Saturday, 7 March 2009

Greta and Sarah

I wonder how Greta Van Susteren would react to the lawsuit against Sarah Palin regarding children in care being forced to take mind altering drugs. Greta is a well known scientologist. Scientologists are very much against Ritalin and believe it to be a "chemical straightjacket".

Ritalin is very widely used to bring children under control whether they're in the care of the state or not.

Do scientologists make a distinction between children living with their families and those who find themselves in foster care or state institutions? Do they believe it's wrong to give Ritalin to ANY child? I'm not very familiar with their beliefs and would be interested in hearing their answers to these questions.

Would Greta's affiliation to scientology trump her allegiance to Sarah Palin?

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Bardette said...

Children with loving parents have also been removed by CPS on the say-so of doctors. When parents take the trouble to research these drugs and decide they want to take other steps. Doctors who have been brainwashed that there is a "pill for every ill" trump parental concerns.

Me said...

Greta seems to be too far gone to come back now. (Although occasionally you see a glimpse of the news reporter/lawyer she used to be.)
If you think about it- everything falls right into place.
Scientology demands a certain amount of brain-washing to believe in UFO"S and waiting until you pay a certain amount of money before they will reveal the truth to you.
Sarah Palin groupies seem to need a certain vulnerability to such brain-washing - in order to fight about her ethics - when they know the facts. However one wink- and they forget to have the common sense to doubt her words.

(Greta and her husband are so taken with the Palins- it looks more like they hope the Palin's are swingers!)