Friday, 9 October 2009

Sarah Palin, liar liar

There were some comments in the last thread about Sarah Palin and the state jet she sold on ebay. This is what she said in her acceptance speech at the RNC:

Sarah Palin, Sept. 3, 2008: I came to office promising major ethics reform to end the culture of self-dealing. And today, that ethics reform is a law. While I was at it, I got rid of a few things in the governor's office that I didn't believe our citizens should have to pay for. That luxury jet was over-the-top. I put it on eBay.

Now listen to what she said to Franklin Graham @2:26

Pants on fire?


Anonymous said...

I can't make out what she's saying.

regina said...


Franklin Graham talks about his jet, how it can land on ice but in the summer it can't land on gravel. She says: "Yeah, that's why we sold the state jet, it couldn't land on gravel."

Anonymous said...

Corporations aren't alone in needing a labor force. The MEGA churches need labor, too, also. She is a good recruiter.

Is this the cookie mission I've heard about?

regina said...

Yep. The cookie mission with the Evangelical Circus!

Anonymous said...

Uh...Tod went to high school in Glenallen...that is hardly Dillingham. Liar.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Sarah say that they were high school sweethearts? Where did each of them go to high school?

regina said...

Have a look at this post about Todd:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Regina! I think there are many examples of Sarah getting tripped up by a dose of reality.

I am trying to remember the McCain people who were telling tales out of school about Sarah (Steve Schmidt). In one exchange, she berated the staff to get out ahead of a story about Todd being a member of Alaska Independent Party. Sarah claimed that she was getting questions and comments, and she wanted it stated that Todd never was a member. (He was, for 7 years).

The McCain staffer checked and got back to Sarah. There had not been any such questions, and if he offered the denial that Sarah wanted him to repeat, he said that would be found to be untrue, and the blowback would be even worse.

Here is one reference to the story:

(Her claim was that Todd thought he was checking Independent among the choices Republican, Democrat, Independent when selecting a party in a primary, hence the mix up. Her problem is that even when caught in an obvious mis-statement, she just kept making excuses. Just replay that interview where she is stuck with her father's wild story about a wild ride- rather than admit that it might be an overstatement, she just kept on trying to explain it).

And, this is only one among many stories where Sarah clearly has no trouble bending the truth to fit her own reality. I don't think that she is capable of admitting that something might not be true, saying she's sorry- which would put an end to it.

Keith Olbermann noted that she kept using the tired phrase in regard to the Federal money for the Bridge to Nowhere, "I said Thanks but no Thanks." She had accepted the money. Every day that Sarah repeated the phrase, Keith offered to donate a thousand dollars to a charity. He was well up to $14,000. or more by the time Sarah just eliminated the phrase (replacing it with some hate mongering instead).

Anonymous said...

Ah yes.. The jet fiasco.. The previous Governor (Murkowski another snake oil salesman) purchased that jet and Alaskans weren't happy about it. So Sarah ran around using "I'll get rid of that jet" as part of her campaign. This was all fine and dandy until she won and actually got to ride in the Lear jet. She thought it was pretty swell and tried to figure out a way to keep it.

Since it was really only one of 3 things she EVER spoke about on the campaign trail (the other two being abortion and an all Alaska gasline which she gave to Canada) her advisors figured it would be a good idea to get rid of it. So they had the bright idea to hire some buffoons from her church (the few who had heard of a thing called computers before) to try and sell it on Ebay. Problem is it seems the 8 million dollar price tag was a bit steep for most ebayers and most people looking for Lear jets aren't gonna look on

So one bad idea is an epic fail. Next up some other stooge from her church steps up and calls himself a "plane broker" and he supposedly knows a bunch of bigwigs that he can shop this albatross too. So the state opens their checkbook to another idea that was never well thought out to hire this clown. After he cashes the check he says he can't find anyone to buy the plane either. Blames the economy.

Finally another aquaintance of hers (Larry Reynolds) from that same church stepped up and offered 2.1 million for the plane (an 8 million dollar loss over the price paid) and of course the deal was done quickly. Just another one of her very very shady dealings while in office

Lizabeth said...

Funny article-Sarah is shocked about Levis Ding dong being exposed and more. Yes it's a parady and it's funny! I tried to put on IM but I can't cut and paste.Enjoy!
I saw the pistachio commercial in the middle of Greys Anatomy and it was funny!

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, that's why we sold the state jet, it couldn't land on gravel."


