Monday, 9 March 2009

A pregnant pause

These are photos of two pregnant women. The first is Kate Garraway, a fit forty one year old British newsreader, shown here four months pregnant with her second baby. The second photo is of a much, much fitter Sarah Palin when she was forty four years old, seven months pregnant with baby Trig, her fifth child.

Yeah, right!


Anonymous said...

There was no TRIG because the lady had no GIRT - as in 'to be able to measure the girth of' [her belly]…

I think I just figured out the hidden meaning of his name…TEAL

Dianne said...

How can anyone possibly believe that this woman carried Trig? That's incredulous. She just is not pregnant in this picture. It's just impossible for someone to be carrying a child and have a tummy that flat. I've seen women at 3 months who are showing. And, I don't care what the Palinbots say or think, they know in their hearts (or common sense, if that exists) that this is wrong.

LisanTX said...

These are great comparison photos!! I love it!

Plus, think of the sponge bob square pillow pictures of Sarah, and compare that to the woman in purple. The difference is shape (bump location) is obvious.