Thursday, 5 March 2009

France's toxic blog

I have to share this. A blogger from Conservatives4Palin wrote a post bashing the ADN for including a link to one of my posts in Alaska Newsreader. I received a mention!

"However, Dent has outdone himself today. In today's version, Dent includes a roundup of leftwing vitriol over Palin's mild comment regarding Obama stooge/Tasergate hit man Kim Elton's patronage appointment to Washington. In the process, he provides a link to the toxic blog "Palingates". That blog, run by someone who lives in France of all places, is known for such things as rampant promotion of Trig Truth and giving out the Governor's home address in Wasilla - while encouraging people to send her hate mail."

Please stick to the facts, Videmus Omnia. I encouraged my readers to send cute toy wolves with thank you letters to Sarah Palin!

Link to "Thank you, Sarah!"


Dianne said...


You're just so BAD!!! Cracks me up. You have a great blog and all publicity is good publicity. I understand the toy wolves are still showing up. Must be a houseful of them by now.

Persephone said...

Erm..... Did he criticise the Pro Palin blogs that gave out her address so that people could send Bristol presents for Tripp?

FEDUP!!! said...

LOL! Good one! :P

On another, O/T note: Did you notice that she gives her education as having received her Bachelor's degree in communications-journalism from the University of Idaho- but conveniently leaves out that she took 5 years, at 5 different Us, to finally get it? On the same site (, she claims to have been governor of Alaska for 3 years. 26 months=three years? Sarah, *YOU* might be dumb as a doornail, but WE are NOT!!!

Helen said...

Hmmm "France, Of all places!"

Yeah, because despite the French help in the AMERICAN REVOLUTION,conservatives don't have the historical knowledge to understand that the French ideals of "Liberté, Egalité, & Fraternité " helped to found the United States.

Palingates is on the map. May I say politely to it's critics, " Va te faire foutre!"

Emily said...

I adore your cheese-eating polar-bear-cuddling socialist surrender monkey blog.

As an aside, would you happen to know if Track, Bristol, and Willow have any middle names? Because I recently read of "Piper Indy Grace Palin" and an wondering how bad Palin's naming can get.