It occurred to me that this is not really the reason the jet was sold, but that $P realizes that this "can't land on gravel" story might fly.

Helen said...

Here's a great quote I just read from a guy who spent 5 years in jail after committing massive grifting and fraud at a financial company. He now specializes in helping the government trap fraudulent high level accounting. Right off the bat it sounds like he is talking specifically about Palin and especially Babygate.

He says:

"Most frauds fail to unravel because obvious questions aren’t asked — often because the perpetrators wrap themselves in a veneer of integrity. Everyone thought Enron was legit,” Morze said. “Bernie Madoff, people would say — look who his clients are, Steven Spielberg — he must be legit. But once questions are asked — and asked again — the fraud often becomes apparent. “If people get offended when you ask them a question about verification, that’s a sign something is up,” Morze said. “No honest person gets offended when asked to verify something.”

EyeOnYou said...

The fact that Sarah Palin can't keep a story straight is one reason I am looking forward to this book being published. Her words will be in print, for all the world to see and fact checking can be done against every single thing she has written.

I also believe that if the National Enquirer is truthful in it's reporting that this book is simply her chance to get revenge on those she feels have wronged her in some way, it will be more than enough for people to come out of the woodwork to defend themselves against her claims and to get people talking if her stories are completely untrue.

I have a feeling that this is going to be FUN to watch.

Anonymous said...

Air transportation is a major means of transportation within Alaska, considering its size. A state jet could probably be justified, even if the only distinations were Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks.

Someone got quite a deal on that jet.

Anonymous said...

Public Airports In Alaska lists the airports. There is paving information for the Dillingham airport, which is the only one I've looked at, so far. I am speculating at this point, but it appears that a lot of the airports would be able to accomodate that jet.

There is also a list of rural airports at

Anonymous said...

thank you for digging up the video :D

I was always gagged by that one little comment
(I read about it when this video came out from a mudflatter? .. someone was able to catch that phrase) I reran the video

Its the snarky "just one of the guys all swaggery" way she says it too
Like I have to sound cool and smart and know what I am talking about.. so when the guy mentions "mechanical plane talk" she can't just say "Uh, yes, I can see that" .. instead SHE has to be all hip and be like .. "Yeah duh why I sold the plane.. gravel"

Little does snarky pants know the guy was filming this :D

Remember during the Motorcycle show (her fine choice of interviews out of the masses she supposidly had after the campaign)
she kept talking about snow mobiles and used the term snow machine or something...
Someone had caught that real Alaskans don't use that term when referring to them
But she has to be part of the conversation .. kindof monopolize it when someone talks about a topic she has to "know more than them"

Reminds me of a guy I dated that lied constantly.. not about anything important.. just white lies.. but it totally rubbed my grain.. he was even hard to have as a friend after we stopped dating

I would say "Hey, I read this great book called...have you heard of it"
We talked alot via IM..and there would be a 15 minute pause before he responded.. then would be like "Yeah, isn't that the book about... "
No matter what I said.. he "knew all about it"... and I know he didnt because his answers were quik snips you can get from google

I used to "trick him" by thinking of something completly off the wall and being like.."Hey you ever heard of ...?" and sure enough (after a pause) there would be a response giving some sort of detail about it..

It's like he felt he never could be "not in the know" or he felt bad about himself.. I would tell him you know.. it is OK to not know everything.. actually makes conversations more interesting then you being a walking encyclopedia

I just think Palin morphs herself in whatever "role" she is in.. and with that spews complete lies... as long as it makes her look "with it"....

When you are a lose screw.. you gotta lie in order to sound like you have a brain... she could do this in small town Wasilla.. but now there are eyes and ears everywhere :D MILLIONS of 'em!

Anonymous said...

Barak Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples".

Let's all hope he gets it right with Iran now.

Anonymous said...

Paylying lies just to lie.

What did she gain when she said "Todd built the boat"? Why did she even bother to say this lie?

She had already quit her job when she said this.

Sarah is a chronic lying idiot.

Sheya said...

I can’t begin to tell you how pathetic you guys are to actually waste time and resources to set up a web site whose sole purpose is to bash a Former Governor who has done nothing but hold different political ideals than you.

You don’t need to support her, you don’t have to agree with her but what’s all this scum talk. If you really are out to advance a cause, how about you do a website of support for the person who you admire and support, rather than doing a website of trashing someone who has never done you any harm? But then again, what a stupid question.

