tedious...

Anonymous said...

the mentally ill cult members must get nervous when they see these pictures, because of course, there is no answer other than the pillow baby.

Anonymous said...

"Sarah's scarves and pillow might be to cover up nothing underneath, but at least her hair-to-do can't hide the powerful mind and keen intellect that so defines her."

That was a good one!!! Thanks for the (flat-ab) belly laugh of the evening!!! I think you have it the wrong way round, however--as evidenced by the complete babble which spews forth from Sarah's mouth, it's more like the jiffy-pop hair is covering up the nothing underneath.

Anonymous said...

I think "Jesse Cornish" (or JC!) is actually a code name for "Jesus Christ." Maybe the good Lord himself also otherwise is posting on this blog under the umbrella of proGRESSING the pro-American parts of this country, to defend The Holy Iconic Mother, Saint Sarah of Abstinence and Flexible Ethics, too there.

What do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

Please pull the plug for you know who on the open thread, too?

Amy1 said...

Regina: I support your deleting the obviously ridiculous, whenever you please. Im sure 99% of us would be grateful and do trust your judgment fully. Although, the weird posts don't bother me that much. So easy to skip over them.

Also, I've wanted to add this for the longest time: When one reads biographies or history with an eye to feminine issues, one learns with great certainty that pregnancies one does not want to show are a huge disaster, because there are no real fixes. Historically. Over the millennia. Sure there are the stories about someone who surprised everyone, but when you look at the agonies of women who needed to conceal it, you see how clearly it doesn't work. I guess the anorexia posts are what triggered this. No diet can conceal the bump: the baby keeps growing (unhealthy and damaged, perhaps, but the pregnany will still be big). The ridiculous "tight abs" quote is yet one more indicator that SP does not read history.

Also, re the miracle baby sales pitch: I'd add how much you'd save in Benadryl, for not having to drug a real baby all the time, like SP did on the RNC stage. Have you ever known a baby who did not cry ONCE?

Anonymous said...

anon 3:36 LOL. she's the virgin miracle pillow birth mother!

Don't decimate the Holy Mother's Iconic Image of Pillows! Evil libruls askin' the Holy One what she reads and actin' like she's dumb! As if! She don't need to read to be President! God will tell her everything she needs to know when the voices in her head get good and loud.

Anonymous said...

Bump It Barbie's Magical Pillow Baby will come with prop-kit benadryl that fits in BIB's daughter's ex large bra. This is only available with the Wasilla Hillbillies Looting America Coast to Coast version, not with the basic Wasilla "where's Sarah" BIB.

Recalls and ethics violations extra.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I do the same thing with the troll's comments as I did with "Dangerous" over on PD, simply skip over them. I wasted enough time reading the nonsense that Dangerous posted, ad nauseum. Did anyone bother to read his book? I presume it had the same conclusion as did his tedious comments. I still think he was a troll pretending to be part of the PD community, but he intentionally and consistently posted misdirecting ideas.

Amy1 said...

I saw my first-ever Bump-it at the drug store today. This gives a whole new meaning to "you learn a word, you see it everywhere."

Does anyone know the antidote? Actually, I think you entrepreneurs should also be developing a "delete SP from my brain" pill. I will want the industrial strength, as will the old U S of A.

Anonymous said...

@Amy1, OK, but with that pill we also too there again have to erase John Crash mcCain, since he inflicted America with the Palinitis that it suffers from now.

Symptoms of disease: inability to discuss facts, bellys that change shape, saying one thing and doing the opposite, and quitting your job every 1.5 years, but claiming you finished your "term" before becoming lame. And something about dead fish stinking up the joint.

Forever Anonymous said...

A Palin chi-chi-chia pet sound more realistic; it let you control the volume of the bump in both the belly and the head.

Anonymous said...

PS Amy1, last symptom: a few stragglers clinging to a loser's coat.

Anonymous said...

Palin chia belly -- this could be huge (but her belly wasn't).

Patrick said...

Note to everyone:

If you see a post of Jesse Cornish, please IGNORE him and don't respond. As soon as we see his comments, they will be gone straight away.

Anonymous said...

Amy1 - The other day I turned around into a whole wall of bump-its at some store and almost screamed. I'm sure the other shoppers wondered what was wrong with me :)

snowlady said...

Seen at the local (Anch) Fred Meyer: 12 month Sarah calendar. Not a joke. I turned the carousel around so that part of the rack was facing the wall. A small thing but mine own.

Anonymous said...

You have to see this if you haven't yet

sooo funny!

CR46 said...

At 5' 10" and at age twenty 22 I was pregant with my daughter, I refuse to say how many yrs ago :)
It was a great concern for myself and my Dr I weighed 110 at the start and ate everything in sight and more to gain 17 lbs. I had no extra facial fat, no swollen hands or feet, But I did have one great BIG BABY BUMP, my daughter was healthy, born 3 weeks early but weighed in at a whopping 7 lbs 11 1/2 ounces. I did walk out of the hospital 3 days later at 110, my start weight. No matter how little you gain, that baby bump is there!

Amy1 said...

Were they always there? The bump-its? And I just didn't notice? Or is this some new pestilence, slowly crreeping out of the drywall until it is toxic. Oh, it already is?

And, oh, boo hoo, my fave palindrome (= reads the same frontwards or backwards) got lost in the troll-y kerfuffle back there: it was for hannah: I do feel I should repeat it, because I think it contains some secret message from bumpt-it land for us, while we are waiting for Levi on the morning show, and while we are waiting for a good definition of "palinoscopy" to emerge:

T. Eliot, top bard, notes putrid tang emanating, is sad. I'd assign it a name: gnat dirt upset on drab pot toilet.

Amy1 said...

Bravo, snowlady. I just lost my very nice drink thru my nose. Worth it, though! A small step for man, . . . . hahahahaha.

Patrick said...

Anon 04:40

Thanks, that's very good! :-)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I'm glad that there is so much satire about SP now.

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing, simply skip over them.

It seems to be in my DNA now. I can thank "Dangerous" b/c it became physically impossible to read certain comments. I started noticing it with those by "Dangerous."
I just could not read them, if I tried I could not retain much. Other comments I would miss and read a response and think I should read it in case I missed something, I'd have to force myself to go back and read it. Sure enough it would be trollish. My eyes blur and it is really a strain. The subconscious mind must take it all in and spit out the crap.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I really do think there is something to this loss of testosterone thing for McCain/Palin 2008 voters. They overcompensate with their anger; some of the evidence we've seen here indicates the overcompensation could be linked to mental illness.

They say if you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results that mental illness is indicated.

AKPetMom said...

I'm a little sad that this blog is censoring comments from those that don't share our views and opinions.

I understand why you have done it because many of the posters here and on other sites with the same sort of content do not play well with people who come onto the site and express opinions that are different from their own.

HOWEVER, I find that most of the websites that used to be my favorites are now so censored that we all just sit around and type the came comments over and over again and nothing is ever accomplished.It's like spending time with the mutual admiration society!

And while I've made friends and some enemies on these sites that I love, I'm not getting both sides of the story. It's not always pleasant to have someone question what you believe in but it is called "conversation"when we are speaking verbally to each other. I'd never dream of cutting someone off while speaking to me regardless of whether we shared the same viewpoint or not. I feel the same way with blogs censoring commenters.

Just my opinion, you can beat me up or yell at me if you want but I can't grow if I only read comments from people that agree with me!

Anonymous said...

AKPetMOM, feel free to argue with me as I do not agree with you. :-)

There is a difference between harassment and censorship.

Patrick said...


JC is just posting copies of comments over and over again which he has posted before and which you can still find on the open thread, by the way. There is no censorship on this blog, you are getting it wrong, sorry. Harassment and spamming will not be tolerated here. His only intent is to disrupt the conversation on the blog. Please have a look in the open thread, then you will see what I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

So, has anyone found any other pictures that show a pregnant governor than the Gusty pic? I find that very strange indeed.

She's the governor. SHe had photo ops daily.

That video of her chugging down the street in her high heels, "thrashing her guts out" when she was 6- or 7 months pregnant was also weird. Even odder, she didn't show. At all.

Now, there should be at least 10-15 pictures of a pregnant Sarah. And a birth certificate. And a DNA test.

Why won't Sarah produce them?

Anonymous said...

Those Sarahcites are just...a...little....slow getting the message, aren't they?
Here, let me help:

Hi! The administrator is deleting your posts. You can write more but they will be deleted as well. Anything you post tomorrow will be deleted. Repeat ad infinitum for the rest of the week.

Oh, and on Friday (when you finally get that supersized neon clue), feel free to mosey on back to the Sea of Pee. I'm sure the other 5-watt Sarah worshippers miss you.

AKPetMom said...

Pat, I've read all of JC's comments but I just got mad for a moment that we can't have civil discourse.

