Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Pipeline, pipeline

"Joe McGinniss, bestselling author of Going to Extremes, a nonfiction account of his year in Alaska, returns to the state in search of the $40 billion natural gas pipeline that Sarah Palin has said she is building. He finds that not only is the pipeline not being built, but Palin herself is the biggest obstacle in its path."

Bill Mcallister is not happy about the press release where the above appeared and countered with his own, on behalf of Sarah Palin.

Alaska Dispatch has more details and a few questions.

1 comment:

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Oh that article rips her a new one, lol!
Pretty soon you'll hear Greg with the usual PDS (lame) excuse, or hired by PO excuse... lol!
The article is so good, I went and ordered his book about the pipeline in the 70's.
There are some real Zinger's in there!
Definitely worth reading!