Friday, 27 March 2009

Sarah Palin: another day, another lawsuit

US District Court Judge Reggie B. Walton has issued an order transferring the Sarah Palin Juneteenth lawsuit, brought by America's Hot Musician judge Gregory Charles Royal, from Washington, DC to Alaska.

Royal considers this a positive development because the case, which was reviewed by the judge prior to transfer, was not dismissed on the court's own motion as frivolous.
Following the order, Royal filed a notice to the court of his intent to amend the complaint to add "one or more co-plaintiffs who are residents of Alaska", en route to seeking class action status.

The lawsuit was brought by Gregory Charles Royal, a musician who met Sarah Palin in 1991 when The Duke Ellington Orchestra toured Alaska. On that occasion, Sarah Palin told Royal that she does not "talk" or "mess with" Black men.

The lawsuit focuses on Sarah Palin's failure to comply with the Juneteenth Proclamation in 2007 and that several Alaskan citizens had been trying, unsuccessfully, to consult with the Governor regarding her race record in Alaska.

Royal maintains that "The focus of this action is to hold Governor Palin accountable and to uphold the integrity of our emancipation holiday".

Sarah Palin, accountable???

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million$peach said...

So moving from Washington DC to Alaska is a good thing?

who are the other co-plaintiffs he wants to add? and do you think this may be one more reason for the new aggressive AG? this could get explosive! oh my

Good diggin Regina!

"Following the order, Royal filed a notice to the court of his intent to amend the complaint to add "one or more co-plaintiffs who are residents of Alaska", en route to seeking class action status."

regina said...


Royal is happy because the judge didn't dismiss the lawsuit as "frivolous" (or "frivilous", as handwritten in SP's financial disclosure for 2008...).

I don't know the what the relationship between the state AG and the District Court is. Would WAR be able to influence the outcome?

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Good pile them on!!!
I guess WARGINO could influence the lawsuits IF he is approved by the leg. But GINO's shenanigans yesterday, I don't know? I hope they become the party of "no" against her!!!!

million$peach said...

I just thought since it is a lawsuit filed against her as gov, Wargino may be the one who defends the gov?

I don't know for sure either. I was just thinking she was choosing him because of his tough fights.

Unless the legislature can come up with dirt on him or force conflict of interest charges I don't know that they will come against his appointment. And he sure as heck won't step down or pull out of the appointment possibility.

But I hold onto hope that the legislature is fed up sick and tired of her games and pulls a strong one out of the hat to recall or impeach her. I really do, get her out asap.

I would think Sean Parnell would be easier to work with if he didn't also step down, which would leave AK with head of prison corrections as Gov. good grief

Dianne said...

The more the better. I just heard about Andree McLeod's new ethics complaint from this last week. 2 new eithics complaints, a continued lawsuit, pissing off the legislature all in 7 days. Go get her!!! Karma is fast approaching.
Good work digging this up, Regina!!

regina said...


I don't think the AG can defend the Gov in a lawsuit. This is not an ethics complaint, it's a proper lawsuit. It will probably be Van Flein defending her...

There's a guy called Mitchell defending her against Andree McLeod on the secret e-mails case.

SP must have lawyers coming out of her ears!

WAR could have some influence in ethics complaints, but they are ultimately "investigated" by the Personnel Board, appointed by the Gov!

Don't even joke about Schmidt as Gov, it's too frightening to contemplate...

The Dame said...

This is becoming so surreal.

mdlw56 said...

So much stuff...I can't keep up! Great blog...Regina!! Gold Star!

Nancy said...

If this:
WAR become AG, he cannot (?) defend the Gov in this lawsuit, is that correct? (Is she as an individual or is it as Gov that she's being sued?)

then this?:

WAR is blocked in becoming the AG, at which time he *would* be able to defend SP in the lawsuit.

Which version would be the better deal for AK?

Helen said...

Once again Regina, you dig deep in the murk and come up with something new, overlooked or just plain lost in the madness. Excellent post.

Anonymous said...

She's putting her money where her mouth is that's for sure!

This is "so Palin". She's Alaska's bi-polar pit bull in a china closet.