That's it. Sometimes I just get fed up and post the comments that I probably shouldn't.

I just feel that sometimes here and on Immoral and on Mudflats and Shannyn and Progressive that I only see people that agree with my stance and well, as I said I'm not getting any new info, just stroking along with my internet friends and not growing as a person regarding information input. Sometimes the dissenters will provide the Rosetta Stone that we need to solve some of our conundrums. That's the main reason that I think they should be given a voice.....much like the man mentioned earlier that chatted about the "freedom fire" at the WSB....from the mouths of babes....come tidbits that could be useful in the search for truth.

It's a frustrating time for all and thanks to all of you (the aforementioned bloggers) for doing what you do and attempting to expose some of the underbelly of Alaskan politics.

Anonymous said...

Hey AKPetMom

Without being rude or anything, why don't you go on over to the crazies at C4P and try and engage them in a conversation if you want to listen to a dissenting view.

See how long they let you stick around.

Anonymous said...

anon 04:40 Sooooo funny? I think that it is a verbatim transcript of actual real events. Someone on the hotel staff planted a hidden microphone in their room (you know how Sarah will not allow cameras, recording devices, cell phones at any of her speaking events). I think that we have just had our first advance look at "Going Rogue." Thanks for the link.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 5:29, it isn’t just the fact that Sarah has not produced any pictures, it is very peculiar that as much as the Palinbots doth protest, THEY have not come up with ANY photos of Saint Sarah supposedly pregnant with Trig. Where are all her devotees who snapped pictures of her at every event: church services, galas, ceremonies, Taco Bell (oops, sorry, that was Levi getting her Crunch Wrap Supreme).

They loved to have their photo taken with Queen Esther. Haven’t they checked their digital cameras to see if they have a goldmine of a picture from Mar-Apr 2008 to support her claim that she was pregnant with Trig?? Why hasn’t any of her sheeple come forward with proof positive? The person who conveniently posted the 4-13-08 Gusty picture on the Flickr account at the time of the VP nomination chickened out and removed that Flickr account in approximately April/May 2009. That was the Palinbots’ one and only picture where Sarah wore an appropriately sized fake belly for her stage of fake pregnancy to actually look apparent by observation. lol

Anonymous said...

I agree with AKPetMom. And I think some around here are starting to sound as immature as the C4P kids, especially when a 'troll' is confronted. You almost sound gleeful. Let's go back to the civil discourse that used to make it interesting around here. And why are you attacking one of our own, anon @ 6:16?

trish in SW FL said...

ProChoiceGrandma-- I did read the book by Dangerous, and yes-- you guessed it! Same conclusion!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Hi Trish! LOL, now how could I have guessed THAT?!?

Anonymous said...


Having civil discourse requires that both sides are civil. Having a difference of opinion is the least problematic of the variables. It's the language and attitude most of the time which clearly demonstrates that civility is not the goal of these so-called "trolls." Rather, the poster is interested in creating mayhem on a blog.

Furthermore, Palin is extremely polarizing which means both sides are already entrenched in their beliefs. There is minimal chance that either side would actually change each other's opinion, whether the debate is civil or not.
Therefore, each side gravitates toward the blogs which support their particular belief systems.

Since Palin is all about divisiveness, mendacity, and superficial image, where does civil debate enter the picture? You either believe her or you don't. That's her legacy. Pretty pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Don't touch the troll!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

AKPetMom, I also like to see comments left by those who express opinions that are different from ours, because it is helpful to see what color of koolaid they have consumed, and it gives us direction to clear up any confusion caused by that koolaid. Here is a sample of one such “expression” posted under the 9-20-09 guest post by Patrick here.

“Anonymous said...
You guys are the biggest morons on earth.
Do the freaking math.
Trig Palin born in April
Tripp Palin born in December
Have you ever heard of a pregnancy that lasted 7 months?
26 September 2009 06:59”

It is amusing because that person clearly cannot “do the math” him/herself, and doesn’t even know Tripp’s last name. I would like to have responded with “Have you ever heard of a pregnancy that lasted 6 weeks?” but I did not see it until much later.

But this person also tells us how important it is to make it abundantly clear that Trig was not a preemie newborn on the date of his staged presentation on 4-18-08. I don’t even care when Tripp was born, whether it was 12/27/08 or January 2009, because I firmly believe Trig was born in mid-January 2008. Therefore, Bristol had plenty of time to wallow in her grief and get pregnant again with Tripp in March or April 2008. Bristol had just gone through a terrible ordeal, not just the pregnancy with Trig, but the additional heartbreak that Trig had a congenital disorder, and the fact that she was kept isolated and hidden like a prisoner until Sarah could think of a plan to turn a politically embarrassing situation into a profitable political platform. Bristol was probably seeking love and comforting. Well, she got it.

But a troll whose only intention is to spam and waste space, I agree with deleting him.

Barb Dwyer said...

JC wasn't civil discourse, he was just being an ass because he has no answers for her psychotic behaviour. He fancies himself a lawyer, with his burden of proof theories. However, the preponderance of evidence is heavily in our favor.

In a civil trial first they would completely destroy her credibility by bringing up the 1000's of already proven bald faced lies she's told over the years. Which leaves taking "her word" for the events non issue. So that leaves her with producing ONE photo as evidence to which we could produce dozens of photos and videos to repute it with. That leaves the cut and paste doctors note which NO court would take as evidence. Meaning she would have to put the MD on the stand and WHOOOOPS, she couldn't do that.

It would be much more interesting if a troll were to come in and try to explain these discrepancies to us. As to why they believe she is telling the truth outside of just taking her word for it. Explain how she goes from skinny to fat in a matter of days. Explain the wild ride and why she would do it outside of "can't have a fish picker born in Texas"

To me the most telling photo I saw for the first time just a few days ago. The photo taken from behind when she was in Texas. I believe Regina had the caption "that is the thinnest pregnant woman I have ever seen". She obviously forgot to bring a pillow for her butt!

As for being 5'4. I agree with the poster above. I have stood/sat next to Sarah many, many times over the years and there's just no way she is 5'4

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Barb, I believe you meant "refute" instead of "repute".
"So that leaves her with producing ONE photo as evidence to which we could produce dozens of photos and videos to repute it with."

Barb Dwyer said...

You are indeed correct PCG. This is why I shouldn't be posting past 11pm.

If I was Sarah, of course, I would just blame it on the P and F bein' so gosh darn close together. When it was pointed out to me that they weren't I would just respond that on MY keyboard they are. C4pee'rs would be scouring the web looking for that very same keyboard to buy and call their own.

Anonymous said...

I have stood fairly near to Sarah when we both watched our sons play hockey. This was several years ago, but I'm guessing she couldn't have "grown" much seeing as how she was about 36, 37 years old! Anyway, several times we were close enough for me to see that Sarah and I are almost exactly the same height.

On a very good day, I am 5'2 and 1/4

Bell Wetherly said...

Off topic about Levi's appearance on The Early Show -

Here is the Contact Page for CBS News:

I wrote to Maggie Gonzales and asked her to please question Levi about the "Triggybear"

Why not write in and pose a question that you'd like to see her ask Levi Johnston? The questions may not get asked but, they will know that people are paying attention and want answers for all the inconsistencies and lies that are being told in this Palin drama.

hannah said...

Anon at 8:40, I KNEW if Sarah Palin was REALLY 5"4 or 5"5 as reported in her had to be including naughty monkeys AND xxl bumpit!

AkPetmom, I agree with your point about civil discourse. Palingates is one place where ALL points of view are long as everyone is respectful.

Jesse was not respectful and I regret wasting my time when in reality I knew that nothing I could say or do was gong to change his mind regarding his beloved 'brilliant strategist' Sarah Palin.

PCG -- just had to are awesome and I am so thrilled you are on our side!

And also too though... *whispers* I felt that dangerous was a windbag of an arse who was EXACTLY like jesse in his total disregard for all rationale, logic, and common sense. Glad to know I was not alone in my misery of wanting to tear him UP verbally.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Thank you Hannah, the feeling is mutual for sure!

As to Dangerous, how many times did Morgan not permit your comments about Dangerous? Ha, many of my comments were not permitted, even when I would tame them down to virtually nothing. It made be angry because he was only causing confusion, and then it became obvious that was he intention. I was shocked when I saw that Audrey linked to his book site.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Oops, I meant that was HIS intention.

Lisabeth said...

I agree with the decision about JC. I like reading and discussion of alternate pints of view. But he isn't interested in having real discussion. He ads nothing.
It's too bad because it would be interesting to hear from a "sane palinbot" (is there such a thing?) about their point of view about a few subjects :) but JC is not the one-thanks Regina and Patrick.
Regina, have a wonderfg trip.

Amy1 said...

Just a small point. I too am amazed that no SP supporter has presented any more photos (except the Gusty ones) of SP with her belly sized right. I would expect there to be more of these out there than we have seen.

