Friday, 6 March 2009

Sarah Palin sued again

A federal lawsuit was brought against Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin demanding retroactive issuance of the 2007 Juneteenth Proclamation and public restitution.

The holiday observance, which celebrates the freeing of the last remaining slaves in Galveston, Texas on June 19, 1865, has been adopted in 29 states and was signed into law in Alaska in 2001. The bill specifies that the "governor shall issue a proclamation observing the day."

Sarah Palin has refused to issue the proclamation for 2007 retroactively.

The lawsuit is being brought by Charles Royal, a musician who met Sarah Palin in 1991 when The Duke Ellington Orchestra toured Alaska. On that occasion, Sarah Palin told Royal that she does not "talk" or "mess with" Black men.

Charles Royal went to the media with his experiences on October 7, 2008, after he became aware that the vice presidential candidate was the very same Sarah Palin. He didn't believe she was suitable for high office. That's when he became aware that she had failed to comply with the Juneteenth Proclamation in 2007 and that several Alaskan citizens had been trying, unsuccessfully, to consult with the Governor regarding her race record in Alaska.

Royal filed a complaint with Talis Colberg a week later regarding the Juneteenth failure. Colberg forwarded the complaint to the Personnel Board and they replied that the complaint fell outside their jurisdiction because it didn't involve matters of personal or monetary gain. In other words, it didn't involve Sarah's famous "ethics".

Royal maintains that "The focus of this action is to hold Governor Palin accountable and to uphold the integrity of our emancipation holiday".

In an e-mailed response from Sarah Palin's Press Secretary Bill McAllister, the governor's office admits the failure by claiming it was a "clerical error".

If it was a clerical error, why is she refusing to issue the proclamation retroactively? Several civic groups and individuals suffered material losses due to her non-compliance with the law. They had taken time off work, organised events that had to be cancelled, etc. People invested time and money into what became a non-event and, without an official issuance, can't claim restitution.

Sarah Palin appears to regard African Americans with the same contempt we know she has for Alaskan Natives.

The full text of the complaint can be found here.
Press release issued by Charles Royal on March 6, 2009, is here.
A very interesting article about Juneteenth 2008 AK here.


Helen said...

I consider this the "umpteenth" insult from BS.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is payback time for her pursuit of the beluga whale on behalf of the oil companies?

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Wow Regina, you are fast! I just saw this posted on the 'flats, by Aussie bluesky early this morning and was going to email you with the link,when I got up!
Good, I am glad for this, everyone hold her accountable, she is so disrespectful/racist.
Her and her minions with put a "spin" on it, but it out there for all to see!

Gryphen said...

Nice find Regina!

Do you remember this statement right after Obama beat Hillary for the nomination?

Oh yeah her disdain for the African Americans is well known.

regina said...


I tried the link and got a 404.

I did another tinyurl and it worked!

LisanTX said...

I checked the Alaska court records and found several lawsuits against Palin. One was filed by Law Project for Psychiatric Rights. That looks interesting; I wonder what the facts are of that situation.

Me said...

Sarah has no integrity. Her attitude towards African American's was obvious during the campaign when disturbed people started chanting "kill him' and Sarah did not express her shock and anger at the people and put an end to such a display.

FW said...

What did you expect from a woman who let her campaign rallies devolve into KKK meetings?

regina said...

I lost some comments by pressing the wrong button and would like to apologize to Jo.

Please re-submit...

If the lost comments turn up on my googlemail I'll copy and paste later.

Sorry for the mistake.