I don’t usually respond to people like you who go after Governor Palin, it’s a waste of time anyway. But going after Rebecca Mansour? She is a private citizen who has never hurt anyone. You guys don’t even know her, yet you feel it within you’re right to attack her. You are no better than a street rapist who attacks random women on the street just because he files like it. Rebecca is a smart, decent and good person. All she has ever done was to set up a website to support someone she admires. Is this what this country has now come to? Trashing and bashing a private individual who disagrees with you politically? If that’s the case, you have a long way to go as half the country is now there.

C4P is a private website, set up and paid for by a private citizen who has the right to do with it what they like. Rebecca respects people who disagree with her. People who want to go to C4P and disagree or have constructive debates are welcome, as long as this is done with due respect and dignity.

Many C4P users disagree with President Obama’s political ideology and will voice their thoughts accordingly. C4P users know the rules, racism, sexism and foul language are not acceptable. You can be a staunch supporter of Gov. Palin but just mention the “birther” word and you’re banned. Say something that only seems racial and you’re out of there.

Rebecca Mansour has more class, honour and dignity in her little finger than all of you disgusting little weasels combined.

You guys have the audacity to complain that you were banned, that’s like coming into someone’s home, peeing on the furniture and complaining for being asked to leave.

You want to go after me, go ahead, but Rebecca Mansour is off limits so back off!

Unlike you chickens who don’t have the guts to dispaly your name. My name is Sheya I live in London, if you’re that smart I’m sure you get to me. But, be aware I’m not as nice as Rebecca I fight back.

Anonymous said...

Look! Rebecca visited us!! I , Rebecca:-)

It must be lonely for you, "Sheya" to be in London where Palin is hated and jeered without remorse. You know the brits just can't be manipulated by the phony populist baloney that the right's been selling over here for 30 years.

Well, what say you, "sheya"? Has she ya had surgery or not? And oh, while you;re here, please fill us in on exactly what Palin's political ideology is, because what she told y'all she is and what she actually did when she had power were two totally different things.

kinda like her new face....

Shimmy said...

How come NO ONE is talking about the fact that Sarah Palin is a *kleptomaniac*? Her impulse to steal is morbid. It is an illness that is considered “senseless” stealing because the kleptomaniac does not take objects for immediate use or for their monetary value--and the stolen items are often returned surreptitiously, given to others, or hidden away.

Anonymous said...


Rebecca calling Patrick a mother fucker on C4P website does show a lot of class.

Yep, that is a what a decent lady with pure class does.

Patrick said...


On which planet are you living?

You say:

"Rebecca respects people who disagree with her"


"People who want to go to C4P and disagree or have constructive debates are welcome, as long as this is done with due respect and dignity"

Uhhmmm...let me think...NOPE!! You would have to search very, very hard to find a website where more critical comments are being deleted than on C4P. The last thing that critical commenters get on C4P is "respect". What they get is "abuse".

You apparently didn't bother to look in my flickr folder - I provided the link in the other thread - because then you would have seen this:

CENSORSHIP AND ABUSE AT C4P also claim that Rebecca Mansour is "off limits"? So that means she can insult and libel anybody she wants with a free licence, and we just have to watch and say nothing? Is that you think?

Speaking of libel:

Rebecca Mansour accuses Kim Chatman of leaking documents - 1

Rebecca Mansour accuses Kim Chatman of leaking documents - 2

EyeOnYou said...

Oooh I guess the Palin fan sure did tell us now didn't she? LMAO!

Sheya, we've all seen how you and your little group of friends cannot handle any kind of discussion when it comes to Sarah Palin. It is either support her 100% or you are called a "troll" or "trig truther" and your comments are deleted. I know, I've been actively watching the site since its inception.

Rebecca Mansour has no class. I have watched her call names, and attack those who disagree with her. I have watched as she lies to others and I have watched as she allows people to denigrate and talk trash about those who you all disagree with. You lie about being "banned" as we all know until you started your little new commenting system no one was ever banned, and I have seen plenty of disgusting comments from your little group of friends. You can't erase the entire blog, and it's all there for people to see. You have encouraged parody sites making fun of a disabled person (and your low class RAM was even a party to posting there), even allowing comments about how one poster (Toki) hoped that she would die, so please get off your self righteous high horse.

You all trash talk better than most, and you do it while laughing and joking!