But if such photos did appear, it would not reduce the value of the flat-stomached photos, which are the key evidence. This is not an election, where the side with the most photos wins. You can strap on the fake belly, but you can't remove the pregnancy if you really are.

So even ONE authenic flat-profile photo would do her in. And there are many.

regina said...


As the regular visitors to this blog know, trolls are free to speak their minds. Having a dissenting opinion is not a problem. I have received a couple of abusive private e-mails in the past and published them, because I thought it was important to share their opinions about me and the blog with everybody else. The last comment on Patrick's post that featured Sarah Palin getting up from a chair on an Elan Frank video was by a visitor from C4P and it stayed, as have all other disparaging comments since this blog started.

We don't have many trolls and their presence has never been an issue until now. I believe this Jesse Cornish guy first appeared on the open thread with photos of my cat, on October 14, saying that we have nothing, that Gryphen has nothing, there's no iceberg, the usual. We answered his questions, challenged some of his statements, as we normally do. Then he started getting all "lawyery", his comments started getting longer with all the copying & pasting and became incredibly repetitive.That's not a discussion, it's like being in a room with a broken record playing in the background.

Jesse Cornish wasn't banned for his opinions, which he made abundantly clear over and over and over and over again. He was allowed to do so, uncensored. He was banned for being a REAL troll, without anything new to add to the discussion, just disrupting the flow of ideas. Nobody has ever been banned for their ideas or opinions. He was banned for being boring and repetitive and only after much provocation.

It's not a case of censorship. His multiple comments are still visible on several threads. The problem was that he could only repeat the same mantra on every comment.

We gave the broken record a gentle jolt, but it would not move on, it was still stuck on the same groove, so we had to change the record...

Anonymous said...

LOL.....umm guys, I actually want to try a small bumpit as I think it would help my fine hair.....but it makes me feel so ....dirty....
Have a great day all!!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Actually, Amy1, I was being facetious, because I know the Palinbots do not have any goldmine pictures of Sarah in their possession, because Sarah was not pregnant with Trig, and we already have the pictures of Sarah NOT pregnant.

On the other hand, a picture of Bristol taken at Christmas 2007 would be worth a small fortune!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 14:01, lol, you are so ... daring! Go ahead, but do let us know how it works.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why SP's followers want to show how worried they are with this disruptive behavior. If they really believed in her (and that what she told was "the truth"), why are they so worried?

Anonymous said...

Another topic: And this relates to the pregnancy issues. While we call her pregnancy tale "the wild ride," her followers see it as a "wonderbirth." They have defended her as "iconic." They have said she is a "fertility goddess." The last 2 sentences are quotes from her supporters. They pray FOR her and TO her.

I wish someone could work up an entry about the "worship" cult of SP that has obviously developed. How did the GOP allow a worship cult to develop around this former politician? They didn't allow one to develop around other female GOPers.

This is one reason it is so futile to debate any of her still lingering supporters of her shrinking base. Many of them see her as a religious/supernatural figure (of which the 5th birth is part of the mythology).

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Johnson pc was shuttered.
Levi and Sadie had pictures.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why Levi wasn't on TV this morning?

Anonymous said...

No Palin supporters ever write in anyway to say they saw her pregnant and that everyone at the gym saw the belly, but NO.

No photos even posted anon on a flicker account except Gusty, which is more a problem than anything else. If we never saw that belly, we wouldn't know how fast it GREW!

conscious at last said...

I just love this blog! What a wonderful group of people and interesting conversation.

re:anon @14:41 I think that some of SP's followers are worried and for good reason, as we know, their idol is in deep trouble. But there is another smaller group who will support her, but not because they idolize her, but because she is their golden goose. They are making money off of her efforts or they are using her as a (ghost written) mouth piece to get their ideas across-- like on her FB. So,these people, who I prefer to call "operatives," are likely to lose money/power when SP goes down for good. These folks know damn well that SP didn't birth Trig. SP's followers,like those you might encounter at C4P, are still drinking the Kool-Aid. The operatives have to protect their investments, so they'll come here to disrupt, not to have a real discussion.

Amy1 said...

Well on this page, when I click on any of the "Levi" links, I get "access denied." Has the Levi interview been canned?

Anonymous said...

I'll know you'll censor this comment, but I'll type it anyway.

I really am unsurprised by this. The first step of dictators is to silent dissent. I see now you have taken that step.

I have posed three questions to everyone in this blog. No one has been able to answer them, either because they are unwilling or unable. Do I repeat myself? Yes, I do. However, that is no more than anyone else here. How many times have the blog owners talked about the same photographs, ad nauseam. I have brought orignal and new questions to the debate. I have been civil. I have tried to silence any of you.

You have something to hide by shutting me down. That's just too bad.

You want me to explain away the "wild ride," all the disrepancies in her story, and so forth. I'll tell you this-I'm not an expert in photo analysis, and neither are any of you. I've even had a comment on my blog about a man took the photos to two experts and they could not conclusivly prove anything. I have presented evidence about how woman can hide pregnancies, and can go unnoticed. Those comments were deleted, so I suppose no one saw them.

As for her doctor, I've always stated we don't have all the information necessary to make a judgment. Unless you were listening in on Palin's private phone conversation's with her doctor, we really don't know the full extent of the situation. All we have are brief comments from Sarah Palin. I'll wait till her memoirs come out, where we will get a more thorough explanation of what went on.

Besides, this is a personal matter between Sarah Palin and her doctor. It is none of my business, or yours.

So go ahead. Ban me. I'll keep posting away, and you can keep deleting my messages. I hope you don't claim to be against censorship, but because a lot of you really like it. I won't do the same to you though.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to look up the definition of cyber-harassment.

midnightcajun said...

Having been banned from Palinista sites when I was being civil and genuinely attempting to engage in discourse by either expressing a dissenting opinion or pointing out errors in the postings (I'm talking verifiable, historical errors), I get a bit queasy when I see it being done by "our side." Yes, I can see deleting repeat postings. But beyond that, one must be careful.

Dangerous annoyed me on PD, but I learned quickly to simply skip over his long, verbose comments. It's easy to do. I respected Audrey and Morgan for not shutting him down.

I see a bipolar world developing, where those on the religious right read nothing but their own blogs and Drudge Report, and watch Fox Views. Those on the left have no liberal version of Fox (having always found the American corporate media objectionable, I have to laugh when Republicans trot out their "liberal media" line), so we tend to get our news from foreign papers and HuffPo and maybe (which is actually libertarian), and we read IM and Mudflats, etc. The danger is that we get so lost in our own echo chambers that we no longer hear what the other side is saying.

My sister is a rabid Republican. When she came to visit me last October she was spouting all kinds of nonsense that I couldn't figure out where it was even coming from. So I went looking for the blogs she was reading and discovered there's an entire other world out there that exits in parallel. This is not healthy. Ironically, it was at this point that I started reading blogs and got sucked into the whole Sarah Palin drama.

As long as they are civil and not being deliberately annoying, I think we should welcome Palinistas. Just being here is good for them. If I comment needs to be deleted, then perhaps delete it with a "Above comment deleted for being repetitive/threatening/whatever; civil dissenters are welcome to post here."

Anonymous said...

Why don't some of you get your own blogs if you want to make the rules?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And while you're at it, some of you would do well to read the book GOOGLE BOMB, if you haven't already. It is about the world of online harassment.

MadCityKaren said...

My curiosity got the better of me and I had to check the post that Regina had just referred to a bit ago (the last one on one of Patrick's posts). That poster ended with: "Because maybe if you ran as often as Sarah runs you would have tighter abdominal muscles."

Um, just how does running work/tone one's abs? So, if we just start running we can do away with ab workouts? No more crunches?

Lynn said...

I agree with AKmom about having a lively discussion with different points of view. The recent long winded troll was not contributing any facts to the conversation. He was trying to hold up a fun house mirror to us to shake our confidence. In his more civil way he was calling us names just like the short-rant type trolls. I'm glad to see him gone.

Dangerous struck me the same way. It was like, by taking a crazy viewpoint (that Willow was the pregnant one) he was mocking us and implying we were crazy just like him. Fun house mirror again. Someone coming on the site would read his comments and could decide we were "crazies". I thought he could just be mentally ill but maybe he WAS a troll. I will say that he sharpened up my ideas by challenging them. This latest troll has no upside--away with him!

conscious at last said...

Well, looks like someone just had to change his tune-- doesn't like being exposed for who and what he is.
Let's look at JC's comment@16:10-- He's tricky. He mentions the wild ride-- then he quickly switches to the issue of photo evidence. NO ONE DISCUSSES THE WILD RIDE INTERMS OF PHOTO EVIDENCE-- IT'S AN ORAL RENDITION OF A RIDICULOUS STORY.

