Sunday, 4 October 2009

Blingee part 3 - Vote for your favourite

These are the last of the blingees in our competition. There were 21 entries in total. To see the others, look at the posts "Blingee competition" and "Blingee competition part 2". Cast your vote on this thread. I'll announce the winners tomorrow. There are no prizes, just the satisfaction of venting our collective spleen by doing some creative artwork on a subject dear to our hearts...

Sarah Palin Blingee - Diva Goes Rogue - Made by Kathleen
Kathleen 2
Teutonic 13 (2)
Sarah: The End Time Gal
scarah palin
Sarah Palin Pants on Fire
the problem child


Irishgirl said...


Molly said...

I vote for BuffaloGal's Going Diva cover, the one with Tinkerbell. :)

Molly said...

PS Regina, I missed your explanation of the SP pic in the poll, the one where she's wearing the funky red top...when is that from?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm ...
I wonder whether the book will be printed in China. On toxic paper. With toxic ink.
Better wear gloves.
Use a respirator, too. No telling what the materials could be out-gassing.

regina said...


The date of the poll photo will be revealed when the poll closes in a few days.


Patrick said...

It's a difficult choice, as we have so many sweet blingees here, but my vote goes to the "Scarah Sarah" blingee by NoMoreSarah on this thread. Great idea and beautifully executed. :-)

Anonymous said...

My vote goes to Scarah Palin by NoMoreSarah!

Anonymous said...

Hey how come no seeing comments any more at see4pee without signing in?

Anonymous said...

My vote is for "Patrick 1". It tells all......Sarah definitely has sold her soul to the devil.


Patrick said...

Kathleen has made a special blingee which is not connected to the bookcover: Sarah, the blackberry bunny!


colidii said...

These are all excellent.
I especially liked "Kathleen 2" for all the glitz. Disco ball. Lolita-style hair ribbon and glasses. Cash pile. Heartbursts ... starbursts? I do think her voters are teenage boys and older gentlemen.

the problem child said...

I am very fond of "Going Brogue" and Kathleen's "Disco Sarah". But the artistry of "Scarah" is really great! I love the skeletons!

Glad to see I finally figured out the codes thing.

ella said...

I vote, also, too, for "Scarah" by "NoMoreSarah" - especially fitting for the upcoming Halloween holiday.

Anonymous said...

my vote: NoMoreSarah (one with the skeletons)
-anne s.

Irishgirl said...

What, no votes for me....I thought it was a masterpiece!!

I'm torn between Going Brogue and the ppprup one.

Anonymous said...

I am stunned by everyone's creativity! Each cover is better than the next one. Thanks so much for giving that book the treatment that it deserves!

BuffaloGal said...

Loved Kathleen's "Blackberry Bunny" ! If there's a contest in the future, that has to be in there !

I'm bouncing between a few of them. Really like the "death panels" imagery of "scarah palin" but I'm a fan of "word salad", too. A few others keep grabbing my eye for different elements. Must ponder! ( disco sarah keeps cracking me up !)

So much fun on the intertooobz.

peninparadise said...

1)Buffalo Gal #1
2)No More Sarah
3)Patrick #2
4)Kathleen #2
5)Irishgirl #2

Great job all!

Old Greasy Gopher Guts said...

I enjoyed all of them but my favorite is NoMoreSarah's Scarah Palin. After trying my hand at making one and having it turn into a hot mess, I am very impressed by NoMoreSarah's entry.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I went back and viewed all of them twice. It's really a hard choice, indeed. They are all really great, very artistic each and every one. Like I loved the background Kathleen 2 did because it was so colorful. But if I have to choose only one, then that would be NoMoreSarah. A blood sucker with skeletons of death surrounding her. Yep, that about sums it up.

Thanks, everyone, for such great work. I am amazed at the talent; tip of the hat to each! What great fun!

Anonymous said...

see4pee, like scarah palin, has no interest in expanding. They are content with a small base that can behave as elitists. Why would they want openness or transparency?
The truth might come out. They represent a corporate brand that needs to be isolated and controlled. Open comments is not who they are. They are in love with censoring and are out to prove how closed they are.

How could any one believe palin is actually going to run for an office at this time? They need the S.PAC to generate money.
The Republicans will destroy her if she doesn't move on to a third party. That is her only chance to run for anything and it will be a big joke for some.
She went rogue, meaning she will destroy the GOP whether she stays or she goes. Let's hope the GOP doesn't take care of her too soon, if they wait too long it will be too late. My husband is a Republican who "supports" her. I'm an Independent who "supports" her. Her followers are gullible beyond belief. We do hope she stays the course she is on.

Anonymous said...


this is very difficult, they are all a hoot...

My votes:
1. Sara: Queen Palin, getting rich

2. Irishgirl 2: with Salad Palin

3. BuffaloGal 1: 100% me going diva with tinkerbell

Anonymous 21:59

Anonymous said...

guess I'm just stooopid... blingee thingy would work for me....