Go drink your Sarahaide and continue your little lovefest on all things Palin. You'd never allow a post like the one you made here to stand at your house and you know it so get lost and take your hate with you.

Here, I'll pull a RAM just for you....


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Beside looking into Alaska's airports and why the jet may not have been so "frivolous," I may have to look through Google's cache a little more ... hmmm.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning???
LMAO now you come here and tell us who we can and cannot talk about?? This is a private blog by Regina, and we can talk the Truth about your effing idol, Queen Quitter grifter all we want, about her lies and the idiots like RAM that parrot her lies.
Yes RAM! RAM! RAM...Get off my blog...RAM!
Now Get this Sheya...YOU BACK OFF!Sheya want to talk about BABYGATE????
We are TRIG TRUTHERS here! We can't wait until THAT comes out!
Then all your little air filled heads will explode! :)

Anonymous said...

The jet wasn't necessarily "frivilous" that wasn't the point. The POINT is, for the most part she BASED her campaign on this plane, because she had nothing else to say. Her platform was, sell the plane, save the babies and build an all Alaska gasline. That's it. She never spoke about anything else. So she had to sell the plane, it was her #1 campaign promise. The problem is ythe attempts to sell it was botched up SO badly (like everything under her administration) that a friend of hers ends up flying away with the plane at an 8 MILLION dollar discount!

It's not like Governors were walking to Nome before and after that plane. They fly in a plane owned by the State Troopers to the bush and fly commercial into Juneau. If you've ever flown into Juneau in winter, I can assure you that you would much rather be in a 737 than a Lear Jet. In fact I think even Murkowski went commercial into Juneau while the jet sat in Anchorage.

Pavement on runways is only one of the concerns when landing up here. Most airports that are paved (other than Fairbanks, Juneau and Anchorage) have no radar. So no matter what you fly in, landing is determined by the weather.

To address the snow mobile, snowmachine question above. Alaskans call them snowmachines. You never hear "snowmobile" up here

Anonymous said...

She never bothered to fly anywhere anyway. Juneau was full of bumperstickers saying "Sarah the job's in Juneau" because she couldn't really be bothered to show up for legislative sessions. She doesn't like the people in the bush, so no reason to head out there. The only time she went to the bush before her "I'm not a quitter because I'm quitting speech" was to hand out cookies and bibles

Anonymous said...

It's pathetic that all SP cares about is unborn children. If you look at her current children it's obvious once they're born she could care less. She holds Trig like a sack of potatoes. Track was working on quite the criminal record in Wasilla before he was hushed up and shipped off to Michigan. Bristol seems to be crying out for any attention at all. According to people I know in the valley, Willow is now headed down that same path.

All the while Sarah is concerned about nothing but herself. She could care less that her family is coming apart at the seams. Why should she, they've already all been born. After that her concerns are apparently done with

Anonymous said...

Sheya/Rebecca...whatever your name is.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME? RAM talks trash to anyone who does not go along with her idolization of the Queen. Your blinded adoration of such a person really is sick. How can you admore a habitual liar who trashes honest, honorable people all for her gain? She is not what you think she is. Go back to your own blog. Isn't that what you tell all of us?'re not welcome here.

Daisydem said...

What is wrong poor little Sheya? Are we getting too near the truth about your idol and you can't take it? I only went to C4P once and it was awful. I think I got banned and all I did was ask, Where is your Sarah Palin? And how many of you sent her money and do not know how it was spent? And they banned me. That wasn't ugly. It was just asking. Oh and my name is Daisy and I live in Alabama. Come on down. We'll talk.

Anonymous said...

The difference between C4p and almost all progressive blogs is that your comment will stay posted here Sheya. I guarantee if I go post ANYTHING that might question the queen or her minions at c4p... BANNED.. Enjoy your freedom of speech Sheya. We have nothing to hide and our thoughts can hold up to scrutiny. Two things that could never be said about your hero OR your petty blog

Patrick said...

Oh, that's funny..."Sheya" has just written a post on peepeeland - it looks like RAM has found an apprentice! Fantastic! Congratulations, RAM - another person who will be disgraced after the truth about Sarah Palin has finally been revealed.

And what does Sheya have to say? Let's see...

"We have a president who is burying the country in debt, condemns the US at every turn, and appeases our enemies, yet wins a Nobel Prize."

Well - give a redneck a few beer and he will probably agree with you.

What next?

Sheya thinks that there is nothing in Sarah Palin's record "that needs defending, really".