Next, our great advocate for free speech tells us that he knows, somehow, that SP's upcoming fantasy tale book will give us a "thorough explanation"of what really went on with Trig's birth.


And finally we have the "ahem" heart felt plea against censorship. If there was an award for dramatic presentation on blog comments (stricly day time emmy)- well, I think our guy deserves it!

Anonymous said...

Conscious at Last, ITA. You have put it well.

Being paid or being religious-crazy are the only two reasons SP still has supporters.

Actually, I'm going to take a break for awhile, too. (No worries - I am not expecting anyone to miss me!). I quit reading PD completely due to some trolls-moderation nonsense (I was never a fan of "Dangerous" and "Craig"). I guess the end result may be the same for me here. I don't need "dissent" to help me see an opposing view. I need "Smart Dissent Based on Intelligent Points," none of which we get from trolls.

Yellowgirl said...

See, I didn't think Dangerous was a troll. I emailed him off line to get his "white paper" about why it could be Willow... didn't agree, but he put effort into it. And, whatever Audrey sent him, he backed off the claim once he saw it. So, he was able to be reasoned with. I also thought Dangerous challenged us to hone our arguments.

Unlike certain other, unnamed folk.

I still can't wait til the day this all comes out. (It will come, right? Tell me it will come!!!! Sadly, I have wasted too much of my life on this woman........!)

Anonymous said...

I love this blog, so I'm gong to say something that I didn't want to say, and that is that the troll has been successful.

Now, we have civil people turning on one another defending the indefensible. Regina clearly laid out the rule: copying and pasting and repeating ad nauseam is troll behavior.

Those who don't agree should go and read Frank Schaeffer's many posts on HuffPo and elsewhere. The religious right is a cult, supported and driven by corporate interests. They don't have "ideas" to debate. They have a failed ideology to spin, in the name of their latest creation, Sarah Palin.

You can't reason with a cult member. You can't break through their mental barriers to facts. They can't and won't let anything penetrate the one thing they live for. And these people live for Sarah Palin.

Anyone who thinks the Republican "conservatives" still have "ideas" to present hasn't been paying attention.

Yes, there are two worlds right now: one is fiction and the other is reality.

The polarization is inevitable, but not because we weren't willing to listen to them. It's because they are crazy.

Sorry, but it's a fact and a scary one at that. Watch Glenn Beck for a night. This seditious movement wants to take over the government of the US of America and turn it into a theocracy supporting corporations.

Palin is just their puppet. Her cult followers are ignorant of the agenda they're feeding into. Their feelings of resentment are fueled on purpose by this movement.

Talking to them is pointless, but Regina does allow their comments here, which is great. Repeated postings and attempts to take up space by copying and pasting are not examples of "other ideas" or "dissent".

She had to delete the comments because a certain poster hi-jacked the blog for his/her (I still think this could be Sarah or Todd, albeit with a borrowed brain) own purposes.

Let's use his/her posts to educate ourselves about the cult. Read Frank Schaeffer, Leah Burton, etc and discuss those ideas here. Challenge them. But don't allow them to become a debate about free speech.

This is Regina's blog and frankly, I've always enjoyed the tone here until last night when the troll took over.

Anonymous said...

Bree posted an update ... Levi had to reschedule, but CBS expects him to appear later in the week

Amy1 said...

Dangerous did one favor for me on PD. When I pressed him/her re why did the photos not constitute absolute proof of SP not pregnant, the bafflegab I got back showed me that SOME people who have actually looked at these photos still won't get it. Not that the evidence was poor or lacking in any way. S/he just wouldn't accept it. A big surprise to me at the time, but I'm just a slow learner.

Midnightcajun16:19, you are so right about a parallel universe.

Although I am generally on the side of "let trolls in but ignore anything that is not worthy of a response" I have to say I did not learn that much from Dangerous -- in fact I'd say those posts were a big time sink with little reward in the end.

So where's Levi? I bet Rupert had a fit and said @#$%~!%^%!!!. To his CBS pal, I mean. Since I guess he doesn't own CBS. Yet.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fun is still posting on the OPen Thread.

Anonymous said...

When avowed passengers on the Palin crazy-train show-up to post their drivel, then get warned and deleted it isn't censorship. If we allow them, then those who make the most noise would drown out everyone else.

Anonymous said...

One of Palin's groupies, Ziegler, was tossed out of a conservative group's conference lately, with the assistance of the police, for being disruptive. I don't think he could press a censorship claim.

Barb Dwyer said...

"The first step of dictators is to silent dissent."

I have posted 4 simple comments at C4p over the past few months, all of which were removed in minutes. I said nothing derogatory, nothing defamatory. I just asked 4 different easy questions. I wasn't given a chance. I wasn't warned. I wasn't allowed to join any conversation. BOOM. Banned because I didn't worship at the feet of their beloved Queen.

Trolls have been given FAR more leeway here than anyone with a BRAIN is given at that blog and it's equivalent. Hell you have to post your life history and go thru a PHONE interview to get on Sarah run blogs. You damn sure aren't allowed to start any kind of dialogue there.

JC knows the truth is coming out and I can tell you FIRST HAND that you are right Jesse. Your Queen is going down and she's going to go down hard. I'm sorry that your world is about to explode, but as a thinking man you should have never attached your cart to the biggest fraud in political history. A simple evaluation of her should have clued you in to her worthlessness as a mother, a leader and a human being in general

Anonymous said...

People have every right to keep harassment from their blog. That is not censorship. When you take some form of abuse you become a masochist and a victim. This is not a psyche ward where nursemaids have to explain over and over to a naive person either.

Just because there is a name on a blog it doesn't mean it is who they say or that it is not some bogus front. An anonymous blog could be more honest then one set up to look like a nice person.

Bill Collier may be the actual name of a person, but do you know for sure? The Dr. Kevin "Coach" Collins blog may be totally bogus, he did the "interview" with a church elder that may not exist, who can say he is real? It may just be used so other blogs can promote stories that have nothing to do with the facts they claim. That is how some things become news that people think has been verified. There are names for all these things, I just don't know them. It is all part of the digital age.

I like different opinions and spirited discussions and debates. Once a communication goes into broken record, it's done. If you find yourself wanting to communicate with a pointless entity, ask yourself what it is about for you.

Good things do come from disagreements but when it is pointless and repeated it's time to pick yourself up and move on. If you have a bone to pick with a Bill Collier you can do it on their blogs. If a "Coach" Collins wrote on their blog that you censored, you would care? There are entities I wouldn't hesitate to delete. If they continue to harass I'd report them.

Electronic Frontier Foundation



anniebgood said...

@MadCityKaren, you must not be running the right way! Ha ha. I have had 4 kids in 6 years and I can tell you that no amount of running is going to thrash my abs. But I'm a normal human, not a goddess like Sarah.

Regina's made it clear that only spammers, basically, will be "censored". No worries about dissenters being kept out. I think it's clear that she and Patrick are very against that.

Anonymous said...

The Trolls purpose is to cause problems and he succeeded. Those of you criticizing are wrong in this situation sorry. I would love to have real conversation and debate with a Palin supporter. That isn't happening. I even tried here to ask the troll a few questions but he refused to answer and attacked and repeated the same rhetoric. This person is either paid or has some kind of mental problem.

Banning him does not turn this into a blog that censors.
Patrick, why don't you block his posts instead of deleting them. If you look through all your administration settings, it's easy to do.

It's too bad. If JC really is a supporter of Palin and not a paid blogger , he missed a real opportunity. He could have tried to show us that she really was pregnant. I'd be open if I saw photos or an I dependent DNA test or a live videotaped statement by her doctor. Everyone was polite and gave him an opportunity. And he abused people verbally and repeated the same canned statements. Enough is enough. He created this himself.

Anonymous said...

Part of the palinbots' problems with a post like this is not just the pregnancy comparison in the two side-by-side pictures, but also the attractiveness comparison. They see the two pictures and find Giselle more attractive because her star-burst and fertility-goddess quotients are higher. Like the pregnancy comparison, it generates cognitive dissonance.

Anonymous said...

About the trolls: Think of them as the T-bagging disruption tactics during the health care debates. They were the ones shouting anything to drown out real conversation. The same way that T-baggers are not for anything, just anti-Obama in any organized way that they can keep the conversation negative.

That being said, perhaps one solution is to return to you-know-who's website, and fill his comment area with the real proof that was developed by Audrey and others. Photo links, that absurd wild ride statement, other times where Sarah was not telling the truth. As long as he is asking for proof, why not give it to him.

Anonymous said...

I'm a faithful reader of several blogs and message boards. No matter what the subject matter, there is always at least one poster who ALWAYS hi-jacks the posts. To keep a message board/blog fluid, you have to limit the posts from these people or the thread errupts in chaos and in-fighting. For what ever reason, people who hi-jack message boards and blogs have their own skewed agendas. They are not here to learn or further the discussion. How many of us would put up with a person like that in "real" life?

get real said...


