Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Prisongate on Daily Kos

I have published a diary on Daily Kos about Prisongate, following suggestions from some of my readers. I'm a novice and don't quite grasp how things work over there. I think people have to rate the diary to keep it alive and visible.

So, my friends, I ask you to go there and do your thing!

Here's the link: Daily Kos

The diary is called "Sarah Palin's Prisongate?" Tags are Sarah Palin, prisons in Alaska, prisongate and Alaska, in case you have to search.

Wish me luck!

Update! People have to be registered for 24 hours before being allowed to post comments or recommend a diary... (posted by Regina at 19:38)


wes_ben said...

Regina, excellent write up.

I cannot figure out how to rate your diary??

regina said...


I have no idea how this thing works. I know that people have to be registered for more than 24 hours to be able to post comments and a whole week before being allowed to post diaries.

They say it's to discourage "drive-by" trolling. Once registered, people can recommend, etc.

I had loads of comments since it was published about 1/2 hour ago...

Dianne said...

Way to go!! Good work. I'll be posting a comment on the Daily Kos tomorrow.

KaJo said...

I had to find this out because I too had no idea how to recommend a diary.

Look on the right side of the Daily KOS banner under "The State of the Nation"; find the Menu, and About.

Under About, there is a link to FAQ, and when you open that up, you'll see a menu on the LEFT side in summary form. Go to 4.7 Recommending Diaries, and if you can figure out the instructions.... :)

Those instructions ain't much... Anyway, scroll down past the last comment after Regina's diary entry. On the right side you should see that Menu, then Tools, then Diary Drafts, then (ta, DA!) Diary Recommend. Click on the Recommend button. You should be able to see your Daily KOS registered name listed along with others.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Regina just reg. so tomorrow I can comment and recomend! Looks like another well written/researched article! Lots of people read Daily Kos! Yeah!
You go girl!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

I'm trying to subscribe to your Diaries but I saw this on your bio and it totally cracked me up, Reg!
"I'm Regina, the owner of palingates. I don't like Sarah Palin and investigate all her shenanigans in the hope of finding something that will spell the end of her political career."

Awesome article!

teal said...

I'm a member [tealwomin]over @ kos and recommended your diary. It's well written and detailed...just the stuff good diaries are made of...

regina said...

Thanks KaJo for the helpful tips, thanks Dianne, Teal, Crystalwolf for your support.

I felt a bit lost over there! It took me absolutely ages to edit the whole thing to their exacting standards, but I think it was well received, it was worth the effort.

In future, I'll try to time it better so it doesn't get knocked out of the diaries front page so quickly!

Living and learning...

Thanks again, all of you.


regina said...

Ooops! Thanks wes_ben!


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Well I got to post a comment, but apparently you can only recommend a Diary the first 24 hours? :(
Its very confusing over there!