Really??? Well - when did mean girls ever feel the need to defend something they do or say. They just do or say it because they think that the world circles around them. Just like it apparently circles around Sheya, the new shooting star in Peeland.

Kallie in Texas said...

I've reported Sheya to the Troll Police.

Anonymous said...

Ed interviewed the "Republican Gomorrah" author. The gist of it is that c4Pers and their ilk hate individual freedoms and can't take the pressures of democracy, so they want to stifle everyone else.

You can see it at Title of the show is: Going off the rails on a crazy train.

Bye-bye C4P, where Glenn Beck's White Culture intersects with Sarah Palin's Real America. You are destroying your candidate for us.

Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick said...

Oh, I have no problem to talk to Sheya! I have always said that Cee4Pee is doing a heckuva job for Sarah Palin. First, they have thoroughly pissed of the Republicans in Alaska and the Legislature. Then, through their constant attacks on Romney, Huckabee etc. they have pissed of lots of other Republicans. In addition, they gave the impression that Trig Truthers are the scum of the earth - which I think is great, because if just "believing" that Sarah Palin has faked a pregnancy is so outrageous - it is 100x more outrageous to be the one who actually fakes it!

As we are dealing with some very dumb people here, they probably won't understand it. It will take time to sink in... ;-)

Let me also say this: I DO hope that some of these people there will in the end realise that they have made a mistake and will learn from it. However, most of them will certainly never admit that they followed the wrong leader. They will blame others for the great bombshell which inevitably will drop right on their heads, and will maybe resort to the classic post-world-war-II excuse: "We didn't know anything and believed what our leader was saying - so WE did nothing wrong".

Patrick said...

Someone on Cee4Pee just said - I read it so that you don't have to ;-)

"I for one am making a paper chain to count down the days till November 17th! Maybe we should celebrate it as Palin truth day!"

Haha! "Palin truth day"! Yes, there will be such a day, but it won't be a pleasant surprise for some people! ;-)

Anonymous said...

C4P agrees with the Taliban on Obama's Nobel Prize.

LisanTX said...

shimmy @15:49---tell us more. What have you seen and what do you know?

Your topic can best be commented on by people in AK who have seen things.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is a kleptomaniac? Did the Wasilla Police Chief she fired know something, so that's why he was fired when she became mayor?

Anonymous said...


I think you might find some info about Rebecca, here, in a comment by Dido. Feel free to offer a denial; however, there is some agreement with this info and something she gave away at moderates4mitt, as well as info in her Blogger profile. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

anon@22:08: Follow the facebook links for pics of the whole crew !!! Interesting friends they have ... a white supremacist among them

Anonymous said...


You can't post something as harmless as "I do not understand why Sarah Palin did this, please explain"?


But then an entire thread can be monopolized with comments on how Sarah makes them tingly (I actually copied a whole slew of them and posted on another site so someone could see I wasn't making things up.

And another whole batch of rants on Obama's wandering eye.. checking out a girl's tush.. what a dirty perv he is!! What a sick bastard!!... and the photo wasn't even accurate. The video showing what REALLY happened (he was helping a lady up the stairs) was already out there so they couldn't plead ignorance.

Why does She-ra or whatever even care what is posted here.. or anywhere else.
I don't scour the internet to find a website that may be anti-cats (my passion), or bash a favorite author or tv show.. What's her real beef? Sounds a little off center to me.

AKPetMom said...

If the actual percentage of Americans that admit to being Republican is at 20% now, how small is the percentage of the Republicans that actually support the Repub fringe, ie Palin and her C4P people?

I don't lose any sleep over either the Pubs or the fringe Pubs any longer because they are just an angry minority (with the 4p's being an even angrier minority within the larger minority)

It's always a good time to read their rants but the time is coming to pass where we should spend even a moment considering their opinions because they have been "left behind" and they are hurting and angry and I truly feel bad for them, but perhaps some introspection and adjustment in their attitudes would do them a world of good and help to bring them up to speed in this world that is too rapidly changing for them.

Helen said...

Hi Sheya - RAM is discussed because she decided to become an outspoken public voice in the propaganda game of blowing up Sarah Palin into something she isn't - a policy wonk politician. RAM set out to convince people of something, and most rational people just don't buy it and don't agree. So what? That doesn't mean she is "trashed." As far as personal comments, I specifically stated onlyy that RAM is an imaginative person. What's your beef with that? I also hold the personal opinion that she was disappointed after trying to work/buy her way into the Palin "organization" if you can call it that.