Back on track.

Sarah Palin was not pregnant with Trig and she can't prove it. Not ever.

That's simply the reason why she never has produced any irrefutable evidence that she was pregnant.

It is impossible for her to prove something that never happened.

Simple as that.
Even a Palinbot/Palinista should be able to understand that!

Anonymous said...

It's quite interesting to read the bot's claims concerning a private matter (the wild-ride) between Palin and her doctor, while Palin and her bots would interfere with decisions made by a woman and her doctor. Hypocrites !!!

Anonymous said...

CR46 @4:41 I certainly can relate.

I lost 22# during my first pregnancy. I found out I was pregnant when I went to the doctor thinking it was a virus. I threw up so much, I had to take pills with crackers before getting out of bed. When that didn't work, I had to go to the doctor's office for weekly shots. That was a waste of effort. Didn't matter what it was, or where I was either. I remember opening a can of soup and enjoying it with crackers in front of the teevee watching Family Affair. No sooner had I finished, well...I was so hunger, I went and opened another can and ditto! Still, I was in maternity clothes by the 5th month. By the 7th month, I looked like I had a basketball under my clothes! I weighed 132# when I first walked into the doctor's office, 120# after delivery. I explained on another thread that I delivered two babies 3+ weeks early and my water broke both times. With this pregnancy, my son (now 36) weighed 7.9#, and I walked out of the hospital the next morning wearing my regular tight clothes. My next pregnancy was completely different, totally opposite in every way, except for amino fluid leakage.

Anyway, thanks for letting me share, I have been laughing at myself while trying to share my experiences with you. I have been careful not to gross out folks with snarky comments about throw up; I have many! LOL Those were the days my friend.... Thanks for the memories!

Anonymous said...

For anyone interested in the weak minds and gullibility of Sarah Palin's supporters, AKM (at mudflats) has debunked an email chain letter about the First Lady's staff. AKM also looked into a Canadian "newspaper" involved in that story, which was interesting to me because that very "newspaper" was the source of a frontpage article at sea-of-urine.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin looking pregnant on February 26, 2008

Here is how her belly would actually be. That one was taken March 26, 2008.

Is there a magical explanation for how she would be looking pregnant in 2/26/08 photos... in following 3/26/08 photos she would be tight ab and flat of belly?

Later she would expand again.

By April 13, 2008 she was huge.

After that she would look pregnant but smaller. By April 17, 2008 she flew cross country and the flight attendants could NOT tell she was pregnant at all.

How does that happen if she was pregnant?

Whole Truth Campaign

Anonymous said...

Barb Dwyer @17:42 -- "A simple evaluation of her should have clued you in to her worthlessness as a mother, a leader and a human being in general."

I went looking as soon as she walked out on the national stage. Somehow, I found the Alaska 2008 budget and saw where she slashed $2M from the Special Olympics Center; $25,000 from the Fairbanks Food Bank; an appliance for a senior citizens center, monies for a teenage pregnancy center, etc., etc.

I saw a cold hearted person.

Thanks, Barb, I certainly concur!

Anonymous said...

It was the wild-ride that made Audrey suspicious about the pregnancy story, so the photo evidence was gathered in an attempt to confirm or deny the story. The preponderance of the photo evidence showed that Sarah Palin wasn't pregnant. The one picture, taken during the Gusty report, that would seem to show that she's pregnant is so at odds with pictures taken a week earlier that reasonable people, people for whom fertility-goddess stories are mythical, began to think it was the shortest pregnancy in history.

If I am wrong, please correct.

sandra said...

Unfortunately there are many people in this country who do not understand what a conversation is. We have a population that has, on the whole, grown up with television many hours a day. Television not only gives one sided presentation without any feedback, it has replaced a lot of the conversations we used to have at meal times.

Many people without skills in dialogue will just try to yell louder rather than think about what the other person is saying and work on small pieces of the discussion.

What we have seen is an injection of "yelling" and no real response to our points. When I see that in a post, I turn off and move on.

I have had some involvement with other blogs and been allowed to disagree by showing respect and not attempting to push too hard on my premises. A good "Devil's Advocate" can improve thinking.

Patrick said...

Anon 18:55

That's an excellent point with the privacy between doctor and patient. Sarah Palin clearly doesn't care about these pesky privacy things. Her hardline views on abortion are well documented. She exactly knows what SHE would "choose" for her daughter, too, also!

Sarah Palin Video: I would decide against abortion even if my daughter was raped

Anonymous said...

On Wonkette:

Snowbilly Grifter's 4th of July Weekend


Whatever happened to those lawsuits?

Patrick said...

I am not sure if everyone has seen this, but Ivy Frye (former receptionist, then Palin-appointed top government executive) has deleted her twitter (where she was pretty active and had 759 followers in the end).

It is interesting to note that for a while, Ivy Frye was the "right-hand-woman" for Sarah Palin next to Frank Baily, who is now about to write his "renegade" tell-all book:

The truth about Ivy Frye (Celtic Diva)

Basically one of the few people who must have known Sarah's "dirty secrets".

You can still find a google cache here:

Ivy Frye Twitter Google Cache

Anonymous said...

Patrick, thanks for the video. It's interesting that Andrew Halcro said that government should stay out of the lives of individuals when he was asked about abortion. It's interesting that that is what conservatives say on other matters. Hypocrites !!!

Anonymous said...

Kristan Cole seems to have gone silent on twitter. Nothing since the 16th.

Patrick said...

Anon 20:04

Kristan Cole has two twitter accounts, which are both still active. Therefore I wouldn't say that she has gone silent. The very last twitter message from her was on the 19th October. That's just a week ago.

Patrick said...

I would like to repeat this comment that an anon commenter had left on the open thread, because I think nobody should miss it. The commenter left this remark in response to the ramblings of JC.

"You have no more conclusive evidence than what the MSM and their "conventional wisdom" has fed you. You live where again?? Michigan? Huh? Well I live in Washington DC. I work in politics. And the stuff that goes on here, behind closed doors, is enough to make any American, liberal or conservative, want to catch the first plane to Canada. Please don't be so naive to believe the "surface" stories you hear. People would be shocked to know how often "front" stories are fed to the MSM to report in order to cover up the "back" or "real" stories that are not for public exposure. You are doing exactly what we here in Washington want you to do - believe in and argue in defense of what are secretly known to be lies."

Anonymous said...

@Patrick, a good example of that is the NY Times report on Iraq's WMD, where the reporter, Judith Miller, essentially took dictation from Cheney's office.

EyeOnYou said...

I wonder if a connection can be made to the deletion of the the Ivy Frye Twitter account and the deletion of VO & RAM (among others) from the C4P blog.

My thoughts are that Sarah is trying to distance herself from the "blogoshpere" in an attempt to ward off any potential problems that it might cause her in the future (like say if she decides to run for an elected office???)

It would be terribly embarrassing for her to be directly connected to the blogs when she was the one who made numerous complaints about bloggers, and having her staff connected directly might be a HUGE problem for her as well?

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

EyeOnYou, Seth Adam Smith - c4p contributor - is in Kristan Cole's tweets. There may be others .. I don't know all the names.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin and facebook policyh pronouncements suffer major defeat!

Senate health bill has a public option. She must be up in her turret, cowering in fear of her death panel at this very moment!

Patrick said...

Anon 20:25

Oh, yes, the WMD in Iraq, an old favourite subject of mine!

A "long time ago", in July 2007, I re-posted on my (first) youtube account a clip about the WMD lies. The clip had just been published on youtube a few days earlier by my friend Billy Vegas from

(my second account is "doublegrandmapalin")

I re-posted this clip on my youtube account back then because it is an extremely powerful clip and I thought that the original title was a bit too unspecific ("how to produce an angry American", I guess it was).

So I gave it the title

WMD LIES - Bush Cheney Rumsfeld etc. - THE ULTIMATE CLIP

and it has been viewed 311.892 times on my account until today!

The internet gave ordinary citizens a powerful tool, and the should use it!

That's also exactly why some conservatives are not very keen on preserving net neutrality. It gives the citizens far too much power.

EyeOnYou said...


Yes he is. The difference between Kristan Cole and Ivy Frye is that Kristan (and Sarah) can always claim that although friends, and even with the "Legal Fund", Cole is not employed by Sarah.

Kristan has her own business (Real Estate) and that can be used as a potential deflection when discussing connections, whereas if it is someone who is known to be in the employ of Sarah as their main job, then the connection can be questioned and looked into.

Ivy has made a point of being very nasty to bloggers who are not Sarah Fans. I also believe she was part of the direct connection between Sarah and C4P previously when they were getting information before anyone else (this was when VO & RAM were still active on C4P).

