Thursday, 12 March 2009

Sarah Palin's "white trash" fairy tale

A few weeks ago I wrote about Sarah Palin's victims, how she uses people then discards them and takes revenge on those who criticize her by firing or humiliating them in public.

Levi Johnston was very useful during the vice presidential campaign. Bristol's pregnancy was announced to silence the vicious rumours going around the internet about Sarah not being Trig's mother and that Bristol was his real mom. But that wasn't enough and gave the impression Bristol was a loose teen. Sarah had to find a loving father for Bristol's baby, a suitable prospective son-in-law.

Levi had dated Bristol some time in the past, his sister Mercede adored her baby brother Trig (???), there was a lot of family love between the Palins and the Johnstons. Yes, Levi was the man for the job.

He was shaved and scrubbed, given a few expensive suits and flown to the lower 48 for the busy family circus. The whole thing worked beautifully. Levi was very loving towards Bristol and Trig, and his tall, handsome figure helped the Palins look perfect again.

They were a normal God fearing family and Bristol had simply succumbed to love, but everything would be OK, she was going to marry dashing hockey playing Levi and they would live happily ever after.

The carefully staged scenario worked a treat, Sarah could legitimately claim Trig as her own and finally impress the world with her prowess in carrying him like a sack of potatoes. Baby Trig, the other children, Todd and Levi all fitted the image of a large, loving family. Bliss.

Later, at the time of Tripp's convenient birth, when the media inaccurately reported that Levi and Bristol were high school drop-outs, grizzly Sarah protested and insisted that it was all lies, both Levi and Bristol were working their "butts off" at parenting, working hard and continuing their education. Levi lost his apprenticeship as an electritian on the North Slope as a result. He needed a high school diploma to qualify for that and Sarah made it very clear that he didn't...

In mid February Greta Van Susteren had a fabulous weekend with the Palins. She interviewed Bristol at length, asked very probing questions, like a true journalist. Bristol said Levi was a really hands-on dad, they hoped to get married, Levi saw Tripp every day and so on. Beautiful photos of the loving dad with his baby son were displayed in a touching slideshow.

Probing Greta must be very surprised indeed! Barely three weeks after the latest performance by the loving family circus, the fairy tale is over. Without a happy ending.

Mercede Johnston is not a happy bunny. She's been making references to how the Johnston's were being branded as "white trash" by the Palins in her MySpace page. In the latest installment we learned that Levi and Bristol were history "ages ago".

Levi has spoken to the press and said they had mutually decided "a while ago" to end their relationship.

There are a lot of new rumours flying around. Apparently Bristol is not really attending school as a student, she goes in twice a week to assist swimming coach Matt Hanley and has been spending a lot of time with him. Levi is said to have impregnated another teen girl. Todd and Levi had a shouting match outside the Palins nice, warm home. Very juicy rumours indeed.

Gossip apart, to me it looks like Levi is past his "use by" date and was given his marching orders, accompanied by the usual stab in the back, in genuine Sarah Palin style.

The "white trash" label is Levi's reward for his role in the fairy tale that never was.


midnightcajun said...

I love the comment in the press release from Sarah's PAC, where Bristol (right) says people are always trying to "cash in" on the Palin name. Sorta like that woman who was trying to sell her book for $11 million. No, wait; that was Bristol's mom!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

C4P is ripping into Bristol, basically throwing her under the bus.
Anything that threatens GINO (even her own daughter) is fair game in their eyes.
Ugh, what a bunch of sanctimonious freaks!

Dianne said...

After reading crystalwolf's comment, I went for the first time to the C4P blog. How holier-than-thou and shameful these people are.

KaJo said...

"He was shaved and scrubbed, given a few expensive suits and flown to the lower 48 for the busy family circus."

Actually, I don't believe they spent that much money on him, vis-a-vis "a few expensive suits".

I don't think anyone else has noticed this (or commented on it), but a few weeks ago I noticed that the "suit" Levi Johnston was wearing at the RNC was merely a navy blue sports jacket and a pair of dark gray slacks -- a standard uniform for certain martial arts officials of my acquaintance (judo referees and judges, to be specific).

The jacket doesn't even fit all that well. I'll bet he did the shopping himself at the Sears ready-to-wear rack.

regina said...

Oh dear, KaJo, they couldn't even include the poor stooge in their spending spree?

They've got him too cheap!


Anonymous said...

A large group of us recently paid a visit to Alaska. Beautiful state apparently filled with imbecilic Palinites. Been there, would never return. In all our travels we have never met any Americans that had less knowledge of world events occurring outside their little villages than we did in Alaska. American Palinites are the other side of the coin of Afghan Taliban; same dark age village mentality.