But if someone tried to post a comment on the C4Pee site which mirrored yours above - similar length and rant, even minus the insults, it would be immediately deleted. And you know it.

So Sheya - Consider yourself PRIVILEGED to be able to come here and speak your mind in freedom. Your post and your opinion will remain posted. C4P is not capable of such rational and adult behavior and for that RAM must shoulder a great deal of the blame. If you don't like that particular truth, don't cry to me about it, and don't bother coming here to read.

It was interesting reading your defense of RAM, and I think it's fine of you to do such a thing if you are so inclined, but aren't you C4P people capable of defending your own without inevitably descending into tantrums and insults? So far the answer is always a big NO. Lets see some conservative decorum from your ilk for a change, and perhaps you won't continue to earn the world's ongoing and incredulous disdain.

Anonymous said...

Ice Queen Palin sure has taught Sheyra well

(hmmm.. Sheya rhymes with Sarah)

Sarah is the epitome of Blame, blame, blame
Evil media, don't say this, don't say that, don't write this, don't have your own thoughts
Wah Wah Wah

"Sheya" comes outta the blue .. on a little blog in the big world of billions of blogs and shoots off her mouth.

Evil Media! oops I mean Evil Bloggers! You are so mean! Quit being mean to me!

Quit with the Gotcha Media! Quit trying to ask legitimate questions and have legitimate opinions!

Oooh everyone but ME (Sarah/Sheya) is right! And if you don't agree and join my cult.. you are just a bunch of meanies! How dare you THINK! and discuss IDEAS amongst yourself ..
this ain't America! Oooops yes it is...

what the heck? Don't these Palin lovers realize with every freaked out comment they make.. it only goes to further MY belief that the screws are truly coming loose?

Helen said...

Hi Sheya - I'm really so pleased that you stopped by, 'cause I have a little more to talk to you about.

Here is just a typical RAM statement, said with that "class, honor" and, what did you call it?...oh yeah "...dignity..." that you admire so much.

In Rebecca Mansour's words - "Minnery was the dope who dissed Palin about her Supreme Court pick and then backtracked and apologized. Why in the world should I believe that he's grown a brain since that stupid occurrence?"

This is how the dignified leader of the "ordinary barbarians" leads her flock, and in this case, she is talking about a bona fide Super-Pro-Life conservative man of the cloth who did nothing more than apologize to Palin at some point and ask for her to come to an Alaska Pro-life rally. Just imagine how much "dignity" RAM musters when she speaks about liberals, Obama, or anyone else that considers her twisted policy pieces out of touch with reality. Oops, sorry, I meant "imaginative".

EyeOnYou said...


You may not have realized it but you also with your last post (@ 3:19) confirmed the postion we have spoken to Sheya about regarding voicing disagreements on the subject of Palin.

That statement by RAM shows undeniably that if you disagree with Sarah Palin or anything she does, you are denigrated and demeaned from that point forward. It is either 100% support or you can consider yourself on the SH*T list with Sarah and her supporters.
There is no allowance for disagreement. They even will go after their own when it comes to questioning anything said or done by Sarah Palin.

winkwinkWA said...

Sheya-Did your little queenie send you over here?? JuJu's job is to go to Gryphen's site! Is $arah getting a little nervous about the truth coming out?
"Trashing and bashing a private individual who disagrees with you?" Yep, that's the pee'ers alright, what names did you call Letterman, Gryphen, Linda, etc, everyone who disagrees with your belief that $arah is a saint? All you do is Piss and Moan about everyone who is not madly in love with your dear political prostitute. Send her more money and watch another $arah video, maybe her convention speech again, you'll feel better and as RAM would say, time for the hammer!!Go back and report you got you a$$ kicked!!

Helen said...

LOl it used to look like there were about 8 people who followed C4P and were "allowed" to comment regularly. Since we are all so familiar with RAM's writing style and familiar phrases, I'm beginning to think liberals and anti-Palinists were the bigger part of the C4P reading audience...

That said I have to say, I am hopeless and have a sort of soft spot for RAM. She was misguided, and she could be mean, but at the end of the day she is only human and she tried so hard and worked her heart out for her grand illusion. RAM Quixote, if the scales fall from your eyes send us a notice. There will always be a communal welcome for those who wake up from the sordid past of their Palin daze.