Monday, 9 March 2009

Sarah Palin's political props

Sarah Palin has a nice little collection of people and events she can use to score political points. More accomplished politicians use their actions to that end. Sarah uses the incidental events in her life to create a persona to hoodwink her supporters and annoy those who don't buy it.

Her family alone is a rich source.

Todd's nativeness is constantly exaggerated. The stories get more and more embroidered and outrageous. Todd is an example to all natives, his lyfestyle should be copied by all those whining natives. They should seize opportunities upon the North Slope, the mines, anything that doesn't involve preserving their way of life. Todd did it and still returns to his village, still embraces all things native, still lives in rural Alaska when he has the chance. Yes, Todd spends one season doing real work and the rest of the time he indulges in the quaint native lifestyle in his village and all its pleasures. It's a win win situation!

Track made the sacrifice of not pursuing higher education in order to serve his country in Iraq. We all heard it at the rallies. Track is risking his life so the people of America can have freedom. He's also obeying God's will. After all, the war in Iraq is a task from God.

Bristol served more than one purpose. She was paraded before the nation and the world as a pregnant teen to prove that Sarah was Trig's mother. Now Bristol is the poster girl for planned, unplanned, accidental, whatever teenage pregnancy. Abstinence is good, is bad, it works, it doesn't work, it's not realistic, whatever. Sarah is the ultimate supportive parent, the living proof that these things can happen in any family, but they are blessed to have a strong, loving family and so on.

Willow should be renamed Wisdom. She was the first one to notice that Trig had Down's Syndrome, giving Sarah another opportunity for an emotional platitude. "If he does, you know you will still love him, Willow. It'll be okay." Then Willow made an incredible remark when she heard on the radio that 95 % of the people in America would benefit from tax cuts, according to campaign promises made by Barack Obama. She turned to her mom and asked "What about the other 5%?" Mom explained that those were the ones who had worked hard to make America great, but they were rich. "Why should they be punished for their success?", said Willow. Oh, the wisdom of a child!

Piper is Sarah's favourite sidekick. She goes everywhere with Sarah, she appears in every interview, whenever possible. Of all the members of the family, Piper is the busiest state official, clocking more airmiles in the service of the state than all the others. We saw Piper standing next to Sarah at the 50th year of Alaska Statehood gala, in January this year, wearing a lovely summer dress and high-heeled sandals. When Matt Lauer interviewed the Palins at their home, there was Piper in high heels again, so cute! Piper gives radio interviews as well. I wonder when she manages to find a gap in her busy schedule to attend school!

Trig doesn't rank as high as Piper in Sarah's preferences, but he'll do as a valuable prop. Trig was the vice presidential campaign mascot. He was passed to everybody who cared to hold him, was dressed like a cute elephant for Halloween, had his hair smoothed with Piper's spit (that cute Piper again!). He worked tirelessly during the campaign, staying up late, braving the noise, the bright lights and all the commotion of the rallies. Trig does a great job humanizing Sarah Palin.

Tripp doesn't have a proper role yet, but he's a blessing anyway.

I'll look at the non-family props and photo-ops another time. Starting with the Evangelical circus in the wrong villages when Sarah finally decided that the natives in the Yukon Delta needed some assistance after all.


midnightcajun said...

And since they're "family", no one can point out her lies, because families are off limits.

Ella said...

I feel for those children. To furher her career, Palin sends her minor children away when she is too busy to care for them - Track to a high school in Idaho and Bristol to an aunt's in Anchorage (both when still in high school).
I have seen Piper's travel schedule - she is rarely in school, and lamented on Nattional TV that she was having a hard time catching up. The last straw for me was when mommie dearest threw Bristol under the bus (the poor girl did not relish the spotlight IMO). I know "Families are off limits," "Oh wait - LOOK at my family!" UGH.

I am not Star Jones said...

I wonder if the borg Bill McAllister has read this yet and spit out his coffee.