These connections are going to be scrubbed is my guess because while Sarah may not have decided on running for another elected position, if she does in the future, all these connections will come back to haunt her, and we've all seen what the lack of vetting did for McCain when he took on Palin. She (or her people) have learned a lesson from that, and are going to be careful to get rid of anything they worry might come back to haunt or hurt them.

Just a guess on my part though.

let's get on Track said...

I believe that babygate can get a little bit boring too. I would like it to break wide open. I think we get off track by only focusing on Bristol. There was lively discussions on PD in December 2008 that were just riveting. Some people thought Bristol while others didn't and with all that pressure going on the Johnston family responded and there was an announcement about Tripp finally. I believe that there needs to be other cases made other than Bristolx2. I am a firm believer that Tripp was born the day that is stated by Levi in his VF article, I don't believe that his handlers would have allowed a falsehood about Tripp's actual birthdate. Trig's birth and birthplace, still in question? I believe that Mercede is a key player. I believe that Track is a key player too. The blogs mainly focus on Bristol but NE talked about Track a bit and so did Levi in VF. It just makes me interested in Track's participation in the hoax. Just my opinions and a big thank you to Regina for allowing free thoughts, also have a fun vacation.

Barb Dwyer said...

Since the subject of Track has come up, I thought I would share this to give you an idea of hate in the Valley.

Deryck Harris was the 18 year old arrested in the "vandalism" incident that Track was involved with in December '05. Tires were deflated in 44 school buses, mirrors broken and engine block heaters were unplugged in 110 buses. Brake lines may or may not have been cut, I haven't been able to verify that part of the crime.

Deryck now goes by the name of "Dirty D" on myspace and he's quite proud of his hate in his statuses on myspace. Here's a listing of the last few moods he was in.

Deryck Harris: Got an '03 GMC Denali Truck, and a new Flat screen, now we just need a new president

Deryck Harris: missing my Fiance. Oh yeah and FUCK Obama!

Deryck Harris: I'm pissing on Obama, and waiting for a red-neck to do the rest. If Obama is the answer then thats a RETARDED Question!
Mood: hot

Deryck Harris: I'm pissing on Obama, and waiting for a red-neck to do the rest
Mood: hot

Seems like a nice kid huh?

Anonymous said...

I googled for

"Ivy Frye" "Track Palin"

and found this.

Ivy Frye: "google don't got nada, but that's where the juicy shit will be, if there is anything incriminating."

There is also a baby picture. Is that Trig?

Anonymous said...

Ivy Frye mentioned:

Once Elected, Palin Hired Friends & Lashed Foes

Patrick said...

Yes, this is supposed to be Trig. This picture was sent to Sarah Palin's yahoo account with the subject "LOOK AT TRIG!!!!!". From the address you can see that it was sent directly from a cellphone.

Here is a better screenshot of Sarah's inbox with this message:

Patrick said...

According to the screenshot of the inbox, this did happen on Monday, 14th September 2008.

However, it is possible that my interpretation of events is wrong. But I believe from the material which is available that the picture had been attached to this message.

Anonymous said...

@Patrick -- doesn't look like the baby has Downs Syndrome ???

Barb Dwyer said...

Here's a link to the full size image of that photo. Trig sure seems to fly a lot for a kid with a hole in his heart

Patrick said...

Anon 21:54

I know, but I don't have an answer to that. As I had stated before, I actually don't like "conspiracy theories" too much - I always try to find a reasonable explanation for things. I also thought that the baby on the picture actually doesn't really look like Trig.

Let's just say that it is my GUESS that this picture was included in this message. It's my interpretation. I could be wrong here.

Reesie said...

I love this blog. I think I have been reading here for over a year now.

Pregnant women don't have perfectly round bellies with no belly button like the Gutsy photo of Ms. Sarah. Patrick, Regina, Kathleen and others, I'd like to see a comparison of other pregnant woman at 7 months with Ms. Sarah in the Gutsy photo and ask this question, which person is wearing a fake belly and which is not.

Also, I agree with Regina and Patrick regarding JC. I love reading this blog even if there is a palinbot posting but JC is annoying. I had to shut down my computer last night because he continues to copy and paste comments that I have already seen. I don't usually call anyone dumb but why can't he just do what others do when they respond to a post (anon@.......). I also think that he is trying to get some traffic to his blog.

Another thing "we can disagree without being disagreeable" (boy, I have never heard that quote so much until the President used it) but we do not need to eat our own. AKPetMom had every right to disagree if that's how she felt but we shouldn't tell her to get her own blog if she disagrees. I love reading her posts.

One more thing. ProChoiceGrandma....when I see your post I get excited. You don't think you can do a guest post but I think you can. You are great! You can do a post about Bristol showing up at court on a Saturday. I am very interested in that information.

Does anyone realize what JC has done. He has distracted this conversation just like the teabaggers did during the health care debate. Please, let's not go down that path. Let's stick to the conversation. Now, getting back on the ranch, can someone do a comparison as I stated above.

Again, I love this blog.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth did McCain operatives black bag most of Sarahs pictures.

Even Chuck Heaths photos of his daughter wer eremoved.

Anonymous said...

Lets see. They outed Audrey and her family, and she is quiet for now.

They outed Gryphon, and he resigned a job, but keeps on blogging in spite of the threats. He also gets constant nudges to reveal all he knows fast cause some anons have no patience. Anons or moles?

They outed AKM of the Mudflats, and she is doing just fine.

Now who has been sent as a mole here? Or doing it on his own?

ella said...

anon @22:13 - WHY did they scrub all the pictures of Scarah? Well, I suspect that there were MANY in little bitty mini skirts and too much make-up (from early days) - I have seen one or two like that. Not to mention all of the ones from the govt. website dated Feb. and March (early April) 2008 showing a flat tummy, can't have that. Or the tacky outfits (at least the one with tee shirt saying "proud to be Valley trash) surfaced. Just too embarrassing for a VP candidate is my analysis of why they were scrubbed.

Bell said...

Bree Palin blog has a discussion of Levi and Bristol's Wikipedia pages. Could you weigh in, please?

Anonymous said...

I have never posted here before, even tho I read your blog almost daily.

I got to thinking about SP and her abs. About how having strong abs kept her from looking pregnant. So, I figured who would have stronger abs than a fitness coach. Here are some pics, I found of a fitness coach when she was 7 months pregnant.

While not hugh, she is much bigger at 7 months, the Sp was.

Patrick said...

Anon 22:13 & ella

My guess is that they took away from Chuck Heath those pictures which show Sarah during previous pregnancies - because they knew that Chuck is not "reliable" and might have shown these pictures around.

ArmchairJane said...

On the topic of pictures of Sarah, whether people are convinced by seeing them, and pictures as "evidence": was just thinking that the idea that pictures are no "evidence" is just insane! If there is a robbery, bank heist, whatever, the police are THRILLED if there are photos, and often they help both catch and convict the criminal.

So the idea that photos of a not-pregnant appearing Palin are somehow not relevant or need to be analyzed by experts are just inane. Of course people are entitled to their opinion, but to say pictures are not important is just ridiculous. And the more photos that tell the story, the better, as that gets around problem of weird camera angles and so on.

First hand reports are also important. Things like the shock and even frank disbelief when Palin's pregnancy was announce, by people who saw her on a frequent and even daily basis are important bits of evidence. Again, the more of those kind of reports, the more weight that they are given.

Then there is the other side of the coin: people who have some stories that indicate Palin was pregnant. It is not against medical privacy laws for other patients waiting in a doctor's waiting room to say they saw person X in that waiting room.

It is very interesting that Sarah never seemed to be spotted at any of the numerous doctor's appointments she would be expected to have gone to. I have not heard of a single eyewitness account of her being in an OB-GYN's waiting room.

Now won't it be interesting of all of a sudden some new anon surfaces and says, oh yes, I DID see her?? Well, tell us whose office, what days, etc, if you are out there.

I had a high risk pregnancy and had to go in at least weekly from about month 5 on. During the last month or two had to often go in more than once a week for various tests and checkups, both at doctor's offices and at the hospital. This stuff took up a lot of time and I can't imagine even in an executive position that I would have been able to do all of this and never have it make a dent in my schedule.

And if I were, say, the Governor, I have a feeling people in the waiting room would have noticed and remarked on me being in the OB-GYN office prior to month 7. Seems it would have been on the grapevine someplace. Instead Bristol was the one constantly talked about being pregnant long before Palin was ever nominated for VP.

There is so much detail to this case, and so many facts we have discovered. So much dirt on Palin and yet Federal investigations take a lot of time and so if Palin were going to be indicted, for instance, on one of the other "gates", I really would expect it to take some time. Look how long it took for Don Young to finally get snared in the net.

My point here was just to review that photos and eyewitness observances of people in a work environment really ARE good evidence, some of the best you can get. People have been convicted of crimes with so much less evidence of their crime than what exists of Palin's pregnancy hoax.