Anonymous said...

My votes are:
2.Tossed Salad (by Sara)
3.Going Brogue

When the book comes out, are we also going to write our favorite book reviews, too, also?

Who is actually going to read it to select the most memorable quotes?

Jonah said...

I feel mine contribution doesn't truly work artistically without its title above it: Sarah: The End Times Gal.


Anonymous said...

Scarah Palin by NO MORE SARAH.It sure does show the true Scarah, out for blood.

Love it and also Irishgirl 2

Global Village said...

Now unlike Sarah Palin, we have an incredibly talented bunch of individuals here. How do you choose from such brilliance? Since we are voting here are my choices:

Irishgirl - Tossed Salad
Kathleen - Going Diva

Well done all!

Anonymous said...

Scarah by nomoreSarah - because of the health care deaths and the ignored suffering of northern Alaskans.

Mary G. said...

They are all inspired!!! My vote goes to Leadfoot, though, for the special reference to pregnancy, with honorable mention to Teutonic13 (did I get that right?) for two wonderful expressionist nightmares.

Anonymous said...

Cee4pee is not the only website that has censorship, so does the mudflats. I had made a comment under open thread about Sarah not outing McCain nor his staff, in her book because they knew the truth about her..., and it was censored. So I guess if you say something she doesn't like it doesn't get posted. I never knew she censored on her site, had I known I would have never followed her this past year. You censor me and you take away my voice. As for the blingee "No More Sarah" is my choice. They are all very creative.

Teutonic13 said...

I have to say it's between
Brogue and Scarah-

Both very creative !!! :)

It was fun...

Rationalist said...

Gotta vote for Irishgirl's word salad!

Anonymous said...

My problem at Mudflats is that I get thrown into "Moderation" and I can't figure out why. Sometimes they remove a perfectly innocent remark while others around me are kind of nasty. (Sometimes the comments "in moderation" get approved; sometimes they don't).

I think that there are buzz words that set them off. "Outed" may have been one such word, and I found myself in trouble using much too colorful language. I think that she wants to run a clean operation, and that is her choice.

At the top of the Mudflats Page, there is a link to suggestions about things that get your comment tossed. If you put two links in a post, it's a no-no. Some kind poster wrote that you get around this by referring to a site as HuffPo of So and So dot com, spelling out the dot part. For sure, if you write about the Palin kids, maybe even tabloid stuff about their marriage, you are on very dangerous ground. Naughty words are not allowed, but people have found creative ways to express sh*t and he!! (Oh Horrors!)

I can remember at another Alaska blog, people began discussing a conservative editor of a Sarah fan site in too much detail. One person wondered what made an individual go ga-ga over Sarah, and before you knew it, we learned about Sarah-fan's family, and religious background. The next thing you knew, everything disappeared, taken down by the host of the blog, stating that sometimes when it get's too personal, it's not fun anymore. It could be an invasion of privacy.

Moral of the story: Regina has been very nice about allowing all kinds of discussion here, and I think in general, no one abuses the trust. Posts are civil and literate. Anyone else can make their own rules if they pay the rent.

Basheert said...

Scary Sarah
And Irishgirl #2

You guys are amazing.

C4P? Why would anyone be curious as to what they have to say. Listening to stupid people who pee into the sea is a ridiculous waste of time. They have nothing anyway at this point.

The book will be a HUGE hit for 72 hours. That's it....and it vanishes from the public mind (such as it is).

They were toast when SarahQuitter Quit. They are just too dumb and insane to realize their Queen is Dead in the Head - and now she's dead to everyone else.

Except for these marvelous clever inventive and creative little works of art.

Great job DO have talent don't we?

Kathleen, Patrick ... wow. It's fun sometimes to just let it go and have fun.

Mudflats doesn't so much censor as moderate. It's ok to post there usually - you just have to "know" the board you are on. For example they don't allow you to post with a child's name in it...that kind of thing.

I don't have a problem if a board owner wants to moderate OR censor. It's their board to maintain and they set the tone. I just say different things in different ways on different boards.

It's a little bit stifling but it is what works for the Flats.

Helen said...

I vote for Teutonic 13's here - he's revealing her soul.

Anonymous said...

Re: censoring, etc. I used to have 2 websites. Now I just have 1 that hardly gets any hits. But that's okay with me. Because when I had 2, the popular one (not that much--over 1,000 hits globally a day), one day I got a message that said because of a photo of a vegetable on the site, as owner of the site, I owed them $150,000. Someone had put a vegetable photo up that was copyrighted to a photographer. I took it down within 24 hours of their notification, but they continued to try to get me to pay them until I got a lawyer involved, and said we could prove there was no malice on my part.

That's not why I took the site down eventually; it was a lot of work, that site. But it is just one example of the headache of owning a site and what can happen when you open that site to others.

So that's why I think it's fine whatever anyone wants to do with policing their own boards.

For true freedom of expression, everyone should have his or her own blog! :-)