Monday, 16 March 2009

Let them eat cookies

Sarah Palin's response in times of crisis always appear to involve cookies.

She handed out cookies in Marshall and Russian Mission when she visited the villages with the evangelical circus. But that blogger, Nick Tucker, was so ungrateful and wanted more than cookies!

On Saturday Sarah helped some girl scouts sell their cookies in a grocery store in Juneau because the girls had been robbed. This time she took the family circus. It went much better on this occasion, the girls were very grateful and thought she was really cool.

Saturday's efforts paid off. Sarah managed to show her generosity and had the chance to plug a few lines to prove that she really was pregnant with Trig: Palin made several sweeps of the store ("Come buy cookies!) until she was diverted by an aisle of exercise equipment on sale. "Wait a minute, we need this for when it rains and I can't run," said the Governor, closely examining an elliptical trainer. PEOPLE asked Palin if she'd lost weight since the election. "I've lost weight since I had my baby," she said. "Thanks for noticing!"

Sarah wants to be president. She would revolutionise the whole concept of aid. Hurricane in Louisiana? Famine in Africa? Tsunami in Asia? No problems, send them cookies! With the help from one of her travelling circuses and a few carefully chosen soundbites, Sarah would be an instant hit worldwide!


Anonymous said...

She's had plenty of time to get the weight off since Piper was born. And she never did gain any weight with Trig, ya know. ;-)

Dianne said...

Trig was the Romulan cloaking device pregnancy. Didn't show up until Sarah chose and then disappeared when she chose. That's very powerful.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Regina, You are awesome! The circus, the animal cookies, Love it!
Yes, "let them eat cookies"!