Bottom line: the evidence is there, for people who are willing to see it. Some people just don't care and some are trying to pretend like photos and numerous eyewitnesses don't matter. I would say that those people have an agenda.

This is all a bit obvious, but there are so many trees in this forest that they can all start blending together. But taking a step back, and just looking at the photos, the eyewitness accounts, and some of the statements of the main "suspect": if this WERE a jury trial and somehow a jury could be found that didn't know anything about the "suspect" or the "story", I think that "guilt beyond a reasonable doubt" of committing a hoax of faking a pregnancy would be the verdict.

Anonymous said...

yup she, Giselle is a REAL slacker in the abs department...

look here how she is just phat...

Anonymous said...

Hey! On Sarah Palin's Wikipedia page, there is a picture of her campaigning (December '08) for Saxby Chambliss in what looks like one of the jackets she wore in the VP campaign. Were the clothes returned?

The picture is about 1/2 way down the page, on the right, as part of the "After the 2008 election" topic.

Patrick said...

Thanks a lot, Armchair Jane, excellent comment!

regina said...


I'm glad you enjoy palingates, thanks for your support.

I've been doing photo comparisons since the beginning of the blog. If you click on Babygate, which is on the Palingates list on the sidebar, you can see all the posts on the subject.

It won't hurt to do comparison specifically on seven month pregnancies, but somebody else would have to put it together, I'm a tad distracted at the moment...

The post Sarah Palin's tight abs shows various stages of pregnancy.


regina said...

While I was going through the Babygate posts looking for the one I linked on the previous comment, I noticed something very curious: Bristol looks much more pregnant at 5 months than her mother looked at 7 months. Interesting, eh?

Another interesting photo comparison on the horizon?

LIZ said...

hmmm... wish we had a photo of SARAH in a bikini like this one...,,20201892_15,00.html&usg=__DFFRXQMrwteouOFdj8VD8_WPCt4=&h=400&w=400&sz=31&hl=en&start=11&um=1&tbnid=AvULpBvaTZxeFM:&tbnh=124&tbnw=124&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dgiselle%2Bbundschen%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26sa%3DN%26um%3D1

as she MUST have something over Giselle to NOT show anything in her 7th month of pregnancy...

Interesting that Giselle isn't afraid to show anything and everything, but Palin resorted to SCARVES, rofl... to HIDE her "pregnancy"...

Anonymous said...

two things that have, and continue to bother me: cathy baldwin-johnson and her association with palin's strange church. has this been verified somewhere or by other members of the church? this woman went to a very highly regarded medical school, the u. of washington, and i have a hard time putting these two things together.

totally unconnected: sarah's "pregnancy" wardrobe choices. i don't know any pregnant women who wear clothing that in any way binds the waistline, which is why her skirt/suit jacket things don't feel at all right. none of her clothing looks like paneled or elastic banded stuff. i wore "not maternity" clothing which either had stretchy waistbands but by late pregnancy, one resorts to dress length cover to avoid the whole waist thing. so it's not just the photos, but how a pregnant woman would feel in those clothes. no way.

regina said...

I just realized that I have already written a post about Sarah's/Bristol's bumps:

Dear Bristol,

Yellowgirl said...

Armchair Jane (what a great name!):

You make many good points. I will cut SP some slack on not being seen in the doc office.... I suspect folks that are so well known go through back doors and don't wait with us common folk. For Alaska, Palin was a "celeb" and could easily have gotten star treatment.

HOWEVER, like you said, it would definitely make a "dent" in her schedule. Can you imagine if she disappears for a few hours each week, and asks her assistant to hold all appointments..... that assistant will talk to her hairdresser, who will talk to her husband, who will talk to.... etc. I had some medical treatment awhile back and tried to remain aloof and just "out" for appointments.... and folks actually started to think I had a terminal disease.... people *will* notice changes to schedules.... and they *will* talk about it.

Plus, there is the issue of medical care location. If Dr. Cathy was her doc, then what did she do when she was in Juneau for the session? Fly home? Just not go to Juneau? (knowing SP, that one is not so far-fetched). But the session is several months in the beg. of the year, iirc. Jan to March or April. So, she never got prenatal care during that time? Or she got it on weekends? Or ? Did she ever have to fly back to Anchorage just for an appt with Dr. Cathy? The level of details that are NOT known about her "care" speak volumes..... there is just no way she was pregnant.

Barb Dwyer said...

That mobile phone # @mms.dobson used where it says LOOK AT TRIG!!! on the hacked emails was Bristols. At only 52kb, that wouldn't seem to match up with the actual size of that photo though which is over 660kb. It's likely that was for the smaller group photo and with no attachement it was just embedded into the message.

She does seem quite excited with the exclamation points, for just being supposedly a big sister.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is always on the lookout for ways to make a buck on the side.

Write a book, on how to be flat as a board while pregnant.

All of her cult following know its a bunch of hooey, and that she was no more pregnant than pinochio. The only thing that grew was her nose.

Anonymous said...

@anon23:20: Huffington Post noticed, too. The jacket she's wearing on the Wikipedia page is the same one she shows off to the mob in Lancaster PA (3rd photo down), here.

But HuffPo didn't have the Chambliss campaign photo.

Anonymous said...

I like your line of thinking, Arm Chair Jane. When I was pregnant expecting a normal healthy child, I went for monthly checkups. Closer to the birth date, it was every week. That was some time ago, and it was considered routine. When the doctor noted some simple changes, he changed the once-a-week to come-back-in-three days. Soon after, my daughter was born.

(As a personal aside, even if I didn't have the state issued official document of her birth with the official seal, I had all of that stuff associated with her birth: our matching wristbands, the foot-print not-official hospital issued certificte, little signs from the hospital- none of which Sarah thought to show that she had just given birth to Trig.)

How did Sarah fit all of those visits into her busy calendar, and never run into anyone in the waiting room, or on the way to and from the doctor's office. I hope that there is someone who can read Sarah's calendar and try to square up her appointments with trying to keep up a pregnancy check up schedule.

One could argue that the calendar was for official business only, and would not reflect personal events. Trig's "birth" is noted on that calendar. But then, Sarah also used the official Alaska website to promote her husband (with links to his Arctic Cat business). And Sarah has not been shy in involving her kids in official appearances, blurring the lines between public and personal lives.

Maybe the schedule could be doped out from her calendars, just hoping.

B said...

NYTimes columnist Gail Collins in the Dallas Morning News:

"Look at this woman, my god, she's breast-feeding and running for vice president. I mean, that is really humongous, but it was clearly something she didn't choose to talk about in any serious way."

My god, Gail, she wasn't breast feeding. She wasn't even pregnant. It was a really humongous lie that you in the media chose to propagate.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster who is in DC and talks about the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. I'm not in politics but I worked in Hollywood for a while, and the two worlds are both a part of weaving fiction for the general public. IN fact, I had a friend who worked on a "news movie" during the W admin of supposed war footage....

The stuff people read about stars, etc is all manufactured bullshit.

NO one ever talks because it's part of the credo of working in the business. I can only imagine that the same club exists in DC. The opposite teams won't even out one another. It's just something you don't do. NO matter what.

That said, it makes this cover up quite believable to me. Exp all of the effort the McCain people went to cover up Palin's past and scrub the internet.

Those scrubbing episodes should be on their wiki pages -- the dates and what was scrubbed. that's a huge part of the story right there.

It's all smoke and mirrors...and then we get a genuine person, like Obama. He's not perfect - he's just a person - but he has integrity- and you hear about that stuff from the people in the know. You hear how he refused to pay money to get help in Philly, even though every pol has done it for years.

The person who really is bucking the system won't get great coverage in MSM. And look what they did for Palin. They practically rolled a red carpet of lies out for her.

They all knew. Remember when Peggy thought her mic was off and she said something about how this was a huge mistake? They ALL know.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin’s Wikipedia Page Altered One Day Before Nomination

NPR reported,
On Friday, 15 minutes before the rumor that John McCain had picked Palin as his running mate, a Wikipedia editor discovered 30 mostly favorable changes had been made to the Alaska governor’s profile.
She was called “a politician of eye-popping integrity” and sections on her participation in a beauty pageant and her alleged use of influence to get her former brother-in-law fired were diminished.
Wikipedia is now restricting who can alter Palin’s page.”

That user is one “Young Trigg.” He or she was thanked and lauded by other Wikipedia editors for thoroughness, before questions of a possible conflict of interest. Brian Krebs at the Washington Post writes:
"Perhaps more tellingly, some of the same users editing her page were almost simultaneously updating McCain’s Wiki entry, adding information dealing with accuracy, sources and footnotes to each."

Palin’s Wikipedia Revision History

Also, too...
This was written at a time when people were watching things go missing. August 31, 2008
"I called Alaska Airlines" said that their sister airline, American Airlines ?
"The American Airlines person on the phone told me the duration of the flight is 6hr 55 minutes. American Airlines REQUIRES a physician's approval for flying at eight months." ?

hannah said...

