Sunday, 29 March 2009

Fighting back

I have collected a few contact addresses in connection with the Mudflats outing. Depending on our locations we can choose to send details of this incident to one or more of the following:


Ethics committee

aclu alaska

US citizens
US Atorney General

From anywhere

There are enough contacts there so we can all participate in the process of bringing justice to AKM and take steps to protect all bloggers should anybody else decide to follow in Mike Doogan's footsteps.

Helpful information to assist in making our case: anonymity issues


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links! Very helpful to help make Doogan accountable for his actions!

FEDUP!!! said...

Thanks, Regina!

Lady Rose said...

thanks so much for the great info - I updated my post on AKM situation with a link to your post to help spread the word

basheert said...

Thanks for posting all that info - especially the info for the DOJ and Eric Holder.
This is a Civil Rights Violation -

AKM is back posting - as well - up and running with new servers and lots more bandwidth!

Just a tip for your AK bloggers: per KeithO - IF you are ambushed, simply repeat "Andrea Mackris" and "loofa loofa loofa" continuously. You need not say anything more. It will stop FAUX news cold. You will sound silly but then again no one has to be interviewed by stalkers.

Terrific post - and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a pathetic existence you people lead to devote some much time to chasing ghosts.