Sarah stated that her amnio was done (inexplicably, riskily) in the 13th week. Based on the due date SHE gave...wouldn't it be a hoot if we could get the calendar from her 13th week...and note where Wasilla Atilla was traveling/working EVERY day of the week?!

Of course, Stapletongue would probably just claim that they opened up the day surgery center for Our Sarah on SATURDAY...just like they opened "traffic court" for Bristol.

I feel so strongly that sarah had a tubal ligation's one of those things I feel in my bones. Or, Tahhhd got snipped. The reason I am thinking tubal for her is that I heard she may have had a csection with Piper...and it is very common to do tubals at the same time when the mother requests it and already has several children.

I suppose there COULD be another reason she refused to show medical RECORDS despite repeated promises to do so... a few too many requests for vicadin or zanax prescriptions, maybe? Holiday depression that needed a l'il prozac? Who knows...but my personal money is on tubal ligation for Sarah after Piper's birth. It makes the most sense as far as explaining her actions.

Anonymous said...

Hannah, I think too that there is a reliable report that Palin's gave away their baby stuff after Piper finished with it.

leu2500 said...

Let's see - they hid Shelley Long's pregnancy on Cheers. But you could tell that there was a baby bump under the big apron they had on her, and that there wasn't a waist where the apron was tied. You could also tell that she had put weight on in her lower body. So, yeah at first glance you didn't think pregnant. But when you took a 2nd look you could tell.

hannah said...

Anon at 1:09, I just mentioned that over at Bree's -- the fact that Sarah's wiki was edited by "Trigg".

"eye popping integrity"???

I think we all know who "Young Trigg" might beeee!
*pointed glance toward a certain troll-bot-ista*

Also -- is it just me or does "young trigg" sound like some ill conceived Alaskan hip hop persona?

"I come from the hood, we call it wasilla
my homegirl SP, she's a real dream killah
she thinks she's all fly, a naughty monkey hottie
the way she does biz, her name oughta be Gotti"

Ok, who can tell it's been a long Monday -- LOL
thanks for being such a great group that I can totally make an arse of myself for the sake of a laugh!

conscious at last said...

Hannah @ 01:34-

I loved that - really funny and fitting! Thanks

Anonymous said...

hey I was looking at the PG sidebar, and I see it's been weeks and weeks since threebrain aka hypocrites and heffalump traps has posted. He/she had some really great and very concise insights to babygate. Given all the stuff that has gone on with Audrey and Gryphen, I would sure love it if they could drop in and let everyone know they are all right. . .

LisanTX said...

PCGrandma (and everyone)-Re: Track

I'm glad anon. @21:30 posted the link to the picture of all of the Palin kids at a summer (July, I think) 2008 picnic.

Look how happy they appear. When I first saw that picture, months ago, I was keen on Track's involvement in this situation. After seeing the picture, I changed my mind.

They look like a happy family. I find this picture and their happy faces hard to reconcile with some of the scenarios we've discussed (if you know what I mean)(and that I myself once considered and researched).

What do you think?

hannah said...

CatL -- thanks! I just wish it wasn't sarah's own shrill yap in my head singing the tune!

Anonymous said...

Vanity Fair COMMENTS
Posted 9/5/2008 by WhatIsGoingOnHere
"The uniformly disbelieving reactions of Alaskans (including her own staff) to her pregnancy announcement in early March 2008, as reported at the time bby the Alaska Daily News ("
"For example, this early February 2008 picture from the Alaska Daily news ( when she was in theory five-six months pregnant."

Concerns from Alaska on MCain VP Choice: Sarah Palin

A Palin timeline

Shannyn Moore

Transcript of Palin Interview

Anonymous said...

I don't think you can tell who's a victim of incest by their faces. In fact, children who are being abused are great actors; they have to be. and public families know how to put on the fake smiles for the public.

I've personally known victims of all kinds of abuse who never showed anything but sunny dispositions to the outside world. It's a world of secrets and shame.

I'm not suggesting that it was Track or Todd at all - I'm just saying we can't rule that out due to a look of happiness on their faces. Unfortunately.

I sure hope that isn't the case.

In other news, we defend these kids , but given Track's friend's myspace page (the hate on it pertaining to Obama), it's obvious that they are not all the nice kids we'd like to believe. And while I have rednecks in my own family, I wouldn't let my daughter go hang out with some of their friends without a chaperone.

Nor would I let her hang around certain white collar creeps. I guess creeps hang out everywhere. I was just disgusted by the language these kids use and how ignorant and angry they sound. They sure cleaned up nicely for the RNC. ThOugh we saw how Sarah dressed her daughter in short shorts on stage post-convention, when she no longer had handlers dressing her and them.

No class. This woman has NO class.

wayofpeace said...

from the delusional world of c4p:

Recovering Democrat
Sarah's list of accomplishments since "quitting" ...

Cap N Tax shelved for now - CHECK
Death Panels taken out - CHECK
#1 Best-selling memoir - CHECK
NY RINO field-dressed - CHECK

Yep, she and Oprah will have lots to talk about ... assuming her Oneness can give a straight interview without sliding into Couric mode.

Anonymous said...

Oprah needs to ask about the church fire. Do you think that is in the Rogue book? I know people who were effected by fires, if you care it is heart wrenching and courageous all at once. It is something you don't forget. You don't throw your friends who are victims of a fire under the bus.

hannah said...

Lissa -- I personally feel that Bristol is mom of both, and someone besides Levi -- likely someone with fairer skin and light eyes -- is the father of both. Johnny? I don't know, not sure what he looks like. But t1 and t2 both have very pale skin and large; round blue eyes. I am no geneticist but I haven't seen many or ANY really, olive complexioned people with dark almond shaped eyes...pop out babies with the coloring of t1 & t2.
I do think Levi THINKS he is father to both. Because he believed what Bristol told him. Anyways that is neither here nor there -- I just wanted to preface my statements with my own views. What I wanted to explain was that many a horrid truth has been revealed behind a "happy" family photo. I am not saying the Palins were never happy -- but I think she has let her ambition eclipse her desire to be a good partner to tahhd and mother to the kids for a long time now. For several years, Bristol has looked desolate and alone. Now, both Piper and Willow display the same empty-eyed lonliness.
How many times have we heard about a horrible story -- too terrible to even comprehend...followed by a neighbor or coworker saying "they just looked like SUCH a happy family..."

I think the kids chosen activities-- cutting brake lines on vehicles that will be carrying dozens of children -- how depraved and empty must one be to do such a thing? And Bristol's repeated sleeping around and rumours of heavy drinking and drugs? I know most teens rebel a bit, but these are not the actions of "happy" kids in my opinion.
With Willow apparently having a 'serious' boyfriend at age TWELVE -- and Piper's obvious burden for taking care of Trig...they too seem to be "missing something" as far as family life goes.

I WISH you were right -- believe me. But I fear a smiling happy family photo of the Palins...hides much more than it shows....:(

Amy1 said...

anon22:40 -- in your list of threatened/outed people, don't forget the blogger who had her own site and was doing the photoshop studies of the Gusty photos, the ones with all the arrows that are on the Gusty video, at 0:30. Don't know any details, but she folded and disappeared v suddenly.

ella said...

anon @ 1:48 - threebrain aka hypocrites and heffalump traps is ok - she is fine, I "tracked her down" and she is sorry we were worried (and HAS updated her blog for those of us asking if she is ok).

ginny said...

Happy faces in pictures mean jack-squat.
I grew up in a very tiny town. I mean, tiny farming community, with one tiny grocery store, no mail delivery (all PO boxes), a hardware store (but yet, 2 bars and 2 churches...hmm...). Anyway, I came from a "good Catholic family." My grandfather was a child molester. No one talked about it. We always acted happy. No one would have guessed.
In another of the "good Catholic families" in my town, a girl 2 years younger than me was having an incestuous relationship for years with her father. Her mother knew. Her younger sister knew. I believe some others in her family knew. No one did anything about it. But no one outside of the family had a clue, they seemed to be a happy little family. It only came out when her younger sister began to fear that she would be next when the older sis went off to college.
So, as I said, happy faces in pictures are worthless as indicators of the truth.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about motivations.

What is Sarah Palin's motivation to fake a pregnancy? Let's take a look at a list of reasons.

She could be covering up for her daughter. Practically impossible, as Tripp and Trig were born 8 months apart.

Sarah Palin could be attempting to win over poltical support by raising a special needs child. However, such a gamble would be risky with little guarantee of any substantial payoff.

Really, I cannot see a genuine motivation for her to do this. The dangers greatly outwight the benefits. Why Palin risk her political career? Perhaps some of you could help me out and come up with suggestions.

Remember, this is just a question. A legitimate one.

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